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REI Brothers - Financial Freedom through Multifamily Investing

REI Brothers - Financial Freedom through Multifamily Investing

By German & Oscar Buendia
REI Brothers showcases the adventure of two brothers German & Oscar in Multifamily Investing. This is our platform to educate, motivate, and inspire others to take massive action in financial freedom through multifamily investing. If you are a current and/or future real estate investor, then this is the show for you. More specifically for those interested in large multifamily apartments and hotels. We bring you access to expert real estate investors, syndicators, lenders, property managers and advisors. These experts share their stories, tips and advice on how they built their business.
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46. Non Traditional Investments Through Self Directed IRA with Kaaren Hall
Join German and Oscar Buendia with their guest, Kaaren Hall, as they talk about non-traditional investments through self-directed IRA. Kaaren is a Self-Directed IRA Expert and CEO at uDirect IRA Services and OCREIA. She has a lot of different skills, expertise, and years of experience! Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode 🎧 THE BACKGROUND STORY OF HOW SHE GOT INTO THE REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY. 🎧 THE PROCESS AND CAPITAL NEEDED TO START A COMPANY LIKE UDIRECT. 🎧 HAVING A CLEAR VISION AND ASKING HELP FROM TRUSTED FRIENDS.  🎧 THE NUMBER ONE THING THAT REALLY HELPED HER IS WHEN SHE STARTED HER DATABASE. 🎧 WHAT MAKES UDIRECT IRA DIFFERENT FROM OTHER SELF-DIRECTED IRAS? 🎧 WHEN YOU’RE INVESTING, IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT FINDING AN ASSET. IT’S ALSO ABOUT FINDING PEOPLE YOU’RE GOING TO INVEST WITH THAT YOU CAN TRUST. 🎧 THERE ARE SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES IN THE REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY. 🎧 KAAREN’S SHORT TERM AND LONG TERM GOALS. 🎧 AND MUCH MORE! ~ About Kaaren Hall: CEO uDirect IRA Services, LLC $500MM+ Under Management : Despite being in the midst of a recession and mortgage market collapse, Kaaren Hall founded and made a resounding success of uDirect IRA Services. She discovered a strategic way to put her 20+ years in mortgage banking, real estate and property management to use. The solution was an untapped market for both her skills and for investors – self-directed IRAs. Through uDirect IRA, she has guided tens of thousands of Americans through the process of diversifying their investments using self-directed IRAs. Learn more about Hall and her thriving company at ~ You can find Kaaren Hall on… LinkedIn:  Youtube:  Instagram:  Twitter:  --- Connect with German and Oscar! Email:   Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:  
January 24, 2021
45. Inspiring Women Through Real Estate Investing with Mandy McAllister
Join German and Oscar Buendia with their guest, Mandy McAllister, as they talk about her mindset and how you can be part of the types of investments she is in! Mandy is a multifamily real estate investor, with a passion to help other people, especially women, with her platform, Aspiring Women Achieving More, to achieve financial freedom! Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode: 🎧TRANSITIONING FROM INVESTING IN SINGLE FAMILY PROPERTIES TO MULTIFAMILY REAL ESTATE. 🎧FINDING A PARTNER WHO IS GOOD AT THE THINGS YOU LACK TO COMPLIMENT YOUR SKILLS. 🎧NURTURING AND BUILDING BROKER RELATIONSHIPS. 🎧THE IMPORTANCE OF MINDSET AND ALL ABOUT THE ASPIRING WOMEN ACHIEVING MORE. 🎧GOAL SETTING SESSIONS AND THEIR FUTURE PLANS. 🎧THE BEST STRATEGY FOR MANDY ON HOW TO GO FROM PASSIVE TO ACTIVE INVESTOR. 🎧THE KIND OF DEALS THEY ARE LOOKING FOR NOW THAT WILL YIELD LONG TERM CASH FLOW. 🎧YOU CAN ALWAYS FIGURE IT OUT IF YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO IT. 🎧AND MUCH MORE! ~ About Mandy McAllister: Mandy McAllister is a multifamily real estate investor, mindset ninja, eternal learner, coach and dot connector. She followed volleyball to Mercer University in Georgia where she was awarded Top Graduate in Marketing.  Soon after, she moved to Chicago to do a Masters in Economics and began work at the Board of Trade. Her professional career transitioned to Medical Device Sales where she was a perennial top performer. After many years of “chasing commission” she has made it her mission to secure financial freedom for her family and others through syndications and coaching individuals to realize their personal potential.   Her real estate expertise includes repositioning underperforming assets to increase cashflow and value. Her portfolio is currently comprised of 205 doors, primarily B- class workforce housing.  Mandy has found success in college towns with student housing as well as urban centers. Her passion is to help others define their path to financial freedom especially women through her platform, Aspiring Women Achieving More. She is most proud to be mama to her hilarious 4-year-old son Duncan who, coincidentally, wants to be a real estate investor when he grows up. ~ You can find Mandy McAllister on… Website: Email:  Personal Facebook Personal Instagram Aspiring Women Instagram Aspiring Women Facebook --- Connect with German and Oscar! Email:   Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
January 17, 2021
44. Building Your Book In 7 Hours
Join German and Oscar Buendia with their guest, Nick Raithel, as they talk about building your book in 7 hours. Nick is the creator of the 7 Hours Book; he has a great team and company who will do the book for you! Save yourself a huge amount of time and start using a book as a marketing strategy. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode 🎧  A BOOK CAN BE A POWERFUL FORM OF ADVANCEMENT FOR YOUR BUSINESS. 🎧 THE REASON BEHIND BUILDING YOUR BOOK IN 7 HOURS IDEA.  🎧 KNOW IF HAVING A BOOK IS THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR YOU. 🎧 THE PROCESS OF THE TIME FLOW AND HOW TO GET STARTED. 🎧 USING A BOOK AS A MARKETING STRATEGY AND TO BUILD CREDIBILITY. 🎧 SAVE YOURSELF TIME BY USING A BOOK TO KNOW IF PEOPLE ARE REALLY SERIOUS ABOUT DOING BUSINESS WITH YOU. 🎧 HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN CONCEPTS AND WRITE YOUR OWN BOOK. 🎧 IMPROVE AND CONTINUOUSLY SHARPEN YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF HOW DECISIONS ARE MADE.  🎧 AND MUCH MORE! ~ About Nick Raithel: Nick Raithel is the creator of the 7-Hour Book. This proven system allows any multifamily investor to get their own professionally-published book while spending only 7 hours of their time on it. With the 7-Hour Book, Nick is on a mission to help multifamily investors and others in real estate finally get the recognition they deserve. Time and again, he’s seen those in nearly every community who have incredible stories and knowledge to share. A book is the ultimate way for them to share their insights and, in doing so, gain the credibility to do bigger REI deals. Yet the issue always seems to be that no one has any time.   Seeing this, Nick combined advanced time management strategies with his own experiences in publishing and marketing. The result was the 7-Hour Book, a service that’s been delighting clients ever since. ~ You can find Nick Raithel on… Website:  --- Connect with German and Oscar! Email:   Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:  
January 10, 2021
43. How To Build an Investment Fund with Bridger Pennington
Join German and Oscar Buendia with their guest, Bridger Pennington, as they talk about how to build an investment fund. Bridger is the founder and managing director at the Black Bridge Holdings. Learn more about his mentorship program and how to raise capitals! Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode: 🎧 BRIDGER ALREADY HAD SIX BUSINESSES WHEN HE WAS IN SECOND YEAR COLLEGE. 🎧 HIS FATHER TAUGHT HIM ALL ABOUT BUSINESS AND RAISING FUNDS. 🎧 THE STORY OF HOW THEY SUCCESSFULLY BUILT THEIR INVESTMENT FUND. 🎧 MOST PEOPLE EVENTUALLY END UP IN A FUND BECAUSE IT'S SUCH A GREAT VEHICLE TO SCALE. 🎧 HOW MANY MEMBERS DOES THEIR MASTERMIND GROUP HAVE NOW? 🎧 YOU CAN PRETTY MUCH DO A FUND FOR ANYTHING! 🎧 WHAT KIND OF LICENSE YOU NEED TO HAVE AND THE DIFFERENT FEES YOU NEED TO CHARGE. 🎧 IS IT RECOMMEDABLE TO START WITH NON ACCREDITED INVESTORS? 🎧 AND MUCH MORE! ~ About Bridger Pennington: Bridger Pennington is the founder of an investment group that has done over 317 deals in the last 3.5 years. Bridger has started helping others launch their own funds through Investment Fund Secrets, an online program to help people start investment funds without working on Wall Street or having an Ivy League degree. Bridger has spoken on stage to tens of thousands of people across the United States and is on a mission to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses through launching their own funds. ~ You can find Bridger Pennington on… Twitter: Instagram: Website:  Email:  --- Connect with German and Oscar! Email:   Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:  
January 3, 2021
42. Getting Yourself Into a Real Estate Deal with Jen Maldonado
Join German and Oscar Buendia with their guest, Jen Maldonado, as they talk about how to get into a real estate deal without having that much money. Jen is a real estate investor,  a High Performance Coach, and the CEO of JenMa Properties LLC. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode 🎧 THE STORY OF WHAT MADE HER DECIDE THAT REAL ESTATE IS GOING TO BE THE PLATFORM WHERE SHE IS GOING TO BUILD WEALTH. 🎧 YOU NEED TO IMPLEMENT WHAT YOU LEARN AND TAKE ACTION. 🎧 HOW SHE TRANSITIONED AND SCALED TO WORKING ON BIGGER DEALS. 🎧 JEN WAS ABLE TO MAKE DEALS WITH ONLY HAVING $35 LEFT. 🎧 ASK YOURSELF EMPOWERING QUESTIONS THAT WILL PROPEL YOU FORWARD. 🎧 DON’T HESITATE TO START BY ASKING AND CALLING YOUR FRIENDS. 🎧 FOCUS ON BUILDING HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS IN REAL ESTATE. 🎧 LEARN MORE ABOUT THE RULES OF RAISING CAPITAL. 🎧 AND MUCH MORE! ~ About Jen Maldonado Castro: Jen has been recognized by Fortune’s Top 500 companies like Johnson & Johnson and Nestle as a business expert and high-performance leader. In 2012, she decided to take a leap of faith and changed her career trajectory to become a real estate investor. After her first year in real estate investing, Jen found her passion for raising capital, successfully raising capital to fund real estate equity projects, acquisitions of non-performing notes, rehabs, multi-family units & other private loans that totaled $65M in assets. In 2015, a Huffington Post Journal interview recognized Jen as an inspirational and revolutionary real estate investor, consulting business owners and entrepreneurs to reach their full potential by tapping into owning their power and creating wealth through real estate. As one of the executive leaders and speakers of WREN Inspires, Jen has impacted the lives of its members, consisting of over 7,000 women real estate investors. Jen has been honored with the National Association of Female Executives (NAFE) award “Women who Rock 2020 in Los Angeles". Jen co-authored the 2019 book "You Got This!”, which was ranked a “#1 New Release” on Amazon. Her influence as a capital raising strategist earned her two consecutive nominations as Corporate Advocate and Rising Star at the Women’s Summit led by Los Angeles Business Journal. Jen continues to inspire and be a guiding light by authoring books and speaking about women’s causes in the fields of real estate, self-help, self-care and community. ~ You can find Jen Maldonado on… Website:  LinkedIn: Youtube: --- Connect with German and Oscar! Email:   Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
December 27, 2020
41. Infinite Banking Concept for Generational Wealth with Harper Jones
Join German and Oscar Buendia with their guest, Harper Jones, as they talk about the Infinite Banking Concept for building generational wealth. Harper is a real estate investor and an advocate for the Infinite Banking Concept, teaching people how to be their own bankers! Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode: 🎧 HE GOT INTO THE REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY FOUR YEARS AGO AND DISCOVERED THE IBC CONCEPT. 🎧 USING A POLICY AS A CHECKING OR SAVINGS ACCOUNT. 🎧 FURTHER EXPLANATION OF THE PROCESS OF THE INFINITE BANKING CONCEPT. 🎧 INFINITE BANKING CONCEPT IS NOT A PRODUCT; IT IS A PROCESS. 🎧 YOU CAN OWN MORE THAN ONE POLICY AS YOU GROW AND EXPAND. 🎧 HOW THE IBC  HELPS YOU ACHIEVE GENERATIONAL WEALTH.  🎧 THE BEST STRATEGY TO HANDLE THE PROCESS OF IBC. 🎧 DON’T START BEFORE YOU UNDERSTAND AND LEARN THE CONCEPT. 🎧 AND MUCH MORE! ~ About Harper Jones: Harper started his career out doing door to door sales while learning important sales and social skills. Harper did that for a handful of years until he discovered real estate where he invests and focuses on wholesaling, flipping, and multi-family properties. Harper is an advocate and practitioner of The Infinite Banking Concept and joined CreateTailwind as a strategist to teach people how to become their own banker. One of his favorite books is Becoming Your Own Banker by Nelson Nash. This book led him to the world of The Infinite Banking Concept and his ongoing understanding of the economy and its monetary system. Harper is located in Knoxville, TN but works with people across the nation who want to utilize this strategy in their day to day life and alongside their investments. ~ You can find Harper Jones on… Cell: (865) 803-7006 Website: Email: --- Connect with German and Oscar! Email:   Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
December 20, 2020
40. Self Made Entrepreneur, 400mil Portfolio & Generational Wealth with Sofia “The Queen” Castro
Join German and Oscar Buendia with their guest, Sofia “The Queen” Castro, as they talk about building a $400 million portfolio as a self-made entrepreneur! The road was not easy for her because she had a lot of challenges, and one of them is getting pregnant at a young age. Nonetheless, she proved that nothing could stop her from achieving her goals! Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode 🎧 SOME OF THE CHALLENGES THEY FACED BEFORE BECOMING SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS. 🎧 MAKE SURE THAT YOU STAY POSITIVE AND UNDERSTAND YOUR GOALS. 🎧 YOU CAN NEVER IMMEDIATELY GO FROM ZERO TO A HUNDRED PERCENT. 🎧 WHAT WAS THEIR PREVIOUS BUSINESS ALL ABOUT? 🎧 MAKE SURE TO ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST NO MATTER WHAT LEVEL YOU’RE IN. 🎧 WHEN THEY FIRST GOT INTO THE REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY, IT WAS A BIG FAILURE! 🎧 YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO MANAGE YOUR PROPERTIES BEFORE YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL. 🎧 WHAT IS THEIR BIG GOAL AND THE PROJECTS ARE THEY WORKING ON NOW? 🎧 AND MUCH MORE! ~ About Sofia “The Queen” Castro: Sofia and her husband Bobby were able to come from the humble beginnings of investing $1800 for a tiny manual on how to lease heavy equipment to building a company that was valued at a billion-dollar valuation. Sofia got her start in Real estate with; condo conversions. This is when you change apartment units to condos for the purpose of selling the individual units. Sofia invested 70 million into this method and when 2008 came she learned a valuable lesson about never being over-leveraged. She also learned other valuable lessons including the power of having your core values in place prior to investing in any property and the power of multi-family Real Estate Investing over any other type of Real Estate Investing. Today Sofia owns over 400 million worth of cash flow positive Real Estate. As of June 2020, her properties were still near 95 percent occupied even through the coronavirus pandemic. Now she wants to help you to build an unshakeable Real Estate Empire of your own. ~ You can find Sofia “The Queen” Castro on… Website:  Instagram: --- Connect with German and Oscar! Email:   Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
December 13, 2020
39. Finding Investors & Marketing Direct to Owner with Frank Scappaticci
Join German and Oscar Buendia with their guest, Frank Scappaticci, as they talk about finding investors and marketing in the single family space. Frank is a Chief Executive Officer and Partner at Gray Line Investments. He shares the advantages and a different perspective on why you should consider investing in single family properties. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:   FRANK AND HIS PARTNER STARTED THEIR COMPANY IN LATE FEBRUARY 2020. 🎧 THE IMPORTANCE OF CONSISTENT PRACTICE AND FINDING PEOPLE WHO ARE BETTER THAN YOU. 🎧 THEY ARE USING SHERPA AS THEIR NUMBER ONE LEAD GENERATING TOOL  🎧 DELEGATING, RUNNING THE OPERATIONS IN DIFFERENT CITIES, AND LEVERAGING PEOPLE’S TIME. 🎧 WHAT ARE THE MARKETS THAT THEY ARE FOCUSING ON NOW? 🎧 THE DISTRIBUTION OF WORK FRANK AND HIS PARTNER MANAGES. 🎧 WHY ARE THEY INVESTING ON THE SINGLE FAMILY SPACE RATHER THAN MULTIFAMILY REAL ESTATE? 🎧 KEEP FOCUSING ON YOUR NICHE AND NOT WHAT PEOPLE SAY IS BETTER. 🎧 AND MUCH MORE! ~ About Frank Scappaticci: Frank Scappaticci is a real estate entrepreneur and CEO of Gray Line Investments. Gray Line focuses on finding single family homes with large upside across the country, with a specialty in single family rentals outside military bases, and its long term goal is to be the largest private dealer of single family houses in the country. More importantly, Gray Line fully embraces their "why," which is to improve peoples live's through real estate. Frank's main objective is scaling Gray Line and building a culture where the company's core values are integrity, hustle, and grit, and works hard to ensure these values are instilled in all team members.   Frank attended the United State Military Academy at West Point and served in the U.S. Army for 5 years, including 2 deployments to Afghanistan and Kuwait. Prior to launching Gray Line, Frank was a VP at JP Morgan. When Frank is not working, he's golfing, watching football, and spending time with his family, and has fully embraced his girl dad status. ~ You can find Frank Scappaticci on… LinkedIn: Website:  Facebook:   --- Connect with German and Oscar! Email:   Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
December 6, 2020
38. Long Distance Investing & Building Strong Teams with Vince Ghettings
Join German and Oscar Buendia with their guest, Vince Gethings, as they talk about long-distance investing and building strong teams. Vince is a coach, a multifamily investor, a business owner, and a podcast host. He is a legend at what he does and is incredible in the real estate industry! Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode 🎧 THE STORY OF HOW VINCE GOT INTO THE REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY. 🎧 FROM INVESTING IN SINGLE FAMILY PROPERTIES TO TRANSITIONING INTO LARGER MULTIFAMILY HOMES. 🎧 COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE SCARES A LOT OF PEOPLE, BUT IN ACTUALITY, IT IS EASIER. 🎧 WHAT KIND OF MARKETS ARE THEY CURRENTLY FOCUSING ON? 🎧 THE JAKE AND GINO COMMUNITY IS FILLED WITH INCREDIBLE PEOPLE. 🎧 BUILDING TEAMS, PROCESSES, SYSTEMS, AND MAKING SURE THERE IS ACCOUNTABILITY. 🎧 VINCE HAS TEN VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS HELPING HIM OUT. 🎧 WITH VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS, YOU’RE GOING TO GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. 🎧 AND MUCH MORE! ~ About Vince Gethings: Vince is the owner of Michigan-based Villanautics, LLC, and co-owner of Tri-City Equity Group, LLC. His teams specialize in acquiring under-performing multifamily properties that can be repositioned. Vince uses his 14 years of Active Duty Air Force experience to build performing teams and efficient systems that are designed to be managed in out-of-state markets. In just 4 years, Vince has scaled from a $0 down VA home loan to 120 units valued over $5M under management. He specializes in market research, due-diligence, strategic planning, project development and execution. He recently held the position of Resource Advisor for the U.S Air Force where he drafted and managed the operational funds and projects for a $1.4B enterprise. He is finishing up on a Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautics, holds a Green Belt in LEAN Six Sigma Process Improvement, and is completing the Real Estate Finance and Investment Certification from the prestigious REFM. Lastly, Vince lives out my passion for education as a real estate investment coach at the Wheelbarrow Profits Academy, founded by Jake Stenziano and Gino Barbaro. ~ You can find Vince Gethings on… Website:  LinkedIn: Email: Phone: 989-402-2661 --- Connect with German and Oscar! Email: Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
November 29, 2020
37. Bank on Yourself Whole Life Insurance for Real Estate Investors with Sarry Ibrahim
Join German and Oscar Buendia with their guest, Sarry Ibrahim, as they talk about bank on yourself whole life insurance for real estate investors. Sarry is the CEO and founder of the FIN Asset Protection, they consult with their clients to explain and provide financial options, such as insurance and health policies. If you’re not aware of what this insurance is all about and is looking for new ways to save money, this episode is for you! Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode  🎧 THE TWO FUNCTIONS OF WHOLE LIFE INSURANCE.  🎧  THE DIFFERENCE OF A TERM INSURANCE AND A WHOLE LIFE INSURANCE.   A WHOLE LIFE INSURANCE CAN BE A TERRIBLE INVESTMENT IF IT'S STRUCTURED THE WRONG WAY.  🎧 THE CONCEPT OF THE WHOLE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANIES HAS BEEN AROUND FOR OVER 160 YEARS BUT THE TWIST TO THE INFINITE BANKING AND USING IT FOR BUSINESS, THAT'S BEEN AROUND FOR 20 YEARS.   🎧 HOW WOULD SOMEONE KNOW THAT WHOLE LIFE INSURANCE IS GOOD FOR THEM?  🎧 WHOLE LIFE INSURANCE FOR REAL ESTATE INVESTING, WHAT ARE THE IMPORTANT THINGS TO CONSIDER?  🎧 THE TAX ADVANTAGES YOU COULD HAVE WITH USING WHOLE LIFE INSURANCE.  🎧 THERE ARE NO GOVERNMENT RESTRICTIONS, USE IT HOW YOU WANT IT.  🎧 AND MUCH MORE! ~ About Sarry Ibrahim: Sarry Ibrahim’s business is to help high net worth individuals, real estate investors, business owners, and retirees grow and protect their wealth predictably and safely. As a Financial Consultant, Health and Life Agent, Sarry has cultivated a reputation for putting his clients first, no matter what. He prides himself on attending all client meetings without expectations or preconceived ideas to ensure that he is solving his client’s problems. That’s the value Sarry offers.   BANK ON YOURSELF  ☛ Sarry is an advocate of pursuing purposeful investment strategies that minimize risk and maximize the value of a clients’ portfolio to meet their evolving financial needs. His past experience includes representing large insurance companies, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, and Cigna Healthspring, where he helped retirees transition from their retirement plans to their own individual Medicare plans. In this role, Sarry recognized many retirees were unaware of financial strategies available to protect their assets from creditors and predators.   ☛ Sarry decided to dedicate himself to helping his clients build a healthy financial future. Licensed in IL, IA, MI, OK, KS, GA, SC, OR, NE, and ME in life, health, property, and casualty insurance, Sarry advises his clients on growth liquidity, asset protection, and protecting investments from lawsuits.   ☛ After years of working together, Sarry has earned the trust and confidence of his clients, bolstering their returns and providing the guidance to safely navigate adverse micro and macroeconomic conditions. While others see hurdles, Sarry identifies places of certainty when explaining financial projections. As a licensed advisor, he has helped business owners protect their assets from various risks. ~  You can find Sarry Ibrahim on…  LinkedIn:  ---  Connect with German and Oscar! Email:   Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers  Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers  YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
November 22, 2020
36. Breaking into Multifamily Through Mentorship & Adding Value with Hersh Rai & Nicolas Vu
Join German and Oscar Buendia with their guests, Hersh Rai and Nicolas Vu, as they talk about getting into multifamily real estate through mentorship. They are both General Managers and Partners at the Veteran Pride Investment Group. Hersh and Nicholas are also on active duty in the Navy, fresh graduates of the US Naval Academy. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:  🎧 THEY LEARNED ALL ABOUT THE REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY UNDER THE WING OF COLBY BOWERS.  🎧 EITHER JOIN A TEAM BY PAYING FOR SUBSCRIPTION OR HELP OUT WITH YOUR SKILLS.  🎧 HOW THEIR RELATIONSHIP WITH COLBY, THE CO-FOUNDER OF VETERAN PRIDE INVESTMENT GROUP, DEVELOPED.  🎧 FOSTERING CONNECTIONS, ASKING PEOPLE WHAT THEIR EXPERIENCES ARE, AND WHAT KIND OF RELATIONSHIPS THEY'VE FORMED IN THE MARKET.  🎧 THE IMPORTANCE OF HAVING PERSONAL CONNECTION WITH THE PEOPLE YOU’RE FORMING THE DEAL WITH.  🎧 YOU NEED TO SHOW THAT YOU’RE DEDICATED IN THIS INDUSTRY, OTHERWISE NOBODY’S GOING TO TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY.  🎧 WHAT KIND OF MARKET DEALS ARE THEY CURRENTLY FOCUSING ON?  🎧 WITHOUT DOING THAT DUE DILIGENCE, YOU COULD BE WALKING INTO A NIGHTMARE DEAL.  🎧 AND MUCH MORE! ~ About Hersh Rai and Nicolas Vu: Hersh Rai and Nicolas Vu are active Partners at Veteran Pride Investment Group.  Hersh graduated from the United States Naval Academy and commissioned as a Cryptologic Warfare Officer. Currently, he is pursuing his Master’s degree in Computer and Information Technology at Purdue University. During his time at Purdue, Hersh found a passion for real estate investing. His focus in real estate is in commercial multifamily acquisitions and providing affordable housing. Through real estate investing, he hopes to teach others about the powerful investment opportunities it can present as well as teach others how to start their journey. He is excited to continue learning and connecting with others and hopes to make an impact in any way he can.  Nick graduated from the United States Naval Academy and commissioned. Nick is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University.  Upon the completion of his studies, he will report to Pensacola, FL to begin flight training to become a Navy Pilot.  During his time at Purdue, Nick began his real estate journey after learning of the amazing opportunities it presents.  Nick focuses on commercial multifamily acquisitions.  By building strong relationships with investors and providing affordable housing, Nick hopes to achieve financial freedom by benefiting the community. ~  You can find Hersh Rai and Nicolas Vu on… Hersh Rai’s  LinkedIn: Vu’s  LinkedIn:   Website: Hersh: and  Nick: --- Connect with German and Oscar!  Email:   Website:  Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers  YouTube: LinkedIn Personal:  Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
November 15, 2020
35. REI Brothers' Coach & Mentor on Buy Right, Finance Right, Manage Right
Join German and Oscar Buendia with Gino Barbaro as they talk about the seven levels of building a successful multifamily business. Gino is an amazing mentor, multifamily syndicator, business owner, and more. He is successful in a lot of different fields; it is almost hard to tell if there is something he does not and cannot do! Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode: 🎧 THE SEVEN LEVELS OF BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL MULTIFAMILY BUSINESS. 🎧 ENTREPRENEURS DO NOT SEE INVESTING IN THEMSELVES AS AN EXPENSE, BUT AN INVESTMENT. 🎧 COACHING IS ALL ABOUT THE COMMUNITY THAT YOU BUILD. 🎧 YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHAT VALUE YOU CAN BRING TO YOUR PARTNERSHIP. 🎧 SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS LEVERAGE OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY AND OTHER PEOPLE'S TIME. 🎧 THE IMPORTANCE OF CHECKING YOURSELF AND FOCUSING FIRST ON YOUR EMPLOYEES. 🎧 IF YOU WANT TO SCALE, YOU HAVE TO HAVE COMMITMENT, FIGURE THINGS OUT, AND MAKE MISTAKES. 🎧 SEEK PEOPLE WHO HAVE THE RESULTS THAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR, CONTINUE TO FOLLOW THEM, AND YOU WILL GET THOSE RESULTS. 🎧 AND MUCH MORE! ~ About Gino Barbaro: Gino Barbaro is an investor, business owner, author, and entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, he has grown his real estate portfolio to over 1500 multifamily units and is teaching others how to do the same.  Gino is the co-founder of Jake &​ Gino, a multifamily real estate education company that offers coaching and training in real estate founded upon their proprietary framework of Buy Right, Manage Right &​ Finance Right. He is the best-selling author of three books, Wheelbarrow Profits, The Honey Bee and Family, Food, and the Friars.  Gino graduated from IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) where he earned his designation as a Certified Professional Coach. He currently resides in St. Augustine, Florida with his beautiful wife Julia and their six children. ~ You can find Gino Barbaro on… Website: Email: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: --- Connect with German and Oscar! Email: Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
November 8, 2020
34. Perfecting Your Skill Set & Capital Raising with Brian Adams
Join German and Oscar Buendia with Brian Adams as they talk about finding your niche, perfecting your skillset, and capital raising. Brian, a former attorney, is the current Principal and founder of Excelsior GP, and co-founder of Priam Properties. With more than ten years of experience in the real estate industry, private equity, and investor relationship. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode: 🎧 HOW DID BRIAN GET INTO THE REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY AND START HIS OWN COMPANY? 🎧 IN THE COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE SPONSOR BUSINESS, IT IS EXTREMELY CAPITAL INTENSIVE. YOU'RE ALWAYS CONSTANTLY RAISING CAPITAL. 🎧 YOU CAN OUTSOURCE TO A THIRD PARTY TO A LOT OF DIFFERENT WORK, BUT THE TWO THINGS THAT YOU REALLY CAN'T OUTSOURCE ARE FINDING THE RIGHT DEALS AND RAISING CAPITAL. 🎧 BE REALISTIC AND JUST TALK TO THEM. UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY WANT, WHAT THEY DON'T WANT, AND GIVE THEM THE PRODUCT THAT THEY WANT. 🎧 EVERYONE’S NERVOUS ABOUT THE COVID-19 AND THE STATE OF THE ECONOMY, THEY ALL WANT MORE CASHFLOW. 🎧 WHAT KIND OF DEALS ARE THEY FOCUSING MORE ON NOW? 🎧 PEOPLE JUST STARTING OUT IN THE INDUSTRY TEND TO HAVE LIMITING BELIEFS. 🎧 PROVIDING CONTENT, VALUE, EDUCATION, BEING CONSIDERED A THOUGHT LEADER, AND KEEP GIVING. 🎧 AND MUCH MORE! ~ About Brian Adams: Brian C. Adams is the President and founder of Excelsior Capital, where he spearheads the investor relations and capital markets arms of the firm. He has ten years of experience in real estate private equity. Prior to forming Excelsior Capital, Brian co-founded Priam Properties (an institutional real estate private equity sponsor) in 2010 and provided leadership and direction for the firm in connection with capital markets, investment management and investor relations. He has served on the Board of Sirrom Partners, LP, a single-family office investing across private and public asset classes since May of 2008. Since May of 2017 he has served on the Investment Committee for Solidus LP, an early-stage venture capital firm focused on investment opportunities in Healthcare and Technology. From January of 2016 to January of 2018, Brian served as a member of the Board of Next Gen Advisory Faculty for the Institute of Private Investors / Campden, a program designed to support next generation family members in preparing the following generation for the responsibility of being a steward of family wealth. He has also served on the Advisory Committee for the Southeastern Family Office Forum since December of 2016. Brian is a former practicing attorney, earning his J.D. from Suffolk University and his B.A. from Wesleyan University with Honors. ~ You can find Brian Adams on… LinkedIn: Website: --- Connect with German and Oscar! Email: Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
November 1, 2020
33. Building Relationships & Taking Care of Investors with John Fortes
Join German and Oscar Buendia with John Fortes, as they talk about building the right relationships and taking care of investors. John is a very authentic leader, investor, and mentor. He shares a lot of advice about how to scale your business, strategies that will help you improve, and the things that you should avoid doing in the real estate industry. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode: 🎧 HE STARTED LEARNING ABOUT REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS IN A LOT OF DIFFERENT BOOKS HE READ. 🎧 SCALING FROM INVESTING IN SINGLE-FAMILY HOMES TO MAKING MULTIFAMILY INVESTMENTS. 🎧 IN REAL ESTATE, WE TALK ABOUT HOW YOU ARE MANAGING AND SCALING YOUR BUSINESS. 🎧 BEING COMPLIANT, STAYING WITHIN THE RULES, AND DOING YOUR DUE DILIGENCE. 🎧 FOLLOWING THE ONE YEAR RULE OF GETTING TO KNOW THE PERSON BEFORE FORMING A PARTNERSHIP. 🎧 THE IMPORTANCE OF BUILDING A GOOD WORK RELATIONSHIP RATHER THAN JUST HIRING ANYBODY. 🎧 HOW DOES JOHN DISQUALIFY SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO WORK AND INVEST WITH HIM? 🎧 IF YOU DON’T FEEL LIKE DOING SOMETHING OR IT DOESN’T FEEL RIGHT, DON’T DO IT. 🎧 AND MUCH MORE! ~ About John Fortes: John, along with his wife Jenn & their two beautiful children (boy and a girl), a boxer and two cats, reside just south of Boston in the South Shore of Massachusetts. John Fortes, also known as The Passive Investor Consultant, founded The Fortes Company, which partners with working professionals seeking to invest in a diversified commercial multifamily fund because they don’t have the desire or time to own real estate and fully operate it. By leveraging John’s experience, he has helped families invest in over $70 million in multifamily investments that have allowed them to secure financial security, preserve and grow their wealth as well as compound their investments as they achieve their financial independence. John is also the host of The Passive Investor Show podcast and showcases the value of investing in real estate funds to provide a true hands-off investing audio experience. The show has become one of the hottest real estate podcasts on iTunes for working professionals looking for a hands-off approach to investing in real estate syndications and funds. Although John loves spending time with his family, another fun fact about John is that he also enjoys refereeing high-level basketball games. ~ You can find John Fortes on… LinkedIn: Podcast: Website: Twitter: Instagram: --- Connect with German and Oscar! Email: Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
October 25, 2020
32. Crushing Real Estate Goals at 28 Years Young with Brock Holiiman
Join German and Oscar Buendia with Brock Holliman, as they talk about his experience of becoming successful in the real estate and construction industry at the young age of 28 years old. Brock is the President and CEO of Holliman Capital Group, Florida’s top choice for a build-to-rent real estate company. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode: 🎧 THE STORY OF BROCK’S LONG ROAD OF HUSTLING TO GETTING WHERE HE IS NOW. 🎧 DON’T BE AFRAID OF REJECTION, PICK UP THE PHONE AND TRY TO MAKE A DEAL. 🎧 YOU SHOULD NEVER THINK THAT YOU’RE TOO GOOD FOR SOMETHING. KEEP LEARNING, KEEP HUSTLING, AND KEEP GOING. 🎧 WHAT ARE THE TOOLS BROCK SUGGESTED THAT HE FOUND HELPFUL TO GET INTO THE “GAME”? 🎧 BUILDING GOOD RELATIONSHIPS AND PROVIDING TOP NOTCH PRODUCTS. 🎧 THE MAJORITY OF THEIR BREAD AND BUTTER IS FROM THEIR SINGLE-FAMILY HOMES. 🎧 WHAT ARE THEIR LATEST DEALS AND HOW ARE THEY HANDLING THEM? 🎧 THE OPPORTUNITIES AND STRUGGLES AFTER THE COVID-19. 🎧 AND MUCH MORE! ~ About Brock Holliman: Not often do you meet a 28-year-old like Brock - who already has over a decade’s worth of knowledge and experience in both the real estate investing and construction industries. From foreclosure auctions on the courthouse steps to ground-up real estate development, Brock has done a little bit of everything. Now based in beautiful, sunny Florida, Brock and his teams are crushing the “Build 2 Rent” real estate market by offering high quality, turnkey, and cash flowing, new construction properties to investors, all while holding the same properties for his own investment. Brok and his team have constructed over 300 new builds and counting which amounts to over $70,000,000 in sales during the past 6 years. After relocating full-time to Florida, Brock and his team only completed 19 new homes in year one, and even after losing half of 2020 due to the virus, they are on pace for a 400% increase. They are looking to finish the year strong and do another 400% increase in 2021! In addition to new construction, Brock has successfully completed over 200 flips, complete gut renovations, wholesale deals, and more - Adding up to over $100M in successfully closed real estate transactions. ~ About Brock Holliman: · Website: · Instagram: · Facebook: · Email: · Biggerpockets: --- Connect with German and Oscar! Email: Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
October 18, 2020
31. Liquidating Multifamily and Going All In On Self Storage with Scott Krone
Join German and Oscar Buendia with Scott Krone, as they talk all about self-storage investing. Scott is the founder of Coda Management Group; they purchase underutilized commercial properties and convert them to self storage facilities. In this episode, he shares the amazing advantages and benefits you can have with self storage properties. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode: 🎧 GRADUATING COLLEGE WITH A HISTORY DEGREE, OBTAINING A MASTER’S IN ARCHITECTURE, AND THEN GETTING INTO THE REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY. 🎧 SCOTT STARTED HIS OWN COMPANY AT THE AGE OF 28 AFTER YEARS OF HARD WORK. 🎧 LEARNING FROM OTHER PEOPLE’S EXPERIENCES AND ADVICE WILL HELP YOU BECOME SUCCESSFUL. 🎧 THE PREDICTABILITY YOU CAN HAVE WHEN OWNING A SELF STORAGE. 🎧 HOW DO THEY IDENTIFY A PROPERTY AND CONVERT IT TO A SELF STORAGE? 🎧 WHAT ARE THE DEMOGRAPHICS THAT YOU NEED TO CONSIDER? 🎧 SELF STORAGE IS A RECESSION RESISTANT ASSET IN THE COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE. 🎧 DURING COVID-19, THEY WERE ABLE TO DOUBLE THEIR OCCUPANCY RATE. 🎧 AND MUCH MORE! ~ About Scott Krone: Scott is a Chicago native whose career in architecture began in 1991 by pursuing his Masters of Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology. While obtaining his degree, he also worked as a Project Manager for Optima, Inc. During his time at Optima, Krone’s responsibilities included notable projects such as the 400-unit Cormandel in Deerfield, IL, the 40-unit HedgeRow in Winnetka, IL, and the 51-unit Optima Center Wilmette in Wilmette, IL. In 2012, Krone founded Coda Management Group – a firm that specializes in managing real estate assets. Since its inception, Coda manages a wide range of real estate including single and multi-family homes, retail, commercial warehouse, and self-storage and multi-use flex athletic spaces. Currently, the platform of investments is in excess of $55 million. Krone has authored High-Performance Homes – Navigating the Green Road to Your Dream Home, a book for homeowners seeking to incorporate green technology into their home. Krone resides in Wilmette, IL, with his wife and three children. ~ You can find Scott Krone on… Website:  Linkedin: Facebook: Email:  --- Connect with German and Oscar! Email: Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
October 10, 2020
30. Building Generational Wealth with Daisy Serrano & Luc D'Abreau
Join German and Oscar Buendia with Daisy Serrano and Luc D'Abreau, as they talk about vetting deals as a passive investor and building generational wealth. Daisy and Luc started their journey together in the Real Estate world with limited knowledge and experience, but after a few years, they were able to become successful! Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode: 🎧 HOW DAISY AND LUC GOT INTO THE REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY. 🎧 REAL ESTATE GIVES YOU THE OPPORTUNITY TO BUILD GENERATIONAL WEALTH. 🎧 RICH DAD POOR DAD COLLECTION SAYS THERE’S A WAY YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY TAX! 🎧 MAKE SURE WHO YOU’RE GOING TO WORK WITH IS HONEST AND TRUSTWORTHY. 🎧 THE SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT AND ADRENALINE RUSH ENCOURAGED DAISY AND LUC TO CONTINUE REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT. 🎧 DAISY AND LUC’S GOAL IS TO CONTINUE INVESTING PASSIVELY AND BUILDING THEIR TEAM. 🎧 THE IMPORTANCE OF COMMUNICATING WITH PEOPLE WHO HAVE EXPERIENCE IN THE FIELD YOU WANT TO LEARN. 🎧 FIGURE OUT WHAT YOUR GOALS ARE AND STAY FOCUSED ON THEM. 🎧 IT’S ESSENTIAL TO HAVE EMPATHY AND SUPPORT IN A RELATIONSHIP. 🎧 IT ONLY TAKES ONE PERSON TO CREATE AN OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE THE WEALTH OF SO MANY GENERATIONS AND FAMILIES. 🎧 WHY DID DAISY AND LUC START THEIR PODCAST? 🎧 WHAT DOES NOT PAYING TAXES MEAN? ~ About Daisy Serrano: Daisy is a limited partner in 253 units in Texas (totaling $20.7MM in value) and is a leader with the Women’s Real Estate Network (WREN), as well as with Prospanica: The Association of Hispanic Professionals. He is a limited partner in 445 units across two assets in Texas (totaling $36.8MM in value), is part of the National Black MBA Association and African American Real Estate Professionals. His real estate goal is to create generational wealth, leave a legacy, and provide a better life for his family. Her goals are to help more people (especially millennials!) have opportunities to invest in real estate multifamily, uplift and empower her community through mentorship/access, be a positive role model for her family, and retire her parents. About Luc D’ Abreau: Luc’s educational and professional experience is in the Architecture, Engineering, & Construction industry. His varied and in-depth experiences range from project management to business development to strategic initiatives. He is a limited partner in 445 units across two assets in Texas (totaling $36.8MM in value), is part of the National Black MBA Association and African American Real Estate Professionals. His real estate goal is to create generational wealth, leave a legacy, and provide a better life for his family. You can find Daisy Serrano and Luc D’Abreau on… Daisy’s LinkedIn Luc’s LinkedIn Website --- Connect with German and Oscar! Email: Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
October 4, 2020
29. From Passive Investing to Active Investing with Mo Bina
Join German and Oscar Buendia with Mo Bina, as they talk about his experience of transitioning from a passive role to an active position. Mo is the Founder and Managing Principal of High-Rise Capital; they help investors learn more about commercial real estate. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode: 🎧THE BACKGROUND STORY OF HOW MO BINA GOT INTO PASSIVE AND COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT. 🎧HAVING A LIFELONG LEARNER MINDSET IS IMPORTANT AND WILL HELP YOU STAY AHEAD OF THE CURVE. 🎧STARTING ON THE PASSIVE INVESTOR ROUTE THEN GOING INTO ACTIVE INVESTING. 🎧TRUST IS ESSENTIAL WHEN MAKING A REAL ESTATE DEAL. 🎧WHAT IS MO BINA’S GOAL THAT LEAD HIM TO START HIS OWN COMPANY? 🎧WHY DID MO BINA WRITE AN EBOOK AND WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT? 🎧THE BENEFIT OF RELYING ON OTHERS TO DO A JOB. 🎧TRIAL AND ERROR: YOU DON'T ALWAYS GET EVERYTHING RIGHT THE FIRST TIME, BUT YOU JUST GOT TO KEEP AT IT. ~ About Mo Bina: Mo Bina is the Managing Principal and Founder of High-Rise Capital.  He has two bachelor's degrees in civil and environmental engineering from UC Irvine and a master's degree in environmental engineering from Stanford University.  He has been an avid follower and student of the financial markets for over 20 years. He has been a passive investor in diverse opportunities in real estate assets such as multifamily, senior living, and single-family residential in various geographic markets in the U.S.  In addition, he has investment experience in alternative assets, hard money lending, and notes.  His knowledge also includes asset protection and tax strategies and their applications to real estate. Mo founded High-Rise Capital as a family-owned business that has a passion to help others learn how to passively invest in high-quality commercial real estate assets that have historically generated higher returns and lower volatility as compared to the traditional paper assets of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.  High-Rise Capital's mission is not only to assist investors to build generational wealth and gain financial freedom but to positively impact the world through commercial real estate. ~ You can find Mo Bina on… LinkedIn: Website: --- Connect with German and Oscar! Email: Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
September 27, 2020
28. From Ground Zero to Successful Real Estate Investor with Bobby Sharma
Join German and Oscar Buendia with Bobby Sharma, as they talk about his inspiring story of how he went from working as a dishwasher to a very successful real estate investor. Bobby’s dedication, kindness, and generosity have impacted a lot of lives. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode: 🎧 WHAT INFLUENCED BOBBY TO GET INTO THE MULTIFAMILY REAL ESTATE? 🎧 A GOOD NETWORK IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO HAVE FOR REAL ESTATE INVESTORS. 🎧 HOW TO AVOID WORKING WITH UNETHICAL PEOPLE. BOBBY WAS ASKED TO PAY A BIGGER AMOUNT THAN HE SHOULD HAVE HAD! 🎧 WHY DID BOBBY LEAVE A COMPANY AND QUIT A JOB HE LOVES FOR REAL ESTATE? 🎧 ALWAYS BELIEVE YOU HAVE TO GIVE BEFORE YOU RECEIVE. BOBBY WAS GIVEN A SMALL PERCENTAGE OF A COMPANY HE HELPED FOR FREE! 🎧 BETTERCAPITAL.US MAKES TRACKING YOUR PAYMENTS, RENTS, EQUITY, ROI, AND INVOICES EASIER. IT’S FREE AND NOT COMPLICATED TO USE! 🎧 BOBBY SHARES HIS THREE KEY ADVICE TO INVESTORS JUST STARTING. ~ About Bobby Sharma: Bobby Sharma immigrated to the United States in 1984 and earned a degree in Computer and Information Science from the University of South Alabama. After graduating with an undergraduate degree in Computer & Information Science, Bobby found work as a software developer at first in Mobile, Alabama, and then in Southern California. However, Bobby always had a desire to work in Silicon Valley, so in 1999, moved to the Bay Area and in 2000, transferred to a very successful dot com company, WebEx. Since then, Bobby Sharma has worked for several successful startups and large technology companies such as GE, Mitsubishi Electric, Marketo, and TIBCO. Bobby Sharma bought his first house at the age of 24 in Riverside, CA, where he ‘house hacked’ the three bedrooms, two bath ranch house. In 2010 Bobby Sharma started buying more actively at the courthouse steps in San Jose and Oakland and got involved in Fix & Flip projects. Since 2010, Bobby has helped grow or launch several real estate companies, including (helped grow it from 110 doors to 600 doors), (providing high-quality turnkey properties for cash flow and appreciation), and the latest venture (a PropTech startup focused on Asset Management, Education and Transaction Facilitation for real estate investors). Bobby is now focused on private money lending, helping people invest for cash flow, mentoring a handful of members, and focusing on syndicating real estate. In April 2019, Bobby Sharma ‘retired’ from his tech job to focus on investing in real estate full time and providing high-quality real estate and financial literacy-focused education to the members of his 5,000+ member real estate Meetup group ( and 5400+ members on Facebook ( Bobby can be found at or on LinkedIn at Facebook: Website: Connect with German and Oscar! Email: Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
September 20, 2020
27. Multifamily is a Team Sport with Hendra Tambunan
Join German and Oscar Buendia with Hendra Tambunan, as they talk about investing in multifamily real estate with a great team. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode: 🎧 WHY DID HENDRA SWITCH FROM SINGLE-FAMILY TO MULTIFAMILY INVESTMENT? 🎧 LEARN TO INVEST IN YOURSELF BECAUSE IT CAN CHANGE YOUR MINDSET FOR THE BETTER. 🎧 IT’S ESSENTIAL TO BE FLEXIBLE IN BUSINESS. YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE IN SO MANY AREAS. 🎧 WHAT TYPE OF BUSINESSES HAVE BECOME NONESSENTIAL BECAUSE OF COVID-19? 🎧 UNDERWRITING EXPENSES DURING A PANDEMIC. 🎧 THE PROCESS IS IMPORTANT IN CHOOSING THE RIGHT PARTNER. 🎧 HOW DOES HENDRA AND HIS WIFE BALANCE THEIR TIME FOR WORK AND FAMILY? 🎧 BUILD GENERATIONAL WEALTH AND LEAVE A LIFETIME LEGACY. About Hendra Tambunan: Coming as a foreign student to the US, Hendra earned his degree from San Francisco State University. After graduation, Hendra has worked in Pre-IPO startups, Fortune 50 and Big 4 corporations, while starting to invest in Single-Family Houses. After investing in Single Family on the side to save for his son’s college fund, he realized that it’s not scalable fast enough. It prompted him to start looking into Multifamily by late 2018 and finally decide to jump into Multifamily investing by mid-2019. You can find Hendra Tambunan on... Linkedin: Facebook: Instagram: Website: Previous Podcasts: Feb 28th, 2020: Apartment Investing For Early Retirement April 28, 2020: Jake & Gino - Mover & Shakers July 13, 2020: The Multifamily Takeoff July 16, 2020: The Real Estate Marathon --- Connect with German and Oscar! Email: Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
September 13, 2020
26. Stepping into the Real Estate Lab with Ruben Kanya
Join German & Oscar Buendia with Ruben Kanya as they talk about creating and learning from real estate “experiments”, and partnering with people 10 steps ahead to make rapid progress. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode: 🎧 HOW TO LEARN FROM YOUR FAILED EXPERIMENTS. 🎧 STRUCTURING EXPERIMENTS TO LIMIT YOUR DOWNSIDE. 🎧 BUILDING SCALABLE SYSTEMS FROM DAY 1. 🎧 LEARNING FROM OSMOSIS AND GETTING INTO THE RIGHT ROOMS. 🎧 BECOMING A LIMITED PARTNER WITH MORE EXPERIENCED INVESTORS. 🎧 TRANSLATING MARKETING AGENCY EXPERIENCE INTO THE REAL ESTATE NICHE. 🎧 CONNECTING WITH INVESTORS AND SYNDICATORS AT SCALE. 🎧 DECIDING ON PASSIVE VS. ACTIVE INVESTING OPPORTUNITIES. 🎧 GETTING ACCESS TO LIMITED PARTNERSHIPS AND GENERAL PARTNERSHIPS. 🎧 BUILDING ON WHAT YOU ARE CURRENTLY DOING TO ACHIEVE YOUR END GOAL. ~ About Ruben Kanya: I am a super connector, real estate partner, founder of Invested Talent — a video marketing agency for real estate investors and a technology consultant on Wall Street. I invest my time collaborating with business owners, syndicators and executives bringing ideas to fruition, projects to life and helping small businesses and large corporations accomplish their objectives. I have consulted, built my own and contributed to the growth of companies' operations and technology at the startup and corporate level (Fortune 500, Forbes Global 2000 companies). My experience is in business development, team leading, systems development, business analysis, project management, back end operations and strategic partnerships in the financial services, investment banking, Information technology, digital marketing and real estate sectors. As the Director of Invested Talent - I lead a team that does digital marketing that specializes in creating video content for real estate investors & thought leaders to help them build their brand on multiple social media platforms using video. I am the host of the OPT Meetup, which has been hosted in 3 different states to date, and the founder of The Real Estate Experiment Network & Podcast where I've had the honor of featuring notable thought leaders in the real estate industry who collectively exceed over a billion dollars of assets in ownership & management. Most importantly I've used this platform to make key introductions to help individuals within my network get the help they need or form key partnerships - I get a kick out of helping people meet and collaborate with one another! As a lover of books, family and deep friendships, I am a personal development junkie who loves to travel to new places, find ways to increase productivity and converse with people from different walks of life. I am a true foodie as much as I am a fitness enthusiast. I actively invest my energy in building brands with digital marketing, systems, directing projects and managing business operations, but most importantly, what I value the most is relationship building and the formation of strategic partnerships! More about Ruben: --- Connect with Oscar and German! Email: Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
August 9, 2020
25. 200+ Unit Deal Dig, Processes, & Systems with Chris & Ashton Levarek
Join German & Oscar Buendia with Chris & Ashton Levarek as they talk about scaling from small beginnings to a 200+ unit complex, and how to raise capital to go after bigger and bigger deals. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode: 🎧 HOW TO START SMALL AND SCALE. 🎧 THE POWER OF PARTNERING UP TO GET STARTED IN REAL ESTATE. 🎧 WHY GROWING YOUR BRAND WILL HELP YOU CLOSE BIGGER DEALS. 🎧 FORMING STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS TO ACCESS MORE CAPITAL. 🎧 CHANGING YOUR MINDSET TO ALLOW YOU TO THINK BIG. 🎧 THE PROBLEM WITH BUILDING UP A COLLECTION OF DUPLEXES. 🎧 THE IMPORTANCE OF TAKING INITIATIVE TO SEEK OUT INFORMATION. 🎧 MAKING DEALS HAPPEN WITHOUT RELYING ON A MENTOR. 🎧 THE (ONLY) TOOLS YOU NEED TO GET DEALS DONE. 🎧 LEVERAGING MEETUPS TO BUILD VALUABLE CONNECTIONS. ~ About Chris & Ashton Levarek: Chris is manager/owner of Valkere Investment Group, LLC. He coordinates the management/structure of the company and offers a highly analytic skill set with which to implement company systems, define investment strategies and provide profitable opportunities to lenders, clients and company partners. A former firefighter, veteran of the United States Airforce and Network Operations Team Lead, Chris has earned several Educational accolades: B.S. Computer Information Systems (Arizona State University, 2012), Associates in International Trade (University of Montpellier, France), MCSE, VCP and CCNA.  With years of project management in the fast-paced Information Technology world as well as the relationship building/networking that comes with the territory, Chris has a proven track record of success across multiple venues. Living in Phoenix, Arizona since 2010, Chris and his wife Jamie are learning to be parents with a healthy boy born August 15th 2018. Owner, manager, and investor with Valkere Investment Group, LLC., Ashton acts as project and acquisitions manager.  Ashton provides in depth market research, ground level expertise, resources, and network facilitation to ensure the investment opportunities we offer build equity and maximize profitability for our clients, lenders and team. As an Air Force Special Operations Pararescue-Jumper, a Sniper, and a Special Warfare Team Leader, Ashton is no stranger to intelligence analysis, mission planning, and execution. Detail oriented and driven to succeed, Ashton brings 20 years of SOF (Special Operations Forces) experience to bear upon the investment market.  In addition, Ashton has received a Bachelor’s of Science in Sports Health and Science and an Associates Degree in Personnel Recovery. Father of two little girls, Keilana and Alayla, Ashton and his wife Vivian currently live in Portland, Oregon where he enjoys rugby, traveling, and teaching his girls to surf. --- Connect with Oscar and German! Email: Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
August 2, 2020
24. Real Estate Development & Passive Income with Shannon Robnett
Join German & Oscar Buendia with Shannon Robnett as they talk about moving into doing over $100M in real estate development, and creating significant passive income streams. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode: 🎧 THE POWER OF GROWING UP IN A REAL ESTATE FAMILY. 🎧 HOW TO MAKE A GREAT LIVING BY SELLING PEOPLE WHAT THEY NEED. 🎧 HOW TO AVOID CONSTANTLY NEEDING TO PROSPECT. 🎧 MOVING FROM BEING THE BROKER TO BEING THE BUYER. 🎧 THE POWER OF HAVING (ALL OF) YOUR SKIN IN THE GAME. 🎧 GETTING OTHERS TO TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY. 🎧 THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING THE SHARPEST DRESSED IN THE ROOM. 🎧 HOW TO KNOW WHAT PROPERTIES TO PUT UNDER CONTRACT. 🎧 THE STRATEGIES YOU NEED FOR BUYING AND DEVELOPING RAW LAND.. 🎧 ADAPTING TO THE COVID ECONOMY IN REAL ESTATE. ~ About Shannon Robnett: I have been here in the Treasure Valley for almost 40 years and have spent most of that time in the real estate industry. As a builder and developer I have dealt with everything from land acquisition and re-zoning to delivery of the finished product. I have been involved from start to finish on over $200,000,000 in construction projects covering the gamut from multi family, professional office buildings to City hall's fire and police stations, schools , industrial and mini storage. you name it we have built it. We also have a history of over $80,000,000 in successful developments with a wide range of investors. --- Connect with Oscar and German! Email: Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
July 28, 2020
23. Vertically Integrating Property Management, Construction & Owning 1000+ Units with Jorge Abreu
Join Oscar and German Buendia with Jorge Abreu as they talk about integrating property management, construction, and owning 1000+ units. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode: 🎧 FOLLOWING SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE, WHICH EVENTUALLY LED TO REAL ESTATE. 🎧 THE ATTRACTION TO THE SYNDICATION FORMULA. 🎧 HIS PROCESS FOR SCALING AND FINDING THE RIGHT TEAM. 🎧 STARTING A CONSTRUCTION COMPANY AS WELL. 🎧 HIRING YOUR OWN CONSTRUCTION FOR YOUR FIX AND FLIPS. 🎧 IS THE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT ALSO IN-HOUSE OR THIRD PARTY? 🎧 UTILIZING VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS AND HAVING AN EXECUTIVE ADMIN. 🎧 THE BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN COVID AND THE PREVIOUS MARKET CRASH. 🎧 DOING A BALANCING ACT WHILE WAITING FOR ANY SHIFT IN THE MARKET. 🎧 BEING PRESENT DURING YOUR FAMILY’S IMPORTANT MEMORIES. ~ About Jorge Abreu: I've been Investing in Real Estate for over 14 years now. I started in Single Family and small Multifamily properties. I've wholesaled over 200+ Properties, Fixed & Flipped over 100+ properties and developed several new construction projects, over $8M in ground up. For the past 3 years I've been sole focused on large Multifamily properties. I am currently an Active & Passive Full Time Multifamily Real Estate Investor. I have 1,720 Doors on the GP side & over 1,400+ doors on the LP side. I currently have another 850 Doors under contract on the GP side as well. I am the CEO of Elevate Commercial Investment Group. I also own a construction company, JNT Construction, that focuses on helping Multifamily Investors with their full renovations. I am based out of Dallas & currently own properties throughout Texas & Oklahoma but open to other areas as well. Strong points are Locating Deals, Due Diligence, Executing CapEx & Raising Equity. My goal is to reach 10,000 doors by the end of 2021 by creating strategic partnerships & implementing the proper systems in place for scalability. I'm focused on continuing to grow my network and locate more Co-GP Partners, Passive Investors and also clients for my construction company. I'm always looking forward to adding value and helping others reach their goals. ~ You can find Jorge’s E-book here: Jorge’s Email: --- Connect with Oscar and German! Email: Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
July 19, 2020
22. Joint Ventures, Partnerships, & Getting your Foot in the Door with Jerome Myers
Join Oscar and German Buendia with Jerome Myers as they talk about joint ventures, partnerships, and getting your foot in the door. He’s a former civil engineer who has always wanted to leave the corporate world. Jerome now helps new real estate investors see the light to their success. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode: 🎧 DROPPING OUT OF CORPORATE AS A CIVIL ENGINEER. 🎧 LEARNING FROM THE PERSON THAT TRIED TO KICK HIM TO THE CURB. 🎧 THE VALUE OF FINDING A PARTNER THAT YOU AGREE WITH. 🎧 MAKING AN IMPACT ON THE COMMUNITY AND MAKE MONEY AT THE SAME TIME. 🎧 WHY JOINT VENTURES ARE ONE OF THE BEST WAYS TO GET INTO REAL ESTATE. 🎧 THE GOAL OF BUYING 1000 DOORS AND BRINGING INVESTORS TOGETHER. 🎧 PLANS DURING THE PANDEMIC. THE DEMAND OF HOUSING HAS NOT GONE AWAY! 🎧 THE TYPE OF STUDENT THAT FITS INTO JEROME’S PROGRAMS. 🎧 THE FOUR THINGS THAT INVESTORS HAVE TO WORK THROUGH. 🎧 WORK-LIFE INTEGRATION, AND NOT WORK-LIFE BALANCE. By the end of the episode, you will learn to value knowledge, find regular leads, get experience, and earn money. Enjoy! ~ About Jerome Myers: Jerome Myers leads The Myers Development Group, LLC, which focuses on buying broken apartment building businesses and using innovative thinking and solid execution strategies to optimize the operational efficiency of the business.  Currently, Mr. Myers is asset manager for approximately 90 units and 90,000 square feet of workforce housing across Virginia and North Carolina and on a mission to hold 1,000 doors by the end of 2028.  When not actively working on his personal portfolio he coaches other real estate investors on the Myers Methods of Multifamily Investing.  Outside of real estate Jerome hosts the DreamCatchers and Myers Methods presents Multifamily Missteps Podcast, volunteers on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) boards and enjoys traveling internationally. ~ Learn more about Jerome Myers on the links below: Connect on LinkedIn – Listen to the DreamCatchers Podcast - Watch the DreamCatchers Podcast - Gain access to real estate investing education – Learn more about the Myers Development Group – Watch Myers Methods Masterclasses - --- Connect with Oscar and German! Email: Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
July 13, 2020
21. From Lt Colonel in the Army to Multifamily Syndicator with Ismael Rey Reyes
Join Oscar and German Buendia with Ismael “Rey” Reyes as he talks about his multifamily real estate business. Rey has led MI Real Estate in investing for multifamily properties in Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, totaling over 292 units and $17 million. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode: 🎧 HOW HE GOT STARTED FROM LOVING THE BOARD GAME MONOPOLY 🎧 FINDING HIS FIRST DEAL IN SINGLE FAMILY AND EVENTUALLY GETTING TO MULTIFAMILY. 🎧 THE HUSTLE OF GOING INTO MULTIFAMILY AND SCALING INVESTMENTS 🎧 GETTING INTO REAL ESTATE AND GETTING TO KNOW THE TERMINOLOGY AND THE DIFFERENT VALUATIONS BETWEEN MULTIFAMILY AND OTHER ASSETS. 🎧 TRANSITIONING FROM BEING A PASSIVE INVESTOR TO AN ACTIVE INVESTOR 🎧 ISMAEL’S SYNDICATION STRUCTURE AND HOW HE BUILDS HIS TEAM THAT FINDS THE DEALS FOR HIM. 🎧 BEING COMFORTABLE WITH INVESTING WHERE IT MAKES SENSE, EVEN IN PLACES OUTSIDE YOUR LOCATION. 🎧 INVESTING IN MEXICO AND CANADA, AND LOOKING INTO SENIOR HOUSING 🎧 WORK-LIFE BALANCE FROM THE PERSPECTIVE FROM SOMEONE IN THE ARMY 🎧 THE BEAUTY OF BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS AND WORKING WITH OTHERS By the end of the episode, you will learn to plan things ahead, look to do the right thing for your business (even if it makes you uncomfortable), and spend more time with your family. Enjoy! ~ About Ismael Rey Reyes: Rey has been actively investing in residential real estate since 2005 and has focused exclusively on multifamily since 2016. He has led MI Real Estate in investing in four multifamily properties in Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee, totaling 292 units, and valued at over $17 million. Rey also provides independent consulting to multifamily investors and has authored several multifamily investing articles. In addition to his real estate activities, Rey retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army, with over 28 years of service. ~ You can find Ismael Rey Reyes on... Website: Email: Contact: (954) 667-9739 --- Connect with Oscar and German! Email: Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
July 6, 2020
20. How to Attract A Class Investors through LinkedIn with Yakov Smart
Join Oscar and German Buendia with Yakov Smart as he talks about finding A-class investors on LinkedIn. Yakov is an expert on finding investors and raising capital on the platform that helps other people transform their LinkedIn experience for success. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode: 🎧 HIS JOURNEY FROM SELLING SOFTWARE, GENERATING SALES THROUGH LINKEDIN, AND EVENTUALLY GETTING TO REAL ESTATE 🎧 YAKOV’S METHODOLOGY TO HELPING PEOPLE RAISE MONEY 🎧 HOW DOES HE APPROACH LOOKING FOR INVSETORS ON LINKEDIN? WHAT DOES HE LOOK FOR? 🎧 HOW CAN YOU BUILD CREDIBILITY ON LINKEDIN? 🎧 APPROACHING MESSAGING IN A WAY THAT IS RESPECTFUL AND CREATES TRUST 🎧 DISPELLING A MAJOR MISTAKE THAT THAT ENTREPRENEURS MAKE. ENSURE THAT YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING! 🎧 WORKING WITH VA’S, CREATING TEMPLATES, AND IMPLEMENTING STRATEGIES 🎧 HOW APPLICABLE IS YAKOV’S MESSAGING FORMULA TO OTHER PLATFORMS? 🎧 THE TREND WITH LINKEDIN GOING INTO THE FUTURE 🎧 HAVE YOUR BUSINESS SERVE YOU INSTEAD OF SERVING YOUR BUSINESS By the end of the episode, you will learn how to capitalize on the potential of LinkedIn, create a good messaging system that drives sales, and have your business be a means to make your life better. Enjoy! ~ About Yakov Smart: Yakov Smart is considered to be the leading expert when it comes to attracting A-List investors and raising capital using LinkedIn. He’s the Author of Disrupting LinkedIn and a sought-after authority by top business owners and sales leaders world-wide. Yakov has shared the stage with Samantha Debianci of Bravo's hit TV show, Million Dollar Listing and been a guest on numerous media outlets. A resident of Scottsdale, Arizona, today Yakov is the proud leader of Linked Lead Enterprises, where his webinars, on-demand training programs and strategic consulting accelerators give people proven tools and techniques for transforming their LinkedIn Profiles into priceless, Relationship Building Assets. ~ You can find Yakov Smart on... Website: Free Webinar: LinkedIn: Book: --- Connect with Oscar and German! Email: Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
June 28, 2020
19. Creating Passive Income through Large Multifamily with Lane Beene
Join Oscar and German Buendia with Lane Beene as they talk about creating passive income through multifamily. Lane is a former US Air Force pilot who has been investing in multifamily real estate for the last ten years and helping out his fellow pilots get into the real estate game. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode: 🎧 BEING ABLE TO LIVE NEAR HIS PARENTS’ PLACE AS A RESERVE AND ESTABLISHING ROOTS IN YOUR AREA 🎧 LEARNING REAL ESTATE FROM CARLETON SHEETS, RICH DAD, POOR DAD, AND ROBERT KIYOSAKI 🎧 THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN SINGLE-FAMILY VERSUS MULTIFAMILY INVESTING IN TERMS OF SYNDICATION 🎧 HOW DOES HE HELP OTHER PEOPLE GET DEALS? 🎧 THE INTRINSIC BENFIT OF HELPING OTHERS AND THE ABUNDANCE MINDSET 🎧 THE SIGNIFICANCE OF RETURN OF INVESTMENT AND RETURN OF TIME INVESTED 🎧 HOW MUCH DO YOU HAVE TO CHANGE TO GET TO YOUR GOAL? 🎧 SEEING HOW TO USE TRENDS FOR REAL ESTATE, ESPECIALLY DURING THIS TIME 🎧 ACTIVELY SHAPE THE FUTURE IN LIGHT OF THE CORONAVIRUS – TURN YOUR CLUBHOUSE INTO SOMETHING USEFUL! 🎧 COMING INTO THE MARKET WITH PASSION. THE MARKET DOES NOT REWARD MEDIOCRACY! By the end of the episode, you will learn to help others get into real estate, be more efficient in spending time for your business, and find good ways to make things work to your advantage. Enjoy! ~ About Lane Beene: Lane Beene, 28 yrs. USAF retired LTC and former F16 pilot. Twenty-year real estate investor that boot strapped one single family house into a multi-millionaire dollar apartment portfolio. My objective is to teach you what I learned to make you a wiser investor and better millionaire. ~ You can find Lane Beene on... Website: Pilot-Legacy Equity Group: Be a Better Millionaire: Email: --- Connect with Oscar and German! Email: Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
June 21, 2020
18. Business Owner to Multifamily Syndicator with Darin Batchelder
Join Oscar and German Buendia with Darin Batchelder. Darin is a business owner who joined the real estate space two years ago, but has already gotten much further than other new investors! Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode: 🎧 HOW DID HE START IN REAL ESTATE? 🎧 THE VALUE OF GETTING PLUGGED INTO THE NETWORK AND LEARNING FROM PEOPLE WHO’VE DONE IT ALL BEFORE YOU 🎧 HIS REASON FOR GOING FOR MULTIFAMILY: TAX ADVANTAGES, WEALTH BUILDING, AND NOT WANTING TO RETIRE 🎧 THE JOY OF ATTRACTING OTHERS INTO THE SPACE, GIVING BACK, AND FULFILLING OTHER PEOPLE’S DREAMS 🎧 WHY DID HE COME LATE INTO REAL ESTATE TWO YEARS AGO? THE BENEFITS OF STARTING EARLY AND LATE. 🎧 IMPLEMENTING HIS LEARNINGS FROM HIS MENTOR TO BEING A PRINCIPAL 🎧 THE IMPORTANCE OF PARTNERING WITH PEOPLE THAT HAVE EXPERIENCE AND INVOLVING YOURSELF IN A MENTORSHIP GROUP 🎧 WHAT IS HE SEEING NOW WITH COVID? IS HE BUYING, OR WAITING? 🎧 WHAT CONCERNS DO HIS INVESTORS HAVE NOW? WHAT KIND OF ASSET CLASS IS HE LOOKING INTO? 🎧 THE BENEFIT THAT TRANSITIONING TO REAL ESTATE HAS HAD ON THE LIFESTYLE THAT HE WANTS TO LIVE ~ About Darin Batchelder: Real Estate Experience: Principal owner, asset manager and lead sponsor on 76-unit townhome community in Crowley, TX. Minority General Partnership interest and key principal in 256-unit multifamily community in Dallas, TX. Key principal on FNMA non-recourse loan on 154-unit apartment community. Limited partner in 14 properties with 3,944 multifamily units. Personal mentoring student of Brad Sumrok. Principal Owner, Asset Manager and Lead Sponsor ·  Hampton Hollow – Crowley, TX - 76 units o  Freddie Small Balance Loan Program – 4.3MM Loan o  Equity raise - $2.5MM+ Minority General Partnership Interest & Key Principal ·  Bella Vida – Dallas TX – 256 Units - Fannie Mae - $13MM loan Key Principal Oasis Springs – Hurst TX – 154 Units - Fannie Mae - $8MM loan Business Experience Has been in the whole loan trading business for the past 16 years. Responsible for trading in excess of $4 billion in loan sales. Business owner of TZK Capital since 2007. TZK Capital is focused on trading high credit quality performing real estate loan portfolios between banks to include residential, multifamily and commercial real estate loans. Prior to forming TZK Capital, Darin was with ABN AMRO’s Mortgage Capital Markets group and was responsible for trading ABN AMRO’s jumbo residential, CRA conforming residential and multifamily loans direct to other third-party banks. Worked with Computer Associates and in a sales capacity. Achieved CPA status with PriceWaterhouse and worked within PepsiCo’s domestic and international audit divisions. B.S Accounting, University of Rhode Island. ~ You can find Darin Batchelder on... Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: --- Connect with Oscar and German! Email: Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
June 14, 2020
17. Creating Systems and Scaling to 19 Units with Erin Helle
Join Oscar and German Buendia with Erin Helle as they talk about creating systems and scaling to 19 units. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode: 🎧 HER EXPERIENCE OF AFTER RESIGNING FROM THE ARMY, BECOMING A MOTHER WITH A DEPLOYED HUSBAND, AND LOSING HER NETWORK 🎧 BALANCING FAMILY AND BUSINESS 🎧 HER INTEREST IN REAL ESTATE BECAUSE OF AN ENTREPRENEURIAL FAMILY AND UNDERSTANDING THE POWER OF REAL ESTATE FROM HER FIRST DEAL  🎧 HOW SHE DECIDED TO FIND HER NICHE IN FLIPPING AND THE OTHER STRATEGIES SHE’S LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE 🎧 HER PERSONAL GOALS TO ACHIEVE THROUGH REAL ESTATE 🎧 MITIGATING AND LEVERAGING RISK IN REAL ESTATE 🎧 PLANNING FOR RESERVES AND FOR WORST-CASE SCENARIOS 🎧 WHAT IS HER NEXT PLAN TO SCALE? FOCUSING ON SELLER FINANCING AND STICKING TO WHOLESALING 🎧 FIGURING OUT WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW, MAKING A PLAN, AND BUILDING YOUR NETWORK 🎧 INVESTING DESPITE CORONAVIRUS. IS THAT A GOOD MOVE? By the end of the episode, you will learn to build your network, have a back-up plan, and make your next move. Enjoy!  ~  About Erin Helle:  Erin served in the US Army for 14 years and loved every minute of it. She excelled as an Engineer officer, shattering glass ceilings and paving the way for women who came after her. When she was put on orders to deploy the same month as her husband shortly after having their first daughter, she knew the Army was no longer going to work for her. She resigned overnight, leaving the Army without a plan. Erin wanted to be successful, and show her daughters the value of hard work and creating something to be proud of, but did not want to be tied to a 9-5 job and be told where to be and when to be there. So, she embarked on a quest to figure out exactly what that looked like. Navigating the terrifying yet incredibly fulfilling journey to buying her first rental property led to the realization that she loved chasing the deal, negotiating, and building a solid future for her family. She, along with her husband, purchased 19 doors in the first year and a half, and her business earned six figures during the first full year of operation. Erin loves to help people achieve financial freedom through Real Estate Investing and is passionate about coaching, training and mentoring people to be successful. Her business was created to build a future for her family and leave a legacy, but it quickly morphed into a passion to teach others to do the same. Erin loves to travel, workout, hang out with her studly husband, and spend as much time exploring the world with her two beautiful daughters.  ~ You can find Erin Helle on... Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:  --- Connect with Oscar and German! Email: Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
June 7, 2020
16. From Owning 100s of units to Going Broke to Owning 1000 Units with Michael Ealy
Join Oscar and German Buendia (The Millionaire Enlisted Podcast) with Michael Ealy (Nassau Investments) as they talk about his inspiring journey in real estate and his business practices. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode: 🎧 STARTING FROM THE TIME THAT HOUSE HACKING WAS JUST CALLED “GETTING A ROOMMATE” 🎧 GETTING A FEW PROPERTIES FROM HIS REALTOR’S COMMISSION 🎧 LOVING THE MONEY, BUT HATING THE PROCESS OF FLIPPING 🎧 HOW HE MADE A COMEBACK FROM LOSING IT ALL IN 2001 🎧 “YOU ARE ONE BIG DEAL AWAY!” 🎧 HOW HE GOT INTO SYNDICATION BEFORE HE KNEW IT WAS A THING 🎧 HIS PLANS TO RENOVATE A HOTEL AND HOW HOTELS ARE GOING TO BE DURING THIS TIME 🎧 HOW HE FOUND THE RIGHT CONNECTIONS AND THE DEALS THAT HE’S LOOKING FOR 🎧 THE KINDS OF DEALS HE DOES AND THE LOCATIONS HE WORKS IN 🎧 SETTING GOALS AND EXPECTATIONS WITH RELATIONSHIPS AND BUSINESS By the end of the episode, you will learn to get up, find that one big deal, and have fun. Enjoy! ~ About Mike Ealy: Mike Ealy, Principal, Managing Member and CEO of Nassau Investments, Mike manages the acquisition and disposition of residential and commercial real estate assets within a portfolio consisting of more than 700 multi-family units and 100k sqft of commercial space and hotels. Mike maintains an Ohio Real Estate license. Currently, Mike is studying to obtain his Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) certification. Previously, Mike managed non–performing assets inclusive of HUD / low income housing tax credit portfolios. He effectively brought assets back into compliance, improved rental and financial performance, and then sold assets for profits. Ealy has purchased, managed and sold over a 2,000 units in his career. Mike also coordinates with local community organizations, municipalities and developers to create partnerships to move forward TIF, New Market Tax Credit, Low Income Tax Credit, stalled and privately funded projects. He has been an effective mediator, continuously able to gain community support and move forward stalled local development projects. He has partnered with the Uptown Consortium to create jobs for Uptown Cincinnati residents and to assist private developers to fulfill community and federal minority participation contract obligations. Ealy is currently re-developing multi-unit apartment complexes and recently formed a Hospitality group that acquires existing branded hotels. ~ You can find Mike Ealy on... Website: Email: Book: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: --- Connect with Oscar and German! Email:  Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
June 1, 2020
15. From Buy and Hold Portfolio to Large Multifamily Syndication with John Casmon
Join Oscar and German Buendia (The Millionaire Enlisted Podcast) with John Casmon (Casmon Capital) as they talk about multifamily syndication. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:  🎧 HIS EXPERIENCE OF HAVING TO LEARN CONSTRUCTION BECAUSE A CONTRACTOR DIDN’T SHOW UP  🎧 HOW COMPANIES ARE NOT CREATED TO TAKE CARE OF THEIR EMPLOYEES  🎧 WHY AND HOW HE GOT INTO SYNDICATION BY FINDING THE RIGHT PARTNERS  🎧 THE WORTH OF INVESTING IN A MENTOR  🎧 CREATING BUSINESS PLANS BASED ON THE MARKET DYNAMICS  🎧 WHAT IS A GOOD DEAL, PARTNER, AND STRATEGY FOR JOHN?  🎧 DO LIMITED PARTNERS MAKE MORE MONEY OFF A SYNDICATION VERSUS FLIPPING?  🎧 SYSTEMS HE HAS IN PLACE TO FREE UP TIME  🎧 HIS TAKE ON THE SPECULATIONS SURROUNDING A POSSIBLE MARKET CHANGE BECAUSE OF COVID  🎧 HIS BALANCE BETWEEN WORK AND LIFE, AND FIGURING OUT YOUR PRIORITIES  By the end of the episode, you will learn to stay focused on your goals, make sacrifices, and be calm. Enjoy!  ~  About John Casmon: John Casmon is a real estate entrepreneur, who has partnered with busy professionals to invest in close to $90 million worth of apartments. John also consults active multifamily investors to help them start or grow their business. He hosts the Target Market Insights: Multifamily + Marketing podcast and is the cocreator of the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit, a no-pitch event to connect like-minded investors. Prior to becoming a full-time investor, John worked in corporate America, overseeing marketing campaigns for General Motors, Nike and Coors Light, while building his personal multifamily portfolio.  ~  You can find John Casmon on...  Website:  Sample Deal:  LinkedIn:  Twitter:  Facebook:  Podcast:  Email:  Connect with Oscar and German! Email: Website: Instagram: @REI_Brothers Facebook: @RealEstateInvestingBrothers YouTube: LinkedIn Personal: Linkedin Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
May 24, 2020
14. Subject to, Owner Finance, and Creatively purchasing real estate with Jonathan Rexford
Join Oscar and German Buendia (The Millionaire Enlisted Podcast) with Jonathan Rexford as they talk about owner financing and creatively purchasing real estate. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:  🎧 HOW HE WAS ALREADY IN REAL ESTATE EVEN FROM A YOUNG AGE  🎧 HIS FACEBOOK GROUP AND THE COMMUNITY IT CREATED  🎧 HOW DOES HE WORK WITH HIS TRANSACTIONS PRE-COVID?  🎧 LETTING THE CLIENTS MAKE THE DECISION TO HAVE HIM SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS 🎧 HIS CRITERIA FOR THE PROPERTIES HE’S INTERESTED IN  🎧 HOW DOES HE MARKET TO FIND THE PROPERTIES HE’S LOOKING FOR?  🎧 HIS TAKE ON THE MARKET SHIFT GIVEN THE CRISIS SITUATION  🎧 INCREASING THE EQUITY AND MONEY GAINED FROM AN OWNER FINANCED DEAL  🎧 HIS PROCESS OF NEGOTIATING WITH BUYERS  🎧 THE DIFFERENT STRATEGIES AND NICHES HE GOT HIMSELF INTO  🎧 THE BALANCE BETWEEN REAL ESTATE INVESTING AND PERSONAL LIF E 🎧 IS THE GRIND NECESSARY TO SUCCEED IN ORDER TO SLOW DOWN LATER IN THE FUTURE?  By the end of the episode, you will stay in your lane, pick your niche, and stay focused. Stay tuned, and enjoy the podcast!  ~  About Jonathan Rexford: Jonathan Rexford is a husband, father and a business owner. His claim to fame is really never having a JOB. Always being a self-employed entrepreneur. His primary source of business, is real estate. He is known for using creative methods such as Subject to and Owner finance. He has been buying, building, selling and financing houses for the past 33 years.  ~ You can find Jonathan Rexford on...  LinkedIn:  Facebook group:  Website:  Phone: 772-321-2290  ---  Connect with Oscar and German!  Email:  Website:  Instagram: @REI_Brothers  Facebook:  YouTube:  Oscar’s LinkedIn Personal:  German’s LinkedIn Personal:  LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
May 17, 2020
13. Real Estate Investing as a Limited Partner in a Syndication with Travis Watts
Join Oscar and German Buendia (The Millionaire Enlisted Podcast) with Travis Watts (Ashcroft Capital) as they talk about syndication and earning money as a passive investor. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode: 🎧 HOW TO GET OVER THE FEAR OF INVESTING YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY 🎧 THE BENEFITS OF BEING A PASSIVE INVESTOR AND/OR A LIMITED PARTNER 🎧 WHAT TO WATCH OUT FOR WHEN CONSIDERING WHERE TO INVEST 🎧 HOW TO FIND YOUR NICHE IN THE REAL ESTATE SPACE 🎧 HOW TRAVIS GOT STARTED INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE AS A LIMITED PARTNER 🎧 DOES HE ONLY INVEST PASSIVELY? 🎧 WHAT ARE THE CONS TO INVESTING PASSIVELY AS AN LP? 🎧 WHAT WOULD HE SAY TO SOMEONE WHO SAYS THAT “THEY CAN BUILD THE SAME GENERATIONAL WEALTH THROUGH THEIR OWN ACTIVE INVESTING”? 🎧 WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS AT LEAST FOR (ASHCROFT CAPITAL) TO ALLOW SOMEONE IN AS AN INVESTOR? 🎧 AS A PASSIVE INVESTOR (LP), HOW SHOULD YOU VET A GP AND SYNDICATION COMPANY? 🎧 WHAT TO WATCH OUT FOR WHEN CONSIDERING WHERE TO INVEST 🎧 ADVICE FOR THOSE LOOKING TO INVEST PASSIVELY (LP) BUT ARE NOT ACCREDITED INVESTORS By the end of the episode, you will learn the importance of educating yourself and start defining what you want. Stay tuned, and enjoy the podcast! ~ About Travis Watts: Travis Watts is a full-time passive investor. He has been investing in real estate since 2009 in multi-family, single-family and vacation rentals. Travis is also the Director of Investor Relations at Ashcroft Capital. Travis has invested in over 27 passive syndications between 14 different firms. Travis now dedicates his time to educating others in the world of investing and has made it his mission to share passive investment strategies in order to help others achieve and maintain wealth in real estate. ~ You can find Travis Watts on... Email: Company Website: Passive Investing Resource Guide: --- Connect with Oscar and German! Email: Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: Oscar’s LinkedIn Personal: German’s LinkedIn Personal: LinkedIn GoodDay Capital:
May 10, 2020
12. Mindset, Faith, and growing a Real Estate business with Ellis Hammond
Join Oscar and German Buendia (The Millionaire Enlisted Podcast) and Ellis Hammond (Kingdom Capitalists) as they talk about faith and real estate. He’s a former pastor that got into the business by just wanting to create a passive income source. Ellis shares how he got his first deal, bought the ugliest duplex in San Diego, and rehabilitated it. They also touch on points of knowing when to scale the business and realizing to leverage with other people. With the Coronavirus outbreak, they talk about their opinions on where the market is heading. By the end of the episode, you will see real estate through a Christian’s perspective and learn the significance of putting importance on getting educated, being open to criticism, building a network, finding a mentor, and. Enjoy the podcast! ~ About Ellis Hammond: Ellis Hammond has spent the last six years building Christian communities on college campuses across San Diego. He has been an evangelist for his cause, raising nearly two hundred thousand dollars and launching faithful Christians into the world of business and ministry. Ellis is also a successful real estate investor who began investing in real estate 3 years ago with the goal of creating more passive income to support his family. He quickly found himself investing in bigger deals and syndicating large multi-family apartment complexes. He is now the founder of He manages a private network of investors seeking passive investment opportunities in multifamily syndications across the United States. Kingdom Capitalists came about through Ellis’ desire to see more Christian business leaders take up the call of making an impact for the Kingdom of God through the ministry of work. ~ You can find Ellis Hammond on... Personal Website: Personal Website: Kingdom Capitalists: Podcast: --- Connect with Oscar and German! Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube:
May 3, 2020
11. Scaling and Growing through Real Estate Syndication with Brock Mogensen
Join Oscar and German Buendia (The Millionaire Enlisted Podcast) and Brock Mogensen (Smart Asset Capital) as he talks about syndication and scaling businesses. Shifting mindset to be able to take things to the next level is what helps him identify when and where to grow. He shares how started with a duplex deal but has since scaled to 89 units, getting into multifamily, offices, and even a strip mall! Brock reveals how he finds investors and deals, how he deals with partnerships, and resources from where everyone could learn. There are also tips on how to start a meet-up in the real estate space, building a team, and growing your network. By the end of the episode, you will understand the value of having an email list, using Facebook to boost your reach, the importance of asset management, and data. Enjoy the podcast! ~ About Smart Asset Capital: Smart Asset Capital is a vertically integrated real estate private equity investment firm with a laser focus on acquiring multifamily assets that already cashflow and perform well but benefit from creative and innovative strategies that have otherwise been overlooked in the market. Our first and foremost objective is to assist our investors in preserving their capital and building long-term wealth. We strive to be exceptionally informative and candid with our investor clients and our tenant clients and believe that consistent communication is key to productive and profitable partnerships. Our honesty and integrity will always be at the center of our operations as we seek to expand. We operate primarily in the Midwestern United States with a focus on B and C class income-producing assets in emerging areas. ~ You can find Brock Mogensen on... Website: --- Connect with Oscar and German! Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube:
April 26, 2020
10. Investing in Multifamily through SDIRAs and QRPs With Bernard Reisz
Join Oscar and German Buendia (The Millionaire Enlisted Podcast) and Bernard Reisz (ReSure LLC) as they tax about taxes, 401K’s, IRA’s, and QRP’s. Bernard is a CPA that’s got a passion for taxes, financial strategy, and helping people. Why do people put their money into stocks, bonds, and mutual funds instead of real estate? Bernard gives us the answer. He tells QRP’s and IRA’s apart, the nuances in between, and shatters false myths around them. By the end of the episode, you will put more importance on getting education and expertise and know where the blacks and whites are, along with the gray areas. Stay tuned to the podcast! ~ About Bernard Reisz: Integrated financial & tax expertise with a focus on real estate, entity structuring and self-directed retirement accounts. Implementation, compliance advisory, & tax strategy for Checkbook Control Retirement Accounts, including SDIRA, IRA-LLC, IRA-Trust, QRP, & Checkbook 401k plans. Bernard Reisz CPA, empowers individuals to optimize their finances, using proactive and innovative strategies. He provides an integrated approach to tax and financial planning for real estate pros, focusing on their unique profiles and opportunities. Bernard is the founder of, which gives investors direct control of their tax-sheltered funds for real estate equity and debt opportunities using Checkbook Control IRAs, Solo 401(k)s, and Checkbook Life Insurance. He is also the founder of, which provides tax, entity, and financial services to real estate professionals, including real estate agents, real estate investors, and mortgage brokers. Prior to founding ReSure, Bernard served as Director of CoMetrics Partners, managing an array of engagements involving financial consulting and due diligence. Bernard advised owners of closely-held middle-market companies on advanced tax mitigation strategies. ~ You can find Bernard Reisz on... Website: LinkedIn: --- Connect with Oscar and German! Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube:
April 19, 2020
09. Taking Action in Multi-Family Investing With Tim Kelly
Join Oscar and German Buendia (The Millionaire Enlisted Podcast) and Tim Kelly (Active Duty Passive Income) as they talk about his experience with real estate and the learnings he has gathered. He shares how he started his real estate investing journey, at the Persian Gulf, looking into personal finance and wealth management, and eventually being part of Active Duty Passive Income. Tim gives details to his process of scaling from single-family residential to syndication, the contents and qualifications of his course, and his tips on time management and finding a business partner. By the end of the episode, you will learn the value of investing in yourself, the importance of mindset in improving yourself, your personal life, and everything in between, and slowing things down to keep yourself entertained. Enjoy the podcast! ~ About Tim Kelly: Tim is an active duty Chief Petty Officer, in the United States Navy and has served his country for 14 years. Now stationed on shore duty in Pensacola, Florida, he is fully pursuing his dream of owning and operating multi-family real estate and helping others realize their financial freedom goals! Through analyzing hundreds of multi-family properties, Tim has built an incredible network of real estate professionals, and looks forward to acquiring 5,000 multi-family units within the next three years. Through his years in the military, Tim has not only learned the power of high-level leadership, teamwork, discipline, and grit; he became a certified Command Financial Specialist, educating hundreds of Sailors and Marines on personal finance and creating financial freedom… Tim rapidly found another life passion! As the Financial Freedom and Syndication Chief on the incredible platform, Active Duty Passive Income (ADPI), Tim is helping active, reserve, and other military affiliated personnel realize their financial freedom goals through real estate investing. Tim is now a Senior Managing Partner of both Kelly Housing Group and ADPI Capital where he and his partners invest in and syndicate multi family property in the affordable housing space with a focus on apartment complexes and mobile home communities. He is married to his lovely wife, Allyson, and they love being active in the community by giving back to the military, he loves playing shows and drumming with his band, seeing live music and concerts, scuba diving and traveling the world! ~ You can find Tim Kelly on... ADPI: LinkedIn: --- Connect with Oscar and German! Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube:
April 12, 2020
08. Effectively executing a 1031 Exchange With Michael Brady
Join Oscar and German Buendia (The Millionaire Enlisted Podcast) and Michael Brady (Madison 1031) as they talk about the 1031 exchange. He’s an attorney involved in the Qualified Intermediary industry and a 1031 exchange expert. Michael shares what the 1031 process is, the technical terms and technicalities surrounding it, how security is assured for held proceeds on behalf of clients, and confirms which businesses qualify for 1031. There are also recommendations and resources mentioned for others who are still unfamiliar with the process. By the end of the episode, you will learn if your business benefits from a 1031 exchange and if so, when it’s not advantageous for you to get into it yet. Stay tuned, and enjoy the podcast! ~ About Michael Brady: Executive Vice President at Madison 1031 Exchange. With over 25 years of experience as an attorney involved in real estate and business transactions, I serve as Executive Vice President to Madison 1031 Exchange. As a Certified Exchange Specialist®, my primary focus is assisting investors in deferring taxes through 1031 exchanges. I also assist property buyers and their attorneys in obtaining title insurance and clearing title issues in over 20 states. Specialties: Certified Exchange Specialist®, taxation, real estate, 1031 exchanges, title insurance, deal structuring, corporate issues, mergers and acquisitions, business transactions, negotiation, mediation, net lease, tenant in common, Delaware Statutory Trusts. ~ You can find Michael Brady on... Website: LinkedIn: Email: --- Connect with Oscar and German! Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube:
April 5, 2020
07. From Immigrant with $1k to Real Estate investor with $500k Portfolio With Constance Kawa-Small
Join Oscar and German Buendia (The Millionaire Enlisted Podcast) with Constance Kawa-Small as they talk about how she made waves in the real estate industry. She starts with how she started with only $1000 in her pocket for three months (with $450 of that for rent)! They touch on what Constance’s criteria are for the right investments, where she finds her deals, and what plans she has for the future. By the end of this episode, you will learn the value of hard work, your network, educating yourself, and focusing on the right things. Stay tuned and enjoy the podcast! ~ About Constance Kawa-Small: I know I am still a small fish in this vast real estate investment ocean, but it’s okay. I’m learning, setting goals, pushing forward, and working on making things happen. My sailor plans to retire at 22 years of service--which is 5 years from now. My goal is to offset his retirement with passive income from our rentals. You may say "that's a pretty good goal", but know this: if one does not break a goal down into action plans--all we’re really doing is daydreaming. My goal is to own at least 50 rental units within 5 years. This year, I plan on closing on at least 10 doors. I’m not 100% sure how to achieve that full number yet, but I’m working on it--one deal at a time. ~ You can find Constance Kawa-Small on… Instagram: Facebook: --- Connect with Oscar and German! Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube:
March 29, 2020
06. Raising Capital & Success in Commercial Real Estate Investing with John Rubino
Join Oscar and German Buendia (The Millionaire Enlisted Podcast) and John Rubino as they talk about his experience in real estate investing and his techniques in the business. He shares his story, how he started in the Navy, got into real estate, and eventually started a company. He talks about his opinions in the market and what he’s factors he’s looking at to see where growth will be. John reveals a unique way to do investments, so stay tuned until the end! By the end of the episode, you will learn the value of being prepared, how to look for other alternatives, and being open to different perspectives. ~ About John Rubino: ► I have extensive knowledge & experience in real estate investment, lending, development, construction, consulting, marketing and sales. ► I currently serve as COO, Founder/Partner at JID Investments LLC, Small Business Owner at Centerview Title Group and Director of Business Development at R&F Commercial Debt and Equity, three highly successful real estate investment companies. I am directly responsible for the execution of project management, strategic investment, marketng/advertisement, business development and borrower financing on over thirty real estate projects. ► I am a passionate and accomplished United States Naval Officer & Naval Aviator with 20 years of honorable active duty service. MY INTERESTS AND GOALS: ► Build strong network of like-minded real estate professionals centered on win-win, relationships & trust. ► Continue to grow both businesses through Private and Hard Money Lending and start focusing on Active Rehab Investment, Larger Project Development and Strategic/Joint Venture Partnerships. ► I thrive on building relationships, solving problems, coordinating/collaborating with borrowers and real estate professionals & improving processes. STRENGTHS: ► Leadership & Management, Real Estate Consulting, Private Money Lending, Hard-Money Lending, Networking and Business Development, Marketing and Advertisement and Project Management/Development. PORTFOLIO ► Manage a 19 property Real Estate Investment Portfolio with total value of $16.6M with over $8M in actual and projected revenue. ► Communicate and collaborate with over 95 real estate investors providing a targeted return on investment between 15-20%+ annualized. ohn Rubino: ~ You can find John Rubino on... Website: LinkedIn: Email: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: --- Connect with Oscar and German! Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube:
March 22, 2020
05. From $7 to a $300 Mil Portfolio - Multifamily Syndication with Vinney Chopra
Join Oscar and German Buendia (The Millionaire Enlisted Podcast) and Vinney (Smile) Chopra as they talk about his real estate and coaching business. He shares how he started from the bottom with only seven dollars, selling children’s books and cookbooks, becoming a promotional consultant for many years, until he retired from that and eventually got into multifamily homes. In the show, Vinney demonstrates his method of making deals and gives practical action points that you can use yourself. By the end of the episode, you learn the value of prioritizing, delegation, and your mindset. Through Vinney’s story, you will also appreciate taking rejection and being positive as means to persevere in the business. We hope you enjoy the podcast! ~ About Vinney Chopra: Vinney "Smiles" Chopra, a mechanical engineer, came to the US from India with $7 in his pocket. He sold encyclopedias and bibles door-to-door as a student. His hard work paid off when he graduated from George Washington University with an M.B.A. (In Marketing). He realized then that he would make his career in “Relationship Building and Networking” filed. As a multifamily syndication expert he has facilitated over 27 successful syndication deals and has acquired and manages a very successful real estate investment portfolio worth over $300 million. Vinney has been a professional Fundraising Consultant and Motivational Speaker for over 35 years. He has given over 10,000 exciting speeches and seminars on Fundraising, Positive Thinking, Enthusiasm, Goal Setting, Balanced Living, and has been involved in Business Coaching. He travels and gives live presentations and webinars on Wealth Building. Creating Wealth with Multifamily Investing, Value-Add Win/Win Negotiations, Emerging Markets, Market Cycles, Economic Funding, Commercial Properties Analysis, Due Diligence, investing in Multifamily and the Art of Raising Private Money. ~ You can find Vinney Cho on... Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: YouTube: --- Connect with Oscar and German! Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube:
March 15, 2020
04. Cost Segregation, Taxes, and how to get into the 1% with Yonah Weiss
Join Oscar and German Buendia (The Millionaire Enlisted Podcast) and Yonah Weiss (Madison SPECS) as they chat about Cost Segregation and how it can benefit your business. Cost Segregation, as Yonah says, is like a tax deduction for real estate owners or a more advanced form of depreciation. He further breaks it down, shares the process for evaluation and his opinions about taxes considering the recent changes in the tax law. By the end of this episode, you will learn what Cost Segregation is, which options are applicable for you, how much it costs, and when it would be best to utilize it. Many intellectual people aren’t even aware of this, so stay tuned and enjoy the podcast! ~ About Yonah Weiss: Ask me how I can lower your income tax: · Do you own property worth over $1,000,000? (excluding personal residence) · Purchased, developed or renovated within the last 5 years? · Do you want major income tax savings? I've been interviewed on over 70 PODCASTS (see below in experience section for some links) The benefits of the significant tax deductions from Cost Segregation include: · Maximize annual depreciation · Reduce upfront income tax costs · Lower cost of capital · Improve cash flow · Ability to write-off individual assets in the future when removed.  ✳ As Business Director for Madison SPECS, I provide you with expert, engineering-based cost segregation studies.  ✳ Cost Segregation is an IRS -approved process for reclassifying real estate components and improvements to accelerate depreciation deductions, defer taxes and improve cash flow.  ✳ Our in-house team of engineers and accountants combine tax and engineering strategies to analyze construction contracts and building plans in order to identify those assets that qualify for accelerated depreciation for tax purposes.  ✳ We always perform a no-cost feasibility analysis on your property to demonstrate the financial benefit, on a year-by-year basis, of having such a study performed vs. not performing the study. Which types of properties can benefit? Multifamily, Office, Retail, Mixed-use, Hotels, Golf Courses, Mobile-home parks, Shopping centers, Restaurants, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Industrial, Flex, Banks, Self-storage. Did I leave anything out? If I did, it can probably benefit too! In short...ALL types of properties  🌎 We work in ALL 50 states.  ~ You can find Yonah Weiss on... LinkedIn: Website: Free 15-Minute Consultation: --- Connect with Oscar and German! Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube:
March 8, 2020
03. Multifamily Syndication & Overcoming Limiting Beliefs w/ Brian Briscoe of Four Oaks Capital
Join Oscar and German Buendia (The Millionaire Enlisted) with Brian Briscoe (Four Oaks Capital). Brian Briscoe is an Active Duty Marine Lieutenant Colonel and Director of Operations at Four Oaks Capital. ⠀ In this episode he shared: ⠀ ✅How and when he started in real estate investing ⠀ ✅Balancing Marine Corps, Family and real estate investing⠀ ✅How he overcame his limiting beliefs got into multifamily investing ⠀ ✅What his future goals are ⠀ ✅What advice he would give his 18 year old self if he could travel back in time and much more⠀ ~ Bio: Brian is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps and brings years of leadership and management experience to his real estate investments. As a Marine officer, he has proven his ability to plan, lead, and effectively accomplish missions in both training and combat situations. He has earned graduate degrees from both the University of Utah and Naval Postgraduate School and is currently stationed at the Pentagon. He has actively invested in real estate since 2007. Brian is an “Advisor” in Michael Blank’s Deal Maker Mastermind and a member of Michael's “Elite Investor Club.” ~ You can find Brian Briscoe on... Website: Email: --- Connect with Oscar and German! Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube:
March 2, 2020
01. From 0-22 Units - Achieving Goals in Real Estate
Join German Buendia, Oscar Buendia and their business partner Nelson here at The Millionaire Enlisted Podcast as they chat about how and why they got into real estate investment and the personal struggles and experiences that they faced to get where they are now. In this podcast, Nelson shared about how investing into real estate gave him a sense of control of what he wishes to build and devote his life into. He had his early inspiration back when he was still young and new in the United States where he was exposed to a humble home. That inspiration grew into intrigue and interest as he was exposed to various real estate properties growing up, whether by chance or by intentional investments. “If your goals don't scare you, they’re not big enough.” To reach for a goal, you have to stretch your parameters. If you’re aiming for two houses or properties, set your goal to five so that you may land on a four or three in the least. Drive a positive force with whatever you intend to pursue. In doing so, it is important to be at par with what you’re good at and to find the perfect niche to pitch it into. Oscar also tells us here how sorting through the vast information and advices he got on how to run an ordeal became one of the greatest challenges he has to overcome. Strategic planning is an essential part in running a successful business. Understanding the importance of money and real estate investments actually helps in exercising your financial freedom. ~ I sincerely hope you enjoy the interview. Connect with The Millionaire Enlisted Podcast through: Website: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Youtube -
February 12, 2020