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News and analysis podcast from a Marxist perspective hosted by Alexander Mckay and Leila Mechoui
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COVID in Paris w/ Dr. Laurent Mucchielli

Red Star Radio

The Great Reset - Book Review
*We're releasing this episode recorded for our monthly reading group due to the large amount of interest in the subject.*   Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret have been accused of being globalists and supervillians . We investigate the charge by carefully reviewing their book "COVID-19: The Great Reset" (i.e. Exhibit A) The truth will shock you...
January 13, 2022
Post Pandemic Leninism?
In this, the final episode of the year, we take at this article from the Morning Star and ask whether it represents a reflection of Lenin's thought?   Thanks to all listeners for supporting the show over the last year!  We'll back week beginning January 10th! 
December 31, 2021
COVID in Paris w/ Dr. Laurent Mucchielli
We speak with sociologist and research director at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), the largest basic research institute in Europe. Dr. Mucchielli has been critical of France's COVID authoritarianism since the start of the pandemic, and has written and co-signed numerous open letters denouncing the unnecessary and repressive nature of the COVID protocols in France and beyond. He also has co-authored an analysis of deaths as reported by various countries' drug surveillance organizations. This analysis, entitled "An Unprecedented Mortality" led him and his co-authors to call for a moratorium of the vaccination campaign. This article was censored, but you can find an archived version here (in French): We speak to him about his view of the pandemic, the French protest movement, his political analysis of the situation, and more.
December 24, 2021
Interview with Poligraf Red
We sat down with Tania and Anton from the Belarusian Marxist organisation Poligraf Red to discuss both historical and current events in their country and the former wider ex Soviet states.  Our discussion covers everything from the Gorbachev years, the role of the intellectuals in the counter revolution, the restoration of capitalism in Belarus, the nature of the Lukashenko regime and much more.  You can find more details about Poligraf Red on their website and you can also find them on youtube
December 17, 2021
End of Year Q&A Part 1
Full episode available here: We talk about the recent British vote to implement vaccine passes, the Trotsky vs Stalin debate, "patriotic socialism" and more.
December 15, 2021
Major Workers' Struggle in Spain w/ Jorge Martin
We sit with Jorge Martin of to learn about the recent metalworkers' strike in Cadiz, and why it is a pivotal moment for the Spanish working class.  An article with more information about this here: Another perspective:
December 10, 2021
Questions of Data - Interview with Norman Fenton
This week we spoke with Professor Norman Fenton of Queen Mary University, London, to discuss the use and misuse of statistics by governments during the last two years.  We cover the tricks governments have pulled over the presentation of data of infections, the farce regarding testing and vaccine efficacy.  It's a very interesting discussion and we encourage listeners to read the articles mentioned in the interview which are linked to below. Episode image is from the 1985 film 'Brazil' Directed by Terry Gilliam
December 03, 2021
*Preview* The Trade Unions and Critical Race Theory
We look at a recent decision by a local of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation (a high school teachers' union in Ontario, Canada) which implemented weighted voted system based on race categories. Some news coverage here:
December 01, 2021
Climate Change (Part 2) *Unlocked*
In this second part of our climate change episode (now unocked for general release) we look at the dubious origins of "green" policy such as "cap  & trade", why so many Marxists have bought into the climate change  narrative and conclude by examining Marx & Engels views on humans  place within nature.
November 26, 2021
Climate Change (Part 1)
This is the part one of what will be a two part episode on the science, politics and political economy of climate change.  In this episode we look at the questions regarding the conventional narrative on climate change, the problems with "the science" and why this has come to be adopted by the advanced captialist nations.   Part 2 will be released next week. 
November 20, 2021
*Preview* The Supply Chains
Full episode here: Supply chains are undergoing a well-publicized shock right now. But the root of the crisis goes much further than the current pandemic. The structure and functioning of supply chains was *as a result of* a search for lower costs. This led capitalists to shift much of production to developing countries. The inevitable result is a complex and long supply chain system which is sensitive to sudden shocks. This does not mean, however, that the entire system will be brought down. In fact, even accounting for regular crisis like the current one, the way supply chains are structured have more advantages for capitalism than drawbacks.
November 17, 2021
The Rittenhouse Trial & A Question on Socially Necessary Labor
We look at the bourgeois media circus surrounding the Rittenhouse trial and ask, why the concept of a fair trial is so alien to many these days? Why are liberals so keen to jettison universalist standards? And who bares responsibility for the riots last year? On side 2 we take a question of socially necessary labor from a listener and look at how the employers manipulate conscientious workers.
November 13, 2021
Towards a Democratic Socialism?
Full episode here: Did you know that modern-day democratic socialism finds its theoretical roots in the thoughts of the French-Greek Marxist political theorist Nicos Poulantzas? In this episode, we talk about one of Poulantzas' later essays "Towards a Democratic Socialism" and give our two cents on whether we can truly win communism through purely democratic means. Essay here: 
November 10, 2021
Inflation! Or The Economic Consequences of Mr Biden.
Is inflation back?  Is the solution spending more or less? Why are  leftist influencers invested in denying it? What are Hayek &  Friedman right about? What is the point of Kyle Kulinski? All of this  and more will be explained as we dive into the questions of inlfation,  what causes it and what can the Marxist method teach us about it?
November 06, 2021
*Preview* An Evergrande Old Time
Full episode available to patrons: We cover the drama happening around the Evergrande developer group in China, and give our two cents as to whether this spells the end of capitalism in China as we know it.
November 03, 2021
Interview with Angela Nagle Part 2 *Unlocked*
We're releasing the second part of our discussion with Angela Nagle from back in May of this year.  In the second part of our interview with Angela we discuss the stunted development of Irish capitalism, the inter-imperialist rivalry between the USA and China as well as the impact of the Covid year on art and culture. Be sure to subscribe to Angela's substack page:
October 28, 2021
*Preview* - October AMA Part 2
Here's a preview of part 2 of our AMA episode.  In this one we go everywhere from how "cultural appropriation" is bull shit to the role of the petit bourgeoisie to our favourite tobacco.  Enjoy!
October 26, 2021
Election Fever! German Edition
Following the recent Federal elections in Germany Michael Burkhardt returned to Red Star Radio to discuss the results.  We talk about the legacy of Merkel, the Greens, the fall of Die Linke, the German version of Tony Blair and the covid regime.  
October 22, 2021
October AMA *Preview*
This is a preview of Part 1 of our October AMA.  For the full episode subscribe at our patreon page
October 19, 2021
Australia's Crazy COVID-19 Response w/ Nicolas Hausdorf
Nicolas Hausdorf, writer and resident of Melbourne, joins us to give us the inside scoop on Australia's COVID-19 response. Are things as bad as they seem? Listen to find out. Mentioned in the show: Nicolas' review of Benjamin Bratton's book, Revenge of the Unreal
October 15, 2021
*Preview* "Postmodern" Nationalisms
Full episode available to Patrons: We use the sub-nationalisms of Quebec and Scotland to understand nationalism theory and nation-building in the postmodern era. We contend that nationalisms in our current postmodern period are predominantly led by the petite bourgeoisie, in contrast to the ones of the past led by the bourgeoisie. We ask: Can a nation-building projects led by the petite bourgeoisie be successful? What value do they have to an internationalist socialist project? Mentioned in the show: Imagined Communities, book by Benedict Anderson Show on Aufhebunga Bunga podcast on Scottish independence: 
October 13, 2021
Party Conference Spectacular!
We attempt to analyse the unholy circus that is the party conference  season in Britain!  We ask if Boris has run out of slogans? Has Keir  Starmer run out of time? Does anyone in the cabint have a brain? What is  the mythical beast known as the "Socialist Campaign Group"? And what do  you call a reformist without reforms? All this and more!    The article referenced regarding the governments NHS "reforms" can be found here
October 08, 2021
*Preview* The Slow Death of the American Labor Movement
Full episode available for patrons: We investigate the reasons why the American labour movement is so disorganized, with a particular focus on the McCarthyist attacks on working class militants during the post-WWII period.
October 07, 2021
The Great Gramscian Moments of Brexit and COVID w/ George Hoare
We sat down with George Hoare, co-host of the Aufhebunga bunga podcast, to look at Brexit and COVID-19 using Gramsci's concepts of historic bloc and hegemony as guides.  Check out George's first book: An Introduction to Antonio Gramsci: His Life, Thought and Legacy And his latest book: The End of the End of History: Politics in the Twenty-First Century Mentioned in the show: The Full Brexit Blog
October 01, 2021
The 2021 Canadian Federal Elections
Leila and Alex review the 2021 re-election of a Canadian minority Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau and take a look at the broader political economy of Canada.
September 24, 2021
*Preview* The Great Miners' Strike of 1984/5 (Part 3)
Access this episode and the previous two available to Patrons: Part 1 Part 2 In this final instalment, we speak about the strike itself, the events that surrounded it and the final fall of the Great Strike in 1985.
September 21, 2021
*Unlocked* The Real Face of the FDA
We are unlocking this episode recently released to patrons as it contains a lot of useful information on the role regulatory bodies actually play under state monopoly capitalism.   What role does a regulator like the Food & Drug Administration (FDA)  actually play?  In this episode we examine the FDA, it's capture and  control by the pharmaceutical industry and how this fits into US  state-monopoly capitalism. Be sure to read the full article we are discussing Episode image is taken from the Lindsay Anderson film "Britannia Hospital" (1982)
September 17, 2021
Abortion, Ethics and Class Politics
This is a preview of our latest patreon episode where we discuss the ethics around the latest Texas anti-abortion bill.  
September 14, 2021
From War Propaganda to Corona Realism w/ Max Blumenthal
Max Blumenthal, journalist and founder of The Grayzone, joins us to discuss war propaganda as used in Afghanistan, Syria, and beyond. The discussion is also includes analysis of the current wave of propaganda promoting the COVID-19 health protocols. Be sure to check out Max Blumenthals Rokfin channel Also check out Max's latest book, The Management of Savagery.
September 09, 2021
Vax Pass Madness!
In this episode Alex & Leila address accusations made on tweetsphere, were they wrong on the vaccine passport? Is the thing that dwells in the Edinburgh lego set a government? Is Nicola Sturgeon even real or a fictional character? What the hell is the ruling class up to? All these questions and more will be addressed in this episode!
September 03, 2021
"The Revenge of the Real" Book Review w/ Elena Lange
Elena Lange returns to review self-proclaimed "globalist" Benjamin Bratton's newest book "The Revenge of the Real: Politics for a Post-Pandemic World". Articles mentioned during the show: "Basic fucking common sense" by Elena Lange "Revenge of the Unreal" by Nicolas Hausdorf Elena's recent book "Value without Fetish" is available here as a free PDF download:
August 26, 2021
*Preview* The Great Miners' Strike of 1984/5 (Part 2)
Full episode available to Patrons: In this three-part episode, we look at one of the most significant work stoppages of the modern era: the UK Miners' strike of 1984-1985. In this second episode, we speak about the first wave of major miners' strikes in the post-war era, starting with the stunning and heroic industrial actions of 1972 to 1974. Arthur Scargill, the Yorkshire Miners and the famous Battle of Saltley Gate come onto the scene.
August 24, 2021
The Afghan Debacle
Following the US pullout and the Taliban taking control of the entirety of Afghanistan we examine the reasons for this latest imperial debacle. We look at the history, the role of British imperialism, the Saur Revolution, Operation Cyclone, 9/11 and the 20 years of US failure.
August 20, 2021
*Preview* The Great Miners' Strike of 1984/5 (Part 1)
Full episode available to subscribers over Patreon: In this three-part episode, we look at one of the most significant work stoppages of the modern era: the UK Miners' strike of 1984-1985. In this first episode, we survey the political economy leading up to these stunning events.
August 18, 2021
The Vaccines (Part 2)
In part 2, we focus on the political and ethical dimensions of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign. Part 1:
August 13, 2021
*Preview* Lenin the Liberal?
Full episode available to Patrons:
August 12, 2021
The Vaccines (Part 1)
In this part, we focus mostly on the history and evidence behind the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. In part 2, we will delve more into the political and ethical issues surrounding this massive vaccination effort. See our last show on covid-19. Part 1: Part 2 (Patrons): Some corrections - Absolute risk reduction is stated by Leila to be 0.7% for Pfizer. It is 0.84% according to a more recent study (linked below). Also, the rate of people who are NOT getting hospitalization for COVID-19 in all of the clinical trials so far for the *placebo arm* is over 99% (99.99% is for the earlier Pfizer trial released back in 2020). Also, AstraZeneca does not contain mRNA. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are mRNA vaccines. AstraZeneca instead injects DNA into cells, where the DNA is converted into RNA. The RNA causes those cells to produce coronavirus spike proteins, as the Pfizer and Moderna shots do. It is also a novel vaccine, and is authorized for emergency use in Canada, Europe, but not the USA. Sorry for this mistake. Finally, another error. We state that the trials do not count adverse events which happen after the first dose. This is inaccurate. They do not count efficacy after dose 1 and only assess it after dose 2. So if you get sick (or die) *of covid-19* after dose 1, this is not counted against the vaccines' efficacy. I've edited the show to remove these portions anyways.  COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and effectiveness—the elephant (not) in the room
August 06, 2021
*Preview* Q&A Time! (Part 2)
Full episode available to Patrons: We go on to answer questions about whether clients of sex workers should be criminalized, what relevance do gender and LGBT+ ideology have to Marxist theory, Scottish independence, the Canadian Indigenous question, and whether Ireland will ever see a workers' uprising.
August 03, 2021
Nixon 1995 Film Review
We talk through the politics and history surrounding Oliver Stone's 1995 movie Nixon. Support us on Patreon:
July 30, 2021
*Preview* Q&A Time! (Part 1)
Full episode available for Patrons: It's the first "ask us anything" episode!  We asked for questions and you, good listeners, delivered! So much so in fact that this will be a two-part episode with the second out next Tuesday.  So enjoy this first part where we answer your questions on the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, Stalin and the decline of the British and Canadian Communist Parties. Enjoy!
July 28, 2021
South Africa - A Revolution Betrayed
The riots that broke out in South Africa brought back into the focus the nature of the post apartheid era.  In this episode we look at the nature of the deal that ended apartheid, the strength and sacrifices of the South African working class and the political trajectory of the ANC.  We also draw on Lenin's analysis of "spontaneity" and Trotsky's concept of "permanent revolution" to shed light on the class struggle within South Africa. For further information on the situation in South Africa check out this article
July 23, 2021
*Preview* Is "sex work" really work?
Full episode available to patrons: We look at the claim that prostitution is wage labour like any other, and decide whether or not the claim stands up to Marxist scrutiny. Articles mentioned: Prostitution and ways of fighting it (Kollontai) Lenin on the Women’s Question (Zetkin) Socialists Should Support Sex Workers’ Rights (Liza Featherstone for Jacobin Magazine) Leila's article on the topic in the Bellows: The Folly of Sex Work Advocacy
July 21, 2021
Holidays In The Sun
It's the weekend edition!  In this episode Leila recounts an  increasingly farcical series of tales from her trip to Britain under the  bizarre Covid regime.  Alex sings the blues for the failure of the  England team in the European Championships and reflects on the sheer  stupidity of all of bourgeois politics. Leila also (briefly) contracts  football fever.
July 16, 2021
*Preview* Trotsky and Marxist Ethics
Full episode: Do the ends justify the means? Is human freedom a project worth doing *anything* to achieve? Are Marxists amoral? Do the petit bourgeois moralists finally win the upper hand over the Marxists? We investigate these questions through Trotsky's famous 1938 essay "Their Morals and Ours" The essay: Keith Wood's video essay:
July 14, 2021
Ghosts of the Recent Past
In this episode we cover a lot of ground!  We mark the passing of the  career of Matt Hancock, the demise of the Donald Rumsfeld and the  failures of "entryist" tactics that Alex pursued in the Labour Party under Corbyn.
July 09, 2021
The Great CRT Scam!
So just what the hell is "Critical Race Theory"?  In this episode Alex and Leila take a dive into the murky waters of post-modernism, the epic fails of Herbert Marcuse and the racket that is academia to find out what the hell this is all about. The answer may just surprise you.  
July 02, 2021
*Preview* Che Guevera on socialism and man in Cuba
Full episode here: We look at the history of the Cuban revolution through Che Guevera's essay " Socialism and man in Cuba", wherein Che theorizes how to create the new man and woman as communism is built in Cuba. Our discussion touches on the role of love and leadership in communist revolution and governance. The essay:
June 29, 2021
*Unlocked* - The Fall of the Labour Party
With the Batley & Spen by-election set to deliver yet more defeat and disaster for Keith Starmers Labour Party we are releasing our patrons only episode recorded just after the Labour defeat in Hartlepool.  
June 25, 2021
*Preview* What is Imperialism? Part 2 of 2
Full episode: In part 2 of a 2 part episode, we review Greg Albo's article "The Old and New Economics of Imperialism" to assess the strength of Poulantza's versus Lenin's theory of imperialism. We talk about signs of American decay and China's rise as the next leading imperialist power. Albo's article here [this is a link to the PDF]: Part 1: 
June 21, 2021
What is Imperialism? Part 1 of 2
In part 1 of a 2 part episode, we review the major theories of imperialism as derived by intellectuals including Hobson, Hilferding, Luxemburg, Bukharin, Lenin, Kautsky, Poulantzas and more. This episode is heavy on the theory, but we hope we've included enough humour and interesting historical tidbits to make it go down easier.  The second part will be available for Patrons here:
June 18, 2021
*Preview* Sex, Gender & Ideology - Part 2
Full episode: In the second part of our discussion, we focus on the notion of the "traditional family" and how it is often used as a cover for reactionary utopianism. We also discuss the sexual revolution and how true romance can only be possible through communism. Part one here: 
June 15, 2021
The Future of German Politics w/ Elena Lange and Michael Burkhart
German elections are on Sunday, September 26th, 2021. These will be the first election in 17 years without Angela Merkel at the fore, who is stepping down. This is shaping up to be an election with historic shifts in power amongst the German political parties, with large gains predicted for the German Green party. These shifts are significant given the importance of Germany as the imperialist pole in Europe, and perhaps serve as a harbinger for politics in the rest of the Western world. To discuss, we are joined by Michael Burkhart, a writer based in Berlin, and Elena Lange, who is a Senior Researcher and Lecturer of Japanese Studies at the University of Zurich and author of the recently published book “Value without Fetish” Check out Elena's book here:, and find her on Twitter @ELLange6 You can follow Michael Burkhart on Twitter: @michiburkhardt
June 11, 2021
*Preview* Sex, Gender & Ideology - Part 1
Full episode: In part one of a two part episode Alex and Leila start off by answering a question regarding art submitted by a listener then move onto discuss the ideological nature of gender, the differing forms of the family and why Alexandra Kollontai is still a source of inspiration on this issue. References Alexandra Kollontai - Sexual Relations and the Class Struggle & Red Love Leon Trotsky - Communist Policy Towards Art Alain Badiou - Handbook of Inaesthetics
June 09, 2021
*Unlocked* - The Communist Manifesto (Part 1 of 2)
Part 2 available here: Reading notes to follow along here: Recorded as part of our two-part Reading Group for May, where we read the Communist Manifesto. We review the first two chapters of the Manifesto, exploring the major themes highlighted throughout, including historical materialism, class warfare, the advent of capitalism, the family, modernism, and more.
June 04, 2021
*Preview* Police And Thieves
Full episode here: In this episode Alex and Leila the emergence of the police under capitalism.  From their beginning as a semi-military force to "manage" the industrial working class and how the role has evolved but also remained the same.  They also look at the contradictions of policing and how the police are actually managers of crime. Episode image is from the 1984-85 miners strike in Britain.
June 01, 2021
British Update, Lab Leak Theory, and Repo Market
Alex gives us the latest from across the pond, Leila debunks the lab leak theory of SARS-COV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19), and we speculate about the upcoming asset bubble collapse.  Articles mentioned : Philippe Lemoine: Did China lie about COVID-19? – Did SARS-CoV-2 accidentally escape from a lab? Jonathan Latham, PhD and Allison Wilson, PhD: Why China and the WHO Will Never Find a Zoonotic Origin For the COVID-19 Pandemic Virus Nicholas Wade: The origin of COVID: Did people or nature open Pandora’s box at Wuhan? Support us on Patreon:
May 29, 2021
*Preview* Interview With Angela Nagle - Part 2
Listen to the full episode here: In the second part of our interview with Angela Nagle, we discuss the stunted development of Irish capitalism, the inter-imperialist rivalry between the USA and China as well as the impact of the Covid year on art and culture. 
May 25, 2021
Interview With Angela Nagle - Part 1
Part 2: We sat down last week for an extensive discussion with Angela Nagle to discuss her latest writings on her new substack page, the Blair/third way phenomena, the death of academia and the virtues of going independent.   Be sure to check out Angela's writing on substack -
May 21, 2021
*Preview* Capitalism with "Chinese" Characteristics
Listen to the full episode here: We speak about China under Mao, and China's transition back into capitalism under Deng and subsequent leaders. We also speak about China's role as a rising imperialist leader.
May 19, 2021
Palestine and the Occupation
In this episode we look at the developing war between the Palestinian resistance and the Israeli state, dive into the history of the region and explore how zionism has always been a tool of imperialism both British and American.  We start the episode though by examining the growing panic over inflation and the Biden administrations economic contradictions.  A slight amendment to one detail in the episode, at one point we cite an inflation rate of 4.9% when the CPI rate for April was actually 4.2%
May 14, 2021
*Preview* The Fall of the Labour Party
Subscribe to our Patreon to get access to the full episode: Can Labour be saved? Is it worth saving? The Labour Party's recent loss in Hartlepool has reignited the debate about whether the Labour Party can still be understood as the UK's workers' party. We talk about why the Labour party lost its recent by-election in Hartlepool, the class composition of Labour politicians, Labour's uneven and contradictory history, and the pressure-group called 'Blue Labour'. 
May 12, 2021
Conspiracies & Class Plus Interview with Dr Martin Kulldorff
In this episode we speak to Dr Martin Kulldorff of Harvard Medical School on the dubious nature of lockdowns as public health policy.  We begin the episode by reflecting on the nature of conspiracy theories and why Marxists reject them as a way of understanding the world.  Read Dr Kulldorff's article in the Daily Telegraph Music in this episode is taken from the track "Red Square" by The Durutti Column which can be found on the album "Vini Reilly"
May 07, 2021
*Preview* Reading Group on the Communist Manifesto (Part 1 of 2)
Hear the full conversation: We review the first two chapters of the Communist Manifesto, exploring the major themes highlighted throughout -- historical materialism, class warfare, the advent of capitalism, the family, modernism, and more.
May 05, 2021
*Preview* It's Just a Bad Flu (Part 2 of 2)
Listen to the full episode by subscribing to our Patreon: We round off our discussion from part one by talking about the impact of covid-19 on health care capacity, covid-19 vaccinations, the class warfare that has been the lockdowns, the horrible effects of the bureaucratisation of science, how a communist society would handle covid-19 and more! Part 1 of 2:
May 03, 2021
It's Just a Bad Flu (Part 1 of 2)
We speak about India's COVID "disaster", outline the grand COVID-19 narratives framing this "pandemic", and give our final verdicts on COVID-19 lethality, its effect on health care capacity, and lockdowns. Part 1 of 2. Part 2 of 2: Some studies mentioned: John Ioannidis meta-analysis showing a 0.15% IFR: March 19th cohort study on COVID lethality: Briand's working paper on USA death rates: 
April 30, 2021
*Preview* Housing and the Housing Bubble
Listen to the entire episode by subscribing to our Patreon here: We take a look at the housing bubbles ballooning across the world, investigate the contradictions which give rise to housing bubbles under capitalism and make some predictions of how the whole thing will come tumbling down. Correction: Leila ~@2:00 says residential homes in Japan declined to less than a tenth of their peak -- this is not for *all* of Japan, only for Tokyo at the time of the crash.
April 27, 2021
The USSR - Part 2 - The Fall
In this episode we discuss the contradictions of the USSR, it's status as an economy and society at a transitional point between capitalism and socialism, it's contradictions and it's eventual fall.  
April 26, 2021
*Preview* The Covid Archives
For our first piece of content for patrons, we are putting out an unaired portion of the first interview between co-hosts Alexander McKay and Leila Mechoui from back in January of this year.  We talk covid-19, unions, automation, the dumb state of the Left "intellectuals" and more. We also have recorded a new introduction to it where we reflect on what we were right about and how everyone must read Lenin.  We hope you enjoy the programme. Full episode: You can find Lenin's "Imperialism-The Highest Stage of Capitalism" on the link below:
April 25, 2021
Petit Bourgeois Paradise & Sports!
In this episode we dive into the crazy world of of the (aboritve) European Super League and then spend the bulk of the episode examing who/what are the class known as the petit bourgeoisie?  And why do they ruin everything they touch?  
April 23, 2021
Failed Amazon Union Drive, Welfare and UBI
We analyze the reasons for the failure of the Amazon union drive in Alabama. We then discuss the significance of welfare under capitalism, and what's really behind the so-called Universal Basic Income (UBI).
April 20, 2021
The Problem with the Left w/ Elena Lange and Joshua Depaolis
We are joined by Dr. Elena Lange and Joshua Depaolis. Our interview covers COVID-19 (of course), the problem with modern Left politics, and possible ways forward out of this colossal mess. Their article:  Dr. Lange's upcoming book:
April 16, 2021
Ontario Lockdowns, and The USSR - Part 1
We begin this episode by examining the Ford regime and its real reasons for imposing another lockdown on Ontario. We then move to discuss the rise and achievements of the USSR. Part 2 to follow next week.
April 09, 2021
Escalation of Conflict in the Ukraine
Putin is moving troops to the Ukrainian border and calling in army reserves. Ukraine's comedian President Volodymyr Zelensky has stopped with the jokes and says that he is going to "recover" Crimea for real this time. Biden has put Russia on notice. We look at the recent escalation of aggression in Ukraine and answer the question on everyone's mind: Is WWIII finally going to start? The article we are reviewing:
April 07, 2021
Family Matters? Featuring @default_friend
In a special episode @default_friend joins to discuss the family, relationships, trads and the dating world.   Follow @default_friend and be sure to subscribe to her substack Outro music - "If You Want Me To Stay" by Sly and the Family Stone
April 02, 2021
Bitcoin versus Central Bank Digital Currencies: Who will win?
Financial Times has published an opinion piece "Central bankers’ crypto experiments should put investors on alert". We explain what Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are, why they are definitely going to happen and overtake other digital currencies including Bitcoin, and how the banking system is a huge scam (like the rest of capitalism). Article:
March 30, 2021
Lenin, the State & Revolution
In episode we start with a look at the (wildly overhyped) Pro Act. We then move to a detailed discussion of the major themes of Lenins' "State and Revolution" and talk about why it's an essential work.
March 26, 2021
The Japanification of Finance Capital
We speak about a recent article published in the Financial Times entitled "Bank of Japan wrestles with never-ending stimulus". Our discussion looks at the role of Central Banks in propping up decaying monopoly capitalism, why the Japanese working class has not fought back, the effects that hyper-financialization on Japanese society, and explain in detail how states, monopoly capitalism, and finance capital have completely melded to maintain the exploitation of the working-class. Some articles mentioned in the show: Bank of Japan wrestles with never-ending stimulus: Free access to article copied in a comment on Reddit: The Class War in Japan: What’s the Fed doing in response to the COVID-19 crisis? What more could it do?:
March 24, 2021
Open or Closed Borders? Feat. NAFTA and the EU
We look at the issue of borders, using how capitalists use borders within the context of monopoly capitalism. We demonstrate how the contending bourgeois stances of "open" or "restricted" border control makes no sense. 
March 19, 2021
Capitals Gains - The Biden Stimulus
Has Biden reinstituted the New Deal? Social Democracy? Hoxhaism USA?  Or has the much heralded stimulus bill really just another example of the needs of capital being addressed and the left playing salesman for it?  Alex & Leila dive into this and why this has to be seen as another example of dominance of finance capital and the need for the state to act as it's stabiliser.   Outro Music - Ewan Maccoll - The Ballad of Accounting 
March 14, 2021
Imperialism and the Hollow Crown
In this episode our hosts delve into the Meghan Markle scandal and see it as one more piece of evidence of bourgeois decline and degeneracy.  They then turn to an analysis of the seminal work by Lenin "Imperialism - The Highest Stage of Capitalism" and use it's method to analyse our curretn situation.   Outro Music - Ewan Maccoll - The Ballad of Accounting 
March 11, 2021
The Curtain Falls on Covid
With Wall Street declaring that they want Covid over and done with by April Alex & Leila examine the states in the US reopening.  They reiterate the case against lockdowns, talk about the gigantic amount of bad science created in the last year and examine the "great reset" theory.   Outro music is "The Ballad of Accounting" - Written by Ewan Maccoll and performed by Maccoll and Peggy Seeger 
March 06, 2021
Computer World!
Are we all all going to be replaced by artificial intelligence? Is the proletariat doomed to be consigned to history and replaced by the robot worker? What is the true state of automation and should we worry about it?  In this episode Alex & Leila dive into the world of capitalist innovation and explain why capitalism for all it's creative powers can never escape the need for workers.   Intro is taken from AT&T Archives - Seeing the Digital Future (1961) Outro music is "Computer World" by Kraftwerk form the 1981 album "Computer World" - Composers - Hutter, Schneider, Hult & Bartos
March 04, 2021
Washington Bullets - Bidens War on Syria
In a special episode Alex & Leila look at the US bombing raid on Syria and examine the history of the war on Syria.  Including a look at the main factions, the history of US and British involvement and pro-imperialist stance taken by much of the US and British left.  
February 27, 2021
The Union Forever?
In this weeks episode Alex and Leila look at the role of labour unions under captialism, the contraditions that define them, their inherent limitations and why they are still crucial vehicles for class struggle.   The intro and outro to this episode features clips from the Thames Televisions documentary "Arthurs Scargill - Miners" from 1974.  The documentary can be viewed here
February 25, 2021
Culture, Degeneration and Capital
In this weeks episode Alex & Leila examine the parlous and decaying state of culture under capitalism in a discussion that ranges from a defence of brutalist acrhitecture to the novels of Isaac Asimov and the cultural demands of the workers movement.  
February 19, 2021
Covid Class Wars (Real & Imagined)
In this weeks episode Alex & Leila examine the reaction of teachers unions in the US, Britain and Canada.  We also look at the class position of teachers with regard to the wider working class, why the teachers unions reactions on school closures have been so wrong and represent a betrayal of working class families.  
February 11, 2021
The Trump Paradox
In this weeks episode we look at the 5 year long meltdown of the US bourgeoisie over Donald Trump and ask whether any of their assertions of him being a "fascist" are valid.   Articles Referenced in the Discussion. Robert Paxton from 2021 Paxton from 2017
February 05, 2021
The Covid Files Part 3 - We (don't) F*****G L*ve Science
In this episode Alex & Leila examine the state of science under capitalism, it's place within the capitalist relations of production and how this has led the scientific method to become corrupted.  We also take a brief moment to consider whether Boris Johnson is the greatest leader of our time and explore new business opportunities for us in the stock predictions business.  
January 30, 2021
The Covid Files Part 2 - No Lockdown No Problem
In this episode Alex & Leila look at the "Biden Plan" and what affect the new administration may have and the potential for Covid case numbers to have been wildly inflated by inaccurate testing.  For the main part of the episode we make the case that the lockdown policy was always wrong and has done active harm to the working class.  We conclude by examining other options that could have been used.  
January 23, 2021
The Covid Files Part 1
Leila Mechoui returns for what will be the first in a series of programmes where we look at political-economy of the Covid outbreak. In this episode we examine the questionnable evidence for the lockdowns, why the US ruling class became so wildly hostile to Trump and make a few predictions on class struggle coming out of the pandemic.   Outro music - Capital (It Fails US Now) by Gang of Four
January 18, 2021
Olympus Has Covid? - Interview with Leila Mechoui Part 1
In the aftermath of the Capitol Hill events I spoke to Leila Mechoui on the subjects of protests in the modern era and the meaning of the Covid crisis. Part 2 will be out for subscribers in the early part of next week.  Be sure to subscribe to Leila's substack -
January 14, 2021
We Don't Need No (Zoom class) Education - Interview with Alexandra @galexybrane
In the mad world of Covid lockdowns what does it mean when children are restricted to 90 minutes of zoom classes a day?  Who benefits from the shift to online teaching?  What is the state of the class war in US society that has been revealed by the Covid lockdowns?  These are all questions I talk through with this weeks guest Alexandra Gutentag (@galexybrane) who has written two articles on these matters for the The Bellows.  You can find the articles on the links below: The Great Covid Class War   The Virtual Education Shock Doctrine This epsiode features a guest appearance from an Am*zon AI that may well be based on Hugh Grant as well as a clip from an archive interview with Jeff Bezos and material from George Carlin and Public Enemy. 
January 01, 2021
Covid College featuring Dr Tara McCormack
What has been the impact of the Covid inspired lockdowns and restrictions on universities and how should the trade union movement repsond?  To look at this I am joined by Dr Tara McCormack from the University of Leicester for a discussion of what trade union demands should be in this time.  
December 31, 2020
Back Once Again With Aimee Terese
Aimee Terese of the "What's Left" podcast returns to Red Star Radio to talk about the left being all Democrats, the financial intervention of Soros and his fellow oligarchs in favour of "racial justice" and the nature of imperialism.  This show also features an exclusive extract from a little heard collaboration between Jacobin magazine, the Biden campaign and Keith Olbermann.  Stay tuned! 
October 11, 2020
Deceptions of Empire
In this episode I interview Dr Tara McCormack, lecturer in International Relations at the University of Leicester.  We discuss the ongoing wars waged by the British government in Libya and Syria, the gigantic propaganda operation run to manufacture consent for them and the scandal at the OPCW.   Music in the Intro - Fortress Europe by Asian Dub Foundation  Music in the Outro - Masters of War performed by Eddie Vedder and written by Bob Dylan Excerpts included from "Going Underground with Afshin Rattansi" Interview with former Libyan government Chief Spokesman Moussa Ibrahim 
June 08, 2020
The Enduring Strength of the Cuban Revolution
As the Cuban revolution enters it's eighth decade we look at the reasons for it's continuing strength in the face of the unending aggression from the US empire.  Our guest today is Bernard Regan, National Secretary of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign and we spoke about the legacy of colonialism, the rooting of socialism in the Cuban working class and the international solidarity work of the Cuban revolutionary government.   To find out more abut the Cuba Solidarity Campaign be sure to visit their website. Intro - Fidel Castro addresses a congress of anti colonial revolutionaries in 1966 Outro - Carlos Pueblo - Y En Eso Llego Fidel
May 27, 2020
Surveying the Wreckage Featuring Aimee Terese
This week I am joined by Aimee Terese of the "What's Left" podcast  and we sift through the wreckage of the Corbyn and Sanders campaigns.  Why did both men lose so badly from what appeared to be promising positions?  What role did the socialist revival have? Is there any kind of future for social democracy?  We cover all that and more in this episode so be sure to listen at least twice!   You can find Aimee's podast on the link below:
May 27, 2020
The DPRK - Beyond the Latest Slanders
Not a week goes by without a hyperventilating article in the New York Times, Washington Post or Guardian about how either Kim Jong Un is dead or is working on a Bond villain style death ray.  Everything you read, hear or see in the capitalist media regarding the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea is either an outright lie or wild exaggeration.  How to find truth in such a media landscape?  In this episode I speak to Dr Dermot Hudson of the Korean Friendship Association to find the reality of the history of the DPRK and how they are continuing to build their own socialist system.   You can find more information on the work of the KFA on the link below:
May 27, 2020
The Brexit Club
This is an episode of the show from 2019 where I analysed why Communists must support leaving the European Union.  
May 27, 2020
By Way Of Introduction
Welcome to Red Star Radio.  This introduction is from back when the show was named "Partizan Stockport".  Despite the name change this still gives you a good flavour what the show is all about.  
May 27, 2020