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Recruiting is a Cluster

Recruiting is a Cluster

By Adrian Russo
Adrian Russo, of Amazon Prime's Art of Recruiting and Top Recruiter: North America vs Europe, tackles common hiring and interviewing challenges. Our guests share hilarious anecdotes from their experience hiring and interviewing at various tech start ups, Fortune 500 companies, and the staffing industry in general. Our comedy of errors is an engaging, yet authentic learning experience for our audience. This is Recruiting is a Cluster...
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Why Is Recruiting Such a Cluster?
We've all experienced ridiculous and absurd events that transpired during the interviewing or recruiting process. Whether it is the candidate that called the hiring manager asking if he needed to "wear pants to an interview" (true story that we'll hear), the hiring manager who says, "let's meditate together and see if this is a good fit," or the interviewer who wants the candidate to do an "assessment" that is clearly one of their projects that they just can't deliver. Every single person reading this intro has a story; either as a candidate or hiring manager. We are going to have interesting and high-profile guests tell their stories. Our guests will range from tech executives, to recruiters, business leaders, and everything in between. Their comedy of errors serves as hilariously teachable moments and social commentary on topics like, "what should candidates wear to an interview," or "how do you determine when a candidate is a good fit." Listen to their stories brought to you by the host, Adrian Russo, Co-founder of RecruitLocator. For more info on RecruitLocator, go to To contact Adrian, email If you’d like to be a guest on the show, email
September 18, 2020