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The Outdoor Equestrian Podcast

The Outdoor Equestrian Podcast

By Remy Kelbel
Hello everyone, thanks so much for listening to The Outdoor Equestrian Podcast!

I have to thank my Savior Jesus Christ for directing my steps! Psalm 37:23

On this podcast I interview people within the outdoor and equine community, learn more in the intro.
I want to be a TV Host one day and host different shows.

Here are my written interviews on my Blog:
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S3 EP 05 - Interview With A Rock Climber About Mental Ilness
How does Rock Climbing help mental illness? Stay tuned on The Outdoor Equestrian Podcast to learn more!
April 25, 2022
S3 EP - 04 New Article and Update!
Hello and welcome back to the growing Outdoor Equestrian Podcast! My article is now published about fitness and mental illness called "Mentally Fit." All of the photos within that article belong to me. I have EXCITING news coming soon about a certain Outdoor Publication. Mathew Gould Wildlife Photographer Website: All that and more to come on The Outdoor Equestrian Podcast! 🎤
February 21, 2022
S3 EP - 03 Interview With an Appalachian Trail Thru Hiker
AnneMarie Thru hiked the Appalachian Trail and is here to tell me all about it!  She also tells me about her travels, her life growing up and her experience in the Peace corps.  Her mom is a big hiker so it's no surprise AnneMarie took a liking to the trails but it is surprising that before the Appalachian Trail she actually had never backpacked in her life! Unlike me it was a spontaneous decision and one through ups downs and great friendships along the way.  Here is my interview with her and her instagram and articles below: @annemariesphere My Instagram is @remy_kelbel follow for outdoor photography and information on upcoming interviews. 
December 31, 2021
S3 EP - 02 Interview with Adventure Author and Speaker Ken McAlpine
Ken McAlpine is an author and wrote survival books such as Juncture and Nexus. In those books he teaches us the importance of ocean conservation and today we talk about survival not just for the marine life but us as humans! I really enjoyed talking to Ken and when he says we have the chance to save ourselves, it's interesting to see his take and perspective on the world. While I disagree with his mentality about how we can save ourselves, in the end as a born again christian I know God will save us. But, I do agree with his message of how helping the ocean not only helps the marine life but helps us in return. This is a great episode full of lessons to be learned only on The Outdoor Equestrian Podcast! Also, I apologize for the static, I will try my best next time to get that under control, with that being said I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I do!  Here is a link to Ken's website:
May 19, 2021
S3 EP - 01 Interview With Equestrian TV Presenter Carly Twisselman at Ride TV Network
* Drum Roll Please! Season 3 of The Outdoor Equestrian Podcast not only has people from the equestrian industry but I get to interview and share incredible survival stories from I Shouldn't Be Alive.  I start off this Season interviewing one of the western world's barrel racers. Her name is Carly Twisselman and not only has she rode western throughout her life but she got to combine her love for broadcast Journalism and horses at Ride TV Network. She has also been on networks such as NRATV and Gun TV. In this episode we talk about faith and she tells me about horse stories she covers such as one about a thoroughbred race horse, named Alysheba. She not only has the talent to be a tv host but she has been acting since she was a child. With one of her many talents she also created her own Barrel Racing team at her college at UCLA.  Listen to how her horse stories and getting into Ride TV Network as an equestrian tv presenter made her dreams come true.  
April 20, 2021
S2 EP 10 - Interview With Outdoor Adventure Journalist Wes Siler
Wes Siler has contributed to various magazines such as outdoorlife, road and track, GQ. He has also appeared on Channels like ABC, CBS and Fox News. He runs a lifestyle column called Indefinitely Wild, telling the story of adventure travel in the outdoors.  Link: Wes talks with me about how one of his videos on Rewilding, on camping and the outdoors helps his anxiety. Thank you for listening to The Outdoor Equestrian Podcast!
April 19, 2021
S2 EP 09 - Interview With National Geographic Intern Sarah Beidleman
Hello everyone and welcome back to the Outdoor Equestrian Podcast! I'm your host Remy Kelbel and today I get the opportunity to interview a National Geographic intern.  She tells me about what she did in a day for the company, a National Geographic photographer she met named Joel Sartore and her photography as well.  Sarah not only is a photographer because of her dad but she is a writer and won an investigative Journalism award. Here is a link to her amazing blog: This is a link if you want to know more about Seaspiracy and its falsehood : I hope you enjoy the interview! Make sure to check out my blog: Thank you for listening!
April 16, 2021
S2 EP 08 - Interview With Christine Kaaola Travel Host/Creator for GRRRLTRAVELER on Youtube
"Anything is possible and the more you travel every dream you can think of becomes a possibility." ~ Christine Ka'aloa Christine Kaaloa is an avid traveler. We talk about finding a niche on youtube, how she got the idea for GRRRLTRAVELER for Youtube.  We talk about dark tourism and a death museum Christine went to during her travels. She brought up a scary experience not being able to find a bus stop in a foreign country. She says she went to a cave hotel in Cappadocia Turkey and her experience in a flotel; a floating hotel on the Khwae Yai River in Thailand. We also talk about materialism. The museum she was talking about is called The Siriraj Medical Museum. Here is the link on youtube:  I loved talking to Christine and that she has a very down to earth and humble personality.  Listen to the conversation and Christine's fascinating experiences on The Outdoor Equestrian Podcast with your host Remy Kelbel!
March 15, 2021
EP-08 Interview with PADI Diver and Videographer for San Diego Undersea Film Exhibitions
Hello everyone today I interviewed a woman named Rocio Bunker from Mexico off the Sea Of Cortez. She fell in love with the ocean and sea creatures at just 9 years old! She has traveled many places as a PADI Diver and gives me a little insight into the life of a scuba diver. Thank you for listening to The Remy Kelbel Podcast! Feel free to get in contact with me for any interview requests. 
March 14, 2021
S2 EP 07 - Interview With Travel and Escape TV Host Shawna Henderson
Shawna Henderson grew up in New Hampshire on 21 acres where her family would take her skiing every Wednesday after school. She has competed in multiple adventure sports such as whitewater kayaking, mountain biking and snowboarding.  She loves to go out of her comfort zone and tells me about how she networked her way into being an adventure/travel tv host. She works for Adrenaline Escapes now but has done in front of the camera work for Outside TV. She tells me about surfing with sharks in the water and how she doesn't want to live life in fear. She is a motivational speaker and helps people with their fears! She went to Colorado State University like myself, Go Rams! She studied performing arts but has always loved writing and through her travels networked with people in the outdoor/adventure space and made her way to TV. Please check out her website at and follow her on instagram @adrenalineescapes Thank you for listening to The Outdoor Equestrian Podcast with your host Remy Kelbel. 
March 08, 2021
S2 EP 06 - Interview With Kinga Phillips Adventure/Travel TV Host
One of her favorite things is being the least accomplished person in the room.  Kinga Phillips is an explorer, story teller and always curious! Kinga was born in Warsaw Poland into a family of adventurers and explorers. Her dad was a geologist and her mom trained in botany. She moved with her family to Oklahoma at age 5 and traveled in a van with her family as a kid.  She turned her fear of sharks into a passion and went into shark/marine conservation because of that! Kinga has been on shows such as Lost In The Wild, Legend Quest, Americas Lost Treasures and The Wild Side With Kinga Phillips. She works with networks such as Discovery Channel, Travel Channel and National Geographic along with many others. She has been all across the world and never stops adventuring! 
March 05, 2021
S2-EP 05 - Interview With Outdoor Adventure Journalist Ryan Wichelns
Welcome Back to The Outdoor Equestrian Podcast!   Ryan Wichelns has grown up with a life of adventure and the outdoors. With a love for climbing at a young age it's no surprise he became an outdoor adventure journalist! With a love for sharing stories and an article coming after his trip to Alaska in the Spring.  Ryan has done incredible work! You can see more of his writing and photography at Follow him @ryan_climbs on instagram 
February 15, 2021
S2 EP 04 - Interview With Maggie Slepian an Outdoor Writer and Equestrian
Hello Everyone and welcome to The Outdoor Equestrian Podcast!  I'm your host Remy Kelbel and today I get to interview Maggie Slepian  You can check out her writing at She is a climber, backpacker and has been a REI member since 2010. She's also a hunter/jumper equestrian More to come on The Outdoor Equestrian Podcast!
February 08, 2021
S2 EP-03 Interview With Associate Editor Jeremy Rellosa at Outside Magazine
Hello Everyone and welcome back to The Outdoor Equestrian Podcast with your host Remy Kelbel! This is my interview with Jeremy Rellosa the Associate Editor at Outside Magazine.  He has worked for The Boston Globe and other media companies as well as started at Outside Magazine as an Editorial Assistant.  He studied English in College and grew up in Virginia where his love for storytelling started! Thank you for listening to The Outdoor Equestrian Podcast 
February 01, 2021
S2 EP 02 - Interview With Taylor - Outside Magazine
Outside Magazine is a privately owned publication and started in 1977.  Taylor was a Journalism major with a concentration in marketing. She applied for Outside Magazine after five months of working for a print publication after graduating college. Follow Taylor on instagram @tayjaye  Thanks for being apart of The Outdoor Equestrian Podcast with your host, Remy Kelbel. 
January 12, 2021
S2 EP 01- Interview With Discovery Channel Digital Marketing Intern Shriya Chitale
Hello Everybody! Welcome to season 2, to start off I will be interviewing a Discovery Channel Intern. Not only does Shriya want to be a part of this legacy network, but she grew up in India and is an equestrian. She has traveled growing up with her family and loves that she got to intern for Discovery Channel! She's a former grad student, you can follow her on instagram @shriyachitalepublic
December 05, 2020
EP 10- Interview With Equestrian Influencer Bethany Lee
Hello everyone and welcome to Episode 10 of The Outdoor Equestrian Podcast with your host Remy Kelbel.  Bethany Lee is a Florida horse trainer, host of The Equestrian Podcast and creator of the equestrian fashion blog I talk with her about how she grew up riding horses. Her job before getting into the horse industry and tips for other equestrians who are interested in a career like hers.  Also, she gives us some tips on creating an equestrian podcast/blog.  Thank you for being apart of The Outdoor Equestrian Podcast!
September 11, 2020
EP-09 Interview With Dressage Rider Anna Buffini
Anna Buffini won her first National Championship in 2014 when she became professional. She also has a very hardworking family and hopes to continue her riding career someday competing in Europe at the Grand Prix. You can follow her dressage career on instagram @Anna_buffini  Thank you for listening to The Outdoor Equestrian Podcast  with your host Remy Kelbel
August 30, 2020
EP-08 Interview With Janie Johnson Western TV Reporter
Janie Johnson is a Western TV Reporter at The Cowboy Channel. She also reported for Ride Tv as a Professional Bull Riding Reporter! I talk with her about how she got into TV, her first internship and a little about her background. She has covered events like The National Finals Rodeo, Professional Bull Riding and The Cinch Timed Event Championships and many more.  Thank you for listening to The Remy Kelbel Podcast.
August 17, 2020
EP- 06 Interview with Ashlee Bond Show jumper for Team Israel
Ashlee Bond got on her first horse as a baby and fell in love with horses right away! Her love for jumping started at just 3 years of age.  I talk to her about her life growing up, how it was winning a Five Star Grand Prix and riding for Team Israel.  If you're interested in her career you can follow her @ashleembond on instagram!
July 25, 2020
Welcome to The Outdoor Equestrian Podcast
Hello everyone. Thanks so much for tuning in to The Outdoor Equestrian Podcast  Where I interview people within the outdoor and equine community.  I want to be a TV Host one day and host different shows. I'm very passionate about horses and the outdoors. I love a life of adventure Thank you so much for listening! 
July 13, 2020
EP-05 Interview with International ShowJumper Brittni Raflowitz
Brittni Raflowitz has been a professional in the equestrian world since the age of 18! She has had a show called "Jumping With Brittni" On Ride Tv.  I love that I had the opportunity to interview her and if you are interested in her world as a show jumper. You can follow her on instagram @brittniraffy95. Thank you so much for Listening to The Remy Kelbel Podcast!
July 13, 2020
EP-04 Interview With National Geographic Photographer and Marine Conservationist Octavio Aburto
Hello Everybody! I love that I had the opportunity to interview Octavio Aburto. He is a marine conservationist! He also is a photographer and explorer for National Geographic! Thank you so much for Listening!
July 01, 2020
EP-03 Interview With Mountaineer Nate Brown
Hello everyone and thank you so much for tuning into The Remy Kelbel Podcast. Today I am interviewing Nate Brown a mountaineer and army veteran. You can check him out at and go follow him on Instagram @natebbrown. Make sure to share this podcast with others and follow me on instagram @remy_kelbel. DM me if you have any interview requests. 
June 19, 2020
EP 02- Interview with Alice Ford Travel Host/ Filmmaker
Hello everyone thanks so much for tuning in to the Remy Kelbel Podcast! Today I Interview Award Winning Travel Host/ Filmmaker and Stunt Woman Alice Ford! She has been across the globe documenting her travels and adventures through YouTube and Instagram. Follow her @alicesadventuresonearth  Once again I'm your host Remy Kelbel, leave me a message on instagram if you have any interview requests. 
June 09, 2020
EP- 01 Interview with J.J. Kelley National Geographic Filmmaker/TV Host
Hello Everyone this is my first podcast interview! Thank you so much for tuning in and listen to me interview National Geographic's J.J. Kelley! He is a Emmy Nominated Filmmaker and TV Host. He's a producer as well as photographer.
May 20, 2020