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Redefining ABCD

Redefining ABCD

By Keerthi + Sneha
Redefining ABCD is a platform to openly discuss various internal stigmas within the South Asian community through the lens of a hyphenated identity and how we as a collective can “change the conversation” to incorporate more South Asian Pride in our day-to-day lives. With this, Redefining ABCD hopes to bring to light different identities within the South Asian community.
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Larger Than Us: Queen Bee Syndrome
In this episode of Larger Than Us, Keerthi and Sneha discuss everything about Queen Bee Syndrome - what it is, how it affects people, and where they have seen it in the workplace, social relationships, and the South Asian community. While they discuss instances of queen bee syndrome, they talk about non-traditional experiences (outside of the workplace) particularly within the Indian community and people focused on competition. Just like other stereotypes/labels though, they also discuss when people try to label women in power as "Queen Bee" and how you need to identify real behaviors vs superficial labeling. They wrap the episode with the advice they would give for people who encounter such individuals and how we can foster more inclusive environments to prevent such traits in people. Check out Pixar's Spark Short Purl which explains why "Queen Bee" occurs and how we can change it: 
October 20, 2021
Brown Art Network: Meet Goirick!
In this episode of Brown Art Network, Keerthi and Sneha interview Goirick Das - filmmaker and founder of 8 Sages Entertainment. They dive into how Goirick got started in filmmaking and directing, the challenges of getting support from people in his community, and his experiences in film school. While he wears multiple hats in the filmmaking process, he dives into the meaning behind 8 Sages and how his entertainment company aides to be a hub for a multitude of artists to display meaningful content on various mediums. As they wrap up the episode, Goirick shares with us some advice he would give to his younger self and others looking to start a career in filmmaking. To learn more about 8 Sages Entertainment, click here:
October 6, 2021
Larger Than Us: Unblurring the lines between societal pressure and culture
In this episode of Larger Than Us, Sneha and Keerthi dive into how we can separate the multiple cultures involved in our identity and societal pressures. Oftentimes, some people in our community tend to "hate on their culture" instigating internalized racism and negative association to South Asian Culture. They use this episode to navigate through how we define culture and the complexities that come with it. They wrap the episode with some advice they have to understand how to prioritize life values and use the pillars of your identity to reach your goals.
September 22, 2021
Brown Art Network: Meet Cathy!
In this segment of Brown Art Network, Sneha and Keerthi interview Cathy Gomes, founder of 700 Rivers - a global, ethical, and sustainable lifestyle brand that creates high-quality products by Bangladeshi artisans who have escaped human trafficking. Their products are made from natural ingredients local to South Asia. Cathy dives into how she started 700 Rivers, how she incorporated her passion for spreading good in the world with her career, and how her hyphenated identity allows her to appreciate her roots and be prideful of her Bangladeshi background. As she shares with us her story and being Bangladeshi American, she also dives into the important work she does with 700 Rivers in spreading Bangladeshi culture and traditions. She also goes into the impact of 700 Rivers providing the opportunity to women to help themselves find a way to have a second chance at life after their traumatic experiences. To support 700 Rivers you can buy their products here:
September 8, 2021
Larger Than Us: Stigmas Around Matchmaking Services
In this episode of Larger Than Us, Keerthi and Sneha interview Radha Patel - founder of Single to Shaadi, a matchmaking service that connects singles to meaningful, deep relationships. In their conversation, they discuss why matchmaking has developed a negative connotation, how the cultural influences from our South Asian and Western sides affect the way some approach matchmaking, and how Single to Shaadi is redefining what it means to be a "matchmaker" by emphasizing mutual compatibility in their process. In addition to this, Radha also gives great advice to youths in the early stages of looking for love in their life and people preparing themselves to find love again.  For more information or if you are interested in being a part of Single To Shaadi's community, click here:
August 25, 2021
Brown Art Network: Meet Natalie!
In this segment of Brown Art Network, Sneha and Keerthi meet Natalie Varkey - a history teacher and stand-up comedian living in North Carolina (and soon Boston!). They dive into how she got started in comedy, her experiences being an Indian American woman performing comedy in the South, her views of South Asian representation in both comedy and teaching, her growth into pride in her cultural identity, and reflections of her time growing in stand-up. As they wrap up the conversation, Natalie leaves the listeners who aspire to join the stand-up world with some great advice. To learn more about Natalie and follow her career and jokes, follow her on Twitter @princessbozo!
August 11, 2021
Redefining ABCD Turns 1!
In this mini-episode, Keerthi and Sneha take the time to reflect on the year they had with making this podcast and discuss their favorite memories "on and off camera". As they talk about their favorite moments, they also think back to the first recording to see how much they've grown from then to now. From Redefining ABCD to every listener and guest that has been a part of our segments, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for sticking around and consistently supporting us! (Stay Tuned for exciting things in the future)
August 4, 2021
Larger Than Us: Processing Anxiety & Depression
In this episode of Larger than Us, Keerthi and Sneha open up about their personal experiences and reflections with their continuous journey with Anxiety and Depression. With media romanticizing the path of healing from mental health, the purpose of this episode is to share the darker sides of dealing with mental health issues to help encourage our listeners to have safe conversations with other people in their community about their own experiences. While they get personal, they also discuss how the pandemic has shifted ways of addressing mental health issues and the repercussions (good and bad) that come with these changes. As they wrap up their conversation in this episode, they conclude with their reflective thoughts for listeners, with and without mental health issues, to take away from this episode.
July 28, 2021
Brown Art Network: Meet Durgy!
In this episode of Brown Art Network, Keerthi and Sneha interview Durgy - a magician and wedding MC based in Toronto! They dive into his career and role models that helped shape his interest in magic and also dive into his view of representation in his field of work. They wrap the episode by hearing Durgy's advice on how to set yourself apart from others in your industry by creating your niche. To learn more about Durgy, click here:
July 14, 2021
Larger Than Us: Healing From Burnout
In this episode of Larger Than Us, Keerthi and Sneha interview Aditi Shakti - a spiritual business coach for women focused on mindset, empowerment, and energy healing. They dive into Aditi's business and how she got started in her field, as well as, ways to navigate through those feelings of loss of purpose and burnout. Aditi also talks about the importance of understanding our ancient culture as we move into a more westernized world as our long-upstanding culture provides ways to heal from burnout. As they dive into how burnout may look like and how to overcome it, Aditi shares primarily how South Asian customs and traditions make South Asian women burn out more often and how women can overcome that with the 3 step process: energy healing, mindset, and empowerment of one's life. To learn more about Aditi's business, click here:
June 30, 2021
Brown Art Network: Meet Janani!
In this episode of Brown Art Network, Keerthi and Sneha interview Janani, founder of The Indian Standard - a magazine focused on normalizing the day-to-day of mental health. As they dive into conversations about how The Indian Standard came to be, her future goals with the magazine, they also talk about how cultural identity works with mental health and other topics that are prevalent in the South Asian community when talking about the importance of taking care of yourself. To view/subscribe to the magazine click here: To learn more about Janani, click here:
June 16, 2021
Larger Than Us: Interracial Relationships
In this episode of Larger Than Us, Keerthi and Sneha meet with Ragini Chatterjee Branch to discuss her experiences with her relationship and marriage to her husband Neil and how she deals with the stigmas surrounding interracial relationships in the South Asian community. She also dives into how she navigates through various conversations with her partner that helped her relationship be successful. As they wrap up the conversation, Ragini ends the episode with the advice she would give to interracial couples and people starting out in their marriages after reflecting on her own.
June 2, 2021
Brown Art Network: Meet Nithya!
In this episode of Brown Art Network, Sneha and Keerthi interview Nithya Gundlapali who is a Fin-Tech Consultant by day and an artist and business owner by night. Nithya’s business, MyDecorify is a website dedicated to DIY projects as well as Nithya’s beautiful illustrations and digital art, which you can also buy as prints or stickers. While they dive into her business and how she balances 2 careers, she also goes into how she found the balance in her South Asian identity as well as representation in both career fields. She wraps the episode by giving advice to all our listeners on how to take on more than 1 passion full time. To check out MyDecorify, click here:
May 19, 2021
Special Collaboration with co-founder of TamilCulture: Ara Ehamparam
In this special collaboration, Keerthi and Sneha sit down with Ara Ehamparam, co-founder of TamilCulture and myTamilDate, co-host of The Tamil Creator, and his other startup ventures in the tech space. They discuss why TamilCulture was created, how the idea of their organization came to be, and his other startup ventures he has created through his entrepreneurial spirit. While they talk about his experience, they also dive into what mindset entrepreneurs should have and advice for people looking to be founders of their own projects and startups. Redefining ABCD was featured on TamilCulture so check out the article here: To learn more about TamilCulture click here: To listen to Ara's podcast click here:
May 5, 2021
Brown Art Network: Meet Krithika!
In this episode of Brown Art Network, Sneha and Keerthi interview Krithika Rajkumar, Lawyer, and Bharatanatyam Dancer. Krithika dives into how she got started into Bharthanatyam, her experiences she took from her Arangetram, and how she views dance now and continues to grow herself as a talented artist. While she goes into her dance journey, she also gives advice to prospective dancers on how to get started in the field of expressing ideas and choreographing various dance pieces. In addition to dancing, Krithika is the Head of Legal and Compliance for a nonprofit organization called CAREspaces which aims to create safer workspaces in the Indian Arts Community.  To view Krithika's work click here: and to learn more about CAREspaces, click here:
April 21, 2021
Larger Than Us: Self Worth & Breaking from Insecurities
In this Larger Than Us segment, Keerthi and Sneha talk about the struggles they have in terms of breaking from their insecurities and identifying what it means to have self-worth. This is a follow-up episode of the Season 1 episode that addressed the question “Am I Enough?”. While they dive into personal experiences, they reflect on ways to overcome various obstacles such as Imposter Syndrome, Anxiety, and insecurities that can affect confidence or self-esteem.
April 7, 2021
Brown Art Network: Meet Sachit!
In this episode of Brown Art Network, Sneha and Keerthi interview Sachit Grover, actor and filmmaker. They dive into how he got into acting, the people who inspire him, and how he utilizes various social media and platforms to engage people with his works! He also talks about the ideation process for his short films and other works on his YouTube channel and his cool experience working in Mumbai. To view his work, check out his youtube channel with all the segments he mentions in the episode:
March 24, 2021
Larger Than Us: What does it mean to be successful?
In this episode of Larger than Us, Keerthi and Sneha get into an intimate conversation revolving around what it means to be successful. They dive into what the South Asian community defines as success onto their children and the struggles of growing up with those expectations. They also talk about the competitive environment that the South Asian community exudes through comparing children to one another and finally, they discuss how they view success based on their past experiences and what metrics they keep in mind going forward. 
March 10, 2021
Brown Art Network: Meet Tara!
In this episode of Brown Art Network, Keerthi and Sneha talk with Tara Ashraf, creator of inbetweenamerican - a blog dedicated to talking about the various ups and downs of being a hyphenated identity. Tara uses her identity as a Pakistani American to navigate through various topics on her blog. Keerthi and Sneha ask Tara about her experiences finding that balance in her identity, ways she navigates being a blogger and communications/media professional, and advice for everyone trying to figure out how to balance all their interests and set goals in their career/life. To read her blog, click here:
February 24, 2021
Larger Than Us: Opening up about Relationships and Setting Boundaries
In this episode of Larger Than Us, Priya Tahim, founder of Kaur Counseling, joins Keerthi and Sneha to dive into the conversation about what it means to have a healthy relationship and how to put yourself out there in the dating scene. While diving into what it means to have a healthy relationship with a partner, Keerthi, Sneha, and Priya also talk about why dating is a closed-off topic in the South Asian community and how to set boundaries with friends and potential partners. Check out Kaur Counseling here:
February 10, 2021
Brown Art Network: Meet Manasi!
Welcome to Season 2 of Redefining ABCD! We kick off this season with a Brown Art Network Segment with our wonderful guest Manasi Arya! Manasi is a digital creator and artist who spreads positivity and joy through her art. While she works to elevate her small business, she is a special education teacher, completing her Masters in Special Education. Sneha and Keerthi talk with her to learn more about her journey as a creative, as well as, her teaching career. Click here to view her work: ----- Music by BeatByShahed (IG @imshahed)
January 27, 2021
Special Collaboration with The Desi Condition!
In this special episode, Sneha and Keerthi talk with the host of The Desi Condition Podcast, Tanushree, to discuss her experiences through her career, her decision to go into education as well as cultural identity. To hear Sneha and Keerthi go on as guests and to check out other episodes, click here:
January 6, 2021
Season 1 Wrap!
That's a wrap! As we come to the end of Season 1, Keerthi and Sneha take the time to highlight their favorite conversations with all of the season 1 guests, reflect back on the season as co-hosts by sharing their thoughts before and after starting Redefining ABCD, and give a preview of what to expect in season 2. From Redefining ABCD to you, we hope you all have a great holiday season and New Year! Stay safe!
December 28, 2020
Larger than Us: How can we be more transparent about Mental Health in our community?
In this episode of Larger Than Us, Vaidehi joins us to talk about the importance of being open and honest about mental health and how the South Asian community tries to suppress the conversation about mental health, deeming it a topic of taboo. The goal of this episode is to discuss how we can start having open conversations about mental health with both family and friends by opening up ourselves, through this episode, about our experiences so that we can show people that we aren’t alone in this discussion. We hope this episode helps spark conversations within your own circles.
December 23, 2020
Brown Art Network: Meet Tricha!
In this episode of Brown Art Network, Sneha and Keerthi interview Tricha Kumar, a dancer/choreographer and filmmaker to hear all about her experiences, career-shift, goals, and advice for aspiring South Asian creatives. She has been a part of India’s Bollywood Industry since 2017 and has worked on many international shows in Mumbai. As a filmmaker, she has various works under her repertoire in Bollywood music videos, commercials, and shows. Her most recent project includes an independent short film called "Addiction".  "Addiction" is a 100% South Asian, a women-led experimental short film shot in Mumbai, India. It tells the story of an impressionable workaholic who unplugs from his mundane routine after a transformative night out. This film is entirely dialogue-free, and in its place is an original composition of music to tell the story. "Addiction" is currently in post-production between five countries, and they are raising funds for music production, video editing, and film festivals. They invite you to join them on their journey. Your donation supports both parity (women) and representation (South Asians) in media. Donors will get their name on a special credits page, and highest-tier donors can earn an Associate Producer credit. Contact them on Instagram at @addictionindie or visit to learn more!
December 9, 2020
Larger Than Us: How can we be better allies to the Black Community?
In this episode of Larger Than Us, we will have Asia Porter come and talk about her perspective as a black individual and learn more about the black community so that we can better understand how we can support one another. To listen to Asia's podcast The Narrative, click here:
November 25, 2020
Brown Art Network: Meet Sabreet Kang Rajeev!
In this episode of Brown Art Network, we have Sabreet Kang Rajeev, a full-time social science researcher and the author of the book, Generation Zero: Reclaiming My Parents’ American Dream, a memoir that highlights the everyday experiences of the first generation Indian-American. In this episode, Sneha and Keerthi will dive into her upcoming book releasing on December 8th, 2020, and her career as a sociologist and writer. For more information about her book visit:
November 11, 2020
Larger Than Us: How can we be better allies to the LGBTQ+ Community?
In this Larger Than Us episode, we will have our first guest of this segment, Bijin Basu! For this episode, we are going to be having a conversation with Bijin to learn more about the LGBTQ+ Community and how as the South Asian community, we can be better allies to our friends who identify in the community. Our goal for this episode is to publicize the learning process and have an open conversation about how we can educate ourselves and others about the LGBTQ+ community. For more information about the LGBTQ+ community, and ways you can support, go to
October 28, 2020
Brown Art Network: Meet Zenab Kashif!
In this episode of Brown Art Network, our guest is Zenab Kashif! Zenab is a freelance photographer and designer based in Minnesota. Through her company ZKCaptures, she provides a multitude of services from professional photoshoots, web design, personalized illustrations, and branding. To learn more about her business visit: 
October 14, 2020
Larger Than Us: Am I Enough?
In this episode, Keerthi and Sneha will dive into a question a lot of us struggle to answer: Am I Enough? With the societal expectations that desi households and families put up for themselves and their children, many times the pressures of wanting to meet everyone's expectations can get to us. In this episode,  Keerthi and Sneha will discuss societal pressures, Imposter Syndrome, and reflect on their past experiences and cultural expectations to help you do the same.
September 30, 2020
Brown Art Network: Meet Vidita Kanniks!
This episode will be the first in the series called Brown Art Network, highlighting specific South Asian voices in various professions in their chosen industry. Our guest for this episode is Vidita Kanniks! She will be talking about some of her experiences,  the work she has done so far, and some advice she has for South Asian creatives pursuing a similar career in the Arts. Listen to Vidita's album that she mentions in the episode, Sarada, to gain more insight into her work! The link below is the information about her album and where to listen to it:
September 16, 2020
Larger Than Us: What does it mean to be Indian American?
We are so excited to kick-off our podcast with a Larger Than Us segment, talking about a topic that hits home for both Keerthi and Sneha: What does it mean to be Indian American?
September 2, 2020
Introduction to Redefining ABCD
Welcome to our podcast! In this episode, you will get to know the co-hosts of the show, Keerthi Sekar and Sneha Ameya. You will also learn about our guest formats, episodes styles, and what to expect. 
August 25, 2020