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Remote Explorers Podcast

Remote Explorers Podcast

By Shahzada Arora & Mayur Sontakke
Remote Explorers is a podcast that talks about personal stories of people who have used the power of remote work to have unconventional experiences in their lives and of others. We dig deep into their learnings, mistakes, and wisdom derived from their adventure with working remotely. Remote Explorers aims to inspire people to choose the off beaten path and create a journey defined by their own rules.

The podcast is hosted by two remote work pioneers- Mayur and Shahzada, who have used the power of remote work to travel the world and design a balanced life.
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Pravin Singh: Be Your Own Boss Via Freelancing
Pravin encourages us to broaden our perspectives and gain mental and emotional satisfaction out of our work! His experiences and journey have been very inspiring to us! He shares his story of becoming a successful location independent freelancer, his travel experiences, his ideal day as a digital nomad and much more on the Remote Explorers Podcast. Find Pravin's free 5-day email course on "How to win Data clients online" here
November 19, 2020
Shalini Sarena: A Journey to Fullness (Part-2)
In this second episode of the podcast, Shalini talks about how she uses social media to help others and she paves out a way for people to live and experience a life of fullness.
October 29, 2020
Shalini Sarena: A Journey to Fullness.
Shalini Sarena is an international mindset coach, yoga teacher, holistic healer, and entrepreneur. She believes deeply in the importance of taking care of yourself and keeping healthy along with your growth. She is also the Founder of the WomenInTech Channel which won the award for Best Account of the Year at the 9th Annual Shorty Awards. She has over a decade of experience in strategic partnerships and community development with startups around the globe. Shalini is a citizen of the world. She was born in London, though she has lived most of her life in the US. Shalini speaks five languages and has lived a location-independent lifestyle for the past five years. She lived most of last year in Bali, Indonesia, and is currently based in Goa, India. Shalini is on a mission to help close the diversity gap in tech and wellness, using media and storytelling as the main tool to achieve this goal. So this episode is going to be in two parts. In the first part, Shalini narrates her entire journey from her childhood to where she is now. She describes her school life, her emotional and physical pains that she experienced in her life, and all the serendipity that lead to her becoming a mindset coach and life support for many. Know more about Shalini at Connect with her on Instagram at Connect with Remote Explorers on Instagram at :
October 22, 2020
Lucky Ali: From Beat to Offbeat.
In the latest episode of our podcast, listen to the well-known singer, composer, songwriter, and actor Lucky Ali takes us through his journey, his experiences, and his philosophy of life! Millennials grew up listening to his soulful voice. It won't be an exaggeration to say that his songs inspired a generation to think differently and to travel.  However, he is beyond all of that. He is as grounded as a farmer is because he is one. He is Lucky Ali.
October 15, 2020
Madhushree: Diving from the Himalayas!!
Madhushree is a mountaineer and a professional Scuba Diver. She is an adventurer committed to finding ways to make the outdoors a lifestyle, that is sustainable, for the long term. She wants to help people in building a mind-body connection which can then be taken to the outdoors. Madhushree is currently working on a book about the Himalayas while helping an NGO in protecting the coral reef in Goa. Episode brief- -What was her Inspiration to make adventure sports into a career? -How overcame her challenges of limiting beliefs. -Her experience of being a scuba diving instructor. -She talks about how sometimes it is important to take a leap of faith in life. -She briefly touches on How to make a career in Mountaineering and scuba diving We love to hear from you. Connect with us on Instagram:
October 08, 2020
Manbir Kaur: Conversation about Conversations
Manbir Kaur is an Executive & Leadership Coach and a conversational intelligence enhanced skills practitioner Coach. She helps people achieve a balanced and sustainable growth for themselves and their organization by facilitating the alignment of aspirations, purpose, and actions.  She is passionate about helping leaders and teams bring more humanness in their mindset and actions.  She is also passionate about helping people own their growth and help them reach their own potential. Episode brief: - What Conversational Intelligence is and the science behind it - How can remote workers use conversational intelligence to have better connections in their teams. - Why there needs to be more humanness in the way we communicate - How to address the diversity in the working conditions. - How to learn and implement Intercultural acceptance Check your Promotability Index at Manbir's website. You can use the below-mentioned link to buy a copy of Manbir's latest book "Get your next promotion". Connect with us on Instagram.
October 07, 2020
Want to save the planet? Go Remote!! : Liam Martin
Liam Martin is the co-founder of Time Doctor which is a tool that helps remote workers to be more productive. Liam started the largest  Remote work conference called Running Remote in 2018 that is carefully curated to teach you next-level, actionable strategies, and tactics one can utilize to manage & grow remote teams. Episode Brief -How Remote work helped Fahim from Bangladesh who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy to build a house and sustain a family of 8 people. - Opportunities for developing countries to compete in the global market when remote work goes mainstream. -How going remote is better than Going vegan for the environment. Breakout of carbon footprint when we go remote. -The future of Digital Nomadism and coworking scene in India -Liam shares his personal journey of starting as an educator to becoming a changemaker in the remote work movement. -Three advices for teams going remote for the first time. Please connect with us, we are social. Instagram :
September 24, 2020
Alex Hillman: The Space Explorer
Alex is one of the pioneers of the global coworking industry. That also makes him a pioneer in the remote work movement! Alex has written down his learnings in his first-ever book, Tiny MBA, which released on 26th August 2020. Let's hear from Alex about building communities, coworking industry, management education, and creating member engagement, virtually. Buy Tiny MBA at
August 27, 2020
Vanshika Mehta: A Storyteller's Story
Vanshika is a brand storyteller and communications consultant. She transitioned into a full-time freelancer at the start of this year and currently enabling SMB's to communicate clearly and crisply. She believes in the power of virtual communities and has 55k+ Linkedin connections to vouch for. In this episode, Vanshika has shared her insights on remote work culture, effective freelancing, and employer branding. In this episode, we picked Vanshika's brains on :-  -Transformation to Freelancing from corporate -tips for people who want to be freelancers -How should brands reimagine there branding to attract freelancer/remote workers -The difference in remote work culture in India and the US -Virtual communities Tools for freelancers
August 19, 2020
Ambika Bhardwaj: Lost or found?(In Paradise)
Ambika is a travel writer, photographer, and a mountain lover. She left her corporate career in 2017 to explore the road less traveled. She now lives near old Manali in a place called paradise valley. Ambika's story is full of exploration and inspiration. Be ready for some adrenaline rush after listening to this episode! She shares her journey from a 9-5 job in Gurgaon to living in a small village near Manali. We talk about the rural-urban integration and aspects to consider while working remotely from those places. She puts light on how to preserve the cultural heritage of not so commercial places. She also mentions some key points on how to stay authentic and connect with the world using Instagram.
August 12, 2020
Jubin Mehta: The Journey Within
Jubin is a writer who began his career from Bangalore and moved to Himachal Pradesh in 2013. From there on, he has been involved in several activities ranging from farming to eco-architecture to meditation. He is currently part of Aashram Space in Bir which is a small community of contemplative creative folks and (due to the pandemic, the place is shifting towards becoming a small publishing house).
August 05, 2020
Andrew: The Slowmad who insures Nomads
Andrew is co-founder and CEO of Insured Nomads, a global health insurance company. He is an insurance industry veteran who has lived in over 20 countries. Over the years, he has advised companies like Coca Cola and Porsche on global workforce mobility. Andrew started Insured Nomads out of compassion. In this episode, Andrew has spoken at length about the motivation behind starting Insured Nomads, why global health insurance is THE most important thing, and how the future looks like.
July 29, 2020
Shruti Chaturvedi: Bombay to Goa via Remote Work
Superwoman has a name - Shruti Chaturvedi. Shruti started her venture, Chaaipani Media, at 22. Chaaipani now boasts 2 million subscribers and 40 member strong team. That's not all, Shruti has inspired thousands (or maybe millions) through her public talks, acts of kindness, and social media presence. Shruti moved to Goa in 2018 and took her entire team remote this year. Let's hear from Shruti about her journey!
July 22, 2020
Akshay kanthi: Moving from Banglore to a remote Village in Himachal.
Akshay Kanthi is a mentor and co-founder at MountBlue Technologies. In this podcast, we will be talking to him about his shift from chemical engineering to IT. He will be sharing his experiences of living in offbeat remote places in Himachal. We will be discussing how MountBlue is dealing with this sudden shift to remote working.  He will also tell us about his time with Jaaga which is a community arts and technology co-working space in  Bangalore.  Akshay Kanthi did not study Chemical Engineering at college and instead spent time at his professor's organic farm exploring what it means to live a sustainable life. At MountBlue, He works on addressing the skill-gap and improving the employability of young people kickstarting their technology careers.  He's excited about all things internet and believes that the internet is a huge enabler to help us reverse migrate from overcrowded cities.
July 11, 2020
Abhash Kumar: Springworks goes Remote.
Abash Kumar, Head of marketing at Springworks talks about plans of his company to go fully remote in the coming future. He will give us some insights into how Springworks supported its employees during the lockdown period. We will talk about his opinion on the future of E-Learning and how can we create sustainable communities virtually. His first stint was in Sales and BD, then he went on to take up roles in Community and startup-focused journalism, eventually finding his knack for Marketing. In his previous roles, he has headed Digital Marketing and Growth at YourStory and FactorDaily.
July 11, 2020
Why Remote Explorers Podcast?
To kick off the Remote Explorers Podcast, Shahzada and Mayur discuss what remote work is, and especially answer why remote working is something to discuss at all. They talk about their own personal journeys being Digital Nomads and talk about the future of remote working.
July 11, 2020