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Random Encounters Metadimensional Travel Guide

Random Encounters Metadimensional Travel Guide

By Daniel Abbott

Random Encounters Metadimensional Travel Guide is the podcast that takes you on guided audio tours of home-brewed campaign settings created by dungeon masters and storytellers across the infinite multiverse of tabletop roleplaying games. This unique Actual Play podcast explores the worlds behind the adventure, to discover the unique sights and sounds - and must-see happy hour deals on enchanted margaritas - that adventurers never seem to have time to enjoy. In a world of big budget cinematic universes, the ones we create for ourselves can be just as imaginative and far more immersive.
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Ad Spot 2 - Trainwrekk't
Ad Spot 2 - Trainwrekk't
Another sneak preview of the forthcoming Actual Play travel podcast, Random Encounters Metadimensional Travel Guide. Follow us on Twitter: @REMTravelguide Support us on Patreon: Music by THAT Damned Band -
May 20, 2022
REMTG Ad Spot 1 - "Suenos Con Chaneques"
REMTG Ad Spot 1 - "Suenos Con Chaneques"
Here's a short ad about our forthcoming podcast, featuring music by THAT Damned Band! Stay tuned for Season 1 coming soon! For more information, go to & consider becoming a supporter!
April 29, 2022