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Red Chilli By Watkins Bay

Red Chilli By Watkins Bay

By Adam Ryan
Exploring innovation from all angles, with interviews from some of the world's leading practitioners of innovation in their relevant fields.
Exploring the Problem Space with Shefik Bey from Lido Island
Red Chilli By Watkins Bay was fortunate to host via the Monash Business School. In this series students from the Masters of Innovation and Technology, Monash Business School (Entrepreneurship). In this session, Shefik Bey explores with the students the various approaches, concepts, tools and methods he has deployed in over two decades of innovation in the technology space. Shefik is a leader in Design Thinking and has often deployed the Google Ventures style approach to innovation and rapid prototyping. To check out what Shefik is doing please visit Lido island.
April 13, 2020