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Recovery Soulfood

Recovery Soulfood

By Rev. Lona LC Currie
We have created this podcast to nourish your Recovery Soul. In this podcast we will explore strategies and proven actions that actually shift mindsets surrounding addiction and recovery, as well as meet real life Recovery Warriors that are living their dreams! The type of addiction is not important, only that you are Hungry for Change and Ready to Achieve your Highest Life Goals! So sit back, relax and Get Ready to Grow!
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Recovery SoulFood Meets The Sober Experiment's Alex & Lisa

Recovery Soulfood

Recovery SoulFood Meets The Sober Experiment's Alex & Lisa

Recovery Soulfood

The Vulnerability & Healing of Recovering OutLoud!- #2 of The Recovery Content Creators Series
Welcome to Episode 2 of Recovery Soulfood’s 4 part Recovery Content Creators Series! Tonight Rev. LC will discuss his own journey with the vulnerability & healing that occurs as one sets out on the path of online content creation. “As fulfilling as the positive feedback is, the criticism, trolls & negative feedback can be devastating”-LC. I hope to Nourish the souls of those called into this type of service & give others a glimpse into what truly goes into this type of service. If you enjoy our content & want to help support the show, please consider these options; FOLLOW US on Social Media- Instagram @recovery_soulfood TikTok @RecoverySoulfood  Twitter @RecoverySoulfd SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL- FOLLOW & REVIEW OUR PODCAST ON- iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Amazon Music & All Podcast Platforms MONETARILY HERE- TO BOOK LONA “LC” CURRIE TO SPEAK AT YOUR EVENT OR AS A GUEST ON YOUR PODCAST/CHANNEL EMAIL- & write SPEAK in Subject Line THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR LOVE & SUPPORT, I Am Humbled & Grateful, LC
June 19, 2022
Recovery Soulfood MEETS MartinJon Garcia of the Recover Yourself Podcast
MartinJon Garcia offers an Authentic look into his life as a Recovery Mentor & podcaster of the Recover Yourself Podcast. Marin in bites us all to look not only at what we are recovering from, but Who we are recovering To! Follow MartinJon on IG @martinjon & Find the Recover Yourself Podcast on YouTube & Every podcast platform. Thank you all for your support, help & love!
June 13, 2022
Healing OutLoud! The Recovery Content Creator Series
Welcome to Recovery Soulfood Livestreams! Tonight we Welcome, Curtis Waslow Co-Creator of The Sober App. This is the 1st of a 4 Episode Series in Honor of the Vulnerability it takes to Recover & Heal Out-Loud! So Thank You for Being Here! FOLLOW Curtis on IG & @the.sober.nomad  DOWNLOAD THE APP: Apple App Store & Google Play Store  Please Like, Share & Subscribe to our YouTube Channel! Follow Us on IG @recovery_soulfood TikTok @RecoverySoulfood Twitter@RecoverySoulfd Like, Follow & Rate our Podcast on iTunes, Spotify & iHeart Radio Become a Monthly Supporter Here: To Hire Lona "LC" Currie to Speak at your Event, School, or Festival Send Email To: & Type Speak in the SUBJECT LINE Thank You All for the Honor of Creating Content So Special to My Heart for the last 4 yrs. It has been one heck of a journey! OneLove-LC
June 12, 2022
I Didn’t Come This Far, To Only Come This Far! The True Story of Pamela Topjian's journey through a life of betrayal, abuse & neglect. To one of peace, love & freedom
Welcome to Recovery Soulfood Livestreams! Tonight we Meet, Pamela Topjian, Certified Hypnotherapist & Holistic Healer. We will discuss her new best selling book, her transition from soul sucking profession to Soul Nourishing Passion, Breakdown to Breakthrough & So Much More! Thanks for joining us! Be Sure to Like, Follow, Subscribe & turn on notifications so you never miss new content uploads.  To Learn More about Pamela Topjian go to; Follow on IG & TikTok @pamelatopjian  To Grab Your Own Copy of her Book, Go To; To Become a Supporter of LC & Recovery Soulfood Podcast Go To;  To Book LC to Speak at your event, podcast or personal mentoring, Email @ & write your request in subject line FOLLOW on IG @recovery_soulfood TikTok @RecoverySoulfood Twitter @RecoverySoulfd Podcast Available on iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio & All Major Platforms  Recovery Soulfood is in Partnership with The Sober App-Available for iOS, Android & Desktop ( DOWNLOAD TODAY , to LIVE YOUR BEST TOMORROW 🙌
May 29, 2022
Do You Have Major Goals? What’s Holding You Back?
Winning Wednesday Live
May 24, 2022
Are You Living In Survival Mode?
In this Episode LC talks about the effects of Trauma on our brains & how easy it is to get stuck in a survival mentality. As well as Offering Practical Tips to Overcome this Mindset & Live a Life You Love! If you Like this type of content, Please Like, Follow & Share! And Don't Forget to Leave a Review! Thank You! We Grow Together! Join Us for LIVE Broadcasts on & Every Wednesday Morning @8am EST Start Your Morning With LC's Special Brand of Information, Inspiration & Motivation!
May 24, 2022
Are You Holding Back Your Happy? How the Subconscious Mind Affects Our Every Day Lives
Tonight Rev.LC talks about the Power of the subconscious & super conscious mind, how it becomes programmed & How that program can stop you from achieving the life you want! Along with Tips to reprogram your mind for success & How To Embrace Your Power to Create Happiness! I ***If you enjoy this podcast & would like to help Support our mission, here are some ways to help; 1. Become a Monthly Supporter by going to & pick a plan🙏 2. Leave Us a Rating & Review on your Podcast Platform 3. Follow Us on Instagram @recovery_soulfood & TikTok @RecoverySoulfood 4. Like & Subscribe/Follow/Friend on & 5. SHARE Our Message with your Friends, Families & Communities 🙏 THANK YOU 🙏 *** For the Latest & Greatest Recovery Tracking & Support, Download the Sober App, available in both the Apple App Store & Google Play Store -also available for Desktop ***For a Free Full Hypnotherapy session, contact Pamela Topjian & Tell Her LC & Recovery Soulfood sent ya for that Wonderful Gift!
May 23, 2022
Hide Your Crazy! The newest film by @of_substance, Alex Kaplan & Austin Kase
Welcome to Recovery Soulfood Live Streams! Tonight Host Rev. Lona “ LC” Currie sits with @of_substace creator Alex Kaplan & Award Winning Screenwriter Austin Kase @akasefilms @Hide_Your_Crazy_film to discuss their mission in the world & this Amazing new film project. Invite your friends, family & recovery & mental health groups! To Learn More About Tonight’s Guests & their missions & projects Go To; & To Book Lona “LC” Currie to speak at your event, as a guest on your platform or to be a guest on this podcast email; & put request in subject line Follow LC & Recovery Soulfood- IG @recovery_soulfood TikTok @RecoverySoulfood, Twitter @RecoverySoulfd, Facebook @LonaCurrie To Become a Supporter of the Podcast Go To; If you like our content & want to help us grow, please Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, &/or leave us a review on iTunes, Spotify & iHeart Radio 🙏 Thank You All Warriors 🙏
May 12, 2022
The Chaos of Current Events & How the Recovery Community Can Help the World! The TransgenderMentor Speaks!
Shifting from the old paradigms of control, class systems, politics & global health issues to the New Earth of Love, Healing & the Awareness that we are All One, is proving to be quite chaotic & a bit scary! So How can the Recovery Community help make this an easier shift & influence a collective consciousness towards positive, healthy change? These are the topics that LC, a Spiritual Teacher, Speaker,, Guide & All Around Recovery Warrior will be discussing in this LIVE video!  To Support Our Podcast🙏 Go To; &/or Leave Us a 5 Star Review on iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio & All major podcast platforms-also, Subscribe to our YouTube channel🙏 If you would like to book Lona “LC” Currie for your event go to; & write Speaking on subject line.  ***Recovery Soulfood is brought to you in partnership with The Sober App! Available for iOS, Android & Desktop (, So Check your phones App Store! You will be Happy(& Healthy) that you did!  Let’s Be Better Humans Together! OneLove-LC
May 08, 2022
Conquering Anxiety & Triggers with NLP & Wellness Expert, Rita Farrugia
Rita is aa Fierce Divine Feminine in this world! She is an author, podcaster & NLP & Wellness expert here to share her wisdom & techniques on acknowledging our subconscious programs & re-writing our story! Find Rita on her website,
April 24, 2022
Authenticity & Alignment- The Truth & Power of Each!
Authenticity has become a nice catch phrase, but what does it really mean? Join LC as he talks about True Authenticity & Alignment. Follow Recovery Soulfood on Instagram @recovery_soulfood & TikTok @RecoverySoulfood, Subscribe to our YouTube Channel,
April 24, 2022
A Family's Journey Through Teenage Addiction & Mental Illness- A Beautiful Conversation with Beth Syverson of the Safe Home Podcast
Welcome To Recovery Soulfood Live Stream Saturday Night! This week we Meet, Beth Syverson-Co-Creator & Host of the Safe Home Podcast. Created with her 18 year old son, Joey-they Hope to Transform their pain of substance use, addiction & mental health issues into Support for Families Everywhere going through similar situations. CONNECT WITH BETH & SAFE HOME HERE:  Podcast: YouTube Facebook Instagram Patreon CONNECT WITH LONA"LC"CURRIE & RECOVERY SOULFOOD HERE: The Sober App- iOS & Android INSTAGRAM @recovery_soulfood & @transgendermentor TIKTOK @RecoverySoulfood & @TransgenderMentor TWITTER @RecoverySoulfd YOUTUBE.COM/RecoverySoulfood FACEBOOK.COM/LonaCurrie FOR GUEST APPEARANCES & SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS; "SPEAKING" IN SUBJECT LINE OR TO SPONSOR AN EPISODE OR MONTHLY, GO TO; ANCHOR.FM/RECOVERYSOULFOOD AUDIO PODCAST AVAILABLE ON; iTunes, iHeart Radio, Spotify, & ALL Podcast Platforms
March 21, 2022
Can Addiction Be A Gift? Recovery Soulfood Meets, Brendon Watt-Best Selling Author, International Speaker & Access Consciousness Facilitator
Welcome to Recovery Soulfood Live Streams, in this Episode we Meet, Brendon Watt. This episode answers the questions, Can Addiction Be A Gift? & How? Sit back & enjoy this Spectacular Interview.
March 21, 2022
A Family Journey Through Teenage Mental Health & Addiction, Recovery & Healing, Advocacy & Stigma Change...Recovery Soulfood Meets, Beth Syverson
Welcome to Recovery Soulfood LIVE Stream Saturday Night! Tonight we Meet Beth Syverson, who with her 18yr old son, Joey has created the Safe Home Podcast & Community to help turn their Pain into Support & Healing for other Families!  CONNECT WITH BETH SYVERSON: INSTAGRAM @safe_home_podcast FACEBOOK.COM/SafeHomePodcast ANCHOR.FM/safe-home=podcast YOUTUBE, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, & All Podcast Platforms CONNECT WITH LC & RECOVERY SOULFOOD: INSTAGRAM@recovery_soulfood TIKTOK @RecoverySoulfood YOUTUBE.COM/RecoverySoulfood To Sponsor an Episode or Become a Monthly Supporter. or To Have Lona"LC"Currie Speak at Your Event EMAIL:
March 20, 2022
Can Addiction Be A Gift? A Conversation with Brendon Watt, World Renowned Author & Speaker
This Episode MEETS Spiritual Speaker & Teacher,& Author Brendon Watt.
February 20, 2022
Proving The Point of Sobriety! with Sober Is The New Cool's, Kim Bellas
Welcome to Season 4, Episode 2! Kim Bellas, the founder of Sober Is The New Cool shares her beautiful story of recovery along with her greatest resources & inspirations during her 9yr journey. Starting out as a Mom proving a point to her son & refusing to be a hypocrite who tells her teenager he doesn't need alcohol to have fun, Kim evolves & expands a 3month promise into a 9yr journey to inner peace & happiness! So sit back,relax & meet one of the Most Beautiful Human Beings on Earth, Ms. Kim Bellas! Follow & Contact Kim Bellas here: IG & TikTok, Facebook/SoberIsTheNewCool, & Get Your Recovery Merch @ & Follow Recovery Soulfood & Lona Currie here: IG @recovery-soulfood, TikTok @RecoverySoulfood, Twitter @RecoverySoulfd, To Be A Guest or to Inquire About A Previous Guest, Email: THANK YOU FOR HELPING US GROW OUR MISSION OF HOPE! Please Consider Becoming A Monthly Supporter Here:
January 09, 2022
Philosophy for Living Life From The Heart! A Soulful Conversation With William Forchion of @Billosophy101
This was an Outstanding, Soul Nourishing Conversation with an Amazing Earth Angel, Author, Acrobat, Stunt Man & TikToker William Forchion of @Billosophy101/TikTok
May 16, 2021
Is The Pain of Your Past Blocking The Success of Your Future?
We all know that to live a healthier life we must transcend the pain of our past. But How Do We Do This? In this episode, LC talks about the power of the subconscious mind & offers tips on reprogramming it for your Best Life!
April 14, 2021
Unity, Community & Breaking the Negative Stigma!
This episode was recorded Live!
March 17, 2021
How To Create & Hold Healthy Boundaries!
This is Episode 3 in the 4 Part series entitled, Healthy Sober Relationships with Healthy Relationship Coach, Mentor & Expert, Amy Guerrero! In this Episode We talk about what Boundaries Are, Their Importance & Not only How to Create Them but How To Hold Them! 
February 14, 2021
You Can Be Perfect or You Can Be Happy! Season 3 Kick Off!
In this 1st Episode of Season 3 we MEET, World Renown Author, Comedian, TEDx Speaker & Entrepreneur, Karith Foster! Ms. Foster shares her passion for healing, comedy, & self love in her New Book, You Can Be Perfect Or You Can Be Happy! A Top 15 Best Seller on Amazon! This Episode is Full of Amazing, Soul Nourishing Content & Is Sure to Leave you feeling more Confident, Inspired, Informed & Motivated to Live Your Best Life RIGHT NOW!! You can purchase the book @ & on Amazon Make Sure to Leave a Review & Tell her LC Sent Ya! If you Love what you hear here, consider becoming a supporter of the Recovery Soulfood Podcast, Here's How: For Monetary Support Go To Anchor.FM/RecoverySoulfood, there you will have several different support options Also you can support us by Liking & Leaving a Positive Review on iTunes & Spotify which helps us Greatly! Thank You All for Listening! My Dreams Come True Through You!  OneLove, LC
January 20, 2021
Defining Miracles In Recovery
How Do You Define A Miracle? Are you looking at your life through the lens of past wounds? And What does this have to do with recovery? Join LC on this Episode as he discusses just that!
December 03, 2020
Recovery Soulfood MEETS Barry Goodwin-Have You Changed Your Default Settings?
Barry Goodwin Celebrates 5yrs of Continuous Recovery on August 25,2020, His story of prison survival, solitary confinement, drug addiction, homelessness & battling mental health issues is Extremely Powerful and it Proves that Making the Firm Decision to Change Your Life is only 1 part of the process, the Action Must be taken in the direction of that change- but the Most Important Ingredient is the Willingness to REPROGRAM THE MIND! So, Get Ready to Experience Hope, Inspiration & Motivation as Recovery Soulfood MEETS Barry Goodwin! The Recovery Soulfood Podcast is brought to you in part by, Please consider becoming a monetary supporter of our podcast-your support allows us to pay for equipment & monthly platform subscriptions so that we can continue to bring Soul Nourishing Content to the World! There are 3 levels of monthly support packages, one for Every budget-from $.99, $4.99 to $9.99- You can also make a one time donation. Find out more @ THANK YOU!!! PLEASE LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE TO ALL OF OUR PLATFORMS IG @hopeinrecoverynetwork FaceBook @ LonaCurrie YouTube @
September 12, 2020
Recovery Soulfood Meets Anthony Brown-The Author of From Park Bench To Park Avenue
Author Anthony Brown has defied the odds by breaking out of a lifestyle of childhood trauma, 26yrs of homelessness & active addiction! With an 8th grade education Anthony now holds several college degrees and has become the director of nursing at a California psychiatric facility! Anthony is Proof that Recovery Works! This episode will leave you feeling Excited for your own future & re-awaken your Dreams! Join Me Now as The Recovery Soulfood Podcast & Host LC Meets Anthony Brown! Contact Anthony Brown @ His Book From Park Bench To Park Avenue is Available on Consider Becoming A Monthly Supporter of The Recovery Soulfood Podcast by going to If You have an Amazing, Triumphant Story & would like to be a guest Please Contact LC @
August 07, 2020
Recovery Soulfood Meets The Sober Experiment
**Trigger Warning**Language of Active Addiction Hey Podcast Listeners, THANK YOU for your Amazing support! In this Episode We Catch Up with Alex & Lisa of The Sober Experiment to Talk more about their Journey To Recovery & The New & Exciting Processes they are Implementing in their Programs! This Is An Amazing Episode AS ALWAYS! To Contact Alex & Lisa- go to  Instagram @soberexperiment For More From Lona (LC) Currie Visit-IG @hopeinrecoverynetwork  FB-Lona Currie/LC Recovery Motivation  This Trans Life & Hope In Recovery Network  YouTube @Recovery Soulfood For Recovery Gifts & Apparel Go To 
August 03, 2020
Recovery SoulFood Podcast with LC & The Sober Experiment
Episode 2:This Interview with Alex & Lisa of The Sober Experiment has been a True Delight! This different approach to sobriety and the demographic that Alex & Lisa speak for is sometimes forgotten about in this Sobriety/Recovery Movement, so you are in for a true treat in this episode! Get ready to Laugh, Love, Be Inspired & Have Your Life Changed & Blessed For The Better! Contact Alex & Lisa/The Sober Experiment: Instagram @thesoberexperiment,, Twitter-experimentsober, YouTube-The Sober Experiment, The Sober Experiment Podcast (on All Major Podcast Platforms) Contact Lona (LC), Instagram @hopeinrecoverynetwork,,  Making a Podcast is Fun & Inspirational for me, but it definitely has costs associated with it. Please Consider becoming a Financial Supporter of the Recovery SoulFood Podcast so that we can continue to bring you cutting edge Information, Inspiration & Motivation to Nourish Your Soul!  
April 22, 2020
Recovery SoulFood Meets The Sober Experiment's Alex & Lisa
In Episode 2, LC talks with Alex & Lisa the Founders of The Sober Experiment-a light hearted, best friend duo on a mission to spread Love, Light & Positivity to Sobriety All Around the World! Whether you identify yourself as an addict, alcoholic or a social drinker looking for uplifting change, this episode is sure to speak to your heart! It was my honor & privilege to spend time with these ladies and I can't wait to do it again! If you would like more information about Alex & Lisa/The Sober Experiment find them on Instagram @thesoberexperiment-there you will find links to all of their work & programs! To contact me (LC); @hopeinrecoverynetwork (IG), LC Recovery Motivation (FB), or email me @ Please consider becoming a sponsor of our podcast @ & If you are interested in learning more about Recovery SoulFood Programs visit
April 22, 2020
Recovery SoulFood Relaunch with LC & Guest Jen Elizabeth
In this Relaunch Episode of Recovery SoulFood, we talk with our Special Guest Jen Elizabeth-Author of Shape of a Woman and the Founder of Reserrektion_of_me-I Am Woman, Hear Me Heal! Jen Elizabeth is a Trauma Survivor, Thriving in Recovery and sharing her message of Love, Light & Healing around the World! This is the Most Powerful & Thought Provoking Episode I have Ever been a part of, so if you are Ready to experience True Recovery & Inner Healing then sit back and Let your Soul be Nourished! Recovery SoulFood Podcast with LC Contact Jen Elizabeth:
April 14, 2020
Bonus Episode with Amy Guerrero-Self Forgiveness
In this Amazing Bonus Episode, I am talking with one of the Best Recovery & Life Coaches in the business, Amy Guerrero of the Wildly successful Thrive In Recovery With Amy! In this Episode Amy gives a little of her journey through recovery & self forgiveness and offers some inspiring information on how you can begin your healing process of self forgiveness Today! This is an episode that you will want to listen to multiple times as each time you will gain even more insight than the time before. If you would like to contact Amy Guerrero for more information regarding her services you can best reach out to her in these ways: On Instagram @thriveinrecoverywithamy, Facebook; Thrive In Recovery With Amy & Amy Guerrero, or Email; or Myself @hopeinrecoverynetwork, Facebook; Lona Currie & Hope In Recovery Network or Email;
March 08, 2020
Episode 4:Forgiveness & Moving Past Our Past
In Episode 4, we are tackling a Very Hard Action-Forgiveness! Not just forgiveness, but Self-Forgiveness! Though this is one of the hardest actions we will ever face, it is one of the Most Vital keys to finding True Freedom & Creating Lasting Change! So Get your RiseUp Recovery Bootcamp Notebook, Your Favorite Pen and bring an Open Heart-this Episode has the Power to Free your Life!
March 03, 2020
Episode 3: The Power of Choice
In this Episode, LC discusses more of his backstory and the importance of Our Choices in Recovery & Life and How To Begin to take full control of our Life's Story vs leaving it up to active addiction & relapse to write it for us! You Are A Warrior!
February 23, 2020
Episode 2:We Get What We Ask For...
Life is a series of questions & answers, our brains are wired that way! So it makes sense that our life is defined by the quality of the questions we ask- Questions like "Why Me" tend to keep us stuck in the negative mindset we're in,& not too mention experiencing the same unhealthy circumstances over & over again. In this Episode, we are going to talk about some simple techniques that you can put in practice Today that will help you Transform your Recovery & Life from a mundane one day at a time, to the Strong, Purposed Life you used to Dream of! You Can Overcome your past, your trauma, your limiting beliefs & the disease of addiction, but Only if you are willing to do the work that it takes to Change the very mindsets holding your dreams hostage! Invest in yourself, You are More than Worth It! Let's RiseUp & Recover!
February 19, 2020
Episode 1: Thinking About What You Are Thinking About
In this episode we talk about the first phase of creating true, lasting, recovery change-Becoming Aware of Our Thoughts! We talk about the significance of the quality of our thoughts and we commit to our 1st assignment...Dont Be Afraid, Dive Right In!
February 13, 2020
February 3, 2020
February 03, 2020