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By Rob Says
Sharpen Your Mind. Weaponize it.
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Let 'Em Burn - Men Running Their Mouths On Microphones

Rob Says

Let 'Em Burn - Misery Is The New Masculinity
Freedom is Suffering.  And boy, do you guys do it well.  Behold! I send you out into the world, Self Flagellates! Whip yourselves unto your gods and maybe some of that sinning pussy might grab you.  Join Nick, Bull, and me as we laugh heartily at your struggles and your suffering.  Because nobody gives a shit about it except you. Support The Channel: Send Me A Message, You Might End Up On A Video:
September 24, 2022
Let 'Em Burn - Men Running Their Mouths On Microphones
Join Nick, BullRush, and me as we are "Men Running Their Mouths On Microphones." Sit back, relax, and listen. Who knows? You just might learn something. Support The Channel: Send Me A Message, You Might End Up On A Video:
September 17, 2022
Have Plans For The Meet Up
Going out with a woman for the first time? Honestly, it doesn't matter if it's the first time or the 1000th time. You need to have a plan. Don't worry though bro, I got you covered. Support The Channel: Send Me A Message, You Might End Up On A Video:
May 02, 2022
Let 'Em Burn - The Secret To A Good Life: Tits And Soup.
Join Nick, BullRush, and me as we talk about leading and living a good life. Hint: It's Tits. And soup. Support The Channel: Send Me A Message, You Might End Up On A Video:
April 28, 2022
Let 'Em Burn - You Can't Be Bothered. Neither Can We.
You've been taking the latest advice from the latest guru. You've watched videos galore. You've read book after book after book. (Or so you claim. At least you got it and put it on your bookshelf, right?) You've taken one course after another. You've read and parroted all the latest platitudes. Feels good, doesn't it? The truth is, you can't be bothered. You can't be bothered to actually do the work.  Neither can we. We can't be bothered with your dumb ass. Support The Channel: Send Me A Message, You Might End Up On A Video:
April 26, 2022
Let 'Em Burn - It's All Haram, You Piece Of Shit
Join Nick, BullRush and me as we talk about all things Haram and otherwise. 2022 is the year you crush it and get unstuck. Support The Channel: Send Me A Message, You Might End Up On A Video:
April 21, 2022
Let 'Em Burn - No Showers Are Better Than Cold Showers
Join Nick August, BullRush and me as we delve into the depths of stupidity and body odor. R3TVRN to smelling like ass. Support The Channel: Send Me A Message, You Might End Up On A Video:
April 19, 2022
Let 'Em Burn - Tell Son. Won't Explain.
Join Nick, BullRush, and me as we tell you to tell your son that we won't explain. We never have, and we never will. Support The Channel: Send Me A Message, You Might End Up On A Video:
April 11, 2022
Let 'Em Burn - CYA aka Don't Eat Paint
Join Nick, BullRush, and me as we talk about the joys and fantasies of Covering Your Ass. Maybe it's okay to let people eat paint. Support The Channel: Send Me A Message, You Might End Up On A Video:
April 06, 2022
Let 'Em Burn - Time Wasters
Join Nick, BullRush, and me as we talk about "I ain't got time for that shit." Time Wasters. There's always Time Wasters. Support The Channel: Send Me A Message, You Might End Up On A Video:
April 04, 2022
Let 'Em Burn - DDS
"DDS" or "Dry Dick Syndrome." It plagues the best of us. It's when we would rather speculate and talk about pussy than on actually get some pussy. The "higher" the standards you have, the less you are probably actually getting.  Women are neither "high" or "low quality," they are just women. Support The Channel: Send Me A Message, You Might End Up On A Video:
March 31, 2022
Let 'Em Burn - Same As It Ever Was
It's that time again...   Support The Channel: Send Me A Message, You Might End Up On A Video:
September 23, 2021
Let 'Em Burn - Utah Chips & Southern Salsa
It's that time again...   Support The Channel: Send Me A Message, You Might End Up On A Video:
August 02, 2021
Let 'Em Burn - Never Too Young To Die
Some of you may too old to live, but you're never too young to die. Go forth and do what the internet tells you to do. Live your life for someone else because civilization and the West depend on it. Keep planning your life and maybe you'll get lucky and some of those plans might actually happen. More likely though, while you were busy planning your life, life had other plans and passed you by.   Support The Channel: Send Me A Message, You Might End Up On A Video:
July 08, 2021
Let 'Em Burn - Because Fuck You, That's Why
Join me and BullRush and possibly Nick August for a rare Sunday evening treat. Support The Channel: Send Me A Message, You Might End Up On A Video:
July 06, 2021
Salt Lake Sit-Down - "Crazy Bitches"
Join Joe and me today at 1pm CST, 2pm EST, and Noon MST as we talk about "Crazy Bitches." What to look for if that is your thing, what to watch out for if it's not your thing, some of the crazy bitches from our pasts, and WHY we went after them.   Support The Channel: Send Me A Message, You Might End Up On A Video:
June 29, 2021
Salt Lake Sit-Down - The "Joe Has Something To Say" Episode
Join Joe and I for this latest episode! It's going to be a winner for sure!   Support The Channel: Send Me A Message, You Might End Up On A Video:
June 24, 2021
Let 'Em Burn - Chasing The Dragon
Chasing the Dragon. What is it? Why do we do it? What happens if and when you catch it? Join Nick, BullRush, and me as we discuss this topic, because I do love to chase the dragon.   Support The Channel: Send Me A Message, You Might End Up On A Video:
June 22, 2021
Let 'Em Burn - All Along The Watchtower
Join Nick, BullRush and me as we talk about why it's better to be infamous than a tradcon.   Support The Channel: Send Me A Message, You Might End Up On A Video:
June 17, 2021
Let 'Em Burn - Rode Hard And Put Away Wet
Join Nick, BullRush, and me as we talk about all the things that are important to us, and more importantly, important to YOU!   Support The Channel: Send Me A Message, You Might End Up On A Video:
June 15, 2021
Salt Lake Sit-Down: The "It's About Goddamn Time" Episode With Special Guest, Zach From Dysfunctional Adults!
It's hard for me to believe that it took almost 3 YEARS for this podcast to happen, but it finally did! Join me with my Special Guest, Zach from the Dysfunctional Adults Podcast as we catch up, talk about what Zach has been doing, and what his future plans for audio narration and podcasting are. Support The Channel:  Send Me A Message, You Might End Up On A Video: Audio Books Narrated By Zach, Available on Audible: Dysfunctional Adults Podcast:
June 03, 2021
Salt Lake Sit-Down - The Love And Loss Episode. She's Not Yours, It's Just Your Turn.
Yep. She's not yours, it's just your turn. There's always another woman down the road, but goddamn do you miss them for awhile.  Joe and I talk about love and loss and what the true meaning of "She's Not Yours, It's Just Your Turn" means. With an appearance by our Special Guest: Thor! Support The Channel: Send Me A Message, You Might End Up On A Video:
June 01, 2021
Salt Lake Sit-Down #43 - Talking Shit With A CPA?? Special Guest: Chad Elkins
Only available here on Anchor, the ENTIRE interview with CPA Chad Elkins in one podcast! Salt Lake Sit-Down #43 Chad Elkins Part 1 Join Chad Elkins and me as we discuss Entrepreneurship and Abundance Mindset! You don't want to miss this one. Part 2: Chad Elkins and I continue our discussion: Raising rates, fucks to give, and a silver lining!   Support The Channel:  Send Me A Message, You Might End Up On A Video:  
May 29, 2021
Salt Lake Sit-Down "Nuggets" #5
In this episode of "Nuggets" I talk about the Media and Advertising, Managerial Positions, my Mindset with Women, Fear and Control, and Lust and Desire.   00:00 Intro  00:18 The Media And Advertising  01:46 Managerial Positions  03:00 Mindset With Women  03:52 Fear And Control  04:48 Lust And Desire  06:30 End   Support The Channel:  Send Me A Message, You Might End Up On A Video:
May 22, 2021
Salt Lake Sit-Down #4: "Nuggets" - Actionable Advice, Tell Me What To Do, Do The Work, Don't Preach
Here's another little "Nugget" for you. In this one, I cover some Actionable Advice, Men Telling Other Men What To Do, Doing The Work, Binary Thinking, Don't Preach, and D.E.E.R.   Support The Channel: Send Me A Message, You Might End Up On A Video:
March 18, 2021
Salt Lake Sit-Down #3: "Nuggets" - I Do What I Want, Manners, & The Manipulated Man
Support The Channel:  Full Episode:  I talk about a woman who liked to post/rant on Facebook: "I Do What I Want!" I talk about Manners, and the lack of them. I also talk about the book, The Manipulated Man by Esther Vilar   The Manipulated Man can be purchased here:  00:00 Intro  00:19 I Do What I Want!  01:45 Manners  03:40 The Manipulated Man  07:37 Ending
March 14, 2021
"Dominic"   A couple of weeks ago I met a young guy that I will call Dominic. When I say he's young, he's approximately 25 or 26 years old. Dominic works construction as a foreman or some such for his company. Dominic has a son and is now divorced. Dominic and I met over a couple of beers and he told me some of his life story. His wife filed for divorce about a year ago and that divorce is now finalized and done. The now ex-wife has moved on with her life and is actively dating and fucking other guys. Dominic gets to see his son every other weekend and he has quite a bit of parental rights that he exercises. Dominic pays his ex-wife some form of child support.   Support The Channel: Send Me A Message, You Might End Up On A Video:  Popular Videos -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Twitter Notifications:  The Hardest Red Pill Truth I've Had To Swallow So Far:  On Being A Short Man:  Stop Chasing Women:  Men Love Idealistically, Women Love Pragmatically:  Briffault's Law:  The Lonely Old Man:  Carl From Black Label Logic #1:  Carl From Black Label Logic #2:  Video Editing w/Rian Stone:
March 04, 2021
False Bravado
False Bravado   Keeping your frame, being "alpha," being stoic, focusing on your mission while crushing it, spin more plates, have more options, being hard to kill, and other assorted buzzwords, slogans, and jingles are great. They are great until your world comes crashing down around you. They are great when everything is fine. What they aren't, is great when you are falling apart.   Support The Channel: Send Me A Message, You Might End Up On A Video:  Popular Videos -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Twitter Notifications:  The Hardest Red Pill Truth I've Had To Swallow So Far:  On Being A Short Man:  Stop Chasing Women:  Men Love Idealistically, Women Love Pragmatically:  Briffault's Law:  The Lonely Old Man:  Carl From Black Label Logic #1:  Carl From Black Label Logic #2:  Video Editing w/Rian Stone:
February 25, 2021
Salt Lake Sit Down #1 "Nuggets" - Working For The Man, The APA, & Stop Following Women
Support The Channel: Full Episode on YouTube: Full Episode on Anchor: In this "nugget" I cover: Working for the Man, the con's of it. The American Psychological Association (APA) and how they are against conventional masculinity. I also cover how you should Stop Following Women on social media.
February 21, 2021
There Is No Spoon
There Is No Spoon... There is no gender war...   Guys, I'm going to say something that might be considered anathema and controversial, but here goes.  There is no gender war. The only gender war that I'm seeing is on social media and in various media outlets. If all you do is consume what's on the internet and on the television, of course there's a gender war. When I go out at night, when I'm out and about doing my job, when I'm out grocery shopping or running errands, I don't see a gender war anywhere around me.   Support The Channel: Send Me A Message, You Might End Up On A Video: Popular Videos -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Twitter Notifications:  The Hardest Red Pill Truth I've Had To Swallow So Far:  On Being A Short Man:  Stop Chasing Women:  Men Love Idealistically, Women Love Pragmatically:  Briffault's Law:  The Lonely Old Man:  Carl From Black Label Logic #1:  Carl From Black Label Logic #2:  Video Editing w/Rian Stone:
February 18, 2021
Salt Lake Sit-Down #42 - w/ Rian Stone! The Art Of Storytelling & Video Creation
Support The Channel:  To really get all of the benefits of this podcast, you really need to WATCH it instead of just listening to it, here is the original cast on YouTube: Join Rian Stone and me as we discuss the Art Of Storytelling and Video Creation. We'll be talking about video editing software, video editing, routines, effects, and hopefully how to tell a story. You don't want to miss this one!
February 14, 2021
Ladies, Why Your Man Doesn't Want To Have Sex With You. The Truth Revealed!
Support The Channel:  Aaron Clarey at started off with a video of his own on this exact question. He's on to something with this, and according to my own research, he would be correct.  Ladies, are you wondering why your Man won't have sex with you like he used to? Watch and learn the truth...  "Why Your Husband Doesn't Want To Sleep With You Anymore":
February 11, 2021
Salt Lake Sit-Down #19 The Drunken Ranting Dating App Episode With Carl From Black Label Logic
Support The Channel: This is the episode you've all been waiting for and dreading! Carl from, Jack Napier, and I are going to sit down and discuss dating apps. The pros, the cons, and everything in between.  White Knights and TradCons alike will be clutching their pearls and wringing their hands!
February 07, 2021
One Key Step To Not Giving A Fuck
Support The Channel:  When I first found this "space," this thing that we call the Red Pill, and when I found what we love to hate to call the "Manosphere," I didn't find it on Reddit. I just remember being miserable and typing in some search terms in our favorite Oracle and I ended up sifting through a lot of stuff and I landed at Rollo's blog....   Rian Stone's Red Pill Side Bar:  One Key Step To Not Giving A Fuck:
February 04, 2021
Let 'Em Burn - Are You Winning Son?
Support The Channel:   Join Nick, BullRush, and me as we talk about the Art of Winning, "Balls," Community Property, and Common Law Marriage. It don't cost nothing, come on in.
January 31, 2021
A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day
Support The Channel:  The Red Quest wrote a great article a couple of days ago, it's titled, The Most Stridently Asserted Opinions Will Disappear Down The Memory Hole. It's a great read and it got me to thinking...   The Red Quest:
January 28, 2021
The Salt Lake Sit-Down #41 - The Return Of The Southern Man
Support The Channel:  It's the Return of the Southern Man! Join Joe and me as we talk about all of the things that are pressing and current, at least to us! We talk about current events, we touch on frame, why you should or shouldn't get your own place, and much more!
January 25, 2021
Let 'Em Burn - Crushing It With Passion
Support The Channel:  Join Nick, BullRush and me as we talk about crushing it with passion.  Crushing what? It, of course. We are crushing IT.
January 23, 2021
Let 'Em Burn - Masculinity And The Shed Years
Support The Channel:  Join Nick August, BullRush, and me for all things shed-related. We'll be discussing the various pros and cons of different types of materials to build your shed out of. We will also be discussing why BullRush prefers aluminum sheds to either wood or concrete sheds, and why he is wrong.
January 22, 2021
Time Wasters
Support The Channel:  I've been active on Twitter and other forms of social media in a "serious capacity" for over two years now. I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to Twitter. On one hand, it's where I've met some seriously incredible people. Smart, funny, knowledgeable, you name it. It also happens to be my best medium for putting my "message" out there....
January 21, 2021
The Salt Lake Sit-Down #40 - Talking Guitars...With A Drummer??!! Caio & Chad From The Failsafe Join The SLSD!
Support The Channel:   Join Chad and Caio from The Failsafe as we talk guitars, music, and some really interesting things from our pasts.
January 20, 2021
The Salt Lake Sit-Down #39 - Joe From
Support The Channel:  Join Joe from and me as we talk about all sorts of things from fitness and nutrition, the sexual marketplace of today, and of course, women!
January 19, 2021
The Salt Lake Sit-Down #38 - Caio & Rob, The Music Episode
Support The Channel:  Join me and Caio, the guitarist from the band The Failsafe as we talk all things music.   Is Led Zeppelin the greatest band of all time? Is Metallica the new Led Zeppelin?   We give our "Top 5 Guitarists Of All Time."   We talk shop about some equipment, guitars, guitarists and much more!
January 18, 2021
What Do You Want?
Support The Channel:  What do you want? It's probably the simplest question to ask yourself, but there's no easy answer. Before you listen to anyone about anything, you need to ask yourself, "What do I want?" And then go from there. Everything else is logistics.
January 14, 2021
Support The Channel:  I did a two-part poll the other day as I wanted to see what people would be willing to die for. Check out the screen shot above. Twitter would only let me have four options total, and so I had to combine a couple of the items into one item each....
January 07, 2021
The Relationships I Don't Want
Support The Channel:  Right after my Mother died, my Father and I had a real genuine, man-to-man talk about his and her relationship. He shed some light on it for me that was truly eye opening. I had imagined that they were together out of "true love." Not that bullshit, blue-pill "The One Soul Mate" shit that's part of well, everything, but that they genuinely really loved each other....
December 31, 2020
Beating Off To Bond
Support The Channel:  I'm bringing up this topic today because I've been thinking about it for a while now. Any time someone brings up James Bond, I start thinking, "Here we go again, we're beating off to Bond...."
December 24, 2020
"Reel Shorts" Vol 2 w/ Jack & Rob
Support The Channel:  Some highlights from Episode 79 of Red Evening with Jack Napier and Rob. "Why Get Married?" "On Prostitution" "The Purity Test" "Never Pass Up On Pussy." "You've Touched A Dick." "Pregnancy & Vasectomies" "My Legacy" "I'm Not Your Guru" "#MeToo"   Full episode:  00:00 Intro  00:09 Why Get Married?  02:29 On Prostitution  03:48 The Purity Test  04:10 Never Pass Up On Pussy  04:26 You've Touched A Dick  04:44 Pregnancy & Vasectomies  04:59 My Legacy  05:27 I'm Not Your Guru  05:41 #MeToo  06:46 Outro
December 20, 2020
Support The Channel:  Whatever religion you follow, whatever you believe in or align with, stop and ask yourself this: Do you believe in it because it's what you actually know? Or is it because it's what you were told was so? What was "right?" What was "correct?"   Whatever particular belief, especially when it comes to religion, was most likely something that your parents and your society and culture put into you. Nothing necessarily wrong with that, but do you believe in it because it actually works for you?  Or do you believe in it because it's "just something you've always done?"  Have you given it more than a cursory thought? Or is it, "this is just the way it is?"
December 17, 2020
"Reel Shorts" Vol 1 w/ Jack & Rob
Support The Channel:  Some highlights from Episode 79 of Red Evening with Jack Napier and Rob. "I don't like giving head," the importance of a notch count, she has a dude, and just say no to dogs. Full episode:  00:00 Intro  00:08 I Don't Like Giving Head  00:39 The Importance of Notch Count  01:24 She Has A Dude  01:36 Just Say No To Dogs  03:51 Outro
December 15, 2020
A Guy Named "Dustin"
Support The Channel:  Recently I've had a couple of things transpire, and it just so happens that both things can be related to one another.  The first thing that happened is I ran into a guy on Facebook that I used to go to school with. I'll call him, "Dustin." From K through 12 I went to school with this guy. He was the kid that felt that hygiene wasn't a priority. From messy, dirty, greasy hair, to bad breath and dirty teeth, to body odor... You get the picture.....
December 10, 2020
Support The Channel:  Matt wrote a great post the other day about getting his tastebuds back. It's a great post, do him and me a solid and go check it out.  I'm many things in life, there is no one thing that defines me in totality. I'm educated both in the classical, classroom, book sense, and I'm also educated from the school of hard knocks. I'm a Man first and many other things second, third, and so on.   One thing I am is a Hedonist....   Matt's Blog Post:
December 03, 2020
Never Tell Me The Odds Pt 2
Support The Channel:  My friend and I were talking more or less all night long about women. His goal from the time that I have known him is that he wants "younger, hotter, tighter." Why wouldn't he? What's not to want? Problem with my friend is that he's in his head too much....
November 26, 2020
When You Want For Nothing
Support The Channel:  When you want for nothing...  It's damn near impossible to sell something to you.  I made a tweet a couple of days ago, saying "If by saving the west, you mean: semen retention, sunning your asshole, 'don't lean in bro!' and what is or isn't alfa, I'd rather let the fucker burn."...
November 19, 2020
The Struggle Is Real
Support The Channel:  The Struggle Is Real...  And ultimately, nobody gives a shit about your struggles except you.  Life is a struggle, always has been, always will be. We look for meaning in our struggles, we look for why we struggle. In short, we look for answers.  Here's the thing though....
November 12, 2020
Support The Channel:  A lot of guys are making the argument for asceticism recently. Whether it be "abstaining" from sex and/or masturbation, abstaining from alcohol and/or drugs, abstaining from different types of foods, or a myriad of other off-the-wall ideas, the concept of not doing is becoming popular again....
November 05, 2020
"Little Red"
Happy Halloween! Sit down everybody and listen closely, for I have a story to tell.  You all know about things that go bump in the night, the mystical and mysterious creatures of legend. You all know about werewolves, witches, and vampires.  You've all heard about The Jersey Devil and El Chupacabra, but how many of you know about...  Little Red?... Support The Channel:
October 31, 2020
Be Gone, Stay Gone
Support The Channel:  "If you're gone, then be gone. Stay gone. I don't have time for anything else." - Me  I tweeted this because out of nowhere, my ex-girlfriend decided to text me. I haven't texted with her in over 8 months and it's been over 9 months since I last actually talked to her. The funny thing is, she texted me 9 months to the exact day from the last time that I talked to her...
October 29, 2020
Support The Channel:   Trust.  What is it? According to Webster, trust is:  a: assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something b: one in which confidence is placed We as Men want to trust. We want to trust that the sun will rise in the east and set in the west. We want to know that if someone says they will do something, they will do it. We want to know that if we say something to you in confidence, that you will keep your mouth shut and not repeat it.   We want to trust....
October 22, 2020
Support The Channel:   Let's talk about marriage...   Before I get into the "meat of the matter," let me start off with a couple of things:  I'm not against marriage as a whole....
October 15, 2020
Support The Channel:  Time. It's the one commodity that you can never get back. I've said it before elsewhere, you can always make more money, you can always get another job or start another business, or get into another career. You can even start new relationships, whatever flavor they may be, whether they are platonic or romantic....
October 08, 2020
Support The Channel:   Brett is a good guy, at least on the surface. At first glance he's fit, put together, intelligent, and knowledgeable about many things, especially women. Just ask him and he'll tell you how big of a lady killer he was.....
October 01, 2020
When Binary Goes Bad...
Support The Channel:  I had a conversation with a guy a while back, who chooses anonymity online for a variety of reasons. One of them apparently is that he doesn't look a "certain way." That got me thinking...
September 24, 2020
The Salt Lake Sit-Down with Special Guests Caio and Jesse from The Failsafe!
Caio and Jesse from The Failsafe will be joining us to do some of their material from their album "Erasing Color."  Come in and check these guys out, you won't want to miss it! You can find The Failsafe at:   Check out their merchandise and pick up their album while you are at it. It's worth it!   Their latest video: "Remind Me I'm Alive"
September 21, 2020
What You Need More Of Is...
Support The Channel:   One of the things that I've noticed lately, yet again, is guys wanting to do more reading. There's nothing wrong with reading, you get knowledge, entertainment, comprehension, and in some cases, an escape from the doldrums of life.
September 17, 2020
Red Flags Are A Green Light
Support The Channel:   "Red flags are a green light." - Jack Napier and Troy Francis, I believe.   There's nothing wrong with a woman with a bunch of red flags. Red flags are a green light if you know what you want from that encounter. Crazy chicks can be a huge amount of drama and they can be a drain on you, especially on your energy and your emotions. They can even be dangerous, and I mean that in a "stabby" way. Then again, some of the craziest women I have met have also been the most adventurous when it comes to damn near anything.
September 10, 2020
College Experience
Support The Channel:   One of my subscribers wrote to me and asked me about my college experience and what I would do differently if I had to do it over. So here's an Older Man telling his Younger self, what he would do differently if he knew then what I know now.
September 03, 2020
The Ultimate Goal
Support The Channel:   “Is the ultimate goal of an older man to get so set in his life that there’s nothing consequential a woman can add to his lifestyle except herself?” – Dr. Lucas Bly"   YES.
August 27, 2020
Salt Lake Sit-Down #36 - The Return Of Carl From Black Label Logic
Support The Channel:  Carl is going to be drinking Scotch. I'm going to be drinking beer. We are going to be talking about things that are relevant to you and we are going to be talking about things that aren't relevant to you. Since we will both be drinking, who knows what is going to happen?  We talk about purity tests, we talk about approach and kino escalation. We talk about being attractive, but most importantly, we talk about DON'T be UNATTRACTIVE.
August 23, 2020
Hold My Beer
Support The Channel:   When we talk about men versus other men, we are talking about intrasexual competition. We are guys, we like to brag, to boast, and to compete. You all are with me so far right?   What if it all sums up to:   "Dude, hold my beer."
August 20, 2020
Salt Lake Sit-Down #35 - The Return of the Salt Lake Sit-Down
Support The Channel:  Updates! Carl from Black Label Logic is coming up (probably!) John Steele makes great soap so that you can wash your balls. Lots and lots of FREE business advice. Date women with tattoos or be so picky that you'll choose yourself right out of the gene pool, either way, more for me! The Million Dollar Chat is in the house! Beer and Wine flow freely and a guest appearance from Vince of Masculine Geek, and much, much more!
August 15, 2020
I Can Do What I Want
Support The Channel:   I can do what I want. Mind your own business. As Billy Joel once sang, “Go ahead with your own life, leave me alone.”
August 13, 2020
Social Wasteland
Support The Channel:   ....It would be fun and sexy, these girls have great moves and the curves in the right places to match, but they don't know how to honestly interact with others. They are the very definition of "socially awkward."....
August 06, 2020
Good Intentions
Support The Channel:   The road to hell is paved with good intentions. - Unknown   Several years ago in a prior life at a prior job, I had a co-worker who recommended a film to me. The title of that film escapes me now, but I do remember watching it, and it was terrible. It was so bad that I wanted the two hours of my life back. I remember that same co-worker asking me if I had seen the film and when I said yes, I remember them looking delighted and then offering another suggestion of something to watch. I had already seen this particular film, and it was another film that I wanted my two hours back from.   The point I'm getting at here is....
July 30, 2020
Is It Useful....To You?
Support The Channel:   Humor me for a bit if you would, I have a couple of scenarios for you. I want you to think about them and what you would do....
July 23, 2020
It's An Invitation
Support The Channel:   A good-looking (7.5) extremely fit girl in the gym that I see often engage in some dribble of a conversation then tells me her boyfriend has been sent to overseas for an assignment. Is this an opening or a way to keep me away :-)?
July 16, 2020
Over-analysis and TL;DR
Support The Channel:   One thing that I have encountered time and time again is guys over-analyzing things. I get it, hell I do it too. I used to be really bad at it in fact. I would go over things so many times and in all the painful detail that I possibly could, that it would end up paralyzing me into inaction. Hence the term, over-analysis leads to paralysis....
July 09, 2020
A Case For Normalcy
Support The Channel:   Maybe it's just been my experience, but one of the things that I have noticed for a while now on Twitter is that many of the guys in that space have "a little spot of the 'tism." (h/t Rian Stone for that phrase.)....
July 02, 2020
Never Tell Me The Odds
Support The Channel:   Are taller men more desirable to women? I would say yes. Are there certain genetic features and traits that women find more desirable than others? Sure, why not? I know I'm no different when it comes to finding certain traits and features more desirable than others.  Honestly though, I don't care.
June 25, 2020
Support The Channel:   Michael's Story:   I watched a couple of Rian Stone's latest videos on his channel recently and he's going over some material that has been in circulation now for nearly 8 years. The two latest videos that caught my attention was Michael's story and Confessions of a Reformed Incel. In both videos, Rian points out and breaks down some really interesting information, and what is interesting and a little sad to me is that "what is old is new again." Not to sound like a cliche, but the more things change, the more they stay the same. Check out those videos though, they are worth the time and worth the price of admission...
June 18, 2020
The Two Most Unattractive Things About You
Support The Channel:   I'm going to talk to you about what I believe are the two most unattractive things, or traits, that you as a man can have. You may disagree, and that's fine, but these were the two that I have had at one point in my life or another that contributed the most to my lack of success with women....
June 11, 2020
Unpleasant Truth
Support The Channel:   Only you can decide for yourself if and when you want to do something different. Only you can give up your excuses. Until you do, you will stay right where you are. You will do nothing different, you'll be nothing different, and you're life will continue to go down the path that it is on. For some of you, that means your life will go nowhere.  Then one day you will die. And that will be it.
June 04, 2020
The Black Pill
Support The Channel:   Apparently while I've been doing other things, MGTOW and "Incels" have become a thing again in the 'Sphere.  I don't really understand people's fascination with either group, they hold very little interest for me. Like Darth Vader said, "Asteroids (MGTOW's and Incels) do not concern me, Admiral."  They don't concern me because I'm not one of them. I don't have a problem with meeting and attracting women and getting laid and women don't leave a foul taste in my mouth, so I really have nothing in common with them....
May 28, 2020
Why You Shouldn't Care About Karen
Support The Channel:   I see so many guys "unplugging from the Matrix and taking the Red Pill," finally starting to understand women's behavior and whatnot, and while they are getting out of the Matrix, they are still stuck in the Web.  The Web of Mainstream Media and Social Media....
May 21, 2020
Thin-Skinned Men
"Ben" and "Jerry" are a couple of guys that I work with who happen to be pranksters. These are the guys who will bust your balls, call you names to your face, hide your uniforms from you, put random shit in your locker, and even move your locker around on occasion. These two guys will do all sorts of shit to get a laugh. They are also the sort of guys that when they dish it out, you can better believe that they can take what's coming to them.  "Trevor" on the other hand... Support The Channel:
May 14, 2020
So You Wanna Do A Live Show?
Support The Channel:   Here I give some tips, and some do's and don'ts based off of my experience of running live shows, whether as a host or as a guest.
May 07, 2020
Open Letter...
Support The Channel:   Playlist for those interested in the other videos: I wrote a blog post back in February of 2019, and while some of the specific content of that post is now dated, the general message is still valid.  Especially now during these unsettled times, the main message of that blog post is more relevant and more timely than before.  We are watching and the Internet Never Forgets.
April 30, 2020
Now Is The Time
Support The Channel:   On Sunday I had another Salt Lake Sit-Down with Tim Keefe and Skelton. It was a great show. I highly recommend you check it out if and when you get a chance. There’s a lot to unpack and parse in it and a lot of good takeaways.  One of the things that we talked about, towards the end of the show was the need, now more than ever, for guys to use their voices. Guys like you listening to this....
April 16, 2020
Ruminations And Ramblings About COVID-19 And Other Things While On Route
Support the Channel: Https:// My thoughts about COVID-19 and other random topics while I was out on route. Basically done of the things that go through my head while doing my job. Personal, on the spot observations of what COVID-19 looks like in Salt Lake City right now.
April 11, 2020
Conversations On COVID
Support the Channel: Https:// Http:// Here are some of my thoughts, and those of a few guests, about COVID-19 at this time. Give it a listen and tell me what you think.
April 10, 2020
The Lonely Old Man
Support The Channel:   I've been thinking about "The Lonely Old Man" myth, and it is a myth, for awhile now. Fear-mongers and dipshits (see the photo) will try and capitalize on men's fear of being the "Lonely Old Man."  Got news for you....
April 09, 2020
Support The Channel:   Half.   That's what my workforce has been reduced to since the beginning of our ordeal with the virus. Half. I don't know if my work can reduce the workforce any more than they already have. If customers keep closing their doors to keep out the virus, there won't be enough work to warrant keeping our doors open at some point. And there we are....
April 02, 2020
Random Assholes On The Internet
Support The Channel:  What started out as a post on the Masculine Geek newsletter turned into a post here. I've fleshed it out a little bit more here, but you should go and sign up for the newsletter there if you haven't. You're missing out if you don't....
March 26, 2020
A Case Of The "One."
Support The Channel:   For you guys listening to this, I wish this was a work of fiction, some fantastical bullshit that I pulled out of my ass, but it's not. It's a true story.
March 19, 2020
"Jeremy" Part 2
Support the Channel:   The last time when we left off the story of our hero, "Jeremy" was still living with the woman and her two kids in a joint lease apartment. He was considering leaving her, and I even had suggested that that is what I would have done, if I had ended up in the same situation that he is currently in. Did "Jeremy" finally leave? Did he tell her to fuck off? Did "Jeremy" go scorched earth on her and set it all on fire?
March 12, 2020
Salt Lake Sit-Down #26 - Coronavirus, Media Manipulation, Chicks, and Music. With Special Guests!
Support the Show:   The Coronavirus, media manipulation, grey market, chicks, music, technology and Special Guest Episode. Special Guests include Jack Napier, Red Crusader, and making his debut performance, SkeltonDotElton.
March 08, 2020
I Only Bang 9's And 10's Brah
Support the Channel:   The link to the Linear 10:   I've always sort of struggled with the "1-10 scale," and that's because, at least to me, it's so subjective. What I consider an "8" you might consider a "5." I see and hear guys on Twitter all the time saying stupid shit like, "I only bang 9's and 10's brah," and it makes me laugh and roll my eyes....
March 05, 2020
Support the stream:   "Jeremy" is a guy I work with. He hired on approximately six months ago or so. He's in his mid-to-late 30's or maybe even his early 40's. I'm not sure exactly as I don't remember, but I do know that he told me his age at one point. He's got receding hair, wears glasses, and when he's not in the company uniform, he dresses pretty much like the next guy. He's got quite the beer gut on him, and for the most part, he's pretty forgettable. Basically he's a textbook definition of an average frustrated chump...
February 27, 2020
Salt Lake Sit-Down #25 - The RPG And Technical YouTube Studio Edition!
Support the Show:   I talk about my experiences with D&D, Cyberpunk 2020, Paranoia, and role playing games in general.  I also talk about my editing of videos for YouTube, my studio setup, mic, camera, etc. Plus some links in the chat for what I got and where I got it.
February 25, 2020
Support the stream:   Welcome to Idiocracy.  When guys with little to no experience are hailed as guru's and authorities, and guys with actual experience are either ignored or they are shouted down, you are in an idiocracy....
February 20, 2020
Jack And Diane
Support the stream:   A tragi-comedy in three acts:   Act One  Jack - "Hey Hotstuff!"  Diane - "Lol"   Act Two  Jack - "Hey Hotstuff!"  Diane - "I'ma married woman! Harassment!"   Act Three  Jack - "Muh feelz!"   End
February 13, 2020
Salt Lake Sit-Down #24 - Monogamy and Polygamy, IOI's, IOD's, Motorcycles, and More!
Support the stream:   The Red Queen:  Sex At Dawn:  Mating In Captivity:   Jack Napier and I discuss IOI's, monogamy vs polygamy (it's really monogamy with a side of adultery, we're all just opportunists.) We discuss weight and "diameter" of women's waists. You need to be faster than your buddy, but not faster than the bear.  Red Crusader joins me for a talk about losing weight and motorcycles. Sport bikes vs Cruisers. The pros and cons. What is the best starter bike for a new rider based on height and weight as well as what do you want the bike for.
February 09, 2020
"My Legacy"
Support the stream:   I've been seeing "My Legacy" tweets and posts a lot lately. If you are on Twitter and are part of the same circles that I run around in, I'm sure you are seeing it too.  Guys showing off their kids and what they are doing with them. Guys talking about their families and posting pictures of them.  On the surface, there is nothing wrong with this, as far as I'm concerned. It's a guy who is trying to be a positive role model for other guys who either have families of their own, or for guys who are interested in starting a family of their own one day.  But let's dig a little deeper...
February 06, 2020
Are You Experienced?
Support the Stream: The "anti-sex" people are doing a dis-service to themselves if you ask me. How are you going to be good at sex if you don't have sex? How are you going to know if a potential partner is good at sex if you haven't had anything as a reference point to base it off of? How are you going to know if you are sexually compatible?
January 30, 2020
Be Approachable
Support the channel:   Here's something I've noticed recently:  Lately I've been in contact with quite a few women. Some of them online, and some of them when I'm out and about. The really interesting thing is, they've all said something similar:...
January 23, 2020
Do You Even "Like" Women Part 2
Support the channel:   Larryzb commented on my post: Of course, the question arises: Do women even know how to love men these days? Have you taken that one up previously?  And I responded with: My experience recently is that they can and do, just not in ways that we as Men want or expect.  Now that I think about it, I haven't taken this one up previously. So I'm going to give my two cents on it now....
January 16, 2020
Do You Even "Like" Women?
Support the channel:   "A Man Who Loves Women is Loved By Women." - Zan Perrion.   Yeah yeah, Zan has received flak for being "purple pilled." He's definitely got a sort of "new age sensitive guy" thing going on and he can get all metaphysical, flowery, and mystical.  He's not wrong though.  I've got a serious question for you guys though. It might be one of the most serious questions of your life. You don't need to answer me, but you do need to answer to yourself, and be honest with yourself. There's no wrong answer here.  Here's the question:....
January 09, 2020
The New Little Rascals And Building Forts
Support the channel:   I've always considered myself as a guy who is interested in what "is" instead of what "ought to be," or what "was." I've always been interested in improving myself instead of trying to be a part of a group. I know that the desire to be a part of something "bigger" is a real thing, and we are herd animals by nature. We are social, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. I've been a part of different groups over the years. Everything from the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts when I was a kid, to having a band in high school, to being in an honor society during college, and the last group that I affliliated with and belonged to was a Motorcycle Club. I understand group affiliation and the need to belong....
January 02, 2020
Driven To Distraction
Support the channel:   It's almost the holidays around here. Work has gotten crazy, life has gotten crazy. People around me are going crazy. I'm going crazy. Too much shit to do, not enough time to do it. Too many articles to write, too many videos to shoot, too much all at once it seems....
December 26, 2019
Honor, Virtue, And Chivalry
The definition of honor according to Webster: A good name or public esteem. The definition of virtue according to Webster: Conformity to a standard of right. The definition of chivalry according to Webster: Literally, mounted men-at-arms. Or, a gallant or distinguished gentleman. These things all sound great don't they? Sure they do. They all sound great on paper and in theory. However, honor, virtue, and chivalry are nothing but "container" words...
December 19, 2019
I've had some people reach out to me recently, asking me about Stoicism. I'm flattered and surprised that they are asking me about it, because frankly, what I am and what I do, I don't consider "textbook" stoicism as it were. I don't even know if I would call it stoicism at all. I'm just doing "me."...
December 12, 2019
Delicious T, The Brand Of "Me" And You're Not Alone
I've been reading "Finally Some Good News," and "The Pussy" from the author Delicious Tacos. His material is raw to say the least. For a guy who is anonymous, and I've never met him, at least as far as I know, he's got to be one of the most honest men I've ever read in my life.... Finally Some Good News: The Pussy:
December 05, 2019
The Salt Lake Sit-Down #21
Support the stream:  Audacity, Nobody Gives A Shit Redux, Red Pill Authors, Guitars, Approach All Women, and More!
December 02, 2019
Demonstrating Higher Value
I've seen a lot of guys talking over the years about demonstrating higher value, or DHV. Now, here's the thing, I've seen a lot of guys talking about it, what it is, what it means, all sorts of definitions and whatnot. What I haven't seen though is a lot of guys actually demonstrating higher value....
November 28, 2019
I Do It For The Memories
Here's a little fun fact you may, or may not know about me: I'm a photographer. Not professionally mind you, but I've spent a lot of time behind the lense. My favorite type of photography has been landscapes, but I also love taking pictures of people. "Portraits." I don't do it for money because then it's work. And I definitely won't ever do wedding photography. I've seen what a nightmare that can be for the photographers who do it. Nope, not for me....
November 21, 2019
The Salt Lake Sit-Down #20 - Full Nut November, Technical Difficulties, Jobs, And More!
Support the stream:  Topics: Full Nut November, Chick Crack, Technical Difficulties, Knowing Thyself, and Do You Even "Like" Women?
November 17, 2019
Issues. I have issues, you have issues, we all have issues. I'm not talking about things like diabetes, stage four cancer, heart disease, or even something like high blood pressure. Those are issues. Those are things that if you don't handle them, they will eventually handle you.
November 14, 2019
Guys, there's always Another. There's always another job. There's always another way to make money. There's always another place to live. There's always more things (that you don't need) to buy...
November 07, 2019
Don't Be This Guy
Guys, stop doing this bullshit. Stop with this nonsense. There's always another woman out there. The screenshot referenced in this podcast reeks of desperation, neediness, and clinginess. Stop doing that.
October 31, 2019
Which One Will You Feed?
I wrote a post about how there is No Spoon. I still stand by that post. I received a little flack for it, not nearly as much as I thought I was going to get, and overall, it seemed to be met with either indifference or with some acceptance. I want to further explore what I started out with in that post....
October 24, 2019
Screaming Into The Void
Screaming Into The Void. It's a term I've come across recently. For me, it evokes an image of a person screaming into a gigantic, never-ending black nothingness. Nothing escapes the Void. Whatever goes into it never comes back out. No sound ever leaves it. Not an echo, not a murmur, not a whisper. Not even light can escape the Void. It's a black hole...
October 17, 2019
It Can't Be About Women..
The Manipulated Man: There's a lot of talk out there on the interwebs about having "your mission." What mission that is, is up to you. But apparently it can't be about women. Women are a compliment, not the mission itself. I get that. But why exactly can't women be your mission? What if I want to spend my days intertwined in their flesh? What if I want to wrap my arms around them and them me? I'm not talking about pedestalizing them here. I'm not talking about having them so much a part of my life that I don't know where I begin and they end...
October 10, 2019
The Reason We Do Anything
So I'm waking up to the sound of singing birds. Birdsong. It's nice really. I hear them outside the open window, it's not quite dawn. There's barely any purple in the sky at this time of morning. The birds are awake and they are singing. Always singing. It's reassuring to hear them sing. Let's you know that all is right in the world. At least for awhile. At least for now. But what is it exactly that they are singing about? Are they singing a song of joy and happiness? Are they singing for their upcoming meal? Are they telling me, "Hey Rob! Wake up buddy! Rise and shine! It's going to be a beautiful day!" Maybe. I'd like to think that that is what they are singing to me. As if they were actually singing to me. But they aren't. No, as a matter of fact, I know what they are singing about.... Support this channel:
October 03, 2019
Say Hello To The Night...
So many lost men. Going down one maze after another, chasing both real and imaginary carrots to become, what? Anything? "A Real Man?" You've sat at the knee of every woman of importance, and some that are not, for most if not all, of your lives. Asking, begging, demanding them to tell you what to do. How to be a Man. How to get the girls. How to be successful. How to have a quality life. How to be happy. How to... And the list goes on. And the women don't know. And they sometimes, unintentionally for the most part, lie to you. All the popular media, movies, music, and television shows, they lie to you as well. School lies to you and indoctrinates you. And most of the Men who you think knows something, well they are either absent, or they are just as lost and confused as you. Your religion lied to you somewhere too....
September 26, 2019
Salt Lake Sit-Down - The Bug Hunt And Testing Episode
Support the stream: Multistreaming with I'm bug hunting and testing streamlabs. Drop in and say hi and talk with me. I touched on college, community property, common law marriage, jobs, Salt Lake City Utah, and basically ran my mouth with the guys in the chat.
September 22, 2019
Our "demons" can come to be from a variety of ways. Trauma of one form or another is what comes first to my mind. Violence, assault, that sort of thing. Those "demons" can become that voice, or voices inside our heads that are our inner critics. Those voices that hold us back in fear and doubt. Those voices that tell you that you can't, and that you shouldn't and that you'll never be good enough. Here's the thing though:....
September 19, 2019
Call This What You Will
Lately I've been on a tirade of sorts about my own "axioms" or "ways that Rob does shit and views the world." 1. Be The Villain. 2. Let 'Em Burn. 3. Scorched Earth Policy. 4. Vote With Your Wallet. 5. Vote With Your Attention. I'm sure as time goes on, I'll be updating or even replacing these "maxims." I'll change and grow as I always do. I'll replace them when they no longer work and no longer make me happy. But until then, this is where I'm at and this is what works for me. Give them a shot, they may just work for you too. Scott Adams book:
September 12, 2019
Beautiful Mess
Your women are just women. Nothing more and nothing less. They are human beings full of desires and emotions. Trying to control that through guilt and shame, for them and for other men, is just going to backfire and blow up in your face eventually. All they are going to do is take those desires and hide them from you.
September 05, 2019
Authenticity and Anonymity
I keep thinking about a post that TJ Martinell wrote for Masculine Geek. He titled it, "Authenticity Is The Future Coin Of The Realm." I keep coming back to this post that he wrote, it's like a piece of food stuck in my teeth, a "thorn in my side," if you will. Not because what he wrote about isn't true, but because it is true. The more technology advances and evolves, the easier it is for us to connect with one another, but it's also easier to lie about who and what we are, and therein lies the problem.
August 29, 2019
You're going to be the Villain in somebody's story. Get used to it. For most of my life, I've tried to avoid this fact. I've done things and acted in certain ways all in order to avoid being the villain in somebody's story. I wanted to be the "good guy." I wanted to be the "hero." And even in some cases, I wanted to be the "savior." I've had to realize and accept the fact that I'm going to be the villain in somebody's story, at least for a period of time, and that's okay.
August 22, 2019
Love Junkies
 What do you think is the most powerful drug in the world? It isn't meth. It isn't coke. It isn't pot, LSD, 'shrooms, XTC, or alcohol. It's "love."
August 15, 2019
Be Selective
 Here's something I learned awhile ago, and it has made my life so much better. Be Selective.  Be selective about who you spend time with. There are a lot of people out there that will just waste your fucking time. Apparently, they don't have much or anything going on in their worlds, so they will want to be in yours and waste it.
August 08, 2019
Salt Lake Sit-Down #18 - Entitlement Tax, Chivalry, Interest, And More!
I'm talking about what I call the Entitlement Tax, Chivalry, Interest, And More!
August 03, 2019
The Internet Never Forgets
Many years ago, I had a co-worker who was literally the poster boy for the company. He had an incident happen, that for that particular industry, it was a really big deal. He did everything right, he did it by the book and did it by the numbers. Everything went perfectly. He was held up as the standard to aspire to for his fellow employees. Fast forward a year and the guy gets fired. He didn't get fired for theft, embezzlement, or any other sort of crime. Nor did he get fired for not doing his job. You see, he got fired for talking about work on the internet....
August 01, 2019
Life Coaches And Relationship Experts
  There's a lot of things that have irritated me throughout my life, but the one that pisses me off the most, hands down, is the so-called "life coach." The only thing that is worse than a "life coach," is a "life coach and relationship expert." What pisses me off so bad about these people you ask? Why I'm glad you mentioned it! Let's get right down to it shall we?
July 25, 2019
Salt Lake Sit-Down #17 - The Life, Love, Wine, Women And Song Show with Special Guest Vincent LaRosa
On this episode of the Salt Lake Sit-Down, I'm going to be talking with my fellow co-host and Brother, Vince LaRosa from Masculine Geek. We are going to be talking about wine, women, relationships, dating, life in general, and whatever else we come up with. Don't miss this episode!
July 22, 2019
Let 'Em Burn
I'm sitting here thinking about all the people I've met so far, all of the adventures that I have had. One of the recurring things that keep coming up, time and time again, is "how to save someone." The truth is, you can't save them. Only they can save themselves. You have to let them burn. While I would like to save others, it's not my job, nor is it appreciated for the most part. You can learn from other's mistakes, but at the end of the day, it's first hand experience that teaches best and teaches the most....
July 18, 2019
Salt Lake Sit-Down #16 - Being Rude, Stay In Your Lane, And More!
I'm going to talk about my experiences of people, and by people I mean women, being rude, what stay in your lane actually means, the upcoming Salt Lake Sit-Down with special guest, Vince LaRosa, and more!
July 14, 2019
Salt Lake Sit-Down #15 - What Social Media Is Really For, Authenticity, And More!
What Social Media Is Really For, Masculine Geek is Back, More on Dating Apps, Authenticity, and Minimalism.
July 12, 2019
Just Because You Can, Doesn't Mean You Should
What is the first rule of business? To make money. What is the second rule of business? See rule #1. I understand that being in business is about making money, I really do. I understand it completely. If your goal isn't to make money, you have no business being in business. That being said, there are ways to go about doing business. Sure you can fuck your employees over. You can do the same to your customers too. Or you can do things where you make money, provide a valuable service or product, your employees are happy, and so are your customers. Or you can just fuck everyone over. Yes, I know, I repeated myself. I repeated myself because it seems that that is the way of business these days. Tell the employees and the customers what they want to hear, and then fuck them over. I want you all to understand this:....
July 11, 2019
Visions Of Your Future
What this guy told was so profound, and so true, that I would say it's damn near prophetic. What I'm about to tell you Men, if you heed it and understand it, you will literally be able to see into the future. I'm not kidding. Here's the prophecy: The girl you are with now? Want to know what she will look like in ten years? Look at her mother....
July 04, 2019
No Free Lunch
"There's no free lunch," is something my Dad told me a long time ago. That little nugget has stood the test of time. There is no free lunch indeed. I hate to sound cynical, but when someone that I don't know or I barely know shows up bearing gifts, my first thought is, "What's in it for them? What's their angle? What do they want from me in return?" This also applies when the gift or the favor is large. Especially when I don't know the person or I barely know them. Beware the stranger or even the casual acquaintance that comes bearing gifts. The price may be more than you would want to pay. Look for the hook. It's in there somewhere. Somewhere there are strings attached, and the cost may be more than what its worth.
June 27, 2019
Integrity And Association
 Your most important asset is your reputation. Your word is your bond. If you say you are going to do something, you do it. If you screw up, and we all do, you do what you can to make amends and make things right.   You do something right, and the person you did right by will tell 10 people. You do wrong by somebody, they will go out and tell a thousand.
June 20, 2019
Regrets And Opportunities
The things that I do regret are the chances that I never took. The opportunities that I have missed out on because of hesitation or fear. Those are my regrets.   When it's your turn to die, when you are lying on your deathbed, what are you going to regret? I know I won't regret not spending more time at the office doing someone else's work to make them more money. I won't regret taking the chance on approaching and meeting someone new, and they aren't interested in what I'm offering them. At least there, I'll know. And if it doesn't work out the way that I had wanted it to? Oh well, things don't always go the way you wanted them to, but at least I tried. And for that, I have no regrets.
June 13, 2019
Man And Machine
 Today I want to address something that someone asked me about. The question that was asked of me was "How should a man deal with his emotions? Like anger, joy, sadness, etc?" It's a very good question, good enough that I wanted to share that question with you all and my answer of at least what has worked for me over the years....
June 06, 2019
Salt Lake Sit-Down #14 - Dating Apps Are Clown World, No One Gives A Shit, And More!
I talk about dating apps as a symptom and a part of clown world. I talk about the fact that no one gives a shit. I also mention a variety of other things as well as what it means when a woman wears a choker.
June 03, 2019
Have you ever done something that if the people around you found out you did it, it would change how they look at you, what they think of you? That it would literally change their worlds, and yours, forever? I have. And I did....
May 30, 2019
Salt Lake Sit-Down #13 - Tattoos, D.E.E.R., Credentials, Common Law, Community Property, and More!
I talk about Tattoos, D.E.E.R., Credentials, Common Law, Community Property, Monk Mode, and More.
May 25, 2019
It's Time To Move On
There comes a point in everyone's life where it's time to move on. It could be time to move on from one job to another. It could be time to move on from the relationship that you are in, it could be time to move on past whatever bullshit that is holding you back....
May 23, 2019
Hedge Your Bets
One axiom that I live by is what I call Always Hedge Your Bets. Women hedge their bets all the time. If you aren't their best option, chances are high that they are going to cancel or flake for something they perceive as a better deal. Hedge your bets so that you don't end up wasting your time, money, and efforts.
May 16, 2019
Salt Lake Sit-Down #12 - Thirst Is Real, Epiphany and Consequences, Carlos, And More!
I talk about the thirst is real, things you shouldn't be doing, tarot reading is like being a therapist, epiphany and consequences, my friend Carlos, and much more.
May 12, 2019
On Being A Short Man
I do remember a time when I was much younger, like back in my early twenties, and I have to admit that my lack of height was something that did bother me a bit. All of my male friends were taller than me, much taller in most cases. Standing next to them for a photo, it looked like I was standing in a hole. As time went on though, I realized a few things: My height didn't matter nearly as much as I thought it did. I've had plenty of success with friends, family, women, careers, money, you name it. My height was never an issue. Sure, sometimes I had to work harder at getting what I wanted, whether it was a woman, a raise, a different job, whatever, but that was okay, I just worked harder. Women have "types" just like guys do. Sometimes women liked me regardless of my height. Most of the women I've been with in my past were taller than me. My ex-wife was 5'8. It was never an issue for her, nor for me. Funny thing I do remember now though was meeting and dating a woman back in my twenties who was 5'11. That is the same height as my Father. Watching those two interact and realizing that they were looking at each other eye-to-eye, that was literally eye opening to me. In the end, she didn't have a problem with my lack of height, but I ended up having a problem that she was that significantly taller than me. I was the one with the problem, not her. It's okay to have preferences. I'm okay with the fact that I'm not going to be any one woman's cup of tea. Not all women are my cup of tea. Nothing wrong with having preferences. I prefer long haired, petite, and yes, short women, but nothing wrong with taller, bigger women. Just not for me....
May 09, 2019
Salt Lake Sit-Down #11 - Adaptation, Immortality, We Want What We Want, And More!
I talk about adaptation, as in social and political, especially in regards to feminism. I also talk about how to achieve immortality: It isn't what you think. We want what we want, we like what we like, your life is your own, do what you want.
May 05, 2019
Always On The Go
 I know a few people in my life that are always on the go. They got shit to do. They want to be efficient and productive. If they don't have an itinerary to follow, they get anxious. It's like the Hounds of Hell are nipping and chasing at their heels....
May 02, 2019
Go Big Or Go Home
Seriously, what's the worst that can happen? There are some maxims or adages that I live by. Now granted my maxims aren't necessarily original, and they aren't set in stone. They aren't meant to limit but to help me expand my life. Today I'm going to talk about one that I call "Go Big or Go Home." Sure you've all heard that one before, and maybe you know what it means, but let me ask you this: Do you put "Go Big or Go Home" into practice in your life? You may say the words a hundred times or more, and you may even hear it ten times more than that, but do you actually put them into practice?
April 25, 2019
Salt Lake Sit-Down #10 - Google Voice, Fight Club, Credit Cards And More!
I talk about using Google Voice for dating, Fight Club the movie, Credit Cards, what to do and not do with them, and More!
April 23, 2019
How To Win At Anything
 It's Story Time. So gather 'round and listen up... A Young Man lived in a Village by the Sea. He had heard that somewhere, many miles away, up on a Mountain, there was a Man who had a Secret. A Secret so strong and so powerful, that if One had the Secret, he would win any competition. He would win any argument. No one would be able to stop him. The Young Man set out to meet this Man....
April 18, 2019
Salt Lake Sit-Down #9 - Redpilling A Woman, Villains And Why I Like Them, Lack Of Sleep, And Pushing Back
 I talk about "redpilling" a woman, villains and why I like them, lack of sleep, and pushing back.
April 15, 2019
Stop Letting A Woman Define Your Masculinity
Stop listening to what women think a man should be. Stop letting them define your masculinity for you. Stop seeking their approval. You can virtue signal all you want to them, they still won't fuck you. We men don't have to answer to women. We can have our own ideas about what is being a man and being masculine without having to submit or consult with women. You do not need their approval.
April 11, 2019
You're Missing Out If You Aren't Listening To This...
You're Missing Out If You Don't Watch This. With all the sales, persuasion, and Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO), it's a miracle that we are able to get on with our lives. Sales and persuasion are part of life, no doubt. But are you really missing out if you don't buy that course, that book, that widget? Unplugging isn't just about unplugging from Blue Pill idealism. It's about unplugging from persuasion and pressure. It's about unplugging to get your life back. It's about unplugging from the Fear Of Missing Out.
April 04, 2019
Salt Lake Sit-Down Episode #8 - Tinder, IG, Sugar Dating, And Where We Are Today
I talk about Tinder, IG, sugar dating, where we are as Men and Women today. Liberation is bondage. Whatever you fear can be used to control you. Salty. Libido Dominandi. Salty: Libido Dominandi:
March 30, 2019
10 Pieces Of Actionable Advice
I've been listening to a lot of different podcasts lately, and I've been watching a few different videos on YouTube when I get a chance. Honestly, I don't nearly consume as much as I used to. Becoming a producer of content is far more gratifying and takes up far more time than consuming. You have to be active to be a producer. All you have to do to consume is click a button and sit there. Which brings me to what the title of this podcast is about: 10 Pieces Of Actionable Advice I give you 10 things that you can implement immediately and start getting results. You do have to do the work.
March 28, 2019
Salt Lake Sit-Down Episode #7 - Society, Women, Updates, And More!
Welcome to another episode of the Salt Lake Sit-Down. In episode #7 I talk about the book: The Alabaster Girl from Zan Perrion, Game by Roosh V, how technology has impacted us for better and for worse, a couple of axioms or adages that I live by, and what if anything can be done while dating and/or being a parent in a sick culture/society. The Alabaster Girl: Game: Subscribe to the Masculine Geek podcast!: Go to
March 24, 2019
Lying With Statistics And Numbers
You should try it sometime. Lying with statistics and numbers... Especially if you are trying to gaslight or do psy-ops on the SJW that you work with or go to school with. Nah, I'm just kidding. Don't go out and do something like that. People will tend to believe something you say, write, or publish if there are numbers to "back it up."
March 21, 2019
Biology Doesn't Care
Biology doesn't care about "Body Positivity." Biology doesn't care that "Big is Beautiful." Biology doesn't care that "Fat is Where It Is At." Or what ever other nonsense that is being spouted. We'll see how this whole thing plays out in the next decade or so. Guys, if you need to work on your weight, now's the time. Do it before it's too late.
March 14, 2019
Salt Lake Sit-Down Episode #6 - Updates, Breakups, Books, And A Movie
In this episode, I talk about Masculine Geek, George Bruno, older movies, dealing with telemarketers, and a couple of books. Game by Roosh V: The Age of the Bachelor by Howard P. Chudacoff George Bruno:
March 11, 2019
Argue For Your Limitations And They Are Yours
Argue for your limitations and sure enough, they're yours. Depression is a Choice. How you describe it is how it is. When you take something that is a feeling, and you give it a description and call it something, you give it a name, you take it outside of yourself. You crystallize it and make it real. It becomes static and it becomes its own entity. And then there is not much or anything you can do about it.
March 07, 2019
Salt Lake Sit-Down Episode #5 The Government Is Coming For Our Women! Oh Noes!
The system favors the status quo. Nothing is going to change, it's business as usual. If the government wanted your women for Selective Service, they would already have them. So if nothing is changing anytime soon, if ever, the real question we should be asking is, "What are we being distracted from?"
February 28, 2019
Salt Lake Sit-Down Episode #4 - Big Things Coming! Actionable Advice, Deer, Guys Talking To Themselves
Updates on Masculine Geek, a few pieces of actionable advice (hint, don't be a sperg or an aspie) podcasts that I listen to, and guys talking to themselves.
February 23, 2019
Why Are You So Bitter?
"Why are you so bitter?" Most of the time, when a man or a woman asks you this question, all they are doing is "point and sputter." Once in awhile though, the question may actually have some merit and requires a bit of introspection on your part. Know the difference between a "point and sputter" and a genuine request to look deeper. Know yourself.
February 21, 2019
Outrage Revisited
The advertising execs at Proctor and Gamble, and at Gillette specifically don't give a fuck about "Men Being Better." They just want to sell razors and shaving cream. This is who the advertising execs are targeting: Women. As Rian Stone put it, "Those tampons aren't going to sell themselves." Your challenge as a conventionally masculine Man is to see and separate the NPC's from the "other players."  It's time to stop with the click bait and the outrage porn. It's time to take your minds back and start thinking for yourselves. It's time to start giving a fuck to things that matter, things that you can influence and control to make your lives better for you. It's time to stop giving a fuck about what the panderers, the outrage peddlers, the feminists, and the NPC's are thinking and saying. You've already heard it all before, there's nothing new there. Link to my post: Masculinity Under Attack - Rian Stone:
February 14, 2019
Salt Lake Sit-down Episode #3 Manners, Facebook, Book Reviews, and the 4 Year Itch
Let's talk about manners in both Men and women. How worthless is Facebook? Pretty worthless. Some book reviews are covered. Scroll down for the links to check them out and buy them. The 4 Year Itch (aka a breeding cycle) These are the things covered in this broadcast. The Map: A Personal Guide To The Sexual Marketplace by Socrates The Manipulated Man by Esther Vilar The Predatory Female by Rev Lawrence Shannon
February 12, 2019
Terminators and Cigars
I talk about the eventuality of robots and A.I. What are we going to do when the Terminators rise and come for us? Cigars are had.
February 07, 2019
Should I Live With Her?
She left because she could. She left because she wanted to. If you are under the age of 30, the short answer is no. You haven't established yourself yet. If you are in your career, it's either just starting, or it's just starting to take off. If you can't afford the lease, the rent, or the mortgage on your own, you don't do the lease or get the mortgage. You don't get a place together.
February 07, 2019
Salt Lake Sit-Down Episode #2 RPPragmatic
I sit down and interview Jimmy aka "RPPragmatic" from Twitter about his journey of finding the Red Pill and his take on it from a prior law enforcement perspective. The Red Pill saves lives. Twitter: @RobSays__ You can find and follow Jimmy on Twitter: @RPPragmatic
February 03, 2019
She Might Be Crazy
6 Red Flags and/or warning signs that you may be dealing with a woman that is crazy. This is my personal list of red flags that may indicate that the woman in front of you is crazy. These are things I've learned from years of dating and also being married to crazy.
January 31, 2019
Lessons Learned From Extended Family
1. Get your health sorted out. 2. Don't get stuck in your past. If your best years are already behind you, you've got trouble. 3. Alcohol is called a "social lubricant" for a reason. 4. All the alcohol in the world will not wipe out your awareness when your cousin starts virtue signalling. 5. Braggarts. Don't be one. Don't be "that guy."
January 31, 2019
Briffault's Law... I Love You... For Now
In a nutshell: A woman will enter or stay in a relationship based on the benefits she will receive. Past benefits don't count. Current benefits become past benefits. When a woman tells a Man, "I love you," you need to add the words, "for now," at the end of her statement.
January 24, 2019
20 More Thoughts On Life
Another installment on the 20 Thoughts on Life series that I have going. More thoughts based on the 40+ years of my experience. An ugly truth beats a pretty lie any day of the week.
January 22, 2019
Gender War: Masculinity Under Attack
The American Psychological Association has deemed that "traditional" masculinity is bad for men and boys. They will be classifying it as a disorder for their DSM. Gillette has said that "men can do better." And PETA is saying that to "increase your sexual stamina, go vegan." All of this is an assault on conventional/traditional masculinity. If you are a masculine man, they hate you. Rollo Tomassi of The Rational Male on Gender War:
January 18, 2019
Your Life Is Your Fault. What Do You Want To Do About It?
The definition of insanity is: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If you want something different, you're going to have to do something different. Your life, for better or worse, is your fault. No one is coming to save you. The world doesn't care. There are no guarantees in life that you will be here tomorrow. Why are you procrastinating with your life? What are you going to do about it?
January 17, 2019
Salt Lake Sit Down #1
Support The Channel: Stop following women, the APA hates you, professionals are better than cam girls, get off the internet, do the opposite of what the Sick Care Industry tells you to do, and civil war is coming. 
January 15, 2019
The Future Of Us
Our economy is doing better than in the past, but is it enough to stop or reverse the decline of our society? Our society is more polarized than ever before. When I was young, I always wondered if the United States would experience another civil war. I always figured that if it did, it wouldn't be in my lifetime. Now, I'm not so sure. Be prepared. It's coming.
January 10, 2019
Women Are Incapable Of Loving A Man The Way A Man Wants Them To
Men love idealistically, women love opportunistically. Women cannot love a man the way that he wants her to. Women don't want to be winners. They want to be with winners.
January 03, 2019
Happy New Year! 2019 Is The Year You Get Unstuck!
2019 is the year to get your life unstuck. 2019 is the year you get your health straightened out. 2019 is the year you get your finances figured out. 2019 is the year you get things in order. Now is the time. Let's not do "New Year Resolutions." They don't work. They have the life expectancy of a door gunner on a helicopter during the Vietnam War. Let's take a small step towards you getting your life unstuck instead. What small step can you take today, right now, that will be the beginning of you getting unstuck? Write it down. And then DO it. And then move on to the next small step that comes right after that first small step.
January 02, 2019
The Biggest "Con" Of Working For "The Man"
I've had a job working for someone else most of my working life. I discuss the biggest "con" of working for "the man." Side gigs or side hustles are mentioned. Mental and emotional challenges are addressed.
January 01, 2019
Unplugging, Vigilance, And The Burden Of Male Performance
Unplugging from the Matrix as we call it in the 'Sphere is an ongoing process. It is not a static state. You have to remain vigilant. When things are good is when you can get complacent and begin to backslide into your comfortable, blue pill, old ways. You cannot abdicate the burden of male performance. Women are born, men are made. You will be judged by all based on what you do and the results that you obtain. You will be judged. Even in death.
January 01, 2019
Stop Chasing Women
The more you chase women, the more they run away. Work on yourself. Get a life. Have a life. Learn some Game. Become the "World's Most Interesting Man." Stop making women your sole priority and your only goal.
December 28, 2018
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and a Message
Give your phone number out to a Man in need. Reach out. Make contact. Forge bonds and cultivate relationships.
December 25, 2018
Perfection Is Your Mental Prison
Being a perfectionist is a buffer that we create and use to avoid failure, and sometimes, success.
December 24, 2018
You're Not A "Real" Feminist If You Eat Eggs
The vegan activists, PETA, are going after feminists with billboards that say something to the effect of, "You're not a 'real' feminist if you eat eggs." The "left" is eating their own.
December 24, 2018
Feminism Has Destroyed Dating For College Women
About an opinion article that I found on The article is called "Feminism has destroyed college dating for women." #MeToo and the Pence Principle in action. Women cry rape and sexual harassment, guys stop asking them out. Go figure.
December 24, 2018
12 Books for Feminist Boys and Girls (A Warning)
12 Books that are set up to brainwash your boy into becoming a feminist. I read through the synopsis of these 12 books and authors so that the listener will be forewarned and forearmed.
December 24, 2018
Another 20 Thoughts On Life
More thoughts on life based on my 40+ years of experience.
December 23, 2018
Scorched Earth
Sometimes the most powerful words you can say are: Fuck it. Let's see what happens. Bring it on.
December 23, 2018
Sheep, sheep dogs, and Wolves
The difference between sheep, sheep dogs and wolves, with a quote from the author of The Way of Men, Jack Donovan.
December 23, 2018
Women On Social Media (And Why I Don't Follow Them)
"Pay attention to me." That's what women are saying on social media. And we as Men enable and indulge it. Stop with the likes and comments. Stop condoning women's behavior. Stop being an orbiter.
December 17, 2018
The Pence Principle. On Body Mutilation and Fat Acceptance.
Read from The Pence Principle by Randall Bentwick. Https:// I read from the Pence Principle about Body Mutilation and Fat Acceptance.
December 01, 2018
There Are No Rules.
Life and Death are Absurd. You only live this one time. Only you hold yourself back.
September 30, 2018
Labor Day
Today is Labor Day. It's a day of celebration of labor. It's a day to celebrate what we as Men have created and will create. To the Men of the past, the present, and the Men of the future, I say to you, Cheers! The present is good and the future looks bright.
September 03, 2018
A Tale Of No One
There is no "One." There are good women, and there are bad women, but there is no "One." The "Soul Mate" is a myth. Oneitis is paralysis.
August 12, 2018
20 Thoughts On Life
Here I give my 20 Thoughts On Life. A chance for you to make better decisions and be a better man.
July 24, 2018
Everything You Do, Matters.
Your life can change permanently in the blink of an eye. That's why everything you do matters.
June 24, 2018
Show Me A Hot Woman And I'll Show You A Guy Who Is Tired Of Banging Her
When you're done, you're done. Show me a hot woman and I'll show you a guy who is tired of banging her. Sometimes it's the men who are done. Even women wonder what happened sometimes. Reminds me of my ex-wife. "You have nothing new to say, and I have nothing more to say."
June 10, 2018
The Hardest Red Pill Truth I've Had To Swallow So Far
You don't own a woman, it's just your turn. - Donovan Sharpe
May 29, 2018
10 Years From Now
Your life is your fault. Where are you going to be 10 years from now?
May 29, 2018
Your Co-workers Aren't Your Friends
Your Co-workers Aren't Your Friends. A 7 tip guide to surviving and thriving in the #metoo corporate workplace.
May 29, 2018