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By Bryn L Kroto
A shared journey through uncovering the lies we've come to believe, and redeeming the TRUTH by remembering what we've always known! REMEMBERING TRUTH is where she personally journeys through the healing process both physically and spiritually from childhood abuse. She is always searching for guests to join her to address and give their testimony in a difficult but necessary discussion.
Look for coming in the near future.
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Redeeming testimony: God Heals through words.
You are called to know and share your testimony.  Revelation 12:11..they overcame (past tense) by the blood of the lamb and BY THE WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY... why is testimony important?  What is yours?  What are you asked to DO with it? This is about 36 minutes of starting the grunt work of testimony construction.  It is a process that almost seems to be alive...
July 20, 2021
Seriously? The lie of cancer. Does it always come back? Tell me Lord. Tell me how.
This is a short episode of new developments, updates regarding the journey of PHYSICAL PAIN. We all have it. We all want it to go away. Many of us beg and plead the Lord with maximal frustration as to why suffering continues. Are we really reassured as to how God walks us through pain? What will your response be to your pain or the pain of your loved ones?
June 23, 2021
Season 2 Episode 7: My testimony: Cancer Support Group
In this episode I am preparing to give my testimony to a church cancer support group.  These folks came alongside me when I was actively healing from cancer.  Now, it's my honor to share what I think I learned during this precious time in my life.  Is cancer a blessing?  Uh... no.  I do not think so.  Is it a battle? Well...sure.  Life presents many opportunities for us to glorify Jesus.  Where is your ticket to freedom?  Are you on the cancer train?  Are you on it because you have it or love someone who does?  Or lost someone who did?  In this episode we take a look at cancer that is a bit unusual...position and place, over outcome and event.
March 5, 2021