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Confessions of a Refashionista

Confessions of a Refashionista

By Sheri Pavlovic
Halli, hallo and welcome! ♥ I'm Refashionista Sheri, the DIY diva and author behind the book series, channel and blog Confessions of a Refashionista, the fabulous eco-friendly corner of the internet packed with step-by-step upcycling tutorials for everything from groovy clothing and accessories to funky home decor + a healthy dose of affordable sustainable lifestyle inspiration!

I absolutely adore transforming old into new and sharing my adventures in upcycling + eco lifestyle tips and preloved style with you!

For all of my sustainable lifestyle content head on over to
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CoaR ep 15: Online Marketing Tips with Expert Stefan Dimov
Marketing and social media go hand in hand and compliment each other beautifully when done right but with all of the work involved in creating and publishing content to your channel, website & blog it can be difficult to find the time & figure out the best strategies for getting yourself (& your products) seen by the masses too! Thankfully marketing expert Stefan Dimov is here to share his top tips for how to get started marketing for every budget size! Be sure to check out Stefan's channel here  I have 25 free resources to market & grow your channel here  My preloved swap collaborations can be seen here  The fast fashion vs thrift shop video I mentioned is here  Visit for all of my rockin' refashionista tutorials, sustainable tips & preloved style inspiration too!
October 20, 2021
CoaR ep 14: Working at a Thrift Shop
My gone thrifting group is full of awesome preloved style divas who have helped me create a community where we spread the sustainable lifestyle love as well as share projects, ideas, thrifty style and upcycling inspiration. During a recent Q&A one of my fellow thrifty gurus mentioned that she had worked at a well-known for profit thrift shop and agreed to be interviewed (anonymously) about her experiences by this refashionista! Join my Gone Thrifting group & share your sustainable style + DIYs too! Check out the original interview on my site here Visit for all of my rockin' refashionista tutorials, sustainable tips & preloved style inspiration too!
September 07, 2021
CoaR ep 13: A Sustainable Lifestyle Chat with Happily Unpopular
Join me in welcoming my first guest, Sunny from the eco-channel Happily Unpopular! We're diving into why we love secondhand shopping, eating (mostly) vegan + a bunch of sustainable lifestyle tips too! Grab all of the links mentioned in the episode below: Sunny's Linktree The Secular Minority podcast  Vegan Bodybuilders  My vegan chickpea recipe  Visit for loads of free tutorials & eco tips too!
August 10, 2021
CoaR ep 12: Working Online: Time VS Money
I’ve been sharing my creativity, tutorials & love of sustainable style online for awhile now and have definitely learned loads about the ins & outs of creating content for an online audience. As I often receive requests for advice from those new to working online as well as fellow creators who enjoy what I’m doing and how I present it, I thought it would be helpful to share the important lessons I’ve learned thus far and let you have look behind the scenes of what actually goes into my Confessions of a Refashionista. Have a listen as I tackle one of the most frequently asked about topics: Time vs Money Find all of the links mentioned in this episode below: Working for exposure articles  My sustainable lifestyle e-book series  Personalized Refashionista Boxes  How I deal with online trolls  Visit for loads of free tutorials & eco tips too!
July 21, 2021
CoaR ep 11: Sustainable Summertime Tips
Thinking of starting your sustainable lifestyle journey? The bright, warm days of summer make it easy to start new routines, so have a listen to my top 8 eco-friendly lifestyle hints and begin those eco habits today! Here's the links mentioned in this episode: My 4 step wardrobe audit e-book (+ loads of secondhand tips too!) All of my cleaning tips & laundry tricks can be found right here My tutorial index is packed with 100s of fab free tutorials for just about everything! Join my Gone Thrifting group & share your sustainable style + DIYs too! Visit for all of my rockin' refashionista tutorials & preloved style inspiration too!
July 06, 2021
CoaR ep 10: Why do new & secondhand clothes smell?
Why the heck do so many people continue to think that the laundered clothing donated to thrift and charity shops is somehow dirtier and less hygienic that a “new” garment that has travelled through many different factories, hands and machines worldwide without being washed even once?  I’ve been thrifting for decades and, thanks to my world-living adventures, have visited secondhand shops in several different countries. Although each shop was full of unique items they all shared that wonderfully distinct “thrift shop smell” – an aroma I find absolutely delightful compared to the chemical reek of department and retail stores. Have a listen and find out just what causes that recognizable secondhand smell + the harmful chemicals lurking in those brand new garments too! Links mentioned: Katie Hope BBC article Cleaning tips & Laundry tips to keep your preloved finds in top condition.  My 4 step wardrobe audit (+ preloved tips & tricks) is here. My ethical fashion index is full of articles & resources to help you build an ethical & sustainable wardrobe.  Visit for all of my rockin' refashionista tutorials & preloved style inspiration too!
June 22, 2021
CoaR ep 9: How To Stop Food Waste At Home
Did you know that 1/3 of the food produced worldwide gets tossed out in the trash? Nearly half of this food waste comes from household kitchens and when it ends up in landfills it creates Methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times more dangerous than carbon dioxide. If food waste was a country, it would be the world’s third worst creator of greenhouse gases. In this CoaR podcast episode I'm sharing my top tips for avoiding food waste at home to help you save some money and get started tackling climate change from your own kitchen! Grab all of my fab tutorials + budget friendly sustainable lifestyle tips and eco-living tricks at ♥ (Facts & stats courtesy of the University of Toronto Food Waste Awareness & Reduction study and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.)
May 24, 2021
CoaR ep 8: The Devil's Advocate of Unethical Fashion
I always receive a huge variety of comments, messages and e-mails on my (un)ethical fashion posts and as loads of the less than complimentary responses contain the same basic theme I thought it might be wise to tackle it head on. So just what is the devil’s advocate of unethical fashion that so many feel compelled to contact me and share their opinions about? The fight for a living wage for garment workers or more specifically: “Isn’t a low wage better than no wage at all?” Have a listen to my thoughts about this topic + discover a few facts & figures from The Clean Clothes campaign too! Here's all of the links mentioned in this episode: The Clean Clothes Campaign From Sex Worker to Seamstress: The High Cost of Cheap Clothes documentary The Fair Wear Foundation Fashion Revolution My Ethical Fashion Index Good On You app Visit for all of my tutorials & articles.
May 04, 2021
CoaR ep 7: Sustainable Hair Care Tips & Tricks
Reusing, upcycling and refashioning are all fabulous methods to create a more sustainable lifestyle but there are loads of other quick and easy ways to add some eco to your daily habits too! Have a listen to my sustainable hair care tips and tricks and add a bit of eco to your lovely locks! Here's all of the links mentioned in this episode: My eco-friendly laundry routine Quick & easy DIY dry shampoo  My DIY haircut tutorial  Eco-Friendly Beauty & Bath e-book   Grab all of my fab tutorials, sustainable lifestyle tips + preloved style inspiration at
April 27, 2021
CoaR ep 6: How To Spot Vintage (+ remove preloved odours too!)
Having a love for all things vintage means my wardrobe has (way more than) its fair share of brightly patterned polyester beauties and I have a hard time passing by those groovy granny frocks at the charity shop or scrolling online without snagging a few vintage delights to add to my collection. My personal definition of vintage is items from the 1970’s and older (side note: does anyone else find that their version of “vintage” begins in the decade they were born?). According to experts, items are classified as “true vintage” if they are more than 20 years old which means I'm positively antique by now! Have a listen to my top tips for spotting vintage + how to remove those preloved odours too! Here's the links mentioned in the episode: Sewing Basic e-book My Cleaning Tips & Laundry Tricks index Grab all of my free tutorials, tips & preloved style inspiration at ♥
April 20, 2021
CoaR ep 5: Affordable Low Waste Lifestyle Tips
Having lived in eco-friendly Europe and Asia for over 20 years means that recycling, upcycling and being a conscious consumer have become completely natural to me so I was pretty darn shocked and disappointed to discover the exact opposite when I returned to Canada a few years ago. I knew that North America was A LOT more consumerist and wasteful than the places I had been living in Europe & Asia but my daily interactions really opened my eyes to just how little the average North American knows about the earth-friendly lifestyle. Have a listen to a few of my super simple low waste tips to help you change those wasteful habits and get started on your affordable eco-lifestyle! Here's all of the links mentioned in this episode: My eco-friendly laundry routine Menstrual cup review   Menstrual cup tips   Cleaning tips & laundry tricks index  Sewing Basics e-book  Grab all of my free tutorials, tips & preloved style inspiration at ♥
April 13, 2021
CoaR ep 4: Is Thrifting Really Ethical? (+ 6 simple ways to shop sustainably)
Reusing, upcycling, refashioning and shopping second hand are fabulously economical alternatives for creating your own unique, trendy style without supporting the corrupt companies behind unethically produced fashion but is thrifting itself really ethical? Discover my views on this controversial topic + my 6 sustainable shopping tips for anyone who struggles to create a wardrobe of ethical & sustainable fashion and be sure to share your thoughts too! Find all of the links mentioned in the episode below: Ethical Fashion Resources: Fair Wear Foundation Clean Clothes Campaign Good On You App Fashion Revolution Mythbusting Preloved  My Ethical Fashion Info Index Sustainable Wardrobe Help: DIY Closet Audit e-book Sewing Basics e-book Cleaning Tips & Laundry Tricks index Grab all of my eco-tutorials, upcycles & preloved style inspo at
April 06, 2021
CoaR ep 3: Why Reuse? (+ my top thrifting tips too!)
Have you stopped shopping new and embraced creating your own unique style from preloved gear? Have a listen to my 3 fab reasons to reuse + score my top 5 sustainable style thrifting tips AND bonus thrifting-to-refashion tricks too!   Grab all of the links mentioned below and always remember that new to you is still new! Good On You app All of my free tutorials for accessorizing are right here  My cleaning tips & laundry tricks are here  Refashion your footwear with my DIYs here  ♻️ Visit my site: For loads more DIYs & tips grab my e-books here instagram  Facebook   Twitter  Tumblr  Pinterest  Theme song music & vocals: Ryan Heenan  Lyrics, branding & images by me ♥
March 30, 2021
CoaR ep 2: Sustainable Spring Decluttering - what to do with that stuff you don't want!
Spring is finally in the air which means it's time to sort through and do a super tidy of our homes and swap out our winter gear for that fab spring and summer style that's been packed away for months! Have a listen & discover my easy ways to declutter sustainably and create some awesome eco habits this Spring! My DIY closet audit + preloved shopping tips e-book will guide you through my simple wardrobe decluttering formula & provide you with the tools needed to create a fab ecofashion wardrobe. Grab all of my free tutorials & upcycles over on the site: Check out my Sewing Basics here. There are tons of freecycle and Buy Nothing groups worldwide – simply search the sites to find one in your local area or start your own! Donate items where they are actually needed. Contact local organizations and charities for a complete list of wanted items, here’s a few ideas to get you started: - Schools and community centers can usually use stationary & craft supplies. - Food banks and shelters welcome non-perishables and toiletries.  - Animal shelters may accept clean bedding, towels and soft toys.  - Organizations that support low income families, job-seekers and the homeless usually share needed items on their websites. ♻️ For loads more DIYs & tips grab my e-book series here: instagram  Facebook  Twitter  Tumblr  Pinterest  Theme song music & vocals: Ryan Heenan ( Lyrics, branding & images by me ♥
March 23, 2021
CoaR ep 1: Mythbusting Preloved + My Simple DIY Wardrobe Audit
Halli Hallo I'm Sheri Pavlović, the one woman show behind Confessions of a Refashionista, a groovy eco-corner of the internet packed with loads of upcycling tutorials for just about anything + a bunch of preloved style inspiration too! Welcome to the first episode of my Confessions of a Refashionista podcast!  I absolutely adore transforming old into new and sharing my adventures in upcycling & preloved style tips with you! This week I'm busting some silly myths about secondhand and sharing just how simple it is to discover and refresh your unique style with a DIY closet audit! Find the links to all of the useful sites mentioned below: Good On You DIY Wardrobe Audit Confessions of a Refashionista Channel Sustainable Lifestyle E-books
March 17, 2021