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Remarkable Voices

Remarkable Voices

By Meredith Johnson
Conversations on culture, creativity and big ideas. Each week spotlights movers and shakers and their unique effect in our world.
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9: Rosalie Mastaler, Disability Advocate, Writer, Mother

Remarkable Voices

9: Rosalie Mastaler, Disability Advocate, Writer, Mother

Remarkable Voices

10: Emerald Arguelles, Photographer, Visual Artist
Internationally recognized Savannah-based photographer and visual artist Emerald Arguelles' work is a testimony to and celebration of the importance of black lives. Editor-in-chief of Ain't-Bad, an independent publisher of contemporary art, Emerald's work focuses on creating a space to honor and appreciate the black community. She talks about what she does through her images and projects, what she hopes to offer for others, working for NBC on 30 Rock, and how growing up in her mother's salon impacted her greater understanding of she sees the world and its messages. 
April 15, 2021
9: Rosalie Mastaler, Disability Advocate, Writer, Mother
When Rosalie's four-year-old son Hunter was attacked by their police dog, his leg was amputated below the knee. Rosalie became passionate about advocacy and inclusivity, leading her to write a children's book to offer representation for marginalized voices such as the limb-loss community. In this, she aims to bring more diversity to children's literature. In this episode, Rosalie discusses her family's inspiring journey of tragedy, activism and acceptance. 
March 29, 2021
Episode 8: Steven Tomlinson, Ph.D., Communications Expert
Steven Tomlinson, Ph.D., is a communications expert in Austin, Texas. He says that "communication isn't what you say, but what happens in the minds of those who listen." Steven coaches Wall Street, Fortune 500 and high-tech startup executives and managers. He is Associate Professor of Leadership and Administration at Seminary of the Southwest and a Founding Master Teacher at the Acton School of Business for Entrepreneurship. He taught economics and finance at UT Austin where he designed and directed the MBA professional development program. He also writes plays and has performed his award-winning solo shows in Austin and off-Broadway. In this episode, Steven dives into the makeup of genuine connection and communication, his experience with coaching large-scale teams, and how he has fused his love of art and business. "Impressing people is always to distance yourself from them...If you lead with your strength, people will defend themselves. But if you offer them your humanity, they will offer you theirs. Generous connection always starts with-- what's your intention?"
March 20, 2021
Episode 7: Music Expo with Loïc Maestracci
Loïc Maestracci, Founder of Music Expo, brought to life his vision of creating a collaborative platform for those working in the music industry. The Music Expo has expanded into a nationwide series of conferences, connecting some of the biggest names in music in cities including San Francisco, Boston, Miami, and Nashville. In this episode, we’ll discover how Maestracci started the Music Expo with no money, venue, or contacts, and how the event has grown and evolved in the years since to host IRL and virtual live events for music creators to meet peers, get advice, and workshop your career with the best in the business. The conference has garnered national acclaim for its up-close access to some of the world’s most renowned DJs, producers and engineers. We’ll also get an insider’s look into the music industry, where it is now, and where it’s going. 
March 12, 2021
6: Ma'i Movement: Ending Period Poverty in Hawaii
The cost of paradise is high. Hawaii has led the nation in high cost of living for many years, even higher than California and New York. With an economy that relies on tourism, the pandemic has not been kind to Hawaii. Many families and locals are struggling just to make ends meet and cover basic needs from housing and food, to care items like period products.  To combat this disparity, sisters Brandy-Lee and Nikki-Ann Yee cofounded the Ma'i Movement, to act on their mission to provide and distribute free menstrual products to people in need, advocating for systemic change in the government, schools and community to end period poverty in Hawaii.  In this episode, I speak with Nikki about period poverty as a public health crisis, human rights, and what the Ma'i Movement is doing every single day to effect change. 
March 5, 2021
Episode 5: Cayla Zeek, Artist
Lafayette local Cayla Zeek: Artist, Painter, Filmmaker, Producer, Director, Graphic Designer and business owner is the definition of a mover and shaker. With an impressive roster of exhibits, bylines and recognition to her name, Cayla continues to surround herself and collaborate with other makers in the community that refuses to stop creating. Cayla discusses how she stays so fluid in her craft and how she keeps her processes practical from start to finish.  
February 26, 2021
Episode 4: Chris Marshall, Founder of Sans Bar Austin
Chris Marshall, Founder and Owner of Sans Bar in Austin Texas, discusses the concept behind his alcohol-free bar. Chris is very passionate about sobriety and the freedom it's allowed him to deeply connect with others and lead a more spiritual life. We talk about choices, the sober-curious movement, big alcohol, and how things are changing in the current social landscape.
February 19, 2021
Episode 3: Dr. LaShaunda Massey, Mental Health & Mental Illness
Dr. LaShaunda Poindexter Massey, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, discusses her career in psychology, focusing on mood disorders, mental health and mental illness. We discuss the ongoing stigma of mental illness, addressing its existing taboo and what we can do as individuals to eradicate it at its root. We question how mental illness has been sensationalized and targeted by pop culture over time and by societies overall. I share some of my own story with mental health and what has helped me in my journey. Dr. Massey discusses particular stigmas and challenges within the BIPOC community and how it is changing. Dr. Massey shares deep insights on building healthier individuals overall. This is an increasingly urgent conversation and topic in our new landscape. 
February 12, 2021
Episode 2: Two Doctors on the Frontlines of Covid
Two doctors, Dr. N and Dr. L, join me for an intimate conversation on what it's been like to work on the frontlines of COVID. We explore their experiences, insights and COVID's impact. 
February 6, 2021
Episode 1: Allison Summers, Comedian
Comedian, Improv Player, and Short Filmmaker Allison Summers sits down for a conversation with me about her career in comedy. We talk about her experience with Second City, I.O. West, and the Upright Citizens Brigade. Allison discusses her life as an improv player and what it feels like to "bomb" on stage. We get into funny now, what that is, and everything in between. We get a little bit philosophical. We dive into how Allison has honed her career in comedy. 
February 5, 2021