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Relationships with Reyes

Relationships with Reyes

By Jayme Reyes
Relationships with Reyes explores all types and dynamics of relationships, ranging from dating, marriage, family, friendships, addiction, faith, or the relationship with ourselves. Each guest shares their own views in a reflective, and at times a spicy and unfiltered dialogue. Hosted by Jayme Reyes, and occasionally her spouse Señor Reyes, whom live in Seattle where they both work as first responders and in higher education. Jayme also is a Coach who works with clients in their Career, Competitions, and Big Life Transitions.
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Episode 2: New Year, New Dating Habits - Host Jayme Reyes
Relationships with Reyes Episode 2: Host Jayme Reyes dives into how the new year is a great time for new dating habits like transitioning from dating jerks to picking better. Instagram: @jaymealexis | email: *Sound variations could not be resolved, these was recorded in sections of 2!
January 11, 2021
Episode 1: Relationships with Reyes - Host Jayme Reyes
An introduction to the birth of Relationships with Reyes, why the host decided to bring her podcast out of hibernation & what to expect.
January 9, 2021