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Remember A Charity Podcast

Remember A Charity Podcast

By Remember A Charity
In this podcast we will be bringing together experts from the legacy sector to help answer questions and discuss current key topics affecting legacy fundraisers both during Covid-19 and beyond.
We want to support our members and the wider charity sector as much as we possibly can during this difficult time and are have some brilliants guests offering their advice and expertise on various areas.

Members are invited to submit questions and topics for discussion in advance. For any membership enquiries please contact
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Innovation in Legacy Fundraising
In this episode we will be exploring the topic of innovation in legacy fundraising. So keep listening to hear our guest’s views on what problems might need solving in the sector as well what they think the biggest areas of opportunity are for gifts in Wills – and how to apply that in your own charity. This episode has been produced in collaboration with the Legacy Futures Awards. The Innovation Award (for which podcast host, Lucinda Darby, is one of the judges) is open to any organisation this is looking to innovate in the area of legacy or in memory giving and create a big impact. Find out more and apply the awards here. Applications close on 31st March - good luck to all who enter!  The guests in this episode were: Ashley Rowthorn – CEO, Legacy Futures Georgina Hyman  – Head of Legacy and In Memory Giving, Alzheimer's Research UK & Chair of the Legacy & In Mem SIG Michael Clark – Head of Legacy Development, World Cancer Research Fund & committee member of the Legacy & In Mem SIG The questions we explored were: 1. What does the word ‘innovation’ mean to you?  2. Which areas of legacy fundraising do you think need innovation the most? 3. As a larger charity, or one who invests a lot in legacy fundraising do you have examples of how you have been innovative in the past? Or future plans? 4. Vice versa, what does innovation in legacy fundraising look like for a smaller charity? 5. What do you think the future of legacy fundraising holds? If you have any questions about anything we have spoken about, please email us at and we can pass your questions on to the guests. P.S. To apply for one of the Legacy Futures Awards, simply fill in one of the forms HERE. Applications must be received by 17:00 GMT on 31st March 2022. Good luck!
February 28, 2022
Scottish Legacy Market Report - Panel Discussion
This episode has been recorded to celebrate the recent launch of our joint report on the Scottish legacy market with Legacy Foresight, ILM and Smee & Ford, which is available to download from our website HERE. The key findings of the report will also be presented by Remember A Charity and Legacy Foresight at the next Scottish Legacy Forum meeting on Thursday 25th November. Register in advance for the meeting HERE. In this episode we were joined by a panel of guests who helped contribute to the Scottish legacy market report: Meg Abdy - Development Director, Legacy Foresight Iain McAndrew – Director of Development and Communications, CHAS Ali Macleod – Head of Fundraising, National Trust for Scotland Rob Cope – Director, Remember A Charity The questions we explored were: 1. Has the pandemic driven a different attitude to both giving and mortality? And what might this mean for legacies?  2. Who do you think are the priority audiences to reach out to, in order to grow the legacy market? 3. How can charities balance the tension between delivering their short-term income targets and investing in legacy fundraising?  4. How can collaboration grow legacy giving in Scotland?  5. How do you create an organisational culture that embraces legacies? If you have any questions about anything we have spoken about, please email us at and we can pass your questions on to the guests.
October 19, 2021
Remember A Charity Week Special - Legal Professionals
It’s Remember A Charity Week!  To coincide with our favourite week of the year we have recorded a couple of podcast specials. In this episode we are joined by three lovely legal professionals to explore Remember A Charity Week and legacy giving from their perspective: Eleanor Evans – Partner and Head of Trusts and Estates Administration Department, Hugh James Charlotte Ponder – Legal Director, Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Richard Honey – Senior Associate, Charles Russell Speechlys The questions we explored were: 1. How will you be celebrating Remember A Charity Week? 2. Have you noticed any changes in client behaviour or attitudes towards will-writing since the start of the pandemic? 3. Charlotte, you recently became a trustee at charity - What is that dynamic like, coming from a legal background and acting as a trustee at a charity? What is their attitude towards legacy fundraising? 4. Is there more we (as charity sector and Remember A Charity) could be doing to encourage charitable conversations between professional advisors and their clients? 5. Do you have any practical tips or advice for charities listening when it comes to the administration of a legacy gift? If you have any questions about anything we have spoken about, please email us at and we can pass your questions on to the guests.
September 06, 2021
Remember A Charity Week Special - Behind The Scenes
It’s Remember A Charity Week! To coincide with our favourite week of the year we have recorded a couple of podcast specials. In this episode we are giving listeners a sneak peek behind the scenes of Remember A Charity Week, to shine a light on the amazing work of our agencies and to give a little more insight into the planning and delivery of the awareness week – along with some extra tips and advice. Our guests were: Louise Rudaizky – Managing Director, Atomic London Andy Nethercleft – Operations Director, Atomic London Rachel Isaacs – Account Manager, Hope&Glory PR The questions we explored were: 1. For those listening who might not know, please can you explain who Atomic London and Hope&Glory are, and what your roles have been in delivering Remember A Charity Week this year? 2. What would you say have been the biggest challenges and/or opportunities in creating this year’s campaign? 3. When it comes to reaching our target demographic are there any marketing insights you can share?  4. How can charities utilise the PR around this week for their campaigns?  5. If there was one thing a charity could do to maximise the week, what would it be? If you have any questions about anything we have spoken about, please email us at and we can pass your questions on to the guests.
September 06, 2021
Employers and future planning
In this episode we focus on the role that employers can play in supporting their staff with long term planning including last wishes and Wills. But we also explore wider areas around attitudes towards death, dying and future planning, with charitable giving as an important part of that. We were lucky to speak to a panel of guests from different organisations who all work together to help employees with their future planning: Ian Dibb – CEO, Once I’ve Gone Mark Edmondson - Head of Commercial Partnerships, Once I’ve Gone Lisa Lund – Director, Adroit Legal Services Stacey MacDougall - Wellbeing Manager, John Lewis Partnership The questions we explored were: Do you think the public’s attitude towards thinking about and planning for death has changed? What challenges do you think the public are currently facing when it comes to estate planning and what can we do to help?  What role do you think employers can play in helping their staff with future/estate planning?  How do you think the charity sector and employers could better work together to achieve shared goals?  Do you think there might be an appetite amongst other employers to encourage more of their staff to write their wills and get their estates in order? If you have any further questions about this episode, please email us at
May 27, 2021
Small charities & legacy fundraising
Our latest episode is focused on small charities and the various challenges and opportunities faced in comparison with larger organisations when it comes to legacy fundraising.  We know from talking to our members that small charities face very different challenges when it comes to legacies, so wanted to explore some of these in more depth and help to give some advice and insight to others listening. We hope this will be a useful listen for any small charities who are already legacy fundraising or perhaps those who haven’t yet started their journey and aren’t sure where to begin. Our two brilliant guests are: Charlotte Hoare; Fundraising Manager at HEART UK Audrey Cornelius; Head of Fundraising at British Liver Trust The questions asked were: How does your charity currently promote legacy giving and what encouraged you to start doing to? What are your biggest challenges as a small charity when it comes to gifts in wills? On the flip side are there any opportunities for small charities when it comes to legacies? And do you have any success stories you can share with us? What are your top tips for other small charities who aren’t sure where to start with legacies? How would you recommend to make the most of Remember A Charity Week in September with limited resources? If you have any questions or queries about this episode please contact us at
March 29, 2021
Will-writing in a Pandemic - Panel Discussion
This episode is intended to help you with your legacy fundraising planning. Our panel of experts from the Will-writing sector will be reflecting on trends from during the pandemic since last year, and the insights and issues that legacy fundraisers may need to consider in the year ahead. Our panel of guests include: Dave Newick; Chief Executive at Arken Legal Lorraine Robinson TEP; Head of Legal at Farewill James Antonio TEP; Head of Legal Practice for Estate Planning at Co-op Legal Services Jon Brewer; Founder at Bequeathed Iain Wanstall; Founder and Consultant of Wanstall Consulting Wills & Estate Planning Questions explored are: 1. What were the key trends/behaviour changes you spotted? 2. What challenges or opportunities have you come up against? 3. How have you adapted your Will offering and messaging during such a sensitive time? 4. What trends do you predict for the coming year? What issues do legacy fundraisers need to consider for the year ahead? 5. What are your top tips for charities listening? If you have any questions about this episode please contact us at
February 17, 2021
Legacies in Lockdown
Our first episode of 2021 is a panel discussion all about legacy fundraising in lockdown.  As we entered into this current lockdown we saw many fundraisers questioning their legacy activities and upcoming plans. So we thought this would be a great topic for discussion - to explore the challenges and opportunities for legacy fundraising during the pandemic and the current lockdown. Our panel of wonderful guests include:  Richard Radcliffe; Founder of Radcliffe Consulting Victoria Friar; Regional Legacy Manager (London & South East), Save The Children UK Steve Law; Legacy Engagement Manager, RNLI Rachel Hedley; Legacy and in Memory Fundraiser, St Christopher's Hospice The questions asked were: 1. Reflecting on last year, how did your charity respond to the pandemic with regards to your legacy activities?  2. When the current lockdown was announced, did you have to rethink your legacy plans for the next few weeks/months?  3. As the situation is changing so rapidly, how would you recommend adapting your messaging to make it appropriate?  4. What would you say to any charities who are questioning or thinking about pausing their legacy comms?  If you have any questions or queries please contact us at
January 26, 2021
Internal Engagement tips for Remember A Charity Week
Christine Reidy (NSPCC) and Alison Adams (Princess Alice Hospice) share their top tips and advice for engaging internal teams under the current circumstances for this year's Remember A Charity Week. We often hear from members that it can sometimes be a struggle to achieve high levels of internal engagement and understanding around legacies. The upcoming Remember A Charity Week is obviously a great excuse to talk to other teams and colleagues about gifts in Wills, but it may still come with its challenges and opportunities, which we explore in this episode. Topics covered are: 1. In your experience what is the most important elements of internal engagement? 2. How can you adapt these elements to deliver a great campaign this year considering the current climate? 3. What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve found when it comes to engaging internal teams with legacies, and how did you overcome them? 4. Are these going to be the same challenges we face this year, or will there be other things we need to address? 5. What are some good examples of internal engagement you have seen at your charity or at others?
August 03, 2020
Video Witnessing of Wills - Panel Discussion
Following the recent news, in this episode we will be doing a deep dive into the announcement that Wills witnessed by video will be legally accepted. Our panel of guests include: Gary Rycroft; Solicitor in Private Practice and Chair of Dying Matters Ian Bond; Solicitor in Private Practice and Chair of Law Society Wills and Equity Committee Louisa Emburey; Legacy and In-Memory Manager - Prostate Cancer UK Matthew Lagden; Chief Executive - Institute of Legacy Management Alex McDowell; Head of Public Fundraising at RNIB Questions explored are: What significance does this change have for the will-writing public under the current circumstances?  Considering the recent upsurge in the demand for will-writing, what impact do you think this may have on legacy-giving?   What challenges and risks could this pose and how can the legal and charity sector work together to overcome these? Whilst this change is temporary, do you think it could trigger further modernisation of Will-writing?  If you have any questions please contact us at  
July 29, 2020
Future of fundraising in Scotland
In our latest podcast episode we host a panel discussion focusing specifically on the challenges and opportunities for charities in Scotland in response to the pandemic.  The panel members include: Robyn Friel; Head of Fundraising & Communications - Epilepsy Scotland Iain McAndrew; Director of Development & Communications – Children’s Hospices Across Scotland (CHAS) Gordon Michie; Head of Fundraising - Poppyscotland Simon Turner; Director - Insight Consulting Our guests are some very experienced members of the fundraising community in Scotland. We invited them to share how they have been managing and adapting during the pandemic. Then looking ahead to the wider impact on fundraising in Scotland, including the challenges and opportunities for returning to legacy fundraising. Topics covered include: 1.    What were your charity’s biggest challenges going into lockdown and how did you respond to these? What was the response from your supporters? 2.    There's been a lot of debate in the charity sector about how best to return to legacy fundraising. What are your views on how to do this sensitively? Have you seen any good examples of how charities have done this well?  3.    Looking ahead, what do you think the impact will be on fundraising in Scotland in the medium to longer term?  4.    What are the risks and opportunities for the sector in Scotland? If you have any questions for the panel please email us at and we will happily put you in touch.
July 23, 2020
How to talk Legacies - with CRUK
In this episode we are joined by Helen, Sarah and Stuart from Cancer Research UK. Helen is a Senior Legacy Manager who works closely with Sarah and Stuart as Community Legacy Managers - all three had different journeys into the legacy sector and each bring their own insight from their experiences. Many of us are new to legacies, either as individuals or as charities, and with this area of fundraising comes its own challenges, pre-conceptions and rewards. One of the biggest challenges we hear of is how to talk about gifts in wills with supporters, so this is something we explore in this episode. Questions covered include: How did you get into legacies? When you first started in legacies what were you most worried about? What mistakes have you made and learnt from? For those listening who are new to legacies – how would you suggest to get started? What are your top tips for broaching the topic with supporters? If you have any questions for Helen, Sarah and Stuart please email us at and we will happily put you in touch.
July 12, 2020
Virtual Legacy Events - with Brooke and BHF
In the third Remember A Charity podcast we discussed all things Virtual Legacy Events with Harriet Langston from Brooke and Emily East from BHF. Harriet shared learnings from a few virtual events she has already hosted at Brooke, and Emily conversely shared how BHF have been recently planning to roll out virtual events including collaboration with other internal teams. Topics covered in the episode include: Why virtual events now?  Steps to take before setting up a virtual event How to choose the right platform What sort of content could you include and how to choose your host How to create the best supporter experience Their top technology tips With plenty of practical tips and takeaways, this episode is a must-listen for anyone thinking about running a virtual event. If you have any questions about anything in this podcast, please email Harriet ( or Emily ( Or get in touch with us at Remember A Charity -
June 10, 2020
Legacy Stewardship - with Claire Routley & Michael Clark
In this podcast we focus on legacy stewardship during Covid-19. We are joined by Dr Claire Routley from Legacy Fundraising and Michael Clark from St Nicholas Hospice Care. Claire and Michael discuss: What should legacy marketers be doing at this time? What needs to adapt in legacy strategy? What can charities learn from this time in terms of legacy income? What long-term legacy lessons are we now aware of? It was another positive conversation with plenty of practical tips and advice from Claire and Michael to take away.
June 10, 2020
Legacy Admin during Covid-19
In the first of a series of Remember A Charity podcasts, we are joined by Matthew Lagden from the Institute of Legacy Management and Ashley Rowthorn from Legacy Link to talk all things legacy admin, covering the challenges and opportunities faced during the COVID-19 crisis. It was a very positive and hopeful discussion, with both Matthew and Ashley sharing their combined insight and expertise. Topics covered include: How to keep cashflow moving during lockdown Striking the right tone in legacy admin communications Ensuring Wills are legal and valid What might be next for legacy administration At 48 minutes long, it is perfect to listen to during your hour of outdoor exercise…! We hope you find it useful and interesting. If you have any questions or suggestions for future podcasts please contact us.
June 10, 2020