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The Recovery Show

The Recovery Show

By Shirvington Hannays
The mental wellness recovery podcast with emphasis on Addiction Recovery and Relapse Prevention. Covering topics related to substance use, abuse, dependency. Exploring other mental illnesses of depression, anxiety, bipolar, OCD and or personality disorders that can be happening for an individual with a substance use challenge. Will also cover options of treatments models and, other therapeutic approaches to counseling, harm reduction, recovery and sober living.
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The Brain, Substances and Behaviours
This episode explores and looks at what happens in the body; the Brain more specifically after substances enters the body and gets to the place it usually has an effect at or on. Put another way, what the drugs or substance does to the body and what the body does to the substance or drug once it gets into the body.
November 7, 2020
Addiction(s) vs Substance Abuse
Making the distinction between Substance Abuse against Addiction(s), and why it isn't a Brain disease.
November 6, 2020
Severity of Substance Abuse or Use
Using the 11 criteria for Substance use disorders to explore the 4 grouping that indicates impairment and loss of ability to control one's use and or addictive behaviours.
October 21, 2020
A definition of Addiction(s)
This episode takes and gives an overview of Substance Use disorders or what is generally refers to as addiction. A distinction is make about Substance Use against Abuse or Misuse. Then wraps up with an overview of the 11 criteria used by Mental Health Professional to make a decision or diagnosis about a person's level or severity of a substance Use-related disorder.
October 19, 2020
The Recovery Show intro
The introduction of the Recovery Show by Shirvington Hannays, CCAC (Canadian Certified Addiction Counselor), of The show will explore all things related to Addiction, Substance abuse, use or dependency, and Relapse prevention.
October 14, 2020