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By Rekord Podcast
Hi welcome to REKORD the podcast where we will mainly focus on Reproductive & Sexual health program acronymed as RESPEKT is a social youth platform for a generation that seeks to inspire change and positively impact on lives. The overall purpose of the project is to rethink, advocate and ensure quality education on SRHR amongst teenagers in Kenya. This podcast aims to provide an opportunity to tell our story and share the journey of young people pushing for positive change in their communities Stay tuned! This is our story. This is REKORD the podcast. This is RESPEKT
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Secondary School Students #MostSignificantStories
A testimonial of high school students sharing their experience working closely with RESPEKT members and the impact of getting access to information on SRHR
October 5, 2020
Teachers narration on the #MostSignificantStories
The impact of the project as told by high school teachers across the country #MostSignificantStories
October 5, 2020
Members of RESPEKT #MostSignificantStories
The #MostSignificantStories from members of the project on the impact of the project to them and how great it has been to impact on lives
October 5, 2020
Mevin Shahada:- 6th September 2019. Period shaming took a teenagers life
The crowned queen of the RESPEKT convention gala Mevin Shahada tells us a brave story of her personal experience and how it has impacted her. Her story is truly powerful and we know her message will inspire change.
September 8, 2020
Cynthia Aginga:- #RESPEKT4Me Everyone has a crucial role to play
Cynthia Aginga one of the pilot member volunteers gives an in-depth history of the project as she reminisces her journey when she joined. She tells us the lessons she learned and the growth that she has gained within this period.
September 8, 2020
Joy Muli; #RESPEKT4ME Being bold to having these conversations
Joy Muli the creative scientist shares her passion and how she has been able to fulfill her vision through RESPEKT.This is one of the episodes that’s probably out of the box’ll definitely enjoy listening to this one.
September 8, 2020
Muthoni Kibaara; #RESPEKT4ME Reaching out to Gen Z
Muthoni Kibaara an outgoing food loving pharmacy student tell us her story and unique experience in RESPEKT. This is one for the books. Enjoy the episode
September 8, 2020
Samuel Musyoka:- We are a game changer, but we can do much more
Samuel Musyoka is a light hearted fun young medical that had the courage to make a difference. He is ambitious and wants to make sure that SRHR is taken seriously in Kenya. This is his journey in the project
September 8, 2020
Angela Nambiro;#RESPEKT4ME The tale of a girl who continues to break glass ceilings.
On this episode we meet the Actress Doctor Angela Naomi Nambiro just to mention a few of her names! She is a brilliant member of RESPEKT who continues to outdo herself everyday from being an MC to being a med student and an actress she juggles it all .Listen to her very interesting story with personal her experience with SRHR .
September 8, 2020
Faith Anne Nyagichuhi ; #RESPEKT4Me The enlightenment. From a project to a home
Faith Mararo an adventurous medical student dares to dream and joins the project at a time she never thought it would be possible. She tells us how she navigates medical school and how much the project has had an influence on her. She puts it as the best thing that ever happened to her. We hope you enjoy listening to her journey . #REKORDTHEPODCAST
September 8, 2020
Cheryl Okumu:- Pushing for access to services by people who are differently abled
Cherly a cherry fun young med student gives us an insight to her med school school experience and how she started out in respekt. Cheryl is surely an accomplished person and we hope you listen to her story . Thank you 🤗
September 8, 2020
Nduta Njeru: Missing classmates
Nduta explains an experience of always losing classmates who would not show up to school the next day and the tale of being talked down upon by teachers as a supposed "SRHR talk"
September 8, 2020
Assumpta: #RESPEKT4Me- The journey of taking chances
On this episode Assumpta Muthoni candidly talks about her experience in respekt and her passion on the subject of consent SRHR. She delves into her school visit experience and bears it all . #ThisIsOurStory #RESPEKT4Me
September 1, 2020
Asma; RESPEKT4Me- The contentment in working with teens
On this episode we listen to Asma Adan who talks about her passion in working with children. She tells us about the conflict that comes with different beliefs and how it impacted her interest in SRHR with Respekt being an avenue to impact and change in the world. We hope you enjoy Asma's story. #ThisIsOurStory #RESPEKT4Me
September 1, 2020
Daniel Mumo: #RESPEKT4Me- A daring experience
Daniel Mumo tells a story of taking a daring step by facilitating discussions outside his comfort zone. He also explains his experience working with duty bearers as one of his responsibility in the project. We hope you enjoy this episode #RESPEKT4Me #ThisIsOurStory
September 1, 2020
Bidian: RESPEKT4Me- Taking a stand
Bidian narrates his experience in the field as part of RESPEKT and his need to go back in time and make right some broken dreams. Taking a stand. #RESPEKT4Me
September 1, 2020
Angie Ngugi; #RESPEKT4Me- What I'm about, what we are about
Meet the artistic Angela Ngugi as she narrates what she is about and her journey pushing for a more liberal society. An understanding of her vision and version of #RESPEKT4Me #MusingsAndWordsCollective
September 1, 2020