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Receding Hair Metal

Receding Hair Metal

By Receding Hair Metal
Welcome to Receding Hair Metal, where we discuss the greatest generation of rock and roll.
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Re-Introducing the Dogs D'Amour
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Giving you a taste of one of the best sleaze bands you may not have heard of.....the Dogs D'Amour
April 2, 2021
A Hair Metal Dilemma
Why can't I listen to new music by classic bands? Is it nostalgia? Is it that the bands don't have "it" anymore? That is the sad, sad theme for the show today.
August 13, 2018
The Time I Brought Nikki Sixx Back from the Dead
As the end draws near for Motley Crue, I thought I'd use this episode to share a tale of hair metal resurrection...the day I brought Nikki Sixx back from the dead.
May 12, 2018
The All-Star Hair Metal NBA Team
What would an NBA team comprised of only hair metal musicians look like? Who makes the team and why? Well, this is a very serious question and obviously deserves an episode.
May 4, 2018
In Defense of Danger Danger
Why the hate?! In this episode I do one thing and one thing only, and that is defend the music of Danger Danger.
April 27, 2018
The Best and Worst Hair in Hair Metal
Can you have a podcast about hair metal, without talking about the hair?! Of course not. In this episode I break down the top 5 best and worst examples in the genre.
April 22, 2018
The One Where Friends Goes Metal
What if "Friends" took place in the 80's and was cast with 80's hair metal stars? That is our task for this week's episode.
March 15, 2018
Top 10 Hair Metal Impact Tunes
On this first episode I wanted to share with you the top 10...... or 11 songs that had the greatest impact on me as a listener and musician. These aren't necessarily the top songs of the era, but rather the songs that really mattered to me. The songs that created the receding hair metal fan I am today. Most of these you will be familiar with, but I'm hoping I threw in a few curveballs as well. What are the songs that had the greatest impact on you?!
March 5, 2018