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By Kathi Sharpe-Ross
Welcome to The Power of Reinvention. Inspired by the best-selling book written by Kathi Sharpe-Ross, RE:INVENT YOUR LIFE! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? (March, 2020) these introspective interviews will provide stories, tips, tools and experiences of great reinventors and curiosity seekers. From Fortune 500 C-Suite Executives and Entrepreneurs, to Exhausted Dads, Homemakers and Artists, these men and women will give you a sense of what is possible in your life through their own journeys in business, career, relationships, health, entrepreneurship, spirituality, hobbies and passions.
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E011: Making Smarter Marketing Decisions with Laurel Mintz


E19: Bringing Authenticity in Partnerships with Brette Sadler
The tourism market has been one of the hardest hit industries during the pandemic. How are these companies able to survive these challenging times? In this episode, Brette Sadler talks about how she has been reinventing things and leading her team as the Global Head of Corporate Partnerships at MGM Resorts International. Her team is responsible for identifying impactful like-minded brands, and developing custom partnerships to drive revenue, overseeing implementation measurement, and overall partner management. Prior to MGM, Brette held other notable leadership roles at reputable companies such as UFC, Octagon, and  Sunrise Sports & Entertainment, particularly in the area of activation and partnerships. Today, Brette Sadler talks about important business and some personal life changing reinventions, and the state of the industry. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Moments of fear and courage when she had to delve into these big changes Reinventions they had to make in the tourism world How to maintain culture when you’re working from home Understanding partnerships in business Episode Highlights: How Companies are Reinventing in the Face of the Pandemic This pandemic has brought about a great opportunity for businesses to refocus and re-identify their goals. When you’re turning and burning in the hustle and bustle, you can get really clouded. And this pandemic has allowed companies to clear the air, so to speak, and identify the things they need to focus their time and energy on, especially when you're down a few people and you have to be very purposeful with where every moment is spent. As a business owner or leader, it’s very important you’re able to hone in on what your end goal is – whether that’s to drive traffic, drive revenue, or seek suitable partnerships. Focus on a targeted list of priorities so if something doesn’t fit into a certain parameter, you can just put it on the back burner. It’s also important to be able to pause and listen to what’s really important – whether on a personal level or the business aspect. With the current situation where your team could be working remotely, this gives people more flexibility. And from a leader’s standpoint, you can get hold of your team any time you need to because people have now become more available. Understanding Partnerships in Business When seeking partnerships in business, think about how you can use your assets to drive your partner’s business and bottom line. That being said, the true understanding of partnerships comes from a place of authenticity. How to Get Started With Reinventing Yourself Get your hands dirty, and do whatever it takes to be able to do that. If you want to get into sports, then go volunteer for a 5k run. Spend every Saturday and Sunday volunteering at some type of community activity where there's an organized run, or anything that’s going to get your hands dirty. Then you know if it’s really something you want to do. Just make those baby steps. And if you're in a current job, take some time to do that on the weekends so that you can start to figure out if that is where you want to go, and who you're going to meet through that becomes invaluable as well.
April 15, 2021
E018: David Meltzer's 5 Simple Daily Practices to Empower Your Life and other RE:INVENTION Insights!
Are you still living in a world of not enough or just enough? How do you make that shift to a world of abundance? Today, we'll touch on business marketing trends, reinvention advice, and tips from a veteran of the business agency in the sports world. You'll be inspired by brilliant insights from a great man who's had massive successes and tremendous reinvention moments. David Meltzer is the co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing, and formerly served as the CEO of the renowned Leigh Steinberg Sports and Entertainment agency, which was the inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire. David has been recognized by Variety magazine as the Sports Humanitarian of the Year and awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. He is also the executive producer of the brand new Bloomberg and Amazon primetime television series, 2 Minute Drill. His life mission to empower one billion people to be happy has led him on an incredible journey to provide one thing – value in all his content and communication. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: - Becoming a millionaire at 24 and a multimillionaire at 30 but still feeling empty - How to make that reinvention shift - Shifting from a world of not enough or just enough to more than enough - The four values David lives by day by day to empower himself and other people - 5 simple daily practices to empower your life and other people - About The 2 Minute Drill Episode Highlights: How to Shift From a World of Not Enough or Just Enough to More Than Enough A world of not enough or just enough is a scarce world – whether you’re on either side of the spectrum between lack and privilege. When everything has limitations, scarcity is tied to it. When you decide not to live in a world of not enough anymore or a world of just enough, you begin to make that shift from “nothing's going to happen to you or for you” into everything's going to happen THROUGH you. Then use pain as an indicator, not a stop sign. Use pain to indicate you have lessons to learn, to reinvent yourself, remind yourself, and recollect yourself. The key to reinvention is to understand that things don't become apparent to you until you're 90% of the way there, because it takes 90% of the time to get to 25% of the result. Our senses are too faulty and our egos are too strong to allow ourselves to see the 90% effect of 25% of the results. Instead of attaching your emotions to the outcome, attach them to the consistent, persistent pursuit of your potential. 5 Simple Daily Practices to Empower Your Life and Other People A collective consciousness of a billion people that are happy will create true abundance in the world so we all can live in a world of more than enough, by utilizing these five simple daily practices to empower yourself and others: 1. Know your “what” first, not your “why” 2. Know your “who” – the fastest way to get what you want is to find someone that already has it and ask for directions. 3. Know your “how” – understand time in the pragmatic usage and productivity, accessibility, and gratitude. 4. Know your “now” – be present, prioritize things and get them done by 100% of the things you do now get done. So do things now. 5. The practice of ending “fear” – identify what you're afraid of and when you see it,  instead of resisting and fighting it, going over it, under it, through and around it, selling it, manipulating it, lying it, and cheating it – just stop and breathe. Find your higher self and come from a mindset of your tomorrow starts today. Resources Mentioned: Sports 1 Marketing
April 8, 2021
E017: The Role of Multicultural Agencies in Today's World with Monique Nelson
Monique is the chair and CEO of UniWorld Group (UWG), the country's longest-standing multicultural marketing agency, serving not only the general market, but also Black, Hispanic, Asian, and LGBT communities. They focus on marketing and advertising, digital and traditional advertising, consumer insights, public relations, consumer health care, communications, DNI, and cultural fluency consulting with today's minorities becoming the new majority. Prior to UWG, Monique was the global lead for entertainment marketing at Motorola where she worked with the entertainment and music strategies and alliances on a global level. Today, her leadership extends beyond the C-suite at UWG and contributes to many organizations and charities. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Her “Ah-Ha moment” to Reinvent Recognizing the value of imposter syndrome Transitioning both personally and professionally How to take part in the conversations around diversity and inclusion The rise of companies reinventing their brand Physical challenges of companies right now Episode Highlights: Recognizing the Value of Imposter Syndrome We all go through the imposter syndrome when we don't know something and there is something about “faking it ‘till you make it.” And you can’t just turn away from it just because you don’t know it. You have to aspire to know it, bring it into your life, and lean into it. It’s important you’re able to recognize the value of doing that. And to be a true leader of an organization, you must understand the business that you're in. You must understand the numbers in front of you, and how you're going to move them accordingly. That way, you begin to see a business, not just from a very safe seat, but also from a very impactful seat. You’ve got to put everything that’s amazing in your toolbox, even if you don't always know how to use it. If you recognize the tool, that is important. How to Take Part in the Diversity Conversations In a pandemic, a recession, or depression, depending on where you are in the system, as well as the rise of social and racial injustice, all those things are still happening. People always have the fear to engage in an inclusive conversation or engage in an activity that's not sustainable. And it doesn't really do anything. But the good behavior also has to continue as well as the right efforts and initiatives we're seeing today. So there has to be that balancing act. You have to give everyone grace to start that conversation. The Rise of Companies Reinventing Their Brands If you want to thrive, you need to pivot and reinvent the brand and revisit what you stand for, your purpose, and your core mission as a brand and as a company. And it takes human beings to make those shifts. And despite all the challenges in our industry, it's a very exciting time. Resources Mentioned: UniWorld Group (UWG)
April 1, 2021
E016: Daring to Live Your Greatest Life - From Corporate to Entrepreneur with Brad Jakeman
Brad Jakeman has been building brands and living his true north for years now. Brad is the Co-Founder, Managing Partner of Rethink Food, Senior Adviser of the Boston Consulting Group, and formerly President of PepsiCo Global Beverage Group, CMO of Activision, EVP Marketing of Macy's, and Managing Director, Global Advertising of Citibank. Brad has a passion for developing category disruptive business models and marketing programs that challenge the status quo and build famous world-class brands. He is the co-founder and managing partner of Rethink Food, which invests in the underlying technologies that enable better-for-you food and beverage companies so they can scale, bring their costs down, and be more accessible to various communities. Today, we'll touch on business marketing trends as well as reinvention advice and tips from a veteran of the business brand and media world who has reinvented various parts of his life in so many interesting ways. Brad's story was featured in Chapter 10 of my book, Reinvent Your Life! What Are You Waiting For?, as well as my RE:INVENTION virtual chat, which was launched right after the book was launched in March 2020. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Brad’s career journey in corporate America How to determine what you need to do next How you could still reinvent your life if you can’t afford to leave your job The driving force behind Rethink Food and the issues they’re currently addressing How to Determine What You Need to Do Next In order to determine what you want to do next, do a time and motion study on yourself. Carry around a notebook for a month and create three columns where you can document the following: 1st column: All the things that you do in any one day that you really get motivated and excited about 2nd column: The things that suck energy from you or things you don't necessarily want to do, but you have to do as part of your job You like working in the office? This then becomes your blueprint or lens through which to evaluate other things to do. And the goal is to over-index on Columns 1 and 3 and dramatically under-index on Column 3. Ways to Reinvent Your Life When You Can’t Afford to Leave Your Job Everybody's entitled to live the life that they want. Whether or not you can afford to leave a job, nurture yourself in ways that could be meaningful. Reinventions come in all shapes and sizes. You may have to keep your job, but figure out what else needs to change in terms of your relationships, your spiritual life, your hobbies, and your passion. There are frankly other ways to create, bring joy and passions into your life, and satiate your curiosity about other things in the world. 3rd column: The conditions under which you work the best. Do you like working in teams? Do you like working from home or in the office? Resources Mentioned: Reinvent Your Life! What Are You Waiting For? Boston Consulting Group Rethink Food Reach out to Brad at
March 25, 2021
E015: RE:INVENTING the Marketing Mindset with Raja Rajamannar
With the advent of technology, classical marketing has almost gone obsolete, giving rise to this need for businesses to reimagine and reinvent marketing. Our guest today introduces this concept of quantum marketing, the new marketing mindset that we need to master. Raja Rajamannar is the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer and President of Mastercard Healthcare. He's an accomplished global marketing executive with more than 25 years of experience. Some of his recent accolades include the Global Marketer of the Year Award by the World Federation of Advertisers, Top 5 World's Most Influential CMOS by Forbes Top 10, and World's Most Innovative CMOs by Business Insider. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Raja’s career journey from a marketing intern in India to global marketing executive How the role of a marketer has evolved over the years How the third and fourth paradigms in marketing lost the marketer’s seat at the table Quantum Marketing:  a new approach to marketing The touchless technology aggravated by COVID Episode Highlights: How the Role of A Marketer Has Evolved Over the Years Until the mid-1990s, it was all about right-brain thinking, creativity, innovation, intuitiveness, outside-of-the-box thinking, and so on. But with the advent of the internet, technology entered full force into marketing on the one hand, and data analytics on the other. Suddenly, marketers found themselves to be now needing to exercise their left brains. And a lot of marketers struggled with that. The 3rd and 4th Paradigm Shifts in Marketing Raja explains the third paradigm as this shift in the marketing world. For instance, you find somebody who is not even a marketer but understands technology and defines a simple problem with a digital ecosystem. And then they go and create a product or a company. And the company becomes a several-hundred-billion-dollar company very quickly. Then in 2007, the shift got aggravated with the advent of the fourth paradigm of marketing wherein two technologies came: social media platforms and the launch of the iPhone. This marked the birth of easy-to-use, connected digital devices which have become pervasive everywhere. This necessitated marketers to dive in more to get their heads around these two technologies. Losing the Marketer’s Seat at the Table The combination of the forces in the third paradigm and the fourth paradigm resulted in marketers losing their seat at the table. As a result, many roles of CMOs are being eliminated. If you look at Philip Kotler's classical definition of marketing as the four P's of marketing, today, many marketing departments don't have a Product. They don't have a Price. They don't have a Place which is distribution. They barely handle one pillar, which is Promotions. They only handle the thematic promotions and not the schematic promotions. And this is an existential crisis marketers face. The Rise of Contactless Technology Because of COVID, new habits are being formed along with the desire not to have that physical touchpoint. People are working remotely and everything has become remote. And more and more people are now leaning into e-commerce platforms. So now, everything is digitized – altering the marketing landscape dramatically. Resources Mentioned: Quantum Marketing: Mastering The New Marketing Mindset for Tomorrow's Consumers
March 18, 2021
E014: Listening to Your Authentic Self with Shirley Richter Hughes
For many people, the term “ imposter syndrome” has such a negative connotation. But if we just learn to approach it in a different way, we will begin to see how it becomes such a positive experience and journey that we need to put ourselves on. Today, Shirley Richter Hughes talks about overcoming imposter syndrome, the glue that has kept their company culture together through the past challenging year, and how to set yourself up for the next phase of your life as you’re trying to reinvent yourself! Shirley serves as the President of the Brand Marketing Division of Rogers & Cowan PMK, one of the largest and most influential marketing and communication firms in the world specializing in entertainment and culture. She's an inspiring leader with a proven track record of stewarding creative and innovative partnership models. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Shirley’s career background How to overcome the imposter syndrome Finding your passions The glue that kept their company culture together in the last year Working with creativity and innovation through trying times Reinvention tips: how to set yourself up for the next Episode Highlights: Dealing with Imposter Syndrome There are days when even after all those years of doing it, you feel like you're still not done. You still want to do more and bigger. But you can gain more confidence and understand who you are by working harder on areas you're not good at or areas you feel the most compromised. Imposter syndrome is such a negative term for such a positive experience and journey that we need to put ourselves on. It's important to feel entitled to have what you want to achieve, to create those lofty goals, and to envision yourself in that space so you can manifest it. But so many people feel like they are suffering from it, and it can be holding them back due to fear of failure – but failure is not a bad thing. It's a stepping stone to figuring out what's going to get you what you want. There is no such thing as perfect, but it's about what you want, and how you create it. Be comfortable with making a change. It's okay to take a chance. Challenge and push yourself to make decisions – even your everyday decisions. Working With Creativity and Innovation Through Trying Times It’s an amazing quality for a leader to be able to listen and be in tune with their people. There's a long road ahead of us and it's going to get harder before it gets easier. In our businesses, we're getting to see so much creativity and innovation, advancement in technology, and digital practices, and experiential things.  So it’s a fun time in a weird and wonderful way. And when we can look at it that way and find the great part of what we get to do and how we can be creative whether it's for ourselves or in our businesses, through the mess comes the masterpiece. Reinvention Tips: How to Set Yourself Up For the Next Take courage and think about things differently. Everything's being reinvented right now. Just be open. Be true to yourself and be authentic. Authenticity to who we are is so important because that's where you'll find it. And don’t be afraid to ask for help because people love to be there for you. It makes them feel important. Make an effort to connect with people. Finally, look outside the normal boundaries – whether from a location or a company perspective – because the world has changed and there may be places where restrictions aren't there anymore. Resources Mentioned: Rogers & Cowan PMK
March 11, 2021
E013: Branding and Reinventing with Andrea Sullivan
Andrea Sullivan is the first-ever Chief Marketing Officer of the same business and brand founded by entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk at VaynerX, a global full-service agency that celebrates Gary's entrepreneurial spirit and vision for an enlightened approach to marketing that delivers business results. Prior to VaynerX, Andrea was with Omnicom and Interbrand for 16 years working on some of the biggest brands in the world. She's also personally committed to establishing gender equality. Andrea is a board member of the United Nations Association, New York, helping to take stake a stand on issues including human trafficking. Today, we are going to talk about branding, marketing, nurturing your soul, what it's been like to go through COVID in the last year, and all of the things that we've had to juggle. We talk about the different ways that you can reinvent or pivot and create the life you want. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Why she found her “home” in Spain Defining your Reinvention moments How to recognize it’s time for Reinvention How brands have this huge impact on the community VaynerX’s Marketing for the Now The need for human connection Episode Highlights: Defining Your Reinvention Moments These are the eye-opening moments when you realize that as a human being, you're entitled to live that way. The moment you allow yourself to entitle yourself with that, you try to make decisions based around that. You know that life is more than just work or a job. You may love what you do with work, but that's not all you do and it's not all that you are. How to Recognize It’s Time for a Reinvention Reinvention comes in all shapes and sizes. Most people think you have to hit a moment of crisis that will allow you to reevaluate and take a sharp turn. But many other times, if you just keep your eyes wide open and you don't look at "either/or" but just say “yes, and…” and really dive in, it's unbelievable what can happen. It's not even necessarily disrupting and reinventing your career, but looking at your life and taking every part of yourself. Knowing you’re entitled to do that is your first step. The next is to put yourself on a path to be able to do that. At the end of the day, you just have to figure out how to be happy and live a good life. It's not that complicated. The Impact of Brands in Raising Consciousness There has been a crisis of consciousness everywhere this year. And brands now have realized their impact on communities and being able to infuse consciousness into everything is very powerful. As a community, we all can step into this. Brands even have more of an obligation to help in leaning in and bringing people together than governments and other important role models right in the world. As a leader, it's essential to be able to define these behavioral shifts, not just the marketing shifts. Such pivot allows you to not only serve your customers but lead the people as well. The Need for Human Connection As with many companies where the culture is incredibly dynamic, keeping that same enthusiasm alive is definitely a challenge. And so, you want to make everyone feel like they're close to culture. As human beings, we've got vulnerabilities and it's essential to have that space for us to be able to share things so we can continue to learn, be nurtured, and grow so we won't get stagnant. Resources Mentioned: VaynerX Marketing for the Now
March 4, 2021
E012: Bringing Back the Legends of Sport with Andrew Bernstein
Andrew Bernstein is recognized as an all-star in sports photography. The unique personal rapport that he has developed with athletes and coaches and teams over the years, allows him exclusive access to special behind the scene moments. As a co-founder of NBA Photos, Andrew is the key photographic contributor to NBA Entertainment’s global media platforms, which include, all-league publications, and NBA licensed products. He has been the team photographer for ten professional home teams which won championships in basketball, baseball, and hockey. He has covered 38 NBA Finals and All-Star Games as the senior NBA photographer. In 2018, Bernstein collaborated with five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant on the worldwide bestselling book “The Mamba Mentality: How I Play,” a unique look at Bryant’s 20-year career through Bernstein’s lens.  He's also been awarded the 2018 Curt Gowdy Award recipient, acknowledging his contributions to basketball media. Having seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of business, Andrew considers professional sports as a ruthless business. Sometimes it lacks any sense of morality. But all that being said, he has a deep love for the athletes and the personalities he had crossed paths with. And this became one of his motivations for his reinvention. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: How Andrew found his passion for photography Why professional sports is a ruthless business How the Legends of Sport came to be How to prepare for reinvention and figuring out what had to give The story behind the Legends of Sport podcast The power of the voice medium Episode Highlights: The Launch of Legends of Sport Most athletes retire in team sports in their mid-30s. But at the end of their careers, and then post-career, they're basically just being spit out. Agents don't sign them. They don't return phone calls, and they don't really have a lot of skills. Plus, they have addiction problems, custody issues with children, and all kinds of financial problems. Andrew, along with his two best friends, launched Legends of Sport, decided they wanted to work in sports in some way, but they didn't want to work for anybody ever again. And having seen the horror stories of athletes that have fallen on hard times, they wanted to do something to help get these people whole as human beings first, and then help them become viable and marketable again. It's a terrible thing when the spotlight is so bright, for so long and then it moved away.  How to Prepare for Reinvention It's a matter of just increasing the bandwidth and getting rid of stuff in my life that was holding me back. Sometimes, you just have to sit down and ask yourself if your career now is something you want to be doing for the next 10 years of your life. The Power of the Voice Medium People don't have to get dressed and put on makeup and look good. They can just show up and have great conversations with the community and connect with people and build a business and build connections. We are all such social beings as humans and the last year has really taken a toll on that. So anything that we can do to stay connected, have real conversations to expose people – not just to inspire or motivate, but just human connection – is just so important for people to really stay connected to. Resources Mentioned: Legends of Sport Legends of Sport podcast
February 25, 2021
E011: Making Smarter Marketing Decisions with Laurel Mintz
Laurel Mintz is the CEO and Founder of Elevate My Brand, a digital marketing and strategy agency. Inspired by the innovative consulting work she executed early in her career with some prestigious brands, Laurel knew she wanted to play a lot bigger. And a decade later, she has created an agency family serving both startups and blue-chip global brands like Facebook, Verizon, Digital Media Group, Paw Patrol, and Zendesk, just to name very few of the amazingly long list of relationships she has. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Laurel’s journey as a lawyer turned marketing entrepreneur The challenge of leaping into entrepreneurship Dealing with impostor syndrome The power of mentorship – don’t be afraid to ask for help! Creating a culture of caring in your company How marketing has evolved over the years Episode Highlights: The Challenge of Leaping into Entrepreneurship We have an opportunity to look at it as a gift as challenging as things may be right now. And so, you have this opportunity to press pause and figure out what you really want instead of being on that constant hamster wheel grind. So, just take a pause, listen, and pay attention. Have a “build it and they will come mentality.”. Having an impostor syndrome is okay. What's not good is when you fail to step into a role and own it. And so, you have to surround yourself with people that are going to support or teach you or be part of that team. Everyone is faking it, so don't let anyone intimidate you. The Power of Mentorship If you're thinking about starting something, having an informal advisory board is so critical. Have different people on that advisory board who will give you their time and their energy when you need it, without overextending them. Those mentors that we pick in our lives actually like to be asked. People appreciate it when you ask them for help, and they have the ability to pay it forward, especially now with women, with the way we're all really holding each other up and supporting each other in business. So don’t be afraid to ask for help. Creating a Culture of Caring in Your Company You can't fake caring for people because people see through it. And when you're able to do that, your team feels that. How Marketing Has Evolved Over The Years The more people have slowed down, the better results they have gotten. Look at the data because it's that foundational work that you have to do before you blast out into the universe. That way, you're aware of when you're going to spend money, who to talk to, and when you're talking to them. There are so many channels that provide opportunities digitally to speak to your audience but you have to be able to capture the right audience so you don’t end up wasting your money, time, and effort. Resources Mentioned: Elevate My Brand
February 18, 2021
E010: A Tribute to Larry King and Other Reinvention Topics
Mitch Slater is a financial advisor at UBS and host of the podcast, Financially Speaking with Mitch Slater. Today, we talk about his colored work and interview history with the legendary Larry King,  business and reinvention passions, trends, and hobbies. Reinvention is really about the whole self and nurturing so many of those parts in us. How much are you willing to step out of your comfort zone to seek out the things you really want in life? Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: The 2 most important lessons he learned from working with Larry King Realizing the most important parts of who you are is a key to reinvention. How Mitch got connected to some amazing people in the music world Seeking out the things that push you out of your comfort zone Return on relationships, not return on investments Episode Highlights: Working with Larry King Larry King had the genius of curiosity and listening. Being with him during those three years that Mitch worked with him, he learned the two most important lessons that helped him throughout the next 38 years of his work life and personal life. Be curious, understand, and know more about people. You never learn anything with your mouth open. Start being a good listener. The Power of Curiosity and Listening Very few people know how to be able to sit over a kitchen table and have very intimate conversations about people's financial lives and their personal lives. You have to be able to communicate. For Mitch, Larry was the beacon of communication. Be curious enough to know what else you can have in your life. Be curious enough to be able to talk to others and hear their stories and know what's possible. Learn how to listen. Not just listen to other people, but more importantly, listen to yourself. Know how to be still and quiet enough to connect with yourself. And make sure you're doing what you want with your life. The Recipe for Reinvention Life is really looking inside, seeing who you are, and realizing the most important parts of you. Whether it's playing the piano, acting, interviewing, communicating through podcasting, or doing origami, that would be great. Look inside and realize where that was coming from, and be able to combine that with your work, and your family, and really create the life that you want. It doesn't matter what you're doing, you can find a way to let anything into your life, absolutely. Open up your heart to the areas that you're most passionate about. Find those things where you step out of your comfort zone. Return on Relationships, Not Return on Investments Each client that you work with shines differently. And that's the only way to really develop a relationship. It's not about the investment – it's so much more than that. Resources Mentioned: Financially Speaking with Mitch Slater UBS Wealth Management Larry King Tribute:
February 11, 2021
E009: Empowering Women Over 40 with Lesley Jane Seymour
Lesley Jane Seymour is a media entrepreneur and the founder of the CoveyClub, a new club for lifelong learners launched in February 2018. From 2008-2016, she served as editor-in-chief of More Magazine, the leading lifestyle magazine for women over 40, with a readership of 1.5 million. She was also the editor-in-chief and social media director of, which attracted over 12 million monthly page views and 600,000 unique visitors. In 2012, Seymour was named executive director of Meredith’s Beauty Center of Excellence. In 2009 she was named number four on the Most Powerful Fashion Editors List by Forbes magazine. She also previously served as editor-in-chief for Marie Claire magazine and Redbook magazine, beauty director of Glamour, and copywriter and senior editor at Vogue. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: How it was like living The Devil Wears Prada lifestyle Her transition to Why the CoveyClub was born Looking for outside approval vs. working on loving yourself The corporate world vs. the entrepreneurial world Working with Mrs. Michelle Obama and the First Lady of Cambodia Episode Highlights: The CoveyClub So many women feel they're being pushed to say it's over, or they're being pushed to be irrelevant, and they're not having as much control over their destiny.  The whole idea of the CoveyClub is to connect women who are 40 plus, with 50 as their sweet spot. These are women who still feel they're not done yet. They have a long life ahead of them and a lifelong productivity trail going on for as long as they want it to be. It's great to have a place to go where you can talk honestly about your issues, your fears, your motivations, and your barriers. And you have real, accomplished women who have the wisdom, experience, and who can connect you to a greater network. Looking for Outside Approval vs. Working on Loving Yourself A lot of people are looking for outside approval I was looking for. But you have to work on loving yourself and knowing your issues and being okay with your issues. Everybody has issues they’re not going to get away without. But hopefully, your good points outweigh your bad points. Think of the things you really value and how are you going to be able to bring those things to life and share those with other people. Reinventing Yourself People have found those places for their next lives and it's important to have that space for people to talk about them. Reinvention comes in all shapes and sizes. Just go for it. It takes courage and it takes figuring things out. But you have to know where you really want to be. Whether it's a five-minute reinvention or a 10-year reinvention, it's yours to do what you want with it. Resources Mentioned:
February 4, 2021
E008: Getting in the Game and Taking Risks with Kathy Carter
Kathy Carter is the Chief Revenue Officer of LA 2028, CEO of U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Properties, and she has been in this role since October of 2018. She and her team are responsible for all of the revenue and marketing functions of the Support Team USA and the LA 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games including sponsorship sales, consumer products, brand marketing, hospitality, ticketing, and events. Prior to this, Kathy served as the president of Soccer United Marketing, a Major League Soccer commercial subsidiary, and was in charge of managing and growing the business operations for premier soccer organizations and events in the U.S., including MLS, U.S. Soccer, and the Mexican National Team, among others. Kathy became a founding member of Major League Soccer and was instrumental in building the league from the ground up and had such a profound effect on the world of soccer. When she stepped off the proverbial treadmill in early 2018, she decided to take some time to reassess and reinvent. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: When her passion for sports started How being an athlete taught her to see things as opportunities Her favorite roles during World Cup and global events Ways to get in the game you love Her transition into reinventing herself Co-creating games that will be the blueprint for the future How do we reconcile things to be that best version of ourselves? Why remote work is not a “forever” state of being Episode Highlights: Thoughts on Taking Risks As an athlete, you lose a lot of games. Then you pick yourself up and you dust yourself off. You go back out and you play another game. That's one of the great benefits of growing up in sport is it allows you not to see things as risks, but rather see things as opportunities. Do anything you can do to get exposure to the broader business, and ultimately, hopefully, can become a more valuable and more contributing member. Just be there and start to understand the inner workings of the game, as opposed to feeling like you have to jump a couple of the rungs. Ways to Get in the Game That You Love Love the game and decide that if it's not the way you want to live where you have it as your full-time job, but you can also find ways to participate in it even in a part-time capacity. How Do We Reconcile Things to Be The Best Version of Ourselves? There is no perfect, and therefore, as individuals, the idea that any of us is perfect is a fallacy. It's always a work in progress. And therefore, part of what we need to do is make sure we take feedback. Don’t take it personally and make excuses for things that people give you as feedback. And if you can do that, then you can start to evolve. Resources Mentioned: 
January 28, 2021
E007: Finding Silver Linings and Capturing Moments with IN-Q
IN-Q is a National Poetry Slam Champion, award-winning poet, bestselling author, and multi-platinum songwriter. His groundbreaking achievements include being named to Oprah’s SuperSoul 100 list of the world’s most influential thought leaders being the first spoken word artist to perform with Cirque Du Soleil, and being featured on A&E, ESPN, and HBO’s Def Poetry Jam. He has inspired audiences around the world through his live performances and storytelling workshops. Many of his recent poetry videos have gone viral with over 70 million views combined. Leading organizations including Nike, Instagram, Spotify, Google, Lululemon, Live Nation, Shazam, The Grammy Foundation, and many more have brought IN-Q in to motivate their teams through his keynote speeches and acclaimed storytelling workshop. It's a transformational bonding experience for companies who want to share their story more authentically. Inquire Within is an extraordinary collection of IN-Q's poetry, his work, his words, and his wisdom. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Launching his book during the pandemic and at the height of fear How he got into spoken poetry and where poetry is right now in popular culture The New You Workshop Leading by example even through your vulnerability A taste of his favorite poem about capturing pictures vs. capturing moments Meditation and breathing techniques that he’s practicing Episode Highlights: Finding the Silver Linings Everyone defines themselves, consciously or unconsciously, by the external world, especially in a capitalist society. We're all trying to accomplish something. It's a complicated dichotomy to figure out how to use that as fuel to achieve your goals. But at the same time, to not be so attached to your expectations that you allow it to steal your joy. There's always going to be more. There is never an end to more. So if more is your goal, you're always going to come off short. The purpose of life is not to have this much or who you know, or what you've achieved. It's not even what you do in the world. It's who you are in this moment. In the neverending now. It's the joy of being alive and the miracle of being alive. A Few Lines from His Favorite Poem When you notice something beautiful do you think that's a beautiful moment, or that would be a beautiful picture?  When you attempt to capture something, do you alter its very nature?  Can you sit with the uncertainty like God's other creatures?  Do you have to freeze a memory to immortalize its features?  Do you need to prove that you were there in order to exist?  Do you crave the recognition in a way you can't admit?  Do you wrestle with impermanence with poison on your lips? Do you resist the emptiness by trying to imprison bliss?  Capturing Pictures vs. Capturing Moments By taking pictures, it's how we prove that we were there. This is the thing that gives us value so much so that we actually miss being there. We don't notice what's actually around us. And in that way, we missed our lives. Resources Mentioned: Book: Inquire Within The New You Workshop Follow IN-Q on Facebook and Instagram.
January 21, 2021
E006: Creating Success and Living Your Dreams with Melanie Brandman
Melanie is the founder and CEO of the Brandman Agency. Her clients are the who's who of the luxury travel and lifestyle industries. She's got offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Sydney. She's a trusted advisor to her global roster of clients as well as a resource for media and tastemakers. Melanie also founded Travel Curator, an extraordinary digital publisher dedicated to luxury travel, which now reaches over a million people, targeting the affluent and forward-thinking global travelers. Today’s episode is a reminder that no matter the circumstances, you have the power to create success, fulfill your dreams, and live with passion. You'll pick up some reinvention and life advice and tips from someone whose passion for life is contagious and whose brilliant mind and sharp business acumen have enabled her to build a global public relations firm doing what she loves. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: What literally put her on the map globally The birth of Travel Curator The impact of COVID on the Travel Curator platform The importance of figuring out your strengths and listening to yourself How Melani reinvented her PR agency hosting startups for other people within the PR space Episode Highlights: Working Hard to Do What You Love Every Day It's okay to be a nice person. Enjoy what you do. Be nice to people along the way. Help your competitors. There are a lot of sharks in this business who are competitive. But if you do a great job, and you're good to people who work for you, they are your family, you're good to your clients, you do the best that you can do, you find new ways of doing things, then success will come. About the Travel Curator Melanie has been spending so much time on email answering people about travel so she created this little website and started loading information doing travel guides, and it started to take off. And it was really very organic and word of mouth. Six years later, they have over a million visits a month and they generate all original content. They do partnerships and collaboration with hotel brands around the world. Just remember that people want authentic, credible information, insider tips, and where to go from someone who knows what they're talking about. Reinventing Tips Sometimes you don't have to reinvent your entire life. You just need to look at what you're doing, what you love to do, and how to expand on that to bring great joy to yourself. With so much great talent was in the marketplace right now, a lot of great people had lost their jobs. A lot of people also realized that they didn't want to work a nine-to-five anymore. Now that they were working from home, they realized they wanted flexibility. Learn how to listen, sit back, and really dig into what works for you. You don't usually have the time and yet the last nine months have given us such an opportunity. Take baby steps. You don't have to jump at full speed. It's okay to make mistakes because that's the best way to learn. And ask people you trust to help you because people really want to help. You can’t be great at everything. A great boss knows their strengths and weaknesses and they hire people who can make up for their weaknesses. Plus, it’s so much more fun than just doing it on your own. Resources Mentioned: Brandman Agency Travel Curator
January 14, 2021
E005: Building Business with an Agency Perspective with James Orsini
James Orsini is currently the president of The Sasha Group, which is a division of VaynerMedia. Prior to that, he also served as the CEO and Chief integration officer at VaynerMedia working alongside Gary Vaynerchuk. James has a 35-year career under his belt as he previously worked for The Rowland Company, Goldman Sachs, and KPMG. The Sasha Group is a company that runs like a consultancy on the frontend and an advertising agency on the backend. The company has now grown to 65 people in just a year. Senior talents help consult these entrepreneurs, founders, or challenger brands into a new way of marketing, which Gary calls Marketing for the Now. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: His career background How he transitioned into the digital media space and taking a risk How Gary Vaynerchuk broke a 150-year-old advertising model in 30 seconds Dealing with the naysayers How the COVID situation and remote work affected the work product, culture, and social connections What is 4Ds? Episode Highlights: Dealing with the naysayers It chokes a vision when people panic. It's therefore important to be able to help translate your vision to the team. How the Covid Situation and Remote Work Affected the Work Product What you're seeing is a new norm for working. Even when you're working from home, you can really stay connected. In fact, James has never felt closer to his company than he does right now. The boxes make everybody equal. They're all equal in size. An account executive has the voice of a senior vice president because it's just the same box size. Plus, there is more effort now to do some social events to keep people together. What is 4Ds? 4Ds is a classroom workshop type settings of 10 to 12 people in a conference room. It's a full-day immersion and Gary is there for an hour and a half. He goes around the room and everybody gets to ask their question. Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs Absorb the fact that the world is different now. So you have to adapt right now. Most are in survival mode. This is not about producing the greatest profits of all time. This is about being around to live and fight another day. Attack and move a piece of your business from defense to offense in order to survive. Resources Mentioned: The Sasha Group
January 7, 2021
E004: Living Your True North Star with Marci Freedman
Marci Freedman is living her true north, and yet still reinventing in many ways every day. She's curious and lives life to the fullest with that bright light that always burns inside her. Marci is a brilliant example of what's possible when you set your mind to it. Today, Marci shares some reinvention and life advice and tips as someone who has done the corporate gig, the entrepreneurial gig, and everything in between. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Marci’s career background and her aha moment How transcendental meditation transformed her life The importance of listening to yourself The importance of having people that support your vision or challenge your vision Give yourself permission to create the life you want. Marci’s morning ritual Episode Highlights: Marci’s Aha Moment When the investment group that Marci joined went Chapter 7, she lost a part of herself. But then she realized that failure was actually her biggest success in life because it led her to a spiritual journey that she’s still on right now. Marci no longer wanted to work for a corporate company. Instead, she’s betting on herself because she is the brand. Marci then decided to have her own small company where she had to do everything. But when people ask her what she does, she still tells them that her number one job is her. When you go through change, you learn to live differently. The Power to Create the Life You Want It’s very important to take some time to tune into yourself and check if you’re still in there. We get to choose as we do everything in life. And we have to give ourselves more credit and know we're entitled to choose to live the life we want to live. It's not always happiness and flowers. There's some sadness as well. And when those feelings come in, acknowledge them. Be self-aware of what's happening. Then surround yourself with the smartest people in the room because that collective is what makes you successful. This is your one and only life. What are you going to do with it? Are you going to wake up 20 or 40 years from now and realize you still haven’t don’t what you should’ve done? Whatever it is that you wish to do, there's no reason to not incorporate some version of that into your life. But you have to believe you’re entitled to do that, then figure out your roadmap to get to that place. You're not just doing what you love. You're making a living doing what you love. Resources Mentioned: Reinvent Your Life! What Are You Waiting For by Kathi Sharpe-Ross
January 7, 2021
E003: Serial Entrepreneur Reinventions & Habits with Jeffrey Hayzlett
Jeffrey Hayzlett is a primetime TV and podcast host, keynote speaker, and global business celebrity. This man has bought and sold over 250 businesses over the course of his career and about $25 billion in transactions. Jeffrey is a primetime television host of C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett and Executive Perspectives. He is the business podcast host of All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett. He's the Chairman and CEO of the C suite network, home of the world's most trusted network of C-suite leaders. He is the author of four bestselling business books, the most recent one being The Hero Factor: How Great Leaders Transform Organizations and Create Winning Cultures. He sits on many boards and had an amazing role at Kodak as CMO for four years. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Jeffrey’s rough background growing up How he has evolved to become a serial entrepreneur The power of knowing how to balance yourself Why you should drive and thrive and not just survive The importance of transparency in your business His favorite part of what he does every day The American Free Enterprise System Delegate, Automate, or Eliminate Episode Highlights: Insights into Reinventing Yourself You have to balance yourself – spiritually, personally, relationship-wise, and business-wise. You also have to have everybody to have input on that so you can't just reinvent yourself without taking those into consideration. There are times you could screw up and make mistakes in your business. But it's the everyday stuff that matters. Advice to Entrepreneurs You can do anything you want the way you want to do it. If you had to do it the way other people told you, Uber, Facebook or Amazon would never have been invented. Most of those businesses were built and started during downturns, depressions, and recessions. And some of those greatest companies that you see such as Airbnb and many others all started out of necessity. So what are you waiting for? Delegate, Automate, or Eliminate Try to get through the five to eight things you need to get done for the day. Then delegate, automate, or eliminate. Also, do the hard things first and don’t wait until the end. Otherwise, you’re just going to be putting it off. Block off a couple of hours in the morning that no one can mess with. Resources Mentioned: The Hero Factor: How Great Leaders Transform Organizations and Create Winning Cultures by Jeffrey Hayzlett
January 7, 2021
E002: Revitalizing Brands from the C-Suite with Deborah Wahl
Deborah Wahl is a veteran of the marketing and business world. She is a leading innovator amongst chief marketing officers, revitalizing brands by aligning customer and company objectives across industries and markets. Deborah is currently the global CMO of General Motors and CMO of Cadillac. She was the CMO of McDonald's USA for three years. And prior to that, she had incredible senior level and C-suite positions at Pulte Group, Chrysler, Lexus, Toyota, and Ford. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: How to become introspective Choosing the company or people you want to work with The reasons that hold people back from reinventing their lives Reinvention tips How to tackle your fear of failure Advice to young entrepreneurs Deborah’s daily practices that set her up for success Episode Highlights: How to Become Introspective We all get so busy in our current jobs or roles that we don't take the time to be introspective. And it’s usually when you do a job change that’s the most valuable time in the world because it forces you to stop and think and dive deep. So try to go back to what motivated you when you were young and before your career. Ask yourself what were those things that brought you complete joy in life and when were you happiest? Choosing The Company or People You Want to Work With Notice the importance of who you work with. Understand what their personal values are and check if you really buy into that. Find that match. Then you start putting together your environment, what drives your joyfulness, the purpose of a company, and where you want to go. The Reasons That Hold People Back From Reinventing Their Lives People just don't make time for them or they don't know what to do or how to tap into their purpose or passions. And then, sometimes they'll wake up 10-15 years later, and they still don't know where they're going or what they’re doing. They still don't feel connected to who they really want to be in life. Reinvention Tips We have to work from a place of safety and confidence. The more everyone can provide that, the more everyone blossoms. If we shine the light on these great ideas and the efforts that people have, it's just going to blossom so much more than when people are throwing salt or trying to put holes in your ideas. It doesn't mean you shouldn't be rigorous. But you have to come from a place of support and good intention. You have to work on this purposefully because it can be so easy for your ego to step in and be worried about territories. How to Tackle Your Fear of Failure You never advance personally or learn until you get yourself into a situation that makes you so uncomfortable. So take a risk because it builds confidence every time. And oftentimes, there are people who will offer their support. If you come to work every day and do a great job and really do your best then that's what you should be proud of. There are some things you can't control but all you can control is doing your best and constantly striving and then putting yourself out there. And the only way we grow is if we go into spaces that are uncomfortable for us. Resources Mentioned: Reinvent Your Life! What Are You Waiting For by Kathi Sharpe-Ross
January 7, 2021
E001: The Keys to Enabling Greatness and Success with Leonard Armato
As the founder and CEO of Management Plus Enterprises, Leonard Armato has been a leader in developing, positioning, and building high-growth brands and converging sports, media, marketing, and technology. A master at Enabling Greatness, Leonard transformed celebrity marketing by masterminding the development and launch of Shaquille O'Neal's brand. He developed the Golden Boy brand for Oscar De La Hoya and created the marketing infrastructure for Golden Boy Promotions, which is one of the world's largest boxing promotion companies. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: How he landed his first client that launched his career Important things to keep in mind when reinventing yourself Morning routines you can do to enable greatness The power of being able to reconcile strengths and weaknesses The correlation between relationship and longevity The impact of mentorship Episode Highlights: How He Landed His First From being a lawyer, Leonard decided to get into the sports business. To get his first client, he offered to work with him the whole year and offered his first 30 days for free. After 90 days, the client finally signed with him and the rest is history. From there, he won a bunch of Super Bowls. Then Leonard got a bunch of clients and his career started to evolve. When people meet you, there are two things they wonder about: Can they trust you? How good are you as what you say you are? Things to Keep in Mind When Reinventing Yourself 1. Commit yourself to put yourself out there and go for it. Once you make that commitment, there's a lot of power that comes to your advantage you've never anticipated. A lot of people are uncomfortable with that. But if you're going to be an entrepreneur, if you're going to reinvent yourself, you got to do that. 2. Dare to fail. If you don't put yourself out there and dare and make a big try over something audacious, you'll never do anything. Morning Routines You Can Do to Enable Greatness Journaling Meditation Set your intentions for the day. Exercise The Power of Being Able to Reconcile Strengths and Weaknesses You have to be able to make other people's lives better. And sometimes you don't realize the impact until later. Be mindful and make sure that you make every day a masterpiece. Treat people the right way, and try to make everyone's life better you come in contact with. You're sowing the seeds of future greatness in them, then you're also doing things that will come back later to make you feel really proud. Insights into Relationships and Mentorship Relationships are the single most important factor in determining longevity. Meanwhile, a Harvard study shows that the average students did better than the geniuses because of the way they were treated by the professor. Resources Mentioned: Reinvention Virtual Chat with Leonard Armato
January 7, 2021
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