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Refugee Voices Stories

Refugee Voices Stories

By Refugee Voices
RV stories connects you with people who have found the courage to share their transformational journeys, both physical and emotional. By listening to their life stories, you will learn how our guests overcame their vulnerabilities and shifted their beliefs on what they can achieve. As our interviewees participated in Refugee Voices' "Confiance Catalysée” program, RV Stories brings you magical moments that happen inside our workshops. In doing so, we hope to inspire you to undertake a journey of self-improvement that is equally enriching. Welcome the voices that Refugee Voices seeks to empower!
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Episode 2: Ramazan, the persistence of optimism
Welcome to the second episode of Refugee Voices Stories! Today, Ramazan is our guest. His life turned upside down, from working in a senior position in Turkey to seeking asylum in Switzerland and hoping to reunite with his family. Despite the difficulties he has been facing, he tells us how he has been able to keep his beautiful smile through these hard times. Enjoy ! Please feel free to share any comments with us via instagram @refugee_voices or via email at Sources: Turkey Purge Home Page | Turkey Purge Amnesty international Musique by Lesfm from Pixabay
December 03, 2021
Episode 1: Sana, le partage
Bienvenue dans le premier épisode de Refugee Voices Stories! Aujourd’hui, c’est Sana qui raconte son histoire: à 17 ans, elle a quitté l’Afghanistan ainsi que sa famille pour commencer une nouvelle vie en Suisse, non sans difficultés. Elle nous raconte les étapes qu’elle a traversées pour devenir la personne souriante, joyeuse et confiante qu’elle est aujourd’hui. Une part importante de cette transformation est due au partage de son histoire et aux personnes qu’elle a rencontrées en chemin.  Bonne écoute! N’hésitez pas à nous faire part de vos retours via instagram @refugee_voices ou par email à Musique par Lesfm de Pixabay
November 19, 2021
Refugee Voices Stories
Hey everyone! My name is Margot and I am so excited to launch our podcast series, Refugee Voices Stories. This podcast relates to the work of the non-profit Refugee Voices and dives into emotional journeys, where people explain to us how they transformed their  vulnerabilities into strength. Tune in to discover why we set up this podcast and to get a flavor of what we prepared for you! Please feel free to get in touch via email at, instagram @refugee_voices, or LinkedIn @Refugee Voices for any comments ! Music by Lesfm from Pixabay
November 03, 2021