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Kuya Dev Tidbits: Tech & Startup Careers

Kuya Dev Tidbits: Tech & Startup Careers

By Rem Lampa

Mga kuro-kuro ni Kuya Dev ukol sa pagbuo ng Career sa Pinoy Tech at Startup industry, at iba pang aspeto ng buhay.

New episodes every Saturday at 8AM PHT.

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S03E08 | Stop Apologizing
Let's transform a negative habit into something positive Join the Kuya Dev Mailing List
August 06, 2022
S03E07 | On Employment Bonds
What's the deal about employment bonds and should you accept one? Join the Kuya Dev Mailing List
July 30, 2022
S03E06 | Kuya Dev: Endgame
My personal mission and vision, and where I picture the Kuya Dev brand and Tech Career Shifter Philippines should be heading Join the Kuya Dev Mailing List
July 23, 2022
S03E05 | Are Career Shifters Stealing Away Jobs from IT/CS College Graduates?
Why college graduates shouldn't look at career shifters as rivals and vice versa Join the Kuya Dev Mailing List
July 16, 2022
S03E04 | How and Where to Find Foreign Tech Employers
The Philippine market isn't as vibrant as the foreign tech job market. I share tips on how to find foreign tech opportunities, which can even be remote! Join the Kuya Dev Mailing List
July 09, 2022
S03E03 | My Career-Shifter Dev Journey (Part 3 of 3)
My journey from being an electrical engineer to career shifting into a full-fledged web development role. Join the Kuya Dev Mailing List
July 02, 2022
S03E02 | My Career-Shifter Dev Journey (Part 2 of 3)
Overcoming failure, finally becoming an electrical engineering professional, and feeling trapped in a huge corporate culture Subscribe to Kuya Dev Mailing List
June 25, 2022
S03E01 | My Career-Shifter Dev Journey (Part 1 of 3)
From my early fascination of software and computers to my first ever major failure in life. Subscribe to Kuya Dev Mailing List
June 18, 2022
S02E12 | Interview with Jimson Sulit: Data Science Career Shifter (Part 2/2)
For the last of the 2-part Season Finale, we talk to freeCodeCamp.Manila Founder & Co-Alum Jimson Sulit about his approach to failure and how to strive in a Data Science role. Jimson Sulit's Socials: Links Mentioned in the Interview: Tech Career Shifter Philippines Facebook Group: Discord Server:
March 05, 2022
S02E11 | Interview with Jimson Sulit: Data Science Career Shifter (Part 1/2)
For the first of the 2-part Season Finale, we talk to freeCodeCamp.Manila Founder & Co-Alum Jimson Sulit about career shifting and how he finally broke into Data Science. Jimson Sulit's Socials: Links Mentioned in the Interview:
February 26, 2022
S02E10 | What Requirements in Tech Job Postings Really Mean
How should we treat those unreasonable shopping list-type requirements on job postings?  This episode is in collaboration with AWS Siklab Pilipinas (
February 19, 2022
S02E09 | The College Degree Might Be Hurting People's Careers
Kailangan nating mabago ang pagtingin natin sa academic degree. This episode is in collaboration with AWS Siklab Pilipinas (
February 12, 2022
S02E08 | Submitting Resumes is the Most Ineffective Way of Applying for Jobs
Maliban sa pagsasubmit ng resume, may ibang mga mas epektibong paraan para mapalaki ang tyansa mong makakuha ng interview sa mga ina-applyan mong trabaho. This episode is in collaboration with AWS Siklab Pilipinas (
February 05, 2022
S02E07 | My First Few Months as a Career Shifter Web Developer
Papano nga ba ang naging karanasan ko sa unang mga buwan ng aking unang trabaho sa tech industry? This episode is in collaboration with AWS Siklab Pilipinas (
January 29, 2022
S02E06 | Ang Pinakamahalagang Bagay sa Software Development
Dev skills? Processes? Agile or non-agile? Ano kaya sa tingin ko ang pinakamahalagang building block ng software development cycle?
December 18, 2021
S02E05 | Should Everyone Invest in Cryptocurrencies?
My take on the cryptocurrency craze. Is it worth throwing money in?
December 11, 2021
S02E04 | College vs. Bootcamp vs. Self-Study: Alin Nga Ba ang Pinaka-Effective?
My perspective on the differences between different paths to acquiring skills for a tech career.
December 04, 2021
S02E03 | Career Hack: The More Entries You Send, The More Chances of Winning
Talakayin natin ang isa sa mga mabisang paraan para mapalaki ang tiyansa na makakuha ng tech job.
November 27, 2021
S02E02 | Bakit Di Umubra ang Work From Home sa Ibang Kumpanya?
What I think went wrong in companies that failed adopting remote working setup during the pandemic.
November 20, 2021
S02E01 | What's In-Store for Season 2
Changes and things to look out for in Season 2 of the Kuya Dev Tidbits Podcast
November 13, 2021
S01E24 | Interview with Jason Bruno of Impact Hackathon Part 2
Startup incubation, Fuck Up Nights, Hackathon coding proper and pitching, Hackathons through the years
September 12, 2021
S01E23 | Interview with Jason Bruno of Impact Hackathon Part 1
Jason discusses what a Hackathon is, how to form a hackathon dream team, what to expect from hackathon mentors, and of course, the prizes up for grabs!
September 11, 2021
S01E22 | The Academic Irony: School Made Me Hate Learning
The archaic academic system needs to reinvent itself.
September 05, 2021
S01E21 | Why is Developer Experience (DX) Also Important?
Besides UX, companies should also consider improving DX.
September 04, 2021
S01E20 | Moving the Country Forward by Building Generational Wisdom
Transitioning our mindset from building generational to building generational wisdom.
August 29, 2021
S01E19 | How Adding Team Members Hurts a Tech Project
Why increasing the team size for a project is often counterproductive
August 28, 2021
S01E18 | Career Shifter Fears: Pagbitaw sa mga Sayang
Let's tackle what they call "Sunk Cost Fallacy"
August 22, 2021
S01E17 | Career Hack: Maging Tamad
How can you leverage your laziness to be successful.
August 21, 2021
S01E16 | Personal Branding via Social Media
Replacing toxicity on social media with posts that can increase your value and how people perceive you. (Apologies for the audio. I've fallen ill so I had to make do with low quality equipment to record on my sickbed.)
July 18, 2021
S01E15 | How I Fight Procrastination
Ano nga ba ang ginagawa ko para labanan ang katamaran?
July 17, 2021
S01E14 | Time Tracking Software is a Red Flag
Why I won't work for a company that uses time trackers.
July 11, 2021
S01E13 | Should You Quit Your Current Job While Transitioning to a Tech Career?
Why and how can one leave their current job while in the process of shifting to the tech industry? I also discuss some format changes to the podcast.
July 10, 2021
S01E12 | A Career in FAANG/Big Tech Doesn't Appeal to Me
Why I don't dream of working for FAANG companies anymore (not that they'll recruit me anyway lol).
July 04, 2021
S01E11 | Programming is More than Writing Code
Let's debunk the misconception
July 03, 2021
S01E10 | Quarterlife Crisis
The time I went through Quarterlife Crisis and how I over came it.
June 27, 2021
S01E09 | Secondary Motivations for The Podcast
Other topics that will be covered in the podcast.
June 26, 2021
S01E08 | Best Place for a Tech Blog
If you are interested in Hashnode, you may use this signup link:
June 20, 2021
S01E07 | Career Hack: Learn in Public
How maintaining a blog, podcast, and video channels helps learning
June 19, 2021
S01E06 | Toxicity & Gatekeeping in PH Tech Communities
What's wrong with some of the members of Tech Communities?
June 13, 2021
S01E05 | Career Hack: Huwag Matakot sa Tech Meetups
Tech Meetups, Tech Communities and how they help your tech career journey
June 12, 2021
S01E04 | Matanda Ka na Ba Para Matuto Magcode?
When is it too late to learn to code?
June 06, 2021
S01E03 | "Di Ako IT/CS Graduate, Pwede Ba Akong Maging Dev?"
What it takes to land your dream tech job, no matter your background.
June 05, 2021
S01E02 | Measuring Learning with Memes
How could memes and jokes help make learning easier?
May 30, 2021
S01E01 | Kuya Dev Podcast? But Why?!!
I discuss my motivations for Kuya Dev Podcast.
May 29, 2021