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Rebellion Brewing Podcast

Rebellion Brewing Podcast

By Matthew Barton
We want you to love craft beer as much as we do. Each week, your host Matthew Barton sits down with a guest to talk about beer, culture, food and more.
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Catching up with Rafter R Brewing's Ryan Moncrieff
Ryan and Theresa Moncrieff opened Rafter R Brewing in the middle of the pandemic, just as restrictions and uncertainty rocked the entire world. They came out swinging, earning rave reviews for their beer and a medal for their Rauchbier at the Canadian Brewing Awards.  We talk beer, post-covid business plans and about the Sask. craft beer scene.
June 26, 2022
Design, tattoo and Hop Circuit Beer w/ Bryan Neufeld
Bryan Neufeld is the artist behind this year's Hop Circuit glass. He talks about what inspired the art, shares insights into design work and more, on this week's episode of the pod.
June 19, 2022
The Experience Regina Block Party w/ Leasa Gibbons
Beer, food, music and more. Leasa Gibbons from the Warehouse District gives us the inside scoop on the upcoming Experience Regina Block Party, happening June 18 and 19.
June 12, 2022
Hitting the Hop Circuit w/ Mark Heise
The Hop Circuit is back and bigger than ever. Rebellion Brewing's Mark Heise talks about some of the new things to check out, and recommends some beers and good eats.
June 05, 2022
Cori Knelson's song about Saskatchewan
What does it take to write a great song about this province? Cori Knelson is a singer, songwriter, poet, educator and more. She sits down with us to talk about writing, music, and upcoming live performances.
May 30, 2022
Dave Cole's Launching the Prairie Beer Awards
The Inaugural Prairie Beer Awards are kicking off in May, with breweries from SK and Manitoba competing for gold. Dave Cole is the co-founder of the awards, and certified under the BJCP. He sits down with us to talk about the competition while we drink and discuss Rebellion Amber Ale. The PBA's are sponsored by Brunswick Steel.
May 22, 2022
Competition Heats up on Big Buck Hunter w/ Abby Rutko
Did you know Regina is home to some of the most accomplished competitors in the Big Buck Hunter videogame scene? Abby Rutko talks about the Las Vegas comp and shares a few tips.
May 15, 2022
The Future of Beer Science w/ Fina Nelson
Fina Nelson is a scientist and brewer plugged into the Sask. craft beer scene. We talk about her beer research with Eskiw Labs, the Pink Boots beer she brewed at 21st Street Brewing, and more.
May 08, 2022
Warehouse Brewing's 2022 Plans w/ Mederic Lanoix
What new beers are coming from Warehouse Brewing in 2022? Brewmaster Mederic Lanoix joins us to talk beer and share his thoughts about styles and flavours he enjoys.
May 01, 2022
Building Leaders in a New World w/ Cristine Saxon
Do you remember the best boss you've ever had? What made them a great leader? In an increasingly online workplace, leaders are adapting to new ways of thinking and doing. The UofR's Cristine Saxon shares a few tips you can use in your own work life.
April 24, 2022
Beer and Climate Change w/ Professor Emily Eaton
Beer and agriculture go hand in hand. The impact of climate change has huge implications for the futures of brewers and farmers. UofR Prof. Emily Eaton joins us to unpack her energy research and share lessons learned.
April 17, 2022
Beer and Bicycles with Freddy Vandelinden
Freddie Vandelinden's family has been running Dutch Cycle for decades, establishing themselves as legends in the local cycling scene. We talk about the appeal of cycling with skyrocketing gas prices, and the emergence of a European-style beer and cycling community.
April 10, 2022
Building Future Business Leaders, w/ Chris McKee
How do businesses build leaders that innovate? What does it take to stay ahead of the pack? Chris McKee from the University of Regina's Centre for Continuing Education helps solve the innovation question.
April 03, 2022
The Best of BBQ, w/ Pitmaster Rob Reinhardt
What's hot in the BBQ world in 2022? Pitmaster Rob Reinhardt of Prairie Smoke and Spice talks competition, tips and tools, sharing his thoughts about who has the best 'cue in the world.
March 27, 2022
Gilbert Proulx's Signature Dish on Wall of Chefs
Local foodie Gilbert Proulx rolled up his sleeves to compete on Food Network Canada's Wall of Chefs. He talks about what influences and inspires his cooking, and a look behind the scenes of filming a cooking competition.
March 20, 2022
Studying Cannabis and Concussions w/ Professor Patrick Neary
What untold benefits can cannabis offer athletes with concussions? Patrick Neary and his colleagues are teaming up with the NFL to find out with a new study. He explains the research and how it will help not just athletes, but everyone.
March 13, 2022
Supporting women, making changes, w/ Chantelle Priel
Rebellion is launching another Majestic Milkshake sparkle beer for a good cause. Chantelle Priel works for the Regina and Area Sexual Assault Centre, she talks about the services they provide to women in our community, and how rebels can help them make a big difference.
March 06, 2022
Sparkle beers & the return of beer club, w/ Vanessa Owen
Rebellion's newest Sparkle Beer launches March 8 on International Women's Day. Brewmaster Vanessa Owen talks about sparkle beers, and how she's working to create a more inclusive space in the local beer scene with Beer Club.
February 27, 2022
Sask's Beer Yeast Research w/ Chris Eskiw
Professor Chris Eskiw and his team are collaborating with local brewers to science the heck out of beer yeast. His work could change the face of craft beer forever and it's all happening right here in Saskatchewan.
February 20, 2022
The Sour Beer Renaissance w/ Mark Heise
It looks like 2022 is going to be a big year for fruit sour beers. We talk about Rebellion's new sour beer lineup, and talk about emerging trends in beer styles.
February 13, 2022
The Value of Youth Mentorship, w/ Amy Noureldin
Whether it’s been a kind word or sage advice, who’s been a mentor to you? Amy Noureldin of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Regina talks about the difference youth mentorship makes, on this week's episode of the pod.
February 06, 2022
The Art of Frost Regina, w/ Brandy Jones
The new Frost winter festival features the artwork of Brandy Jones. She shares her story and the influences behind her work on this week's episode of the pod.
January 30, 2022
Prairie Malt's David Klinger talks malting barley
Rebellion's malt barley comes from Prairie Malt in Biggar Saskatchewan. David Klinger talks about the 2021 crop and enduring relationships with Sask's farmers.
January 23, 2022
Prairie Bee Meadery's award-winning mead, with Crystal Milburn
Prairie Bee Meadery's Crystal Milburn joins us to talk about their award-winning mead and brand new line of seltzers, all made with Saskatchewan honey.
January 16, 2022
2022 craft beer predictions w/ Paul Chicoine
What will the hot beer styles of 2022 be? We're making bold predictions and sassing seltzers on the latest episode of the pod.
January 09, 2022
Cat's Creamery ice cream and Rebellion beer floats
Ice cream and beer might not seem like an obvious pairing choice, but Rebellion teamed up with Cat's Creamery to create beer floats. Trisha Berlinic joins us on the pod to talk all about her locally made, small-batch ice cream that has people raving across Saskatchewan.
January 02, 2022
The Fastest Selling Beer in Rebellion History
Did you taste the fastest selling beer in Rebellion history?  Terry Van Mackelberg, aka Flo Mingo, joins us to talk about Sparkle Motion Majestic Milkshake IPA and Lulu's Lodge, on this week's episode of the pod.
December 26, 2021
Sarah's videogame recommendations for Christmas
Beer's a great holiday gift, but what about the kids? SarahLunaGG joins us on the pod to give some recommendations for videogames. 
December 19, 2021
XhAle Brewing Beer Renegades, w/ Christina Owczarek
XhAle Brewing's Christina Owczarek doesn't mind the C-word. She's reclaiming its power in a brilliant and cheeky way with her beer, "See Ya Next Tuesday," punctuated with the mantra to "Just be fucking kind." We also dive into the politics of contract brewing, naloxone kit training, and spicy calendar shoots, on this week's episode of the Rebellion Brewing podcast.
December 12, 2021
Saskatchewan honey in Gold Medal Beers, w/ Aaron Comerford
Rebellion took home a gold medal with Hoppy Pollinator, a beer featuring Sask-made, Sun River Honey. Aaron Comerford joins us to talk about the most painful bee sting, chipotle honey, and more on this week's episode of the podcast.
December 05, 2021
Canada Beer Cup, w/ Rick Dalmazzi
Canadian Brewers are coming together to compete to be recognized as the best in Canada. Rick Dalmazzi, the Executive Director of the Canadian Craft Brewer's Association joins us to explain some behind the scenes work of the CCBA, and the newly created Canada Beer Cup.
November 28, 2021
Beer Wars and Boycotts w/ Dr. Allyson Brantley
Did you know there was a 30-year-long consumer boycott against Coors? Dr. Allyson Brantley's new book, "Brewing A Boycott" explains how it all happened. She joins us on the pod to talk about her research, and the impact the boycott had.
November 21, 2021
Competitions and Collabs w/ Mark Heise
Brewers have two new competitions to enter this year. Rebellion Brewing's CEO, Mark Heise, joins us to share some behind the scenes insights into beer comps, and why they're going to be a big deal in Canada.
November 14, 2021
Kim's Craft Beer Adventures
Kim McDougall goes on Saskatchewan craft beer adventures and discovers all the best beers in the province. She shares a list of some of her faves for you to try next!
November 07, 2021
Winter beers we love w/ Kevin Brown
When the weather turns cold, the beers of winter hit shelves. Kevin Brown joins us to talk about our favourite winter beers and recommends a couple to try this winter.
October 31, 2021
Intercropping, Climate Change and Craft Beer, w/ Lana Shaw
Crop scientists work hard to improve crops and put more money in farmers pockets. Lana Shaw focuses on intercropping research, the practice of planting two or more crops side by side. She talks about her work, grappling with a dry year, and craft beer.
October 24, 2021
Hot Sauces and Black IPA w/ Mike Ewan
Papi Chulo and the Prairie Reaper are just two of the brand new hot sauces you can find at the taproom. Creator, Mike Ewan, talks about the inspiration behind the sauces and we drink and discuss Rebellion's brand new Black IPA.
October 17, 2021
Art, IPA and pilsners w/ Cabin Brewing's Jonas Hurtig
On this week's episode of the pod, Cabin Brewing's Jonas Hurtig sits down with us to talk all about their beer, the styles they love and the beautiful can designs that make their beers pop off the shelves.
October 10, 2021
Brewery of the Year, w/ Establishment Brewing's Mike Foniok
Establishment Brewing won a pile of medals and the title of "Brewery of the Year" at the 2021 Canadian Brewing Awards. Co-founder and brewer, Mike Foniok, sits down to talk about their award-winning, mixed-fermentation, barrel-aged beers and plans for the future.
October 03, 2021
Rebellion's "Beer of the year" w/ Mark Heise
Rebellion Brewing won two gold medals at the 2021 Canadian Brewing Awards. Mark explains how the beer judging process works, and what Saskatchewan's medal haul means for the local industry.
September 26, 2021
A big ole Haymaker, w/ Mark Heise
Haymaker is Rebellion's newest beer, featuring Kveik yeast. Rebellion’s President and CEO, Mark Heise taste and talk about Haymaker, and about our experiment with this traditional, Norwegian ingredient.
September 19, 2021
The World of Yeast and Beer w/ Don Tse
Without yeast, beer wouldn't exist. Don Tse sits down to talk about the new opportunities yeast offers to the craft beer world.
September 12, 2021
Designing chocolate for beer, w/ Ira Leibtag
Do you like chocolate beers? Ira Leibtag and his team at Cholaca have taken the beer world by storm with a brand new chocolate product designed for brewers. He sits down with us to tell how it happened.
September 05, 2021
Sask-grown hops and wet-hopped beer w/ Justin Shepherd
Rebellion's entire crew went to JGL Shepherd Farms to check out this year's hop crop. Justin Shepherd sits down to talk about hops, managing the heat and all the possibilities for locally grown hops.
August 29, 2021
A tough year for barley, w/ Dr. Aaron Beattie
Longer, hotter summers with less rain directly impacts us all, especially craft beer. Dr. Aaron Beattie is a crop scientist who specializes in barley. He works with farmers, maltsters and brewers to science the heck out of barley to ensure we'll have great beer for many years to come.
August 15, 2021
Manitoba's beer scene w/ Torque Brewing's Adam Olson
A few years ago, Manitoba had 2 craft breweries, today they have 16. Torque Brewing's Adam Olson talks about how the scene has changed rapidly, bringing new styles and a whole new beer culture.
August 08, 2021
Technology's Messy Future, w/ Scott Wilson
A year of social isolation was mediated by our use of technology. Instead of being a panacea, a lot of us are returning to society a bit of a mess. Scott Wilson joins us to explore Alissa Nutting and Bo Burnham's ideas about technology and its impact on humans.
August 01, 2021
Craft Beer and Water Sustainability
Longer, hotter summers and drier conditions are pushing brewers across North America to get efficient with water. Some are adopting new technology and spending millions to secure their water supply. This episode outlines why water should be on everyone's radar.
July 25, 2021
Why you should store your beer cold, w/ Mark Heise
Have you ever cracked a beer and it tasted like stale cardboard and sadness? Odds are it was stored warm for too long. Mark Heise explains the science behind keeping beer fresh and flavourful.
July 18, 2021
Influence and insights on beer, with Terry O'Reilly
What does it take for beer ad to breakthrough in a busy marketplace? Under the Influence's, Terry O'Reilly, says it's about understanding people. He joins us to talk all about craft beer and share some stories about advertising in the beer world. You can find his podcasts at
July 11, 2021
Boreal Heartland's Northern Vision
Boreal Heartland supplied ingredients like yarrow and Labrador tea for Rebellion's newest beer, Flora Borealis. Randy Johns joins us to talk about foraging, and their vision for tea, food and oils from Saskatchewan's North.
July 04, 2021
The very real Watershed Brewing
Kurt Pearson has turned his passion for homebrew into a social media machine, leading to the creation of highly prized, limited-edition hats and tees that have become a beer-geek shibboleth in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Kurt talks about how he got started, and how tweets and memes have grown into something much bigger.
June 27, 2021
Craft Malting in Sask, w/ Matt Enns
Will our craft malt scene spark a revolution in craft beer? Matt Enns of Maker's Malt is working with local, Sask-based brewers to create new, exciting flavours and styles of beer.
June 20, 2021
Craft Beer Needs Bats, w/ Dana Green
Sask-based scientist, Dana Green, is building a loyal following on TikTok while talking about the science of bats and howling mice. We talk about how bats are essential to craft beer, and how her work connects directly to the craft beer scene.
June 13, 2021
Viral Beer Videos, w/ Josh Stewart-Van Dusen
What does it take to make a beer video go viral? Josh Stewart-Van Dusen talks about how TandemXVisuals makes the magic happen.
June 06, 2021
Hittin' the 'Stco with Tyler McMurchy
Irreverent humour, dad jokes and love of a good hot dog has turned Hit The 'Stco into a local social media phenomenon of die-hard Costco Fans. Tyler McMurchy founded the group, he talks about how it's become bigger than he ever imagined.
May 30, 2021
Summertime Slushies w/ Outcast Brewing's Patrick Schnarr
Outcast Brewing's Co-owner and Head Brewer, Patrick Schnarr, talks about his slushy beer series and the upcoming collaboration brews with Rebellion Brewing.
May 23, 2021
Reopening the Warehouse District w/ Leasa Gibbons
What does it take to reopen a city after the pandemic? Leasa Gibbons talks about how her team at the Warehouse District BID is helping members grapple with changing safety requirements and managing the "new normal."
May 16, 2021
No Fads, No Gimmicks, w/ Nokomis Craft Ales' Jeff Allport
Jeff Allport's not into fads or gimmicks to sell a beer. His vision of only brewing beer he loves has turned Nokomis Craft Ales into a reliable, heavy hitter in the Sask. craft beer scene.
May 09, 2021
Sask. Craft Beer Week and Resilience Beer
Our local beer scene is weathering unprecedented times, and working together to make it happen. Mark Heise talks about this year's collaboration beer, named Resilience, which is something breweries have shown during the pandemic.
May 02, 2021
How Sexy is Saskatchewan Barley?
Hops get a lot of love when it comes to adding flavour and aroma to beer, but barley also lends something special. Matt explains why craft-beer geeks need to be more excited about barley's potential, especially in Saskatchewan!
April 25, 2021
A Guide To Great Beer w/ Austin Webb
The Sask. craft beer scene has exploded in popularity, but sometimes it's hard to keep up. The Saskatchewan Craft Beer Guide is a great way to find out about the latest beers, and contains features all about the brewers and people behind the scenes. Austin Webb joins us to explain how it got started and where it's going next.
April 18, 2021
Whisky and Beer Collaboration w/ Last Mountain's Braeden Raiwet
What do you get when Rebellion and Last Mountain team up? Kick-ass whisky! Last Mountain's Head Distiller, Braeden Raiwet sits down with us to talk all about this cask collaboration.
April 11, 2021
Chef Aimee Schulhauser talks donuts, beer and cooking online
Tangerine is one of the best local spots to get a bite in Regina. Chef Aimee Schulhauser talks about how her team is elevating our local food scene in house and online.
April 04, 2021
Beale's Brewery Claps Back to Trolls, w/ Emily Sanfratella
When Beale's Brewery had one badly behaved adult call their taproom manager a bitch when asked to wear a mask, the brewery wasn't having any of it. Emily Sanfratella talks about how Beale's brand new beer, "Your Manager is Bitch," went viral in the craft beer world.
March 28, 2021
The Tragically Hip Through New Eyes, w/ Lindsay Pereira
The Tragically Hip are quintessential Canadiana, but what is it like to discover the music when you're new to Canada? Lindsay Pereira talks about the article he wrote for the CBC, and shares more of his thoughts about the music, and how he's used it to help him understand Canadians better.
March 21, 2021
Videogames and BEER! w/ SarahlunaGG
This episode is all about pixels and pints. SarahlunaGG is a local Twitch streamer with a growing audience. We talk about her favourite games, gamer culture, and we taste and talk about Rebellion's newest offering, BEER!
March 14, 2021
Are leaders born or made?
What makes a leader great? Is raw charisma enough to get by or are there lessons we can all learn to be more effective leaders? Linda Allen-Hardisty is an executive coach and consultant working primarily with Saskatchewan businesses. She explains what makes a good leader and why it matters in business and personal relationships.
March 07, 2021
E-sports and Twitch Streamers w/ Shaye Ruecker
Move over firefighters, the most popular job kids want these days is YouTube Star. Shaye Ruecker talks about his work with streamers, sharing insights into the e-sports scene and what it takes to go pro. We also drink and discuss Classic Pilsner, by Malty National Brewing.
February 28, 2021
Alberta's Beer Maven, Sondra Baker
Sondra Baker, aka The Beer Maven talks about the Alberta beer scene. She's an author and photographer sharing her passion for craft beer. She recommends a few breweries and we dive into Quidi Vidi's Pineapple Sour.
February 21, 2021
Our Food, Our Stories, w/ Flat Out Food's Jenn Sharp
A brand-new docuseries is telling stories all about Saskatchewan's culinary scene. Jenn Sharp goes hunting for mushrooms and tells the story of Lentil Beer in her travels across the province. She joins us to give a look behind the camera and share some stories about the book and filming the show.
February 14, 2021
The Rules Just Changed, w/ Mark Heise
Saskatchewan's beer industry is about to explode in a big way. Mark Heise explains how recent changes to the rules that govern craft brewers are going to create jobs, keep more crops local, and help brewers grow.
February 07, 2021
Desert Island Beers w/ Jasmine Franks
If you were trapped on a desert island, what's the one beer Jasmine Franks would take? We talk about pulling pints, beer and family on this episode of the pod.
January 31, 2021
Going viral on TikTok with Snowbogan and ASMR, w/ Ryan Doka
How do you get half a million followers and go viral on TikTok? Ride a snowbogan in a category 1 hurricane snowstorm like Ryan Doka. He joins us to talk about TikTok culture and why he's working so hard as a creator to make you laugh.
January 24, 2021
The Rise of TikTok, with Justin Reves
Social media guru Justin Reves joins us to talk about TikTok. He explains why it's so much fun and why you'll want to check it out too.
January 17, 2021
The Best of 2020 Sask. Craft Beer w/ Paul Chicoine
What were your favourite beers of 2020? Rebellion's greasy sales guy, Paul Chicoine joins us to reflect on a year that saw new beers, new breweries and emerging trends heading into 2021.
January 10, 2021
Surf Rock and Craft Beer w/ Lenore Maier
It's the final episode of 2020 for the Rebellion Brewing Podcast. Lenore Maier joins us to talk about craft beer, local music, and her band, The Garrys. Find her music at:
December 27, 2020
Harm reduction in Saskatchewan w/ Jason Mercredi
What does it mean to have a safe, hygienic place to consume drugs? What is harm reduction, and is it worth investing in? Jason Mercredi, from Prairie Harm Reduction in Saskatoon, talks about the people, the numbers and the ideas behind this movement.
December 20, 2020
Cat's Got the Cream Cheesecake, w/ Jodi Robson
Have you ever used beer to make a cheesecake? Jodi Robson joins us to talk about Christmas baking and her creative use of Cat's Got the Cream beer in her brand new cheesecake recipe!
December 13, 2020
The Art and Craft of Sommelier Angela Senenko
With more choice on shelves now than ever, we are in a golden age of craft beer, wine and spirits. Experts like Co-op's Sommelier Angela Senenko can help you find something new and tasty every time you visit. She talks about being a sommelier and makes a couple recommends for your next trip to the store.
December 06, 2020
Barrel Aged Cherry Lambic, w/ Mark Heise
Rebellion just released Cherry Lambic, a rare, hard-to-make beer and a style prized for its complex flavour. Rebellion President and CEO, Mark Heise, talks about the lambic style, and gives us a look behind the scenes of this special beer.
November 29, 2020
Everything Rafter R Brewing w/ Ryan Moncrieff
Opening a brewery is tough enough, but it's even tougher in a pandemic. Rafter R Owner/Brewer, Ryan Moncrieff, talks about beer and brew culture and his hopes for 2021.
November 22, 2020
Building Business Success w/ Thomas Benjoe
First Nations economic development is a huge part of Saskatchewan's future. Thomas Benjoe, President and CEO of FHQ Developments, explains how his organization is working to develop robust and sustainable Indigenous owned businesses in the province.
November 15, 2020
Better Brother Brewing w/ Brewmaster Jeff Rushton
Saskatoon's newest brewery is Better Brother Brewing. Owner and Brewmaster, Jeff Rushton, talks about their flagship beers, and what customers can expect when they walk through the doors for the first time.
November 08, 2020
The power of persuasive words w/ Tiffany Wolf
What is the impact of words used well? Tiffany Wolf from Helium Communications talks about how language used around war and Covid-19 shapes how we think and feel about nurses, soldiers and victims. We also drink and discuss BlackBerry Sour Smoothie, by Rebellion Brewing.
November 01, 2020
The Ultimate 90s Song, w/ Nolan Tabashniuk
What song just screams "The 90s!" to you? What band or artist from the 90s deserves more love? Nolan Tabashniuk tells us what he thinks the ultimate 90s song is! We also drink Solo Crush - Wet Hopped Cashere, brewed by Rebellion Brewing.
October 25, 2020
All Beers, No Tears w/ Mark Heise
Fall beer season is upon us. Rebellion President Mark Heise talks goes behind the scenes, talking about Cat's Got the Cream, Hazy IPA and the thinking behind Rebellion's Fall lineup.
October 18, 2020
Speaking Truth to Brewers w/ Jason van Rassel
Jason van Rassel is an Alberta beer writer who's been following the scene for many years. He shares his thoughts on the current state of beer and his dedication to speaking truth to beer drinkers and brewers alike.
October 11, 2020
Time is an illusion, beer doubly so, featuring Jordan St. John
Does beer exist? And if it does, what is beer? Following his appearance in an article written by Lily Waite for Good Beer Hunting, Jordan St. John joins us to talk about his comments in the article, share his thoughts about craft beer in Canada, and reflect on the nature of beer itself.
October 04, 2020
Iron Bridge Brewery's Denby Haysom talks beer
Saskatchewan's newest craft brewery just opened in Lumsden. Iron Bridge Brewery's Master Brewer Denby Haysom shares a Belgian Wit and IPA and talks about his beer plans.
September 27, 2020
All things Sask-grown hops w/ Justin Shepherd
Did you know hops are essential to popular beer styles like IPA? They lend flavour and aroma to beer, leading to diverse flavours like citrus, pine, stone fruit and more. Justin Shepherd from JGL Farms is growing hops and working hard to build a local hop supply for the Sask. craft beer scene.
September 20, 2020
Hand Pies and Cat's Got the Cream w/ Chef Milton Rebello
Skye Bistro's Milton Rebello joins us to talk about competing on Firemasters, his wildly popular hand pies, and tastes Cat's Got the Cream beer for the first time.
September 13, 2020
IPA and the Apocalypse w/ Jon Federko
What beer style will be the most popular in the apocalypse? OG Rebel Jon Federko speculates on 2021's next craft wave. We also taste and talk about Rebellion's newest beer, Rhubarb Crisp.
September 06, 2020
Sask Beer Culture w/ Armoury Brewing's Brennan Lampitt
If your best friend tells the server not to bring the beer you ordered, but a completely different one, what do you do? Brennan Lampitt reflects on his craft beer journey and tells the story of North Battleford's, Armoury Brewing. Armoury Brewing:
August 23, 2020
Behind the scenes of Firemasters, with Pitmaster Rob Reinhardt
What really happens behind the scenes on Food Network's Firemasters? Pitmaster Rob Reinhardt talks about competing on television, a new recipe, and all things BBQ. Links: Rob's Episode on Firemasters: Find us on Facebook:
August 16, 2020
The Saskatchewan Satanic Panic and Craft Beer, w/ Lisa Bryn Rundle
Did you know Satanism, Witchcraft have a shared history with Saskatchewan and Craft Beer? CBC's Lisa Bryn Rundle talks about Uncover: Satanic Panic, her podcast about the 1980s Satanic Panic in Saskatchewan.  We also share a beer social distantly, and talk about craft beer's history with witches and Satanism. Links:
August 09, 2020
All the summer beers to taste w/ Peter Mills
Peter Mills joins the show for a summer-themed beer tasting featuring Cucumber Jasmine, Cerveza and Michelada. We talk about the Sask-craft beer scene's growth, beer ice cream, lentils and more. You can find him on Saskatchewan Weekend: Facebook: Instagram: Untappd: Twitter:
August 02, 2020
Designing Beer Recipes w/ Brewmaster Vanessa Owen
From Cucumber Jasmine to Birchwood Gruit, Rebellion Brewmaster Vanessa Owen talks about how she designs recipes and gives us a peek behind the curtain of crafting a tasty beer.
July 26, 2020
Korean Fried Chicken and Solo Crush w/ Chef Chris Torjusen
Avenue Head Chef Chris Torjusen talks about the new Covid-19 reality and Korean fried chicken. We also drink and discuss Rebellion's new single hop hazy series called Solo Crush. 
July 19, 2020
The textures of music creation w/ Emma Kramer-Rodger
When you get Star Power in Super Mario, you are rewarded with a happy tune. When you die, you get a series of sad notes. Local Sask. artist, Emma Kramer-Rodger, talks about her work creating and designing sound for video games and movies.   TW: @emberbelladonna SuperGrid: Distorted:   Rebellion:
July 12, 2020
Drag Queens and Cucumbers w/ Flo Mingo
Grab your cucumber and listen to Flo Mingo talk about drag culture, comedy, politics and her fundraising efforts on behalf of LuLu's Lodge, a safe home for homeless LGBTQ2S+ youth.  We also drink and discuss Rebellion's newest beer, Cucumber Jasmine - and mention plans for a special, surprise beer slated for 2021.
July 05, 2020
Dungeons and Dragons w/ Daniel Parr
Rebellion has hosted fashion shows, weight lifting & speed eating comps, music trivia bingo and more, but one of the most successful recurring events is Dungeons and Dragons.   Daniel Parr, a player with more than 20 years of DnD experience, joins us to talk about the game and its enduring popularity. Daniel Parr on Twitter: @MarxyMark
June 28, 2020
Behind the Sask. Craft Beer Petition, w/ Alysia Johnson
"Where do we want to go with craft beer in Saskatchewan? Do we want to lead the way or hang out at the back of the pack?" This week's episode is all about the beer production levy and how Alysia Johnson's petition to abolish it gained thousands of signatures. 
June 21, 2020
The State of Saskatchewan Craft Beer
If Saskatchewan plays its cards right, locally owned breweries could grow to become a $200M industry in less than 10 years. Mark Heise, the President and CEO of Rebellion Brewing has a vision for this success, and wants to see brewers, farmers, tourism, and other leaders come together to make it happen.
June 14, 2020
Rebellion's 2020 Beer Lineup, w/ Mark Heise
What do the 1970s and Grandma's classic rhubarb crisp have in common? Mark Heise shares his thoughts about creating new beers, developing artwork, the haze craze, IPAs and classic kölsches. We also talk about beer recipes and flavour balance on this week's episode of the podcast. This week's featured beer is Rebellion Brewing's Beach Life.
June 07, 2020
Animal Crossing and Craft Beer w/ Shaye Ruecker
Animal Crossing is the absolute winner of 2020. With millions of copies sold, celebrities, politicians and pro sports teams have all flocked to its sedate and sunny shores. Shaye Ruecker explains why it's been a breakout success no one predicted.
May 31, 2020
Look for the Helpers, The Builders, the Do-Gooders
The Lady Rebels Beer Club brewed a blood orange beer named Tovey Tribute and dedicated the sales to the YWCA. Alexis Losie joins us to talk about how the YWCA will use the money, and the impact it will make on the women and families they support.
May 24, 2020
Brandee Owens, the Steel Mace Valkyrie
Brandee Owens talks about mace training and explains how it strengthens and empowers students. We also drink and discuss the Tovey Tribute Blood Orange Ginger Ale, a beer brewed by the Lady Rebels Beer Club, with 100% of sales going to the YWCA of Regina.
May 17, 2020
Dean Renwick gives away thousands of masks
It's high fashion meets the front lines of Covid-19 when local designer Dean Renwick and his team rolled up their sleeves to make and donate thousands of masks to care homes and seniors across the province. We talk about what's behind this spirited, community-focused generosity. Links: Dean Renwick Rebellion Brewing HFIAMP
May 10, 2020
The Psychology of a Pandemic with Dr. Gordon Asmundson
Why are some people convinced Covid-19 is a hoax while others burn down 5G towers or buy an arsenal? Dr. Gordon Asmundson, has focused much of his work on anxiety and PTSD. He's looking at the impact of Covid-19 on our behaviour and mental health.
May 03, 2020
#ShaveItForShelters with Braden and Dustin
Some people are picking up guns and waving protest signs because they can't get a haircut... others, like Braden and Dustin, shaved their heads to raise money for shelters in their community. They talk about their work at Street Culture Project and their new fundraiser to get masks made.  We also drink and discuss Michelada, a new savoury, spicy beer and tomato beverage from Rebellion Brewing.  Links: Mask-ur-aid -
April 26, 2020
Honey Bees and Honey Beers with Azure-Dee Farago
What do brewers and bee-keepers have in common? Hobby beekeeper Azure-Dee Farago explains how beekeeper culture meshes with craft-beer culture, and how each community influences the other in subtle ways. She also shares her thoughts about Hoppy Pollinator, Rebellion's newest seasonal beer brewed with Saskatchewan honey.
April 19, 2020
Conexus, Covid-19 and Beer with Eric Dillon
A lot of businesses are temporarily closed, but one thing people absolutely can't lose access to is their money. Eric Dillon, the CEO of Conexus Credit Union talks about pandemic planning, the value of online financial services and how they are taking care of their members. Matt recommends Eric try Cold-Press Black Ale, by Bent Paddle Brewing, located in Duluth, MN.
April 12, 2020
Krista Broda loves all things Saskatchewan
Krista Broda is a die hard Rider fan, a big Pats booster, and most importantly, a huge craft beer fan. She shares her thoughts about social isolation, keeping busy and how her family is supporting and celebrating local businesses. We drink and discuss Beach Life, by Rebellion Brewing. Links:
April 05, 2020
Saskatoon's Craft Beer Scene w/ Kevin Brown
Saskatchewan's craft beer scene is changing rapidly, especially in Saskatoon. Kevin Brown of 21st Street Brewery shares his thoughts about Saskatoon's craft breweries and beer culture, and recommends a few local beers you need to check out. We also drink and discuss Chocolate Strong Ale by Black Bridge Brewery, based out of Swift Current, SK.
March 29, 2020
Making Free Handsanitizer For the Front Lines
In a time of crisis, look for the helpers. John Styles explains how his craft distilling business, Outlaw Trail Spirits, quickly switched to producing high-proof alcohol for sanitization purposes. He gave it all away for free to those who need it most, workers on the front line. Now, he needs your help, he's looking for glycerol and hydrogen peroxide so he can continue to make sanitizer products.
March 25, 2020
The Saskatchewan Craft Beer Festival
Last February, the Saskatchewan Craft Brewer's Association hosted the Second Annual Sask. Craft Beer Festival. Matt shares some thoughts and memories, and asks people from across the provincial beer scene to share their thoughts. Interviewees include Carrie Stenson of Black Bridge Brewery, Kate Biblow of Pile o Bones Brewery, Sarah from Shelter Brewing, Mark Lozschuk from the ALES Club, Chris Bevis of 21st Street Brewery and Brennan Lampitt of Armoury Brewing.
March 22, 2020
The Checkers Reunion Party, Remembering a Scene
It's been more than 15 years since Checkers, a popular live music venue, closed its doors. Today, former Checkers DJ, Nolan Tabashniuk and his friends hold reunion parties. He talks about what made the music scene so special, and why people are still willing to come together to celebrate that scene. We also drink Rebellion Brewing's newest version of the Hazy IPA.
March 10, 2020
Jumpin' from the top rope w/ Thryllin' Dylan
What's the best weapon to take into the wrestling ring? What's the worst object to get hit with? Thryllin' Dylan (aka Jesse Robson) tells stories from inside the ring. We also drink and discuss Rebellion's toasted hemp seed beer. Links:
March 03, 2020
English style pies, with Chef Malcolm Craig
Take a deep dive on English pub culture, pies and the state of Regina's culinary scene with Chef Malcolm, of Chef Malcolm's Handmade Pies. We also drink and discuss Cherry Bliss, a new sour beer by Rebellion Brewing.
February 25, 2020
Cakes, Bread and Beer with Jodi Robson
Jodi Robson figured out how to get black coffee and snacks on-demand from the crew on the set of The Great Canadian Baking Show. She tells stories from behind the scenes, and we also taste and talk about Rebellion Brewing's Black IPA.
February 18, 2020
Telemiracle's Enduring Legacy
Jesse Shkuratoff shares stories from her time volunteering with the Kinsmen/Kinettes for the annual Telemiracle fundraiser. She explains how you can get involved and the difference you can make. Rebellion Brewing will be launching the Tangerine Miracles beer on March 5, with proceeds going to Telemiracle 44. The telethon happens March 7, at the Conexus Arts Centre. Links:
February 11, 2020
Mentoring as a Big Brother w/ Victor Roman
Do you know anyone in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program? Victor Roman is the Exec. Dir and a Big Brother. He explains how a being a mentor led to friendship and family. We also drink and discuss Winter Warmer by Rebellion Brewing.
February 04, 2020
Writing and Worldshaping with Edward Willett
Sask. author Edward Willett joins us to talk about the novels in his Worldshaper series, the craft of writing, and craft beer. We also drink and discuss Chinook Crush, the first of Rebellion's Hazy Crush series.
January 28, 2020
Golfing, Beer and Holes in One
Do you know the perfect beer for your golf game? We tackle this question and more with the guys from  Drive-The-Green. If you're looking to improve your putting skills or follow the latest news about the professional tours, this show wants to see you shave a few strokes off your game.
January 21, 2020
How do we welcome more people to craft beer?
Ren Navarro is a craft beer lover who advocates for diversity and inclusion in craft beer. We talk about her work, as well as the Founders Brewing racism allegations and Pile O' Bones Brewing's own experience with allegations of racism and cultural appropriation. We also discuss Dominion City Brewing's beer and marketing.
January 14, 2020
Morgan Turner and the Regina Rage Room
What's it like to take a baseball bat to a giant LCD TV? How much destruction can one man cause with his bare hands? Morgan Turner runs the Regina Rage Room, where they run a smash course in breaking stuff for fun.
January 07, 2020
Fighting Cancer with Cookies
How much money can be raised with a cookie sale? Nora Yeates from the Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan explains how one little girl's cookies made a big difference in the fight against cancer. We also drink and discuss Raspberry Sour Smoothie by Rebellion Brewing.
December 31, 2019
Sask-grown hops, with Justin Shepherd
Hops are an essential ingredient in beer. Rebellion got their hands on more than 80kg of fresh, Saskatchewan-grown hops from JGL Shepherd Farms and brewed a wet-hopped beer. Justin Shepherd talks about what it takes to build a local hop industry from scratch, and what's next for his hop vineyards. Links:
December 24, 2019
New Orleans and the Big Easy Kitchen w/ Warren Montgomery
Warren Montgomery is bringing a taste of New Orleans to Regina with his food at the Big Easy Kitchen. We talk about his favourite dishes, common misconceptions of Cajun food, and the joy of a crawfish boil. We also drink and discuss 9 Mile Ale by 9 Mile Legacy Brewing Company.
December 17, 2019
Mandalorian and Star Wars Hot Takes
This week's episode is all about Star Wars and Baby Yoda. Shaye Ruecker joins Matt to talk about The Mandalorian, Jon Favreau and baby Yoda. We also drink and discuss Rebellion's latest seasonal, Raspberry Sour Smoothie. Links:
December 10, 2019
Jen Muscoby's craft beer journey
Jen Muscoby's passion for craft beer cannot be understated. From Cicerone, to organizing cask festivals to co-hosting the Lady Rebels Beer Club, she's got her finger on the pulse of Saskatchewan craft beer. We talk about the craft beer scene and where she thinks it's going next. We also drink and discuss Winter Warmer, a limited edition seasonal beer by Rebellion Brewing. Links: Lady Rebels Beer Club
December 03, 2019
All about Filipino food with Allan Pulga
On this week's episode, local foodie Allan Pulga recommends five Filipino dishes you need to try, including Lechon Kawali, a world-famous BBQ pork dish that will make your mouth water. We also drink and discuss Cerveza Oscura, a Mexican-inspired dark beer by Rebellion Brewing. Links: Regina Bites Articles by Allan Rebellion Brewing Instagram/Twitter: @Poonisms
November 26, 2019
What does it take for a brewery to survive?
What does it take to make or break a craft beer industry? Dr. Jason Foster has been watching craft beer explode in the west, and he shares his thoughts about what it takes for a brewery to thrive, and where the industry is heading next. Links
November 19, 2019
Craft Beer and Sask Barley w/ Aaron Beattie
Did you know Saskatchewan grows some of the most coveted barley for beer in the world? Dr. Aaron Beattie and his team explain how farmers and scientists are collaborating to keep our barley on top. Links: Maker's Malt Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre
November 12, 2019
Spex and Night Viper with Ryan Horne
Ryan Horne from Spex joins us to talk about eyewear, fashion and the arts in Regina. We also crack open a can of Night Viper, one of Rebellion's fastest selling seasonal beers.
November 05, 2019
Crispy Boys Conspiracies
Is the Crispy Boys meme an authentic Internet phenomenon or a clever corporate advertising conspiracy? Get out your tinfoil, corkboard, pins and red yarn because it's time to dive into some Crispy Boys Conspiracy theories on this week's episode of the Rebellion Brewing Podcast. Links:
October 29, 2019
Night Viper Beer Art Design w/ Joel Hustak
Electrifying and inspiring artwork can make or break a beer release. Saskatchewan artist, Joel Hustak, talks about designing Night Viper's artwork and his brand new Star Wars project. Links:
October 22, 2019
Chantrelles and Charcuterie w/ Chef Chris Torjusen
Chantrelle mushrooms are taking the culinary world by storm and Sask. produces some of the best in the world. Avenue Restaurant's Chris Torjusen explains what makes these little mushrooms so great. We also drink and discuss Rebellion's 2019 Anniversary Ale. Links: Avenue Rebellion Brewing
October 15, 2019
Dinosaurs, Mom-Jeans and Sask-Fashion with Janis Procyk
What's the deal with the return of mom-jeans? Janis Procyk does a deep dive on mom-jeans, fashion trends and explains why she founded Brick and Mortar Fashion and Decor, a clothing shop that exclusively features Saskatchewan-designers and artists. We also drink and discuss Scotty the Dinosour, a limited edition sour beer by Rebellion Brewing.
October 08, 2019
Wet Hopped Beer w/ Mark Heise
Have you tried a wet-hopped beer before? Rebellion used 80 kg of fresh, SK-grown hops from JGL Shepherd Farms in its newest seasonal beer, Wet Hopped Centennial. Mark Heise, Rebellion President and CEO, explains what wet-hopping is and why the style has craft-beer geeks so excited. We also drink and discuss Kalamazoo Stout by Bells Brewery.
October 01, 2019
Scotty, the World's Largest T-Rex
Did a baby T-Rex have feathers? We sit down with Peter Menzies to talk about dino feathers and Scotty the T-Rex, the world's largest T-Rex skeleton at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. We also drink and discuss Hazy IPA by Rebellion Brewing.
September 24, 2019
ORA Security Solutions with Joel Rathgaber
ORA security solutions started with one woman trying to protect her father. Joel Rathgaber explains how this Saskatchewan company is developing a panic alarm button you can take anywhere. We also drink and discuss Hazy IPA by Rebellion Brewing.
September 17, 2019
Loot Box Billions w/ Shaye Ruecker
Loot boxes in video games like Fortnite and Star Wars Battlefront II seem innocent enough, so why are some countries banning them? Shaye Ruecker explains how loot box mechanics are more like gambling than gaming, exploiting vulnerable players like children and people with addictions. We also drink and discuss Cat's Got the Cream Ale by Rebellion Brewing. Links:
September 10, 2019
Talking Journalism with Sam Maciag
Sam Maciag recently took over hosting duties of the CBC Saskatchewan News at Six program. She talks about her career in journalism, her start in radio, and how she transitioned to the CBC. We also drink and discuss Cerveza, by Rebellion Brewing. Links:
September 03, 2019
Stories of the Human Condition w/ Shawn Broom
Shawn Broom dives deep into people's life stories on the Story of U Podcast. We share a beer and talk about why he's so interested in examining the human experience. We also drank and discussed Haskap Sour by Nokomis Craft Ales. Find out more about Rebellion craft beer here.
August 27, 2019
The Digital Society w/ Dr. Alec Couros
In the post-truth era of deep fakes, diminished digital literacy, online catfishing and 'fake news,' how do we protect ourselves? Dr. Alec Couros is a professor at the University of Regina and much of his research is focused on social media and digital citizenship. He gives some tips so you don't get fooled. We also drink and discuss Amber Ale, by Rebellion Brewing. Links:
August 20, 2019
Dr. Vanessa Mathews on Craft Beer Booms
What makes a neighbourhood great? The answer seems to be a craft brewery! Dr. Vanessa Mathews is studying the social and economic impact of craft brewers. She has recommendations for the City of Regina to get the most out of the craft beer boom, starting with the construction of a bridge from downtown to the Warehouse District. We also drink and discuss the Frut Brut IPA, by Rebellion Brewing, which was brewed for International IPA Day.
August 13, 2019
The Sask Podcast Scene w/ Dale Richardson
Dale Richardson has created a one-stop-shop for podcasts created across the province. Finding local storytellers is easier than ever before with the Saskatchewan Podcast Network. He talks about what drove him to make the network, and gives a couple recommendations to listen to. We also drink and discuss a new wheat beer by Rebellion Brewing called Summer Wheatley. Links:
August 06, 2019
The Psychology of Beer w/ Dr. Nick Carleton
Do you run headlong into new beer styles and flavours or do you wait for friends and experts to give their opinion before you take a sip? Dr. Nick Carleton is a psychology professor at the University of Regina who studies human behaviour. We discuss the power of suggestion when it comes to tasting and trying new beer styles and what that means for the craft beer industry. We also drink and discuss Kick-Ass Coffee Cream Ale by Arrowhead Brewing in Invermere, B.C. Studies: Uncertainty Intolerance: Fear of the Unknown:
July 30, 2019
A summer of science with Ryan Holota
People always ask us how they can get into brewing as a career and we tell them they should start with chemistry and sciences. The Sask. Science Centre inspires brewers of tomorrow by sparking curiosity and wonder in young and old alike, giving guests an opportunity to get hands on and messy and have fun with more than 150 different exhibits. Ryan Holota talks about their new exhibit, #joylab, upcoming adult-only science nights and some new kids oriented programs. We also drink and discuss Pineapple Sour by Rebellion Brewing.
July 23, 2019
Perogies and Pilsners with Sarah Colonna
Actress, comedian, New York Times Bestselling Author, Sara Colonna came on the show to try perogies for the first time in her life. Her husband, Jon Ryan, plays for the Roughriders and she's learning all about Saskatchewan. She shares a few stories about her work as a touring comedian and her new role as Lori on Shameless. We paired her perogies with Rebellion's New World Pilsner. Links: Twitter - @sarahcolonna Instagram -  @sarahcolonna1
July 16, 2019
Solar Powered Sask with Miguel Catellier
Thinking about solar panels? Miguel from TruGreen Energy explains what it costs to install and the benefits of going solar. We also drink and discuss Black Bridge's Oatmeal Session IPA.
July 09, 2019
The Sask Airshow with Vaughn Schofield
Snowbirds and Spitfires will be crossing the skies at the Saskatchewan Airshow on July 6-7. Vaughn Schofield, the Patron of the Airshow, talks about the aerobatic performers, food and entertainment for the whole family.  Rebellion Brewing is proud to be the official beer sponsor, featuring Lentil, Amber and Cerveza. Links:
July 02, 2019
Street art and tattoos w/ Josh Goff
What would you do if a dog bit you in the butt? Josh Goff tells stories from his time as a roguish graffiti artist and how he went from being chased by police to being chased by local businesses who want his murals up on their walls. We also drink and discuss Eukanot IPA by Black Bridge Brewery. Links:
June 25, 2019
Roughriders and BBQ w/ Belton Johnson
Mom's home-cookin' is Belton Johnson's secret sauce. The 2007 Grey Cup champ talks about growing up in Mississippi, his time with the Roughriders and shares a few stories about his mom's legendary breakfasts and his BBQ tricks. We also drink Rebellion Whisky Lemonade, a summer cocktail featuring Last Mountain Whisky. Links: The Cookout
June 18, 2019
Football and Fortnite w/ Neal Hughes
Do you know who inspired Neal Hughes to get up at 7:30 every morning to watch game day footage? Hughes is a two-time Grey Cup champ and he shares some stories from his time with the Riders and makes some predictions for the current season. We also drink and discuss Burnside Blood Orange Ale by Medicine Hat Brewing Co.
June 11, 2019
Art in the Heart of Downtown
How do you find beauty in a jungle made of concrete, steel and glass? Judith Veresuk and her team with Regina Downtown have launched an ambitious series of projects to bring art, culture, music and sport to Regina's Downtown District. She explains what it's all about and how you can get involved. We also drink and discuss Rebellion's brand new Cerveza. Links:
June 04, 2019
The State of Craft Beer w/ Mark Heise
Rebellion President and CEO, Mark Heise, shares his thoughts about the state of SK craft beer and the recent news about the merger of two craft beer pioneers, Boston Beer/Dogfishhead. We also drink and discuss Dandy In the Underworld, an Oyster Stout by Dandy Brewing Company, from Calgary, Alberta.
May 28, 2019
Vegas Knights and Moose Memes with Greg Moore
Greg Moore gave himself one year to chase a wild dream with Justin Reves. Together, they worked to crack the secret to becoming a viral phenomenon. In less than 12 months, they delivered Experience Regina t-shirts to Jimmy Fallon, adopted the Vegas Knights, flown out to Facebook's campus and got Mac the Moose on Stephen Colbert. Greg gives a peek behind the scenes to explain how they pulled it all off. He also got to interview one of his hockey heroes. SPOILER ALERT:  Marvel Avengers spoilers are discussed from 3:00min to 10:00min. We also drink and talk about Rebellion Brewing's Pineapple Sour, a limited edition, seasonal sour ale. Links: Jimmy Fallon: Mac the Moose: Vegas Knights: Jordan St. John:
May 21, 2019
Art and Craft Beer with Joel Hustak
What do Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and the Strumbellas have in common with Rebellion Brewing? The answer is Joel Hustak. He joins us to drink Golden Crush, a tropical, session IPA and to talk about how he became the lead artist on a Star Wars book and discuss his design ideas for an upcoming Rebellion beer. Links: Instagram: @joelhustak
May 14, 2019
Craft Beer's Connection to Libraries
Did you libraries were essential to the explosion of the modern craft beer movement? Librarian Tanya Rogoschewsky joins us to drink our brand new Citrus Smoothie beer and talk about all the new programs coming up, including beer tastings, events for kids, music and more. Links:
May 07, 2019
Dandy's makes beer icecream
Did you know Dandy's makes beer ice cream? Daniela Mintenko and her team are making all sorts of ice cream, whether it's coconut honeycomb ash, smoked cherry whisky or London fog, chances are you'll find a flavour to love. She'll be teaming up with Rebellion to make a beer ice cream flavour from some of our most-popular beers, so stay tuned. Links:
April 30, 2019
Bats and Beer with Dr. Erin Baerwald
Did you know bats are essential to craft beer? Sask is home to eight different species of bats, and they are estimated to offer $10B in economic value to the agriculture industry as pest control and pollinators. Dr. Erin Baerwald shares her knowledge and passion for our batty craft-beer buddies and explains how we can help bats thrive in the future. We also drink Cerveza by Rebellion, our newest summer offering featuring lime zest and salt. Links: Bat Conservation International BatWatch
April 23, 2019
Crop Research and the Future of Craft Beer
Saskatchewan farmers grow the best crops in the world, it only makes sense to brew kick-ass beer with it. A small army of craft beer, ag-science geeks, like Lana Shaw and Joel Williams explain how their research is good for farmers, brewers and drinkers alike. We also sit down and drink Rebellion's newest seasonal beer, Citrus Smoothie. Links: Twitter @SE_ResearchFarm @IntegratedSoils 
April 16, 2019
The Best Spots in Sask. w/ Jodi Holliday
Saskatchewan has fishing, hunting, hiking, stargazing and a kick-ass craft beer scene, making it a great destination for summer travelers. Jodi Holliday from Tourism Saskatchewan talks about some of her favourite places to visit in our province and makes a few recommendations. We taste and talk about Rebellion's Mango Sour,  a limited edition ale that's selling fast. Links:
April 09, 2019
All About Beer with Brewmaster Amanda Butt
Brewmaster Amanda Butt tells the story of her craft beer journey and how she went from biochemistry to brewing. She talks about her work at Great Western Brewing, and how she got a job at the Boston Beer Company, brewing Sam Adams, and more. We also drink and discuss Uno IPA by Black Bridge Brewery.
April 02, 2019
Joel Yeomans, Grinding for Comedy
What was the worst song in the 90s? What happens when comedians age out and stop being funny? Local comedian Joel Yeomans gives a series of hot takes and talks about his new upcoming comedy event, "I thought you quit comedy." We also drink and discuss Flatlander Ginger Apple Cider by Crossmount Cider Company. Links: Pass the Hat
March 26, 2019
A City to Discover w/ Ashley Stone
Ashley Stone is the Director of Tourism at Tourism Regina. Matt asks her if we can get a Deadpool Statue, and her answer might surprise you.  She also talks all about the fun stuff coming up this summer and how you can get involved. We also drink Nordic Farmhouse Ale by Nokomis Craft Ales. Links: Instagram/Twitter: @tourismregina
March 19, 2019
Building the Silicon Prairies
The digital economy has the potential to create jobs, but what will it take to build the silicon prairies? Thomas Archer and are working to plant the seeds today for the creators and innovators tomorrow. We drink and discuss Cascadian Dark Ale by, a dark and hoppy brew.
March 12, 2019
The World of Artisanal Beer Soap
Rachelle Hofmeister makes artisinal soaps through her company, Daisy Tree Soap. She teamed up with Rebellion Brewing to make a line of artisanal beer soaps, using beer, spent grain and mead to give you a superior soap experience. She explains why oatmeal gives a refreshing, soothing effect on skin. We also drink and discuss Rebellion's Prairie Cherry Mead, a 100% Saskatchewan-sourced product featuring prairie cherries from Over the Hill Orchards in Lumsden and honey from Tisdale.
March 05, 2019
Dr. Sarah explains ugly carrots and apples
The ugly fruit and veggies movement urges you to save the world by eating one ugly carrot at a time. Dr. Sarah Taber works in the food industry and she pointed out that most of ugly fruit and vegetables get turned into sauces and soups. So what's really going on? Why are we being told to eat ugly produce? We also drink and discuss Mocha Porter by Dirtbag Ales and That's What I'm Talkin' About, Rolled Oat Stout, by Pearl Street Brewery. Dr. Sarah also recommends this book to learn more about the complexity of food production.
February 26, 2019
Chef Milton Rebello and Peach Ginger Sour
Chef Milton Rebello joins us to talk about his passion for food, cooking by touch and taste and how his wife is inspiring him to up his pastry game. He also talks about his sell-out cooking classes for adults and youths. We also drink and discuss Rebellion's latest kettle sour offering, Peach Ginger Sour. Links:
February 19, 2019
Hockey Talk and Bow Smash Beer
Matt and Chris from PatsCast joined us to talk beer and hockey. Matt tells us about this year's team and what sets the WHL apart as a sports entertainment experience. We also drink and discuss Bow SMaSH by Pile O' Bones Brewing.
February 12, 2019
Simpsons and Craft Beer Statistics w/ Shaadie Musleh
Rebellion launched a customer survey all about craft beer. We invited Shaadie Musleh, a data analysis expert, to unpack some of the numbers and help us understand what we can learn from the people who answered the survey. We also go off the rails while tasting one of High Key Brewing's new offerings, a  Dunkel, and talk a little bit about The Simpsons. Links:
February 05, 2019
Sarahmony's new Stout
Sarahmony's an up-and-coming Twitch-streaming gamer from Saskatchewan who has gained a global following. She's sits down with us to talk about beer, explain 'why' people watch others play video games and how gamer culture is evolving. We also drink and discuss Cambridge Coconut Porter by Medicine Hat Brewing. Links: Sarahmony Medicine Hat Brewing
January 29, 2019
Experience Regina w/ Mark Heise
Mark Heise, President and CEO of Rebellion brewing, thinks Regina should be loud and proud about the 'Experience Regina' campaign. He also talks about all the new changes in the Regina's Warehouse District, the impact of local businesses like Leopold's Tavern and newsmakers like Justin and Greg. We also drink Rebellion's brand new Hazy IPA, which will be coming out in cans by summer 2019.
January 22, 2019
Traditional Aikido w/ Virgil Lea
Are you looking for a way to get fit that's not just lifting weights and hitting a treadmill? Virgil Lea runs an Aikido dojo and teaches in a traditional, Japanese style. He also teaches a women's, and co-ed self-defense courses for health, fitness and protection. We also taste and talk about Black Bridge Brewery's, Cold Pressed Cream Ale. Links: Aikido: Black Bridge:
January 15, 2019
Ashley Kirsch, The Craft Beer Hunter
Sharing and discovering great beer is a huge part of craft-beer culture. An OG Rebel, Ashley Kirsch, took our Sour Red to a beer-lover's wedding in California and you'll never guess what happened! She's also traveled across North America in pursuit of rare and hard-to-get ales and returned to share some tips for finding great beer when you're traveling. She's also shares a list of some of her favourite breweries she thinks you should check out. Ashley's List of must-see breweries: 3 Iron Avery Brewing Two Row Modern Times Black Project Sour Cellars New Belgium Escape Brewing
January 07, 2019
What Makes us Human w/ Layton Burton
More than seven years ago, The Government of Saskatchewan changed the way the film industry operates in the province by replacing the film tax credit with a different funding model. Layton Burton explains how this policy change nearly wiped out what was a multimillion dollar industry, what Saskatchewan needs to do to rebuild - but more importantly, he makes a case for the arts as part of the human condition. We also tell a few stories about being journalists and we drink and discuss Rebellion Coconut Cream Stout. Links: -Separate Beds Documentary: -Seymour Hersch:
December 17, 2018
Warehouse District Revolution
More than $33M in funding was announced to deal with the rail yards located in the middle of Regina, at the southern edge of the Warehouse District. Development of the land is estimated to take more than 15 years, and that has some people frustrated. Business and residents have been floating ideas for years about what could happen to this open space, including high rise, mixed-income housing for people who work downtown, to greenspace, and the now-dashed hopes for the football stadium. Leasa Gibbons, the Executive Director of the Regina Warehouse Business District, shares her thoughts about the rail yard, how the money should be spent and how it could change the Dewdney strip for the better. Links:
December 10, 2018
The Sourdough Donut Experience
Have you ever tasted a true sourdough donut? Katie Schmelinski of The Everyday Kitchen is creating a rare and masterful treat, and is one of a few bakers in the world who makes donuts in the sourdough style. She gives us a look at how she got started, and the kind of passion and attention to detail required to make these amazing donuts. We also drink and discuss kombucha by Good Spirit Kombucha. Links: Blog: Instagram: @theeverydaykitchen Kombucha:
December 03, 2018
Boards N' Beans, the board game cafe
Stephanie Smith loves the board game Dinosaur Island, a Jurassic Park style board game, except all the people running her park keep getting eaten by dinosaurs! It's just one of the many games you can find at her cafe, Boards N' Beans, which boasts more than 400 board games for customers to choose from. We also drink and discuss Cherry Dreamsicle, a limited edition seasonal ale by Rebellion Brewing.
November 26, 2018
The Queen of Mustard
Have you ever tasted a beer mustard? Val Michaud owns and operates Gravelbourg Mustard, a Saskatchewan company making unique mustard with stuff like beer or saskatoon berries. She joins us on the podcast to talk all about the mustard scene and we drink and discuss Rebellion's Anniversary Ale, a beautiful blonde barleywine. Links:
November 13, 2018
The Bold and Mighty Amanda Ruller
Olympic hopeful, fitness fanatic and social media influencer, Amanda Ruller joins us to talk about competition, attitude and her WWE tryout experience. We also drink and talk about Dank! IPA by 21st Street Brewery. Amanda Ruller: Twitter/Instagram: @AMANDAbolic 21st Street Brewing:
November 05, 2018
Spex and Beer
Sneakerheads chase the rarest sneakers. Hat collectors won't remove the stickers or tags from their hats, but have you ever heard of eyewear fans? From ACDC vinyl pressed glasses to hand-made custom, one-of-kind pieces, there's a whole subculture dedicated to the frames on our faces. Ryan from Spex by Ryan takes us on a deep dive to explain what's going on and why some people have an intense love for their eyewear. We also drink and discuss "I've Always Been Hazy" IPA by Rebellion Brewing.
October 29, 2018
Newfoundland Hospitality in Saskatchewan w/ Scott Coady
From screeching to Saskatchewan, Scott Coady explains how he brought a taste of Newfoundland to the Prairies by opening up a Mary Brown's restaurant. Newfoundlanders drive hours across the prairies just to to get a taste that reminds them of home. Mary Brown's: We also drink and discuss Eclectic Dry Hop Sour by Black Bridge Brewery:
October 22, 2018
Hidden Prairie Gems w/ Andrew Hiltz
Andrew Hiltz was the 2017 Saskatchewanderer, travelling across the province to discover amazing food, tourist destinations and of course, craft beer! We also sat down and drank Cat's Got the Cream Ale by us, Rebellion Brewing! Check him out at:
October 15, 2018
The story of Italian Star Deli
Carlo Giambattista has more than 30 years under his belt at his family's Italian Star Deli. He shares the story of how it all started, the importance of prosciutto and why he's always smiling when you walk through his doors. We also taste and talk about Rebellion's German Festbier, and last but not least, Rebellion is hosting a pop-up with Italian Star Deli at the taproom on Wednesday, Oct. 10. Italian Star: Pop-Up Event details:
October 09, 2018
Poor Nameless Boy and the perfect love song
Joel Henderson, aka Poor Nameless Boy, is launching his newest single, Catch Up and Slow Down across platforms everywhere. He talks about trying to write a song no one else has written before, and examines what it means to be "authentic" in music today. We also taste and talk about Raspberry Sour by Nokomis Craft Ales, one of the newest sour beers in Saskatchewan's craft-beer scene. Poor Nameless Boy Nokomis
October 01, 2018
Our Digital Future w/ Shaye Ruecker
YouTube and Twitch are turning young content creators into successful entrepreneurs. From cord-cutting to on-demand video available anywhere, who in Saskatchewan is making waves? What's coming next? Shaye Ruecker from Marsh digital shares his thoughts. We also taste and talk about Perfect Storm, an oatmeal stout by Townsite Brewing in Powell, River B.C. Marsh Digital -
September 24, 2018
Fight Club w/ Scott Wilson
Did you see the twist ending coming at the end of Fight Club? Were you inspired to steal liposuctioned fat and refashion it into artisinal soap for rich people? How about starting your own Fight Club? Professor Scott Wilson joins us to drink Double Double Double Double IPA and talk all about Fight Club, and why it resonates 19 years after its release. Links:
September 21, 2018
Gourmet Cheese & Sour Apricot Ale
Takeaway Gourmet is a culinary jewel in Regina's Cathedral District, supplying some rare, unique, artisinal cheeses from around the world. Aleana Young talks about what it's like to run a small cheese shop and how the community has responded. We also drink and talk about Rebellion Brewing's Sour Apricot Ale and Aleana makes a cheese pairing recommendation. Links:
August 27, 2018
The Economics of Craft Beer
What three things converged to help create Saskatchewan's craft beer scene? Will marijuana legalization impact craft beer? Jason Childs, an economics professor from the University of Regina teaches "The Economics of Beer," and looks at these very questions and shares his thoughts.
August 20, 2018
Escape Rooms w/ Dale D'Silva
Escape Club owner Dale D'Silva explains the way to build a winning team to beat escape rooms - immersive puzzles with a time limit. We also taste and talk about Chocolate Stout by Rogue Brewing. Links:
August 13, 2018
Satori Sour w/ Glenn Valgardson
Have you tried many barrel aged sours? We sit down and taste Satori Sour, by Nokomis Craft Ales, a brew that's earning high praise from the craft beer community. Glenn Valgardson from Pile O' Bones Brewing talks about his brewery, the logistics of meeting overwhelming demand and his love/hate relationship with Untappd, a craft beer app for beer geeks. Links:
August 06, 2018
Blake Berglund gets called out by Marty Stuart
Blake Berglund joins the podcast to drink Golden Ale by Nokomis Craft Ales. He talks about the journey to create his latest album, Realms, meeting his idol Marty Stuart, and the shares his opinion on the state of country music today. Links: Opening title music:
August 02, 2018
Gateway Festival w/ Taron Cochrane
Taron Cochrane returns to the podcast to celebrate local music and talk about the Gateway Music Festival, happening July 27-29 in Bengough Saskatchewan. We also talk about Saskatchewan-born artists Jess Moskaluke and Tenille Arts, and we drink Johnny Kolsch by High Key Brewing. Links: Gateway Music Festival - High Key Brewing - Jess Moskaluke - Tenille Arts -
July 23, 2018
Golden Knights, Deadpool and Sour Crush
Greg Moore joins Matt to taste and talk about Sour Crush, a brand new kettle sour by Rebellion Brewing. Moore talks about trying to get Saskatchewan to adopt the Vegas Golden Knights hockey team and explains why Regina should have a Deadpool statue at city hall. Links: Music By:
July 16, 2018
Rootbeer Kombucha w/ Megan Trenholm
Megan Trenholm from Malty National Brewing joins Matt on the podcast to drink Rootbeer Kombucha by Good Spirit Kombucha, a local, small-batch producer from Regina. She talks all about Malty National, the beer they love, and their place in the local craft-beer scene. Links:
July 09, 2018
Pride IPA and Kegerators with Andrew Smith
Are you thinking about getting a kegerator? Andrew Smith of Taps N Towers shares some tips before you spend your money. We also taste Pride IPA by 21st Street Brewery. Links:
July 02, 2018
New England IPAs w/ Brewmaster Dave Holowaty
The New England IPA Style (NEIPA) has taken the craft beer world by storm. Rebellion Brewmaster, Dave Holowaty, sits down with Matt to discuss the style, explain why it's so popular and makes a few recommendations. We tasted and talk about Dark Matter, by Also discussed: Black Bridge Brewery - Malty National - Blind Man Brewing -
June 25, 2018
Huell Pilsner and fried chicken w/ Paul Rogers
Have you tasted Beak's Chicken yet? Do you know how to get your fried chicken to have excellent crunch? One man knows, and he's telling us how. Chef Paul Rogers explains his technique for getting the perfect bite, every time. We also try Huell Pilsner by Black Bridge Brewery. Links:
June 18, 2018
Golden Crush N' Comic Books with Chad Boudreau
Golden Crush is back for the summer - crisp, bright and hoppy. Chad also shares three recommends for must-read summer comics. If you haven't read comics before, he gives a few tips on how to find great stories with memorable art.
June 11, 2018
Beer and Donuts w/ Dee Kitsch
Dee Kitsch leads The Cookie Lady's donut division and she's teamed up with us for a delicious beer and donut pairing. We also taste Duke of Earl by Malty National Brewing. Links:
June 04, 2018
Sippin' Sodas with Jen Dubois
A little fire and smoke can't slow down Jennifer Dubois. She runs Miyowasiwin Salon Spa in Regina. She sits down with Matt to tell the story of her salon, the fire next door, and what's coming next for her business. We also taste some specialty sodas that you need to try yourself! Additional Links: Salon: Dessart Sweets: Cheerwine: Hippo Sized Rootbeer:
May 27, 2018
Pomegranate Pale Ale and coffee with John Cameron
We taste Pomegranate Pale Ale by High Key Brewing, a new brewery from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and then John Cameron talks about local coffee culture, how consumers demand a higher quality brew, and how to make a better cup of joe at home.
May 21, 2018
Brisket and BBQ with Pitmaster Rob Reinhardt
BBQ competition season has just begun and Pitmaster Rob Reinhardt of Prairie Smoke and Spice BBQ is slinging the best brisket and ribs you've ever tasted. He shares a few tips for beginners and talks about what he has planned for this season. Prairie Smoke and Spice - BBQ Class - Rebellion Brewing Co - Toolshed Brewing Co -
May 14, 2018
Simcoe SMaSH w/ Chris Oleson
100 Men Who Care is a grassroots organization that raises money for local charities, but with a twist. It's a movement with chapters sprouting up across Canada and the USA. We also taste Simcoe SMaSH Ale by Pile O' Bones Brewing, find out if we give it a thumbs up or down. Links:
May 07, 2018
Gentleman's Stout w/ Shaadie Musleh
Rebellion has been saying something special is going on in the Saskatchewan craft beer industry for a few years and a recent economic impact study backs it up. Matt sits down with Shaadie Musleh, the Manager of Strategic and Competitive Intelligence with Economic Development Regina, who did the research for the study. He explains what's going on in the industry and what it means for the broader economy and community as a whole. We also taste and talk about Gentleman's Stout, brewed by Mitch Dalrymple of Medicine Hat Brewing Co. Links: Economic Study: Medicine Hat Brewing Co:
April 30, 2018
Flat Cap Stout w/ Stefan Rzadzinski
Matt jumps on skype to talk to Stefan Rzadzinski, a young Canadian race-car driver who is sporting the Rebellion hop-burst logo on his car this season. They talk about the nature of fundraising to put wheels on the road, and a beer by ToolShed Brewing, called Flat Cap Stout.
April 23, 2018
Death by Coconut with Parker Willfong
This is a very special episode with Homebrewer, beer judge and craft beer expert, Parker Willfong. He sits down to taste Death By Coconut, a chocolate, coconut stout and regales us with his wisdom on beer and casks. Rebellion is tapping 13 casks from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba for the Fourth Annual Cask Fest, held at the taproom. Featured breweries include: Torque Brewing Co. District Brewing Company High Key Brewing Co. Tool Shed Brewing Company Medicine Hat Brewing Co. Pile O' Bones Brewing Co. Nokomis Craft Ales Black Bridge Brewery 21st Street Brewery Ale and Lager Enthusiasts of Saskatchewan (ALES) Club Bushwakker Brewing Company Saskatchewan Craft Brewers Association Rebellion Brewing Co Also in this episode: http://www.camra.or
April 11, 2018
IPA and Pies with Chef Malcolm
Great beer deserves to be paired with great food, especially when it's as good as Chef Malcolm's Handmade Pies, a locally owned pie shop in a traditional English style. Matt and Chef Malcolm discuss the Rebellion IPA and Chef makes some recommendations for food pairings. He also tells Matt how cold it was when his plane landed in Saskatchewan for the first time. Also discussed in this podcast:
April 09, 2018
Blast Off! with Taron Cochrane
Local music guru Taron Cochrane joins Matt for a tasting of Rebellion's newest can offering, Blast Off! He shares his opinions about the local music scene and talks about his work with Rebellion and Music Heals, a music-therapy charitable organization. Taron Online: / Twitter - @taroncochrane Music Heals: Saskatchewan Music:
April 02, 2018
Red Rye IPA and Lady Rebels Beer Club
Vanessa Owen sits down with us to taste and talk about the Red Rye IPA, one of the best seasonal offerings ever made. She is also celebrating the second anniversary of the Lady Rebels Beer Club, run by and for women, with a special cask of Mango Tango Coco Flamengo. Find out more about Take Away Gourmet and cheese to pair with your beer - Lady Rebels Beer Club - ALES Club - Bushwakker -
March 25, 2018
Oatmeal stout and eating insanely hot food
Matt sits down with Regan Hinchcliffe to taste and talk about Matt's favourite Rebellion beer, Oatmeal Stout. We also dive into a viral video of Regan eating hot sauce that gained more than 4.4M views online. He also tells us what happened after the camera was turned off. Breweries mentioned in this podcast include: Pile O Bones: 21st Street: Half-Pints: Black Bridge: Belching Beaver: Regan's Hot Sauce Video:
March 18, 2018
Make It Funky - Feat: Rebellion President Mark Heise
Matt and Mark talk all about Rebellion's newest bottle release, Make It Funky, a wild yeast ale with flavours of apricot and aromas of funk. Mark also talks about Orval Brewery, one of the inspirations behind this beer.
March 15, 2018