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Success is an inside job featuring Sizakele Marutlulle

An episode of Iconic Womanhood with Ekene

By Ekene Onu
Iconic Womanhood is a refreshing space for women to explore soulful success, feminine leadership, spirituality, grace and possibility. Learn more about Ekene and her work at www.refreshwithekene.com
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Resilience strategies for Courageous women
Last week, we let go of the idea of the strong black woman... This week, we are discussing real strategies to be more resilient in life. The truth is we all go through challenging times or as some would call them, the storms of life. Well, you don't have to go through a storm after this podcast, you can come through with more power, understanding and even be positioned for advantage. This one is a pen and notebook session.  Important notes:  The website mentioned with the LevelUP program is www.refreshwithekene.com/levelup  The website to learn more about the retreat mentioned is www.refreshleadershipretreat.com The website to get access to all my masterclasses is www.refreshleadershipcircle.com You can connect with me on IG, twitter, FB at @refreshwithekene and on Linkedin, you can connect with me - Ekene Onu. Don't forget to share and subscribe! And please leave a review! 
August 21, 2019
Death to the Strong Black Woman - Part 1
In this Podcast, Ekene goes deeper into a idea brought up by Sizakele, a guest from a previous episode on why the moniker Strong Black Woman is dangerous and needs to be phased out.  What do you think? Should we phase out the idea of the Strong Black Woman? Watch for Part 2 of this podcast next Wednesday, when she will discuss how we can create Authentic Resilience and stop suppressing our pain and suffering.
August 14, 2019
Success is an inside job featuring Sizakele Marutlulle
Sizakele Marutlulle has over 23 years experience in the business leadership, brand building, innovation & people development universes. She is a disruptive thinker, cultural creative, business architect, ideation activist and public speaker with experience across various sectors and geographies. With a burning desire to positively impact Africa’s fortunes, she has a special focus on Fentrepreneurs©, as in female entrepreneurs, to help them build bankable and scalable, future-fit businesses. She is often invited to direct programs and/or speak at high-impact leadership and communication events in South Africa and beyond. At the invitation of Ms. Debra Lee, Chairman of BET, she addressed the 7th annual BET Networks – Leading Women Defined Summit in Miami, USA Learn more about her work at https://marutlulleandco.com and follow her on twitter @ZaSizakele 
August 7, 2019
Why do smart women sometimes make UNsmart decisions?
In this Episode, Transformational Coach, Ekene Onu, breaks down 4 reasons why smart women sometimes don't make the best decisions especially when it comes to Men and Money.  This episode will provide you with tools to become more aware of programming that may have been working against you and what you need to do to change it as well as give you insight to how to start showing up as your highest, best self. Grab your notebook...its gon' be good! 
July 31, 2019
Success lessons from the Lion King
Listen for 10 life transforming lessons from the popular movie, the Lion King. Get out your journal and reflect on the powerful questions Ekene asks in this episode. 
July 22, 2019
Introducing Iconic Womanhood
Introducing Iconic Womanhood. 
June 28, 2019
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