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The Hedonistic Way Podcast

The Hedonistic Way Podcast

By Renee Mayne
Unsubscribe from the narrative & create a new, fulfilling and pleasure centric existence where you are both hedonistic, holy & human. We have intimate conversations with people who are epic, humble, brilliant & showing up in a really dynamic & raw way, and have created their own narrative. We talk about the things that everyone is thinking about & wants to know yet never ask. Own opinions are our own & it is our intention to offer you a way to break free from the confines of mainstream current & give yourself full permission to be a sovereign, sacred & liberated being.
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Soul Service Meditation
What to spend time in the void and quantum field finding what your soul self is here to do? This will help! 
August 12, 2022
5 Minute Power of Eros & Touch Meditation
Your joy doesn't need to be grand it's in the smallest of movements and moments, yet makes a big impact on your well-being. 
August 05, 2022
5 Minute Pleasure Activation
Enjoy! A little yet huge 5-minute experience to activate Eros and pleasure in your body and out into your day. For more juiciness check out
July 29, 2022
Ep 100: Extremism, Fight Response & Healthy Reconciliation.
How to resolve inner and outer conflict, extreme behavior and the affect it has on people, trauma response and healthy reconciliation. 
July 01, 2022
Ep 99: Growth & Love Without Growing Apart.
Personal and spiritual growth can cause upheaval in relationships if one is committed to growth and the other isn't. Here are some tips on staying connected and committed without growing apart. Enjoy. 
June 06, 2022
Ep 98: The Predator and Prey Kink Archetype.
This is one of the most misunderstood kinks and kink archetypes so it was fab to delve into this one. 
May 30, 2022
Ep 97: The Rigger & The Rope Bunny Archetype.
Inside the rigger and the rope bunny archetype.  To learn more about my work please visit
May 26, 2022
POEM- Two Sides Of The Same Coin
A poem about the the journey of woman and mother, two sides of the same coin. 
May 26, 2022
Savour the taste.  Savour the moment.  Savour the touch.  Savour the feeling.  And feel it in your body.   New line.
April 08, 2022
Ep 96: Inside the Experimentalist Kink Archetype.
Kink archetypes have a profound ability to show us who we really are, to harness their power and know their false power we create a new reality and relationship with ourselves and others. There are multiple sides this the Experimentalist Kink Archetype and this show gives you deep insight into it.  To learn more about my work please visit
March 28, 2022
Ep 95: The Vanilla Kink Archetype-
This is a cracker! It's true, I am obsessed with Kink Archetypes! They teach us SO MUCH about ourselves and this one is huge. VANILLA... some people loathe it and some attach to it like a Mumma's milk. Either way,  there is SO MUCH to learn about it.  Kink and BDSM are so much more than we believe, when we understand them from an archetypal perspective we met ourselves on a whole new level.     To learn more about my work please visit
March 23, 2022
Ep 94: The Voyeur Archetype, we ALL have this within us.
I  am beyond excited to give you a little look inside the Temple as we spoke about the VOYEUR Archetype. The full episode is on our YouTube  channel, the link is in the profile. It's worth watching as I speak to  the false power/ shadow of the voyeur and that's very useful to know as YouTube we ALL have this archetype within us.YouTube
March 09, 2022
Construct of Woman & Mother {POEM}
The journey through womanhood into motherhood, what it looked like, what it feels like and where it's going. 
February 18, 2022
Ep 93: Impact, Confidence, Mastery & Intuition
How do the following things impact every aspect of our lives? -Confidence -Self-knowledge -Energy mastery -Intuition -Awareness
December 08, 2021
Ep 92: Values & The Path Of Aliveness
Every inch of my soul is coming back to this right now...  The Path of Aliveness.  Our Value System.  What is being asked of us right now?
October 25, 2021
Ep 91: Reclaiming Your Sex Origin Story, Pleasure & Parenting.
The Hedonistic Way Show.  There is a whole lot of delish in this ep!  An awesome one for the Mama's as we spoke about...  1. Finding yourself after being lost in Motherhood.  2. How to communicate your desires with your partner.  3. How to find your pleasure after becoming a Mum.  4. Expanding your capacity to receive.   5. What Pleasure does for your business.    ... Your sex origin story and recreating it.    About Nikii Syme.    She is walking the path of aliveness,  Everything on the line, If there was a line,  She takes the record that has been on repeat and writes a new tune,  She has the unshakeable foundation of Self-Love, She lives to see women rise in Love,   She is a Mother, a Lover and a gifted Entrepreneur.    We welcome Nikii Some to the show. Find Nikii on Facebook or on her website. 
October 18, 2021
Ep 90: What Is Sexy?
Renee Mayne debunks this mystical sexy, what sexy really means, how it's defined and what we can do moving forward.    How do we change the conversation about it?   What it is and HOW you can get it! Tune in. 
October 11, 2021
Ep 89: Forgiveness, Energetic Limbo & The Mental Trap
Renee Mayne shares her personal journey with Forgiveness and what it really means through the eyes of the universe. What does it mean? Does it belong in spirituality? Is it really a mental trap that keeps us in energetic limbo? Ummmm big questions that are being discussed widely across the “spiritual” cosmos right now! As usual, as we do when we walk the path of Third Level Priestess we are at the cutting edge of what it means to be spiritually fierce and we are unafraid to dismantle the dogma that can come with spirituality. Prompts- Where am I carrying resentment, anger, frustration or blame and what is my responsibility in this? What did I learn from this experience/ person? Where am I out of integrity? Ho'oponopono Prayer I am sorry Please forgive me Thank you I love you.
October 04, 2021
Golden Light Tapping Meditation
A quick feel-good tapping meditation, (EFT).
September 30, 2021
Morning Meditation and Devotion.
Releasing fear, encoding consciousness and commune with God Consciousness. 
September 30, 2021
Ep 88: CROSSROADS, The Maga & Doing What Makes YOU Happy.
CROSSROADS. She is bubbling underneath, Alluring you into the underworld of decadence, When we ignore her she doesn’t go away, She waits, She’s the purr under your skin, She’s that clench of your butt cheeks, She is someone I avoided for a long time, She was a piece of me that I would find in small moments, Often under the influence, The hunger to be uninhibited, I felt so free there, I didn’t care what people thought, I was just me, In a life where I let the need for people to like me consume me, Swayed by what people thought I was meant to do with my life, So I hopped from thing to thing trying to find THE thing, I chopped and changed, Moved from place to place looking for THE place, This  constant pursuit to be content, consumed my every thought and action,  to the point where I was never really able to enjoy life because I was  high tailing to this LIFE I COULD NEVER CATCH.
September 27, 2021
Ep 87: The Art Of Generosity, Receiving, The Beauty & The Brutal.
Such a delicious heart-opening conversation with Arion Light, there is so much to enjoy in this episode, 1. How to listen to the current and let it flow through you. 2. One to have one foot in the beauty and one in the brutal. 3. Receiving. 4. What union is and what it isn’t. 5. Generosity in business and the currency of that. …. What it means to be a Warrior for love and how to create from that space. About Arion Light Warriors of Love. He is no novice to Darkness, Only he sees it as Light, Or the same thing to be more accurate, He is a Warrior for Love, Unafraid to fight for it, Be with it, Honour it, And make love to it. Only he doesn’t see it as a fight, He sees it as unbridled potential, Uninhabited state of consciousness and ecstasy, Nothing we need to find, seek or chase, But something we allow, surrender to and open up to… He is on a mission for Love to teach Warrior how to remember they are love and how they create from love. He is a little bit delish, And a lotta wise, humble and strength. We welcome Arion Light to show.
September 20, 2021
Ep 86: The Stolen Generation, Belonging & Respecting All Humans.
Whoa! This beauty moved my soul today as we ventured into the gap 1. Navigating the space between belonging and being an outcast. 2. What it's like being from one world and living in another. 3. Shame. 4. How we moved forward respecting all humans. 5. How we are at a crucial time right now to ensure the traditions of our Nations First People is continued. ... How we can learn with and from our children. Enjoy! About Tarsh Bamblett. She is an absolute Queen, A Warrior, She is Woman. She is a torchbearer who is teaching us to remember. Remember who we are, Where we come from, The land we reside upon, She is all about to get through the gap we need to go beyond the Gap, She is Miss Soul and the Queen of Acknowledgments. She is leading the way for us to live an all-encompassing world where we see each other with love, respect and honour. She is real and unafraid of vulnerability and freedom of expression. She has a zest for life that is contagious. She is Tarsh Bamblett and she’ll be joining me on the show this Tuesday.
September 13, 2021
Ep 85: Grief, The Forever & Confidence Own Who You Are.
This conversation with Stepha Doyle was centred around realness, how we both crave it and fear it, what opened up was a beautiful transmission that went into the realms of… 1. How grief lets the idea of forever go and how we tend to latch onto “forever” 2. How it doesn’t have to make sense, you just need to do it. 3. Creating a foundation after loss. 4. How showing up online is a journey to self love. 5. Increasing our capacity to receive and experience more. … Traversing from owning the underworld to  allowing in the full spectrum. So good! About Stepha Doyle She is a ray of sunshine and a breath of fresh air, She is a pop of colour who is teaching us to Get Reel. She is an artist, A Photographer, She is someone who unapologetically expresses herself in all her realness, She is like the Golden Age of Truth, Freedom and Expression. She is like taking a trip to Wet ’n’ Wild… She spreads exhilaration  where ever she goes.
September 06, 2021
HOME- Spoken Word
I am prepared for you to swallow me whole,  I am prepared for you to take me where ever I need to be,  I trust this current I am on with every inch of soul,  I vowed to never be lost in the current ever again,  And I meant every word.  This current can swallow me whole and I know I am exactly where I need to be,  This faith,  This trust,  Is because I am prepared to die a thousand times in order to born again,  Just as my name suggests.  Knowing that I am more, So. Much. More.  Even when she’s got me good,  I can sink into decadence in every moment,  I am not subject to any narrative,  This sight is omnipotent,  Omnipresent, And echoes across realms,  I see it all.  And I bring her home, Again and again,  Each time surrendering a little bit more,  Nestled in arms of Great Spirit.  Resting in the arms of Mother Earth,  Knowing I can traverse across all worlds, A strain of unknown is my happy place,  I relish in the Mystery,  Feel my primal hunter and prey on earth,  Sinking my teeth into the flesh and feeling my roar,  Listening to her purr under my skin,  Awaiting for more,  Feeling the earth under my feet and exploring all of it,  Taking in all of it,  Knowing that it’s here for us to taste,  She’s here for us to sink our teeth into,  No need to be afraid to take a bite,  She’s been waiting for us,  She’s ready for us,  She’s hungering for us to nestle into her breast and give us the nourishment we need.  She will not take you away, She will bring you home. 
September 03, 2021
Ep 84: The Multiverse, Your Message & Being Seen.
The Hedonistic Way Show Kia West was a sweet elixir to my soul, a beautiful conversation that took me away as we ventured into the realms of- 1. How to begin putting yourself out there right now. 2. How to find your voice in all the noise. 3. The universal perspective of creation. 4. What to do when someone challenges your truth. 5. The importance of being agile throughout the creation process. … and how the Fibonacci number sequence is the essence of all creation and owning all parts. Delish! About Kia West Visionary Director. She is a storyteller, A visionary, A seer. She creates a moving, living canvas of beautiful art that is cosmic, She geeks out on all the coolest stuff, She is slightly left-field, Totally quirky, A little bit weird, And a lot of fun. Underneath all that, she is on fire with her service and stirring up socials and injecting dynamic, captivating content that takes us away. She is devoted to helping others shine and becoming bad arse boss babes. Welcome to the show KIA WEST!!!!
August 30, 2021
Ep 83: The Difference Between Sexual Energy & Erotica
Me, riffing about all things.... 1. The difference between s.e.x.ual energy and the erotica. 2. How our limited views on this has created havoc in our lives and bodies. 3. How to activate our senses to expand our consciousness. 4. How desire and self-worth go hand in hand. 5. The space in between the foreplay and the happy ending. ... How to know if you're localising your energy and when you're tapped into your erotica.
August 23, 2021
Ep 82: Money, Pleasure, Business & The Energy Behind All Of Them.
Well that was delicious! What an all encompassing conversation where Abbey Rose and I speak to all of our favourite topics! Money, energy, pleasure, business, the masculine and feminine. So good. Inside this ep is- How to have the courage to speak up and speak the unspoken. Finding the sweet spot in your money. How to increase your capacity to receive. How we often think the wounded masculine is the actually the wounded feminine. Finding your soul language. … How is not about finding balance, it’s all about the sweet spot… oh and pleasure! How Abbey altered her reality using pleasure practice. She isn’t afraid to shake shit up, She speaks the unspoken, She will push the edges of your mind, Into neurodiverse epic thinking. And that is what is required of us as the ones who want to go rogue. A system breaker ⁠⁠ A vision creator ⁠⁠ A torch bearer ⁠⁠ Paving a new way for business and holding space for other visionaries in the business and finances. ⁠⁠ Very excited to have Abbey Rose on the show.
August 09, 2021
Ep 81: Answering Questions Around S-E-X, Desire, Arousal and Orgasm
Today on the show I am answering your question about S-E-X. Did you know that 43% of women struggle with some aspect of s-e-x, desire, arousal and orgasm? That’s nearly HALF of the female population! Research  shows the affect this has on your relationship, your well-being, your  happiness and even your health so it’s an important thing to address. Some of the questions I am answering are- Having lack of drive, desire and no libido. How to go from gagging at their socks on the floor, to thinking they’re irresistible? How to overcome inhibitions? What if your partner’s greatest desire is also your greatest inhibition? How to get over sexual shame after growing up in the culture that never discussed it or viewed it as dirty? How to ask for what you want without sounding like a creepy s-e-x maniac? Sex  after divorce- How do you decide what your values and boundaries are?  How do you know if you’re ready and not trying to numb or hit the easy  button because you’re feeling a lonely moment?
August 03, 2021
Ep 80: Energetic Dodge-Ball, Joy & Projection.
My goodness that was juicy! 1. What to do when you feel stuck. 2. When you are questioning "who am I?" 3. How to feel more joy. 4. Increasing our capacity to FEEL. 5. Why we project and how to be with it. ... and the juiciest take away for me today! How to come to a space of understanding during what feels like energetic dodge ball. About Tosca Dee : The Joyful Goddess. Joy oozes from this woman’s pores, And it’s delicious! Her energy is infectious, Contagious and permeates for hours. She is an absolute Goddess, She who went from hiding and never showing her face to fully owning who she is and sharing it with the world. She leads women to reclaim their joyful passion and living a magical life. She is a Yogi, An Intuitive Intelligence Teacher and she is here live on the show! Tosca Dee on Facebook-
July 27, 2021
WOMAN- Spoken Word Piece
There is a sleeping giant that resides in me, I used to think it was a child who just wanted to play and explore. … Now …Now I think it's WOMAN. For she came out when I couldn’t be contained or controlled anymore. When the conformity became unbearable. When the delusion of the good girl made my skin crawl. When I unleashed my holy rage, Even when the faces of shock and disgust looked back at this mad WOMAN. When I was done with containing myself into a nice tidy box of what society deems as normal. Thrive but don’t ask questions or rock the boat. Be skinny, yet curvy and have a small waist with big juicy arse and heavenly breasts. Wear your hair in a way that makes you look like a feminine Goddess. Be wild but not too wild. Be a lady on the streets and a freak in the sheets. A Dominatrix shatters all of it. Woman sees beyond the entire BS. Woman is unafraid to be wild, Woman will not and does not contain herself, Woman allows yourself to experience all of it. Woman is not here to 💦 quietly. Even when it shocks minds. Especially when it shocks minds. Woman is not here to please others, Woman is here to worship. Worship Woman. Worship Self. Worship Country. Worship Men. Worship Life. Worship All. She is WOMAN. She is Not here for anything less.
July 09, 2021
EP 79: Visionaries, The Feminine & Integrated Business
The Hedonistic Way Show I knew this conversation was going to amazing and enter into territory that made my heart beat a little faster. Inside this chat you can soak up, 1. Moving through the Paradox 2. The connection to self. 3. Spirituality beyond the wank factor. 4. What Integrated Business looks like? 5. The feminine in business. … and what's unfolding for the Visionaries right now. About Jessica Anne. She is throwing a big fat bomb into how we think we should do business, And creating a course of ACTION that is conducive to our soul service. She’s not you’re usual formula to the feminine, She is more of the… “I will ignite a fire cracker up your arse type of feminine.” … She’s the formula to the feminine we’ve forgotten. She is fierce AF. Completely unapologetic, A bit random, And a whole a lot of brilliant. She is turning heads in the business world and working with Visionaries is the most unorthodox way… just the way I like it! Giving conformity and masks the bird. Help me welcome Jessica Anne to the show.
June 22, 2021
Ep 78: Creating With Integrity & Changing The Game.
This conversation was so divine, there is a grace, ease and understanding of this man that is just beautiful to witness. There really is so much to enjoy about this conversation, 1. What happens when you don’t play the game, but change how the game is played? 2. Who are we when we tap into that part of ourselves that is completely trusting? 3. How there is no competition when you allow yourself to operate from this space. 4. What happens in time and space, and why it matters. 5. What it means to be world class. … How you’ll never question yourself ever again when you’re tapped into this part of ourselves. About Andrew Eggelton. He is here to bring Heart back to Presenting. He is here to remind us that all the magic happens between the words. He is the demonstration of what it takes to become world class. He isn’t afraid to do things differently. He  is a modern day System Disruptor, Author, TV Presenter, Actor, Speaker,  Award winning Producer with an inner child that is a Rebel. He treats each individual as a unique piece of art and honours the art of authenticity. He thinks big. Devotes big. And dreams big. Andrew Eggelton Presenting Mentor joins me on the show.
June 18, 2021
Ep 77: Voyeurism & Somatic K!nk
On  The Hedonistic Way Show today I am going to be talking about Voyeurism  as k!nk and an unconscious k!nk and how we can play out in our lives.  I've not seen a profile yet that doesn't have voyeurism on it so it  affects everyone.
June 09, 2021
Ep 76: The Art Of Letting Go, Death & Awakening Aphrodite.
The Hedonistic Way Show. * The Art Of Letting Go. * Awakening Aphrodite. * The Natural Death Of Personal Development, Spirituality and LOA. * DEATH is alive right now! * Resilience is rubbish. * The unspoken truth about death.
June 02, 2021
Ep 75: Sex Education, Emotional Intelligence and S€xual Health To Youth.
The Hedonistic Way Show.     Creating a new conversation around s€xual education is crucial for the  health and growth of our children and society.  Jasmine and Sacred  Pathways has an amazing curriculum and approach to teaching our children  and teenagers, so get comfy and tune in.     1. Why feeling safe is an important part of s€xual literacy,   2. The connection between emotional intelligence, mental ill-heath and  s€xual health.   3. Why we need to be unafraid of pleasure.   4. The conversation we need to be having with our kids.   5. How there is no such thing as “the talk”,   … And the questions we can start asking.  ABOUT JASMINE CHERIE    She is a catalyst for change,    A Social Entrepreneur who is bringing the education system into the 21st  century.    Something had to change because the stats aren’t getting any better,  they are getting worse.    It affects every single person on the planet regardless of culture,  region, location, ability, gender and race.    This woman is perfect for this huge undertaking and we need to listen.    She has excellence, dedication and passion is oozing throughout her  blood with a thirst and vision to create a new tomorrow…    One where we teach children emotional intelligence, teaching them to  have complete control over their emotions and their pleasure.    She is innovating sexual health so we can empower our future generations  to change the course of the destiny and live to their fullest  potential.   Join me Live this Tuesday as we welcome Jasmine Cherie to the show.
May 24, 2021
EP 74: Panel Discussion On Constent & Sexual Assault.
The conversation around consent and sexual assault is a big elephant in the room, but in this panel discussion it was grace and ease. This is an important conversation and one I invite you to listen to as we speak about- 1. Our journey with sexual assault. 2. How we can inflict our trauma and pain on all those around us. 3. That natural biology of teenage boys. 4. Female’s feeling safe in their bodies. 5. How consent is more than words and fluid. 6. The conversation we need to be having with our children. … And how pleasure and taking the time to know each other’s pleasure will change sexual assault and the stats forever. So good! Immense gratitude to Eleni Pappas, Jess Newing and Karen Swainson for being a part of this conversation.
May 17, 2021
Ep 74: Shamanic Business, Hierarchy Business Models & The Mystery.
The Hedonistic Way Show.    This was a beautiful unraveling that went into many juicy areas, like-  1. Shamanic businesses and the energy of business.   2. How do you know when a vision is for now or later?  3. How to anchor the intangible.   4. How honoring self is honouring the mystery.   5. Hierarchy business models.   … And how to create union in all your ideas, threads and desires.   She is unearthing a village of grounded creative’s in a way that has  never been obtainable for them before,   She is a Dark Mystic who can see beyond the stigma of what is real and  what is not,   She sees you in a way where she captures your greatness and anchors you  into reality so you can do the work you crave to do.  She unfurls each client so they are a living breathing canvas of their  cosmic self.   There is no thing she can’t do and like a true Mystic weaves her magic  into everything she touches.   She is a constant stream of nourishment and a living legacy for the  ancient and giving it new breath to ensure you have the profit and  pleasure of making it long lasting.   She is a CEO, Branding Creatrix, Seer & Mystic.  It is my great honour to have Caitlin Rose Taylor on the show this  Tuesday.
May 10, 2021
Ep 73: Soul Language, Luxury Minds & Our Multidimension Selves.
On the show we soak up Tia Marie, a Next Level Potential Coach for Leaders in Pursuance of The Soul Apex. We spoke about- 1. What is the Luxury Mind. 2. What the ego really is and it's function. 3. How to reconcile time and why we need to. 4. What is really available to us when we ditch the drama. 5. What is soul language and sensory technology. ... oh and how to create your own navigation system! About Tia Marie. Her words don’t wash over you like silk, They make you lean in and listen, You read them twice because you want to make sure you get it because you feel how powerful they are, She is upping your worth through your soul consciousness and the codes you carry, She would say that your codes are your currency and she is making sure you’re cashing them in the most luxurious way. She is reconciling our relationship with time, She is the celestial elixir of Soul Language and Sensory Technology, She is the Dark Wonderland guiding you to your Multidimensional universe, She is walking life like infinite red carpet, Only it’s not for show, it in every fiber of her being, She is simply exquisite and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into luxury mind as we welcome TIA MARIE to the show!!!
May 03, 2021
Ep 72: Shame and Cancel Culture.
Today I was joined by my sisters of the The Institute for Intuitive Intelligence to talk about Shame and Cancel Culture. Our  journey with Shame, how we move through it as a Priestess and breaking  the societal, religious and family conditions as we speak our truth and  shame stories. 1. Personal shame and public shame. 2. Addiction. 3. Choice and worth. 4. Mental illness and shame. 5. Cancel culture when we share our truth. ... How ownig our shame dissolves our shame. In ths glorious conversation is Brie Jones - The Wild Intuitive Woman, Eleni Pappas and Karen Tannoch-Bland.
April 26, 2021
Ep 71: Sovereignity In Our Flaws & What Women Want.
We are fundamentally flawed as a society when we deem Hedonism and Pleasure a characteristic weakness. Mixed messaging and we relate. Women are in power to make real change, contrary to inequality and how men can support us. What women really want.
April 19, 2021
Ep 70: White Patriarch, Misogyny, Shame and Privilege.
We took a deep dive into some uncomfortable conversations about- 1. Shame 2. White patriarch, misogyny and privilege. 3. How women also have bias to work with. 4. How we need to stop speaking and listen. 5. Generational pain and trauma. ... The importance of sharing our stories and taking these conversations mainstream. She is one of Australia’s leading Soul Strategists and Psychic Medium’s. She is a fierce devotee in supporting women’s rights and social justice. She is completely unafraid to tackle global issues. She is a fierce warrior with a soft gooey center. She tells it how it is, She has a huge background in mental health and maximum-security prisons. . And she is obsessed with you living your best life. And this week we started a big conversation on Clubhouse and we wanted to share it with everyone, we spoke about how to return to love in a shame filled, misogynistic and white patriarchal world. Join us as we delve into this conversation with the beautiful Rebecca Gibson.
April 12, 2021
NO MUD NO LOTUS. I am determined to revolutionise how we feel and see the world. How we see ourselves, our Eros and our magick. To build an army to create the most decadent, courageous and sustainable way to melt into life. I am here to teach you how to suck the marrow out of life, How to melt into it like it’s the most delicious piece of chocolate you’ve ever had. By the time we’re through you will no longer seek anything, You will be absolutely deliciously full and fulfilled. When you reclaim your Eros you become a Dominatrix of your life and a Submissive to the Universe. Every area of your life, every cell in your body feels a-mazing. Anyone who has this remembrance inhabits Heaven no matter where they are standing or what’s happening around them. I am the fusion of a modern-day Mystic and FemDom who makes k!nk her b*tch.
April 07, 2021
Ep 68: The Unfurling of S-xual Repression & Feeling Unfulfilled.
Inside this episode is the real and honest unfurling of s-xual repression and feeling unfulfilled. We spoke about all sorts of things that don't usually get soken about, like- 1. How it's more common for women to be s-xually repressed than not. 2. How Sacred Sovereign S-xuality has nothing to do with s-x. 3. How Sarah's transformation has nothing to do with body size or shape and everything to do with her claiming all parts of herself that she didn't even know was there. 4. How spirituality and person development constantly left her feeling like there was more. 5. How she went from being completely unable to share her truth to being fully expressed and feeling alive. ...Oh and she's her journey with the INternship and what has unfolded for here! About Sarah Tovey After 48 years she is coming out of hiding, This beautiful human has been quietly transforming every cell in her being. She has been completely transparent in her transformation with those who know her, And now she is ready to show the world who she really is, Beyond all the conditioning, All the expectations, All the people-pleasing, All the societal norms, … And she is carving her own way. Reversing the clock and reclaiming all the desires she has hidden for decades. Her journey and transformation have been breathtaking to witness *grab the popcorn because it has made great viewing. She is a natural leader who is changing the paradigm of the modern middle-aged woman. Join me in welcoming Sarah Tovey to the show
March 29, 2021
Ep 67: Abuse, Rape, Suicide & The Journey To Worthy
Strap yourself in because there are lots of juicy bits to soak up in this conversation. 1. Toxic friends, relationships, people and listening to your intuition. 2. Grief. 3. Why is worthiness such a key piece. 4. Abuse, rape, suicide and how Vanessa found herself in it. 5. Mental health and social media. ... Oooo and how she will never rewrite her story. So delicious! About Vanessa Haldane, You wouldn’t believe what this epic human has been through, She is stat, Multiple stats. Yet, so much more than a number. She has been on a Journey To Worthy and she’s had many pit stops and she did not pass go, yet she is moving around the monopoly board of life and dancing to the tune like the Pipe Piper. She is selling out her events like hot cakes and she has an army of fierce AF women singing her praise. She is real, She is raw, She is relatable, She is speaking to real issues we all face. She is remarkable. She is the host and creator of Journey To Worthy the podcast, the merch and the movement. Join me as I welcome Vanessa Haldane to show.
March 22, 2021
Ep 66: CEO of Bella Management, Author of Body Image Warrior Image Warrior- Chelsea Bonner!
There are so many delicious nuggets in this episode and so much to love, not to mention how divine Chelsea is! Some pearls… 1. How to be all of who you are and not care about what others think. 2. Understanding beliefs and constantly questioning them. 3. The difference between being all of who you are and sharing all of who you are. 4. How being authentic in business is the only sustainable way. 5. Journeying through the realness of what really happens behind the camera. … Becoming a part of a kinder community and staying grounded. About Chelsea Bonner. I am beyond excited to share this epic human with you! She is a game-changer. She has created a movement that is creating social change in a world that has been skin deep for eons. She is the pioneer of Body Positivity and a true Body Image Warrior. She is a true visionary and futurist, She has the wheels spinning before we even know it’s a thing. She has been redefining beauty for nearly TWO DECADES and has been the backbone of making it mainstream. Her devotion to body positivity and mental health caught the eye of several key players around the globe. She is on a mission to change the way we think about beauty and body image and she will stop at nothing to do that. She is highly successful. She is an all-round epic human. She is the CEO of Bella Management, Author of Body Image Warrior Image Warrior. The biggest welcome to the glorious Chelsea Bonner who is LIVE on the show this Tuesday
March 15, 2021
Ep 65: Se.xual Exploration Is Crucial In Our Evolution
Damien Bohler’s incredible mind is awe-inspiring. You can’t help but lean in and absorb all that he shares… We spoke about so many epic things, like- 1. What is really happening when we’re depressed? 2. How transcending and inclusion need to go together. 3. How our se.xual exploration is crucial in our evolution. 4. Why validating others is needed in our growth. 5. Objecting the masculine and feminine and why we need too… … UNION, he’s insight around it is epic. Enjoy! He’s creating a new language independent of the curriculum we’re been given, He knows that our evolution is based on how we relate to each other and ourselves. Defying the odds of what it means to truly connect. What it means to be seen… This cosmic creator is a little bit science, a little bit of spirit and a whole lot of heart. He uses depth, elements and a complex model in how we relate and delivers it in a stunningly authentic way. A conscious applicator of energy where intimacy is attention. He is laser-focused on taking the intelligence of relational evolution to lead us into deeper, more intimate and juicer connections. He is both complex and curious, Love and agency, Moving beyond the conformity of masculine and feminine. Heart and soul. Join me as I welcome Damien Bohler from Evolutionary Relating on the show.
March 08, 2021
Gender Outlaw Spoken Word
A spoken piece by Renee Mayne and her journey with sexual abuse, family violence, domestic violence, suicide and inequality.  Trigger Warning. 
March 02, 2021
Ep 64: Why Me? Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence and Chronic Illness
This was the most beautiful conversation about sexual abuse, domestic violence and chronic illness I’ve ever had! Vera-Lee Curnow’s outlook, wisdom and experience with this is out of this world! About Vera-Lee She is giving airtime to some of the most insidious and globally suppressed issues we face. When most people remain silent, she speaks. She is your everyday inspiration that is making a big difference. She cares more about creating a space for people to share their adversity than anything else. She knows why it’s so important we talk openly talk about the question we have all asked… WHY ME? She is warrior, A fighter, An angel who has graced us with her presence. She is here to do some real magic in this life and empowering people all of the world. Her journey has been EXTREME and it’s amazing to think how much one person can be faced with in one life… and yet here she is, with a smile on her face, her heart open wide and a big dream. She is an artist, a coach, an inspirational speaker and is the host of the podcast called “Why Me?”, It is such an honour to have Vera-Lee on the show this Monday evening a 6:30pm AEDT!
March 02, 2021
Ep 63: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Elysia Anketell.
Ummm this episode is pretty spesh. We talk about subjects that are edgy and a lot of people avoid, like… 1. Kids and Body Dysphoria and practical things you start doing to guide them through it. 2. How health is more than a number or size. 3. The harm we are doing and creating by NOT stopping the inner critic. 4. A step y step guide to starting to embrace yourself. 5. How we are not talking about ALL facets to our perception around food, or bodies and the food pyramid. … How Orthorexia is RIFE in our society and never spoken about! About Elysia. One of the hardest things to do is love yourself. Love your body. To not be swayed by the countless messages that fill our screens, magazines and life as to how we should look. … What kind of body we should have in order to be deemed as beautiful. … Every person having an opinion on what is best for you. … What diet you should or shouldn’t be on. … Friends making stupid, thoughtless and unnecessary comments about how you’ve gained a few or lost a few. Like it matters. Like there isn’t a gazillion other things you can say about how awesome that person is. Monday’s guest on The Hedonistic Way @ Midday Show is frigging fiercely passionate about teaching women to love their bodies. Saying “Your body is worthy of your reverence.” …. YES Sister… Preach it baby! Personally I am so frigging over the all-consuming BS that we read, see and hear about our bodies. Imagine  what joy we could open up in our lives if we learned how to love our  body and stop judging others on what they look like? Elysia  Anketell burst onto my radar and caught my attention because she has  this grounded, vivacious, artist vibe about what she doing. Not to  mention the fact that absolute joy and love pour out of her like it’s  the most effortless thing in the world. She is a singer, songwriter, curve model and the creator of The Body Love Collective. Dedicated to sharing how embracing and loving your body leads you to you living in your full power. I  am sooo looking forward to delving into this huge topic with Eylsia as  she help you shed some light onto how you can inject some Body Love into  your being. Absolutely contagious in every way and in the best way, do not miss out!
March 01, 2021
Ep 62: The Hedonistic Way @ Midday Show With Lauren Renee
I loved this ease and depth of this conversation! So much to think about and feel into... 1. How to know what's alive in the vortex now and what's for later. 2. How to find your soul service. 3. Creative expression and why we need it now more than ever. 4. How to find your sisterhood without force. 5. Why hedonism is self and overindulgent. ... How to find your unique soul essence and gift. About Lauren Renee Intimacy She is a spark of light and a bundle of joy. She is the girl next door with a touch of Mystery. She is the dance, As she sees beyond the mechanics of the moves and the steps from a to b, And sinks into the pure essence of your soul. Bringing to life the gift inside you and how you’re to serve the world. She shows you the gateway to the visionary vortex so you can birth your creative soul into being of service. She is fun and playful, Soft and sensual, Deep and honouring… Join me in welcoming Lauren Renee Intimacy to show!
February 22, 2021
Ep 61: The Hedonistic Way Show With Renee Mayne
Today we talk about spiritual ego, the shadow and the endless pursuit of us chasing the illusion.
February 15, 2021
Ep 60: The Hedonistic Way Show With Guest Candice Hopkins
Well, there was no foreplay in this conversation, straight out of the gate we dove right in the deep end. What a beautiful conversation with so much to soak up, 1. How we can use astrology without giving away our power. 2. How to honour your sting and sharp edge without it being a wall. 3. How the planets are layers of our consciousness. 4. How to use them to know who we are and what we’re here to do. 5. How we’ve been taught to create separation to achieve success and why it’s changing. … How Candice is here to revolutionise how we see and use astrology. About Candice Hopkins She’s got this Dominatrix vibe, She’s got a vibe that you think is going to be stern and sting, but it lands on you like the softest silk. You know she knows what’s she’s talking about before she’s even spoken. She got the edge of a knife and the softness of a kitten. You can’t help but feel like you might get spanked if you step outline and you kinda want too… She is a writer, an astrologer and an excavator of energy. She is the divine unearthing. She is Candice Hopkins and she’s live on the show!
February 08, 2021
Ep 59: The Hedonistic Way Show With Guest Rosalia Mostafa.
My goodness we lost ourselves in time this was so delicious! There is so much to sink into and bathe in this scrumptious energy. 1. How we all want sisterhood but don't show up for it. 2. How fear and excitement are very similar and how to know the difference. 3. Navigating the realness of the sacred and aligning that to your partner and children. 4. Who and what the Dark Mother is and the wisdom she brings. 5. How contractions are a vital part of everything we birth and how to breathe through it. ... Joyful sacrifice, what is it and how to tap into it. About Rosalia Mostafa. She is welcoming in the arrival. Doing the sacred work of the High Priestess. There is nothing ordinary about her, She is bringing ancient codes that have been dormant and suppressed for eons and awakening them in the women she serves. Once you see her you’re captivated. She holds the codes of The Magdalene, The Golden Key to your power and sovereignty, She is the direct transmission to your coming home. She is a wild warrior Mama. Sacred and epic in every way. She is Rosalia Mostafa. Help me welcome this beautiful womxn on the show.
February 01, 2021
EP 58: The Hedonistic Way Show With Renee Mayne
So much TRUTH!  Ecstasy Consciousness. Worship. Infinite Intelligence. You Hiding and worrying about what people will think...
January 25, 2021
Ep 57: The Hedonistic Way Show With Renee Mayne
In this episode Renee talks about the magic in the mundane, the false power of the people pleaser and flight, freeze and fawn. 
January 18, 2021
Ep 56: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Mary Mikhael
This Cosmic Goddess is so amazing! There is so much to absorb and enjoy in this episode... 1. How is innocence is everything and anything that isn't tainted. 2. How to make millions and be connected to the Mystery. 3. How faking a vibration is awkward AF is not necessary. 4. It doesn't matter what language you use, it's what it's loaded with that is important. 5. Why we need pleasure and how it is our navigation system and BS radar. 6. How we are piloting this new era of co-omptetion. ... The codes and wisdom in our blood. About Mary Mikhael Angelique She is magnetic. She has an empire built on Sorcery, Magick and Business prowess. She is almost unimaginable in our minds eyes… She is what stories are made from… She holds the rose codes within, She is the Founder of One Love Humanity. She is a force of love, connection, union and devotion. A Mystic, Priestess and Warrior who is leading a revolution for those who crave to reclaim their Holy Fire. Bringing the Mystery into the mundane, We welcome Mary on the show.
January 11, 2021
Ep 55: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Dane Tomas
It’s that moment when you notice someone who sees beyond foresight, hindsight and in many ways spiritual sight. The deeper he went the more he shed the false prophet… The need to become superhuman and from something beyond this world. Wanting to contribute to the world without being lost in it. Not resting upon one method, modality or way to transcend into something magical, mythical and exotic. Instead of allowing himself to become all of it, in the most human way. That is how he became magical, mythical and exotic. There is an air of mystery around this man that you can’t quite put your finger on and I don’t think you want to, because the elusiveness is embracing the dream and living it in everyday life… and it leaves you wanting more. That is what makes him the Dark Wizard that he is. Looking beyond spiritual materialism and the self- aggradation that has become a way of life and service for so many, not this man. Deeply committed to transcending through every transmission that is his expression… and it comes in MANY forms… Writer, Rapper, Tantric Yogi and the creator of The Spiral. I am intrigued to chat to this incredible human that is Dane Tomas this Monday on The Hedonistic Way @ Midday Show.
January 04, 2021
Ep 54: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Dave McDermott
A M A Z I N G. In this episode, we talk about... * Sexual repression. * The difference between mediocre sex and great sex. * Owning your shame and sharing it out loud with other people. * What opens up as you expand your sexuality. * One type of ABUSE that is LEGAL and RIFE. About Dave McDermott He is The Empowered Man Whose work is so needed. Even just looking at his cover photo on his FB page makes me smile with gratitude for his work. A man that teaches men how to understand women. He does this because he understands women. He understands powerful living. He knows the importance of being sexually confident. He empowers men so don’t feel or get rejected by women and how to be more confident in our presence. Really important work right? I believe there is a deeper importance to his work. I believe that when men do this “work” something else happens… This confidence, respect, understanding and empowerment they will, in turn, teach their children to be confident, respectful, understanding and empowered. Their children will teach their children and it all of a sudden we create entire lineages of epically strong, kind, confident, loving and humble people. It means less abuse in all its facets. More love in all its facets. It means less mental illness in all its facets. More self embodied acceptance in all its facets. Ummm this work is so frigging important and I am delighted to welcome Dave McDermott LIVE on the show.
December 28, 2020
Ep 53: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Scott Boocock.
It is such an honour to share this incredible man with you, There is a broken sound due to some internet issues, but I invite you to listen on because there is so much sound wisdom, as Scotty shares... * The questions you need to ask yourself to take an idea and turn it into action. * His W I N N I N G formula that his uses for everything he innovates. * We talk about tall poppy syndrome. * The twist on entrepreneurship today compared to 10, 20 years ago. * How talking is the best way to succeed. * Parenting... what he wants to instil in his children. About Scotty He has one of the most incredible minds I know. He is the pioneer of entrepreneurship… way before it was even a thing. It’s in his blood. You probably don’t know, but he is the brains behind so many celebrities and personal brands. He once owned an ICMI chapter, he doesn’t just know the circuit… he IS the circuit. He has been inventing, creating and doing epic shit for the 18 years I’ve known him. He is The Aussie Innovator. Shark Tank success. Award-winning. The Creator of HEGS. A true social entrepreneur who is behind numerous charities. He is beyond extraordinary. He is my friend. The boy from Alice. And a true family man who has the most amazing heart that matches his incredible mind. I have to stop because… he brings me to tears with gratitude, humility and awe. The Hedonistic Way @ Midday Show is the frigging amazing man that is Scott Boocock.
December 21, 2020
Ep 52: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Juliet Gunning.
I am so pleased to share that The Hedonistic Way @ Midday Show is returning to your screen THIS Monday as I welcome one of my most favourite humans. The woman is a pixie of goodness. Not necessary one that sprinkles fairy dust everywhere, though she is pretty magical. You can’t be in her presence and not be taken away by her sound, it just ripples throughout time and she makes you feel heard, wanted and needed… like you’re “normal” even. Her gifts are diverse and various in so many ways, she is a Lightworker, astronomy maven, a yogi and so much more. It’s not surprising that she is so wise, powerful and effortless in her service because she is the daughter of an energy worker that was way before her time. This work is in her blood, born to do this work and she has been able to expand upon the gifts she inherited. If there is anything you would like to know about or curious to hear about, for example what this year will bring, what the stars, the numbers and elements will deliver us this year… join us LIVE as we welcome the beautiful Juliet Gauci - Intuitive Astrologer Bodywork Healer. She will grace us with her humility, her wisdom and her realness of what life is really about.
December 14, 2020
Ep 51: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Amy Towle
This woman blows my mind! Always sparks so many thoughts and feelings, she is an oracle of juicy goodness. As always we covered vast ground in this ep... 1. Why we experience guilt during grief. 2. How self-exploration is crucial for self-pleasure. 3. WORTH... gah! This bugbear is always a biggie. 4. Orgasms... how to expand our pleasure. 5. Why smashing one out just because or just for him and what it is really saying about yourself... 6. What is Yoni massage and why you need to experience it. About @Amy Towle. I think if Mother Earth were a human this woman would be her. Uber grounded and radiates Motherly love. She encapsulates all that is The Divine Feminine. She is the Temple Of She. She is the Midwife who helps you birth everything in your life. Dedicated to working with Willing Women who want to open Pandora’s box and delve into exploring all of who they are and clearing out all the shit so they can embrace their sexuality, sensuality and live their most vulnerable self. Intuitive Goddess. Yoni Masseuse. Mentor. Midwife. Intuitive Goddess. …. A woman that makes you feel at home in your own essence. Who you are. The body you have. Your enough-ness, Your not enough-ness, Your worthiness, Your past. Your present. Everything, Is exactly as it’s meant to be, Not loving yourself or reality? Live on The Hedonistic Way @Midday Show where I share the glorious Amy Towle. Mwah, so delicious.
December 07, 2020
Ep 50: The Hedonistic Way Show With Renee Mayne
Today I am talking about my favourite topics! Kink, internal versus external desire and the permission to be you. 
November 30, 2020
Ep 49: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Greg Barwick
My 'O' My... Ummm that. There is something about witnessing someone in their wholeness, trusting the flow of what is alive in them and what wants to come through... 1. Men unlocking the parts that they've suppressed. 2. Answering the question that will arise of "What does this make me?" 3. What action to take when life is calling you into a different direction. 4. What's on the other side of that choice. 5. Life beyond the big bubbly smile and the people pleaser. ... Oh and how we can use creation to melt into 2020. About Greg Barwick. He is a gentle giant. He is a Warrior of Heart. He is all things fast, furious and epic. He is also soft, intuitive and primal. He is the embodiment of wholeness in humxn form. And it’s sexy AF. He is revolutionising how men show up in the world and it is gloriousness to witness. It is a revolution I am 100% behind and believe in. This WILL change the world in the most epic way; the ripple effect of his work will change our future generations. (We all know the stats) Rewilding men into wholeness is the most profound and important work, connecting men into their playfulness and purpose, power and compassion. It’s a Sacred Brotherhood you don’t want to ignore! He is dedicated to leading others to create a meaningful impact in the world, He is an Empowerment Coach, Creator of the Sacred Brotherhood and blazing the way for Self Leadership. I am delighted to have this incredible beast on the show.
November 23, 2020
Ep 48: The Hedonistic Way Show- Renee Mayne.
Why Hedonism, Holy & Human is the next unfolding and what we're being called to do. The dark side of s3x and hedonism. What we are experiencing right now as a collective and what we need to do. Official Bio! Renée is an unorthodox and freakishly gifted visionary and Priestess of consciousness and intuition, who leads a hedonistic evolution for womxn who are called to disrupt the status quo and make sense of their existence, to be initiated into a new way of being, and connect them to their divine self. A poetic and transformation Speaker, Teacher, Guide, Dominatrix, lover of lingerie and spoken word has been leading in the areas of self, service, spirit and sex for over two decades. The ascension of this hedonistic evolution opens you up to a world of no separation and for the first time in their life, it’s the end of all pursuits because they are complete in every. single. way. A womxn who has had this remembrance will inhabit Heaven wherever she happens to be standing. The Temple of Exploration Eros, Permission, Embodiment & Expansion.
November 15, 2020
Ep 47: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Medha Paola.
We all have our own experience and relationship with money and in this episode Medha shares... 1. How we can begin to explore our own personal money energy. 2. How giving isn't always a good thing. 3. The importance of money boundaries. 4. Questions to ask yourself to understand money. 5. What heart centered people really need to understand about upping their worth to impact the world. Such a brilliant conversation with the passionate soul. * The link to the second half to the show is in the comments. About Medha. This womxn had me as soon as I read, “Our self-worth is in direct correlation to our relationship with money.” Shut the front door! This seedy little bug manages to penetrate into everything man! I  knew instantly I had to get her on my show, because there is much to  discuss around this and maybe, just maybe it has something to do with  womxn statistically earning less than men? In my experience womxn’s self worth is on a shaker ground than most males? But, back to Monday’s guest… She  is a curious spiritual seeker, not from a place of wanting more, but  always eager to explore the edges of what we think we know and what is  out there. She gets off on the deep and dramatic transformations of all those who are enter into her space. What  really gets her motor running is helping people feel prosperous,  wealthy and free, able to buy whatever they want without having to worry  about whether or not they can afford it. This larger than life  womxn has many modalities up her sleeve, from Pleiadian Lightwork to  Reiki and Money Reiki to intuitive readings…. Oh, and she’s a yogi as  well. Let’s get your money shit sorted, your self worth rocking and let’s see how far we can rock our worlds! I am beyond excited to bring from Soul Free Now to The Hedonistic Way @ Midday Show.
November 09, 2020
Ep 46: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest EJ Love
This is the most important work we do. The beautiful deep dive into the realm of love was divine and so much to soak up... 1. How you can't outsource Love. 2. Why you need to sit in the shame and find Love. 3. How and why you need to marry yourself. 4. Reframing what we think our Soul Mate is, 5. Taboo's and how different doesn't mean wrong. ... Oh and how no one can complete you. About EJ Love, She has dedicated her life to it, She has danced in the shadows with it, She has been high on ecstasy on it, She’s been hurt by it, Shamed by it, Now she has tasted all the flavours, she’s nestled in and sharing profound wisdom on it. “It” is LOVE. She is the Author of Become The One, Self-Love, Relationship and Intimacy Coach With an incredible journey, A humongous heart, Gloriously mischievous, A warrior for becoming your own soul mate, The incredible EJ Love is LIVE on the show.
November 02, 2020
Ep 45: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Brooke Hunt
There is so much to love about this conversation and it is filled with juicy goodness, 1. How to open yourself up to receive wealth. 2. What stops us from bringing in the money flow. 3. How to know the difference between what is fear and what is love. 4. What is human conscious and divine consciousness. 5. How to get the Universe to listen. ... What happens when you realise that you're so much greater than you think. About Brooke Hunt. She’s the girl next door, With the sweet smile and generous eyes, She’s the epitome of kind, approachable and genuine. Underneath all that… She is wicked… Not really! These values run deep into her soul. Though her devotion and relentless drive is enough to turn heads and magnetise us all in the most divine way. She is rewriting our money stories and open us up to receive more, make more and accumulate wealth in the most soulful way. She has an army of people who sing her praises and hold her in high esteem. She is a Financial Intuitive, Intuition Teacher who is all about freedom and flow. It is my absolute honour to bring Brooke Hunt on the show.
October 26, 2020
Ep 44: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Susan Young
G L O R I O U S episode! It is filled with such amazing wisdom and actions you can start right now. Inside this episode... 1. How to transform knowledge into power. 2. The REAL art to journaling. 3. The difference between your zone of excellence and zone of genius. 4. Why your life is unfolding the way you want it to even though you're doing the work. 5. Your identity and what you need to meet your fear. ... and really so much more! Enjoy! About Susan Young. She has a gleam in her eye that screams cheeky! You feel it beam through you as it awakens your own spark of knowing. Always curious about the world around us as well as the one beyond us. Knowing we are a divine part of it. She would say we are “it.” You can’t help but notice that she is so turned on by life. Forever expanding her greatness. That  gleam I discovered is amplified when we are talking about intuition,  soul work and her ability to tell you when you’re in your zone of  excellence and NOT your zone genius. She activates questions within me that have me pondering for hours. She goes against the entire spiritual do’s and don’ts so we reach a place far more profound, electric and self- honouring. She is gifted in so many ways and dares to question all conformity. A voice that is so needed in this world. Truly  honoured to share her voice and wisdom with you THIS MONDAY live on The  Hedonistic Way @ Midday Show as I introduce you to the epic soul that  is Susan Young!!!
October 19, 2020
Ep 43: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Karl Camden-Burch
Always an amazing conversation with this man. What is your soul's agenda? Can you go "off" purpose? What role does pleasure play in vibration? Are you asking and then closing the door to allowance? How to guide people around us who are resisting. So much juice! The sound is a little sketchy but worth it for the all the juice About Karl. Thrilled to share the the incredible Karl Camden-Burch will be my guest on today's show. See the world through this incredible man’s eyes when he joins me on the Hedonistic Way @ Midday Show. What most people see and what Karl see’s are VERY different. Not from this world, yet very much a part of this world and doing the work so we can all show up as the frequency of love. There is nothing this man can’t do and nothing he has not seen. He  will make sense of the entire craziness happening around us and leave  you feeling like peace has been restored, and everything is actually  where it is supposed to be. Who knows what will escape his lips and I am so looking forward to finding out.
October 12, 2020
Ep 42: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Kristian Stephan- Martin
This was beyond delicious! We got right the crux of epic wisdom around so many things, like... 1. How men can begin to feel into desire. 2. Just how different sex is when you're present. 3. What gender reconciliation looks like and how we begin to make it happen. 4. How when we love something we NATURALLY want to look after them/ it. * Self-love, body acceptance.... yep that. 5. The conscious cock and why we can begin to find it. ... Oooo and knowing the difference between acting FROM or FOR love. Epic. He is a smooth operator, When he sees you, he SEES you. He loves to move with the body beyond the gaze. His charisma goes beyond gender. Beyond traditions as he gently goes about life consciously creating connections. Beyond men and women. Helping men understand women, Women understanding men. Bringing us together as whole beings. Nothing finite about what he does or who he is… Awakening us into a healthier, more liberating way of seeing the world. Not shy to call it how is, To push perceptions, So we ease into a widen perspective. Beyond the limitations of what a tradition men looks like and how he shows up to show. Redefining what a “real man” is… He helps men become influential heart-centred leaders and naturals with women. Oooo I am looking forward to having @Kristian Stephan- Martin on the show!
October 05, 2020
Ep 41: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Raquel Dubois
... OK, so I am trying to pin point the stand outs, but there are so many! 1. What is the nervous system and what has it even got to do with your reality? 2. Trauma and how to identify if it's causing unseen chaos in your life. 3. When to lean into to anger and when to hold onto it. 4. What happens when you align yourself and your actions to your nervous system. 5. The distinction between medicine, shamanism, science and spirituality. ... and let's not forget how the attachment we have to our Mother's effects our body and our relation to food. About Raquel Dubois. She is the Sheldon Cooper of the spiritual world. The volume of her epicness is infinite. It’s taken AGES to get her on the show because she is always fully booked! … Yet here we are. She is a beautiful fusion of intellect and spirit, her work speaks for itself. She is the pure essence of one of my favourite quotes “There is no such thing as an educated person, you’re either learning or you’re not.” Her capacity for expansion is c-razy. There is no thing she cannot do and her brain puts mine into a spin every time we chat. …. And yet it’s her heart that really blows me away, it’s as beautiful and big as her epicness, bigger in fact. An advocate of truth, a nervous system evolutionary genius, a shamanic honouree and a gazillion other things. … If you’re wanting to increase your capacity to serve and show up in the world, … If you want to hear a different perspective on the fusion of intellect and spirituality. … Somatic practices. … How to embody unconditional safety … and whatever else transpires, then you’ll want to join the a-mazing Raquel Dubois Embodied Presence Training and I live on The Hedonistic Way @ Midday Show TODAY!
September 28, 2020
Ep 40: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Carlie Maree
She is an absolute breath of fresh who has my heart! There is so much to love and absorb in this conversation. Ummm, Ummm Ummm. 1. How to create an offering, service and business by working less, making more and in a way that fuels your soul. 2. How YOU are the Magick, not your certifications. 3. How to create and not control. 4. How our job is to be Human and brave so we can listen to what the universe is telling us. 5. The importance of unlearning. ... How quick you can be unapologetically wealthy when you use your Motivational Intelligence and become intuitively congruent. The list could go on forever! So tune in and tell us what landed for you About Carlie Maree. She has a charm that cuts through you and makes your heart skip a beat. She is the most unadulterated combination of Sorcery, Stamina and Sass. She is sharp with her word and her tongue. She cuts through all the hype, agenda and bullshit. She is smashing societal norms. And crushing it in business! She is where mystical and realism unite. She is redefining how we serve. She is living proof that business doesn’t have to be competitive, restrained or done a particular way. She is really something to behold. She is a best selling Author, Thought Leader on Motivational Intelligence and Intuitive Congruence. She is exiting the hierarchy and is the catalyst for change. The incredible Carlie Maree is here to dazzle us on the show!
September 21, 2020
Ep 39: The Hedonistic Way Show- Renee Mayne
Whoa... what a potent time!!! Is physical touch your primary love language? If so, you'll want to tune in... Where are you on the radar of trust? What is dying in you right now? What are our youth thinking and feeling right now? What are you going to use this time to evolve? Feels big!!!
September 14, 2020
Ep 38: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Fleassy Malay
So much about this conversation that rocked my world. The depth. Humility. The honouring. Talking about the big topics that shape our world and our role in it. We spoke about… 1. How silence shatters our self-worth. 2. The difference between our comfort zones and safety zones. 3. Understand privilege and our role in that. 4. The TRUE meaning of vulnerability. 5. Courage and fear, how we can dance with them. … and the list could go on, it was such a beautiful, honest and important conversation. Changing the world has to start with how WE show up in it. About Fleassy Malay. This human. Is THE most aware person I know. Fiercely, gently and respectfully aware. Not on one thing, but all things. And naturally, as it has just born innately in her. On things that have had to actively learn, educate and teach myself. It blows my mind. Two times TEDx speakers. Her work has had literally millions of hits. She is a sought out global changer maker who gives a voice to al people. The way she operates, moves and works are really extraordinary. … Hedonism oozes in and out of her being. Gah! Is insane in the most amazing way. The integrity she lives by is awe-inspiring. Her words so poetic they can’t help but make you a better person simply by hearing them. Heartfelt compassion for all living things and holding true to that in all moments. The giving, collaborative approach in which she lives is being echoed by all those in her wake. She is courageous, real, raw and vulnerable in the most profound way. It’s who she is. With a heart and soul so pure, gracing us with her presence and her words. It’s Fleassy Malay. She is building an empire that is rebuilding humanity and hope in millions of hearts around the globe.
September 07, 2020
Ep 37: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Stasha Washburn
You always know when it's going to be a potent conversation when the internet goes cray cray. There is so much wisdom inside this episode that I know you'll get started on this extraordinarily honouring path. 1. How to start honouring your flow. 2. What is masculine and feminine beyond being a man and a woman. 3. What food supports your flow and when. 4. Until we start taking about taboo topics we can not change. 5. How Stasha went into endometriosis remission. ... and how PMS isn't a phase of your cycle. About Stasha Washburn SHE’S MAKING TABOO TRENDY. Defying centuries of suppression. Empowering and educating womxn around the globe. Building a bloody revolution. She’s not about finding your flow, She’s about honouring your flow. She whimsical, She’s a warrior, She solid, Sound, Determined, … And a bit of a mystery. The layers of her magic run deep and there is nothing rinse and repeat about her. She’s author, an international speaker and business bad arse. The epic Stasha aka The Period Coach is live on the show. Stasha Washburn Youtube Channel and website.
August 31, 2020
Ep 36: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Isiah McKimmie
Such a gentle, delicious conversation that has the undertones of peace and harmony in what will hopefully become an ongoing conversation you have for the rest of your life.1. How rebellion is having the courage to be yourself … *Yeah!2. The most...
August 24, 2020
Ep 35: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Stacia Beazley.
... If you walk away with ONE thing from this incredible episode, let it be the difference between emotions and feelings. Get comfy. Grab your earphones and listen while your walking. ... or maybe while you cook tonights dinner. Whatever it is, this is an incredible conversation! ... How NOT listening to fear, sadness and anger are cutting off 3 powerful streams of information. ... The importance of understanding anger. ... What you can do NOW to use anger for good. ... How anger brings clarity and certainty. ... The ripple effect of shutting down anger and how you can create a safe space and give it a VOICE. About Stacia and The Art of Relating. She turned ANGER on its head for me. Within minutes I could feel this stir of emotions in my body and I KNEW whatever what was about to transpire was going to change me. And it did. Anger is an emotion we really don’t understand, ye it is so prevalent in our lives. Our ability to feel, express and understand anger determines how we feel and who we become. It is THE MOST overlooked emotion and the most powerful. (IMO) Her work is groundbreaking, unique and frigging life-changing. Yet she delivers it in an easy to understand, enjoyable and profound way. … Like you know it’s huge, but it doesn’t feel hardcore, out there of even. The powerful combo really. Stacia Karina Beazley is an earth angel that is changing the way we think about anger, so we are no longer afraid of it, we know exactly what to do with it and how we can use it as the most fierce empowerment tool. …Oh and how we can use this as a tool to honour our yes and no’s in our full power. So much to love and learn from this woman and I am stoked to say she will be LIVE on the show. Yeah Baby!
August 17, 2020
Ep 34: The Hedonistic Way Show- Ricci Jane Adams and Renee Mayne
This epic Goddess is hijacked my show and she's interviewing me! What will unfold? What will transpire? What will be revealed? I don't think there is an area we didn't go... 1. The exact moment I ended all pursuits. 2. What is an Intuitive Dominatrix. 3. How I see the Universal Laws unfolding right now... 4. What I feel about COVID and how I feel about it. 5. The biggest fear in our 21-year relationship. ... The exact moment I realised I saw life differently to most.
August 10, 2020
Ep 33: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Tiarnie Vidler
J U I C Y! I just fell in love with this womxn more, YEAH! There are so many moments in this episode that just makes your heart go, Y E S. Like when we spoke about... 1. What it means to truly love. 2. Why "finding your purpose" is INSANE. 3. Having something in your astrology charts and it NOT happening, why? 4. Stepping outside of the "spirituality entertainment industry" 5. How to run warm and keep the fire burning and how that ramps up sex, happiness and orgasms. ... and what the planets are doing right now and how you can work with them. About Tiarnie Vidler! She is a bubble of bliss, Bursting with love and joy, For all that is, Radiating eons, A bundle of awesome. She is fierce, Open, Pure heart, Super frigging talented. Astrology, numerology and liquid crystals is her jam. She is rebel rising, Awakening everyone who is blessed to cross her path. For 20 years she has been leading by example and guiding others to live consciously to create phenomenal lives. You will want to soak up this potent, passionate and powerful womxn that is Tiarnie, inspires you to be Guided From Within, who will be LIVE on the show.
August 03, 2020
Ep 32: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Patricia Newton
There is an alchemy that started to happen in this conversation... As we breathed life into... 1. Why the descendants of white Britain have so much shame. 2. What did the rituals look like pre colonisation. 3. How we as White Spiritual Leaders can embrace our lineage. 4. How to begin to transmute ancestral shame, trauma and wound. 5. Moving beyond surviving and victimhood and into divination. ... Oh and what Pat sees in her cauldron around what's happening next. About Patricia Newton. She’s the adventurous Medicine Womxn, Who is separating the dark from the deceitful, Breaking down illusions that stop us from truly living, She sees multiple worlds through the lens of her eyes, I’m pretty sure she’s the character that Hermione Granger based on… Shattering beliefs, corruption and incongruence in and of the world. Restoring the lineage of white Britain and witches before we were forced into suppression and burnt at the stakes. She is here to enlighten us about just how rich in culture the English lineage is, how we can lean in and honour our lineage so we don’t lean on other cultures and appropriate them. It is such an honour to have @Patricia Newton on the show. Find Patricia on Facebook. Rhys Paisley Heart's Podcast Curious Conversations, episode one on Cultural Appropriation.  
July 27, 2020
Ep 31: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Alejandra Nicolazzo
One of the most real, enlightening and beautiful conversations that we've had, discussing all the things that we love most... relationships, self, trauma, power and intimacy. 1. The secret to an exciting, wholehearted and juicy relationship. 2. What to do and what the real question is when you're beginning to look outside your monogamous relationship to spice things up in your life. 3. How wanting power comes from a state of feeling powerless. 4. Grief and how to honour the cycles. 5. The connection between our subconscious mind and our body's wisdom. ... a gazillion other to enjoy and absorb! About Alee, If there was ever a pure embodiment of Mary Magdalene I swear it would be this woman. A Mystic, A Mother, A Queen, A King, A Slut, An innocent child, … A Godsend is what she is. She is someone who simultaneously excites you with mystery, makes you fidget with butterflies and makes you feel so safe and seen. Her transmission into this world is making it a better place, A more honest place, A more seductive place, A more liberating place, A more embodied place, A more expressive place, A more enjoyable place, A place where we can drop the masks and we are free to be whoever, whatever and honour what our bodies are telling us. She is connecting us back into our most sacred places in the most arousing, fun, wholehearted, loving and potent way. Where we are our own healers, guides and co-creators of our lives. … But what I love about her most is she is creating a revolution of gender reconciliation within everyone she works with, and the ripple effect of that magick is frigging epic. A conscious relationship Queen, a Dancing Eros facilitator, a co-creator of Awakening Connections and one of the juiciest women I know! Super pumped to share with you LIVE on the show this Monday the beautiful Alejandra Nicolazzo!!!
July 20, 2020
Ep 30: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Cindra Banks
Imagine a world where you just got to be YOU? It's a beautiful world right there... Inside this ep we spoke about this and so much more, like... 1. How to begin to feel pleasure after sexual abuse. 2. What does it mean to be sexually fluid? 3. Why is it important to have conscious conversations... 4. How that correlates to better sex. 5. How a man who allows himself to feel, cry and do all the things we've been told a man "shouldn't" do is sexy AF. ... Oh and the anti-feminine and anti masculine, and how we can move beyond it. About Cindra Banks. She is shedding sexual labels and identities. She has a passion deep within her soul to teach couples how to move beyond the orgasm and into a deeper, more fulfilling, more epic connection. She wants us to look beyond sexuality and see the humxn. She wants to shut the front door on all misunderstanding and societal pressure around sexuality. She is giving it the bird and inspiring others to do the same. She has danced with mental illness and addiction, She has immersed herself in the plethora of adversity… divorce, eating disorder and sexual identity. She gets it. She is the creator of Conscious Couples and The Relationship Story podcast along with her partner Luke Skewes. She is a fierce warrior, She is playful, She is flow, She is discernment, She is doing incredible work because she is dedicated to being completely congruent with everything she stands for. Can I introduce this epic humxn Cindra Banks.
July 13, 2020
Ep 29: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Victoria Redbard
Jeepers. I don't think you could this and not feel the blood running through your body and your soul calling you to begin to delve into this space. 1. What the primal parts of us have been trying to tell us. 2. What do empaths and narcissists have in common? 3. The biggest misconception about sex and intimacy. 4. The difference between self-pleasure and masturbation. 5. The final frontier of you slaying this dragon! ... This conversation was just joy! About Victoria Redbard. This somatic fiery of goodness is about to light up the show! No longer settling for a life that is medi-frigging-ocre. It’s time to take decisive action and step into a new paradigm of intimacy. Fusing the potency of the superstate of ecstasy that presents itself when you are tapped into this powerhouse and placing it alive within your body, it’s life-force that is something to behold. Taking one of our most natural, sacred and life-giving gifts the airtime it deserves, in the most honouring way. This bombshell casts a spell and awakens your desires. Why? There is a reason why our abundance and our sexuality have the EXACT SAME energy centre within our bodies. We can no longer ignore it… well we can, but that sucks balls and we don’t want that. She is a Counsellor, Somatic Sexologist, Yoga Teacher, Ayurveda Practitioner and Spiral Practitioner. Bringing you the epic Victoria Redbard LIVE on the show
July 06, 2020
Ep 28: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Michelle Panning
What a beautiful unfurling of truth! Such powerful topics are spoken about with such grace and gentleness. Just listening to this will alter you into an integrated and embodied bundle of bliss. Gosh... so much I loved and hard to pinpoint my favourites... 1. Lack of boundaries means the more armour you wear. 2. What is fear, what is a full NO and how to tell the difference? 3. How you're one breathe away from transformation and a mind-blowing orgasm. 4. How the thing you're resisting the most is the thing that will help you the most. 5. How to begin to soften and lean into becoming your expansive self. About Michelle. This tall drink of water doesn’t beat about around the bush when it comes to telling it how it is. Unafraid and unapologetic to be all of who she is in all moments, even the “ugly” ones… especially the ugly ones! Intense. Immense. Infinite. So many women are in operation shut down when it comes to the love they have for themselves and the disconnect they have with their bodies. She’s a mission to change that. After faking orgasms for years and being so disconnected to herself she realised the impact it was having on her life, and that had to change. Now she helps women reconnect to themselves so they can unleash their potential in the bedroom and enjoy deep fulfilment. She echoes the whole world opens up when we step into our own power and authenticity. Snap! Sexuality and self-worth coach and all-round divine creature, the amazing Michelle Panning will be LIVE on the show!
June 29, 2020
Ep 27: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Ramya Jade
We went into such depth with topics that are often marked as the shadow of the most enlightened people, yet it was shared with such gentleness and grace that humbling. I am so glad this Mystic left her cave to share her wisdom with us! 1. The evolution of embodiment. 2. Feminism and why we can't crush the patriarchy. 3. What is the unedited self and how do we honour it. 4. What is the great cosmic joke? 5. The dance with being able to let things in and let thing's go. ... How we can't compartmentalise our souls. So good! About Ramya She has a burning passion for play. For us to express unedited expression of our feminine. For men and women to find their own flavour and unique essence so they can open up to the whole treasure chest of sensuality. With the life force of permission and pleasure oozing through her veins, Liberating womxn all over the globe. She moves like a puma, With poise, Confidence, Knowing, A beauty that you can’t take your eyes off. There is an effortless nature as she walks through this world, A knowing that people will gravitate to the essence she exudes, The embodiment of “as within so without.” That takes people lifetimes to understand and embody, Yet it’s doing this with grace and ease. She is the creator of Liberated Women, Divine Play and all things sacred dance, sexuality and emotional intimacy. A big welcome to Ramya Jade as she joins us on the show.
June 22, 2020
Ep 26: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest ALPHAMAMA
Man, I can't even... Heart is full and bursting, tears of gratitude for this amazing soul ALPHAMAMA. Eff me, what an epic conversation! Every minute had me leaning in and wanting more and I am deeply curious as to what you loved!? For me... 1. The difference between expression and communication, where a lot of people/ leaders miss the point. 2. How to dance between boundaries and honouring the ripple effect we create when we don't hear, listen and recognise people when they reach out to you. 3. What pleasure is and why it's so important. (insert major realisation here) 4. What religion, God and the divine is and what it isn't... 5. The difference between religion and spirituality, even for the non-believers. ... What music is and what it does for our evolution, our state of being and our existence. Absolute magic! The real, candid and potent transmission... About Anita Bonita Applebaum. She’s an artist that travels between many worlds, I’m curious to feel her soul as we explore all the layers that make this epic human. Fiercely bold. Elusive. Both complex and unpretentious, Pure grace and enchanting. Her BS radar is set to extreme. But for all of her fierce AF-ness, there is purity, … An innocence and vulnerability that touches your heart. Her mind… she’s smart, ferociously intelligent. Sometimes she intimidates me in the most delicious way, like the coyness you feel when you’re around someone you’re crashing on… Most of all she’s evokes my curiosity and can’t help but lean in and hear her thoughts. She is completely unafraid to ruffle feathers and I admire that. She dances in the realms of business, spirituality, music and sex magic. Founder of Church of the Goddess and God Queen Records that amazingly stunning ALPHAMAMA will join me on the show.
June 15, 2020
Ep 25: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Anna Shelley
This fabulous human always has the most divine things to say! Like... 1. How meditation and journaling can be a distraction for entering the void. 2. How to move through the world with zero f@cks and still have an open heart. 3. How everyone is safe to enter into the dark. 4. How being depressed is OK! 5. Why we should stop feeding our brains with “stuff” and start emptying it out instead. ... Oh and my favourite, creating from the infinite internal well within and not an externally. About Anna Shelley. She is one of my most favourite people on the planet. When I say we are giving conformity the bird, this woman is the definition of it at the core. She is switched on. Tuned in. Simply divine. She is an epic artist, creator, musician and weaver of magic. She’s one of those people who you listen to and your heart comes alive and you’re at the end of the seat, hanging on to every word. She gives zero f$cks about what people think, nor does she follow the rules. … and she’s frigging nailing it ALL. She lives a liberated life that works for her, She’s serving in a way that works for her and her clients. She is spirited, fun, quick-witted and even when she has no words, her eyes tell the story. So super happy to share the incredible human that is Anna Shelley with you on the show.
June 08, 2020
Ep 24: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Maya Luna
The chemistry is through the roof and the wisdom Maya Luna speaks is sound, just and delicious.  There is so much to enjoy in this episode... 1. What the patriarchy is and what it isn't.  2. How the feminine is not the same as being a woman.  3. Death.  4. How we are yearning for real people, minus the perfection.  5. How to honour the dream and not immerse yourself in it.  ... and how she values and prices her service. *WOW! This was cool* Maya'a poem's you can find Her website Aout Maya Luna This Feral mystic makes my ears bleed, A sweet nectar that doesn’t come around very often, Blood that purifies my soul, And makes my heart beat slower… The drip that happens when hear the beat of source itself, When the penny drops, When the water drops into the ocean, Watching the sound waves and ripple effect of just one drop, She ignites worlds, Realms, Eons, Lifetimes, Her words are her wand, They heal wounds, Wounds we didn’t even know we had, She is truth, Not just any truth, Divine truth. She has the ability to penetrate armour, And touch your heart, Your soul, Crying tears you didn’t even know you had. The blood that rippled out of me and enters you, Reminding us we are in this together, As one. No blood shed, Just the circulation of life force that connect us all. Join this Cosmic Wonder and Gnosis Maya Luna and I live on the show this Monday as we penetrate your screen in most delicious way
June 01, 2020
Ep 23: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Avalon Darnesh
... Well that was such an honour and a privilege to share this beautiful woman with you! I feel completely activated and invigorated by this conversation, and she absolutely is an activation catalyst. There was so much magic and deliciousness in this conversation. 1. How to reinvent and create a new currency. 2. The noise and how to remain true to yourself online. 3. Stepping outside the time matrix and not let the chaos and responsibility of life overtake you. 4. Why pleasure and playfulness is so important. 5. How to serve and create from a place of sacredness and not conforming to the "should'. ... and how to stop yourself from being a serial entrepreneur and start to really live your divine plan. About Avalon Darnesh She’s mystical… Magickal Alluring Brilliant … and real. She is a woman who has walked this path numerous times before and her essence will captivate your heart and soul. She is evolution and expansion on legs, She is elegantly and effortlessly entering into a realm the transforms sensitive, aware and potent women and activating their ancient wisdom and power. She gets life, the noise, parenting, money and all the stuff, and she transmutes it into deep soul alignment and ripples out into every area of life. She is a sacred leader, A soul business midwife, A light-hearted, playful, sexually exquisite woman. I am honoured to have this all-round epic human live on The Hedonistic Way @ Midday show, the amazing Avalon Darnesh from WILD & Divine with Avalon.
May 25, 2020
Ep 22: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Ilsa Fay
What a beautiful conversation! Her outlook is a-mazing and her depth of perspective is divine. Ilsa shared so openly and beautifully about the same so many things, like... 1. What eroticism is and the innocence in which it comes from. 2. How to begin to explore discovering your own essence. 3. The importance of trust and discernment. 4. How the path to wholeness looks different to everyone. 5. How honouring the copycat is a beautiful thing. ... and how we can use categorisation to help our evolution. About Ilsa Fay. This trailblazer, natural-born superstar and inquisitive mind are leading the evolution of eroticism. She is the fusion between tantra, spirituality and the natural universal energies. She is seduction itself, She is captivating, She is kind, She is open-hearted, Provocative, Evoking, Mysterious, …Art, she is art. She is Ilsa Fay. She is a living, breathing, walking talking embodiment of The Hedonistic Way, exploring her shadow and releasing herself from societal and cultural restraints and living her truth. I’ve not met anyone who oozes such gentleness, peace and wonder in the most enticing way. I am sooo looking forward to delving into the erotic conversation with this peaceful warrior on The Hedonistic Way @ Midday Show.
May 18, 2020
Ep 21: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Zapheria Bell
What a delicious and lush conversation! Zapheria service is so incredible and she just radiates wisdom and love so freely and powerfully. Lots to enjoy in this episode. 1. How life self organises for you where everything just happens. 2. How you can use your womb to magnetise. 3. Sharings on parenting sensitive children and how we can best guide them. 4. How to stay in a love frequency and not succumb to the fear in the world around us. 5. Being seen and how you can start to be yourself and get out of your own way. ...Oh and how we can start to raise the frequency of the planet, so juicy! About Zapheria Bell - Womb Activation To Step Into Your Feminine Power She’s so cosmic she’s elusive. She’s so deeply grounded she oozes Gaia. She’s breathtakingly courageous, conscious and celestial. She’s like a panther who effortlessly cruises through life with certainty and grace. Her wisdom of the womb is worshipable. Her approach to life, leadership and love is profound. Her ability to embody humility is arousing. Her natural magnetic capability to captivate and bring together epic people impressive. Yet in all that it’s her congruency and commitment to how she shows up that cracks my heart open. It is such an honour to have the gifted Zapheria Bell on the show. Zapheria is the CEO of Womb Spiral, Leader facilitator and co-director of The Spiral, a soon to be author, a channel and soul midwife.
May 11, 2020
Ep 20: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Rhys Paisley Heart
This man has my heart! He is an embodiment of gender reconciliation, there is so much to love about this conversation. 1. When to know your inner rebel is really your saboteur. 2. Why shame sex is so good. 3. Why death is transformational. 4. Why permission and expression are potent. 5. Unconscious and conscious sex. ... and the evolution of intimacy. So good! About Paisley Heart He is a mystery, Yet at the same time, he is outrageously open, Bold. Unique. Whimsical. … And deeply authentic. You can’t help but feel swept up in his presence as you lean in curiously wanting more. He’s enticing that way. He walks this earth with such deep reverence, With his shamanism, wild business decorum and diversity. He smashes sameness into another galaxy. He walks boldly between the worlds of social media, ritual, entrepreneurship, personal development industries and he is making a splash!
May 04, 2020
Ep 19: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Sigourney Weldon
You can't not be drawn into the power she holds and just absorbs the grace and wisdom she shares... So much to love about this conversation 1. How to navigate and find your way when you feel estranged. 2. Knowing when you're forging and forcing your way and what to do. 3. The importance of tuning into your Kundalini Shakti energy and animalistic energy. 4. Creating from your creative spirit and action from that place. 5. The truth about darkness and our fear around it. ... knowing when you're honouring your path of service and when you're sabotaging it. About @Sigourney Belle - Asatara. She is so effortlessly alluring, Enigmatic even, Soft and fierce, Dark and light, Sensual and f**k off, All at the same time. This all-encompassing divine soul drops pearls of wisdom with every breath, Completely unafraid and unapologetic in who she is, She oozes the Crone and Maiden with such elegance and grace, Yet her Warrior Queen is undeniable. She is busting illusions and pulling us out of our fantasies. She has just become a best selling Author in 3 countries! She has a business that runs in over 4 continents with Wild Grace. A Business Medicine Facilitator, A Spiritual Teacher & Revolutionary Leader in the New Consciousness Paradigm.Episode is Live
April 27, 2020
Ep 18: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Kate Toon
The Hedonistic Way @ Midday Show is an Award-winning copywriter, author, podcaster, speaker, SEO lover, copywriter and hula hooper. The founder of The Clever Copywriting School and The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse. A woman who needs no introduction. KATE TOON…. While most small business owners network before breakfast and hustle 24/7, Kate Toon took a different approach. She built her business empire from her back garden shed while wearing pyjamas, watching Netflix and eating crisps. Kate isn’t your stereotypical entrepreneur. But she created not one but three highly successful businesses without any master plan, rich investors, or input from smarmy sales gurus. … One thing you may not know about Kate is, she is a true hedonist at heart, a rebel and yes Misfit Entrepreneur.
April 20, 2020
Ep 17: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Tammie Pike
In today's show, Tammie and I spoke about... * The intensity of the energy around us and what it is telling us to do. * Self-worth and how it can look very different and show up in all sorts of ways. * Self-love, why it is the hardest thing to do and why it takes awareness, work and time.  * Serving with fierce authentic and dedication to serving.  * How to process heaviness when it comes up.  About Tammie Pike. This radiant earth Mumma is the truest embodiment of soft love, fierce love, passionate love and everything in between. An inner strength that you can’t not notice. A gentleness, acceptance and openness that automatically makes you feel at ease, just in her presence. She has a depth that runs as far and wide as the eye can see and if our eyes are the window to our soul, just one glance at this epic human’s eyes and they will captivate you, draw you in and make you feel like everything is OK, perfect in fact…. I have the absolute pleasure of announcing that I will be talking to this wild woman on The Hedonistic Way @Midday Show. This wild, free spirit and loved up woman help women of on a journey of discovery and acceptance through self-love products and services at Earth Radiance. The biggest radiant and earth moving welcome to Tammie Pike.
April 13, 2020
Ep 16: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Lisa Page
Gosh, we shifted gears in this episode! We spoke about... 1. Dreams and how you can start to use them and transcribe the messages they have for you.  2. How the role of the Lover and Prostitute shows up in lives and businesses.  3. Simple ways to attract business and clients in a way that feels good.  4. How to find the energy to be intimate with our love ones even when we are tired.  5. A key distinction to knowing what feels good, safe and right.. and how they can be very different.  .... and of course so much more! I LOVED what we shared in this episode, so much of what we really want to know, but don't always have the courage to ask.  About Lisa, Lisa Page is an international speaker, author, poet and mentor. She has been passionately exploring the deeper truths of life, Love and intimacy for more than twenty years. For over fifteen years she’s shared what she’s discovered along the way through her workshops, writing, podcast and 1:1 client work. Her clients come from all walks of life and from all over the world. Leaders, artists, doctors, Boeing engineers, healers, refugees, activists, CEO’s, stay at home Mums and entrepreneurs. She is a walking, talking, breathing embodiment of everything she teaches. She has a whisper that echoes throughout your body. Grace that gives you shivers. A quiet, yet magnetic voice you cannot UN hear. But, fierce all the same. A Wanderluster. Committed to exploring deeply the nature of the feminine psyche, the landscape of the orgasmic body, the power of whole-bodied intimacy and the Truth about Love (capital L) and Freedom (capital F) in an intimate relationship.
April 06, 2020
Ep 15: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Ramika Chin
What a divine-human he is! Seriously beautiful in every way. Join us for this soul aligning conversation that will make your heart sing. There are so many poignant moments that it's hard to highlight some because the entire thing was like one big prayer... 1. How to bring back the sacredness in your life. 2. How to be to your own medicine. 3. What hope really means... 4. How we can hold ourselves and others in alignment. 5. How to support our family in a way the is actually helpful. ... and the prayer at the end, just delicious! Truly amazing. About Rameka Chin. He’s a Spiritual Navigator, He’s the founder of S8CRED Embodiment. He’s Brother Ra. His wisdom of this land and culture is infinite. The respect and sacredness ooze from his pores. Life is his ultimate adventure and he is devoted to the path of Spirit, Vibration and Energy… not just for himself, but all those who enter his field. He is Medicine and I kinda feel like royalty is on the show!
April 03, 2020
Ep 14: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Vanessa Florence
Vanessa Florence is the creator of the global Dancing Eros which is, to say transformation is the biggest understatement on the planet. Hear her words, they are breathtakingly moving, humbling and evolutionary, and of course completely defying reality and conformity!  We spoke about... 1. Consensual reality 2. The healthy hierarchy 3. The positive side to Bipolar and mental illness. 4. Safety in our life force. 5. How to be both in this world and beyond it ... Oh and having the courage to fight for your truth About Vanessa Florence.  She’s like a mystical creature, You can feel her magic and wonder if something so powerful could be real. She is. Her softness caresses your desires. Her fierceness activates them into life. Her truth calls you on your truth and your shit. She birthed the most life-changing body of work that elevates you back into your body and feeling things you never felt. She is oneness and a non-dualist that sees beyond labels and trusts the potency and potential of all things. She is intrigue, integrity and congruence on legs, in every step she takes. Her wisdom is fierce. Her fury is freeing. Her softness dissolves walls. Her perspective is beyond 360°. Far out, I am itching to dive in and welcome the creator of the global Dancing Eros, the Erotic Mother of birthing the most appetising experiences, the incredibly delicious Vanessa Florence!!!
March 23, 2020
Ep 13: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Kristen Date
To say this conversation with Kristen Date went into areas I would never have predicted is the biggest understatement on the planet! Haha.  * Why it is so important to play with your boundaries and get OK with discomfort. * The difference between enlightenment and embodiment.  * Giving yourself full permission and what that REALLY looks like.  * Fetishes and why you need to go there.  * Thriving in service from a place of surrender.  About Kristen.  ✨ This free spirit is a heart on legs. It’s been an honour to watch her grow over the past few years, every year, every month and every moment she is nothing less than a beaming ray of sunshine. She serves in a way that is so deeply real and profound, that you know it lights up the world around her and everything she touches. An intuitive, a goddess, business and spiritual mentor, who is epic when it comes to turning on our abundance. All-round beautiful woman. Miss Kristen Date is on the show!!!
March 23, 2020
Ep 12: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Emma Purcell
Jeepers, this conversation had my mind racing, my emotions swirling and my heart feeling really grateful. I can't even pinpoint what I loved, because there were so many nuggets in everything Emma shared... but I'll try. 1. The difference between our free will and source will. 2. The thing that most courses miss and it's a game-changer! 3. How to discover what your true mission is, 4. A way to reveal what all your relationships to date have been telling you. 5. Why Emma dislikes the term "everything happens for a reason" 6. How we are ALREADY making an impact. ... why you shouldn't base your service off your passion and a ridiculous amount of other amazing things. About Emma Purcell. She is a conscious creator that is a part of the conscious collective. How do life experiences become your most powerful creations? She is the fusion of fierce, commitment and determination. She knows that at the source of creation; your service to the world and how you show up has to be on point, cutting edge and created from something beyond this world. Dedicated to thriving in every area of her life to allow everyone around you to do the same. To release all the patterns of your past, that have kept you stuck and move into living a courageous life. She is dedicated to teaching others how to turn past experiences into powerful teachings. Super stoked to have Emma Purcell live on the Hedonistic Way @ Midday Show!
March 16, 2020
Ep 11: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Vanessa O'Brianin
The insight, the honour, the sacredness, the dismantling... oh be still my beating heart.  1. What kink is inside the box and outside the box.  2. The shame around natural sexual desire.  3. The love languages and your erotism. 4. How kink, BDSM and the entire sexual playroom resemble life.  5. How kink, BDSM and the entire sexual playroom resemble all the that is. ... and the hidden penis, you can't have this conversation without talking about this little treasure.  ... and CONSENT... that's actually a biggy!  About Vanessa.  Oh Gosh, it’s getting hot in here! It’s a world that people are curious about and often don’t really understand.  Words we throw around, concepts that blow our minds and either entice us and scare us. (or maybe both!) Whoa! I am super excited to bring you a Liberator, a Kink Queen, a Shibari enthusiast, Erotic Tantra Bodyworker and all-round divine Priestess. She is leading a movement of ultimate surrender, consensual touch, curiosity and it’s built on a foundation of loving touch, intimacy and witnessing one other in a way that is the most sacred and beautiful gift we can give ourselves and each other.  A superstar at guiding people to reawaken their natural sexiness and reconnect to their bodies.  Join the amazing human @Priestess Vanessa on the show as we go inside the world of BDSM, Tantra, Kink and Sacred Submission! Love Languages Erotic Blueprints Explained: Wheel of Consent: + 3 minute game:
March 09, 2020
Ep 10: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Kylie Ryan
My heart is full. This conversation is beautiful. So much to love, 1. Why we need to walk through the fire of experience and how to integrate with all of who we are. 2. For those who feel isolated and like you don't belong, what you can do to call in your people. 3. How the unravelling of your personal self is the beginning of a much bigger unfolding. 4. How to live as an embodiment of your soul with more flow and less guilt, shame and confusion. 5. Why we binge, have an addiction and how we can move through it. ... and how creatives will heal the world. ... it's now a thing ;-) About Kylie Ryan She is a transmission of the quantum realm. She is sexy AF. Every step captivates you, Slightly edgy in a dark and mysterious kinda way, but uber real all the same.  Her eyes will pierce your soul, And activate your inner knowing,  Her wisdom… for as many qualifications she has up her sleeve the powerful, potent and transcendental is the ones she remembers through her Divine Essence.  All things Divine, Magical and Evolutionary.  There is nothing she cannot do and no one she cannot help and chances are, she has experienced the exact same thing and guided 1000’s of other people through it as well.  Ditching what we are, Embracing who we are, Creating a full soul expression within your life so we can heal this world. The Voice of Grace that is Kylie Ryan - My Mind Coach will be joining us LIVE on the show this Monday.  This compassionate, fierce and amazing woman is about to rock your world.
March 02, 2020
Ep 9: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Justin Herald.
Justin had always resonated with me in regards to how he views business. He is straight up, no BS and he is all about culture and customer service. There is seriously SO MUCH deliciousness in this episode, Justin talks about... * The ONE thing you need to focus on- your competitive advantage. * What it takes to create a culture within a business. * What success IS and what it is NOT. * His view on PAIN. * How to scale your business. ... and so much more! One of the most amazing speakers I have heard. He knows his stuff. He is an award-winning entrepreneur. He started out with $50 to his name and turned it into a multi-million dollar company. He doesn’t follow trends he CREATES THEM. For more info on Justin head over to
February 24, 2020
Ep 8: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Shaney Marie
I knew it was going to be deep and enchanting, but this is something else! This woman has a depth that is so beyond this world and one you will absolutely resonate with I'm sure.  1. Overcoming nature and seeing it for the fierce and powerful force it is without trying to dominate it.  2. What an integrated, whole-person looks like and how they feel.  3. How to navigate and be who you really are and still be sensitive to the people around you. 4. How Shaney is redefining how we relate to ourselves and others. 5. How being integrated is a devotion to how we show up.  Oh and the link between sex and God.... About Shanie This Enchanting Lioness invokes the most delicious a quiet, graceful and integrated seduction that you can’t help but lean in and listen too.  There is something in surrendering the desire to “know” and give it all to the mystery, only to discover that is the lesson and that brings us to a state of knowing. Ironic really.  She brings her clients to a magical state of sexual majesty and the sacred erotic codes of consciousness, through dance, contemporary tantra, alchemy and ritual. She believes that every person has a magic portal into their unique erotic depths and that our sexuality holds an incredible intelligence that is threaded through the entirety of every area of our lives. If we are here living this life we may as well do it in a way that feels frigging amazing right?  Join this magical seductress on The Hedonistic Way @ Midday Show as we delve into this enchanting world of Shanie Marie.
February 17, 2020
Ep 7: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Dr Nathalie Matinek
This is where science meets spirituality, we talk about shame and what the that actually does to us, karma... what it is and what it is NOT. This is where science meets spirituality, we talk about shame and what the that actually does to us, karma... what it is and what it is NOT. We discuss ethics and our responsibility as spiritual leaders. Epic conversation.  About Dr Nathalie Matinek. She is where science meets spirituality. Ethics meets ego. This woman is epic. Uber intelligent. Gifted beyond belief. A wellbeing educator, mentor & coach for physicians & healthcare professionals.
February 10, 2020
Ep 6: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Mittle Southey
How big dreams can create lots of inaction, the inside scoop on fear and the power of intention like you've not heard before. In this joyful and enlightening conversation, we explore- Radical Alignment. Refining what circle work is and what it is NOT. Why we pretend, avoid and FEAR facing our shit AND why we need to. How big dreams can create lots of inaction. The power of intention and what you need to ask yourself if you’re thinking about starting circles…. and of course sooooo much more. About Mitle Southey. At first, you feel this calm, quiet and confident presence when you meet this woman, but then you soon discover she is fun, playful and piss-taking herself in the most delightful way. She reminds me of a horse, strong, tall, naturally and effortlessly beautiful and has this prowess that automatically makes you pay attention. Seriously, what a combination! She is not so secretly passionate about the power of circle work and her love is really to guide women how they can introduce circle work within their own business to heighten the client experience and raise the energy, impact and be of service to the world. Just like a circle, her wisdom, playfulness and knowledge are endless, I am super honoured to share that Mitle Southey will be LIVE on the show.
February 06, 2020
Ep 5: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Marilou Coombe
A big, important and juicy conversation about white privilege, the minority, race, patriarchy and it's great to give air time. I urge you to take the time to listen or watch and see what arises within you. This is one of those conversations that I knew was going to enter into terrority that would ruffle some feathers. Yet we went there anyway and trusted. 1. How bringing down the patriarchy is NOT the way forward. 2. Navigating privilege and how to understand it without feeling guilty for being white. 3. Why giving women roles just because they're women is disempowering. 4. How to move forward from your past without being a victim. 5. What suppressing the wild woman and avoiding offending anyone is doing to our children. ... Now this was a long, big, important conversation that really needs to be given air time. I urge you to take the time to listen or watch and see what arises within you. About Marilou Coombe. You may be excused for thinking that she is the most easygoing person on the planet.  … And she is, yet there is this fierce leader emerging within her and she has shit to say, A point of view that is divergent to what you’re hearing about, White privilege,  The minority, Race, Patriarchy. It’s time for her to carve out her own cornerstone and let the world hear what she has to say. She beams.  She has the most amazing heart.  She has the ability to gather, unite and connect the most amazing people.  There could be a thousand people in the room and she will make every single one of them feel wanted and special.  People flock to her just to be around her in the most effortless way.  Truly an evangelist who is empowering children and teenagers to embrace gratitude and be all they can be.  Cutting through all the smoke and mirrors to broaden perceptions and minds, to dismantle the armour that we wear to protect ourselves, so we can truly be seen for who we are and make a difference.  She gets life. She gets people.  She has worked and learnt from the best.  … but that kinda feels irrelevant because it’s her… all her that brings to life the change she is making in the world…a through our Leaders of tomorrow.  I bring you Orchestrate parenting Hub with Marilou Coombe!!!
January 27, 2020
Ep 4: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Dr Ricci Jane Adams
One of my favourite spiritual teachers of this time! Oodles to absorb in this episode. 1. How suffering is optional. 2. The difference between giving yourself permission to FEEL and suffering. 3. How our path is the same and we choose whether it's painful or pleasurable. 4. How universal laws are changing and why. 5. Why you need to take action on the whispers early. ... and the juice just kept following! About Ricci-Jane Adams. Always elated when I connect with this incredible Leader. Her words resonate deep within me and I am sure they will for you as well. She is someone who exudes fierceness, well-rounded clarity and soooo uber congruent in all that she does. She is such a gift to this world with how she has created a space where fierce womxn to stand together in redefining spirituality and how we view intuition. Breeding exuberant powerhouses of the highest calibre who are agents of helping others meet their fear and stepping into their true paths we were destined to take. Although she is someone who has the air of a queen, this natural and totally organic way she projects authority, knowing and strength, yet is also the most grounded, connected and humble person I know. This womxn is the creator and principal of The Institute for Intuitive Intelligenceand is the one and only Ricci-Jane Adams.
January 17, 2020
Ep 3: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Mia Mor
Liberated Love, Conscious Conversations,  The Exhilarated Expansion of Self,  Sacred Sexuality. What life looks like as a non-dualist and how that sometimes means letting the polarity move through you. What a beautiful, whole, thought-provoking and body enticing conversation. With gentleness and comfortability to explore areas of our lives that are quite contradictory to the norm... This conversation was a natural trans altering state where we just moved where we felt guided to go, and in doing that we delved into crevices that had my heart wide open. 1. How women can explore their sexuality without being intimidated by the gaze of others. 2. How a woman can move from competing against creating a sisterhood. 3. Lust in all it's forms and when the charge is sexual or not and how you can tell. 4. How sometimes we need to put the creator aside and observe. 5. What life looks like as a non-dualist and how that sometimes means letting the polarity move through you. ... gender, how life is a replication of the dance floor will be the evolution of consciousness and conscious sex work. So much to explore in this episode and one to move to and feel into the resonance for you. About Mia Mor. This non-dual deity has captured my heart with her wild untamed essence. Her cheekiness Her unashamedly evil Her courage to bring consciousness to sex work. The little wrinkle in her noise she gets is a telltale sign that she is a pure embodiment of everything she believes in and all that she is, you know that it runs through her veins. You can’t help but feel she is at the tipping point of unleashing her magick in a way that we haven’t seen in this world. She is unafraid to voice with vulnerability and knows that how it lands on others is not for her, but for them/ you/ us. I’m not even sure if she fully realises it, by her just showing up the way she does is inspiring others to move into every crevice of their own body, their partner's body and their life in the most seductive, playful and enticing way. Can you feel that life just took a turn into a path that has been calling our name forever.... A Poet, Lover, Gypsy soul, Shamanic Bodyworker and decadent human. It is my honour to share this deity that is Mia Mor on The Hedonistic Way @ Midday Show.
January 17, 2020
Ep 2: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Tyran Mowbray
A deep dive into an honest conversation about sexual stigmas, sexual connection, common problems in the bedroom and what women can do to open up to explore and support their man explore his sexuality. There were several times during this episode I felt choked up with emotion. With every word, I felt my heart crack more and more open.  I can't help but feel like this is a conversation everyone needs to hear.  We speak about the unspoken.  This man's words....  Truth right here.  This conversation is raw, real, honest and relevant to everyone.  It's hard to pinpoint any one thing as a standout because it's seriously so damn good... 1. Why men find it so hard to admit and be open to their sexual desires.  2. What women can do to open up to explore and support their man to explore his sexuality.  3. How having a sexual connection has nothing to do with penetration. (insert demo here) 4. Just because your parents taught you one way, it doesn't make it OK for you to do the same.  5. How labelling what "being a man" and what is acceptable for them is limiting your sexual pleasure.  6. How to address shame.  ... Oh and of course we went deep into all the common stigma's and issues that men experience, electoral dysfunction, premature ejaculation, masturbation and porn. So well worth listening! ... and then share it, because this is the conversation everyone wants to have and are too afraid of it.  About Tryan Mowbray (The Hairy Healer.) There is a very one-sided conversation happening around us and it’s time to balance the scales.  How we do one thing is how we do everything and it’s time to get real, so I am bringing in the big guns to open up this conversation.  He is a Sex God.  Yep, you read that right.  To speak about the unspoken feels more important now than ever before.  There is so much conversation about women, I want to talk about men.  The expectation of men in this paradigm is crippling and it is the cause of a whole host of issues.  Having an honest and open conversation about sex is really frigging important.  I am loving this Brick Layer turned Sex God’s jam and his honest, real and raw way he is helping men become amazing lovers and teach them how to be the man they always knew they were.  He is one of the most progressive sex coaches I know, I LOVE his approach and the way he shares from such a grounded perceptive… Ya know like not everybody wants to tantra the fuck out of their sex life, or maybe they do… maybe they do sometimes.  He’s not all like… “Dude, you can only come and ejaculate this often or this way.” He will tell women… “Ladies if you want your man to do …. You need to help him by….” Real Talk.  He CAN be a Shameless Sex God because he wasn’t born with this gift.  He suffered from pre-mature ejaculation, porn addiction and erection issues.  Had low self-esteem and self-worth, and didn't know how to communicate with women. He KNOWS that this thing we call life is tied deep into our sexuality. DEEP!  Whether you want more sex, Better sex, Less sex, Longer sex, Non-confined sex. … Whatever you crave, let’s open up this baby and go there!
January 06, 2020
Ep 1: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Amy Towle
J U I C Y! One of my favourite things to talk about is S E X. Healthy, powerful, self- responsible and spiritual sex. We spoke about some deep, powerful and practical areas in this episode, like... 1. If you're not in tune sexuality, you're missing a vital link in your spirituality. 2. Practical ways you can start using your voice in the "bedroom". 3. What you can expect when you start tuning into your vagina. 4. The importance of it. 5. Shame and why we avoid talking about sex and vaginas. 6. How we can start having a healthy and empowering conversation with our children about sex. ... and squirting! About Amy Towle. I think if Mother Earth were a human this woman would be her. Uber grounded and radiates Motherly love. She encapsulates all that is The Divine Feminine. She is the Temple Of She. She is the Midwife who helps you birth everything in your life. Dedicated to working with Willing Women who want to open Pandora’s box and delve into exploring all of who they are and clearing out all the shit so they can embrace their sexuality, sensuality and live their most vulnerable self. Intuitive Goddess. Yoni Masseuse. Mentor. Midwife. Intuitive Goddess. …. A woman that makes you feel at home in your own essence. Who you are. The body you have. Your enough-ness, Your not enough-ness, Your worthiness, Your past. Your present. Everything, Is exactly as it’s meant to be, Not loving yourself or reality? Tune into The Hedonistic Way @Midday where the glorious Amy Towle and I will delve into all this and so much more. Mwah, so delicious.
January 05, 2020