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The Relentless Life with Chance Galloway

The Relentless Life with Chance Galloway

By Chance Galloway
Welcome to The Relentless Life with Chance Galloway! Join Chance as he delivers empowering conversations, ideas, and perspectives to help you overcome adversity, level up, and unlock your vision of success.
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54. Sofia Blanno | The Mind of an Entrepreneur
Welcome to this weeks episode on The Relentless Life. Joining me today is a dear friend from Fort Myers Florida, Sofia Blanno. Sofia is a native of Atlanta and grew up playing competitive tennis. Blanno played D1 tennis for Auburn University for a year and ended her collegiate tennis career at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU). At FGCU, Blanno participated in the FGCU Runway Entrepreneurship Accelerator, pitching for and winning $24,000 in seed funding from various pitch competitions. In college, Blanno founded a Fashion Subscription Package company, Best Dressed, which she ran for two years until pivoting it into an online boutique. While in college, Blanno was the Founder and President of the International Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization’s FGCU Chapter (CEO Club). As president Blanno engaged professional speakers, ran the club and executive board meetings, managed and delegated to a 12 member executive board and a 200-member club, and  grew the chapter from 20 to 200 members in 2 consecutive semesters. Blanno also worked part time at the FGCU Emergent Technologies Institute (ETI) mentoring new students in the Runway and Veteran Accelerator programs, organizing and running meetings and philanthropic events, managing social media as well as public relations and recruitment for the Institute of Entrepreneurship. Blanno graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University Magna Cum Lade from FGCU in December, 2019 with an undergraduate degree in entrepreneurship, a minor in marketing with an Honors distinction. Since graduating, Blanno has remained close to her alma mater serving as a member of the Daveler & Kauanui School of Entrepreneurship Advisory Board. From 2019 to 2020, Blanno worked as the Market Research Analyst for Storm Smart, assisting in special projects, market research, videography, photography, and website and social media management. In 2020, Blanno joined the Fifth Avenue Family Office as the Fund Administrator Tamiami Angel Fund IV (T4). Tamiami Angel Fund IV, LLC (“T4”) is a member managed for-profit committed capital fund that seeks to provide its members with an opportunity for active involvement in a diversified capital investment process while building a portfolio of high quality, high growth companies.  T4 is designed to enable private accredited investors to collectively make private equity investments in promising expansion-stage commercial ventures located in the State of Florida and beyond.  The organization is structured to assure member control of all critical investment activities and direct member involvement with the portfolio companies. Blanno is responsible for operational support and administration to the Executive Committee and the membership. Blanno’s support relieves members from the extensive administrative burden associated with the evaluation of investment opportunities, structuring of investments, legal closing of investments, and remaining abreast of portfolio company progress.  She manages T4’s deal flow, arranging and running all investor meetings, onboarding investors, and creating all documentation (i.e. meeting minutes, subscription booklets, invoices, investment memorandums) to support all T4 Committees and Members. Lesson of the Episode: " " ~ Sophia Blanno You can find sofia
May 6, 2021
52. Brian Sanders | Discovering Our Peak Human
Welcome to this weeks episode of The Relentless Life. I'm your Host Chance Galloway! Here on the Relentless Life we bring on some of the most knowledge packed individuals in the given field we are studying that week. This is a learning platform for you! It is my desire to present as many tools and resources to you as I can. Bringing on people who exemplify what it means to be relentless in their own perspective. Whether that be with health, fitness, business, relationships, marketing, building, and so on. This week I had the honor in interviewing Brian Sanders who is known as Food Lies on his social media platforms. He is completely dedicated to finding the truth behind what foods hold true value and which ones are disgusting lies. Brian Sanders is the filmmaker behind the feature-length documentary Food Lies and host of the Peak Human podcast. He graduated from UCLA with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He works as a Health Coach at Evolve Healthcare and co-founded the health education company SAPIEN. He also works to spread the awareness of regenerative agriculture and increase access to well-raised animal products through his company Nose to Tail. Brian lost both of his parents to chronic disease, which ultimately changed him forever. He embarked on a journey to figure out the foods we as humans (sapiens).With an incredible future ahead of him, Brian remains #Relentless through his daily challenges. Deeming what foods work and what foods don't.  " Eat Densely, Move Intensely" ~ Brian Sanders Where you can find Brian: Show Notes:
April 29, 2021
53. Mark Metry | The Truth behind Social Anxiety
Mark Metry is a phenomenal human being and certainly reflects Relentless work ethic. Only 5 years  ago Mark was facing serious depression, social anxiety, and even thoughts of suicide. It was during this time, he realized a change must occur. Mark immediately work toward dropping the 80 pounds that he gained from stress eating and focused on his mental and physical health. He realized there was a much greater life out there for him! Today, Mark stands as a 23 year old author, podcaster, coach, consultant, entrepreneur and much more. He has been featured in Forbes Magazine, given his very own Ted X Talk, been featured on over 250+ podcasts and media streams, is the host of his Global Top 100 Podcast, Author and coach of "Screw Being Shy", and International (virtual) Speaker. There isn't much Mark cant do! Mark spends the majority of his time helping others with their mental health. Mark is an incredible advocate for recognizing and healing social anxiety in his clients and followers. Tune in as Mark and I unravel how we can go about helping mental health issues including social anxiety. I genuinely enjoyed this chat with Mark, and I know you will too. Tune in and subscribe to The Relentless Life. We have new episodes coming out every Thursday @ 9am. :)  Lesson of the Episode: Micro Nutrients can determine (play a great part) whether we develop social anxiety. Look into improving your nutrition to help aid any mental health condition you may have fallen victim to.    " When you're in the picture you don't realize you're in the frame" ~ Mark Metry "Even when my brain is against me, I am not going to give up" ~ Mark Metry
April 29, 2021
51. Edward Zia | Marketing Tips that Can Save Your Business
Welcome Edward Zia, International Master Coach & Speaker to The Relentless Life. Ed's a Marketing Mentor Certified Practicing Marketer (CPM) & International Master Coach and has mentored thousands of winners globally to help them get more clients, win top positions and become leading personal brands. As Master Grade Coach, Edward has exceeded the threshold of 10,000+ Personal Coaching Hours making him a leader in his field. He's helped individuals generate millions and millions of dollars and loves it so much. Prior to Edward starting his own company Excellence Above Coaching; he started his working career in the Australian Army as a Combat Engineer. He was grateful to be invited to work in the Federal Government on special projects in Drug Enforcement, fighting Organised Crime and Anti-Terrorism. Lesson of the Episode: We are in the age of people wanting to trust people. " Be a master at showing up. " ~ Edward Zia Edward can be found here: LinkedIn as Edward Zia :) 
April 15, 2021
50. Nika Sedghi | Controlling What You Can Is Your Responsibility
What's going on guys, welcome back to another episode of the Relentless Life! Today we celebrate episode #50 which is a big deal to me. I started this journey 3 years ago and couldn't be more grateful for the conversation had and people I have had the pleasure in meeting. This is my own learning platform that I am able to also share with you...The Relentless Life Tribe. Getting into todays episode, please help me in welcoming Nika Sedghi. I first met Nika 3 years ago during the filming of the first season of Dwayne Johnsons new athletic competition series "The Titan Games". We both shared this humbling experience among 60 other athletes. Nika and I connected mutually on social media for our love of health and nutrition. Like myself, Nika holds her CPT certification (through NASM) and just recently received her nutrition certification. She is a former D1 water polo athlete as well as former figure bodybuilder. Nika found once she realized most of these bodybuilders were using PED's, she didn't have a shot as she prided her self natural bodybuilding. To add to her resume, Nika  was also on 2 TV shows. The first being one for CMT and second being for NBC (The Titan Games). She is currently a full time Mechanical Engineer working on gas turbine engines. With all of this established, she also has a heart condition that originally sparked her passion for health and nutrition. After being diagnosed with a condition known as Supra Ventricular tachycardia (SVT) and elevated tryptophan levels, the doctors notified Nika she may never be able to play sports again. Nika has defied what all doctors told her and is currently living the lifestyle as a relentlessly sound athlete. Staying health and fit during the pandemic, she rides her bike up to 26 miles daily and works out at the home gym she constructed for herself. Being known on social media for he Neeks approved foods, her followers are able to get a real good grasp on what has ample levels of micro nutrition vs. what does not. Nika is the queen of nutrition labels and dives deep into what is actually in the ingredients of every day foods. I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation with a fellow friend, athlete, and trainer. Please join us in learning more on what makes a "healthy lifestyle", our own perspectives as trainers on diet/nutrition, and why leaving a legacy should be something you desire.  Lesson of the Episode: You are only in control of so many variables, make sure you optimize what you can control!  " Someone that keeps standing up no matter how many times they get knocked down." ~ Nika Sedghi You can find Nika on social media here Instagram: Neeks93 Nika's App:
April 8, 2021
49. Marcus Jessup Jr. | Manifesting The Life You Want
 This Week on Episode #49 the Relentless Life, we welcome Marcus Jessup. Marcus is a college drop out turned success! He has put on lightening/display shows for Artists such as Major Lazer and Diplo, along with many top tier DJ's and artists. Marcus was born and raised in Indiana and realized into his mid teens that he need to get out of his small town. He felt as though there was more for him out there. It wasn't until he found himself so hopelessly bored in a church sermon (Marcus himself is actually very faithful in Christianity), that he discovered his curiosity and love for putting on a show. Entertainment is in his blood! Marcus discovered this inner desire at the age of 14. He has had his ups and downs since discovering his passion, but truly has represented a relentless lifestyle. Marcus and I share the same age (24), and just like myself Marcus lives to inspire. He feels as though God gave him a specific purpose. He dropped out of school because he realized his calling had already been found. He took that RISK, moved to Miami for a few short years (during this time is when I met him on a cruise in 2017), and then set his roots out in Los Angeles. His job requires him to go on tour with the bands and artists he is putting on lighting shows for, allowing him to travel across the country. What an awesome job!! Marcus and I discussed the importance of content (content is king), repetition and pounding the pavement, and what taking risks look like. This value packed episode is one you will definitely not want to miss! Check it out on your drive to or from work, or even while getting some chores done around the house. I always enjoy a good podcast while working out (though this isn't for everyone). To Wrap it up, Marcus describes Relentless as "UNSTOPPABLE". Like a Freight Train full speed ahead. I loved that analogy and while definitely start to use it when describing what we represent here in the Relentless Life Community. I hope you enjoy this well conversed episode!  Now Go MANIFEST THE LIFE YOU DESIRE! Lesson of the Episode: Knowledge is power, but the knowledge of our self can be truly life changing. Knowing who we are at our core, is what true power looks like. "Repetition is the mother of all success " ~ Marcus Jessup  You can find Marcus on social media here Instagram: mj_led
April 1, 2021
48. How to Live Relentlessly While Practicing My 3 Core Values!
 Today on The Relentless Life, Chance breaks down how to live everyday with a relentless mindset. Setting yourself up for success starting with your mind. For Chance it starts with 3 Core Values...Dreaming Big, Never Settling, and Always Smiling! Chance ties in his Relentless Lifestyle with the extraordinary values his book provides. Tune in to catch the full picture of why Chance believes so much in his vision. He will take this movement to an international level. This is only the beginning!!  Lesson of the Episode: " Believe in yourself and the rest will follow" ~ Chance D. Galloway
March 1, 2021
46. Writing My First Book, and Why I Decided It Had To Be Done
 I made the life changing decision 3 years ago to begin a journey I would forever be grateful for. That journey began with 6 words... Dream Big, Never Settle, Always Smile. Those words are my life motto, what I live by each and every day. Originating in our family bathroom, that truly empowering statement left a profound mark on me. At the age of 21 I decided it was time to write about these words that my mother passionately instilled into my sister and I. Here we are 51,911 words, 18 months of editing/writing/publishing, and a tattoo later.... releasing a podcast about my experience. This is nothing short of humbling. I am beyond the peak of feeling joyous to share my experience of writing my first publication with you. Not just that, but the special meaning behind D.N.A.  DNA is in control of storing very valuable information, while also being captain of when to express its stored components. It is of utmost importance for humans, otherwise there would be no you or I. There would be no existing! Just as DNA carries the codes for proteins to be made, and proteins are vital for most living functions, the same is true for expressing and living by D.N.A. Without these THREE CORE VALUES, we will never reach our true potential. Unlike actual DNA, we wont die from not expressing these new found Values. However, that life we all dream of living will cease to exist.  Remain Relentless and consistently pursue D.N.A (Dream Big, Never Settle, Always Smile).  Lesson of the Episode: Dream Big, Never Settle, and Always Smile "The world will be yours if you live by these THREE CORE VALUES "   ~ Chance Galloway 
December 1, 2020
47. Tony Guarino IV | Why YOU MUST Compete in a Savage Race!
 November 14th, 2020 at 11:00 am was the first time I competed in a 10k obstacle race. 6.4 miles and 28 obstacles later, I was mentally and physically drained. You here of these tough mudders, spartan races, all terrain mud races, and other big named impossible looking races in the fitness/race community. One of these race communities is known as savage race. A community built on team work, persistence, and a lion mentality. I had the priveledge of experiencing this first hand with some of my favorite people. My Team! When I heard that gun go off at the start line, I was full of ambition and eager to cross that finish line. My best friend Tony was side by side with me ( also swarmed with energy) ready to excel past his absolute limits. About 250 yards into this beast of a race, I had to tell Tony to slow down and say at a steady pace. Many of the competitors around us took off like lightening only to come to a halting stop around mile #1. This did not happen to Tony and I, as we prevailed past each obstacle only to continue to run. Endurance. That's the name of the game. Both in this race ( all races ), and the most important race of them all, life! These 6 miles challenged the two of us tremendously, but we refused to stop running. Everything inside of me was screaming to collapse ( especially around mile 5). My legs were completely overwhelmed from my cardiovascular system (taken on way to much blood), everything from my hips down was covered in thick smelly mud, and my skin was hot to the touch from the relentless Florida sun. I know to some racers this is nothing but a warm up, but to a non racer like myself, this is absolute hell. Regardless of any pain or discomfort I was feeling, I did not care. My mind was no longer in control of my body. This feeling was euphoric, and I am already starving for it again. Whether you run, walk, jog, or mix it up, a race such as savage race will challenge your mental and physical state as much as your willing to let it. Get your savage on, and breach your potential. Lesson of the Episode: Never be concerned with who's in front of you, for they might just be on their last wind. At the same time never be concerned with those behind you, for if you look back the path may stray from where you're heading.  "Just as you would in a 10k obstacle race, you must pace yourself through life in order to make it to the finish line " ~ Chance and Tony
November 20, 2020
45. My Review on trendy new tool 'Pso-Rite'
I recently stumbled upon a pretty rad new active release tool known as the Pso-Rite. Two words, GAME CHANGER.  4 years ago I was in a very dark place. It started with being an avid athlete  (weightlifting, baseball, football, runner) in high school. Over time, I developed poor movement patterns and it wasn't long until my body began to develop chronic symptoms. Some including: tightness along my entire right side, tingling down my arm (pinched nerve), neck spasms, and  muscle pains. This resulted in decreased performance in the gym, a very depressed/dark mental state, and eventually immense chronic pain/discomfort. After 4 years, hundreds of hours spent on doctor visits/testing, and around $10,000 spent on treatment, I was at my breaking point. I had no idea where else to look. Well it wasn't until the combination of rolfing ( the manipulation of structural alignment via the FASCIA) and the PSO-RITE, that I luckily found relief. This tool allows for the deep penetration of the Psoas ( the primary connector of our torso to our lower body). It acts as the primary hip flexor of our femur (upper thigh). To express just how important this muscle is, the psoas is the primary mover in the motion of walking. The Psoas Major connects from the head of the femur (upper thigh bone) to the lower lumbar region of our spine. It has multiple connection points in the lumbar region and also at the very bottom of the thoracic region (T-12). The reason this tool is so helpful is the design of it! It is made to perfectly allow the hips to sink down exposing the normally deep psoas. Now in this position, the psoas is exposed and able to be released in a vulnerable position. Once you hit the spot, it feels so (Pso) Rite! I am not sponsored, nor do I receive any promotion for supporting this product. I simply believe in the technology behind the design and have personally benefited tremendously from it. Check out the link below to grab your Pso-Rite! Side Note: I chose red because you can't miss it and it sticks out like a sore thumb!
November 17, 2020
44. Welcome Back! Fitness/ Health and My Daily Routine
Many Times in Life, we get held back. Real life happens to us and we are forced to put the things we love on the back burner. But as long as we don't let these dreams perish, we can always come back to them refreshed and feeling empowered. Please enjoy this episode as I discuss my daily routine  along with a few of the key daily rituals that I believe have a major role in keeping me healthy and fit. What's holding you up from living the most fit and healthy lifestyle possible?  A few of my daily rituals include: - Meditation - Stretching - Daily Reading ( Minimum of 10 minutes)  - Cold Showers/ Warm Soaks - 1 0z of water per pound of body weight - Physical Activity (Cardio and Resistance Training)  - Daily Apple Cider Vinnegar Shot and Vegan Protein Fruit Smoothie - Minimum of 6 hours of sleep per night 
October 22, 2020
43. Limitless Medical Logs with Jordan Ray (Part 2)
  Lesson of the Episode: " " ~
May 1, 2020
42. The Corona Virus Pandemic
 Welcome BACK to The Relentless Life!  What a time we are in with Covid -19 roaming the streets of the world. If it's ever the time to be concerned with our health and immune system, the time is now. What can you be doing to boost your immune system? Tune in to find out! Lesson of the Episode: Take your Apple Cider Vinegar, Kombucha, and Turmeric in this time of mass viral infestation. 
April 1, 2020
41. Ben Winder: Power-lifter, Thinker, and Health Enthusiast | Thinking Extrinsically
 The Relentless Life Welcomes Ben Winder to the show. Ben has competed on the National USA Power-lifting level, graduated from FGCU with his degree and passion in health science with a minor in philosophy. Chance and Ben discuss the full spectrum of health, and what that actually includes. Many of us believe health is maybe what you eat or how often we exercise. In reality, our health includes nutrition, exercise, sleep (sleep cycle), hydration, acquiring a meditative state as often as possible, staying away from any sort of processed foods, and many more.  Motivation and overcoming failure was also touched on as well between the two gentlemen. Tune in to learn more about our overall health spectrum and how you can be increasing your likelihood to live longer and happier! Lesson of the Episode: Take the risk to get to where you truly want to be. Failure and success coexist with one another. " Your failures don't define you. It's not what has stopped you in the past, it's about getting up and continuing past though" ~ Ben Winder
August 12, 2019
40. Dr. Darin Stokke: Business Owner and Chiropractor | How Chiropractic Care Can Transform Your Life
 Dr. Stokke believes in the power of natural healing and stresses the importance of spinal health for professional athletes as well as those who just enjoy staying active. He offers a variety of chiropractic care treatments that have the potential to relieve your pain, prevent injuries, and even improve your game. Dr. Stokke took an interest in holistic medicine after suffering a neck injury during a high school football game. At this time, he realized how medicine provides temporary relief from pain, but doesn’t correct it. Dr. Stokke then sought out advice from a chiropractor who had a tremendous impact on his discomfort using noninvasive procedures like a spinal alignment. The chiropractor alleviated his neck pain, sleep disturbances, and even chronic migraines. Shortly after discovering the power of chiropractic care, Dr. Stokke began his education to earn his doctorate of chiropractic. By 1996, he completed his doctorate from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota, which provided him with knowledge of holistic treatments, as well as the skill to help others the way that chiropractor helped him.   As an avid sports participant for many years, Dr. Stokke understands the connection between physical activity and accomplishment. For this reason, Dr. Stokke enjoys improving the game of athletes and helping them reach their goals. He has worked with well-known sports figures, including Minnesota Twins pitchers Kyle Gibson and Trevor May. Additionally, Dr. Stokke and his team assist anyone who wants to improve their physical health or is in need of pain relief. Lesson of the Episode: Do what you love, love what you do! " Use it, don't lose it." ~ Dr. Darrin Stokke
August 5, 2019
39. Jordan Ray: CEO of Limitless Medical Logs | From Prospect Collegiate Athlete to Overcoming Chiari Malformation in the Blink of an Eye
From star athlete, to brain surgery survivor, to young entrepreneur & keynote speaker in less than 3 years ... Jordan Rae is a shinning beam of light and positivity at only 22 years old.  She excelled as a student athlete and began playing softball at the age of 4 with the dreams of being a college athlete.  Jordan and her family traveled throughout the United States competing at a high elite level to help obtain their goal. At age 16 Jordan watched her mom battle and beat breast cancer, and at age 17 she (Jordan) was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation: A condition in which brain tissue extends into the spinal canal, present at birth. This condition was discovered after she blacked out on the softball field during her junior year of high school due to the Cerebrospinal fluid being blocked to her brain. The diagnosis led to her having a major 9+ hour brain surgery 3 months later. At only 22, she is still struggling to find the right treatment to help alleviate some of her symptoms.  Based on her personal experiences, she saw the need for these “all in one” medical logs to benefit anyone who is battling an illness just like she is. She wants to make a difference by helping people take control of their health and be an active participant in managing acute chronic conditions. She created these limitless medical logs to meet an important need. Her story has been featured in over 30 media outlets, The Palm Beach Post, The Sun Sentinel, The Town Crier, ESPN numerous magazine covers, speaking events, and podcasts. She is also a Wellington Hometown Hero. Jordan's story blew me away, and I know it will do the same to you! Lesson of the Episode: Never let a set of circumstance or situation define the outcome of your life. Things can change in the blink of an eye (literally), and it is up to you to decide what you will do when life decides to throw you a series of curve balls.  Get up, dust yourself off, and keep on plugging away at discovering your purpose and sharing it with the world.  " Talk to people, and share your story. You are not alone. " ~ Jordan Ray
July 1, 2019
38. Vinny Sabatino: CBD Entrepreneur | CBD is Booming, and You Should Be Curious As To Why
Episode 38 Welcomes Mr. Vinny Sabatino to The Relentless Life!  Vinny Sabatino is originally from St. Louis Missouri and has lived in south west Florida for the past 15  years. He is actively involved in his local community through networking groups and the hospitality industry. Vinny is all about forming meaningful relationships with other like minded individuals seeking their own definition of success. Vinny has always been a forward thinker and entrepreneur at heart.  His primary goal is to help educate, promote, and distribute a high quality line of CBD products that entice a healthy mind/body to our community. Vinny is extremely passionate about the emerging CBD industry and thrives off of his clients seeing eye opening results. Vinny consistently updates himself with the latest trends this industry experiences, and he remains open minded to dissecting even more of the industry. Vinny opened his own CBD company two years ago called Common Ground CBD.  You can find him on all social media platforms as Vinny Sabatino and his website  for questions or any of his product lines! Lesson of the Episode: CBD's many health benefits include helping alleviate the symptoms of stress and anxiety, cure and help with addiction, increase sleep quality, help fight varying types of cancer cells, alleviate the symptoms of arthritis, autoimmune diseases ( Crones Disease, MS, Lupus), and help (athletes specifically)  with inflammation.  "It intentionally gets better.  Without any sort of explanation, one day you just realize that you're no longer upset. You're no longer mad, hurt, or bothered by the things that took so much of your energy and thoughts. You will find yourself in a peaceful place and enjoying that feeling."  ~ Vinny Sabatino
June 24, 2019
37. Sutton Sabinash: Financial Guru and Entrepreneur | Create a Strong Inner Circle
This week on The Relentless Life, Chance brings on accounting/finance professional and founder of Every Second Accounts, Sutton Sabinash.  He started working in the field of accounting at the age of only 17, and considers himself very fortunate to know early on exactly what it was he wanted to do with his career. In the years following, showcasing an unmatched motivation to grow, persistent dedication to becoming an expert in the field, and consistent hard work, he held titles such as Controller and Senior Accountant in his core roles, as well as CFO and Head of Finance under Every Second Accounts. Sutton has worked with companies varying from the start-up phase, to $50 million/year in sales. He has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in various sectors, such as Manufacturing, Retail, Non-Profit, Tech, among others. Sutton has exemplified leadership, consistency, and persistence in everything he has been involved in. Tune in to learn more on how to build a strong inner circle and what that inner greatness feels like. Everyone has a separate and much different opinion of what inner greatness feels like. Subscribe and tune in! Lesson of the Episode: Start from the bottom and work your way up. So many people look to build as Sutton phrased it 'penthouse' without really focusing on constructing a strong foundation. A strong foundation will indefinitely support for a very long time, what ever you build on top of it.  " You have to build a foundation first, everyone tries to build the penthouse without first building the foundation and the inner floors" ~ Sutton Sabinash
June 17, 2019
36. Sam Lex: Singer Song-Writer | Remain Laser Focused on The Grind
This week on the Relentless Life, Chance hosts an Episode with Mr. Sam Lex. At only 22 years old, Sammy has big plans for his future. Since the time he’s four years old, he’s had a guitar in his hands. When he was a child he had colic, which is a stomach condition that causes constant pain. Sammy would cry nonstop, but his dad found that playing the guitar soothed his pain and discomfort. This was when music started for Sammy. He now has multiple singles and albums on iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud. Looking for his big break, Sam continues to debut shows in Orlando (where he is from). Chance dissects Sammy’s past, story, and his why. Music makes Sammy feel really good, and he feels that if you seek out what makes you feel special, you can organically do anything you desire. You can find Sammy on all social platforms under SamLexMusic. Check out his latest hit “Let’s Go” On YouTube!  Lesson of the Episode: Honing in on perfecting time management will assist you in remaining laser focused on one (or multiple) goals  “ In life, what you give you get back“ ~ Sam Lex
June 10, 2019
35. Rick LoCastro: 24 Year Air force Colonel and Vet | Leading a Team Will Help You Lead Your Life
 After serving 24 years in the U.S. Air Force and retiring as a full Colonel in 2012, Rick was recruited to Naples, and into Hospital Administration serving as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Physicians Regional Medical Center. For 4 years he was responsible for all day-to-day operations of the hospital and directly supervised 13 Departments. He also led the design, construction, and oversaw the hospital's opening of a Walk-In Clinic, Rehab Center, and Primary Care offices on Marco Island… as well as the design and construction of a second Walk-in Clinic and Primary Care center in East Naples.  Rick is currently devoting a full-time role to his consulting company as President, RJL Consulting Team based in Naples. His firm specializes in Healthcare, Retail Businesses, Physician Practices, Construction, Security, Energy & Environmental, Government & Military Issues, Non-Profits, and accelerating employee & team performance by providing strategic and operational expertise to maximize revenue, volume, and staff efficiency. His clients include Fortune 500 companies, multiple prominent political figures, Erin Brockovich, many non-profits, and a multitude of private businesses. Rick is willing to assist anyone he can as consistency devotes himself to servicing others. You can find Rick on Linkedin to further connect!  Lesson of The Episode: Stick to your guns and remain interested in others. Being Relentless is everything and having an open mind will lead your tribe closer to your definition of success.  " I never hire, I recruit" ~Rick LoCastro
June 3, 2019
34. David Burkus: Ted X Speaker and Best Selling Author | Explains the World of Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Podcasting
This week on The Relentless Life Mr. David Burkus joins Chance to discuss the world of writing, reading, speaking, and podcasting. David is a Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, and Former Business School Professor. On the topic of speaking, he has delivered speeches to Fortune 500 CEO's and has over 2,000,000 views on his Ted Talk. David is currently working on a 4th publication, with his most recent "A Friend of a Friend" which offers his readers a new perspective on how to grow their network and build connections. His podcast (Radio Free Leader) was near 1000 episodes before he took a sabbatical to focus on writing and speaking. While regularly contributing to the Harvard Business Review, David was also named one of the World's Top Business Thought Leaders by Thinkers50. The gentlemen share many thoughts and perspectives in the realm of becoming an affluent speaker, writer, and reader. Why write? Why read? Why start a podcast? Questions such as the following are this episodes focus. There is much to be said regarding the power of reading, impact of speaking, and thought behind podcasting. If you have ever had the thought of starting a podcast, writing your first publication, or delve into speaking, you're going to want to hear David Burkus' many helpful tips and advice.  Lesson of the Episode: Have a Plan B, but attack your Plan A like your life depends on it. If you're young and just stepping into the real world with no real responsibilities, take as many risks (within reason) as possible.  We only have one shot at living the life we desire, so work today and take action!  "Everyone has an amazing idea in them , that is manifesting the world because of that place that they occupy it.  " ~ David Burkus
May 27, 2019
33. Nico De Bruyn: Immigrant and Growth Hacker | Be you and Never Fear Stepping out of Your Comfort Zone
This week on The Relentless Life, another truly inspiring and motivated entrepreneur joins Chance in a conversation that will go down in the shows history as one of the best. Mr. Nico De Bruyn is only 22 years old who recently graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in nutrition. Though nutrition was his area of focus during his formal education, Nico had much greater plans for his future. While attending his classes he would be silently investing his time into studying digital marketing and implementing what he has learned into building a pretty significant clientele. Nico is originally from South Africa and moved to the states in 2007. With an eager desire to learn, he knew he had massive plans for his future at a young age. Nico has plans to release his first publication in August of 2019, and doesn't want anything to do with a profit. Instead, he will be donating the remaining three dollars (what he would have profited) to a charitable organization of his choice. You can purchase "The Fruit of Smart Marketing"  starting in August of this year on his website and Amazon. Nico can be found on his site ( or on Linkedin and Instagram. All in all, Nico lives for others and is in love with giving back to the world. He has left his mark on The Relentless Life and surely will continue to leave his mark on the world!  Lesson of the Episode: Fight your insecurities and be you every single day. Nothing else matters but the opinion you hold of yourself. Be you, strive to blast passed your comfort zones, and continually change the world in your own unique way.  "We make purchasing decisions every single day, and it's not because of logic, we buy things based off of our emotions"  ~ Nico De Bruyn
May 20, 2019
32. Renee Galloway: Part Two | Mother's Day Appreciation
What do you think of when you hear the word mom? Love, compassion, gratitude, caring for you when you're sick, home cooked meals?  There are likely many different thoughts that come to mind when dissecting the role of a mother. Today on the show, Chance brings back special guest Renee Galloway to discuss the importance of mom's all around the world and what being a mother looks like. The Relentless Life wishes all the moms out there listening a very Happy Mother's Day. This world wouldn't be the same without moms. Join today's conversation as a few tears were shed and feelings surfaced between Chance and his mom. Being Relentless is just the beginning of a moms role and many responsibilities.  Thank you to all the incredible and passionate moms out there! Lesson of the Episode: Respect your self and seek out individuals who will build you up rather than break you down.  " Once you stop fighting, you dreams falter, they fail. You have to create it, research it, ask questions. Never ever give up" 
May 13, 2019
31. Matt Walden: A Musician with Ambition | Deciding to Thrive, Rather Than Survive
The Relentless Life welcomes Matt Walden, who is an FGCU Graduate and creator of his own Dreams. Matt has an undeniable passion for writing music and performing that music to the world. He has already generate a significant amount of success, considering his hit song "Milestones" is fastly approaching 2 million views on Spotify. Matt is leaving for tour this Summer 2019, to explore and connect with as many people as possible. He lives for his fans and is fueled and driven by the lives he has positively affected over the course of time he's been producing music. Matt is creating music because it's a way for him to express the emotion he was never able to express. Join our conversation and discover how to live a healthier life, overcome anxiety, burst through your comfort zone, and more on an upcoming music Icon! Lesson of the Episode: It isn't about how hard you work yourself, it's about finding your personal center of balance to continue doing what you love to do. Remain out of your comfort zone, but not far enough to be in the anxiety zone. Live to learn and remain in the learning zone.  "Being relentless is a constant reminder of what you're working towards " ~ Matt Walden
May 6, 2019
30. David Meltzer: CEO of Sports 1 Marketing | How To Stay Connected To Goodness
Are you ready for Episode 30 on the Relentless Life? We are bringing on special guest David Meltzer! David is currently the CEO of Sports 1 Marketing, which is a marketing agency that he co-founded with Pro Football Hall of Fame Quarterback, Warren Moon. While being a successful businessman and entrepreneur, David is also looked at globally as an extremely impactful humanitarian. His drive and passion to help others rewarded him with being recognized as one of Marshall Goldsmith's Top 100 Business Coaches in the world, Chairman of the Unstoppable Foundation, receiving in many different magazines Sports Humanitarian of the Year. David is also a Two Time Bestselling Author (One National and One International)  of Connected to Goodness and Compassionate Capitalism. Along with writing, he interviews some of the worlds greatest athletes, celebrities, and entrepreneurs on his Top 5 Podcast Series, "The Play Book". David discusses how going from rags to riches, back to rags, and finally back to riches was the best thing that ever could have happened to him. His Relentless Attitude is what made him into who he is today, and he wants to share his story with you. You can find him on Instagram/ Linkedin as David Meltzer, and on his website at Looking to learn how to enjoy your life through giving and gratitude? This is the episode for you!  Looking to learn more about Awareness, Gratitude, and Staying connected to goodness?  Contact David on Instagram or his website ( to receive a free copy of one of his Best Selling Books, Connected To Goodness.   Lesson of the Episode: Meditate daily, express gratitude, and stay connected to goodness.  "  The Extra Mile (Empty Mile) is never crowded "  ~ David Meltzer
April 29, 2019
29. Joe Nugent: Serial Entrepreneur | How to Amplify Your Future
Joe Nugent: Quite the speaker, business man, comedian, and entrepreneur. Joe has certainly encountered his fair share of failure in the business world. After going through a terrible divorce back in 2016, he went on a two year drinking binge. It wasn't until recently where he looked himself in the eyes and said "Wake Up".  This is when he reclaimed his life, and has been unstoppable ever since. Joe is bursting with confidence and is here to share with The Relentless Life that anyone can turn their life around at any point in time. Joe was nominated by The News Press as the very first Young Professional of the Year. Joe's response: "All I've ever anted to do, was make a difference in someone's life" . Now known as the YP Mentor, Joe thrives on helping others succeed through his mentorships, speeches, and client interactions both with The Holiday In (where he is Director of Sales and Marketing) and Joe The Home Pro (his home inspection business). Joe has made many connections and gives away more than a few tips on how to actually amplify your future!  Joe also discusses a very helpful and prestigious mentor ship program. Founded by Millionaire Entrepreneur, Sean Thomas. There are 13 current millionaire mentors in this program and 400 people with access to these mentors. Joe recommends checking this out, as it is only $48 a month to work on your personal growth and development. Go to to find more on this mastermind mentorship program! Lesson of the Episode: Help others and become a servant to the world by pursuing your passion! " Keep at it, find out what your goals are, and just do not give up " ~ Joe Nugent 
April 22, 2019
28. Mark Bowden: #1 Voted Body Language Professional In The World | The Do's and Don'ts of Body Language
This Week on The Relentless Life, Mark Bowden and Chance go over the dos and dont's of communicating and reading effective body language. Currently voted #1 body language expert in the world, Mark is just the guest speaker for The Relentless Life Community. If you are looking to further improve your body language communication skills, Mark offers free training on body language confidence. All you have to do is go to and start your free training with Mark. This is a resource provided to you by the Relentless Life, and we are certainly looking forward to your personal growth and progression. If there is anything Mark can do for you, please feel free to reach out to him on his website Mark is a 4 Time Bestselling Author, his publications can be found on his website for you to learn from. Head over to his site to grab your free training , purchase a book on body language, or just watch him engage with his clients (of which are CEO's of Fortune 500 companies and Prime Ministers of G8 Powers). There is much to be learned from Mr. Mark Bowden beyond this episode on the Relentless Life. It is our hope that you captured some sort of value from the episode and will share that value with someone you care about.  Lesson of the Episode: Make sure you relentlessly show up and remain consistent with what you do overtime. The long game will play in your favor.  "Hang in there and keep on going" ~ Mark Bowden
April 15, 2019
27. Blake Michael Cathey: Entrepreneur, Realtor, and Marketing Guru | How to Become a Successful Realtor and Investor
Episode 27 on The Relentless Life features another speaker from FGCU's CEO club. At only 20 years old, Blake Michael Cathey is a Licensed Realtor while also owning 5 other businesses out of Naples Florida. Blake is a marketing guru and loves helping other small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their following and client base. Blake is the founder of Volcanik Marketing and uses this platform to stimulate organic growth for local and non local companies. He also is an avid speaker around the Southwest Florida region, spreading his knowledge in the real estate and marketing industries. Blake has a passion for mentoring other young entrepreneurs along with investing into start ups that he believes has a solid chance in making it past that crucial three year mark of being in business.  Join us as we have a value packed conversation about real estate, business ventures, marketing, sales, investing, and overcoming failure!   Lesson of the Episode: Find the one thing that makes you happy and pursue it everyday of your life.   " You've got to live a life that fulfills you, and not one that Instagram wants you to fulfill or Facebook wants you to fulfill" ~ Blake Michael Cathey 
April 8, 2019
26. Rani Gupta: Journey from Poor Indian Girl to Fords First Female Engineer
After speaking with Mrs. Damyanti Gupta, I soon came to realize the true definition behind relentless. Damyanti, otherwise known as Rani (find out why everyone calls her Queen in her language), has exemplified an incredibly strong character over the course of her life. Originally from British India, Rani started off with no money in a town where most people were unable to make it. Rani was born in 1942 in British India and was family oriented like no other. At the age of 12 the Prime Minister came to speak to her community. He announced that they need more engineers, then going on to say "I'm speaking to you girls too". This is the day that Rani Gupta's life changed forever. Since the time she was 12 she was so fascinated with that word 'Engineer'. Her parents saved every last penny they made and funded the start of Rani's education. That wasn't even the difficult part of her educational and young life's journey. Rani had to overcome so many obstacles to earn the title of Fords First Female Engineer. After working at Ford for 34 years and successfully bringing her entire family to America to live a better life, Rani became a massive impact and influence on men and women (specifically) around the world. Join Rani and I on Episode 26 of The Relentless Life, to discover the true definition of Relentless and how she became who she is today. I now share a profound relationship with Rani: she has certainly served me with an incredible story and more motivation than I know what to do with. Please help me in welcoming Mrs. Rani Gupta to the show!  *Unfortunately we experienced some technical difficulties during the recording of this episode and did not find out until the entire episode was recorded. Rani's voice sounds clear, but Chance had an issue with his mic connection. Their is too much value packed into this episode to not post because of a static issue. We hope this doesn't stop you from listening to Rani's story and hearing her perspective/experience with making it through the tough times. Enjoy the show!  Lesson of the Episode: The quickest way to happiness is through giving and watching others grow through what you have given them. "Everybody in this world has something to offer " ~ Rani Gupta
April 1, 2019
25. Dan Chiodo: Leadership Executive | How To Become a Leader
Welcome To Week 25 of the Relentless Life! This week features Dan Chiodo who has a ton of experience in leadership, in fact so much that his profession is coaching others how to become a better leader in their own life. Not only does Dan have experience in the field of executive coaching, he also is the host of the Level Up Podcast, has training in  Leadership, Sales, Time Mgmt., Communication, Customer Service, and has published his own book (currently working on 4 others).  He is the author of PerfectTIMING, a book about how to gain at least two hours each day through developing his PerfectTIMING strategies. It is available at Barnes & Noble stores and The Kansas City Library featured it in May, 2013 as their Book of the Month. It was recently produced as an audio book as well. Dan is the President and Founder of iMPACT Training & Development. He is a motivational speaker, executive coach, corporate trainer and author. His areas of expertise include communications, time management, leadership, strategic planning, customer service, and sales. He is a CMEC (Certified Mastermind Executive Coach) and is a faculty member at Impact Coaching Academy in Washington. He also appears on their popular radio show for coaches and teaches courses there. Dan is a John Maxwell Certified Executive Coach and Trainer and teaches many of his courses. Please help me in welcoming a man who seems to have done it all, Mr. Dan Chiodo!  Lesson of the Episode: Find your tribe and keep moving in the direction you truly desire. Becoming a leader comes from within and is directly reflected upon the individuals you surround yourself with.  " Be relentless in searching for answers, and find out a way to get there. If this route doesn't take me there, then I'm going to take another route " ~ Dan Chiodo
March 25, 2019
24. Brian Corrion: Comedian, Captain, Entrepreneur | Digesting Business
 This week on the Relentless Life, the topic of discussion is business. Chance brings on special guest Brian Corrion, local Charter Captain in the Fort Myers area and Owner of The Laugh In Comedy Cafe. While discussing the importance in networking, building relationships, and failure, the guys unravel a whole lot about prevail past uncertainty. After Meeting Brian at one of FGCU's CEO Club Meetings, Chance knew he had to have him on the show. Brian told these young entrepreneurs his story, and what is needed to excel in the business world. Brian has had many ups and downs in life, but is now enjoying a much more comfortable life with the woman of his dreams. His experience ranges all the way from being a professional mover, to becoming a charter captain, and finally now owning a comedy cafe. You do not want to miss the valuable pointers this experienced entrepreneur has to offer!  Lesson of the Episode: Trial and error everything until you find your why. Experience all you can and you'll change the world in the process.  " Life is like a GPS, you can re calibrate it whenever you want" ~ Brian Corrion
March 18, 2019
23. Renee Galloway: Mother, Writer, Creator | The Roots
The latest episode of The Relentless Life with Chance Galloway, exposes Chance's mother and all she has been through to the world. Due to this episode getting cut short, there will be a part two in the near future to cover where this mom and son duo left off. Here on the Relentless Life we are all about overcoming adversity and never quitting, NO MATTER WHAT. Chance claims he gets his Relentless personality from his mother, as she has always instilled a 'never back down' mentality into him since the time he was just a child. Tune in to this weeks episode (episode 23) to hear where it all started. Even before Chance, many obstacles were hurdled and hardships were endured. Everyone have an excellent week, and remain Consistently Relentless! Lesson of the Episode: Treat others exactly how you would like to be treated and never judge a book by its cover. We all have different back stories and are rooted to different experiences and people. Know your roots and live with integrity and compassion.  " I absolutely believe that there is no shame in anyone's past, you just work through it and become a better human being because of it"  ~ Renee Galloway
March 11, 2019
22. Andrew White: Fitness Guru and Entrepreneur | Fasting, Detoxing, and the Benefits of Living a Healthy Lifestyle
Welcoming back former guest Andrew White to The Relentless Life on Episode 22! The guys cover more than just health and motivation. They dive into why today matters, and that taking action is all that matters. You must take action today if you want tomorrow to be easier. Chance and Andrew also discuss how health is wealth, why manifesting your destiny everyday will determine your future success, and being in the trenches. Tune into this powerful and motivating episode of The Relentless Life! Remember that in life, we all want things, but only get what we work for. Work today, and subscribe for that free weekly motivation right here on The Relentless Life.  Lesson of the Episode: When you're aware of what you put into your body, your output will skyrocket. Fast, Detox (Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice, water) , and hit your cardio (HIIT). Health is wealth!  " Work in silence, let success make the noise "  ~ Andrew White
March 4, 2019
21. Jordan Paris: Health Enthusiast, Writer, Podcaster | Where it all Started
Welcome to Episode 21 on The Relentless Life! This weeks episode features the one and only, Jordan Paris. Jordan is a 21 year old Published Author, Podcaster, Student, Web Designer, and master net worker on LinkedIn. While on the show, the guys discuss becoming a master at marketing on LinkedIn and arguing why Instagram is dead in terms of business. Chance and Jordan also go over playing the long game and why it's so important. So many people are "spraying and praying" people on social media, as Jordan puts it. Find out what he means in this value packed episode on The Relentless Life! Chance announces that this episode will be the turning point in the shows history. More interviews, big name guests, and VALUABLE content! Tune in every Monday at 7 am, when the weekly episode of The Relentless Life Drops. Subscribe on The Apple Podcast App, Spotify, and the many other podcast platforms to gain a new perspective every week!  Lesson of the Episode: Get on LinkedIn and stop playing around with trying to market yourself or business on Instagram. " Life is like riding a bicycle, to stay balanced we must keep moving" ~ Jordan Paris 
February 25, 2019
20. Be Aware of Your Nutrition
In this weeks episode of The Relentless Life, Chance brings on the topic of Nutrition. Chance discusses how imperative it is to be aware of what we are putting into our bodies. We are meant to function like a machine, and if we continuously feed our bodies crap, then we will be operating sub par to our maximum capabilities. Part of being #Relentless, is fueling up with the highest quality and most nutritious foods. Chance discusses how YOU must be your own advocate and to not rely on the government for answers or the proper guidelines. Tune in for a few tips and tricks to get you on the right path toward living #TheRelentlessLife. We are what we eat, and Chance just may have the tools you need to grow into the greatest version of yourself possible!
January 30, 2019
19. The Shark Mentality
Welcome to the Relentless Life! Here on the Relentless Life, we are all about overcoming adversity and embracing new and empowering perspectives. On today's episode (#19), Chance discusses what it means to have a Shark Mentality. After learning Walter Bonds story (how he was the first undrafted player to ever start opening night in the NBA), Chance just had to record an episode on what he overcame. Tune into this weeks episode to learn a bit more on the Relentless Life, Walter Bond's phenomenal story of making it to the NBA, and the Shark Mentality. Chance also went live on Instagram for the first time while recording an episode of the Relentless Life. We are very excited to bring on new people to share their perspectives in the near future! Live Consistently Relentless!
January 21, 2019
18. My Experience On NBC TITAN GAMES
Chance touches on his experience with NBC's new athletic competition series, NBC Titan Games. Meeting DJ, the production team, and fellow competitors gave Chance a new perspective on what's possible. Join this explosive discussion of Chance's experience with NBC Titan Games. He also dives into his morning routine, which helped him claim a role in the production of the show. Tune in to learn a few things you could be doing in the morning to open up opportunities for you in the future! Wishing you a Happy New Year from the Relentless Life!
January 11, 2019
17. Seeking Out Failure
Episode 17 on the Relentless Life welcomes the topic of failure. Chance highlights why we should all be seeking to fail each and every day. We all know that when we fail we learn a valuable lesson, right? Well, why don't we continuously seek out new opportunities and objectives that we may fail at doing? This is the number one key to succeeding in any aspect of your life. Whether that be relationships, finances, business, or school. We all have a fear of failing, but what if we reprogrammed our minds into fearing being comfortable. Fear not failing every day. Tune in for the Relentless Life's perspective on just how important failure really is! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! 
December 25, 2018
16. Questioning All We've Ever Known with Luke Stokke
This week Chance brings you a very long but intriguing episode of the Relentless Life. Luke S has been known to question many things in his life, and Chance wanted to interview this 20 year old future Elon Musk to see what thought patterns he truly elicits. The guys go over topics such as Genetic Mutation, Technology, The Universe, Infinity, The Law of Polarity, Ritualistic Behavior, and much more. The Relentless Life has never seen an episode to the extent of which week 16 presented. Tune in to catch this weeks episode which will leave you questioning everything you've ever known!
December 3, 2018
15. Expressing Thanks Will Guide You To Happiness
On Episode 15 of The Relentless Life, Chance delivers an efficient message that will leave you feeling grateful for what you already have. After celebrating Thanksgiving with great food, loved ones, and the comfort of your home, it is essential we remember to show thanks through out the entire year. The holiday season is known for bringing people together. Here on the relentless Life, it is our mission to bring out the best in you. Showing gratitude and thanks is just one more ingredient in that recipe. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the episode!
November 26, 2018
14. Prevail Beyond Everyone's Expectations With Josh Autera
In this weeks episode on The Relentless Life, Chance Brings on Brother Josh Autera to discuss his personal victories in overcoming scoliosis and spinal fusion. The guys relate Josh's miraculous story to living the relentless life. Josh has exemplified what it means to be relentless when the chips are heavily stacked against you. Tune in to hear about his incredible story and to feel enlighten. If Josh can overcome the surgeries, doubt, bullying, and physical disabilities, then you can push past anything life decides to throw your way.
November 19, 2018
13. The Power of Humility, Exposure, and Being Uncomfortable
Chance brings on the discussion of why humility is so powerful, especially in today's society. Being humble is necessary when you begin to produce success. Exposing yourself to stressful and uncomfortable situations reaps undeniable growth. Join Chance on this weeks episode of the Relentless Life to challenge what you perceive as being uncomfortable. There is nothing the Relentless Life won't do for you. What are you waiting for to become part of the team?
November 12, 2018
12. The Warrior Mentality
In Episode 12 of The Relentless Life, Chance reaffirms what the Relentless Life is and brings on the topic of owning a warrior's mentality. He discusses three well known motivational speakers who happen to be very influential on millions of people. Learn how Eric Thomas, Ray Lewis, and Inky Johnson overcame extreme adversity, leading them to where they're at today. They have a warrior's mentality and so can you! What are you waiting for?
November 6, 2018
11. Suffering and Growth with Bobby Carlson
This week on the Relentless Life, Chance brings on dear friend and Relentless Community Member, Bobby Carlson. The guys discuss suffering, sacrifice, and pain. They dive into how these action driven words will reap massive results in the long run. The only way to grow is by embracing consistent suffering. Endeavor into this 30 minute episode and discover one more perspective of someone who has been through pain, suffering, and sacrifice.
October 29, 2018
10. Bracing For Hardships
Welcome to the 10th episode of the Relentless Life with Chance Galloway. You'll soon discover that the journey of life is very hard and made that way for a reason. Not many people have the mindset to overcome adversity and flourish through failure. Chance discusses the challenges he and his family endured, then uncovers the formula needed to reach success when you're at the bottom of the barrel. You must brace yourself for hardships. Becoming successful is not easy and certainly not for everyone. It requires a RELENTLESS mindset to fail and keep moving forward.
October 22, 2018
9. Create Your Future By The Actions You Take Today
In this weeks episode of the Relentless Life, Chance opens the discussion of creating your future by the actions you take today. We only have today but at the same time, once today is over all we have is tomorrow. Work hard today so you can live the future you desire. Chance also includes three talking points from Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Persistence, the power of your imagination, and thought repetition are all important to evaluate when creating your future. This episode is packed full of Chance's relentless motivation and Napoleon Hill's valuable knowledge about creating future success. What are you waiting for? There is much to be gained from Episode 9 of the Relentless Life!
October 15, 2018
8. Debriefing The Unknown About Luck
In this fired up episode, Chance discusses luck and how it only exists in the minds of the average. Preparation and opportunity are the two ingredients needed to run into "luck". So many people believe successful individuals are lucky for being in the position they are in, but fail to see their consistent hard work. Tune into episode 8 to dig a bit deeper into what luck really is and how you can become lucky.
October 8, 2018
7. Relentlessly Unraveling Passion
Join Chance on Episode 7 of The Relentless Life as he unravels passion and the significance it has on determining your success. Cultivating a WHY and truly discover it will lead you down paths you never knew existed. Through Chance's experience and perspective, he will guide you through this incredible journey. If you wish to become empowered about discovering your passion, this is the episode for you.
October 4, 2018
6. Fasting's Many Must Have Extraordinary Health Benefits
Chance brings on dear friend Andrew White to discuss fasting and the countless benefits fasting has on our overall health. As the guys enlist in their first 24 hour fast, they give you personal experience on fasting and intermittent fasting. If you are inclined to learn more on fasting, then this episode is for you. Don't wait and miss out on these must have health benefits!
September 24, 2018
5. Dissecting Consistency
Join Chance as he guides you through the true meaning of consistency and the significant importance in applying this very crucial principal into your daily routine. Find out what consistency is, how to become consistent, and why consistency is essential for success. Live CONSISTENTLY Relentless!
September 18, 2018
4. Four Things You Should Be Doing To Acquire Success
Chance brings on dear friend Andrew White as they unlock 4 key elements that will determine your success. Join them on this short but explosive journey of knowledge and value. Will you live RELENTLESS today?
August 30, 2018
3. Time To Take A New Action
Join Chance Galloway and Jordan Paris as they make a call for action. If you're not sure where to start and have no motivation to endure the journey...this short episode will be sure kick start your WHY. Now lets get moving!
August 20, 2018
2. What Does It Mean to Be Relentless?
In episode 2 of The Relentless Life, Chance Galloway and his former Growth Mindset University co-host Jordan Paris talk about what it means to be relentless in the pursuit of realizing your vision of success. The guys dive deep in telling their stories of remaining relentless even in the midst of adversity. Visit the guys online: Chance: Jordan:
August 13, 2018
1. Welcome To The Relentless Life
Chance briefly introduces his mission and the mission of the his show The Relentless Life. This marks the start of a consistently relentless adventure with Chance. Subscribe wherever you're listening from to learn how to obtain a relentless mindset so that you can have anything you desire. Meet Chance:
August 9, 2018