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Reigning Chumps

Reigning Chumps

By Reigning Chumps
Kobe, John, and Cole share their interest in clothes.
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006: Shane Long of HAVEN and ADAPTURE

Reigning Chumps

010: Alex of HIGHSNOBIETY and Coatchecking
John and Kobe are joined by Alex Rakestraw to discuss his background, writing career, and perspective on fashion and the outdoor industry. Follow us on social media: @reigningchumps, Kobe: @thereigningchump, John: @johnn_gal, Alex: @alex_rakestraw, coatchecking: @coatchecking Follow along with visuals at  Episode Outline 01:09 Background/getting into clothes 08:28 Becoming a writer and finding a niche 13:12 Coatchecking and process of writing reviews 25:50 Fashion archetypes and personas 30:11 Fashion and the outdoor industry now 34:20 Dressing for city life 39:12 Current exciting brands and products 50:57 Justifying jacket purchases (best and worse use cases)
September 30, 2021
009: Arc’Teryx System_A
Cole, John, and Kobe discuss the first Arc’Teryx System_A collection, its relationship to Veilance and mainline Arc’Teryx, and their hopes for future collections. Follow us on social media: @reigningchumps, Cole: @yakultist_, Kobe: @thereigningchump, John: @johnn_gal Follow along with visuals at 0:44 System_A Marketing and Rollout 10:30 Impressions of collection/styles 23:15 System_A’s pace among Arc’Teryx lines 31:10 Is Arc’Teryx “North Face-ifying?” 40:29 Ideas for future collections (warning: lots of memes)
August 25, 2021
008: Langton of GERHARD and IN SITU
John and Kobe are joined by Langton Willms of Gerhard Supply to discuss getting into retail, opening GERHARD, his unique approach to e-commerce, and starting his house brand IN SITU. Follow along with visuals on our website: Follow us on social media: @reigningchumps, Kobe: @thereigningchump, John: @johnn_gal, Langton: @langtonhotline, GERHARD: @gerhardsupply, IN SITU: @insitustudios
August 11, 2021
007: Veilance FW21 Impressions
John, Kobe, and Cole exlpore men's Veilance FW21, the Reigning Champ Second String Program and Aritizia buyout, and a leaked video of men’s Veilance SS22. Follow along on our site: Follow us on social media: @reigningchumps, Kobe: @thereigningchump, John: @johnn_gal, Cole: @yakultist_ Episode Outline 00:25 Reigning Champ Second String Program 14:40 Aritizia and Reigning Champ 25:00 Leaked men’s Veilance SS22 Youtube Video 41:14 Veilance men’s FW21
July 13, 2021
006: Shane Long of HAVEN and ADAPTURE
John and Kobe are joined by Shane Long to discuss his tenure at HAVEN and new brand ADAPTURE. Cole also joins us to introduce the episode and discuss the women’s Veilance SS22 capsule. Follow along on our new website! Follow us on social! @reigningchumps John: @johnn_gal Kobe: @thereigningchump Cole: @yakultist_ Shane: @shanelong ADAPTURE: Episode Outline: 01:25 Women’s Veilance SS22 capsule 12:41 Start of interview with Shane Long, getting into clothes and working at Haven 31:45 Starting HAVEN brand 51:31 Founding ADAPTURE and plans for the future
May 26, 2021
005: SS21 Surprises and Disappointments
Kobe and John are joined by newly minted co-host Cole to discuss Veilance SS21 after experiencing the new styles.  *Apologies for the production hiccups, we are working on this!* Follow us on social media: @reigningchumps, @thereigningchump, @johnn_gal, @yakultist_ Thanks for the donations! dsully, @rares.u, @lucky.eatos Episode Outline 0:38 Introducing Cole News 3:05 Women’s Veilance? Dominique Showers video, Screenshot of coat 9:36 Haven SS21  16:15 Acronym SS21 GR  Veilance SS21 25:32 Rollout (Bucket Hats?) Lookbook picture with bucket hat 33:05 Marketing Campaign, Pelle Cass 40:08 Production between China and Canada (and Latvia!) 3 Most exciting pieces of SS21 43:00 Cole  46:49 John Patrick Stangbye 51:30 Kobe 3 Most disappointing pieces 60:10 Cole 63:40 John 68:05 Kobe Q&A 77:27 What’s a quintessential Veilance piece? 78:16 John  80:57 Cole 88:45 Kobe 85:56 Veilance collaborations? 86:14 Cole 89:19 Kobe 91:31 John (Kvadrat) 94:52 Credits
April 12, 2021
004: Veilance FW Pants
John and Kobe begin their series of discussions on Veilance pants with Fall/Winter pant styles released over the last several seasons. Check out our episode overview with visuals here! 01:00 Fit Check 03:17 Call for Questions 04:16 Veilance Pants 10:45 Voronoi/Voronoi AR 23:50 Indisce 35:08 Anode/Anode Comp 44:36 Field 50:54 Align MX 63:33 Sequent AR 71:33 Cambre 81:05 Mionn 93:40 Top 3 Most Worn/Top 3 Favorite Styles
February 15, 2021
003: Veilance and Layering Pt. 1
Kobe and John discuss layering with Veilance.  Follow us on Instagram! @ReigningChumps, @TheReigningChump @Johnn_Gal Topics Covered: Advantages of layering system Temperature ratings Urban layering strategy Shell fabric considerations (stretch, drape) Comparing Veilance pieces (by warmth, layering capacity) Layering considerations (bulk, fabric texture, cuff/sleeve size) Personal layering combos Links: Military (ECWCS) Layering  Waterproof vs Resistant Field IS layered with Conduit AR Old vs New Graph  Mionn Comp Panels Mionn vs Comp Cuff
January 25, 2021
002: Veilance SS21 Impressions
John and Kobe give their first impressions of the Veilance SS21 collection. 
January 13, 2021
001: Introduction and FW20 Reflections
John and Kobe discuss how they got into Veilance, reflect on the FW20 collection, and share their thoughts on the direction of the brand. 
January 4, 2021