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Interview with Colleen Gallagher

An episode of Rebecca Cross - Stepping into Greatness - No Bull Sh#t Podcast

By Rebecca Cross
Rebecca is a serial entrepreneur on a mission to help 2 million women. She works with budding female entrepreneurs who are ready to be held accountable and to be motivated to step into their greatness living the dream and showing the truth what it takes to live that dream.
She is on an incredible journey interviewing some kick ass women around the world who take that leap of faith to make their dreams a reality. It's time to get real and what ACTION takes place. We cover Entrepreneurship, Success, Motivation, Mindset, and so much more. If you want to be inspired this is a must listen.
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More places to listen

Interview with Siobhan Murray
Siobhán is The Success and Behavioural Change Coach for high impact achievers, entrepreneurs and conscious business owners who are ready to step into their best selves, and mindfully align with their mission to live their lives calmer and happier with purpose, confidence and ease! This is another great lady who has not just an inspiring story but you will also find so great tips from her new book - The Burnout Solution You can connect with Siobhan from the following: w: f: ig: li:
October 19, 2018
Interview with Colleen Gallagher
This is another amazing women who is on a mission to Empower leaders to evolve their mindset so they can transform the world. Please listen to Colleeen's amazing story and how she is making a difference to so many. Colleen is a Transformation and Mindset Coach and has devoted her life to empower leaders to make an impact and income their desire. If you wish to connect with Colleen you can from the following:
October 15, 2018
What if I don't get any clients? - What to do when self doubt knocks on the door .
What to do when self doubt knocks on your door, is something I dealt with only last week and this message is important to listen to if you are planning to end 2018 with a bang!!
September 2, 2018
Interview with Michelle Marie Liddle
Michele is from Norfolk, UK. Michele is a blogger who's blog 'She Steps up' showcases amazing Empowered Women who are killing it in life and business. Michele also runs her own business helping entrepreneurs who are blocked creating amazing content for their social media to reach their dream clients in a genuine authentic way, all why being a military wife and full time mum to her step son. Check our her blog here.
August 17, 2018
Interview with
Bree is a Mindset and Success Strategist and has an amazing story how she left her 9-5 corporate job and started to live the life and build the business of her dreams. Listen to her story and if you want to reach out grab her details below. Website/blog: Instagram: Facebook Group: Email:
July 30, 2018
Interview with Rachael Todd
Rachael Todd has made a full-time career in the Mindset, Health and Wellness industry. She is the owner of RKT Consulting which focuses on educating women with one on one coaching, group coaching, and retreats. Rachael dedicates her life to coaching over-achieving women, who are no strangers to success. These are busy women with busy schedules and busy lives, and typically don’t have the time or energy to focus on just themselves. Rachael is a Florida native and attended the University of Central Florida. After attaining her BA in Interpersonal Communications and undergraduate in Law, she then began post graduate studies. This included attending the Kripalu Institute for Health and Wellness to become a registered yoga teacher, attaining her certificate in Positive psychology taught by Harvard lecturer Tal Ben-Shahar. Rachael then went on to graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with her Integrative Nutrition and Health Coaching License.
July 18, 2018
Interview with Visa Shanmugam
Visa is a life and empowerment coach, focusing on helping women discover spirituality and awaken their feminine power to completely transform their lives beyond recognition. She went from working in the corporate world and being an overworked mom to an entrepreneur discovering her own voice and unique gifts to help other women feel confident and empowered. She is a powerful, transformative coach and healer whose mission it is to help women feel happy in their own skin. You can reach Visa by the following:
July 18, 2018
Interview with Lilith Moon
Lilith Moon is a yoga teacher and shamanic practitioner and the creator of Shamanic Yoga, a blend of yoga, shamanism and feminine mystical practices. She helps women to reconnect to their own inner knowing and to their innate beauty and power so that they can create the sweet life they know in their heart of hearts they deserve. Learn more:
June 14, 2018
Interview with Ashley Chymiy
Ashley Chymiy is a branding and marketing strategist living in Boulder, Colorado. Before starting her business, Hellohappen, she worked for seven years in strategic marketing, serving corporate and government clients. Today, she wants to see more women becoming leaders in the world and their communities. She's passionate about helping female entrepreneurs cultivate and grow their brands by connecting more deeply with their own purpose and vision, leaning into their unique strengths, and fostering connection with the people and audiences they serve. Learn more:
June 14, 2018
Interview with Kelly Pretty
Kelly Pretty is a Speaker, Soulmate Strategist and Love Mentor who is spreading her message of love throughout the world. If you want to create a deep connected relationship with your partner or manifest your soulmate then she is the person to speak to. This is a must listen and you can contact Kelly via the following:
June 13, 2018
Interview with Veronica Edwards
Veronica is a Broker, Coach and Author. She has a passion to help those that are wanting to explore and build a business within Real Estate. She started her business 3 years ago and has grown with immense speed. This is an inspiring story of someone finding a way as a single mum to make her business become the success she has today.
June 13, 2018
Interview with Deceena Gaines
Deceena is an Energy & Purpose Alignment Expert. She is a HELLP Syndrome Survivor, E.Coli Sepsis Survivor, Domestic Abuse Survivor, and has a Rare form of Muscular Dystrophy! Deceena has a professional background as a Clinical Research Nurse for nearly a decade. She has used her professional experience, knowledge and personal experience to help women who are struggling in their relationships and/or careers uncover blocks in their energy & guide them in removing these blocks as they discover their soul driven purpose, bringing everything into alignment. This is a must listen.
June 11, 2018
Interview with Sarah Marie Liddle
Sarah has over a decade of experience in a range of Coaching and is on a mission to teach and coach people how to create relationships they love and master slow pleasure, self-love, have sex more and increase confidence. Sarah helps those move from lack of love, lack of struggle and moving towards a life of pleasure. Please listen to her story it's inspirational and how she helps her clients move forward and helps them realise what serves them. If you would like to connect with Sarah please find her details below:
June 11, 2018
Interview with Kelly Garcia
Kelly Garsia is one half of KL Coaching and Lacy Hodges is the other half. Within their business they cover the three most important areas of successful entrepreneurship, mindset, marketing and sale. Kelly creates powerful mindset strategies in all areas including money mindset and journaling techniques to support you at any stage of business. While Lacy shows you how to build and adapt effective marketing strategies that will result in sales and success! With both these areas mastered your business will be on the way to success with you confidently holding the reins
June 4, 2018
Interview with Crystal Castle
Crystal Castle is serial entrepreneur who really knows her stuff. She has a great story how she got started and shares some amazing golden nuggets on how to build a 6 figure business by using only three funnel systems. She is passionate about the world of health and fitness, and is constantly pushing her boundaries to learn new and exciting ways of helping her clients and their customers to achieve their goals. This is a must listen. If you want to contact Crystal:
May 23, 2018
Interview with Goh Wan Pin
Pin is an inspirational mother of 3, running a successful business supporting other Mumpreneur's realise that they can be a Mum and run a successful business at any point. She has an amazing story on how she started her journey and talks about the gift of her third child and the mission she began helping 1 million orphans. Personal FB: Business Page: FB Community: groups/MompreneurAcademy/ FB Messenger: My chosen charity: You will not want to miss this!
May 17, 2018
Interview with Paula Pecorella
Paula shares her story on how and why she had become a Wellness Coach and the importance of healthy eating and looking after yourself as a female entrepreneur. Her journey from leaving school and working with the likes of Tony Robbins. She has an amazing story!
May 16, 2018
Interview with Colette Machado
Colette is a former BBC Journalist, turned PR Consultant who works with small businesses to help get media coverage for their businesses and craft compelling content, be this for websites, blog posts, newsletters and Social Media posts. A great story on her journey to Greatness!
May 8, 2018
Interview with Cat Burchmore
Cat has an amazing story about how she keeps that drive she has for life and her business going and going. She is a Digital Marketer and Social Media Strategist who likes to support and train those who are established as well as new in the industry. Listen to her story.
May 2, 2018
Interview with Jennica Collado
Jennica shares her story on how she overcame confidence and mindset blockages to be one of the successful women entrepreneurs in the Philippines working with clients all over the world and working nights in a full time job at the same time. Inspirational!
April 25, 2018
How to raise £50k in 7 days
The very first episode of Rebecca Cross raising £50k in 7 Days!
April 14, 2018
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