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By Louie Läuger
A weekly show about the intersections of art and activism. Trying to find answers on how to adress social and political issues in illustration with different guests each Tuesday.
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002 - uplifting queer voices with luciel from kreativkollektiv123


007 - activism, capitalism and allyship with calderwoodillustrations
Emily and I talk a lot about capitalism in this episode: How is it connected to basically everything and why is it not great? Also we dive into the topics of activism and allyship. Go check out Emily with @calderwoodillustrations on Instagram! . Things mentioned in the episode: 8 values test: Emily's post about online boundaries and about Lana Del Ray “Me and white supremacy” by Layla F. Saad “Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race” by Reni Eddo-Lodge Hannah Witton: People to follow on Instagram: @munroebergdorf @florencegiven @ellessechar @candicebrathwaite @rubyrare @jamie_windust @africabrooke @kennyethanjones @mikaelaloach @ajabarber @hellomynameiswednesday @laylafsaad @mattxiv @rachel.cargle
June 30, 2020
006 - male privilege and responsibility with owendaveydraws
In this episode Owen and I talk about his privilege and responsibilities as a white man in the illustration community. We talk about diversity and representation, about Allyship and money. We ask ourselves whether we are doing enough with our privilege and wonder how the handle the answer of “probably not”. . Things mentioned in the episode: Pathways into Children’s Publishing: Podcast by Laura Marling: “Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race” – by Reni Eddo-Lodge “Exit racism” – by Tupoka Ogette “Eloquent rage” – by Brittney Cooper
June 23, 2020
005 - trans diversity and empowerment with lilboyblueish
The new episode is all about queerness! Arthur aka @lilboyblueish and I talked about reclaiming words and colours . We discusses art as a tool to empower oneself and unlearn the gender binary. And we shared some thoughts about getting Allies involved through art / artists being Allies. Content warning: The first ten minutes of the episode are about reclaimed slurs used against queer people. . Things mentioned in the episode: Arthur's post about reclaiming “queer” Fran’s YouTube channel: Christopher with @cpikoart on Instagram Alok with @alokvmenon on Instagram
June 09, 2020
004 - online vulnerability and sexism in the industry with drawingrosie
In this episode I am discussing sexism in the industry with Rosie. Also we talk about online-vulnerability, graduating, money and imposter syndrome. Find Rosie with @drawingrosie on Instagram!
June 02, 2020
003 - illustrating through the climate crisis with ici.jozi
In this episode I am talking to Maggie aka ici.jozi about the secret superpowers of illustration and ways to break through our filter bubbles. We discuss different ways to be an activist and educator. And most of all: Maggie shares her perspective on a non-judgemental climate awareness. . Content-Warning: Minutes 12 & 13 we talk about art that addresses the Lebanon war. . Things mentioned in the episode: Animated documentary about war in Lebanon in the 80s: Waltz with Bashir The “I am not perfect and that’s okay”-Comic: “The true cost”, documentary: Netflix series: “explained” and “sex explained” Documentaries by National Geographic (on Disney+)
May 26, 2020
002 - uplifting queer voices with luciel from kreativkollektiv123
In this episode I am talking to Luciel, the creator of a platform from queer artist for queer artists. We chat about safer spaces, what makes art queer and some of the pressure queers face in the world of art. Find Luciel on Instagram with @kreativkollektiv123 @dickcrimz and @luciel.est.bleu Also follow @rebelswhodraw to get regular updates about this podcast! I’ll talk to you next Tuesday! . Words from this episode you might not know: cis-het people – cis gender and heterosexual people. Cis gender meaning people who identify with the gender they were assigned at birth. gatekeeping – Controlling and limiting the general access to something, for example access to the queer community Also you maybe don’t know anything about the history of the word “queer” which we mention in this episode. No worries! I’ve got you covered: There is an episode coming up with a queer artist from Washington who did a full series about reclaiming words. We will talk about the term queer at length then!
May 19, 2020
001 - self-love and capitalism with lovenrageillustrations
Trigger-Warning: We briefly discuss PTSD around minute 15. The pilot-episode is here! To kick off RebelsWhoDraw I talked to my friend Elly about mental health awareness and self love in capitalism. We discuss the pressure of being an online activist. And we talk about productivity on and shadow-banning of Instagram. You can find Elly with @lovenrageillustrations on Instagram.
May 12, 2020
Teaser: What is RebelsWhoDraw?
Introducing to the world: RebelsWhoDraw – a weekly podcast on the intersections of art and activism! Find out about the reasosn I'm starting this podcast and some topics I'll cover with my guests in this short teaser. The first full episode will be online next Tuesday. I'll talk to you then!
May 05, 2020