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Reel and Chill: Coffee Talk (The Movie) Epi 5

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By Reel and Chill
Commentary and reviews of tv shows and films written, directed, or starring people of color.

Hosted by Phette Hollins & Lenricco Williams
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The Dark Party: Epi 10
Reel and Chill's review of The Dark Party from your hosts: Phette Hollins and Lenricco Williams. Synopsis:  Two friends (Kadeem Hardison, Marcus Patrick) throw a blind-date party, but one of the participants wants to kill more than just romance.  Directed by Kadeem Hardison Follow us on: IG: @reelandchill FB: @reelandchillpodcast Follow our personal accounts: @phettewrites @lenricco
August 12, 2019
Dating While Black: Epi 9
Reel and Chill's review of Dating While Black from your hosts: Phette Hollins and Lenricco Williams. Synopsis per imdb:  Two former co-workers run into each other at a job interview. While searching for new jobs, they forge a personal relationship that involves a womanizing ladies' man helping a naive and recently dumped guy understand women better. Director: Van Elder Follow us on IG: @reelandchill on FB: @reelandchillpodcast Follow our personal accts: @phettewrites and @lenricco
August 5, 2019
A Boy. A Girl. A Dream. Epi 8
Reel and Chill's review of A Boy. A Girl. A Dream. By Phette Hollins & Lenricco Williams. **Hopefully the audio isn't too low for you to hear. We didn't realize until after we left the studio that the audio sucked.  Synopsis per imdb: On the night of the 2016 Presidential election, Cass, an L.A. club promoter, takes a thrilling and emotional journey with Frida, a Midwestern visitor. She challenges him to revisit his broken dreams - while he pushes her to discover hers. Director: Qasim Basir Writers: Qasim Basir, Samantha Tanner Stars: Omari Hardwick, Meagan Good, Jay Ellis  Check us out on: IG @ FB @
July 29, 2019
First Lady: Epi 7
Reel and Chill's review of First Lady by Phette Hollins & Lenricco Williams. **Just a head's up, this episode was recorded in January 2019 & uploaded 6 months later. Though this was the first episode we recorded, it turned out not to be the first episode we uploaded. Sorry for the confusion. And, oh, the audio is low. Synopsis per imdb:  When Maria unknowingly falls for the man that killed the love of her life, all hell breaks loose. Director: Dennis L. Reed II Stars: Nicole (Hoopz) Alexander, Grover McCants, Jim Jones    Check us out on: IG @ FB @
July 22, 2019
Sunny: Epi 6
Reel and Chill's review of Sunny by Phette Hollins and Lenricco Williams Synopsis per imdb:  Based in the early 90s in Washington DC, this film tells the heartfelt life story of a girl named "Sunny". Like many young girls growing up in an urban community, with the lack of family, Sunny is forced to fend for herself in the violent and rugged streets of DC. Several connected households reveal a highly anticipated ending.  Written by  Usman Taiwo  Check us out on: IG @ FB @
July 15, 2019
Reel and Chill: Coffee Talk (The Movie) Epi 5
In this episode we talk about Coffee Talk, written & directed by Detroit's own Kamal Smith.
July 8, 2019
Someone Great - Review Epi 4
#ReelandChill review of the movie Someone Great (on Netflix), which stars POC: Gina Rodriguez, LaKeith Stanfield, and DeWanda Wise. If you're listening on Anchor, listen til the end to hear the music 💜
April 23, 2019
Little - Review Epi 3
Reel n Chill's review of the movie Little, written and executive produced by 14-year-old Marsai Martin, starring Regina Hall and Issa Rae.
April 23, 2019
Reel and Chill: The Chi S2 E2
Every day I'm Hustlin'
April 15, 2019
Reel and Chill: The Chi S2 E1
April 15, 2019
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