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Reference Desk

Reference Desk

By Garth Grimball
Performing arts and culture podcast. In each episode I look at a piece of dance culture and discuss it via references - pop culture, personal, and otherwise.
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the I((nternet)) of DaNcE : : learning TikTok with TEENS
Savage: Renegade:
March 12, 2021
FLASH MOB! IT'S (A) HAPPENING! with Nataly Morales
2009 Flash Mob: 2019 Flash Mob wedding proposal:
March 05, 2021
Dance with your Grandma at 2am with Javi Ramos
A dance from the Virgen de la guía festival in Llanes, Spain:
February 26, 2021
The Spirit Moves Me (and I want to know more)
James Brown in Blues Brothers: Sufi Whirling Dervishes: Bharatanatyam: Candomblé: Hula:
February 24, 2021
Invoking the Physical Experience with Jess Curtis
Jess Curtis/Gravity website: (IN)VISIBLE performance: The Way You Look (At Me) Tonight performance:
February 18, 2021
Dancing for All the Senses
More info on Access Services:
February 17, 2021
A Trinity of Dance, Song, and Drum with Muisi-kongo Malonga
Excerpt from Kongo Odyssey documentary: Fua Dia Congo Facebook page:
February 12, 2021
A Brief Look into Black History Month, the Black Arts Movement, and the Expansion of West African Dance
"The Black Arts Movement" by Larry Neal: Carnival of Rhythm by Katherine Dunham: Fanga Dance performed by Pearl Primus: Revelations by Alvin Ailey: Balante Dance performed by Chuck Davis African American Dance Ensemble:
February 10, 2021
Healed People Heal People with Rose Hammock
Video of Rose Hammock: Organizations: Rose's IG:
February 05, 2021
Making it Rain
Public performance of Hopi Rain Dance:
February 03, 2021
How is that Oyster performing? with Daniel Fernández Pascual
Cooking Sections: New book is OUT >> Salmon: A Red Herring
January 29, 2021
Spacing Out
Book: The Eyes of the Skin by Juhani Pallasmaa MCDC Nearly Ninety rehearsal:
January 27, 2021
BONUS EPISODE: The Year that Was, Online
MerceTrust IG: Dance and Stuff: Pam Tanowitz & Reid+Harriet: Review of State of Darkness: More info about Kim Ip: Dance Writing: and: Lover's Rock trailer:
December 29, 2020
Blame it on My Wild Heart: Or, are we all semioticians now?
Watch Stevie Nicks: See Gay Semiotics: Read Pitchfork's Stevie breakdown:
August 18, 2020
Dance, Protest, and Public Health with Dr. Rhea Boyd
Read NYT article: Watch Durham protest video: See photograph from Newark, 1967:
August 11, 2020
Dance Yrself Unseen
MIRIAM (excerpt) by Nora Chipaumire: Teepa Snow on Dementia and Language:
May 26, 2020
Decisions Decisions
Kurt Jooss's The Green Table section: Crystal Pite's The Statement:
May 19, 2020
What about what I want?
Waving a Rose Back & Forth: A 3 Part Look into Center Stage on its 20th Anniversary Part 3: A conversation with dancer and scholar Katherine McGinity on the movie's final performance Watch:
May 14, 2020
Anyone can see she's working her ass off
Waving a Rose Back & Forth: A 3 Part Look into Center Stage on its 20th Anniversary Part 2: Anyone can see she's working her ass off A conversation with dancer. choreographer Nataly Morales Nataly's favorite scene:
May 13, 2020
Dance the Sh*t Out of It!
Waving a Rose Back & Forth: A 3 Part Look into Center Stage on its 20th Anniversary Part 1: Dance the Sh*t Out of It! A conversation with curator and dance lover Anna Harsanyi Anna's favorite scene:
May 12, 2020
Call Your Mother
Molissa Fenley's 100 Vessels: (8:10-14:30) Also: Molissa Fenley's State of Darkness: Clip of Holley Farmer dancing:
May 05, 2020
How slow can you go?
See Eiko and Koma's Mourning (excerpts):
April 28, 2020
Remember When
See the Picnic dance here:
April 21, 2020