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"RED Talks"

"RED Talks"

By RED Network
We are a network of radical socialists within the political party People Before Profit, a 32 county socialist organisation on the island of Ireland, in Europe. Ireland is changing and we're reflecting what mainstream media won't!
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Housing for "all" is not all it seems

"RED Talks"

Housing for "all" is not all it seems
After a short break, Barbara is back and this episode is all about housing again! Government has announced their latest stunt when it comes to the seemingly never ending housing and homelessness crises that Fianna Fáíl and Fine Gael deliberately orchestrated over many decades. They are calling it "Housing for all" but, as Barbara highlights, it's anything but!! Of the 26 counties, 12 are to be excluded entirely from the "scheme" and this makes the word ALL meaningless. Barbara is joined by Independent county councillor Gerry Warnock from Longford. Successive FF/FG led governments have taken the loyalty of counties like Longford for granted over the decades and here we are again where a so called plan to tackle housing manages to leave Longford and 11 other counties out of the room. Listen and share, as this is a really important failure of government to take rural Ireland seriously. "The devil is in the detail"... This is a "Red Talks" podcast series, produced by the Red Network which is an integral part of People Before Profit.
October 2, 2021
The housing crisis and the Traveller Community
We open series two with a focus on the housing crisis. This week Barbara is joined by Martin Collins who is co-director of Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre. This is the first in our series focusing on the housing and homelessness crises that Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil have deliberately manufactured over several decades. Each week we will have guests telling their story and highlighting their plight. From renters being forced from their homes to young people locked out of the property market and the private rental sector, as well as public housing maintenance issues and failures of local authorities to properly maintain existing housing or build new homes. This is a "Red Talks" podcast series, produced by the Red Network which is an integral part of People Before Profit.
August 7, 2021
Series one review and updates
In this episode, Barbara is joined by James O'Toole and they discuss the topics covered to date in series one of our podcast series that takes a look at issues in Ireland from a Socialist perspective. We're taking a short break and will be back with series 2 starting on Sunday 8th August. Series 2 will focus on the ongoing housing and homelessness crises with each podcast focusing on a specific aspect of this ever worsening situation that impacts the lives of so many families and young people. We are also focusing on the upcoming NHHC Rally on 15th September at 5:30pm outside Dáil Éireann. This is being organised as a mass demo by The National Homeless and Housing Coalition. So join us again each Sunday from 8th August and we hope that you enjoyed series one. This is a "Red Talks" podcast series, produced by the Red Network which is an integral part of People Before Profit.
July 18, 2021
Dublin Bay South By-Election - THE candidate for the people
We thought about doing a podcast with all of the candidates seeking to replace Eoghan Murphy from Fine Gael as a TD for Dublin Bay South, but then we decided that there wasn't much point as it's a mix of establishment goons, establishment wannabes and some bizarre individuals who don't understand reality. One candidate stood out and is standing for all of the correct reasons. She is a worker, a renter and a young woman. Her name is Brigid Purcell and she's a campaigner, a Socialist, a fighter and a true representative of the forgotten generation that establishment Ireland has worked so hard to create. In this podcast, Brigid joins our host Barbara Smyth to outline her reasons for running, her experiences as a young woman in today's Ireland and what she offers to bring to Dáil Éireann if elected. As the only proper Socialist on the ballot paper, we at "Red Talks" are endorsing Brigid, who is the People Before Profit candidate. If you want to see Brigid join the other Socialist TD's in our Oireachtas, please give her your number ONE vote on 8th July. Brigid won't get transfers from the establishment parties, so if you think you'd like to see her represent you and you have a vote in the constituency, or if you know someone that does, please give her your No.1 PURCELL Brigid (Solidarity/PBP) is how she will appear on your ballot paper. Make you vote count - vote No.1 for the only Socialist seeking election in Dublin Bay South this Thursday! This is a "Red Talks" podcast series, produced by the Red Network which is an integral part of People Before Profit.  
July 7, 2021
Extinction Rebellion activist and PBP Socialist Orla Murphy - jailed for 5 weeks & banned from Dublin city!
This week we are joined by Orla Murphy who was arrested for spray painting The Department of Foreign Affairs building in March 2021. Orla was just 19 at the time and in this podcast she shares her experience at the hands of establishment Ireland with Red Talks host Barbara Smyth. This is a "Red Talks" podcast series, produced by the Red Network which is an integral part of People Before Profit.
July 4, 2021
Families bereaved during the pandemic - new campaign group
This week Barbara Smyth is talking with representatives from a newly formed campaign group called Loved ones lost - Memory stone memorial. Fidelma Mansfield, Carrie Haskins and Trish Mc Nally, all of whom lost loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic join Barbara to share their personal stories and experiences of coping during such a difficult time with restrictions preventing visits and how this impacted them as families. Their campaign grew from a support group that was established to help fellow families all over Ireland, and beyond, to share and talk about their experiences, their grief and to remember their loved ones who passed away. They are seeking to have an official public place in every county where people can remember their loved one. This is a "Red Talks" podcast series, produced by the Red Network which is an integral part of People Before Profit.
June 27, 2021
Racism in Ireland - a discussion
This week we are joined by Darragh Adelaide, a Socialist activist and anti-racism campaigner. Host Barbara Smyth and Darragh discuss the origins of racism and specific examples of how and why it's an unfortunate feature in Irish society. From political policing, Traveller discrimination, cover-ups, outright racism and the very different way "certain" campaigns are treated by establishment Ireland based on class, race and political flavour. It's all teased out in this episode. This is a "Red Talks" podcast series, produced by the Red Network which is an integral part of People Before Profit.
June 19, 2021
Solas are using Safe Pass as a money making racket. Workers want fairness restored!
Solas, the state agency that is responsible for training in the workplace, are gouging workers by charging massive fees for the Safe Pass that all construction workers are required to have. A high court ruling said that this card should be renewed every 5 years at a cost of €32. But, Solas are making workers resit the whole course (which does not change) every four years and pay several hundred Euro's for the privilege. "Building Workers Know Your Rights" campaigners Gus MacDonald and Andrew Keegan join Red Talks host Barbara Smyth to discus this outrageous situation and system that costs workers by making them take a day off, without pay, and travel to a training course that they have to pay for themselves in order to renew a Safe Pass that they already have. The Solas procedure is in defiance of the high court ruling. And, there's more. Listen to this episode in conjunction with episode 5 in this series, because bogus self employment is a massive problem in the construction industry. It's touched on in this podcast, but our last episode was an exposé on it with Whistle-blower Martin McMahon! This is a "Red Talks" podcast series, produced by the Red Network which is an integral part of People Before Profit.
June 12, 2021
The Irish state facilitating fraud, knowingly! - Bogus Self Employment
This week we are joined by Martin McMahon who has spent over two decades exposing this trend that not only allows employers to avoid tax liabilities for workers, but is an aspect of a sick "Status Quo" that both Revenue and Social Welfare have colluded to sustain despite how damaging it is to both the individuals concerned and the economy of our county. Martin has written a book on this, which is available here, and he recently appeared before the Public Accounts Committee in government buildings to expose the reality of this awful situation that hurts workers, while allowing scrupulous businesses to avoid liability and responsibility to those same workers. Martin reveals to Barbara that this could be solved overnight, but the vested interests involved just don't want to address it, tackle it or remedy it. Workers suffer, while corporations profit. It's how Ireland works and it's WRONG! Listen in and please share, thank you. This is a "Red Talks" podcast series, produced by the Red Network which is an integral part of People Before Profit.
June 5, 2021
Who is actually talking about a border poll & what would a 32 county Socialist Ireland look like?
This week we are joined by Éamonn Ó Catháin and Madeleine Johansson to discuss the reality of the recent talk of a border poll and what a 32 county Socialist Ireland could look like. Who's actually discussing this and why? What is it like to live in Northern Ireland under partition and where are we really going with the discussion about reunification? Barbara Smyth teases it all out with Éamonn who lives in Belfast but has personal and business ties to the Republic and Socialist councillor Madeleine who represents People Before Profit on Dublin county council. It's not as simple as some in the media and various political movements with vested interests would have you think! Another Red Network podcast that asks the questions you really need to know the answers to. Tune in for all the details...
May 25, 2021
The case for legalisation of drug use & a story of addiction and the prison system
This week we are joined by Gino Kenny TD as well as Socialist activist Tom Hendy and his son Ivan to discuss the case for legalising drug use and the experiences of one family where drug addiction and the prison system failed them hugely.
May 17, 2021
Debenhams Workers speak out
This week Barbara Smyth is joined by Jane Crowe, a Union shop steward, Carmel Redmond, a Union committee member and Manuelle, a People Before Profit Activist, to discuss the dispute that these brave workers have been in for over a year now and some never before revealed details are outlines as well as a candid discussion of this protest that will benefit all workers going forward if the bill proposed by Solidarity/People Before Profit on Wednesday 12th May 2021 is adopted by government. This is one we'd ask you to share widely, thank you.
May 10, 2021
Activist Margaret O'Regan and Author James O'Toole join us
in the first of our series of RED Network podcasts, Barbara Smyth is joined by author James O'Toole to discuss his most recent book The Irish State and Revolution which was published in April 2021. Socialist activist Margaret O'Regan also joins Barbara to talk about the struggle for access to contraception in 1970's Ireland and the role played by Margaret and others in this amazing challenge to the church and establishment Ireland. We hope you enjoy this episode and continue to listen to our future episodes of RED Talks.
May 2, 2021