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One heart left

One heart left

By Chris Quantrell
A podcast about video games and climate change. In one heart left we shine a light on unsustainable practices and we’ll dive deep into the gaming industry and gaming culture and what they have to do with climate change and sustainability.

Most importantly: This is a show where we have solution oriented conversations! Happy listening :)
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Let's talk about video games and climate change! Episode 1 🎮❤️🌍
Climate crisis bad. Video games good, but bad for climate. Let's talk about that! Evolution produced a behavior we call playing (more commonly known as gaming). It’s the most natural, fun and engaging way we adapt and learn about ourselves, our environment and others. Let’s use that to come together and be part of the solution during this global crisis. Join the conversation here and check out Thanks!!! Questions & feedback: Climate change science:   Offsetting:
February 11, 2020