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Word By Fire!

Word By Fire!

By Regina Garcia
An invigorating listening experience featuring relevant societal commentary and spoken poetic fire written and given breath by "La Profesora" Regina Garcia.
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Word by Fire: La Profesora's Happy Juneteenth Edition

Word By Fire!

La Profesora voices "The People Could Fly" by Virginia Hamilton
A Black History Month "Family Stories" Special!
February 17, 2021
Royan B in the Place To Be!
Careful Considerations: Back from a brief hiatus, La Profesora and her Baby Boy, The Phenom Royan B, chat it up and share perspectives on current concerns, developing dreams, and his voracious vision for the future.  Poetic Illuminations: "What A Word Wednesday" poems take breath and flow! Special thanks to Word Inspiration Contributors, Tanisha Hines-Johnson, Stacy Jarrell, Jean Cahoon, Portia Bright Pittman, and Pansie Flood!  
August 20, 2020
No Entanglements. I Want God. This God.
This episode includes a Word of the Week from La Profesora, Regina Garcia, with a special guest, her son, Royan. He's a young teenager with many questions regarding the entanglements of the day! Also, La Profesora pays poetic tribute to two American Icons, fighters for equality, equity, and freedom-Representative John Lewis and Rev. C.T. Vivian.  This is an episode you won't want to miss!
July 27, 2020
La Profesora's Word of the Week: FASTIDIOUS!
La Profesora is at it again! This time, she is responding to the request of a young viewer who is very special to her, "Son of her right hand," Royan Benjamin Garcia, as he seeks meaning for a rather curious word.  Join her on the journey from definition to life application! Get ready for the Word! Word by Fire!
July 13, 2020
La Profesora's Word of the Week
La Profesora obliges her friends of FBCOTR (Facebook Church on the Rock) in their request for a "Word of the Week" episode as they examine the word "Proclivity." If you have a proclivity to see out a your social commentary with a "teench" of Church on the Rock humor, this might just be the episode for you. You'll not think about frosting the same way ever again! 
July 05, 2020
Word by Fire: La Profesora's Happy Juneteenth Edition
Today we celebrate June 19th 1865 through this brief commentary and poetry! Juneteenth was one day in history when we were all free!
June 19, 2020
The Fire in My Bones: We Are Compelled
In this very first episode of Word by Fire, we will first explore through commentary the concept of the issues about which we must get "fired up!" We will also pay poetic honor to the memory of those who have fallen as a result of injustice at the hands of some of those who have been called to protect and serve.  Get ready for the Word! Word by Fire!!! 
June 15, 2020
Embrace the Fire
Trailer for Season 1 of Word by Fire!  In the time of revolution, empty words and promises create convolution. La Profesora is finding her space to add breath to revelation in order to evaluate and contemplate a solution to the wrath, injustice, and confusion!  When relevant commentary and poetry meet the air, Embrace The Fire!
June 07, 2020