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Beers with Peers

Beers with Peers

REBBLS challenge the convention and strive to inspire innovators in life science and biotech by facilitating rebellious activities
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The good, the bad and the ugly - starting a startup in Denmark.

Beers with Peers

"She works hard for the money" - life as a female entreprenuer in Denmark.
In this epsiode of Beers with Peers we interview Palak Sehgal, founder and chief scientific officer at Nordetect, a biochemical analysis company that develops sensors for precision agriculture and  environmental testing.  Palak is a skilled bioscience professional with 5+ years of experience in product-oriented research and development. We hear Palak's insights into life as a female entreprenuer in Copenhagen and in the Agricultural industry. She also offers some strategies and advice to other women who are thinking about entering the Startup space. If you are a female entreprenuer in Denmark - we want to hear from YOU. What is your story? Contact us via our webpage 
July 8, 2019
The good, the bad and the ugly - starting a startup in Denmark.
REBBLS stand for Rising Entreprenuers in BioBusiness & Life Science. In this episode REBBLS offer an insight into the Danish life science startup ecosystem. We talk about the benefits of launching a business in Denmark but also some potential pitfalls. We hear personal experiences from seasoned entrepreneurs and consultants who live and breathe in the fast-paced startup world in Copenhagen.  Overview  Introduction by Tina Koutouleas   REBBLS Facts and Figures with Christina Milbo and Christine Ritter - 0:01:26  Guest entrepreneur roundtable Q& A with Torben Damgaard Nielsen, Emil Højlund and Alex Felman - 0:12:13 Event Promotion for "Beyond the Hype" with Alexander Junge - 1:32:47 Startups and accelerators featured Reach out Keep the conversation going by reaching out to us at
March 25, 2019