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Remember When

Remember When

By Wes Britton
From Aug. 2008 to Aug. 2015, Wes Britton was co-host of online radio’s “Dave White Presents” broadcast twice every other Tuesday night over After the initial airing, each show was housed at and available as a Podcast over a variety of platforms until early in 2022.
Wes’s primary contribution to the program was his series of interviews with a wide variety of entertainment insiders from actors to producers to musicians.
Many thanks to Jelli and their track FN which is used as the intro for the podcast.
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Wes chats with Bob Heimall
Return with us to those wonderful decades when we all loved our vinyl record collections, and one reason we did were all the eye-catching album covers that captured our attention. Bob Heimall was one of the artists who designed those classic covers for the likes of The Doors, Carly Simon, Patti Smith, and The Kinks and he shared many of his rock ‘n roll stories in his colorful book, COVER STORIES: Tales of rock legends and the albums that made them famous. On “Remember When,” Bob shares some of his behind-the-scenes memories about spending time with Jim Morrison, Carly Simon, Barry Manilow—well, you gotta check the conversation out to hear some rock lore you won’t hear anywhere else-Bob is a pretty good storyteller and has a serious love of rock ‘n roll that makes this interview so engaging and personable-
August 05, 2022
Wes chats with Bob Greenberger - Marvel, Star Trek, DC
“Author. Teacher. Geek expert.” That’s how writer Bob Greenberger describes himself at his website where you can find an astonishing bibliography of his work in sci-fi, working for Marvel and DC and for the Star Trek novel franchise. In his in-depth interview with Wes Britton, Bob takes you behind-the-scenes of writing science fiction, especially for the Star Trek novels and how they reflect what you see on TV and the films. How has the new Picard shaped the realm of ST novels? Find out on this discussion on “Remember When”-
August 05, 2022
Wes chats to Murray Langston - comedy
Canadian stand-up comic Murray Langston is best remembered for being the “Unknown Comic” who wore a paper bag over his head telling jokes at a break-neck pace, especially in his many appearences on the odd“Gong Show” which featured would-be amateur entertainers competing for stardom on daytime television. Alongside controversial emcee Chuck Barris from 1976 to 1980, Langston became a cult figure showing up on a wide variety of talk and game shows and comedy series like the Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour. So Murray is a perfect personality to take us back to the strange times of ‘70s comedy TV and remind us why he kept us laughing so many times back in the day-
August 04, 2022
Wes chats to David Ossman - Firesign Theatre
“He’s no fun, he fell right over!” For 45 years, off and on, Peter Bergman, Philip Proctor, Phil Austin, and David Ossman were the Firesign Theatre, a wildly surreal and influential comedy quartet whose glory days were in the 1970s when they released a string of best-selling albums and featured on a series of popular radio programs. Original member David Ossman talked about the unique humor of the Firesigns in an in-depth analysis of the Firesign legacy with Wes Britton in a conversation that touches comedy corners you won’t expect, even if you’re a knowledgeable Firesign Theatre fan. So it’s time to laugh again with a master of surreal humor here at the “Remember When” Podcast page!
August 01, 2022
Wes chats with Judy Tenuda
Who’s the most famous female comic in the world? If you ask Judy Tenuda, she’d say that’s obvious-she is! The Love Goddess, the Aphrodite of the Accordion,  the creator of The Vagina Monologues" and "Menopause the Musical". She's written two comedy books, Full Frontal Tenudity and The Power of Judyism, and has released five comedy CD's, receiving “Best Comedy Album” Grammy nominations for Attention Butt-Pirates and Lesbetarians! and In Goddess We Trust. But probably the highlight of her career, so far,  was the afternoon she sat down with Wes Britton to talk about her wild and crazy career, punctuating her punchlines with her squeezebox and improvised songs.   No one has ever been so predictably unpredictable as Judy Tenuda in one of the brashest and bawdy conversations you'll ever enjoy. It doesn't get much wilder and funnier than Judy Tenuda unleashed-
June 17, 2022
Wes chats with Robert Weiner - author
James Bond in World and Popular Culture: The Films Are Not Enough was an eye-popping anthology of forty essays on all manner of takes on the many realms of James Bond. A variety of experts wrote on the official novels, comic books, video games, the music, the girls, detailed looks into the life and lore of Ian Fleming, the use of Ian Fleming as a fictional character, The Man From U.N.C.L.E.,  Bond parodies and ripoffs, James Bond and the Bible . . . and much more. The collection was the brainchild of Texas Tech librarian Robert G. Weiner who sat down with Wes Britton to give you a whirlwind tour of all the topics and analyses in a very hefty tome including one of the best overviews of James Bond film music out there penned by, ah, er, Dr. Wes Britton. So if you haven’t heard about the anthology, now’s your chance to discover a book belonging in the library of every James Bond fan out there-including you!
June 15, 2022
Wes chats with Bruce Scivally - Superman expert and author
It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's Superman! Superman on Film, Television, Radio and Broadway--there's a book title that says it all-the most comprehensive exploration of the many faces and kinds of Superman we've enjoyed over the decades on every form of popular media available courtesy of comic book expert Bruce Scivally. No matter how much you think you know about Kal El or Clark Kent or Lois Lane or the Fortress of Solitude, I guarantee this is a tome filled to the brim with surprises for every reader on nearly every page. Happily, Bruce Scivally isn't just knowledgable about our favorite son from Krypton,  he's a great story-teller who makes what could have been a dry academic tome a readable and engaging investigation of the world's most famous super-hero. Superman on Broadway?  Not only does Superman leap over tall buildings in a single bound, he can do it carrying a Broadway-worthy tune or two- So hop into your local phone booth-if you can find one-or simply click on your favorite Podcast platform and it's up, up, and away with Wes Britton's "Remember When" interview with Bruce Scivally.
June 10, 2022
Wes chats with Ron D Moore - Special Effects - Star Trek
Ever wonder how all those spectacular special effects for films and TV shows were created, especially in the days before CGI? Ron D. Moore, special effects supervisor for Star Trek, Deep Space 9, Voyager, Enterprise, Ghostbusters and Roswell can tell you all about how to make the galaxy come alive on the wide screen and in your living room.  He can tell you how to make New York not look like New York, how to blow up a bus without hurting any occupants, and he can share the comedy of the Enterprise Blues Band, a group you can only see live at Star Trek conventions. Is that enough entertainment for ya? Then make it so and join us in Ron Moore’s captain’s lounge on the next “Remember When” Podcast-
June 08, 2022
Wes chats to Marc Cushman and Walter Koenig
“Star Trek: These are the Voyages, The Original Series (TOS.” No one knows more about all the behind-the-scenes activity in producing the various Star Trek series and movies than researcher Marc Cushman. No one. I promise.  For years now, he’s been publishing exhaustive volumes like the one stated above, on the original series, the Next Generation, the films—and found himself surprising the original participants with revelations they never knew. Like Waltar Koenig, the gent who was the original Pavel Chekov beginning in season two of the first series. For Wes Britton and “Remember When,” Marc and Waltar sat down together and talked about that special season, the messages and themes of Star Trek, the impact the show had on generations of fans, and Waltar shares anecdotes to tickle your funny bone. Join us as we launch “Sci-Fi Week” here at the “Remember When” Podcasts:
June 06, 2022
Wes chats with Richard Anderson - famous actor and voice actor.
"Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world's first bionic man. Steve Austin will be that man. Better than he was before. Better...stronger...faster." For five seasons from 1973 to 1978 on ABC TV, actor Richard Anderson delivered that opening narration to the Six Million Dollar Man in his role as Oscar Goldman, director of the Office of Scientific Intelligence (OSI). He also played the same role for 3 seasons in Bionic Woman and in later TV movies starring the bionic couple, making him the second actor in TV history to play the same character on two prime-time series.    (The first was Leo G. Carroll as Alexander Waverly on both the Man and Girl From U.N.C.L.E.) While Anderson is best remembered as Oscar Goldman, his years on the bionic programs don't even scratch the surface of his long career in films and TV shows as he recounted to "Remember When"s Wes Britton before his death in August 2017 at the age of 91. So return with us to the times when secret agents didn't have to carry around futuristic gizmos and gadgets but were instead the fantastic gadgets themselves-
June 02, 2022
Wes chats with Hugh O'Brian - Wyatt Earp
In Honor of "Memorial Day," Meet the Marine drill sergeant who claimed to be the one who coined the battle cry, "oorah!" Maybe so. Hugh O'Brian's story behind that phrase is very intriguing, especially from the man who was, on record, the youngest drill sergeant (aged 17) in Marine history. But Hugh O'Brian is probably best remembered for playing the title lawman in The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp (1955–1961), one of the series credited with being one of the first "adult Westerns."  Over the decades, many American students benefited from his Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Foundation (HOBY), a nonprofit youth leadership-development program for high-school scholars. It has sponsored more than 500,000 students since O'Brian founded the program in 1958, following an extended visit with a physician and theologian Albert Schweitzer in Africa. In an in-depth conversation with "Remember When"s Wes Britton,  O'Brian discussed Wyatt Earp, how that show affected his hearing for the rest of his life,  his connections with the likes of Ida Lupino and Debbie Reynolds,  how  Albert Schweitzer changed his life, and his 2014 autobiography, Hugh O'Brian or What's Left of Him. This interview was one of O'Brian's last as he passed on September 5, 2016 (aged 91). "Oorah!"
May 30, 2022
Wes chats with Harry Shearer
If you want to talk about comedy, you can’t have a better tour guide than Harry Shearer. As a child star, Harry worked with Jack Benny and knew the great voice actor, Mel Blanc. As an adult, he was part of Spinal Tap, performed for years on SNL, is the voice of half the characters in The Simpsons,  created the mockumentary The Mighty Wind, and appears weekly on his Le Show radio series.  And that just scratches the surface of one of the funniest and wittiest Renaissance Men on the planet- Talking with Wes Britton on “Remember When,” Harry discusses all those projects and we play samples from his comedy album, Can’t Take a Hint.  So kick back, smile, and laugh along with Harry Shearer and Wes Britton on the next “Remember When”-
May 27, 2022
Wes chats to Ed Asner
“I hate spunk!” Well, not so much. Before his death on August 29, 2021 (aged 91), Ed Asner was the most honored male performer in the history of the Primetime Emmy Awards, five of them for playing Lou Grant as supporting actor in the Mary Tyler Moore comedy series (1970-1977), and then for playing the same character in the hour-long drama spinoff named for his character (1977-1982). Among his many off-stage achievements, he was the 21st President of the Screen Actors Guild. While Lou Grant was his most famous role, Asner gave us many significant performances  on stage, Television, and on the large screen from 1957 to 2021. He was well-known for his politics and activism and had much to say about so many of his concerns and then-current projects in a lengthy 2012 interview with “Remember When”Wes Wes Britton. And, for the record,  one difference between Asner and his most famous character is that he thinks spunk is a very good thing. He thought no one should live without it. So spend some time with Ed Asner, Wes Britton, and a lifetime of spunk on today’s thought-provoking Podcast-
May 24, 2022
Wes chats to Erin Murphy
Whatever happened to Tabitha Stephens, the TV sitcom baby witch played by child-star Erin Murphy? More than you think. Erin is an extremely talented lady who has been appearing on the small screen from her infancy to the present, sharing the stage with the likes of Ronald Reagan and  Hulk Hogan and serving as a TV correspondent for all sorts of outlets like TVLand. She’s the last surviving cast member of Bewitched and has lots of stories to tell you on the latest edition of Remember when-
May 11, 2022
Wes chats with Alison Arngrim
Return with us to those homesteading days of yesteryear on Little House on the Prairie when a child star named Alison Arngrim became the longtime nemesis of Prairie star Melissa Gilbert. But only on the small screen. In an in-depth interview with Wes Britton, Arngrim shares stories about the development of her character, Nellie Oleson Dalton, as well as the truth about her real-life relationships with other cast members like Gilbert and the main man of the series, Michael Landon. Go behind the scenes of the series' surprising grand finale. Expect some surprises as we take you back to Plum Creek, a farm near the little town called Walnut Grove, Minnesota-
May 05, 2022
Wes chats with Aaron Cooley
Shaken, Not Stirred (The Secret Files of I__ F______, Code Designate 17F) You don’t have to be a James Bon  Aficionado to decode the above title to Aaron Cooley’s 2013 novel where Cooley has fun with the supposed adventures of one Ian Fleming in naval intelligence during World War II.   Cooley wasn’t the first, nor likely the last writer, to spin out fanciful adventures taking lieutenant-commander Fleming out from behind his historical Admiralty desk and send the actual designate 17f out on missions that never were, create characters allegedly models for the likes of Q and Miss Moneypenny, and spin out plots and villains that would become grist for Fleming’s literary mill. Clearly Cooley had a lot of fun creating his blend of fact and far-fetched fiction to entertain readers, especially those who admire the James Bond novels. Cooley’s spirit of fun and his unique imagination are on full display in his interview with spy expert Wes Britton where Cooley shares many of his creative approaches.    If you haven’t read Shaken Not Stirred, we wager this Podcast will whet your appetite to give   I__ F______, Code Designate 17F a chance—
May 03, 2022
Wes chats with Raymond Benson
I suspect every Bond fan everywhere knows who Raymond Benson is and has their own opinions about his series of 007 continuation novels. Almost as many readers have enjoyed Raymond’s own character, The Black Stiletto. If you haven’t met Judy Cooper and like costumed vigilantes with a feminist bent, well, Raymond tells Wes Britton all about the first Black Stiletto novel in this, the 10th year anniversary of her literary debut. She’s a super-hero without superpowers who only operated from 1958-to 1963  and then mysteriously disappeared after leaving a legacy of battling Communist spies, the Mafia, and common crooks. Decades after her retirement, her son finds clues that convince him that his Mom was the crimefighter of old especially her descriptions of her adventures in her secret diaries. So whether you’re already a fan of the Black Stiletto or an aficionado of old-time thrillers or comic books without pictures starring strong female leads or simply entertaining storytelling,  check out this encore conversation of Wes Britton and Raymond Benson broadcast some time ago in the misty past of radio yesteryear-
May 02, 2022
Wes chats with Jon Lellenberg
Who are the Baker Street Irregulars? Sherlock Holmes fans will remember the gang of street urchins Holmes employed to assist his investigations in three stories. Serious Holmes fans will think of the BSI as the oldest and most exclusive literary club devoted to the study of Holmes, Watson, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, as well as the Victorian period. Until his death last year, Jon Lellenberg was a prominent member of that group and was an invaluable agent for the Arthur Conan Doyle estate, being their American literary executor and so much more for the family for decades. As a historian for the BSI, Lellenberg had access to key documents about the founding of the organization back in the 1930s which he used to develop his 2010 novel about those events in his book, naturally titled Baker Street Irregular. Using his background in military intelligence, he wove those intelligent characters into a multilayered tale of World War II espionage involving some very high-profile Sherlockians. Back in 2011, Lellenberg sat down with Wes Britton to talk about the BSI, his novel, The affairs of the Conan Doyle estate and shared his opinions on a number of film and television adaptations of the world’s first consulting detective. So if you’re into the literary, film, radio, or television realms headquartered at 221 Baker Street in London, this is a not-to-miss conversation. #author #BSI #BakerStreetIrregulars #writers #bakerstreet #SherlockHolmes #ArthurConanDoyle #classicradio #WesBritton #DaveWhitePresents #spy #agent #espionage #detective #JonLellenberg
April 29, 2022
Wes chats with Ian Dickerson. - The Saint
Here’s one very enjoyable interview I did with an old friend named Ian Dickerson, the longtime Honorary Secretary of The Saint Club. Yes, that Saint-Simon Templar—“the famous Saint,” the “Robin Hood of Modern Crime.” Colorful author Leslie Charteris created The Saint in 1928 when his character debuted in Meet the Tiger and starred in Charteris penned novels and short stories for decades thereafter. Templar also starred in several radio series beginning in 1940, including being portrayed by Vincent Price; in motion pictures, Templar debuted in 1938 and was played by the likes of Louis Hayward, George Saunders, Val Kilmer among many others; on TV, of course, the haloed Robin Hood of modern crime was immortalized by Roger Moore back in the 1960s. And more was to come . . . This short profile but scratches the surface of the stories of a writer and his “dream self”, both fascinating sagas of the 20th Century, stories told  by the man who knows them better than anyone else, the man chosen by Leslie Charteris himself to helm the longtime Saint Club. So come along to hear some rip-roaring yarns of derring-do, crime solving, espionage,  romance with Ian Dickerson and Mr. Simon Templar-
April 28, 2022
Wes chats with Peter Earnest - Harry Potter and the Art of Spying author
Harry Potter a Spy? Severus Snape the best double agent ever? That’s what co-authors Lynn Boughey and  Peter Ernest set out to prove in their Harry Potter and the Art of Spying, a book described as a primer on spying, intelligence, and politics. Spy novelist Lynn Boughey and the late thirty-six-year CIA veteran and executive director of the International Spy Museum, Peter Earnest point to a cornucopia of spycraft you probably didn’t notice in the Harry Potter books, especially The order of the Phoenix. For more on the passing of Peter Ernest earlier this year and to read Wes Britton’s review of The Art of Spying, check out Wes’s blog post from Feb. 2022: #HarryPotter #TheOrderOfThePheonix #HarryPotterAndTheArtOfSpying #LynnBoughey #PeterEarnest #SpyMuseum #author #CIA #doubleagent #SeverusSnape #Podcast
April 26, 2022
Wes chats with Todd Goldberg
Maybe you were like me from June 28, 2007 to September 12, 2013 hearing Michael Weston teaching us what to do “When you’re a spy . . .” on the hit TV series, Burn Notice. If you were really into Burn Notice, perhaps you enjoyed the novelizations based on the series authored by a knowledgeable gent named Todd Goldberg. In an in-depth conversation with Wes Britton of “Remember When,” Todd tells us how he came to get the Burn Notice contract, what elements of the show he knew fans would want in the books, and what things he could bring into the mix that couldn’t fit in a small screen script. So if you’re missing Michael, his Mom and brother, Sam, and Fiona in their Miami adventures come on board and get your “Fix,” as that’s the title of Todd’s first Burn Notice novel-The Fix. #classicradio #classicinterviews #DaveWhitePresents #WesBritton #novelist #spy #BurnNotice #ToddGoldberg 
April 19, 2022
Wes chats with Max Vesterhalt
Max Vesterhalt was a Bond girl of color- but odds are, you never heard of her. After her exquisite good looks led her into a life of modelling and acting, she became famous for a widespread poster promoting Greek tourism. The poster caught the eye of Bond producer Cubby Broccoli who hired her for a role in 1981’s For Your Eyes Only. While she was supposed to have the scenes you’d associate with a Bond lovely,her role was reduced when the director changed to John Glen. When you see her on screen, she’s in the casino scene with Roger Moore. In her conversation with “Remember When”s Wes Britton,   Max describes her time on the Bond film set and shares her memories of Roger Moore.  Of course, she has lots of other topics to share with you so you’ll just have to click this link to have a peek into Bond film lore you probably missed back in the day-
April 18, 2022
Wes chats to Ron Payne
BOND LOVERS  In Heartfelt Memory of My Friend Bond entrepreneur Ron Payne November 26, 1950-April 2, 2015 "Geoffrey Jenkins has the supreme gift of originality. A Twist of Sand is a literate, imaginative first novel in the tradition of the high and original adventure." –Ian Fleming. Serious Ian Fleming fans know at least something about his South African protogee, Geoffrey Jenkins. The author of 16 thrillers in his own right, Jenkins and Fleming became friends in their days as correspondents at the Sunday Times where they began swapping ideas for their novels.  Jenkins was close friends with harry Saltzman which led to one scene in You Only Live Twice and, according to the literary executor, Ron Payne, this friendship is what resulted in EON Productions opting not to ever film any continuation novels. Ron will tell you the story of Per Fine Ounce which was supposed to be the first continuation novel penned by Geoffrey Jenkins until Ann Fleming squashed that idea. That’s just the tip of the iceberg of the stories Ron will share with you linking Ian Fleming and Geoffrey Jenkins with many a surprise to widen your eyes.  And if the conversation whets your interest in Geoffrey Jenkins,  stop by “The James Bond Files at my website and explore all the pieces on Jenkins, perhaps the most extensive overview of the author of A Twist of Sand (filmed with co-stars Richard Johnson and Honor Blackman), the very Bondian Hunter Killer, and the lost 007 continuation novel, Per Fine Ounce. If you’re into all things Bond, this is a conversation not to be missed-
April 15, 2022
Wes chats with Michael Pennington
Sometimes, a writer can give an old trope a fresh twist. Take the idea of sleeper agents, something familiar to anyone with a passing interest in spy lit and films. Naval officer Michael Pennington wondered what might happen if the spouses of military officers with high-security clearances could be planted as Soviet sleeper spies.  After all, the officers themselves would be seriously vetted before getting their clearances-not so much their significant others. So Pennington created the extremely capable Susan Anderson, a wife with a dual consciousness. Part of her thinks she’s a normal American wife; but the Soviets had long ago planted a “Sasha” consciousness inside her, buried until her handler reignited the long-forgotten identity. Pennington began his novel series with   Zhena, a book Michael discussed with Wes Britton back in 2010. In the story, Susan Anderson, military wife, mother, and apparent orphan find herself on the run trying to protect her children, and the lives of friends, not to mention maintaining her own sanity and survival. And that’s just the beginning-
April 14, 2022
Wes chats with Duane DeMello
Some spy novels have a point to make, especially those in the sub-genre of “insider fiction.” Authors of these books draw on their experience in intelligence to warn the rest of us about what we should expect. For example, Duane DeMello’s 2010  The Wave of the Future is concerned with how present-day circumstances might lead to disasters if our vigilance isn’t of the highest level, if we’re not willing to put security ahead of some personal rights, and if intelligence agencies don’t function to their fullest capacity. DeMello knows of what he writes.  After all, he was a senior intelligence officer in the Central Intelligence Agency. But there’s much more to what Wave of the Future offers beyond a cautionary tale and Duane shared his in-depth thinking in a 2010 conversation with Wes Britton. Learn a bit about modern spycraft and the balance of power between our agencies and those determined to do us harm . . . Join Duane and Wes Britton for a fascinating conversation if you’re curious about what actual espionage is all about.
April 13, 2022
Wes chats with William Link
Part 2 When Columbo star Peter Falk died in June 2011,  Link was surprised by a lack of interest from the media. His phone wasn't ringing off the hook with requests for Link's memories of Falk. So he called me. We arranged for a second interview focused specifically on Falk and Columbo and, despite the sadness that inspired this interview, it was a real pleasure to talk again with this major contributor to TV history. Both interviews were in-depth and chock full of TV lore, Remember When will present encore broadcasts of both conversations over two days. If you're a fan of TV detectives of the '70s and '80s, then "Remember When" will be a major treat for you this week-
April 12, 2022
Wes chats with William Link
Part 1. Before his passing on December 27, 2020, I had the great privilege of twice interviewing TV writer and producer William Link. Along with his longtime partner, Richard Levinson, Link co-created and produced 17 TV series including Mannix, Columbo, and Murder, She Wrote. Our first conversation touched many bases in Link's legendary career, including plugging his then-new book, The Columbo Collection, the first time a TV producer, or anyone else, composed a batch of new short stories for a character long off the air except in syndication.
April 12, 2022
Wes chats to Gary Burghoff.
How Charlie Brown morphed into Radar O’Reilly As Gary Burghoff recounted in his 2009 memoir, To M*A*S*H and Back: My Life in Poems and Songs No One Wanted to Publish, his first big break occurred when he played the role of Charlie Brown in the Off-Broadway musical You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.  This led to his being cast as Corporal Walter Eugene "Radar" O'Reilly in the film MASH and then the long-running TV series. Gary sat down with “Remember When” host Wes Britton and got in-depth about his career, Broadway, and of course his years on M*A*s*H.  If you’re a fan of that show-or “friend”, a term Gary prefers, don’t miss this very engaging conversation including some surprises even Gary didn’t expect-
April 07, 2022
Wes chats with Vic Flick and George Lazenby
On the 3rd year anniversary special of the old “Dave White Presents” radio show, Wes Britton brought the second film actor to play 007, George Lazenby, together with guitarist Vic Flick for the first time ever in a dual interview. On this occasion, I was happy to stand aside and let those film veterans essentially interview each other about . . .  to be honest, this one is hard to summarize. The two gents touched on a ton of topics, talking about subjects I don’t think they have ever delved into much anywhere else. Bond stuff to be sure-but so much more. The motto of the old show was “Predictably unpredictable,” and Vic and George helped us live up to those two words. In other words, spy or Bond expert you may be, but I guarantee a string of surprises that will entertain you in ways you didn’t expect . . .
April 04, 2022
Wes chats to T.H.E Hill
A Special Spywisesecretdossier Briefing on Today’s Remember When Podcasts Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine,  one question I’ve been hearing repeatedly is-what sort of intelligence does Ukraine and Nato have to keep their eyes on the Russian military and policymakers in Moscow? A key question that also needs asking is: what sort of use is given what intelligence we glean? The West has been spying on the Russians for over 70 years now. A case in point: From February 1954 to April 1956, “Operation Gold” was a joint operation of the CIA and the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS). Together, they dug a tunnel below the border between the Western sector of Berlin and the Soviet section to tap into the landline communications between Soviet Forces Germany and their masters in Moscow. Voices Under Berlin, a novel by T.H.E. Hill, focuses on those linguists and analysts sifting through intercepted intelligence from the tunnel. Does the image of code-breakers sitting in dusty rooms wearing headphones while scribbling on notepads sound a bit on the dry side? On one hand, we get to look into how the military deals with intercepted intelligence and what horrible mistakes could happen in the wrong hands. As it happens, Hill has been often compared to Joseph Heller (Catch 22) and Richard Hooker (M.A.S.H.) which should tell you how entertaining this look into this secret world can be. If you think the technology of the 1970s might be outdated, that’s not the point. The intellectual uses and misuses of intelligence and training in the military hierarchy are, simply stated, timeless. In short, we can learn a lot about the present and future by looking into unexpected places in the past. Here’s one text interview with Hill at Now, here’s an exclusive audio interview to take you even deeper into parts of espionage you’ve probably not thought about before:
April 01, 2022
Wes chats to Geri Jewell
From 1980 to 1984, actress, stand-up comedian, motivational speaker, and author Geri Jewell starred on the sitcom, The Facts of Life, being the first actor with cerebral palsy to have such a role on American television.  Jewell has been a lifelong advocate for the disabled As well as becoming an advocate for the LGBTQIA community since publicly coming out as lesbian in her 2011 autobiography, I’m Walking As Straight As I Can: Transcending Disability in Hollywood and Beyond, which later won a 2013 Golden Halo Award, and the 2013 UCP Life Without Limits Award. From 2004—2006, Jewell starred in David Milch’s western HBO series,  Deadwood. In her Remember When interview with Wes Britton, Jewell digs into how her character was shaped in Deadwood, about her courageous work on behalf of people with CP, her love of comedy and acting, and especially what it takes to persevere and flourish when seemingly all the decks are stacked against you. Her skills as a motivational speaker and as an entertainer are on full display in this inspiring and personable conversation.
March 28, 2022
Wes chats to Dawn Wells
RIP Dawn Wells October 18, 1938-December 30, 2020 (aged 82) Who doesn’t know that Dawn Wells starred as Mary Ann Summers, one of seven stranded castaways on Gilligan’s Island who set sail for a three hour cruise that aired for 3 seasons and in syndicated reruns ever after? Before Gilligan, Wells was crowned Miss Nevada in 1959  and represented her state in the 1960 Miss America pageant. Thereafter, she starred in a wide variety of television programs, especially Westerns.  Then, in 1964 she joined the cast of Gilligan’s Island and became an icon of American pop culture as male viewers forever debated over who they preferred: Ginger or Mary Ann? Maybe Mrs. Howell? While Wells continued to act primarily on television and the stage for the rest of her life, she became an author in 2014 when she released What Would Mary Ann Do? A Guide to Life, published to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Gilligan’s Island. Off camera, Wells operated Wishing Wells Collections, making clothing for people with limited mobility. She founded the Idaho Film and Television Institute, a not-for-profit educational organization. Wells also supported the Denver Foundation, a West Virginia charity. In Sept 2014, Wes Britton interviewed Wells for “Dave White Presents” after meeting her in person at the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention which they talk about in the interview linked here. Wells died from COVID-19-related causes at age 82 in Los Angeles on December 30, 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic in California. This version of their radio interview is uncut and unedited, offering tidbits never broadcast before.
March 25, 2022
Wes chats with Tippi Hedron
In honor of Women’s History Month, Remember When Podcasts are offering a series of interviews with notable women who’re each much more than pretty faces. First up: Tippi Hedron is best known for her two starring roles in Alfred Hitchcock films, The Birds (1963) and with Sean Connery in Marni (1964). Among her 80 roles in television and in film, Hedron was the only actress to ever work for both Hitchcock and Charlie Chaplin in his final film, The Countess from Hong Kong (1967). Her honors include a Golden Globe, a Jules Verne Award, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Hedron is also noted for her long commitment to the plight of African lions and tigers. She established her Roar Foundation to support her Shambala Preserve, an 80-acre wildlife habitat. She has created relief programs worldwide following earthquakes, hurricanes, famine and war. In 2012, she was the subject of a biographical film about her time with Hitchcock, The Girl,  in which Hedron was portrayed by actress Sienna Miller. Did we mention she’s Melanie Griffith’s mom? So who could be a better choice to lead off our notable women series as we reprise her 2012 interview with Wes Britton in which we touched on everything mentioned in this description (yes, lots of Hitchcock and big cats) and much more: #Hitchcock #AlfredHitchcock #activist #protest #filmstar #famousmum #TVstar #goldenglobes #WesBritton #wildlife #foundation #MelanieGriffiths #TheBirds
March 22, 2022
Wes chats to Don Brewer
“We’re an American Band.” “I’m Your Captain (Closer to Home).” “The Loco-Motion.” While never loved by contemporary critics, it’s been said you can’t talk about ‘70s rock without talking about Grand Funk Railroad. Well, on the next Remember When Podcast, Grand Funk drummer, singer, and songwriter Don Brewer does just that. Don tells Wes Britton tales of the highs, lows, lawsuits, and especially the stories behind the band’s biggest hits. And why the critics never warmed to the Michigan trio. #classicinterviews #RememberWhen #DonBrewer #WesBritton #podcast #radioshow #70s #rock
March 21, 2022
Wes chats to Dee Wallace
In an interview with Wes Britton, Dee Wallace remembers playing Mother Mary Taylor in Steven Spielberg’s  E.T. The Extra-Terrestial, being a “Scream Queen” in films like The Hills Have Eyes, The Howling, and Critters. But Dee Wallace has lots more to talk about than screen roles, especially her career as a healer.  What does that mean?  Check out the latest Remember When Podcast and we promise one of the warmest, uplifting, and inspiring conversations you’ll ever hear- #StephenSpielberg #DeeWallace #WesBritton #classicinterviews #Radio #Podcast #RememberWhen #ET #TheHowling #TheHillsHaveEyes #Critters #screamqueen #filmstar #actress 
March 18, 2022
Wes chats with Peter Mehlman
“Yada, yada.” “Spongeworthy.” Peter Mehlman was the Seinfeld writer who coined those catch-phrases. During most of 1989-1998, comic writer Peter Mehlman was a major contributor to Seinfeld, first as a script-writer, ultimately becoming the series Executive Producer. So the man knows a lot about TV comedy. So you should expect a lot of laughs in the interview Peter shared with Wes Britton first broadcast just in time for Peter to tout his then-new book, Mandela Was Late: Essays and Odd Things from the Seinfeld Writer Who Coined Yada, yada, and Made Spongeworthy a Compliment (2013). Expect some generous samples from that treasury of oddball comedy. #comedy #RememmberWhen #podcast #TV #author #PeterMehlman #producer #radiointerviews #
March 17, 2022
Wes chats with Edgar Winter
“Keep playing that rock and roll/ keep doing what you’ve been told . . .” Texas has given the world a signature sound blending southern blues with good ole rock and roll- think Janis Joplin, Roy Orbison, ZZ Top, Jimmy and Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnny and Edgar Winter, to name but a few of the Lone Star states rocking luminaries. Back on Aug. 1, 2012, Edgar Winter sat down with Wes Britton and talked about his inspirations, his brother, the blues and the various groups he’s headed over the years. Join us for a vibrant and lively conversation with one energetic rock and roller- #music #rock&roll #EdgarWinter #radiointerviews #podcast #audio #blues #RememberWhen #country #WesBritton 
March 16, 2022
Wes chats with Donnie Most
Going Back to Happy Days with Donnie Most! Yes, Wes Britton got to interview Ralph Malph on Dec. 31, 2014. Now is the perfect time to reprise that conversation as much of the interview focuses on Don’s musical career. As it happens, a new CD of “Donnie Most Sings and Swings” is in the works and we’ll play you some samples of Don’s big band stylings to whet your appetite. And yes,  Don has Happy Days anecdotes to share as we Remember When . . .
March 14, 2022
Wes chats to Anna Maria - Patty Duke
You knew her as Patty Duke, but she preferred to be called by her birth name, Anna.  How she became Patty is a poignant story that will touch your heart. As will her stories about starring in The Miracle Worker and The Patty Duke Show.  And her lifelong battles with heart-breaking psychological issues. You’ll be blown away by Anna’s frankness and openness.  After hearing this Sept. 13, 2011 interview, you’ll see Anna “Patty” Duke as someone much more than “identical cousins” Patty and Kathy Lane . . .
March 11, 2022
Wes chats with Larry Storch
I’m guessing when you hear the name Larry Storch, you picture the frustrated Corporal Randolph Agarn from the 1960s comedy series, F-Troop. Thanks to his childhood friend, Don Adams, he also played the “Groovy Guru” in Get Smart. Thanks to his military friendship with Tony Curtis, Larry guest-starred in the Curtis/ Roger Moore spy series, The Persuaders.  For decades (he just turned 99) he was a noted dialectician or impressionist, lending his talented voice to a number of cartoons like Batman and Tennessee Tuxedo. But when I think of Larry Storch, I remember the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention where I and my late wife met Larry. Betty simply fell in love with Larry and decided he was her favorite celeb of all the celebs we ever met. So I hereby dedicate this resurrected interview to the memory of Betty Jane Britton, Larry Storch’s biggest fan.
March 09, 2022
Wes chats with Bernie Kopell
When most folks hear the name Bernie Kopell, they think of his role as Dr. Adam Bricker on the long-running Love Boat. Or they remember him as Siegfried, Vice President of Public Relations and Terror for KAOS on 14 episodes of the spy spoof, Get Smart. In 2012, I was able to talk with Bernie to help plug the collector’s DVD release of Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp, for which the actor voiced villain Baron Von Butcher (modeled on his Siegfried character) along with other baddies in the live-action children’s show starring live chimpanzees. So with this background, you might expect a lively conversation with Bernie Kopell and you’d be spot on! Expect some surprises and lively insights into comic Television and the spoofing of the spy craze of the 1960s-
March 09, 2022
Wes chats with George Lazenby
In September 1999, author Ron Payne was present when former Bond actor George Lazenby made an appearance at a Virginia Beach Edgar Cayce convention. Ron wrote up an article on the appearance which you can read at: Then, thanks to Ron, Wes Britton was able to interview George twice for “Dave White Presents”-first on Feb. 20, 2010 and then alongside guitarist Vic Flick for the radio show’s 3rd year anniversary on August 17, 2011. So, to launch our new series of the “Dave White Presents” classic interviews on Remember When Podcast, here’s the Feb. 2010 conversation with actor George Lazenby.
March 07, 2022