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Redefining Caregiving-Mindful Approach to Caregiving

Redefining Caregiving-Mindful Approach to Caregiving

By Samantha Damm- Author, Advisor, Empathic Coach
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Caregivers need a steady dose of uplifting advice and support. I talk about everyday solutions for common battles and share stories from my personal life, as an author, mother and caregiver. Topics are random, relevant and from the heart.
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Phone Addiction- Apps to help you focus!
Hi everyone! Phone addiction is real. It has been for me too. I found a great way to get you back onto focusing on what's important. Apps for controlling phone use in a fun way. Also, the president is handing out $100 to anyone who gets this, but not if they want food or help with shelter.  Remember to include yourself in the care you give by limiting the time you use on your phone and focus on what matters.   Always Caring, Sam Links:,
July 29, 2021
Doctor Who? - Do this before visiting a new doctor or dentist
Recently, I made an appointment to see a new dentist, because I had tooth pain. Turn out, the dentist has been in trouble for insanitary practices. I cancelled. I talk about the importance of researching any new doctor or dentist. ******* Important links: Oregon Dental Board  ***** Oregon Medical Board  American Board of Medical Specialist ***** Thanks for listening and sharing! Remember to include yourself in the care you give by only visiting doctors who practice safe medicine practices. Always Caring, Sam    ******** My book is designed for caregivers who want to avoid burnout, achieve their goals and live better lives without sacrificing more. Learn how to redefine caregiving so it fits into your life without destroying it, because you matter too.    *** &
July 25, 2021
Caregivers Pace, Plan and Prepare - Managing caregiving as you care for you too!
I recorded this two years ago, while living in my trailer, so the sound isn't the best. Also, I was in some pain and you might hear it in my voice. Still, the message is important, so here it is:)  *****  It's about how caregiving can affect you. It can feel like life is out of your control, after being tossed, off guard, into caregiving. It's important to focus on the reality of things and incorporate a plan for self-care.  ****** A plan should support every area of your life. Daily self-care, establishing healthy boundaries and knowing your limits are crucial for approaching caregiving positively.  Here are a few things caregivers should consider:    When someone needs urgent care stay aware and don't forfeit your care from the start.     It’s important to listen to other people who care about you and not be defensive about your caregiving.   Your care recipient will listen to you when you set an example for them.     It’s admirable to be a caregiver but your life is just as important as those you care for.    ***** By not caring for yourself, you set a poor example for your family and place a burden of guilt on the care recipient. Love yourself in order to show love to others.*****  Remember to include yourself in the care you give by knowing your limits and strengths in caregiving.  Always Caring, Sam  *****   Email:, Redefining Caregiving Website :
July 17, 2021
Caregiving for Yourself - Speak up about what you want if you need care someday
Today I talk about the importance of vocalizing what you want to people who might become your caregiver one day. All of us will need care at one point in our lives. ***** Sometimes doctors and people over-step boundaries thinking they know what's best for aging people. A good doctor will believe in your ability to care for your loved one and know their place is only to make suggestions.  ***** When caregivers seem confused about what to do, doctors give generic advice and it might not be appropriate for your loved one. ***** If you receive advice you feel uncomfortable about, get another opinion and talk it over with those involved. Trust your gut and know how important you are to the person you love. You might be the only person who believes in their independence as an important part of care. It's a vital part of living with purpose, with limitations. *****  Remember to include yourself in the care you give by being faithful to the person in your care, so you'll receive the same someday.  Always Caring, Sam   ***** Email: Redefining Caregiving Website :   
July 16, 2021
Do You Love Yourself? - Signs of self love
There are many signs to indicate whether we love ourselves. Sometimes we feel as if we do, but our action speaks otherwise. Today, I talk about the evidence that supports your self love and how to stay true to yourself always. Thanks for sharing and care this podcast with anyone you know who struggles with accepting themselves.  Remember to include yourself in the care you give by loving yourself, so you can be love to others.  Always Caring, Sam ***************************************************************************************************************************** After creating this podcast, I would enjoy a cup of coffee!  Warm my heart and keep me smiling by donating any amount, so I can make more podcasts for caregivers. I appreciate and love you all! Buy Me a Cup of Coffee! *** DONATE PLEASE*** Thank you! Patreon - Support me in supporting caregivers: ******************************************************************************************************************************** Email: Redefining Caregiving Website : Redefining Caregiving Podcast: YouTube: FB-Redefining Caregiving: Instagram: Linked In: Apple Podcasts:
July 1, 2021
Intentional Thinking - Helps you stay focused in what you need
Making sense of things. It's tough to take our thoughts by the horn when they are all over the place, but it's the only way to get focused on what you really need to get done. In order to achieve any of your goals we must be intentional in your thoughts around them so we can travel toward them.  Making a list of what you want to achieve everyday is helpful. Keep it short, so you don't feel overwhelmed. Star the items most important or make two separate lists. Throw away the list at the end of the day, after making a new list, including what you didn't get done that day. By starting with a new itemized list, you feel more accomplished and productive, and that keeps you in the momentum you need to do more. Some days you will get very little done, so don't be too hard on yourself. Sometimes what we do isn't something you would write on a "to do" list. When you are a support to someone, or help others get done what they want, you are still awesome. You are helping. As long as you spend a majority of your time focusing on your list, you'll be happier and get where you want to be.  Remember to include yourself in the care you give by focusing mainly on what you want to do by making a list each day.  Always Caring, Sam ************************************************************************************************************************ After creating this podcast, I would enjoy a cup of coffee!  Warm my heart and keep me smiling by donating any amount, so I can make more podcasts for caregivers. I appreciate and love you all! Buy Me a Cup of Coffee! *** DONATE PLEASE*** PATREON- Support me in supporting caregivers: ************************************************************************************************************************ Email: Redefining Caregiving Website : Redefining Caregiving Podcast: YouTube: FB-Redefining Caregiving: Instagram: Linked In: Apple Podcasts:
June 28, 2021
Colonoscopy Test Alternative - A Less Invasive Approach is Here!
If you're like me, over age 50, you may have had a colonoscopy or been instructed to by your physician. Screening for colorectal cancer is very important, it's not the only option for early detection.  There is a less invasive, highly affective test you can take to see if you need a colonoscopy. Instead of undergoing an expensive and invasive procedure, not try annual screening with a FIT test. Fit stands for Fecal Immunochemical Test.   Colorectal Cancer is on the rise and more than 50,000 people die from it each year. It's the second leading cause of cancer related deaths in the United States. Colorectal cancer has a 91% survival rate if caught in Stage I, but only 11% survival rate if caught in Stage IV.  Avoid your risk of colorectal cancer by having regular screening such as the FIT test.  Remember to include yourself in the care you give by asking questions and doing research about what matters to you! Always Caring, Sam    Related Links to today's show: Reach out to me for personalized one-on-one coaching via phone, or Zoom.  My book includes step by step instruction, and strategies to help caregivers avoid caregiver burnout, achieve more and have fun doing it.  Always Caring, Sam ***************************************************************************************************************************** After creating this podcast, I would enjoy a cup of coffee! Warm my heart and keep me smiling by donating any amount, so I can make more podcasts for caregivers. I appreciate and love you all! Buy Me a Cup of Coffee! *** DONATE PLEASE*** Patreon - Support me in supporting caregivers: ******************************************************************************************************************************** Email: Redefining Caregiving Website : Redefining Caregiving Podcast: YouTube: FB-Redefining Caregiving: Instagram: Linked In: Apple Podcasts:
June 24, 2021
Critical Health News - Homeland Security Committee Hearing Notes
Hey Everyone!  This a very important message about a proven method to treat what is happening in the world today. Listen to hear the shocking truth about a treatment plan that has been hidden from the public. I am attaching links to the Homeland Security Committee hearing notes that took place on December 8, 2020. You will be shocked to read the report yourself. Hope you share it with everyone you know.  Include yourself in the care you give by always seeking truth and staying informed to protect your health. - Open Science Foundation,  - Manuscript from Hearing  Https://  - website.   Updated meta-analysis and review authored by a group of PHD. researchers and scientists included all ivermectin studies as of December 4th, 2020.  Thanks for listening and sharing this podcast. You can positively influence someone's life by sharing good information with them. It might be just what they need today. Caregivers need plenty of help, and it's why I do this podcast.   Remember to include yourself in the care you give by seeking truth and staying informed to protect your health. Always Caring, Sam Always Caring, Sam ***************************************************************************************************************************** After creating this podcast, I would enjoy a cup of coffee! Warm my heart and keep me smiling by donating any amount, so I can make more podcasts for caregivers. I appreciate and love you all! Buy Me a Cup of Coffee! *** DONATE PLEASE*** Patreon - Support me in supporting caregivers: ********************************************************************************************************************************  Email: Redefining Caregiving Website: FB-Redefining Caregiving: Instagram: Twitter: Linked In: Apple Podcasts:
June 23, 2021
Are You Parenting Your Parents? - Keep the elderly independent and happy
Here's one definition of parenting for a child: Parenting The natural ability, qualities and acts of all parents to nurture, love, provide and contribute to the development of their child or children in a nonjudgmental, fair and just way and to create a united family environment where parents and their child or children have a positive and loving relationship with their parents. Here's the word parenting as defined for caregiving: Parenting Performing the role of a parent by care-giving, nurturance, and protection of the child by a natural or substitute parent. The parent supports the child by exercising authority and through consistent, empathic, appropriate behavior in response to the child's needs. PARENTING differs from CHILD REARING in that in child rearing the emphasis is on the act of training or bringing up the children and the interaction between the parent and child, while parenting emphasizes the responsibility and qualities of exemplary behavior of the parent. See the difference? Read it very carefully because many caregivers make the mistake of feeling as if they need to "train" or "form" their aging parents into something different than who they are. Please share this podcast with anyone you know who refers to their role as parenting for their parents to help them understand their role. You might make their day by showing them, they can loosen up on the reigns, if they are trying too hard to manage their parents care.  Include yourself in the care you give by being a positive parent! **************************************************************************************************************** Differences in Caregiving and Parenting:   Bossy Caregiver:   Elder Abuse  Medicaid    ***********************************************************************************************************************************      I would enjoy a cup of coffee! Warm my heart and keep me smiling by donating any amount, so I can make more podcasts for caregivers. I appreciate and love you all! Buy Me a Cup of Coffee! *** DONATE PLEASE*** Patreon - Support me in supporting caregivers: ******************************************************************************************************************************** Email: Redefining Caregiving Website : YouTube:    
June 18, 2021
Being Bossed Around - What to do about it
What do you do when you care for a bossy person? How do you handle being told what to do in a "bossy" way? In this podcast, I give you 3 ways I've learned how to approach this.  Remember, you are responsible for your energy and can't change others. When you change your own approach, you create possibilities for change. 
June 17, 2021
Tasty Life - What's your recipe for a happier one?
I made a chocolate cake a couple weeks ago that tasted fantastic. Then, I made a tried a different recipe yesterday and that cake was also fabulous. It got me thinking about how we get narrow minded we can be. Why do we call something the best? It limits the options for other's being great too. It's not about one being the best because if we make the same recipe over and over, it becomes boring and then we long for something else.  The same goes for life. We can hope for having a better life and admire others for living lives we want to live and we limit ourselves. We have a choice. What recipe are you using? What ingredients make up a good life, for you? Life evolves and what makes up our lives changes too.  You can add more of what you like to enhance your life.  Write down all the things that make your life taste good. Write down all that makes it taste bitter or bad. Now, create a new recipe that you love. You deserve to enjoy a great experience that you create.  Include yourself in the care you give by making your life matter more than your caregiving! Always caring, Samantha Redefining Caregiving Website : FB-Redefining Caregiving: Instagram: Twitter: Linked In: Apple Podcasts:
June 14, 2021
Men Do Care - Let's allow them to help more in caregiving
Women have been trained for years to be the caregivers, but it's time we started training our men how to be good caregivers too. That starts early on, with raising boys to participate in home activities and be intentional in how we raise our young. Children are the future, and they learn caregiving from their parents and family. That's where it starts. In order to change anything, we need to go back to the beginning and do it intentionally toward the outcome we want. Stop raising boys to believe girls are the caregivers. Raise them to understand it's their responsibility, as part of a family. Teach them it has nothing to do with what sex you are. It has to do with compassion and your abilities to express compassion. Not only is this good for boys to learn caregiving skills, but it teaches them to be better parents in the future. 
June 12, 2021
The Eyes Have It - Becoming more compassionate through eye contact
Today I share a story about me shopping, wearing my mask and coming across a sad elderly man. Using eyes to convey what we can't verbally is a fun new skill you can practice to help bring positive changes.
June 12, 2021
Therapeutic Lying - A look at alternative approaches to answering repetitive questions.
As a caregiver, it can be difficult to know how to handle repetitive, and painful questions from someone with dementia. There is evidence that shows when someone with dementia asks specific common questions, they are seeking to feel a certain way.  Here's a list of example questions and ideas for responding to them. I explain why they might be asking the questions, so you can use my examples or come up with creative ways to help them receive what they need. Hopefully they will ask these questions less, over time, if they gain a sense of what they need based on how you handle them.  Question: "Where is my mom" What they might need: To feel wanted, secure, safe, comforted, attached or loved. How you could respond: Show them photos that associate positive feelings of their mom instead of changing the subject. By allowing the conversation to flow mom, it can calm them. Spend time with them and develop a nurturing relationship together. Question: Where is my Dad? What they might need: To feel security, guidance, safety, comfort How you could respond: Build a trusting nurturing relationship to help them feel safe. Lend an ear, so they can talk about what worries them. Non-judging responses. Use photo and talk about their dad, and don't try to change the subject. Question: Where is my husband or wife? What they might need: To feel safe, secure, loved, friendship, companionship How you could respond: Introduce them to another resident or invite someone they like over to visit. Use photos to talk and reminisces about family. Talking often creates healing for people. Ask them questions about their spouse and fond memories (only if they are not distressed) Question: Where are my children? What they might need: To feel comfort, purpose, love, belonging How you could respond: You could let them help with activities like folding clothes, make a shopping list, getting ready for mealtime, dusting, shaking rugs outside, or sweeping. Spend time with them talking about their life and past memories. Sharing stories with someone can help them feel loved and happy, because they remember their achievements. Question: Where is my home, or house? What they might need: To feel in control, accepted, familiar and comfort How you could respond: Invite them to be involved in the environment, so they feel a sense of belong there. Talk with them about how long they've lived here, and who's been by to visit them. Ask them if they want to help with household stuff, cooking, or kids activities. Keep their environment familiar to them with furniture, decorations and personal items. When it comes to therapeutic lies, I have mixed opinions. It's a complex topic and a useful tool, but it has potential for being mis-used like many things. I feel if it's done with people who suffer from sever dementia, it's harmless, as long as it provides therapeutic benefit for them like reducing anxiety and suffering. I do feel that lying can become habitual, so if caregivers spend time lying throughout their day, it might have negative affects on them. Lying can become a habit that carries over to the rest of their lives. As I always say, there's a balance needed and I'll leave that up to each of you to decide. I'm not here to tell you not to lie. I wanted to share insight and alternatives to lying in the above paragraphs.
June 9, 2021
Should You Multi-task? - Your brain isn't wired to perform well when you do
Our brains aren't made to do more than one things at a time. In fact, most recent studies demonstrate a decline in quality of performance when we attempt to multi-task. It's better to try not to multi-task because it places stress on our brains.  As caregivers our goal should be to lessen our stress. We can do this by spending more of our minutes focusing on one task at a time, instead of spreading ourselves thin. I realize it's a hard concept to imagine not doing more than one thing at a time, as a caregiver or parent. Instead focus on one things intentionally for the time you are doing it, then switching to something else with full attention on it. Basically it's a practice in focusing. See how you feel if you try this. I noticed I got more done with less mistakes.  An example of this is when I would be talking to someone as I tried to make dinner. I made more trips to the refrigerator and wasn't listening to everything they were sharing. It took me longer to get dinner ready and I felt disconnected to the person I was half-listening to.  The quality of our lives is decreased when we aren't fully engaging in what we do. I hope you try to work more with how your brain is naturally working and mult-task less. Instead, practice on fully focusing on what you are doing, so you can complete it and move on faster to the next.  Remember to include yourself in the care you give by focusing on time alone today.  Here's an interesting article to read about multi-tasking. Feel free to email me for suggestions and comments about my podcast. I would love to hear from you! Redefining Caregiving Website : FB-Redefining Caregiving: Instagram: Twitter: Linked In: Always Caring, Samantha
June 7, 2021
Loss Grows Gratitude - Suffering is inevitable and so is joy
Hi everyone! This episode is about when we suffer a loss in our lives, we also have an opportunity to experience gratitude later. Sometimes we become grateful for what we've learned through our suffering or pain. Loss can create some negative feelings for us, but we can choose to be grateful for what we received in the way of benefits.  Pain and loss are inevitable. We should do our best to keep balance in our life and hold on to moments when we feel grateful for feeling good about something. It can take a while to recover, but give it time and you will make it to the point where you feel better one day at a time. Life is here for you not against you. The sooner you can move away from the suffering and into the light, you can begin to enjoy your life again.  Include yourself in the care you give by looking for the blessing in your life.  Thank you so much for your time today. If you would like to learn more about me or the services I offer, email me at, or visit Redefining Caregiving Website : FB-Redefining Caregiving: Instagram: Twitter: Linked In: Always Caring, Samantha 
June 7, 2021
Once You Commit -Now you are a caregiver, so what next?
Nobody teaches us what to do in the event of becoming a caregiver immediately to someone. We have ideas about what we should do, and there's information online to learn, but once you are thrown into caregiving it can feel like your life is flipped upside down.  In this podcast I share what to do immediately following your decision to care for someone. If you take the time from the start, you can save yourself a ton of heartache.  Remember to include yourself in the care you give by taking time to self-reflect at every stage in caregiving. Stay in touch with how you feel and make adjustments along the way that fit into your lifestyle and the person you care for. Both of you will be happier.  Enjoy and please let me know what you think, or share ideas for future podcasts by emailing me at Redefining Caregiving Website : FB-Redefining Caregiving: Instagram: Twitter: Linked In:  Always Caring, Samanth
June 6, 2021
A Penney for Your Time - Look for minutes throughout your day
They say time is money. Is it? If every minute of the day was worth a penny you you would have 1440 pennies. That equals $14.40. If you have 30 days in a month, your total hours lived would be worth $423 a month. We can't put a value on the most precious thing of time.  Even if we valued every minute we are alive at a worth of only one penny, that's pretty valuable. How much do you think your time is worth? I know mine is more than a penny.  I'm trying to get you to see the value in your time. All of us can relate to money, but money can't buy us relief, peace of mind or health. I want you to think how every minute of your day is so important in the scheme of your life.  Just like when you collect pennies in a jar, you would eventually have a hefty sum. What if you did the same with every minute of your day. Even while you sleep, your body is being productive. It's working hard to restore itself and the brain in remember everything you learned throughout the day.  Sometime we feel like the day goes by too fast and we don't have time to get things done. When you keep track of the minutes and are mindful of your time spent on activities, you can choose to save some minutes for yourself.  It comes down to not taking time for granted. The one thing caregivers need most is more time and rest. Now, you have another skill to use in creating those things for yourself.  Keep track of your minutes and when you build up a nice reserve, use it for restoring yourself.  Always remember to include yourself in the care you give!  Any donation is appreciated. It's a form of self-care for myself that I ask. It supports me, as I spend time making daily podcasts and provide resources for beautiful people like you. Thank you for considering and sharing. Write me at Redefining Caregiving Website : FB-Redefining Caregiving: Instagram: Twitter: Linked In:
June 5, 2021
Telehealth - What is it and is it covered?
There is an amazing tool that caregivers can use for appointments called Telehealth. It's for everyone and 50 states in the U.S. cover appointments through this video platform for health-care providers and their patients. I provide for you the link to verify what sort of coverage is available in your state. The link below summarizes some of what I share, aside from my own experience.  I share my own experience with Telehealth this year. What a blessing for caregivers who have a difficult time leaving the house to arrive with their loved ones on time for their appointments. The will transform how you experience your doctor visits.  Not only does it same you a huge amount of energy, it saves you time and money. I hope you are open to giving Telehealth a try for your next appointments.  I felt just as connected with my doctor during my appointment because I experienced more eye contact. Just wanted to share, because I didn't feel it would be as comfortable as actually being physically in the room during our visit. In fact, I felt more connect and I share why in today's podcast.  The sooner you try Telehealth the faster you will prepare for what is probably the inevitable future approach to doctor appointments.  Look up how Medicaid or Medicare coverage for your state: What is Telehealth and is it covered? Also, nobody endorses me for anything I promote. I am simply sharing to help caregivers live easier happier lives.  If you feel inclined to donate to me, please find the link.  I appreciate it from the heart. It helps me continue to make podcasts everyday and contributes to my own self-care because it brings me support for my life. Thank you for considering and sharing. Remember to include yourself in the care you give! Redefining Caregiving Website : FB-Redefining Caregiving: Instagram: Twitter: Linked In:
June 4, 2021
You Get to Do this - Select empowering words
The power of words is underestimated in society. We know the power that is behind them, yet we throw them around like we have no clue of their impact. Today, I remind you of a specific set of words that create feelings of empowerment and control in our lives. I hope you become more mindful of the words you choose, so you take power back in your lives. This is a great things to share with your kids to give them a wonderful habit for success.  Remember to include yourself in the care you give by choosing words that support and empower yourself.  Always caring, Sam Any donation is appreciated. It's a form of self-care for myself that I ask. It supports me, as I spend time making daily podcasts and provide resources for beautiful people like you. Thank you for considering and sharing. Write me at Redefining Caregiving Website : FB-Redefining Caregiving: Instagram: Twitter: Linked In:
June 3, 2021
Organize - Save minutes for yourself
Staying organized sound time consuming, but it can be simple. Start with one things like a small filing system or making a box for bill paying. At the first of each month, it's bill-time for most and sometimes we can't use autopayment, which is always my first option for easy bill-pay. There are advantages to paying your own bills and auto-pay, but either way, you need an easy file system.  All you need is what I talk about today. The little moments you spend looking for a pen, stamps, envelopes and information in order to pay bills adds up to precious minutes for you to hoard for yourself. I feel like minutes saved are like pennies saved. Over time, they add up, so gather all the minutes you can by staying organized.  Remember to include yourself in the care you give by saving yourself time for what you enjoy doing.  Thanks for listening and sharing! Always Caring, Sam Linked In: Redefining Caregiving Website: FB-Redefining Caregiving: Instagram: Twitter:
June 2, 2021
Set One Goal - Achieve More
Get in the flow!
June 1, 2021
Know Your Rights - Use your voice to protect your loved ones.
Here are links related to todays podcast. State Medical Board - Medicare - JCAHO (Joint Commission for Accreditation of Health Care Organizations)- Long-Term Care Ombudsman - Remember, you are the only person who can speak up for your loved one sometimes. I know it's intimidating to speak with authority for your loved ones when it comes to certain situations, but if you stay calm and voice your concerns, it should help. Your loved ones have the rights for adequate care, especially when dealing with pain or dying. If you are educated about your rights, you can save you and your family a lot of heartache later, if you ever face a situation where you don't receive care you deserve. There are places you can turn to if you have already experienced such an event to voice your complaint. If you feel it's not worth you time, you might want to consider it could help the next person who comes along. They say that one person speaking up stands for 100 people who won't.  As caregivers we have the responsibility to put our loved ones care ahead of how we feel about standing up for them. If you don't feel you can speak up to protect them, please reach out to a family or friend who feels comfortable talking to a doctor or nurse about the care they receive. Sometimes delegating is the best option.  Remember to include yourself in the care you give, by speaking up for your rights and avoiding regret and pain in the future.  Thanks for listening and share if you care! Always Caring, Samantha Visit Redefining Caregiving at  Linked In FB-Redefining Caregiving Instagram
June 1, 2021
Self Talk - Lift yourself up.
The power of words is so overlooked. In this episode I remind you of how important it is to be aware of every word you use, as well as the ones you thing. Instead of listening to our minds chatter about things untrue, we need to teach it to play a new message. You can do that by repeating specific things to yourself, listen to positive music that tells you what you need to hear to thrive. I'm not talking about songs that sound upbeat, but the message behind them doesn't support you. Songs about feeling broken hearted and how you want to get even with someone are not good for you to hear, especially if you already struggle with feeling positive.  You are the best person to tell yourself what you want to hear, because you know yourself and what you want. How do you want to feel everyday? Write that down and read it off an on throughout the day.  I tell myself things like, "You are capable of doing this!" "I believe in you. I always have." "Let's do this together."  "You don't need to do it perfectly. Just make progress." I even write them on my mirror with a wipe off marker. I change it after about 2 months, because it takes about that long for our brains to actually believe it.   You can become more empowered by your own words. Over time, you mind will have a whole new empowering way of thinking. You are worth the investment.  Remember to include yourself in the care you give by telling yourself you are everyday! Always Caring, Sam Linked In: Redefining Caregiving Website : FB-Redefining Caregiving: Instagram: Twitter:
May 31, 2021
Isolation & Connection- Using your mind to bridge the gap.
There are 7 billion people in the world. 53 million of them are caregivers living in the U.S. You are not alone. The odds are there is someone going through something very similar to what you are, with the many people caregiving. The key is to think about how many people might be experiencing many things you are. You might not be in their presence, but we are all connected energetically and in spirit.  Depression is common to caregivers because they are apart from the world much of the time. They can feel like they live in a prison unable to leave their houses. If you can't leave your home to connect with someone, such as a neighbor, friends or family, consider finding a healthy relationship with someone online. The best place to do this is through Linked In, Facebook and many other platforms.  Today, I talk about a secret that helped me overcome feelings of isolation, as a caregiver and throughout this epidemic situation. You have a powerful tool called your imagination and when you learn how to use it for feelings of isolation, it can create a different feeling within you.  Remember to include yourself in the care you give by giving yourself a few minutes everyday to meditate on a connection to the world. You serve many purposes, but the main one is to serve yourself. Always Caring,  Samantha Linked In: Redefining Caregiving Website : FB-Redefining Caregiving: Instagram: Twitter:
May 30, 2021
Celebrate Being Left Behind- You get quality time for you!
It's Memorial Day weekend and I was thinking of all you caregivers who might feel left behind, as your friends and family are off on adventures. Perhaps you get left behind often, because you need to stay and take care of someone.  Good news is you are not alone. So many people are alone and wish they had one person to spend their day with. You have the person you are caring for. Both of you matter too, so celebrate in your own way in a safe, comfortable place called home. The person you are taking care of might feel left behind, as well.  Why would two people feel left behind when they can celebrate it like a "private party." Enjoy the peace and quiet for a change. Maybe you have less work to do with them gone and you can look for something you enjoy doing. Why not make your favorite meal or dessert and eat it all yourself. With everyone gone, you won't need to share. Get something done that is difficult to do when people are around, but spend some time for enjoying the weekend too. I hope you choose to enjoy the times you feel left behind and begin to see them as "nice breaks" for you instead.  Here are some links to some fun things you can do today! Immerse yourself in audio experience with all-star cast Yarn/Mason Jar Crafts on Pinterest Redefining Caregiving Website Take care and include yourself in the care you give today! Thanks for listening!
May 29, 2021
Intuition in Caregiving- How it helps caregivers
We all have intuition, but some of are more skilled in using it. intuition is a powerful force of the mind. It helps us make better decisions, so caregivers can benefit from knowing how to use their intuition. Intuition is a skill and like any skill it can be improved with practice and intention. We all have a working brain, so we all have intuition.  Intuition is defined in different ways, but I choose to believe it is a skill we develop as we experience life in different ways. The inner "knowing" we can have is based on our inner thoughts, past experience and ability to discern people's body language and tone of voice. One thing I've learned is intuition comes from data in the brain and not based on an emotion. Intuition is emotionally neutral. Caregivers who learn the difference, they can make better decisions everyday. Life goes so fast, and our intuition is a useful tool for keeping on top of things and setting boundaries within caregiving.  Remember to include yourself in the care you give. You can do that by listening to your intuition and protect yourself in many different ways. Be kind to yourself. Thanks so much for listening and sharing! Visit my website for more caregiver help and support. 
May 28, 2021
Happier Space Part 2- Little changes help a lot!
We can easily affect our moods.
May 27, 2021
Happier Space Prt 1 - Control the mood in your room to feel better.
It's easy to go about our days without a thought to how our space looks. Caregivers are so busy we feel it's a waste of time to stop and consider what our home space looks and feels like. Just as a cluttered messy room can make us feel dragged down and overwhelmed, a clear space with cheerful decor can lift our mood and make us smile more. I share a few way you can easily improve your space to feel happier in it. Try making a few changes and see if it helps. I will share more in tomorrows podcast as well. Things like color choice and smells have a powerful influence on us. This is a wonderful tool in your caregiver toolbox. It's a small tool, we can easily overlook. Take care of yourself by surrounding your home with what makes you smile more. Be kind to yourself and thanks for listening!   Visit my website for resources and to sign up for my book!  YouTube videos:
May 26, 2021
Essential oils - Create the mood you want
If you are new to essential oil use, this podcast could get you started easily. Most of us have heard of them, but not all of us have tried these lovely oils. There are so many uses for the oils that come from natures plants and flowers, but today I talk about those that promote happiness and reduced anxiety. I tell you how to easily make your own essential oil spritzer using three ingredients. These oils have a wonderful impact on our limbic systems that influences our emotions and feelings. Take advantage of natures gifts and bring one more tool into your box for caregiving. Remember to include yourself in the care you give. Buy yourself a diffuser or essential oil spray because you deserve to smell the smells you want to, in your everyday life. Sometimes our job can get a bit stinky, and we don't want to use harsh chemicals, especially around people who are ill. These can support your health instead. 
May 25, 2021
Beginning, Middle & End
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May 24, 2021
Mind-flow vs Mind-set - The difference and why it matters
In today's episode I talk about my book and how excited I am to finally be at the final stage just before print. I talk a bit about the journey and how I felt in writing it. I also share how important it is to have a mindset that allows flexibility and a readiness for receiving. If you find my podcast helpful or you enjoy it, please share and leave a comment on the voice feature. Be sure and ask me any questions and make suggestions about future podcasts. I am here for you and your feedback is extremely important to me. Remember to include yourself in the care you give by choosing a mindset that works for you and not against all you try to do. You are amazing and I love you all! Sam Visit me at Redefining Caregiving
May 23, 2021
Your Superpower is Energy! - Connection is key
You really do have magic hand. What an honor to affect people through connection and we do it everyday. As caregivers we get to connect on a deeper and personal level that helps people accept where they are in painful conditions and uncertain times. Conscious caregivers know this and don't take their energy to heal for granted. I share a personal story today of how I cared for three ladies named Betty, who all died within a week, in my care. The power we have in creating purpose and closure for people leaving our world is life changing. I hope you listen and share with others. Please visit my Redefining Website at to connect and get more help. Remember to include yourself in the care you give everday, by using your energy to lift yourself up too.  
May 19, 2021
Big Perk for Mid-Life Caregivers
One benefit you might miss if you are around age 50 and Caregiving. It's a gift. Listen and see how prepared you might become through your Caregiving journey.
May 12, 2021
Rewards of Caregiving- Don't underestimate your contribution.
If you take the chance in the beginning, before you start caregiving, and ask a series of questions you'll be ahead of the game. In this podcast, I give a few examples of what to ask, but I also share more in my book.  Knowing what to expect before you are in the middle of care gives you a huge advantage. Think of it like starting a new job and understand what you are entering into.  Starting care for someone you love isn't something we usually get excited about, but by focusing on why we want, we can be excited about our influence on someone else.  Being at the end of caring for someone is an honor, because you helps them transition, and you might be someone who makes them feel seen and heard before they leave. Many need to have this before leaving the world.  You are doing a very important service in the world! Don't underestimate your contribution to another living soul as the pass over. Thanks for listening and sharing!  Always remember to include yourself in the care you give! Be kind to yourself! Samantha,
May 5, 2021
Feeling Down? - Put Hope in How You Cope
Everything that goes up comes down and visa versa. The same holds true for everything we experience in life. It's a basic principle we accept when it comes to apples falling from a tree, but when it comes to things we feel or experiences that make us feel down and depressed, we forget about this law of gravity. In this podcast I talk about how you can face difficult times when you feel like it won't get better and remember it will. Everything changes over time. Sometimes it's sudden and sometimes it seems to take forever. Life goes by fast, so those things do too. We just focus on them longer, so they appear to go slower. Distractions and remaining optomistic will help. You can make it a littler easier everytime you go through the low times if you do what I talk about today. Thanks for listening and sharing! Visit for caregiver support and resources. Remember to put include yourself in the care you give by taking care of yourself when things are rough. I'm here for you and would love it if you messaged me about the podcast. Would you like to hear about a specific topic? Let me know.
April 28, 2021
Caregiving Start-up - What to do and how I can help!
I'm super excited to offer my Caregiver Guide for beginners and anyone struggling in caregiving. No more wondering where to start, because I walk you through the first steps you should take when starting care. I also tell you where to go from there, so you aren't left more confused than when you started. Sound good?  Ok, your pain stops here! Want to jump over your hurdles faster and higher, so you don't keep getting knocked to the ground every time you try? Overwhelmed and tired of not knowing what to do or who to turn to for help? I've already created solutions to your problem. It's up to you to come get them. I look forward to seeing you improve your life and live happier! I will keep you all posted on what's happening, but if you sign up on my website, you will be first in line to access my FREE mini-course and get ahead of your caregiving fast. It's time caregivers get the attention they deserve and help they need. I can't cure all your problems, but I can promise to show you ways to overcome them successfully, just like I did. I am your caregiving cheerleader and coach from here one out. Get ready for more answers, more energy and more purpose filled living.  Thanks for listening and sharing! Always Caring, Sam Linked In: Redefining Caregiving Website : FB-Redefining Caregiving: Instagram Twitter:
April 22, 2021
Caring For a Narcissistic Parent -Coping and Thriving
This episode hits home, because it's about narcissism, and I've live most of my life in close relationship with people who have this mental disorder.  Most likely we all know someone who is a narcisst, but when it's someone you are caregiving for, it makes life extremely difficult. Caregiving can already bring feelings of isolation and depression, but if you are spending time with a narcisst regularly, it exasperates these feelings.   I share about my relationship with two narcisst in my life, my father and my ex-husband. I do this to help any of you listening who may be unaware of the way narcisst treat people, and help you determine if you are in a relationship with one.  Sometimes it's impossible to leave a relationship, so what can you do? I hope my story brings you some clarity, as you possibly relate to what I experienced.  Through studying, I've learned how to avoid heartache, in a relationship with a narcisst.  Listen to the podcast and learn what you can do, as a caregiver to a narcisst.  Here's a helpful article to help you more.  Visit me at to find more resources and help related to caregiving.  Remember, to include yourself in the care you give, even if the narcisst tried to pull you toward only existing to serve them.  Always Caring, Samantha Damm Linked In: Redefining Caregiving Website : FB-Redefining Caregiving: Instagram Twitter: 
April 17, 2021
Overlooked Causes of Mood, Memory and Behavioral Changes.
There are several things that could cause sudden onset of memory decline and personality changes in individuals. In today's message, I share these main causes.  When the onset of memory decline or behavior changes occur, it feels baffling and frustrating if you don't why. It's not something you want to ignore or postpone getting help. It could be a serious problem, or caused by something like a vitamin deficiency. There are some other surprising things that could cause a person to experience decline in memory or behavior challenges.  The list I share could save your family a lot of time, money and heartache. Sometimes it takes a little investigation and open mindedness to discover why something is happening. It's not always obvious or common knowledge and our bodies are complex.  I suggest you takes notes today.  I'm not a physician and if you have concerns about your health, or memory problems be sure and see a doctor to discover what is causing it.  Be sure and take notes from this show to your doctor's appointment or listen to it again to refresh your memory. Better yet, FOLLOW my podcast to get easy access and keep up with my weekly, Wednesday podcast.  Informed caregivers and parents have less stress and are more effective in care. You are doing something good for yourself by listening to anything that empowers you. Remember to include yourself in the care you give.  I'm grateful you listened today! Please message me with any suggestions for future podcasts or questions.  Share if you care. Thanks for listening.  Visist my webpage for Redefining Caregiving at   Check out my Facebook Page to stay in touch!  
March 24, 2021
Get More Time- Say Yes Less & No More
What wouldn't happen if you started using the word no more? I'll explain in this podcast the benefit of turning away from taking on more than you should and encouraging others to do for themselves. Your time is valuable, so stop wasting on serving people who could be helping you instead. Thanks for listening!
March 17, 2021
Notebook Solution - Mom's Great Escape
Today I talk about the notebook I created for my mom to help her remember things and assist in answering questions for her. Listen in to hear about how helpful this small tool was for our family in caregiving. I also tell about the time mom escaped from our house in a mad dash through the front door. Thanks for listening and don't forget to include yourself in the care you give.
March 10, 2021
Hardships Happen- Decide How They Influence You
Hardships are a part of life. grow. Without pain, we aren't motivated to grow. We don't always have a choice about some struggles that enter our lives, but sometimes we do because our choices have consequences. When we look for what we can learn from our pain, we can free ourselves from it. We aren't victims of life and we can choose to be thankful for both good and bad things because it's proven to be your best chance for living a more confident and satisfying existence. Ask yourself what can grow to benefit myself and others? If you can't seem to see what that is, just know that things happen for all kinds of reasons and choose to be grateful for how it will benefit someone eventually. History has shown continuously how extremely painful hardships breed something better. The trick is to look beyond yourself and see the possibilities for great things coming as a result of the crisis at hand. Writing down your thoughts in a journal is a great way to keep track of your growth. Life's lessons are worth recording because your life matters in this vast world where we are all connected energetically. Keep looking for rainbows and don't forget to include yourself in the care you give! Thanks for listening.
March 3, 2021
Hormonally Speaking- 4 key hormones for happiness
This week I talk about how to increase your "happy hormones."  This is my favorite podcast so far, because it's about what has changed my life the most. Don't be at the mercy of chaotic hormone imbalance.  Sometimes, as caregivers we feel like we have little control over many things in our lives. One thing we can manipulate for the better relates to the our quality of life and joy. We can build better habits, make adjustments to how we do things and learn new ways to think. It's possible to become healthier, be more productive and enjoy life, as a caregiver, but it takes effort.  Anything worthwhile takes initiative and commitment. You are worth it!  One huge factor in how we feel depends on our hormone state, within our bodies. I learned how to help my body produce more happy hormones in less time.  These tips are like sticks of dynamite for blowing away depression and negative thinking.  We overlook our hormones as they keep us alive. No wonder so many suffer from depression and anxiety. There are 4 key players in the realm of hormone production, although we have roughly 50 of these dutiful messengers running throughout our bodies. The common ones, you might know, are dopamine, Serotonin, Epinephrine and Oxytocin.  Having habits that produce hormones, in balance, has huge benefits, because they control our mind and body. We control what we eat, how we engage with people and animals and how we move our bodies, and we can control our mood as well.  There is a ton of science revealing the roles hormones play for mental and physical health. Get to know your "body chemical messengers," because they have plenty to tell. Hormones RUN the world, so get to know them!  Visit Start teaching your children about them, so they can live happier lives and have better relationships.  Be kind to yourself and remember to include yourself in the care you give.  Thanks for listening today and please share with anyone you feel it might help.  Kindly Caring, Sam Linked In: Redefining Caregiving Website : FB-Redefining Caregiving: Instagram Twitter:
February 24, 2021
Handling Help & Policing Procrastination
Caregivers always need more help, so this podcast gives you skills to attract and keep the help that comes your way. Procrastination used to be a struggle for me. I'll share a life changing easy strategy for overcoming perfectionism and procrastination. When you get help, what should you do? What is the number one thing caregivers put off and why is it dangerous? and Why does receiving advice seem like a pain when it's actually a gain? are questions I answer here today. Thanks for listening and always remember to include yourself in the care you give.
February 17, 2021
Effective Decision Making- Improve the outcome of your choices.
We make so many decision each day and it can become overwhelming.  We know our decisions affect our life, so we want to make good ones, and sometimes we procrastinate in order to avoid them. Sometimes we are rushed to make choices and it can create stress we don't need. In fact, I have a formula to help minimize negative backlash from making haste decision.  In todays talk, I encourage you to try something I've learned in my everyday decision making, that helps me get the result I want. Live with regret less. This has changed how I approach decision making so much, I want to share it with you. I hope it helps you have less stress this year, because there is enough of that, right?   Happy Healthy New Year! 2020 was tough, and 2021 will have challenges too, but I encourage you to focus on what good things also came from 2020 and choose joy no matter what 2021 brings.  Remember to include yourself in the care you give by taking this practical approach to making decision.  Choose Joy and Be Well!, Sam Linked In: Redefining Caregiving Website : FB-Redefining Caregiving: Instagram Twitter:
January 3, 2021
Who Shouldn't Wear a Mask?
This episode is about a visit with my mom during coven and the crazy rules around wearing a mask. I share the rules with you from, so you can enjoy your visits more with the ones you love. Please visit me at and check out my Redefining Caregiving Facebook Page. Remember to include yourself in the care you give. ❤
December 14, 2020
Accusers and Troublemakers - What To do When Someone Makes Accusations
Hi, this Podcast is Designed to give you a quick strategy for dealing with moments of being blamed or accused. Guilty or not guilty it's a great approach to handling this sort of situation. Getting all the facts and questioning the source helps you determine the validity of a claim or accusation. There is always more than one side to a story and multitude angles in which to see things. If you aren't willing to seek information before adopting a belief, you could be harming someone and unknowingly bring negativity into your life. How do you respond to being accused? It's natural to defend ourselves, but before you waste time doing so, allow whoever is blaming you to explain why they believe it. Once they tell you how they came to believe it, you assess things further. Avoid defending outrageous accusation or untrue statements, because you feel hurt. People who care about you will ask questions and seek understanding. Save your energy for more important things like your self-care! Thanks so much for listening
July 25, 2020
Difficult People - How to approach and avoid stress
Let's face it. Caregiving is challenging enough without the added stress of difficult people. Sometimes we view people as difficult because we fail to understand their behavior. Why are they acting in a way that goes against what is good for them? Maybe they have good reason for taking their position and the only way you can learn is to ask questions. By asking questions you gain information that can help you try a different approach. People usually behave in a certain way for a reason. Find out that reason and begin having more flow and less difficulty with them. It can feel as they don't trust you when someone you care for resists your help. Don't take it personally, because it most likely doesn't have anything to do with you. Try putting yourself in their shoes in needing care, or look for patterns in how they respond to things. It can take a bit of investigation, but in order to be a good caregiver, you need to commit to good self-care. Dealing with difficult people creates stress that will take it's toll on you. Believe me, I understand all about difficult people. In fact, I can be one of them too. We all can be difficult, which is why we need to be patient with others, as we want them to with us. Be a friend, ask questions and remember how you speak weighs heavily on the outcome you get. Thank you for listening and remember to include yourself in the care you give. Check out my webpage for more resources and encouragement!
July 23, 2020
House Call Comeback- Telehealth during Covid
This episode is to bring good news about the benefits of utilizing telehealth for your health care needs. I avoided an important appointment with my healthcare provider due to my skeptism of using video to replace an actual office. I'm hear to tell you it was an awesome experience. It goes to show how being open minded to new techology can create unexpected benefits for everyone, especially caregivers. In this show, I share a few benefits that appealed to me most. It's easy to use, is efficient and a huge time saver. Plus, I left my appointment feeling validated and excited about this new approach to healthcare as I stayed safe in my home, away from germs. If this service was available to me, as a caregiver to my mother, it would have been a game changer. For more information about using telehealth and telemedicine check out. and Don't for get to visit my website at for more help and resources. I appreciate you listening. Be sure and include yourself in the care you give! Blessing to you and your family!
July 11, 2020
Approaching Caregiving - First Steps
Caregivers often jump into their role before knowing what they're getting into. So many people make this mistake, and it's avoidable in most circumstances. Even if you are suddenly faced with becoming a caregiver due to a sudden injury or illness, setting some time aside at first will save you heartache. We make poor decisions when they are based on emotions and not reasoning. By taking time to investigate what a persons current and future care needs are, you can minimize stress and create an overall better experience. By asking a few more questions early on you will gain confidence and caregiving will seem less intimating.  When my mom developed disabling dementia at age 59, I immediately became her caregiver. Nobody can knows what it's like to be in that sort of situation, until they face it. I've learned so much over my care journey. You can learn from what I experienced.  I have been through the entire caregiving journey and now it's ended, so I can confidently tell you taking time, in the beginning, to ask as many questions as possible is crucial.  It will build a platform for you to move forward, especially if life's rug has been pulled out from under you at the start. Having a solid start with planning and preparing pays off in many ways.  I would love to hear from you! Tell me about your caregiving beginning.  Always remember to include yourself in the care you give and that should start in the beginning.  Always Caring, Sam Linked In: Redefining Caregiving Website : FB-Redefining Caregiving: Instagram Twitter:
June 9, 2020
Protect Your Brain-The cost of ongoing fear, sadness and suffering
Did you know being uncomfortable affects your brain health? The health of your mind is just as important as your physical health. In this episode I share how the state of being highly uncomfortable from constant fear, worry, saddness, stress and suffering can damage your brain. I share my mom's story because she led a life of worry and had a very co-dependent personality. She obsessed about things and over time, it took it's toll. I'm not blaming my mom, but simply want to share how these habits destroyed her mind in the end. She experienced some serious trauma in her life, and that led her to this type of thinking, but she did not seek help. She failed to see the importance of keeping her mind healthy, as well as her body. I hope her story is a warning you will hear to do all you can to treasure your body and mind every hour of the day and night. If you are in an unhealthy relationship and in a constant state of anxiety and stress don't ignore what it's doing to the inner body. Get help or leave because you only have one life and one body. It's up to you to preserve and love it. Sometimes loving means leaving. If you cannot physically leave, you should take every effort to learn healthy ways to escape the constant stress such as exercise, meditating and time alone with positive music, books and friends. Remembered to breathe and meditate often. It helps me to have personal affirmations to remind me to breathe and put things into perspective. I look at a photo of my mom and I am reminded everytime. Always include yourself in the care you give which includes creating a comfortable environment to recooperate and rest. Website is Pre-order the Redefining Caregiving Book today. Learn a better way to survive and thrive as a caregiver. Thanks for listening!
May 22, 2020
Own Your Time
Saying "sorry" could be affecting you in more ways than you know. See how you can start managing your time and enjoy yourself everytime you leave the house. Marisa Peer is the leading person educating people on the power of their words and power of your mindset function. In this episode I share with you one tip to help you on your caregiver journey. Visit to gain resources and help in your quest for care. Remember to include yourself in the care you give. Thanks for listening!
February 19, 2020
Gift of a New Day-Christmas Giving
Did you know every day is a gift? If that’s true then who’s giving it? Also, what are you doing with it? In this podcast I talk about giving from the heart and other reasons why we give. How do people know what type of gifts to give you? If every day is a new gift how is it designed specifically for you? Learn more about how to create a future filled with opportunities based on your desires and wishes. My wish is for you to have an authentic Merry Christmas.
December 17, 2019
Avoid Regret-Learn the skill of debating with yourself about choices
Have you ever made a choice and eventually questioned it? We all doubt ourselves from time to time. It can be a way to keep ourselves in check, but living in regret is a waste of time. Once you make decisions that can't be reversed, you can feel stuck without options. What if you ignored warnings and made emotional decisions you can't reverse? Are you stuck just living with the consequences, or do you have options? Sometimes our otions aren't ideal, but that doesn't disqualify them as alternative choices. This is what I talk about in this show. We really should view decisions making as a valuable freedom to enable what we desire in life. Our choices don't always lead where we expect, but that's life. We should learn from events and hardships that follow our decision. As we age, most of us start understanding our role, but some feel like victims in life. How can you be a victim of your life? When we get better at debating with themselves there's a good chance to improve the outcome of our experiences. Emotional decisions can lead to heartache and caregivers tend to put others first. They make choices everyday that affect their loved ones, and how it affects them is often overlooked. It's up to caregivers to place their well-being at the forefront of decision making in order to avoid regret and burn-out. Your life matters too and people who love you want you to be happy. I hope you choose to do what it takes to create joy in your life. Every adversity is an opportunity to grow and learn, so you can be better at living with yourself and the world. Stay flexible and open minded! Lastly, if the winds blow, we need to be strong enough to bend. Caregiving can feel like severe windstorm that can leave you withered and broken, or invigorated and hardier than ever. In this episode I share three warnings signs to look for after making a decision that could cause you doubt. For more information about my book and story visit Remember to include yourself in the care you give. Thank you for listening!
October 25, 2019
Inspire yourself-Be Creative
With Fall and Winter approaching I encourage you to approach these seasons intentionally. During times when people go indoors and gather with their friends and family, it can feel like a lonely time for caregivers. It’s up to you how lonely you become, because with the Internet and your ability to create you can create connections. We are all creative to some degree. When you know what you enjoy you can choose fun ways to incorporate them into your caregiving. Listening to music, watching comedy shows, cooking or creating crafts are all ways you can feel useful and create happy hormones to prevent depression and isolation. Be the inspiration you want to see and feel. Bring a spirit of happiness through creating crafts or spending time with those around you; even if it’s just one person. Two people can have a fabulous time together. Look forward to what the future holds and stop looking at other people in comparison to yourself. Getting through this season joyfully is your goal. What comes after Caregiving will introduce its self at the right time. Embrace each day with creativity for self-care because you need to feel happinessT to thrive. Reach out to me add redefining caregiving@sam, Or visit my website With over three decades of caregiving experience I can help you live a vibrant caregiving experience so don’t hesitate to contact me!
September 6, 2019
My Story/Mom’s Tragedy -Part 1
After 17 years since my mom‘s diagnosis of severe dementia at age 59, it tears me up and stirs emotions in me that I don’t think will ever go away. It’s always hard to recall painful memories, but it’s also helpful in reminding us of our progress and how far we’ve come in the healing. In my case, I’ve decided to write a book about my experience and to also guide caregivers in all areas pertaining to caregiving, There was a time I knew very little about what it was to be a caregiver even though I watched my mother as a teenager care for my stepfather. Listen and hear our unique story of how caregiving entered my life and dementia began taking my mom‘s life from her. This is part one because the story took longer than I thought it would to tell. I didn’t want to leave out important stuff, but I also wanted to keep it short, so I split it into two episodes. I hope my story helps you be guarded and aware of the possibilities that people are out there looking for opportunities to take it avantage of vulnerable people which is what happened with my mom. I began caregiving when there wasn’t much help for caregivers and it was at the worst time in my life. I was entering a divorce after 14 years of marriage with two children to raise on my own. I had no help, and mom was all the support I needed, until she needed mine. Within six-month. I divorced, underwent a total hysterectomy, went through physical therapy following a severe car auto accident, and my mother developed early onset dementia. One thing I know is that a positive attitude will take you very far, and since were all human self care is key to surviving as a caregiver. Thank you for listening to my story and hearing about mom, because she would’ve wanted me to share it with you in order to help others avoid pain. I dedicate this podcast to my mom. She was my rock and fortress and I miss her deeply. She taught me, thru her tragedy, how with determination and an empowering mindset I can overcome any circumstance. Remember to always include yourself in the care you give. Visit my website to learn more, see photos of mom and subscribe for a copy of my book at
August 30, 2019
Caregiver Crisis - Get Ready, it's Coming!
In this episode I briefly touched on the current caregiver crisis in America. Things are looking pretty bad. The more I do my research the more I see why the media isn’t talking about it much. I still meet people who haven't even heard about it. Experts say it's inevitable and will hit the U.S. around 2030.  Bottom line is there will be devastation and the only way to it is to plan and prepare.  This crisis will affect our country very hard, causing families so much suffering. As the baby boomers enter retirement years in the coming years, it will be also when our country will have a shortage of caregivers like never before in history. Do a search on Google to learn more, or buy my book to learn more about what they are predicting.  You won't see a lot of news about it but it's coming to the surface.    When you first hear news something terrible is going to happen, panic can set in and we tend to focus on how bad. It's vital we work on awareness and prepare ourselves. The crisis will affect people differently, but the majority of folks will be caught off-guard and their lives may be ruined.  You can do your part by doing research and sharing the news.  Let's not focus on the worse things that can happen, but on what we can do to help change the impact it will have on our nation. Stressing out only makes you feel worse. Work on finding solutions now to the problems we might face is one approach. Planning for the future will be the best thing we all can do to help.     If you’re already a caregiver and need help, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask. Caregiving has been a part of my life for over 25 years, In my book redefining caregiving I offer help to caregivers and their families. I touch on a broad range of topics commonly affecting caregivers. I provide one on one consultations for caregivers who want to transform their caregiving journey.  Why wait for answers when so many people have already been where you are and can help?  I have created some easy strategies for making life easier and putting your mind at ease. Remember, to include yourself in the care you give every day.  Remember to include yourself in the care you give by planning and preparing for whatever the future could hold.  Always Caring, Sam Damm Contact me at Redefining Caregiving Website : FB-Redefining Caregiving: Instagram: Twitter: Linked In: Apple Podcasts:
August 30, 2019
Keeping Balance
Hey everyone, I got a text reminder saying I used 50% of my usage for the month on my Internet bill. I was like what? How do I slow it down? What am I using? I need to figure out how to cut my usage down. Where do I start? As these questions flu around in my mind, I went on the Internet to investigate and saw the word BALANCE. There’s a lot of words thrown around on social media and there’s a few I really embrace. Today this one brought me revelation. 50% usage is not balanced if I’m only halfway through the month. I live a pretty controlled and balanced life so this bothered me. The fact I couldn’t recall what I was using or where my usage was allocated, made me feel like a user. We are all users, but we need to balance it out with giving. If we don’t we’re just users. My Internet usage reminder caused me to question the other areas of my life. We are responsible for how much we take and how much we gift. Listen to the people around you when you ask them if they feel like you’re using or giving more in the relationship. Ask yourself if what they say is true and then provide the opposite of what they’re complaining about. This is how you bring balance. Caregivers are used a lot without resources to take from, so they need to be creative in finding ways to get. Want to learn more about how to live a balanced life? contact me at Sign up for my book remember to always include yourself in the care you give!
August 30, 2019
Finding Comfort in Conforming
I was making a pot of soup this morning and it triggered this podcast. I decided to blanch some cherry tomatoes but there is this one tomato that was working against me. It refused to crack and shed its skin no matter how long I boiled it. As long as it was exposed to that heat it should’ve cracked but it didn’t.That’s when I said out loud “You remind me of myself.” I found myself talking to a tomato and realized I better share the analogy in a podcast instead. Sometimes we leaders or entrepreneurs don’t want to shed our skin and become exposed or conform to a situation. We stand there on the outside while everyone else is working towards whatever it is at that time.No wonder people can’t connect with us, if we don’t shed our skin and let allow them in. This podcast encourages you to question why you don’t want to conform and if it’s for the wrong reasons you should try to conform a little in order for others to understand what’s inside of you. You decide but remember keeping a tight skin doesn’t allow others to enjoy what you have to offer. You can’t enjoy them unless you allow them in to your life. Sometimes it’s a good thing to not conform and sometimes it is. I believe in moderation. If conforming means to support something you stand strongly against then you should not. If it’s to serve a better purpose other than yourself and for the greater good I think it’s a nice thing to do. I went years being rigid and standing outside the arena of everyone else. Now I have one small open slit in my outer skin that I allow only select people to enter and it’s working out pretty good for me. The more I open up the better feels. Take care of yourself and do what’s best for you.
June 7, 2019