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Regin's Travels Podcast

Regin's Travels Podcast

By Regin Reyno
I'm Regin. I love traveling and I believe it's one way of living life to the fullest. Welcome to my podcast where we have meaningful talks and conversations about travel and minimalism.
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Neil Mandt on How He Made Last Stop for Paul, One of My Favorite Travel Movies | Ep. 28
Neil Mandt is an actor, director, producer, and tech entrepreneur. He has directed and produced a lot of movies such as, The Million Dollar Kid and Disney’s Million Dollar Arm.    He is the leading actor, director, and one of the producers of one of my favorite travel movies, and one of the movies that inspired me to embark on an around-the-world trip, Last Stop for Paul. He's been to 120 countries and is also a member of The Circumnavigators Club.  In this episode, we talk about how the movie Last Stop for Paul came about and some of the lessons and take-aways from his travels.
November 17, 2021
WBA World Super Championship for Bukidnon's Robert Paradero | Ep. 27
Bukidnon, Philippines' Robert "Super Inggo Sakalam" Paradero will fight the world's number 1 minimum weight boxer, Thammanoon Niyomtrong also called Knockout CP Freshmart.   It's for the World Boxing Association Super Champion belt. It's the biggest fight of Robert Paradero's career and one of the biggest fights of Filipino boxers this year. 
November 04, 2021
The Circumnavigators Club (with Michael Puldy) Ep. 26
Michael Puldy is a member of the Board of Governors of The Circumnavigators Club, one of the most exclusive travel clubs in the world. He is a photographer, an author, and CEO of his own company.   He’s been to to all 50 United States and close to 50 countries. His most notable books are, The Millennial’s Guide to Business Travel, which was published in 2016, and his most recent one; Himalaya Memories, published in 2021.   A Porsche enthusiast, he was able to do a cross-country solo road trip using his classic 1963 Porsche from the east coast to the west coast of the United States of America.  In this episode, we talk about the Circumnavigators Club, some of his favorite travel photos, his experience in the Himalayas, his love for Porsche cars, and his experience with depression and suicide.
October 20, 2021
Flowing Like the Greeks (with Andrea Alvarado) Ep. 25
Andrea Alvarado is a femininity and confidence coach, a motivational  speaker, a life coach and a musical theater actor. She has lived abroad; in UAE and USA, and has been to a lot places.   In this episode, we talk about life coaching, the importance of having a purpose, lessons learned from the Greeks and Italians, and the feminine energy. #lifecoach #flow   
October 14, 2021
The Importance of Creating Space | with Ally Canita Ep. 24
Ally Canita is a certified home organizing consultant and self and space alignment coach. She received her formal training on Professional Organizing from the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals and founded her own company, Clean Greenius by Allison Brights OPC. She also studied Sports Science and Master of Business Administration at the University of the Philippines.  She is an advocate in letting go and decluttering to create space for a more abundant, productive, and meaningful life. In this episode, we talk about the Filipino psyche/mindset in terms of minimalism, the importance of creating space, the benefits of living abroad, and being intentional and mindful with the things in your home.
September 30, 2021
The World's Most Travelled Man | with Mike Spencer Bown Ep. 23
Mike Spencer Bown has been backpacking non-stop since 1990, and has visited all the world's countries, and quasicountries, on all seven continents.  Of the few people who have visited every country on Earth, Mike has been backpacking the longest, travelling light and living out of the same well-worn backpack. Because of this, he could be the world's most travelled man! Though he calls no single place home, he was raised in Alberta, Canada.   In this episode, we talk about his experience being the first tourist in Somalia, his fascination for solo wilderness camping, hitchhiking in Iraq and Congo, the interesting Turkmenistan,  the dangerous Chad, how he makes money for his travel fund, and some of the main reasons why he travels. 
September 25, 2021
Traveling Changes Perspective | with Jenica Dizon Ep. 22
Jenica Dizon currently serves as the Country Director of Waves For Water Philippines, a humanitarian aid organization focused on providing clean water access to underserved communities. Prior to this, she has worked in tourism, corporate sustainability, and environmental policy. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, majoring in Information Design, and double minoring in Management and Development Management from Ateneo de Manila University, while at the same time receiving the Loyola Schools Award for Leadership and Service as Most Outstanding Individual. In 2016, she was conferred the Gawad ng Kaunlaran medal by the Armed Forces of the Philippines—the second-highest distinction presented to civilians and government officials for her involvement in community-building.  In 2019, she obtained her Master’s in Water and Sanitation for Development as a Marshal Papworth Foundation scholar in the United Kingdom. Outside work, she is a PADI-certified rescue diver and also a certified Vinyasa yoga teacher.  In this episode, we talk about her advocacy,  how travel changes how we perceive things, and her realization that chasing the finite doesn't really satisfy the soul.
September 11, 2021
Minimalism + Travel = A More Meaningful Life | with Tamera Ann Viraye Ep. 21
Tamera Ann Viraye is a flight attendant who practices minimalism. She became a minimalist in 2018 and started an inspiring Facebook Page, called Ms. Mnmlst, where she shares her minimalism journey. It is so inspiring that I find it to be the best Philippine-based Facebook Page on minimalism. As a flight attendant, she has traveled extensively all over the world. In this episode, we talk about the life of a flight attendant, tithing, eating healthy, being OK with not having it all, and how God had helped her realize her dreams. 
September 08, 2021
The World Might Not Be as Dangerous as You Think | with Jørn Bjørn Augestad Ep.20
Jørn Bjørn Augestad is the youngest Norwegian to have visited every country in the world! He is also a tour operator, an author, and a TED Talk speaker. Some international press agency wrote articles about him as being reckless and naïve. But, is he? In this episode, we talk about his decision to not have kids, his feeling when he landed on the last country in his itinerary, his stay in Afghanistan, and some misconceptions of some people regarding "dangerous' countries. 
September 06, 2021
Pow Salud on Traveling To Cover Boxing and MMA Matches | Ep. 19
Pow Salud is a professional boxing and MMA announcer, commentator, host, and blogger. He is the man behind Powcast Sports; an online media channel primarily focusing on Philippine boxing. In this episode, we talk about traveling all over the Philippines and Southeast Asia to cover boxing and MMA events, dealing with bashers and trolls, quitting his day job for his passion for boxing, his advocacy for Philippine boxing, some packing hacks, and his love for durian. Boom boom Pow!
September 04, 2021
Traveling to North Korea | with Rowan Beard Ep. 18
Rowan Beard is Young Pioneer Tours' North Korea tours manager. His first visit to North Korea was back in 2012 and has been based in Asia for over 10 years with 100+ visits to the DPRK. He is currently residing in Dandong, the border town of China to North Korea, where he has found himself the perfect balance of Chinese and North Korean lifestyle.   In this episode, we talk about our experiences traveling to North Korea, common myths, the lifestyle of people in Pyongyang, and the Otto Warmbier, the American tourist who was detained in North Korea.
September 01, 2021
Living Life to the Fullest One Round at a Time | with Geralyn Joy Marcelino Ep. 17
Geralyn Joy Marcelino was one of the Ring Girls during the Manny Pacquiao vs Yordenis Ugas fight. She is a model, actress, dancer, and a teacher. She is also a cheerleader for the San Francisco 49ers of the NFL.   In this episode, we talk about her experience as a ring girl for one of the biggest boxing matches in the world, traveling to the Philippines, and her travel dream of visiting the set of her favorite movie, Crazy Rich Asians.
August 29, 2021
JM Siasat on Food Travel and Philippine Boxing | Ep. 16
JM Siasat is a GMA TV correspondent, boxing analyst, sports journalist, professional boxing trainer, ONE Championship athlete rankings panelist, a former amateur boxer, and one of  the most traveled combat sports reporter from the Philippines.   In today's episode, we talk about the joys of experiencing food in other countries, the importance of traveling, his lifestyle on the road, and of course, Pacquiao, Casimero, Donaire, and Peñalosa.
August 26, 2021
Robert Paradero on Conquering the World | Ep. 15
Robert "super Inggo sakalam" Paradero is a professional boxer from Bukidnon, Philippines. He is the WBO Asia Pacific Youth champion in the minimum weight division (mini flyweight), and also a world title contender. In today's episode, I talk to Robert Paradero about life of a boxer, his determination to unify his division, his dream of traveling and fighting abroad, and his emotions and reaction after losing the WBA world title fight to Victor Saludar via split decision.
August 24, 2021
Meaningful and Purposeful Travel | with Cai Abbass Ep. 14
Cai Abbass is a life coach, fitness coach, a Spartan Elite athlete, and a former travel blogger. In 2017, she quit her corporate job and lived a digital nomadic life, traveling all over Southeast Asia. In 2018, she dove into fitness, joining Spartan races, which eventually paved the way for her life coaching career. She's now living a life of freedom and finding happiness in what she does, helping others achieve the best version of themselves.    In this episode, we talk about her journey into life coaching, and the importance of meaning and purpose in one's life.
August 18, 2021
Taking Care of Our Mental Health | with Jean Mari Saraña Ep. 13
Jean Mari Saraña is a podcaster, student leader, creative writer, and a content creator. In this episode, we talked about some of her podcast episodes on self-healing, depression, self-improvement, and her favorite travel destination.
August 12, 2021
Christien Charles on Traveling the World Through Basketball | Ep. 12
Christien Charles is a professional basketball player. With a height of 7'1'',  he plays center and sometimes, power forward. He has traveled all over the world to play basketball and joined professional and minor leagues in countries such as, USA, Serbia, Dominican Republic, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore.    Some of the professional leagues he joined are the Lebanese Basketball League, Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), and the ASEAN Basketball League (ABL) to name a few.  In 2013 and 2014, he bagged the ABL Import MVP Award and got the Defensive Player of the Year Award, 3 times. He is also part of ABL's Top 10  All-Time Players.  In this episode, we talked about traveling the world playing ball, common misconceptions about other countries, the travel culture of playing for the ABL, and giving back to the community.
August 12, 2021
SilverVoice TV (Mark Lontayao) on All-Expense Paid Trips | Ep. 11
Mark Lontayao aka Silver Voice is a ring announcer and assistant to the president of MP Promotions. He has this passion in boxing, which, eventually opened doors for him to have career and travel opportunities. In this episode, we talked about the lifestyle in mainstream boxing, and the importance of hard work and pursuing what you really want.
August 10, 2021
Living in Beijing | with Inah Rodriguez, Ruby Caymo, Siggey Tuazon, and Summer Maeweather Ep. 10
As foreign teachers, we have lived in Beijing, China for over 5 years. We have immensely enjoyed our time living in the Chinese capital. The convenience, efficiency, cleanliness, safety, and vibe of the city plus working for The Walt Disney Company and a high-quality Montessori kindergarten made our stay memorable and meaningful.   In this episode, we talked about how it is living in the Chinese capital; the accommodation, food, transportation, and everything in between.
August 02, 2021
Savoring the Beauty and Diversity of the Philippines | with Anne Gumiran Ep. 9
Anne Gumiran is a travel blogger and a freediver. She is a licensed teacher by profession and a traveler by heart and soul. She is a firm believer of the line, ‘we all deserve a little wanderlust‘.    She started the Queen’s Escape travel blog to tell people a thousandfold stories about her motherland – that Philippines is more than just its pristine beaches and breathtaking summits. It aims to make the readers know about the best places to explore – both the world-renowned and the off the beaten path, how rich and diverse its culture is, how delectable the food is and more. In this episode, we talked about self-actualization through traveling, beautiful Philippine provinces, freediving, and how she coped up with the anxiety and sadness brought about by the pandemic.
July 29, 2021
Traveling with a Mission | with Jasper Iturriaga Ep. 8
Jasper Iturriaga is a travel photographer, filmmaker, and a preacher. He's been to around 50 countries, and has been living out of a suitcase for the last 4 years. In this episode, we talked about depression caused by long term travel, the fulfillment in doing ministry, his favorite shot, and his current project, which is a jungle school in Palawan, Philippines that is 100% funded by social media.
July 22, 2021
Travels That Promote Wellness, Sustainability, and Plant-based Diet | with Maria Rona Beltran Ep. 7
Maria Rona Beltran is a travel and wellness blogger. She believes that having a plant-based diet, and doing meditation is self-love.   Her ideal travel destinations are places that promote wellness, meditation, health spas, and plant-based restaurants. She also aims for a more sustainable travels and lifestyle, like promoting their locally produced nut, pili. In this episode, we talked about the effects of having a plant-based diet and how to sustain this lifestyle even when on the road.
July 19, 2021
Traveling Without the Confines of Social Media | with James Betia Ep. 6
James Betia a.k.a Journeying James is the man behind the travel blog, and Facebook Page, Journeying James. It was one of the most popular travel blogs in the Philippines.  He is a backpacker, surfer, entrepreneur, and a former travel blogger. In 2012, he traveled to all the 81 provinces of the Philippines in a backpacking journey he entitled, Isang Daan. After that, he continued backpacking to all the countries of Southeast Asia for 100 days and to Europe, as well. In 2017, he decided to quit social media. He has been off the grid since then.   In this episode, we talk about the joys and calmness of traveling without the need to post on social media.
July 15, 2021
How Minimalism Allows Us to Live Our Dream Life | with Nicole and Prax Ep. 5
Nicole Policarpio and Prax Yap retired at age 29 and is living their dream life. They first settled in Bali, Indonesia for a year, after years of working for a company-and did what they truly love. That was when they realized that you don't need a lot of stuff to truly live and be happy. Now living in the Philippines, their minimalism journey continue, which allow them to live a more meaningful and productive life.
July 14, 2021
Quitting Your Job to Travel | with Lois Yasay Ribeiro Ep. 4
Sometimes, following your dreams means quitting your job to make way for it to happen.   Lois Yasay Ribeiro quit her corporate job in 2011 and traveled extensively for 6 months together with her colleague, Chichi Bacolod. It was also then, when the travel blog/website We Are Sole Sisters was born; one of the most famous travel blogs in the Philippines during that time.    They had wonderful, memorable moments on the Banana Pancake Trail. I spoke to Lois on her thoughts about that major life decision.
July 10, 2021
Designing a Lifestyle of Travel | with Lyndsay Cabildo Cruger Ep. 3
LA Cabildo is a former travel blogger. She backpacked in Southeast Asia in 2008 and 2010, while running a travel blog called Discount Travel Blogger.    Prior to that, she worked on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean which allowed her to visit numerous countries, such as Greece, Israel, Monaco, Cyprus, Turkey, Spain, and France. She also experienced working in Italy and Singapore and volunteering at a hostel in Vietnam. She pursued a career in ESL by getting certified which led her to eventually teach English in Thailand, traveling to nearby countries and domestic travels whenever there's an opportunity.   She is now settles in Arizona, USA where she runs her own brand of cosmetics Laccrue, and still traveling/glampacking every once in awhile.   We talked about her previous adventures, backpacking, travel blogging and how she was able to have a travel lifestyle before settling down.
July 07, 2021
Gerry Peñalosa on His Championship Bouts and His Love for Travel | Ep. 2
2-time world champion Gerry Peñalosa is my favorite boxer of all time. He is a very skilled boxer who won the WBC Super Flyweight Championship and WBO Bantamweight Championship. According to boxing coach Freddie Roach, he is the best technical boxer from the Philippines.  His punches are sharp, defense impregnable, granite chin, but more importantly, a gentleman who loves God and his family.   We talked about his stellar boxing career and his love for travel, and his thoughts on Casimero vs. Donaire and Pacquiao vs. Spence.
July 01, 2021
Regin's Travels Podcast Intro Let's talk about places, travelogues, minimalism, and travel tips.
June 29, 2021
Ang Aking Nakita sa Gulo ng Palestine at Israel | Ep. 1
Ang giyera sa pagitan ng Palestine at Israel ay matagal nang gulo na 'di maayos ayos. Ito ay ang aking mga pala-isipan base sa mga nakita ko at naranasan ko no'ng dumalaw ako doon.
June 27, 2021