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Reframe Your Life

Reframe Your Life

By Sandy Reynolds
Reframe Your Life is a podcast for women who want to explore topics that will support change and transformation in their lives.

From inspiring author interviews to lively conversations between friends this podcast is for women over 45 who are looking for a voice that feels like home. From leadership to spirituality and lots in between - you'll find it here. Subscribe and browse through 4 years of episodes.
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Episode 44 | The Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt

Reframe Your Life

124 | Adventures in Opting Out with Cait Flanders
We had a great time talking to Cait Flanders author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller The Year of Less. It may seem like an odd time to publish a book about opting out and yet, as we discovered, this is the perfect time to get serious about leading an intentional life. Find out more about Cait here. Follow on IG @caitflanders Find out more about Sandy here. Follow on IG @sandyareynolds  Find out more about Patti here. Follow IG @pattimhall
January 01, 2021
123 | The Age of Creativity with Emily Urquhart
About the book: It has long been thought that artistic output declines in old age. When Emily Urquhart and her family celebrated the eightieth birthday of her father, the illustrious painter Tony Urquhart, she found it remarkable that, although his pace had slowed, he was continuing his daily art practice of drawing, painting, and constructing large-scale sculptures, and was even innovating his style. Was he defying the odds, or is it possible that some assumptions about the elderly are flat-out wrong? After all, many well-known visual artists completed their best work in the last decade of their lives, Turner, Monet, and Cézanne among them. With the eye of a memoirist and the curiosity of a journalist, Urquhart began an investigation into late-stage creativity, asking: Is it possible that our best work is ahead of us? Is there an expiry date on creativity? Do we ever really know when we’ve done anything for the last time? The Age of Creativity is a graceful, intimate blend of research on ageing and creativity, including on progressive senior-led organizations, such as a home for elderly theatre performers and a gallery in New York City that only represents artists over sixty, and her experiences living and travelling with her father. Emily Urquhart reveals how creative work, both amateur and professional, sustains people in the third act of their lives, and tells a new story about the possibilities of elder-hood.
December 11, 2020
122 | Teaching Hamlet as My Father Died with Erica Cantley
Art crashes into life for author Erica Cantley when she finds herself behind a podium in front of a class of high school seniors, teaching HAMLET as her father died, thousands of miles to the south in Costa Rica. Interspersing interactions with her teenage students and memories of her father, desperately sick and difficult to reach in his adopted jungle home, Cantley guides her students through HAMLET -- written four centuries ago -- while reflecting upon the impending loss of a parent in the never-ending now. The result is a powerful memoir of a love that will not die, the timeless story of the bond between parent and child, the magic created by a gifted teacher and willing pupils, and finally, the exploration of the timeless themes of HAMLET, the study in the transition of power through the generations. For those of you who aren't acquainted with Hamlet - don't let that deter you from this book or podcast.  The themes in this book and discussion are themes we can all relate to in our lives.  For more on Erica visit her website.  And your cohosts can be found here:  Sandy Reynolds and Patti M. Hall
November 27, 2020
121 | Alone with Michelle Parise
This week on Reframe Your Life we interview award-winning producer Michelle Parise about her book Alone: A Love Story. This memoir is about falling in love, the fallout of infidelity, and everything messy in between — and the inspiration behind the hit CBC podcast. Parise has worked for CBC Radio and Television for over two decades. She was born and raised in Toronto in a gigantic Italian immigrant family.
November 13, 2020
120 | My Year of Living Spiritually with Anne Bokma
Our guest this week  is Anne Bokma . She is an award-winning freelance journalist and the author of My Year of Living Spiritually: From Woo-Woo to Wonderful—One Woman's Secular Quest for a More Soulful Life published by Douglas & McIntyre in October 2019. A leading expert on North America's 80-million strong "spiritual-but-not-religious" demographic, Anne was the award-winning "Spiritual But Secular" columnist for the United Church Observer (now Broadview) for four years before writing her popular My Year of Living Spiritually blog for the magazine. Anne also leads workshops and gives presentations on topics relating to spirituality and writing, including how she left a fundamentalist religion, the importance of finding community, how to live a more soulful life and what it takes to tell a good story. She is the founder of the 6-Minute Memoir “Speed Storytelling For a Cause” event, which features storytellers sharing tales on a common theme within a strict six-minute time limit. The event has raised more than $45,000 for local charities in her hometown of Hamilton, Ontario, since 2013. You can find our more about Anne at her website here. In this episode we talked about some of the challenges of losing your religion. A big part of the struggle is disappointing people. Sandy offers a free PDF course for anyone who needs to find the courage to end people-pleasing in their life. You can find it at her website And if you want to get support in writing a memoir you've been working on, reach out to Patti M. Hall
October 30, 2020
119 | Field Notes from an Unintentional Birder with Julia Zarankin
An unexpected and belated mid-life love affair with birds and nature and finally discovering one’s place in the world – Field Notes from an Unintentional Birder illuminates the joyful experience of a new discovery and the surprising pleasure to be found while standing still on the edge of a lake at six a.m. When Julia Zarankin saw her first red-winged blackbird at the age of thirty-five, she didn’t expect that it would change her life. Recently divorced and auditioning hobbies during a stressful career transition, she stumbled on birdwatching, initially out of curiosity for the strange breed of humans who wear multi-pocketed vests, carry spotting scopes and discuss the finer points of optics with disturbing fervour. What she never could have predicted was that she would become one of them. Not only would she come to identify proudly as a birder, but birding would ultimately lead her to find love, uncover a new language and lay down her roots. For books that have inspired Julia Zarankin read her article here:
October 16, 2020
118 | Foxfire, Wolfskin and other stories of shapeshifting women with Dr. Sharon Blackie
We all have books that have greatly influenced us.  Dr. Sharon Blackie's bestselling book, If Women Rose Rooted is on Sandy's list of books that came along at just the right time in her life.  Having the opportunity to interview Dr. Blackie was a gift! If you aren't familiar with her, it is our privilege to introduce you! Dr. Sharon Blackie is an award-winning writer and internationally recognised teacher whose work sits at the interface of psychology, mythology and ecology. Her highly acclaimed books, courses, lectures and workshops are focused on the development of the mythic imagination, and on the relevance of our native myths, fairy tales and folk traditions to the personal, social and environmental problems we face today. She has penned four books of fiction and nonfiction, including the bestselling If Women Rose Rooted. You can find out more about her work at her website.   If you enjoy this episode let us know - you can leave a review on iTunes OR send us an email and tell us your favourite book! 
October 02, 2020
117 | How to Lose Everything with Christa Couture
Christa Couture reframes the experience of loss for us in her beautiful memoir, How to Lose Everything.  In this interview we talk about the questions she gets asked most frequently, her story of loss and the writing process.  Synopsis of her book:  From the amputation of her leg as a cure for bone cancer at a young age to her first child’s single day of life, the heart transplant and subsequent death of her second child, the divorce born of grief and then the thyroidectomy that threatened her career as a professional musician, How to Lose Everything delves into the heart of loss. Couture bears witness to the shift in perspective that comes with loss, and how it can deepen compassion for others, expand understanding, inspire a letting go of little things and plant a deeper feeling for what matters. At the same time, Couture’s writing evokes the joy and lightness that both precede and eventually follow grief, as well as the hope and resilience that grow from connections with others. Evoking Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking and Rachel Cusk’s A Life’s Work, Couture explores the emotional and psychological experiences of motherhood, partnership and change. Deftly connecting the dots of sorrow, reprieve and hard-won hope, How to Lose Everything contains the advice Couture is often asked for, as well as the words she wishes she could have heard many years ago. It is also an offering of kinship and understanding for anyone experiencing a loss.” You can find out more about Christa at her website. If you have started on your memoir but need help shaping it and getting it ready for publication, Patti M. Hall can coach you through this critical stage. Contact Patti here.   Find out more about Sandy's work with chronic people-pleasers at her website and get started Disappointing More People.  
September 18, 2020
116 | Beth Wyatt and The Calm & Cozy Book of Sleep
It's been said that 'life is a search for a good night's sleep.' If you have ever been sleep deprived you might relate. Sleep disruptions are more common than we realize. Sleep Coach Beth returns to Reframe Your Life to discuss her beautiful new book. It's not just a pretty book though, it is a practical resource to help you get the rest you need. You'll want to hear her publishing story as well. You never know what can happen on social media! For more on Beth check out this previous episode: Episode 79 | Reframe Your Nap.  And find out more about Beth at her website. If you are interested in working with a coach to get your book ready to publish, connect with Patti M Hall.   And if you people-pleasing is keeping you up at night connect with Sandy through her website for help.   Please leave us a review and share this episode and this podcast with your friends.  Thank you!
September 04, 2020
115 | Moments of Glad Grace with Alison Wearing
You are going to love this author and her latest book! Alison Wearing is a Canadian writer and performer. In addition to award-winning articles, short stories, essays and solo plays, she is the author of three critically-acclaimed memoirs. Honeymoon in Purdah became a national bestseller and was published in seven countries. Confessions of a Fairy's Daughter was both a bestselling memoir and a multiple award-winning solo play. Her new book, Moments of Glad Grace, has been heralded as "a wise, funny, and tender book, beautifully written and perfectly executed from first to last sentence" by Yann Martel, author of Life of Pi. Connect with Alison here: And find Sandy Reynolds at: And Patti M. Hall makes her home here:
August 21, 2020
114 | Blissfully Blended Bullshit with Rebecca Eckler
This week we sit down with Rebecca Eckler and talk about her latest book and how she manages to be so bold in her work. Anyone in a blended family or thinking about attempting to bring two families together will benefit from this book.  Rebecca Eckler’s newest book chronicles the hard truth of what it’s really like to make a blended family. Blissfully Blended Bullshit is a witty, engaging, refreshingly candid chronicle of a modern family’s journey as they blend households. We follow Eckler as her partner and his two children move in with her and her daughter. Then, thanks to a reverse vasectomy, they add a baby to the mix. Readers go along for the ride in this poignant, often hilarious tale, as everyone attempts to navigate their new roles: the children, the in-laws, the exes, the ex-in-laws, and even the dog. Lighthearted and intimate, this is an indispensable story about a family determined to make blended splendid, and the juicy truth of what it’s really like behind closed doors in what is rapidly becoming a typical family makeup.  And if you are ready to get your memoir out into the hands of the world you will want to connect with Patti Hall. Visit her website and reach out and start the conversation today. Now is the perfect time to write your story. For those of you who feel hampered in your life by other people's expectations or judgements, sign up for Sandy Reynold's free e-course "Disappoint More People."  
August 07, 2020
113 | Samra Zafar on A Good Wife
On this episode we interview Samra Zafar about her book A Good Wife.  From her website, " This ia a modern-day fairy tale where the heroine saves her own life."  Samra faced years of abuse after arriving in Canada as a teenage bride in a hastily arranged marriage, her determination and desire to forge a better life for herself never left her as she made slow progress towards her dreams.  Find out more about Samra at her website.  Find out more about Patti M Hall at her website.  Find out more about Sandy Reynolds at her website.  And if you are enjoying this podcast please share it with a friend and leave us a review on iTunes. Help us get the word out!  Thanks. 
July 24, 2020
112 | Kate Armstrong, author of The Stone Frigate
Kate Armstrong inspired us with her truth-telling memoir about what it meant to be part of the first class of women attending Royal Military College. This book touches on many of the issues that women with natural leadership gifts encounter in their lives. You can find out more about Kate at her website.  For more on writing your story contact Patti here. For more on reframing your life and learning to chart your own course connect with Sandy here. 
July 09, 2020
111 | Author Jane Christmas discusses her new book, Open House
Jane Christmas has written several memoirs. You will want to read them all!   Find out more of Jane at her website.   Inspired to write your own story? Patti M. Hall can help. Find out more about her work here.   Are you afraid you will disappoint someone if you move forward or share your story? Talk to Sandy! 
June 26, 2020
110 | Deborah Bakti on supporting long term care workers and creating stronger communities
While working as an executive in the seniors' care industry, Deborah Bakti's professional and personal lives collided when her husband Ty, was diagnosed with a rare disease. When her husband was admitted to a long-term care home, Deborah was forced to adopt a new role; that of a residents' wife. On this episode we talk about her book RECIPE for Empathy and the strategies she teaches for transforming the long term care experience for families.  Find out more about Deborah at her website.   Find out more about how you can get started writing your memoir with Patti M. Hall here.  
June 12, 2020
109 | Louisa Deasey - A Letter from Paris
"When Louisa Deasey receives a message from a French woman about a stack of letters written about Louisa's father, neither woman can imagine the events it will set in motion." Tell me you don't want to find out more!  My co-host Patti M Hall and I talk with Louisa Deasey about writing and a story that is proof truth is stranger than fiction. Enjoy! For more on Louisa Deasey find her here. For more on Patti M Hall click here. For more on Sandy Reynolds click here. 
May 28, 2020
108 | Soulbbatical with Shelley Paxton
On this episode, memoir coach and RYL regular Patti Hall and I sit down with Shelley Paxton to talk about her book Soulbbatical: A Corporate Rebel's Guide to Finding Your Best Life. You don't have to be a corporate exec to benefit from Soulbbatical. There are lessons for everyone.  The energy and synergy in this episode was a beautiful thing.  Stop reading and start listening! 
May 21, 2020
107 | Loving Large with Patti M Hall
This episode kicks off a series featuring women who have written memoirs, hybrids and creative non-fiction. It's fitting to start with the newly released memoir beautifully written by the co-host of the series, Patti M Hall.  Over 30 million-plus children in North America suffer from rare, chronic, or incurable diseases. Every person who loves and cares for one of these children may have a unique tale of the diagnostic treatment odyssey. Still, Patti's commonalities and the experiences of many other parent's heartaches and despair make this story everyone's story.  Find out more about Patti M. Hall and Loving Large.
May 15, 2020
Episode 106 | Life during Covid-19 with Jo-Anne Gibson
Jo-Anne Gibson and I launched the first episode of Reframe Your Life on April 16, 2016. Four years later life looks a lot different. On this episode we reconnect to talk about how we are coping during this time of social-distancing. 
April 23, 2020
Episode 105 | Uncertainty with Jennifer Hayden
In the midst of these uncertain times we can find help in getting through them by looking at how we have made it through challenges in the past. Jennifer Hayden is a breast cancer survivor who shared her story in the graphic memoir, The Story of My Tits.  It's the first graphic novel I have read and I totally get the appeal.  In this episode Jennifer talks about what she learned about uncertainty. 
March 28, 2020
Episode 104 | Disappoint More People
In this episode you will discover five ways to disappoint more people. If you want to live the life you want to live sooner or later you will run into the expectations other people have for you. If you are tired of feeling overwhelmed and resentful get comfortable disappointing people. Get the free download to accompany the podcast. 
January 29, 2020
Episode 103 | Soul-Centered Living
Starting on the inside with your values, believes and awareness of who you are and then aligning your life to reflect what is most important to you may sound simple but it isn't easy. On this episode I discuss a program I have developed to support you in becoming aligned with what what is most important to you.
September 23, 2019
Episode 102 | Rebel Crone Rising with Tracie Nichols
Women today are looking for alternative ways to embrace ageing.  This move towards conscious aging allows us to embrace ageing and at the same time continue to be seen for the work we do in the world. Tracie Nichols has started Rebel Crone Rising to support us in this process. 
June 06, 2019
Episode 101 | Is it time for a reality check?
The Reframe Your Life Model is based on Reality/Realign/Relationships/Reflection/Results. In this episode I revisit reality. What are the facts in your life? The actual situation or circumstances that you find yourself in? It can be very different from the narrative you have about your reality. Take some time to think about the facts. Get clear on your actual reality. Then you can start to Reframe.
April 09, 2019
Episode 100 | Reframing Self-Doubt - Interview with Sas Petherick
It's the 100th episode of Reframe Your Life. Thank you for being here for this journey. If you have ever wanted to start something, change something, try something new or quit something - you know how quickly you can begin to experience self-doubt. Sas Petherick's work on self-doubt is insightful and inspiring.  Self-Doubt is the natural response we have when we are taking risks or doing anything outside our comfort zone. It is universal. It is not a limitation though.  Reframe your self-doubt with Sas Petherick.
March 25, 2019
Episode 99 | Why you might not want to give your heart what it wants
The heart wants what is wants - but that doesn't mean you should just follow your heart. Decision making and discernment are two practices that every woman who wants to live a soul-centered life needs to develop. Stop ignore the red flags in your life and learn how to make better decisions. 
March 11, 2019
Episode 98 | Interview with Sarah Leyenaar - How to live from love not fear
After a two month break Reframe Your Life is back with more ideas and interviews to help you live a soul-centered life.  This week Sarah Leyenaar joins the podcast to discuss how we can make better decisions, specifically decisions made out of love and not out of fear. 
March 01, 2019
Episode 97 | Reclaiming Advent #4 - Peace
Feeling the holiday anxiety on top of your regular anxiety? Here's how I am finding inner peace
December 21, 2018
Episode 96 | Reclaiming Advent Week #3 - Joy
This episode owes a great debt to The Book of Joy by Douglas Abrams based on his interviews with His Holiness that Dalai Lama and Arcibishop Desmond Tutu. It was such a helpful resource in understanding Joy.
December 14, 2018
Episode 95 | Reclaiming Advent Week #2 - Love
This week we are lighting a candle of love. Whether you choose to take that literally or metaphorically please emember at you have been created in the image of love. And healing in our world will come through love. We need to level up the love.
December 07, 2018
Episode 94 | Reclaiming Advent Week #1 - Hope
No matter what you believe, and if you aren't sure what you believe, cultivating hope is a way to develop resilience. I'm reclaiming this season of advent. This episode gives you some insight into why we need hope and a simple practice to bring in more hope in your life.
November 30, 2018
Episode 93 | Reframing Christmas
It's already started and it would be very difficult to avoid it. The Holiday Season is here. How about reframing Christmas? Somewhere between the religious baggage you may have inherited with Christmas and the secularized version there is space to discover the sacred. To find meaning and to connect to what is most important to you. Are you longing for a more authentic and soulful Christmas? Are you ready to move beyond the religious cliches "There's a Reason for the Season"? How about reclaiming the holy-days?
November 19, 2018
Episode 92 | Reframing Ageing featuring Karen Petersen
On this episode, featuring Karen Petersen, we talk about what we are learning at this stage of my life. It's my 60th birthday episode. A milestone I am celebrating wholeheartedly.
November 07, 2018
Episode 91 | Reframing Death 2.0 featuring Tammy Faulds
Are you comfortable talking about death? Did you know that many people think just talking about death or going to get their will done is a harbinger of their own death? Death frightens us and we can get very superstitious around fears. I get it. I feel the same way. However, as my guest this week says on her website: "Spoiler alert - You're going to die." It seems like the right time of year to talk about death. There are several cultural days in the next week that recognize death, darkness and the afterlife including Samhain, Day of the Dead, Halloween and All Saint's Day. In Canada, we have less light with shorter days and longer nights. It's been a rainy few weeks and it is getting colder. The natural world is full of reminders of endings. Two years ago I interviewed Tammy Faulds on Reframe Your Life. She was just starting to focus her work on death coaching. She saw a gap in services and realized that people need support in preparing for death. Since then she has realized that we live more intentionally when we live with the end in mind. For more details and show notes visit the website above.
October 29, 2018
Episode 90 | Why women can't tell the truth
It's hard to be honest. Become aware of what keeps you from speaking your truth.
October 22, 2018
Episode 89 | How to reframe your faith
Read more about this weeks episode here.
October 15, 2018
Episode 88 | Why you need to have margin in your life
After a month that included three significant losses, the impact of not having any margin in my life hit home. In this episode I help you consider how to increase the space between ourselves and our limits so that you can avoid burnout, overwhelm and anxiety.
October 09, 2018
Episode 87 | A Guide to Decision Making and Spiritual Discernment with Nancy Bieber
Having a process for making good decisions that are aligned with your deepest self is part of having a healthy and vibrant spirituality. In this episode we discuss what that looks like.
September 10, 2018
Episode 86 | What are the desires of your heart?
What are your heart's desires? And how do the choices that you are making support the desires and dreams you have in becoming a reality? I explore the topic of desires in this week's episode of Reframe Your Life.A very basic definition of desire is a strong feeling to want or have something. We have lots of desires. I desire to be healthy. I desire to have good friends. I desire a good night’s sleep - especially after a restless night of sleep. You may have some beliefs about desires that make it difficult for you to trust them.Here are some beliefs I have heard about desires:You can't trust your feelings or desires.Following your desires will lead you to destruction or harm.The heart is wicked and not to be trusted.Feelings are not scientific or factualYou shouldn’t make decisions based on feelings or emotionsWhat messages have you heard around desires? I remember the mixed messages I received over the years around desires, emotions, feelings, faith and spirituality. One day I read, “God gives you the desires of your heart” and I started thinking about things differently. If my very desires were given to me by the Creator then how could they be bad?This week I was reading a book a friend gave me by Sage Levine about developing your business. It’s called Women Rocking Business and although I find the title a bit hokey I’ve been surprised to find the content so focused on the spiritual side of business.She talks about our desires as being our Yellow Brick Road. They are the stepping stones that lead us to our destiny. When we start to pay attention to what we desire we start to make decisions that are aligned with our truest self.And here’s a fascinating thought she shares. The word desire comes from a Latin root (sidus) meaning star or heavenly body. De-sire can be broken down to ‘of the sire’ which translates to ‘Of the Kingdom of God.” When I read that I immediately thought of the spiritual teaching, “Seek first the Kingdom of God."What if following your desires is actually seeking first the kingdom of God? What if all the other stuff we take on, all the shoulds and oughts are really creating a barrier to being who we are designed to be? “We are desire. It is the essence of the human Soul, the secret of our existence. Absolutely nothing of human greatness is ever accomplished without it. Not a symphony has been written, a mountain climbed, an injustice fought, or a love sustained apart from desire. Desire fuels our search for the life we prize. ” — John Elderidge I've been using Danielle Laporte's Desire Mapping Process for the past 5 years to help me explore my feelings and desires. I am an affiliate and you can click on the photo to find out more. The workbooks are inexpensive and are helpful anytime you want to do a deep dive into what's next. Getting clear on your desires is the first step in reclaiming a healthy and vibrant spiritual life. Of course, desires need to be balanced with
August 27, 2018
Episode 85 | Healing Spiritual Wounds with Carol Howard Merritt
In this interview we talk about faith and church and how to heal from painful wounds.
August 13, 2018
Episode 84 | Do you feel good about your clothing purchases? Interview with influencer Leah Wise
Do you like clothes? Do you love fashion? Do you enjoy putting together outfits? Or are clothes more utilitatrian for you? My mother has told me I've always loved fashion. I remember riding my bike to a casket factory and dumpster diving for silk remants to make my Barbie doll clothes when I was a kid. (Clearly that was back in the day when ten year olds were out exploring the neighbourhood on their bikes without parental supervision.) My friends and I would go find all kinds of beautiful fabrics and come home and hand sew outfits. And it wasn't just my dolls that were well dressed. I started carrying a purse when I was 5. I worked in retail stores throughout high school so I could buy clothes with an employee discount. I can tell you what I was wearing in all of the significant memories of my life.So when I started looking at the bigger impact of my clothing purchases it was disturbing. Was I supporting garment factories? I had no idea how much water it took to make one T-Shirt. (It takes 2700 litres of water to make one T-Shirt.) This awareness that my choices were actually hurting people and our planet created a crisis for me. Then to top it off the first time I went to Cambodia I saw first hand the living conditions of garment workers. It was deeply disturbing.  When I returned to Canada I decided to start being more thoughtful about my purchases. And I took to social media to find out more. On Instagram I discovered this week's guest, Leah Wise. She is a writer and blogger based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Her expertise in the fields of sustainable fashion and social justice have afforded her the opportunity to write for publications such as Elephant Journal, Mind Body Green, Relevant Magazine, and Christianity Today, as well as on her own blog, Over the past five years, Leah has created successful influencer marketing campaigns with dozens of ethical brands on her blog platform. Leah has been named a top sustainable blogger by Bustle, ORIGIN Magazine, AGAATI, FeedSpot, and Moon Cloth, and has received various write-ups on ethical lifestyle blogs and brand websites.Here are some of the highlights of what we talked about and links to some of her articles for more on those topics.Capsule Wardrobes: If you love expressing yourself through fashion and the idea of limiting yourself to 33 items makes you feel stifled creatively check out Leah’s take on capsule wardrobes. Read her blog post here: Why I Quit My Capsule Wardrobe Leah also talks about the Wonder Wardrobe Capsule Closet Course - read her blog post about it here and if it appeals to you there is a discount code at the end of her post if you decide to sign up.Are you wondering about sustainable/ethical/fair trade and other terms? When you start to think about your purchases including clothing you begin to encounter a lot of new terms. Leah defines them in this episode and in more detail on her website. This resource is very helpful as you start to navigate this new world in your clothing shopping.We discussed Leah's blog post:
July 30, 2018
Episode 83 | Desperately Seeking Spirituality with Meredith Gould
Meredith Gould offers us practices of being that anyone can focus on to create a stronger spiritual connection.
July 16, 2018
Episode 82 | Reclaiming Your Relationship with Faith
I've been eager to get this new episode up and to share this new venture with you. And a little freaked out as well!  I've always related to these words from the T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets:  “We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time. ” I've experienced this truth in my life many times. And so it wasn't surprising to me that after years of rethinking my faith and beliefs that I would find myself back where I started - wanting to share my story with women. I am wired to want to pass on my learning to others. I call myself a 'learning catalyst.' I like to share resources and have conversations that will help you navigate life transitions and challenges. For me, that includes spirituality and faith.I am drawn to big questions of life. All of us, wherever we sit in our beliefs are trying to make sense of the world. And many of us have found our faith lacking (my apologies to G.K. Chesterton). So when Jo-Anne decided that her time with Reframe Your Life was coming to an end, I was ready to take it into a new direction. I've been interviewing guests and I'm starting to see that a new path opening up as I move forward. I hope you will hang in for a little while why I sort it all out. And please give me feedback as well! (Photo credit: Jose Antonio Gallego Vazquez) I'm interested in knowing what will be of interest and helpful to you in your life.On this episode I give you a bit more of my background and how I am refocusing.Get out your journal! I hope your summer includes some time for reflection. I've created a download for you called "Reclaiming Your Faith." It's a one pager with some questions to get you thinking about our relationship with faith. Get it hereThanks for being on this journey with me! If you know someone who you think would be interested in this conversation please share this podcast with them.
July 02, 2018
Episode 81 | Reframing Reframe Your Life (the meta episode)
You've heard the saying, "every change, changes every thing" you will want to listen to this episode were we look at a big decision Jo-Anne has made and how it impacts us both.
May 29, 2018
Episode 80 | Lara Heacock on Creating a Kinder World
We could all use a little more kindess in our lives. Being busy is a cultural norm that leads many women feeling exhausted and out of control in their lives. Lara Heacock has experienced that unending pressure to do more, be more and have more. And the subsequent burn out that is the inevitable result.We get it. Jo-Anne has talked previously about how she reframed the word 'busy' to 'full' in her vocabulary. Our language is important and we want to make sure we use it to help us own our lives fully. Lara suggests we stop saying "I don't have time" and get clear by saying, "I didn't make time." Let's take responsibility for the things we have done or not done. And for how we talk about our choices.Lara shares her story starting with committing to Self-Care Saturday - a weekly commitment to spending time doing things that would help her restore balance in her life. This commitment changed everything for her.And kindness extends beyond self-care - it involves how we treat each other personally and professionally. Lara works with her corporate clients to help them develop a kinder aproach to how they work together. Imagine being part of a corporate culture where kindness is a value! If you've ever wished you responded with more kindness OR wished you had been treated more kindly this episode will inspire you!If you are new to Reframe Your Life after you listen to this episode we suggest you listen to Episode 70 - Practical Ways to Practice Self-Care. 
May 15, 2018
Episode 78 | Reframe Your Spiritual Life
It's our two year anniversary! We want to thank you for being with us on this journey. We had no idea we would be still recording two years later - we weren't sure how it would go but here we are! This journey has taught us a lot. We've been learning just as much as our listeners from the topics and guests we have discussed. And as a result we are also continually reframing our lives. After all Reframing Your Life is not a one time thing. In this episode, Sandy gets personal about reframing her business to work with women to help them become spiritually aligned in their lives. What does that mean? You'll have to listen to the episode to get the details.If you have ever experienced a spiritual crisis or if you have spiritual story that needs reframed this episode is for you. A spiritual crisis happens when you experience a drastic change to your meaning system. Maybe you are questioning your purpose in life or your values. Maybe your beliefs have shifted or you are in an identity crisis. Perhaps you are undergoing an awakening to a new or deeper understanding of the world around you. Your dismantling or deconstructing can be very difficult and painful. It's happening externally as you confront some of the systems and ways you have participated in them. It's happening internally as you work through your own anxiety and fears about this shift and the way you have internalized your beliefs.Sandy is working with women to help them:Explore their valuesUnpack their beliefs (whether they have shifted, need to be discarded or reclaimed)Establish practices that support you in establishing the connection you desireGet support in navigating the conversations and changes you want to make to live truthfullyTest new ways of beingSign up for Live Truthfully and start reframing your spirituality at a special price to celebrate this new direction. Click on picture for details.Not ready to take that step? Explore Sandy's recommended reading list for spiritual health.Start aligning your life to reflect who you really are. And be sure to follow Sandy on Instagram!
April 17, 2018
Episode 77 | Reframe Your Story - Memoir Writing #3
Memoir writing expert, Patti Hall joins us for our final episode in this three part series on memoir writing. Honestly, we have learned so much from Patti that we feel like she is part of the Reframe Your Life team. This isn't the last time you'll hear her voice!NOTE: If you haven't listened to the first two episodes you will want to start there. In Week One we addressed the barriers we face when it comes to writing our memoir or story. If you didn't get a chance to listen to the episode you can link to it here.In Week Two we looked at tools to collect our memories and how to draw out themes. We talked about where to start your story and where to end your story. Link to the episode .And now in this final week: Patti helps us to explore where we are in our writing journey to date. Once you get started you soon begin to uncover some of your personal barriers and challenges in the writing process. It can be an emotional process and you find yourself unearthing all kinds of feelings. It can be easy to back off or avoid those feelings. Working with a writing coach can provide the support and accountability to keep you going.If you would like to get some of the resources available including a 34 page What's Your Story Memoir workbook sign up for our Memoir Writer's list.  We will also send you a special code for 75% off any of the courses in the Memoir Writing Studio. You will be added to the Patti's memoir writing mailing list at the same time. 
April 03, 2018
Episode 76 | How does your garden grow with Mary Reynolds
Author of The Garden Awakening, winner of the Chelsea Garden Show and Irish midwife to the land, Mary Reynolds joins us. We reframed our relationship with our land in many ways on this episode.
March 20, 2018
Episode 75 | Together women are pressing for progress in 2018. Join us!
March 8th is International Women's Day and we couldn't let this week go by without celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.Started by the Suffragettes in the early 1900's, the first International Women's Day was celebrated in 1911. International Women's Day belongs to all communities everywhere. It marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. This year the theme is: #pressforprogress.On our episode this week we talk about some of the ways we can support women and some of our own challenges.We also suggest you continue your learning and reflect on how you can press for progress in your circle of influence.Here are three episodes that we have recorded that we recommend you listen to and share this week with the women in your life!Episode 36: Are You a Feminist?Episode 47: Six Unique Challenges Women in Leadership FaceEpisode 58: Why Women Need Other WomenDon't forget to tag us on Instagram on your International Women's Day posts using #lifereframers!
March 06, 2018
Episode 74 | Memoir #2: Gathering Stories with Patti M Hall
Memoiraholic Patti M Hall takes us deep into the first steps of shaping a memoir. This isn't easy work and her system is proven to help you get those stories together!
February 27, 2018
Episode 73 | Memoir #1: Overcome your barriers to writing your story with Patti M Hall
Stories are powerful. We've witnessed an entire movement begin to shift the way women feel about their personal histories because a few women had the courage to come forward and share their stories of abuse by some of the most powerful men in the entertainment world. The #metoo movement was born and more and more women have found the courage to tell their stories. And we've found our collective strength in those stories.But not all stories are of abuse. There are stories of resilience and overcoming difficult challenges. Some of our most popular guests shared powerful personal stories. Here are a few to revisit:Maureen Towns shared about the struggle she faced as a mom with the addiction and mental health issues of three of her children.Steph Jagger  shared her story about realizing that she was living a good life but that she wanted to lift the restraining device and go for more.Courtney Carver told the story about how receiving a life changing medical diagnosis prompted her to make some radical changes in how she was living. Project 333 was born.Each one of these woman wrote books and actively share their stories. We believe that storytelling is important in reframing your life. It's been said, "The most important story you will ever tell about yourself is the story you tell to yourself." Stories are that powerful.Reframe Your Life has partnered with Patti M Hall to offer you a 3 part podcast workshop on memoir writing. You can listen to our interview with Patti and hear her story on this episode.Part 1 addresses the barriers we face before we even put pen to paper (or fingers to keypad). It's available now on iTunes.Part 2 will get into the initial steps of memoir writing including how to write a memoir timeline and where to start in your story.Part 3 in the series will be about how we organize the material in our lives to start writing and how we mine for memories.
February 13, 2018
Episode 72 | Deborah Senior - Building Your Personal Brand
Introducing our guest:Deborah Senior is a dynamic talent whose background spans Canada’s leading oil & gas, retail, and marketing sectors including Suncor, Hudson’s Bay, and Nielsen. While her focus is on brand strategy, loyalty programs and consumer research, Deborah’s creativity and expertise lie in her ability to harness the power of effective branding.Her career, however, started in the non-profit sector. She headed an international youth NGO, Policy Advisor at the Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society (IMPACS) and is a former Trustee at the Laidlaw Foundation. Throughout all of her roles, her key contribution continues to be incorporating marginalized voices into civic and social structures. Topics discussed:Should you blend your personal brand and your professional brand?What your logo says when you aren't in the room?What do people say about your business when you aren't in the room?Social Media: Your social media posts reflect your values.Social media doesn't need to be instant. Schedule your posts. Review them before posting. Ask: Why am I posting this? What is my intention behind it?Websites:What do you need your website to do? What is the purpose of your website? Answer those questions and then do it the best, cleanest, shortest way possible.Personal Style - Every aspect of your physical identity is branded.Links mentioned:Brand AmbitionCoolors Collabosaurus            
January 30, 2018
Episode 71 | Maureen Towns - When Mental Health Issues Hit Home
January can be a very bleak month for many people. The days are shorter physically and emotionally we feel the effects of the lack of sunshine. Christmas is over. And those New Year’s resolutions you made? Well, we hope you’ve been making progress on them!Last week we talked about self-care. If you didn’t get a chance to listen to it you can find it here.This week our focus is on mental health. Our guest, Maureen Towns, shares her painful story of the journey she found herself on when three of her children, began to exhibit mental health issues in their teens. Maureen dealt with a mother’s worst fears for her children. She dealt with issues like a child living on the street, addictions, self-harm, culminating with one son having a psychotic break. It took several years to get her children diagnosed and to start getting the help they all needed. And of course, she was processing her own feelings as a parent. Maureen had to face her own sense of failure and inadequacy during this time. Did she do something wrong? Was she to blame in some way? Every mother knows that feeling!Maureen helps others by sharing her experience as a health care provider, a patient, and parent who experienced the challenges of ‘the system’. She now works as a Bounce Back expert. Maureen studies and teaches parents how to integrate resiliency principles into their own lives and their parenting. As a lifelong student of resilience, Maureen integrates resiliency principles into her work with overwhelmed parents to help them and their kids.Our favourite quote from this episode:Self-care is about doing what brings you joy. It’s not about nails. Here are some suggestions for you based on this episode:1. If you are struggling with mental health challenges in your family, visit Maureen’s website and reach out to her.2. If someone in your network is facing difficulties and are parenting kids who are facing mental health issues please forward this newsletter to them so they can find some hope through Maureen’s story3. When you see a young person on the street, remember the connection between serious mental illness and homelessness. Support organizations that support at risk youth.4. Don’t put more effort into someone else’s sobriety than they are. Get support if you need it. Check out Al-Anon.Take care of yourself!
January 23, 2018
Episode 70 | Practical Ways to Practice Self-Care
Did you know one of the most used words in 2017 was 'hustle'? We live in a world that values the hustle. Taking time for ourselves feels like slacking off.On this episode we want to Reframe Self-Care. Here are some reasons that self-care is important:Self-care prevents burnoutWe’ve all been there - you push yourself to the point that you can’t take anymore so you just give up. Self care helps you avoid getting to that point. Self care reduces the negative effects of stress: A small amount of stress can serve a purpose, but after a while, it just breaks down your mind and body. Taking care of yourself means keeping your stress from taking over so you can function at full capacity.Self-care helps you refocusWhen Jo-Anne was stuck on a complicated math problem in school, her teacher would suggest walking away and coming back—taking a break, basically. Breaks are the epitome of self care, and studies show they’re great for helping you perform better.Self-care is reminding yourself that YOU matter.It is a way of valuing yourself. Not just a way of getting more done. In other words, self care is not a reward. It’s part of the process. Sometimes we get so used to “rewarding ourselves” with lunch or even a trip to the bathroom, though, that we forget exactly what it means to take care of ourselves.January can be a difficult month for many people. We need to lighten up the pressure we put on ourselves and show ourselves some love. And show other people some love as well. Tune in to our episode this week for some practical ways you can take care of yourself. And, when you hear someone talking about how unmotivated they feel direct them to our podcast!
January 16, 2018
Episode 69 | Find Your People
We all have a fundamental need to belong. It is one of our hierarchy of needs. In this episode we talk about how you can belong in your community - however you define that.
January 09, 2018
Episode 68 | Don't Go Keto in the New Year
Erin Power returns to Reframe Your Life to talk about the latest diet trend. Highlights of the episode:Erin talks about the difference between keto/ketosis/ketogenic dietsKetogenic diet is a metabolic stateWhy you don't want to be in 'ketosis' or 'go keto'The goal is using ketones as a fuel source in your bodyThe end goal is metabolic flexibilityOur bodies will adapt to using different fuel sourcesHaving a metabolism that works as intended will change the way you feelWhy you don't need to buy urine strips or breath monitors What your cravings are really telling youYou can teach your body to use different fuel sources (metabolic flexibility)When you are following a ketogenic diet you are restricting carbohydrates, not following a high fat diet (you don't need to put butter in your coffee or eat spoonfuls of coconut oil)Reframe your thinking around 'treats' into 'choices or wants'Take time to reduce your carbs. This is a lifestyle change not a diet #ketoeventuallymaybeCarbohydrate intolerance takes a toll on your health (diabetes) lowering your carbohydrate intake is beneficialLinks mentioned in this episode:1. Episode 28: Our first episode with Erin Power. On iTunes here.  On our website here. 2. Eat Simple: Erin's website where you can contact her regarding her special offer for our listeners. If you initiate a health coaching package with Erin in January she is giving our listeners 20% off her packages. Use the 'book your free consult button' on her website and mention Reframe Your Life. You can also sign up for her monthly newsletter. Follow Erin on Facebook or Instagram at eatsimple.3. The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson: Erin recommends this book for it's practical, sense making content. It goes beyond diet and addresses your entire lifestyle.  More from Jo-Anne:If you're ready to take the leap, develop your leadership skill and be a creator at your work and in your life, and need a little help, email me for a complimentary coaching session.More from Sandy:I publish a weekly newsletter with a focus on living truthfully. If you would like to find out more about my work subscribe here.     
January 02, 2018
Episode 67 | The best way to end the year!
Highlights of our conversation:Reflection is how you process what you are learning. Thinking about your thoughts and actions can help you discover what improvements you want to make.Give yourself the gift of reflection time. We often move from one task, achievement, trend, interaction to another and miss the opportunity for growth and leading with intention.We strongly encourage you to take some time to reflect and celebrate the gifts of the past year. Even the things that happened that challenged you can be reframed. Reflecting will help you start to realign what needs to change in 2018.“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”Building celebration into your year plan by and be intentional about recognizing your hard work.Who do you need to celebrate with?How do you want to celebrate?“For last year's words belong to last year's language, and next year's words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning”  ― T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets Links mentioned in this episode:Balance WheelGuide to Getting Shit Done  More from Sandy:Check out Sandy's goal courseFollow Sandy on InstagramMore from Jo-Anne:Get Jo-Anne's values handout and more at her website.We'll be saying this on social media but just in case you don't see it - we want to wish you a very happy holiday season. Our next episode will be posted on January 3rd. And we hope that 2018 is a year full of continued growth in your life and leadership. We look forward to continuing to an ongoing conversation and bringing you some new guests and learning in 2018.
December 12, 2017
Episode 66 | How to set yourself up for the best year ever!
Before we launch into these show notes, it is important to address those of you who may be in difficult places in your life. There are seasons where life throws us a curve ball. You may be dealing with family issues, sickness, job loss, divorce, addictions or other issues that make getting out of bed each day a stretch goal. If you find yourself in that situation, go easy on yourself! We'll be talking to you in January when we tackle self-care. The best thing you can do is take the pressure off. One suggestion is to listen to Episode 39,  our interview with Courtney Carver where she tells her story and how she got her life back when life threw her a major challenge.For the rest of our #lifereframers: Do you resist plannng? Do you cringe when people talk about 'five year plans'? We get that - we don't like planning that far out either! We want you to condense your planning into six months to a year.If you resist planning, you'll want to listen as we address these issues:*It’s too rigid / I don’t want to get boxed inIt’s not funI don’t think strategicallyI’m not creativeI don’t have goals / vision / dreamsI don’t have timeI don’t have the skills to do what I want to doI don’t have the support I need to get to where I want to goNow that we have overcome all your resistance to planning, we want to help you take the next step! We have two resources available for you to help you plan for the best year ever. You can download the Balance Wheel and guide to Getting Shit Done here.And don't forget we have individual resources as well!Check out Sandy's goal course here and Jo-Anne's values handout and more are available at her website here.We are coming up to the Christmas break. We have one more episode next week to continue this conversation on how to have your best year ever. We look forward to enjoying a slower pace for a few weeks and we can't wait to share what we have planned for the new year! Keep reframing,
December 05, 2017
Episode 65 | Five plus one ways to end well
Every beginning is a consequence. Every beginning ends something. - Paul ValeryIn order to really change your life, to Reframe Your Life, you are going to need to let go of something. You can’t do the same thing and expect different results. It is the definition of insanity to think life works that way. On our current episode, available now, we talk about some areas where you may have to let go or end things in order to move into what you really want. We know from experience this journey isn’t going to be easy!William Bridges, in his landmark book on Transitions talks about how when we enter into transition the first step is ending. He says, “The starting point for dealing with transition is not the outcome but the ending that you will have to leave the old situation behind. Situational change hinges on the new thing, but psychological transition depends on on letting go of the old reality and the old identity you had before the change took place.Here are the five areas we explore in this episode that you will need to end to move forward in your life.1. Approval: Your need for approval needs to end. When you make a big change in your life there will be doubters, naysayers, and people who don't think you should make the change. People might question your sanity - especially if you are going against the status quo.2. People that don’t support you: Beyond their approval, you might have people who try to sabotage your change. You may find that you no longer fit with certain people as you change. We often use the quote, "My how you've changed since I've changed." It speaks to this challenge of no longer fitting with people. Your changes will make other people uncomfortable. We get this when we talk about addictions. People who have decided to quit smoking or drinking may not be comfortable hanging out with the group that supported those habits. But this happens in other areas of our life as well. You may find yourself wondering what you ever had in common with someone. It can be tough to move on but you need to make a decsion if a relationship is holding you back.3. Circumstances: Is there a circumstance that is holding you back? You can't have it all. If you want to travel for 4 months out of the year that may get in the way of building a business or taking a course. You need to assess your reality - is there a circumstance holding you back or a perceived circumstance?4. Beliefs/Mindsets: What is your belief about ending a new situation? What is holding you back? Do you have questions like, "who am I to do this?" Get clear on why you want to end something. Assess your beliefs and mindsets when ending or beginning something. What are you telling yourself about this change?5. Behaviours/Habits: You can’t watch Netflix all day! Maybe, like Jo-Anne, you need to end spending a lot of time at the gym doing weights so you can create space for something else - like yoga. Listen to the episode for more details on changing habits to create space for the things you want.Plus one:1. Celebrate:  Don't forget to celebrate those victories around endings! You are working hard to live and lead your best life. This stuff isn't easy. Be intentional about celebrating those victories!As we approach the final month of the year, we want you to think about Reframing 2018. We'll be continuing this conversation over the next two weeks. Start thinking about what you need to end to create space for what you want next year.
November 28, 2017
Episode 64 | Move from being a Victim to being a Creator in Life
Drama is all around us. We live in a world that feeds on it. Try and think of a day when you got together with friends and no one had an interpersonal drama to talk about. It is ubiquitous. What about a day at work that didn’t involve drama with another person. Have you had one of those?What if we told you there are three questions you could ask yourself to be well on your way to transforming your relationships? What if these questions helped you save time and energy away from drama? How would that be for a life reframe?You are in luck! Jo-Anne is certified to deliver 3 Vital Questions - The Empowerment Dynamic (TED). A program that brings back vitality and effectiveness to your relationships. You may be familiar with the well known drama triangle. It’s where we get stuck in roles that don’t resolve the issues but perpetuate them. If you’re not, these roles are centered around a Victim mindset where we often play the role of victim, persecutor or rescuer, and sometimes all three! In this episode Jo-Anne walks us through the questions you need to ask to move from the drama triangle to The Empowerment Dynamic.The central role here is that of creator and you can also help others by being a challenger or a coach. There is a lot of great information in this episode and Jo-Anne was just scratching the surface.If you want to know more about how TED and the 3 Vital Questions can transform your relationships and your organization contact Jo-Anne at 226-218-8099.CHECK OUT THIS SPECIAL OFFER FOR OUR LISTENERS: Jo-Anne is offering an opportunity to access her coaching at a discounted rate, plus sign up for her newsletter and get a free TED worksheet to get you well on the way to becoming the creator of your life. Check it out at 
November 21, 2017
Episode 63 | Interview with Patti M Hall: Living a Memoir-able Life
Have you ever had an experience where you meet someone and immediately connect with them? You want to schedule time to have a drink or a coffee and do a deep dive into a conversation you know will be stimulating and energetic? That's exactly how we felt when we met Patti Hall earlier this year. She was accompanying Steph Jagger, her friend and colleague, when we interviewed Steph. After the interview we had a chance to connect with Patti and knew we HAD to have her on Reframe Your Life. Patti M Hall is a writer, ghostwriter, proud #Memoiraholic and book coach. Online Patti creates inspirational content for aspiring memoirists, wannabe writers and folks who love putting pen to paper. Patti's home is in Canada where she lives with her massive #memoir library, two giant sons and a pack of golden retrievers. Patti has lived a life that no mom chooses to live. She is the mother of a child with a rare disease. The discovery of this disease and the journey that follows is a raw and honest account of what happens in a family when a diagnosis is made. Reframing sounds inadequate to describe what she had to do.We realized quickly into this episode that we would need more time with Patti. You'll know why when you listen to it! She is an inspiring woman with a heart for a good story and a depth that comes from having to rise up to the task of being a rare mother.If writing your story has been something you've been considering reach out to Patti through her website. And follow her on social media - she uses :pattimhall everywhere.
November 14, 2017
Episode 62 | From the archives - Courtney Carver
Courtney was dealing with health issues which led her to question what she wants in her life. Does she need so much stuff? The large house? Lots of clothes? Why was she shopping? If she didn't shop, what else could she have in her life? All these questions were asked and answered as she and her family slowly de-cluttered their lives, became debt free and eventually downsized their house and the amount of decisions they had to make daily. She eventually developed project 333 - choose 33 items of clothing to wear for 3 months of the year. Hear her story and get inspired to de-clutter today!
November 07, 2017
Episode 61 | From the archives - Steph Jagger
It seems appropriate to re-visit this episode this week. Jo-Anne is enjoying the mountains in Western Canada and Sandy needs to lift her restraining device! Listen to the episode to find out what that means!
October 30, 2017
Episode 60 | What we've learned and implemented from our guests
It's been 60 episodes and during that time we have interviewed 15 guests. What a truly amazing experience it has been. It really is an honour to interview people and learn from them and their stories. On this episode we review lessons learned from some of our guests. We each share what actions we’ve taken as a result. We are all on this journey of living and leading our best lives. It is one thing to learn and gather information, but true leadership lies in taking action. That action could be a shift in mindset, which ultimately impacts our thoughts and our actions, or it could be larger change in the way we live and work. We invite you to join us in your own reflection and revisit some of these episodes.So here they are in order of our discussion!Episode 9: Our interview with Jeff Hendler on transitions and resilience.In this episode, chosen by Sandy, we talk about resilience. How do you view resilience in your life? It's an important topic.Jeff challenged us to think about two things:1. How do you view the world?2. How do you view yourself?As a result of this episode Sandy did a lot of thinking about how she was dealing with her own story of resilience and strength. It is a very personal conversation that we hope will help anyone struggling with resilience.Episode 17: Deborah Bakti - Embrace the GapJo-Anne resonated with this interview - especially the idea of slowing down when you are in the midst of a transition. There is a stage between your current reality and your ideal vision of your future often referred to as 'the gap'. Deborah shared the GAAP acronym with us: Growth - Acceptance - Awareness and Perspective as tools for navigating the gap. As Jo-Anne identified, we can be in such a rush to get through it we we don’t embrace the gap and miss out on the growth available to us during that time. A big action Jo-Anne took as a result of this interview was to become a certified facilitator of The Empowerment Dynamic (now renamed the 3 Vital Questions - a guide to work and life). We'll be featuring more on this program in an upcoming episode.Episode 35 - Ezzie Spencer How the moon can help you thriveHave you ever wondered about the moon cycles? Lawyer - activist turned lunar abundance coach and author Ezzie Spencer will give you a different perspective on how the moon can be a guide to creating rhythms that bring balance into your life. This topic could easily get really woo-woo but it doesn't! In fact, it becomes quite practical and grounded. Sandy learned, "The moon cycle gives us permission to have rhythms in our life. It helps us to focus on rest and self-care and not just feeling like we should always be going/doing. It keeps us from that all or nothing way we live." And a result she has started tracking the moon and letting it inform her schedule.Episode 28 - Erin Power: Alter your relationship with food to feel goodWe interviewed Erin Power ten months ago. And it continues to be one of our most discussed episodes in conversations with our listeners. Jo-Anne has been friends with Erin since she moved to Canada and has been watching her social media as she developed her business. Erin’s story was that she was a fat, sick, fitness instructor. Jo-Anne shared, "Erin is very knowledgeable about health and fitness. When
October 23, 2017
Episode 59 | Ashley Keefe Interview on Yoga, Entrepreneurship and Leadership
Ashley shares her journey and learning from establishing her first business at age 24 years, focusing on developing her leadership skill and the physical, spiritual and emotional benefits of yoga.
October 17, 2017
Episode 58 | Why Women Need Other Women and Retreats!
Get a group of women together and it doesn't take long for us to start sharing our stories and experiences. We find common group and naturally seem to find ways to support each other. It's a wonder to behold! On this episode we talk about our upcoming retreat and why you want to be there!
October 05, 2017
Episode 57 | Interview with Bea Johnson author of Zero Waste Home
In 2008 Bea Johnson's family decided to reduce the amount of waste they produce from their home. Little did she know she was on the start of a creating a movement that helps individuals all around the world create a zero waste life.
October 03, 2017
Episode 56 | Do you call yourself a leader?
Being a leader is a mindset as well as a function. If you see yourself as a leader in your life, you will make different choices. This week we talk about some of the ways to build your personal leadership capacity. Look around, we need women who are leading with authenticity and Integrity.
September 26, 2017
Episode 55 | Practice Self Love with Boundaries
Many women find it hard to implement boundaries in their work or home lives and with relationships. However boundaries are a way to practice respect and self love for yourself.
September 15, 2017
Episode 54 | Cea Sunrise Person talks about her life reframe
Best selling author and speaker, Cea Person shares her story about growing up in the wilderness. If you thought your childhood was different, you will relate to her story. How do you overcome the limitations of your childhood? For many of us it is the work of a lifetime.
September 12, 2017
Episode 53 | How your smartphone can increase your well-being
The app store can be overwhelming and can you really trust those reviews and ratings? We help you by sharing the best apps we know that help our well-being. From anxiety to working out we've got it covered in this episode.
August 29, 2017
Episode 52 | You've got the power - what are you doing with it?
Personal power can be a concept we don't think about in our lives. What is power? Where do we get it? How do we handle it? We start the conversation this week. Let's reframe power in our lives.
August 15, 2017
Episode 51 | Reframing Social Media - is it possible?
We have a love/hate relationship with social media. We find it difficult to completely break away and at times we resent what feels like an 'addiction.' So how do we Reframe it? See the good, set boundaries, and feel positive about our engagement? We want to find the balance and look at the good and the bad and our recommendations for you.
August 01, 2017
Episode 50 | Tales and advice from our travel experiences
We love to travel and having both just got back vacations we thought we'd celebrate our 50th episode reminiscing on the good, the bad and the ugly of travel.
July 21, 2017
Episode 49 | Ten quotes that will help you Reframe Your Life
Inspirational and motivational quotes are everywhere - especially if you are on Pinterest or Instagram. How do you use them? How do they help you? This week we compile ten of our fave quotes and share how we have used them and why we love the ones we chose. It's easy to consume quotes. We invite you to reflect on what you see and let it shape your life.
July 04, 2017
Episode 48 | Find Your Voice with Danielle Vlemmiks
Both Jo-Anne and Sandy speak and write about communication regularly. It doesn't mean we have it all figured out. We both learned a few things during this interview. One thing we all agree on EVERYONE regardless of gender should pay attention to their handshake.
June 13, 2017
Episode 47 | Six Unique Challenges Women in Leadership Face
In this episode we discuss some of the internal and external challenges that women typically face in leadership roles. We have experienced many of these and our clients have also expressed they have experienced these challenges. Leadership is difficult Male or female. Smart leaders prepare. Know what you are up against.
June 06, 2017
Episode 46 | Steph Jagger Interview
We sit down and talk about her book Unbound and the journey she took around the world pursuing her goal of breaking the world record for most vertical feet skied in a year. You don't need to be a skier to be inspired!
May 30, 2017
Episode 45 | How to stop caring what other people think
If you want to get clear on why you are so concerned with what people think of you, whether it is how you look, what you do, how popular you are on social media, what your house is like, etc. then listen to this episode. And leave us some feedback!
May 23, 2017
Episode 44 | The Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt
We know you will be inspired by her story and the work she is doing to help others reframe their limitations!
May 16, 2017
Episode 43 | Do these things and achieve your goals
If you have big plans, lofty dreams, or grand visions for your life you know how tough it is to get them done. Even if you don't think your goals are huge or exciting, you know the frustration of not seeing results. Listen to our episode this week and discover some ways to achieve more in your life. How's that for a reframe?
May 09, 2017
Episode 42 | Five leadership lessons we learned our first year of podcasting
In recognition of our one year anniversary at Reframe Your LIfe, we look back and discuss the journey. These lessons are universal - how do you relate to them in your work and life?
May 02, 2017
Episode 41 | Jo-Anne Gibson shares the story behind Courage to Lead
Jo-Anne has a lot of surprises for us in this episode. Her story about starting Courage to Lead and her brief modelling career are going to make you smile!
April 25, 2017
Episode 40 | The Topic We Tried to Avoid with guest Ash Ahern
Ash shares her story as a struggling entrepreneur in the financial industry to becoming a successful business and life coach.
April 18, 2017
Episode 39 | Courtney Carver on the many benefits of living simply
Featured in Minimalism: A Documentary and the inspiration for many women to rethinking their clothing purchases, Courtney will challenge you to rethink why you think you need so much stuff.
April 11, 2017
Episode 38 | Three types of people you need in your life and Two types you don't!
Women tend to be nurtures and connectors. We are generally good at relationships. That strength can hold us back if we end up investing in the wrong types of people. Think about who you hang out with - the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with is going to be your life.
April 04, 2017
Episode 37 | Five Ways to Increase Your Confidence
There is one difference that can make a huge difference in how we show up in a situation. It is our confidence level. We know that women often report struggling with confidence issues. In this episode we discuss the valuable lessons we have learned about confidence. We have five ways that will help you feel more confident so you can continue to grow and achieve all your goals.
March 28, 2017
Episode 36 | Are you a feminist?
In celebration of International Women's Day we have a heart to heart with repeat guest Karen Scian about feminism.
March 07, 2017
Episode 35 | How the moon can help you thrive with Ezzie Spencer
Ezzie Spencer talks to us about how her Lunar Abundance practice can help us create healthy rhythms in our lives. If you are looking for a little more focus, peace and joy in your life, listen to this episode..
February 28, 2017
Episode 34 | Are you investing in yourself?
This week we talk about coaching and mentoring. We discuss how they differ and how they help us. We have both worked and work with coaches and have mentors in our life. We also coach and mentor others. We have learned that those relationships have been key in our lives and we know we wouldn't be where we are without them.
February 21, 2017
Episode 33 | How well do you know us?
Sandy Reynolds has been helping people learn and develop for over 20 years. She has raised two kids, been married for over 30 years and survived a lot of bumps and bruises in her life. This episode gives you a closer look at one of the co-hosts of Reframe Your Life.
February 14, 2017
Episode 32 | Who is in control of your career?
We believe leadership is about taking control of your career. Whether you work in an organization or have started a business. In this episode we speak about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and the benefits and challenges of it all.
February 07, 2017
Episode 31 | What you need to understand about transitions
We discuss strategies for how to work through beginnings, middles and endings for managing and move through transitions in your life.
January 31, 2017
Episode 30 | What would a leader do?
What are the leadership qualities you admire? How do you want to lead? What are some ways you can lead more effectively? Focus on you - the one leader you can influence the most!
January 24, 2017
Episode 29 | Tips for Planning for Success
In this episode we discuss our weekly routines and habits we use to plan for success. We also look at developing SMART goals, the basis of a good plan!
January 17, 2017
Episode 28 | Alter your relationship with food to feel good - Interview with Erin Power
In this episode we interview Erin and learn about what food really does to our bodies. Fat doesn't make you fat, sugar does!
January 10, 2017
Episode 27 | Are you just bumping along?
We have developed our own balance wheel that will ensure we cover numerous topics in our podcast for 2017.
January 03, 2017
Episode 26 | End well and start well - Reframe 2017 before it begins!
In this episode we share our year end reviews and planning tips for 2017 and more ways you can plan for a great year ahead.
December 13, 2016
Episode 25 | Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings
How emotionally intelligent are you? Do you think women are more emotional than men? Do you have trouble expressing how you are feeling? We talk about all things warm and fuzzy this week.
December 06, 2016
Episode 24 | How do you decide?
We talk about how we make decisions and offer insight into what has helped us and what we have learned along the way about decision making.
November 29, 2016
Episode 23 | Reframe your death: Begin with the end in mind.
How many of you have thought about your funeral or memorial and how you want to be remembered. Tammy is dedicating her coaching practice to helping people put the fun in funeral. She helps people decide what they want their funeral or memorial to be, how they want to be remembered and then enable them the freedom to set about living their life they want to live.
November 22, 2016
Episode 22 | Embrace generational differences.
In this episode we discuss the differences and similarities among generations. We suggest generational research is changing and invite listeners to consider how they can bridge generational gaps and embrace everyone for who they are.
November 15, 2016
Episode 21 | Feedback helps you grow
In this episode we discusses the positive affect of great feedback. Receiving great feedback helps increase awareness on how we interact with others. We offer a feedback process to help listeners practice giving great feedback, and we share stories about some of our best feedback moments.
November 08, 2016
Episode 20 | What are you afraid of?
f you’re feeling fear it means you’re out of your comfort zone. You don't feel in control. But if you want to grow and learn you need to get out of your comfort zone. This week we encourage you to take some time to be with your fear and understand what is happening. The key to being able to face your fear is learning to be courageous. It takes COURAGE to transform. To grow to a new level of self-fulfillment requires you to be something different than who you currently are being – this takes risk. And risk means venturing into the unknown and that is where fear kicks in. That is why courage is so important. People who are courageous face their fears in order to have breakthroughs in their lives – whatever that breakthrough is.
November 01, 2016
Episode 19 | What do you expect? Interview with Brian Reynolds
In this episode we discuss the definition of expectations and a process that helps us manage the daily.
October 25, 2016
Episode 18 | Let your creative juices flow!
The women we know seem to either embrace their creativity or see creativity as something other people have. We want to reframe creativity this week by encouraging you to think about your own creative talents. Even though Jo-Anne does everything from making beautiful jewelry to gardening, she still doesn't see herself as creative.Do you do the same thing? Discount your creativity?You know the only thing that differentiates a creative person from a non-creative person? One thinks they are creative! Yes, that is it. Somewhere along the way you may have picked up some ideas about what makes a person creative. You put creativity in a box - maybe with labels like 'professional' or 'trained' or 'paid for what they do' on it.  We talked about creativity being different from being original. Jo-Anne has a beautiful painting in her dining room.  I don't think anyone would question the creative ability of the artist. However, we've all seen a painting of a mountain before. Being creative is about creating not about originality. We all stand on the shoulders of those who went before us. What stifles your creativity? We answer the question ourselves on the podcast.What creative pursuit do you dream of trying?What changes do you need to make in your life to allow for more creativity?We would love to have you post some of your creative pursuits on Instagram or our Facebook page. Use the hashtag #lifereframers on Instagram.  Thanks for being part of our Life Reframers community. Put on your most fun outfit today and dance!
October 18, 2016
Episode 17 | Interview with Deb Bakti - Embrace the Gap!
Deb shares her story of navigating a health and long term illness care system whilst working full-time and being a mom. She found value in reading The Empowerment Dynamic which has helped her in both her personal and professional life. She also shares how she is sharing her experience of having her husband in Long Term Care to provide insights with connecting, caring and committing for family members.
October 11, 2016
Episode 16 | You can't do it alone.
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October 04, 2016
Episode 15 | Looking good to feel good!
Societal messages about how we should look are all around us. Everywhere. Everyday. Especially for women! In this episode we explore out thoughts about the link between looking good and feeling good. Why we place so much emphasis on this in our lives and how we may be able to shift that emphasis if we want to.
September 27, 2016
Episode 14 | Perfecting the art of putting things off!
Do you ever have a long list of tasks to do, carve out time in your schedule to complete them, but still don't get them done? We do! We procrastinate for many reasons. It could be because we don't like the task we need to do or it is not really important to us so we move it down the list. Many times, without being aware, it may be because we have some fear or vulnerability about the action. We are both deadline driven people. We find it helpful to engage an accountability partner to ensure we get our tasks done. Have a listen to this episode to see if anything resonates with you and helps you move from procrastination to action!
September 20, 2016
Episode 13 | It's all in your head!
In this episode we discuss how you can develop a mindset that allows you to Reframe Your Life. Get beyond self-imposed limitations. Develop some new habits, discover some new tools and join the conversations.
September 13, 2016
Happy Summer Minisode!
Fun is important both at work and at home. It is summer here in Canada and that means we are looking to have a lot of fun. What do you do that is fun?
July 27, 2016
Episode 12 | Season 1 Wraps
Jo-Anne and Sandy revisit our first season and talk about what we learned and wish we had mentioned!
July 06, 2016
Episode 11 |What do you value?
We all have had those experiences where we make choices that create internal conflict. Often the problem is a values conflict. How do you know what your values are? Can you change them? How do they guide your life? This week we invite our Reframers to join us in a discussion on values.
June 28, 2016
Episode 10 | What motivates you?
We had a lot of fun recording this week's episode on motivation. We were face to face recording (we are normally on Skype) and it felt good to be in the same space. Most of us struggle with waning motivation. We want to perform at 100% every day but in reality we have some really great days and then those Netflix binge days. Why is it so hard to STAY motivated?In this episode we share our potato chip cravings, our successes and our failures when it comes to being motivated. Our conversation includes values and we decided to explore that more next week so make sure to listen to that episode as well. We both like Daniel Pink's work on motivation.  His book is: Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates usor if you prefer the YouTube version click here. Let us know your thoughts on motivation. Use the hashtag #lifereframers on twitter or Instagram or share your thoughts on our Facebook page. And thank you for motivating us! Your thoughtful feedback and sharing our podcast has really helped us. Please continue to share what we are doing so we can build this community. Leave us feedback on iTunes and share this newsletter with anyone you know who is interested in reframing their lives.
June 21, 2016
Episode 9 | Transformational change and resilience
Have you ever wished you could just quit your job, leave everything behind and head for a tropical climate to live? We think it is a fantasy we have all indulged in at some point.  Our guest this week, Jeff Hendler, didn't just fantasize about it!  He left behind a life he had spent almost two decades building and moved to Mexico. He calls it an escape and adventure. Intrigued?On our podcast we discuss how Jeff reframed his life and what that experience taught him about change, resilience and himself. Jeff is a coach specializing in resilience. Check out his website (link below) and sign up for his podcast and newsletter to learn more about resilience.Here are some notes from our show including links:Find out more about Jeff HendlerA book we can't recommend highly enough for anyone going through a change is Transitions by William Bridges. It is a classic for a reason!Jeff also talked about The Anatomy of Peace by The Arbinger Group. Include this book in your reading if you want to know more about resolving interpersonal conflicts.As Jeff said, “change is bloody hard.” It takes resilience and awareness to grow through it. There were a couple of practices that were recommended to help you become more aware. They are:Establish an evening gratitude practice that includes reflecting on “what went well today”Reach out to people around you and make sure to spend time with people who inspire and encourage you.There’s even more in this episode. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed recording it.To learn more about Sandy’s business, visit www.sandyreynolds.comTo learn more about Jo-Anne’s business, visit www.couragetolead.caDon’t forget, if you enjoyed this episode leave a comment on iTunes!  And email us with any feedback or suggestions - we believe in learning together. Thanks for being part of our community,Jo-Anne & Sandy x
June 14, 2016
Episode 8 | You know what they say about assumptions!
It is difficult to be aware of our assumptions, stereotypes and biases. Unfortunately, we often judge each other based on very superficial things.In this episode we talk about unconscious bias.Those automatic assessments we make of each other influenced by our previous experiences, culture and beliefs.  These assumptions are not true - they are things we believe are true and influence our thinking and the way we respond to people.Here’s a list of some we talked about and a few we thought of after we recorded! You can fill in the blanks as appropriate:People want to have children or get marriedPeople with tattoos are ____________People over ___ years old are _________People who are overweight are lazy or lack self-disciplinePeople without a university degree are _____________People who live in ____________ are _____________You can probably think of some of your own judgements. If not ask a good friend - they will tell you what they have heard or seen.So, how do we reframe?  Here are some suggestions:Reflect:  Go for a walk down the street and check what you are thinking about the people you are passing. What story are you telling about them? Where does that story come from? Is it rooted in an unconscious bias?Review: Be self aware. engage in dialogue with people who will help you check your assumptions. Ask someone to point out any assumptions they hear you making. Warning: this could be uncomfortable.Realign: Sometimes we find ourselves living double lives where we we are hiding our true selves from others. If your choices are counter culture reframe yourself as a trailblazer. Do a little research on the topic and find out the real data and not just the societal norms to give you courage if needed.Recreate: Revise the story you are telling yourself so that you are the creator of something new and wonderful. Have courage to speak your truth around what you are thinking and when appropriate talk to others about their unconscious bias.  If necessary have a dialogue with a person who has challenged your thinking.  Try this framework:"When you said __________________. I assumed _______________. I need to hear your perspective."You may hear some assumptions that have been made about you. Remember you can only do this with a person who is willing to have a conversation!Links to some of the resources we mentioned:The Minimalist's Documentary - How we can live with less.The FIELD Collaborative - for cultural intelligence assessmentsLadder of Inference Daring Greatly by Brene BrownLearning in Relationship by Ronald Short We have been enjoying your feedback as we build a community of women who want to talk about topics that make us think. Please help us spread the word! You can use the hashtag #reframers on social media. Forward this podcast post to a friend with your recommendation that they sign up. You can promise them they won't get spammed! Leave a comment on iTunes! Please
June 08, 2016
Episode 7 | Choose happiness
In this week's episode, Jo-Anne talked about how bunnies in her yard eating her tulips made her unhappy. We've all had that experience, we work hard on something only to have someone or something or some bunny (sorry couldn't resist!) derail our efforts. It makes us wonder: What bunnies are getting in the way of your happiness?There are so many places to find happiness and there are many places we lose our happiness. One thing we can all agree on having more stuff doesn't make us happy. It's good to take some time to reflect on where you find happiness in your life.  When are you most happy? Below are some links to resources we discussed this week. Enjoy reading and viewing them. 1.  Robert Waldinger on What makes a good life. 2.  Inside Out - movie trailers (but watch the whole movie some time!) 3.  10% Happier by Dan Harris 4. The Happiness Project by Gretchen RubinReframe your life so that you are aligned with your values. When you make choices that are inconsistent with your values, you will feel more stress and less joy in your life. And think about what you are doing when you feel happiest! Find a way to incorporate more of those activities in your life. One thing that makes us happy is connecting with our listeners and building a community of women. Please help us spread the word! You can use the hashtag #reframers on social media. 
June 02, 2016
Episode 6 | Interview with Karen Scian, a community advocate and trailblazer
One of the goals of this podcast is to create a space for women who have life experience and are still growing and learning. We feel very strongly that there needs to be a conversation for women that covers a variety of topics and interests.  That is why we have covered such a diverse list of topics in our first five episodes. We also knew that we wanted to have women on the podcast who inspire us and who we are confident will have something to inspire and teach our Reframers. Our first interview guest easily fills that criteria.  Karen Scian’s twitter bio reads“Teacher. Columnist. Entrepreneur. Rotarian. Chair of the Waterloo Public Library Board.” When we first met she was also a city councillor.  We are confident that you will enjoy hearing our conversation - we talk widely about a number of topics including politics, humility, travelling and libraries.If you know an inspiring woman that you think would make a good guest on Reframe Your Life pass her contact info on to us.You can read Karen’s blog hereFollow her on twitter @karenscianAnd please help spread the word about our Podcast on wherever your tribe gathers including Twitter or Facebook. Leave us a rating on ITunes as well - it will help us get noticed.
May 25, 2016
Episode 5 | Is there more you can do to save our planet?
In this episode, Jo-Anne and I discuss an issue we both feel very passionate about - the environment. When we initially discussed the topics we wanted to address in our podcast, this topic, was one of the first we selected. It is easy to get apathetic about environmental issues.  It can take effort and commitment to make choices that have an impact.  However, there are so many simple things you can do that will make a difference. There are so many listed in our episode. We put together our top ten list below but we  want to encourage you to jump over to Facebook or Twitter and share your ideas with us. I asked Jo-Anne to answer the question, "where do you feel the most conflict?" It's a question that you might want to answer as well. 
May 17, 2016
Episode 4 | Do you know your personality style?
Hello Life Reframers,In this episode we are talking about our challenges with different types of people. And suprise, surprise - Sandy discovered that people sometimes have to adapt to work with her. It's no surprise to any of us that we have differences. Understanding and thinking about an emotionally charged experience through the lens of personality can really help us work and live together more peacefully. We have a special offer for our listeners. You'll find it on our website. We have partnered to make both assessments that we deliver available to you at a discounted rate. These assessments are available to teams or couples as well, just email us for pricing.We hope you enjoy this episode!   And thanks for being part of our Reframers community, Find us on Facebook and let us how understanding differences through the lens of personality has helped you. Or tag us on Twitter using #refamers .  Jo-Anne & Sandy x  
May 11, 2016
Episode 3 | Don't look for a direct path in your career and education!
Hello Life Reframers,Welcome to Episode 3 where we talk about Education and Careers.  Two topics that many of us continually revisit and reframe in our lives. I'm sure all of us can identify with feeling awkward at some point in our lives when we were asked, "So, what do you do?" In this episode we talk about our paths - from crazy jobs we have had, to going back to school later in life (at 50 for Sandy!). One thing we know for sure is that most of us don't end up where we start out or even where we think we are going.  We are always making choices and those choices take us down paths that are full of discovery. Sandy shared some books.  Click on the book title for a link to more information.Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher - What's your nectar? Sandy found answering this question helped her reframer what seemed like an inability to stick with anything to a desire to be continually learning. The Element by Ken Robinson & Lou AronicaThis book is full of stories of people who have followed their passion and not the status quo to greatness. Let Your Life Speak by Parker J. Palmer.  Wise advice to listen to yourself and pay attention to what you are drawn to as you pursue vocation. And here is a TED Talk worth checking out:“Do Schools Kill Creativity?” with Ken RobinsonWe hope you enjoy this episode. Please let us know what has helped you as you have made choices around education and career on our Facebook page.   Sandy & Jo-Anne x
May 03, 2016
Episode 2 | The multiple benefits of exercise
This week we are talking about health and fitness. For some of you, that topic is exciting and for some of you, well, you may find yourself feeling less than enthusiastic about it!  We want to reframe it for you! Our goal in this episode is to inspire you - not to become something you are not, but to consider what changes you can make to become healthier. If you are feeling really satisfied with your health and fitness regime please head over to our Facebook page and share your story with us. We want to learn from your experience!  Here are some questions to help you Reframe Your Life, specifically around health and fitness: What is your reason for exercise? What are the benefits? What is your motivation?What’s getting in the way of reaching your fitness and health goals?What would be a good achievable step? What is one thing you can do now? What accountability will help?Sometimes just ‘putting it out there’ is accountability enough. Post on our Facebook page the one action you are going to take! Here are some ideas: Create your own playlist Sandy’s power songFind an exercise partnerDownload an app to start runningSign up for a raceKeep hydratedEmbrace spandex!During our episode we mentioned a number of resources, below are the links:Running - There are numerous resources online to help you achieve your goal. The first step would be to set your goal, then find a running plan that will help you achieve it. If you would like to run in a group, research to see if there are any local running clubs, groups, harriers in your area. Running with others is great for motivation and accountability!Menopause: Exercising during Menopause and don’t forget, plenty of sleep and keeping hydratedToronto City Chase Couch to 5K App  Momentum App Pocket Yoga App Spotify App Good luck on your fitness journey!Sandy & Jo-Anne x
April 26, 2016
Episode 1 | The journey begins
In this episode we introduce ourselves, our podcast and our upcoming episodes!
April 18, 2016