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By SmartHaiti
Refleksyon is a Haitian video/audio podcast where hosts Nike Valeus & Pascal Brun discuss trail blazing cultural topics alongside featured guests in order to tackle defining a unified Haitian identity, the role of the Haitian diaspora in building the new Haiti, and much more!
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Refleksyon - Where is Haiti Now? Why?


Photography - Our Imagery is Our Narrative, featuring Steven Baboun
"A picture is worth a thousand words..." Our guest on this episode, acclaimed young Haitian photographer and social media influencer Steven Baboun, has truly internalized this old adage. Join us as we discuss with Steven how his provocatively bold photography embodies a drive to reclaim Haitian narrative and identity. If photography, Haitian identity, or the future of Haiti interests you, come explore with us how imagery plays an integral role in taking back the reigns of defining who we are as a people and how media will help guide where we'll progress forward as a nation. 
April 14, 2021
Uncovering The Hidden Truth of Haitian Literature, featuring Edwidge Danticat
A hint of myth, a splash of legend, and a heaping spoonful of artistry is the secret recipe for Haitian Literature. Joining us on this episode of Refleksyon is award winning novelist and cultural ambassador, Edwidge Danticat, as we discuss astonishing facts about Haiti's seemingly untold rich history of literature and how Haitian literary geniuses have shaped not only Haitian but also American culture for so many generations. 
March 17, 2021
Video Production and Haitian Identity, featuring Vincent Theodore the Founder of WaitThatsHaiti!?
In this second episode of Refleksyon, we have an energized session with Vince, professional video producer and the Founder of WaitThatsHaiti!?, about how video has shaped Haitian culture both locally and abroad. We also touch on two huge subjects that are the highlight of this episode, the importance of telling our own story to control our narrative, and how others' perception of what it means to be Haitian affects our own identity and sense of belonging. Jump right in and join us on this fun and energetic episode!
March 3, 2021
The Music Industry & Culture, featuring Michael Brun
Welcome to the second season of Refleksyon! We've got a whole new lineup of great guests on this exciting season with revamped production quality and amazingly inspiring stories that will help blaze the trail of redefining the modern Haitian. Join us on this episode as we delve into the intricacies of the global music industry and discuss the history of Haitian music culture with three time Grammy award winning producer, Michael Brun.
February 22, 2021
Refleksyon - What is a Nation, and How Big is the Haitian Nation?
After our last episode we discussed the current state of Haiti at the end of 2019, and encouraged all Haitian diaspora to recognize their pivotal role in rebuilding the future of the new Haiti. We got some interesting messages from listeners and viewers as a result of the discussion about what it means to be Haitian. Some of those statements include (among many others): "even if you have Haitian ancestors, holding a foreign passport means you have no right to call yourself Haitian" or... "If the diaspora wants to make a real difference, the only thing they can do is move back here". We also received many messages from members of the Haitian diaspora saying "I live in [city abroad] and my heart lies with Haiti, I want to do anything I can to help my Haitian people..." In this episode, we dive deeper into understanding where the polarity in these statements of identity come from, their validity, and how inclusive thinking will bring us closer to a brighter future. 
November 29, 2019
Refleksyon - Where is Haiti Now? Why?
Haiti needs to pave a clear way forward. Who's responsable to make it happen? We ALL are! @nikevaleus, a talented Haitian film producer based in Canada, and I have teamed together to start a once weekly video podcast called Refleksyon. We'll be covering important topics that have been long ignored like defining a unified Haitian identity, the role of the Haitian diaspora in building the new Haiti, and much more! Refleksyon is a LIVE show hosted on instagram and we encourage your participation and questions. Join us every Wednesday on instalive at 8pm EST to reflect with us and pave a way forward for the future of Haiti. Remember: Our beliefs determine our actions, and our actions determine our future. Let's shape our beliefs together to build a beautiful future for our country and the world!
November 25, 2019