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Reel Early

Reel Early

By Reel Early
Reel Early is about movie geeks. I talk to people throughout the world to find out the similarities and differences in how we each became the movie geek we are today.
"Woovember 2022" Programmer Ole Lorenzen
Today's episode I'm joined by my good friend and programmer of the yearly action movie challenge Woovember, Ole Lorenzen.  This is a special extended episode.  For the first 40 mins we talk about Ole growing up in Germany, how German's dubbed foreign movies and just how he got into action movies.  After our discussion we go through the entire categories for the 2022 edition of Woovember and what movies Ole plans to watch this November.  It's a fun and educational episode so check it out! Woovember 2022 Rules Ole Lorenzen Twitter 12 Great Movies Directed by former stunt people  Woovember Twitter  Reel Early Twitter
September 22, 2022
"Reel Pineapple" Host, Joshua Hunter
My guest this week is the host of the movie reviewer podcast, Reel Pineapple, Joshua Hunter.  His podcast is updated weekly with movie reviews and thoughts on all the latest movie news.  In this episode we talk about how moving to Nevada from Texas was the catalyst for starting his podcast and how it’s going.  Among the topics discussed is movie music, how streaming affects those from becoming movie geeks and many more. It’s a fun show so check it out. Reel Pineapple Podcast  Joshua Hunter Twitter  Reel Early Twitter  Woovember Twitter
September 01, 2022
"Author and Podcaster" JD Oliva
This week's guest is author and podcast host, JD Oliva.  JD is the author of numerous books including the Books of Jericho series, Harvest Moon and his upcoming novella Red Sunrise.  You can also hear him every week at Brace for Impact, as part of the Fight Game Media Network.  We talk about how his family influenced him as a storytelling, especially how having a son changed him as a writer.  We also discuss what kind of horror movies he likes and how his attempts at getting into the film industry changed his goals.  All that and more on this weeks episode.  JD Oliva Twitter  Fight Game Media  Reel Early Twitter  Woovember - John Woo tribute Twitter
August 25, 2022
"That Movie is Fine" Podcast Host Lauren Knight
This week's guest is podcaster and CEO of L.A. Knight Consulting, Lauren Knight.  Lauren is the co-host, along with Aaron Hudson, on the upcoming podcast "That Movie is Fine" where they talk about movies being fine.  We tackle the issue where the movie discourse is about how movies are either the best or the worst thing ever and try to find the common ground that most movies are fine.  In addition to that I learned that she's a huge Sylvester Stallone fan and we discuss her time doing "Syquester Stallone" series online where she watched a lot of Stallone movies.  This episode is the funniest one I've done to date and I hope you all enjoy it.  Lauren Knight Twitter Lauren Knight Instagram L.A. Knight Consulting  That Movie is Fine Instagram Larry Sternshein Twitter  Woovember Twitter
August 19, 2022
Former pro wrestling referee Phil Wills
This weeks episode is going to be a little different. I talk to my best friend Phil Wills, who used to be a pro wrestling referee, on how video stores and VHS tapes got him into the wild world of professional wrestling. I hope you all enjoy.
August 04, 2022
"Schlock and Awe Host" Lindsay Wilkins
This week's guest is podcaster Lindsay Wilkins.  Lindsay is the host of the double feature podcast "Schlock and Awe" that celebrates all movies from the sublime to the dirty and everything in between.  This is a fun episode because Lindsay was born in New Zealand and currently lives in Australia.  We talk about the similarities and differences of movies and television between the two countries.  All this and more in the latest episode of Reel Early. "Schlock and Awe" Lindsay's twitter  John Woo Fan Twitter Official Twitter Account
July 28, 2022
Ashley Lynch
This week my guest is award winning editor, podcast host and Twitter hot take specialist Ashley Lynch.  She is best known for working for the successful television program Ninjago, which is currently in their 15th season.  Ashley and I have a great discussion about many different topics.  You will learn some of the differences between Canadian and US media when we were both growing up.  We especially spend time talking about her career, her thoughts on the future of cinema and stories about growing up.  This episode is especially good for anybody who is thinking about entering the business of filmmaking.   Official Page of Ashley Lynch Ashley Lynch Twitter  Larry Sternshein Twitter  John Woo Fan Twitter
July 22, 2022
"Pope of Action Twitter" Matt Essary
This week my guest is Matt Essary.  He is a writer known for his work at Aint It Cool News, Screen Anarchy, The Action Elite and other film websites. He currently regularly contributes to the sites Film Combat Syndicate and Polygon. He also has his own film Podcast titled “Video Culture”  We talk about growing up in Tupelo, Mississippi, the friends he made along the way and how he came to become an expert on Hong Kong cinema.   While the episode is lighthearted, we do talk about serious subject of drug addiction at one point. I've included a link to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's website if you or anybody you know needs it.  Matt Essary's Twitter Account SAMHSA's National Helpline  1-800-662-HELP (4357) Larry Sternshein's John Woo Fan Account E-mail:
July 14, 2022
Robb "The Cinema Drunkie" Antequera
Welcome to the first episode of Reel Early, my podcast about discovering the movie geek origins of both fans and those in the industry. In this episode I talk to Robb Antequera aka The Cinema Drunkie.  We talk about how growing up in New York City helped him become a movie geek.   Check out Robb's linktree where you can find his Twitter and to learn more about his brand new podcast You Could've Been a Bloodfist Movie Podcast Robb's Linktree Reel Early Email
July 07, 2022