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Renegade Feminist is your feminist survival guide to Minnesota politics. Local politics shouldn't be complicated, so we work to break it all down for you. We highlight the female and non-binary folks who putting in the work to build a better Minnesota, and there are some laughs and tarot along the way.

We've got a lot of rage and we want you to rage with us.
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23 - So Many Hats In The Ring ft. Esther Agbaje

Renegade Feminist

23 - So Many Hats In The Ring ft. Esther Agbaje

Renegade Feminist

35 - A Good Time To Be In The Democracy Business ft. SOS Steve Simon
Early Voting starts this week, y’all, so in this episode, we’re getting down and dirty with everything you need to know for November: registering voters, voting from home, wtf is up with the post office, and how the heck voting works in a pandemic. And we’re talking about all that with our very favorite expert: MN Secretary of State Steve Simon (yes, THAT Steve Simon!). Plus, he gives the lowdown on what measures Minnesota is taking to make sure we can all vote safely this year, and take it from us: after this chat, you’re gonna feel way better. Think of it as a hug from democracy, and get ready to play this one on repeat. SHOW NOTES One Stop Shop for MN Voting - Become An Election Judge Election Judge County List
September 14, 2020
34 - Steeled and Focused ft. Sahra Odowa
It’s Labor Day, y’all, but democracy doesn’t rest and neither do we! This week, we’re chatting with State Senate candidate Sahra Odowa, who tells us all about what it’s like trying to flip a seat in an increasingly diverse district with three major towns and a whole mess of townships. Grace & Bri also get into the dirty business of campaign mailers and how you can figure out just who is sending you all this garbage – and what agenda they’re pushing. Plus, COVID Corner makes its triumphant return because newsflash: we’re still in a pandemic, things are getting worse, and MN needs to make some moves, stat. We send you out on a high note though: another stellar RenFem listener voicemail. Show Notes Sahra Odowa for Senate MN Republican’s “Law & Order” strategy in legislative races - MinnPost MN approaches two COVID milestones - Star Tribune
September 7, 2020
33 - For The People ft. Ashley Grimm
This week on Renegade Feminist, we’re covering both ends of of the political spectrum: amazing women who run for commissions and board appointments and mediocre dudes who should maybe never run for anything again. Join us in the weeds on city & county commissionerships and what steps we can take to get more women represented. We’ll chat with Ashley Grimm, candidate for the St. Louis County Board of Commissioners, who shares what a County Commissioner does and her vision for serving the people of Duluth. Plus, we’ll hear from another listener about the campaign they’re working on. Show Notes Leave us a voicemail! Ashley Grimm for County Commissioner Women's Foundation Research Summary The Appointments Project Endorsed Candidates - Women Winning Kanye on MN Ballot - MN Reformer Rep. Hagedorn's Printing Fiasco - MN Reformer Rep. Hagedorn Doesn’t Own Mystery Printer - MN Reformer MN Sen. Chamberlain Is Fan Of Facist Manifesto - MN Reformer
August 31, 2020
32 - We Call Shenanigans ft. Senate Minority Leader Susan Kent
This week on Renegade Feminist, get nerdy with us as we dive into the the nitty-gritty insanity going on in the Senate right now — and why the Senate Republicans appear to be systematically firing State Commissioners. (Spoiler: It’s not a great look, and it’s also bad politics). We talk through some specific questions with special guest Senate Minority Leader Susan Kent, who shares some behind-the-scenes perspective and some good news too: what the Senate can work on after we flip it this year, which candidates she’s excited about, and how her own campaign is going. Continuing the theme of “WTF, GOP?”, we dig into the Veterans Restorative Justice Act and how petty partisan politics prevented Minnesota’s vets from getting services they deserve. We wrap up with a new voicemail segment featuring you: a RenFem listener shares what she’s doing in the weeks leading up to the election. Leave us a message to share your democratic plans too! Show Notes Senator Susan Kent - Campaign Website GOP Senators Turn Focus To Walz's Environmental Appointees - MinnPost How MN Senate Republicans Could Dismantle The Walz Administration, Commissioner by Commissioner - MinnPost Walz’s Commerce Commissioner Could Become Casualty Of Line3 - Star Tribune
August 24, 2020
31 - Who Run The World (Primary Recap)
Get ready for an outright joy fest, Renegades! The Minnesota Primary was last Tuesday, so this week, Bri & Grace are breaking down who won, which whiny male candidates are finally out, and what we can learn from the results. From the Minnesota State House to our most competitive Congressional districts, get the rundown on who will be on your absentee ballot for the General Election this fall. After learning about which candidates won, your favorite feminist hosts will give you unsurprising homework, and the tarot card is here to help you get after it. Show Notes CD5 Candidate Fundraising Breakdown - Minnpost Mentioned Candidates: Esther Agbaje for Minnesota House Athena Hollins for Minnesota House Heather Keeler for Minnesota House Emma Greenman for Minnesota House Liz Reyer for Minnesota House Jen McEwen for Minnesota Senate Lindsey Port for Minnesota Senate Zina Alston Fizer for Minnesota Senate Marquita Stephens for Minnesota Senate Aarica Coleman for Minnesota Senate Laverne McCartney Knighton for Minnesota Senate Alberder Gillespie for Congress Ilhan Omar for Congress Alternate Episode Titles Comeuppance, You Bastards Decisive Victories All Around Bwahahahaha (aka Primary Elections Victory Lap)
August 17, 2020
30 - Go Where You're Needed ft. MN State Auditor Julie Blaha
This week on Renegade Feminist, Minnesota State Auditor (and total hoot) Julie Blaha joins Grace and Bri to talk gopher bounties, crop art, Minnesota’s hot streak of electing women auditors, and the important ways women candidates win by losing. Plus, we celebrate the State Fair by reliving some of its political history, and then prepare for next week’s Primary Elections with a tarot-inspired rant. The subject? DFL party leaders who just can’t seem to support endorsed candidates who aren’t already part of their boys’ club. Meet our Guest  - State Auditor Julie Blaha Julie Blaha is Minnesota’s 19th State Auditor. She was sworn in on January 7th, 2019 and in her inaugural address pledged to protect the high standards Minnesota is known for in government operation and finances. Blaha knows that when neighbors have clear, quality, focused information, they can find solutions that directly improve the lives of Minnesotans. Minnesota’s state auditor oversees more than $20 billion in local spending, helping to analyze how that money is being spent and with what kinds of results. She educates local leaders with the training, data, and analysis they need to make the best, most informed decisions in communities across our state. Before her election to this office, Julie Blaha served as a middle school math teacher in the Anoka-Hennepin school district, was past president of Anoka-Hennepin Education Minnesota, and was the first woman elected secretary-treasurer of the Minnesota AFL-CIO. Blaha grew up in Nowthen, Minnesota. She graduated from St. Cloud State University with a B.A. in elementary education and earned her masters degree in education from St. Mary’s University. Blaha lives with her husband Roger in Ramsey and enjoys spending time with her family, including her four grandchildren. Show Notes Auditor Blaha’s Punny Crop Art Viola County Gopher Count Crooked Media - On the Ground In Iowa Series SUBMIT YOUR CENSUS
August 10, 2020
29 - Take The Leap ft. Alberder Gillespie
This week, prepare to get your socks knocked off by Congressional candidate and Black Women Rising founder, Alberder Gillespie. No joke: this interview’s a barn burner, in every best possible way, as we talk through why Alberder founded Black Women Rising, what compelled her to jump into the race for Congress, and which suburb is becoming an organizing hub for badass Black women in politics (shocker: it’s Woodbury?!). We also get real ragey about Ivanka’s recent visit to Bloomington, where the Trump administration tried to co-opt the work of Minnesota’s native women leaders. Then we wrap with a delightfully spot-on and galvanizing tarot card — which, honestly, phew. Show Notes Alberder Gillespie for Congress Record Number of Black Women Running for Office - Reuters Higher Heights for America - 2019 Report Phonebank for Joe Biden The Darkest Side of Fossil Fuel Extraction Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan on Lovett or Leave It
August 3, 2020
28 - Feminist For The Future ft. Heather Keeler
This week, we’re exploring the western edge of Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District, to chat with the only female state legislative candidate on the ballot in the greater Moorhead area, Heather Keeler. We talk about how and why she decided to run for the Minnesota House, how she hopes to continue using her voice for her community, and so much more. Grace & Bri also chat a bit about some shenanigans that are going down in CD 7 and then dive into why gun control is a feminist issue. To wrap up, the tarot card asks us to do a bit of soul-searching. Show Notes Heather Keeler for MN House PHONEBANK FOR HEATHER Independence Day Candidate Video Mass Shootings Graphic - TIME Magazine Mass Shootings Map - Everytown Moms Demand Action Phonebanks Buy HOOD FEMINISM
July 27, 2020
27 - The Moment Is Now ft. Jen McEwen
We’ve got two weeks until the August 11 primary, so we’re checking in with one of the incredible women in a primary fight as she runs for the State Senate: DFL-endorsed candidate in Duluth, Jen McEwen. Future Senator McEwen (yeah, we said it) is one of the many women who won their party’s endorsement, only to find the whiny dude she’s running against won’t abide by it and sit down. So of course, we get into that – and the thrilling story of how she got into the race, how she’s building coalitions, and the work she’s looking forward to doing in the State Senate after election. Plus, hear why you need to make sure your friends are registered to vote, and get some lively insight from this week’s tarot card pull. Show Notes Jen McEwen for MN State Senate REGISTER TO VOTE -
July 20, 2020
26 - Dolla Dolla Bills ft. Liz Young
This week, we’re talking to Liz Young, Director of Advancement at Women Winning, all about money: how campaigns use it, why it’s especially important in the next 7 days, and all the “fun” you can have on the Campaign Finance Board website. We clue you into the many ways Minnesota is working to make the fiscal side of campaigns more accessible and provide you with the teaser trailer for the upcoming Special Session (otherwise known as Christmakkah part 2, which is likely to last for about, uh, a day). Finally, the tarot provides some intense insights for your week. Meet Our Guest Liz Young - Director of Advancement at Women Winning Liz Young has worked in politics for almost a decade and brings nearly nine years of fundraising experience with her to Women Winning. She has fundraising experience at all levels of government: federal, statewide, legislative and municipal. Most recently, she served on Saint Paul Mayor Melvin Carter’s transition team where she helped to organize his week of inaugural activities. Prior to that she spent five years with the MN Senate and served as the Senate DFL Caucus’ Finance Director in 2016. Liz has spent much of her career working to elect people of color and women to office. She served as Deputy Finance Director for Margaret Anderson Kelliher’s historic gubernatorial campaign when she became the first woman to be endorsed by a major party, a career highlight for Liz. An avid reader and baker, before working in politics she spent two years teaching English in Japan. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Syracuse University and holds a dual degree in Political Science and French. Show Notes Greater Than Fear Media Toolkit MN Campaign Finance Board Website Find My Reps Tool
July 13, 2020
25 - Oyez, Oh Yay? ft. Maggie Meyer & Mara Brust
This week, join Grace and Bri to talk through three recent Supreme Court cases the Court got (mostly) right. To help us sort through what went down and how those rulings do and don’t change things on the ground here in Minnesota, we’ll be joined by two special guests: Maggie Meyer from NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota, who leads us through the June vs. Russo case, and Mara Brust, who walks us through the LGBTQ & DACA cases. We’re also going to talk through why most of this good news still comes with an asterisk because no, apparently we cannot have nice things. Still, the tarot card of the week encourages all of us not to throw away our shot. Meet Our Guests Maggie Meyer - Executive Director at NARAL Minnesota Mara Brust - Lawyer Extraordinaire Show Notes Find Your Reps NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota “Everyone is mad at Elena Kagan” - Slate article
July 6, 2020
24 - The Ballad of Athena Hollins ft. Athena Hollins
Steep your tea in rage, then get ready to explore the data behind why women are advised to avoid “negative” campaigning — is it good politics or gendered garbage? (Spoiler: it’s both.) Then gather round, renegades, to hear what we are sure is only the first verse in the epic Ballad of Athena Hollins, who is running for the Minnesota State House in St. Paul’s 66B. Set against a backdrop of sexist double standards, her journey to take on an entrenched incumbent is already the stuff of legends. Plus, a rabbit hole on tenants’ rights and your tarot card of the week: some dude named Kyle. Show Notes Athena Hollins - MN House District 66B Why Saint Paul Needs SAFE Housing Tenant Protections Now - Medium St. Paul City Council Hearing - Twitter Thread
June 29, 2020
23 - So Many Hats In The Ring ft. Esther Agbaje
They came, they saw, they filed. During the filing deadline earlier this month, we saw a ton of new candidates enter the race: some amazing (#BlackWomenRising) and some… not so much (GOP’ers masquerading as pro-cannabis candidates to siphon votes from Dems). House candidate and legislator of our dreams Esther Agbaje stops by (spoiler - she’s amazing), and later, we rant about how the MN Senate cancelled Christmakkah. Not surprisingly, the tarot deck had some thoughts about their lack of performance, too. Show Notes Esther Agbaje for Minnesota House - website De’Vonna Pittman for Commissioner - website Kimberly Willburn for Commissioner - website Alberder Gillespie for Congress - facebook Phone Bank for Esther Agbaje - website Cannabis Candidates Shadiness - MN Reformer Article Black Women Rising - website Black Women Are Running For Office - Star Tribune Article Map of Flippable Senate Seats - website
June 22, 2020
22 - Time For A Season Recap
Listen, the Minnesota Legislature isn’t not the OC, and this week we’re gonna tell you why. From child brides to Chrismakkuh, we’re gonna recap what happened in the most recent season (okay, session) and get you ready for all the plot twists waiting for us in the current special session. Spoiler alert: Our cast is headed for a run-in with the cops that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat, and the House and Senate’s will they/won’t they dance continues. Plus, a brooding double tarot reading that’s basically the equivalent of the OC one-liner: “Welcome to the MN Leg, b*tch.” Show Notes Dr. Rep. Alice Mann’s summaries of the POCI Caucus bills - facebook Rep. Jaime Becker-Finn & the POCI Caucus bills - video Alec Smith Emergency Insulin Act - MinnPost Article REQUEST YOUR ABSENTEE BALLOT(S) - SOS website John Oliver talks about police brutality - Youtube GOP Plans to block policing laws - Star Tribune Article Gov. Walz’ fire twitter thread - Twitter Weekly Tarot Card - Mystic Mondays
June 15, 2020
21 - Activism Works, Y'all
Change is afoot, y’all! This week, we’re talking big changes wrought by hard work of community organizers and the flood of action following George Floyd’s murder. We’re making progress, and we’re fighting for more — learn what steps you can take to combat police brutality where you live and what policy changes are on the horizon in the upcoming Special Session at the MN Legislature. Because there’s still a plague outside, we’ll visit the COVID Corner and then  get some encouragement to keep going from an unexpected source: the witches of TikTok. SHOW NOTES Freeman Charges Breakdown - website Details of Recall Freeman Petition - website Minneapolis Councilmember Fletcher’s Article in Time - Disband and Defund Minneapolis Police 8cantwait - website Northsider’s Fund Group - donate Justice In June - take action Anti-Racism Resources - learn
June 8, 2020
20 - Demand Justice & Do The Work
George Floyd. Say his name. This isn't going to be a regular episode of Renegade Feminist because these aren’t regular times – but if you’re looking for a quick snapshot of stuff to do, people to call, money to give, and work to get after (especially for white folks – because no, you do not get to opt out right now), we’ve got a place for you to start.  Show Notes: (if links aren't working, you can find them on our website -!) Support the Cities - Facebook Page DLF "Call of the Senate" podcast - Racism & Reform Episode Find Your Rep Northside Funder’s Group Spiral Collective Women for Political Change Reclaim the Block Black Visions Collective CTUL Black Immigrant Collective Racial Justice Network Black Lives Matter Minneapolis Black Lives Matter Twin Cities COPAL Take Action MN Minnesota Voice NAACP Minneapolis Communities Against Police Brutality Anti-Racism Resources 75 things white people can do for racial justice
June 1, 2020
19 - Joy Break ft. Many Feminists
19 - Joy Break ft. Many Feminists This week, we’re taking a little joy break. The pandemic has been impacting all of our lives for months now and as your feminist survival guide, we’re reminding you that taking a small break to find hope and joy is key for survival. Need a little bit of inspiration? No worries - we asked badass feminists from across Minnesota and the country to share what’s bringing them hope and joy right now to help you out. From community and connection to heavy metal and hula hoops - we’re finding joy and hope in the little moments. Enjoy! Show Notes Some Good News by John Krasinski - YouTube Meet Our Guests: Addie Miller - Senate District 47 Aleta Borrud - Senate District 26 Alyssa Mastromonaco Aric Putnam - Senate District 14 Beth Gendler - National Council of Jewish Women Doria Drost - MN House 16A Esther Agbaje - MN House 59 Habon Abdulle - Ayala Leads Hani Jacobson Heather Allison - ERA Minnesota Heather Keeler - MN House 4A Julie Blaha - MN State Auditor Dr. Kaisa Schmitz Liz Young - Women Winning Rep. Mary Kunesh-Podein - Senate District 41 Meggie Wittorf - Women Winning Rita Albrecht - Senate District 5 Shayla Walker - Our Justice Steve Romenesko
May 25, 2020
18 - The Party Has Spoken
This week, we’re talking all about last week’s online endorsement conventions: who won, who lost, who’s not sitting down -- and who definitely should. Grace chats with Jillia Pessenda from Women Winning about how endorsements actually worked during a pandemic, and Bri leads the way through the endorsement jungle, potentially even finding Minnesota’s own Themyscira. And this week’s tarot card is a good reminder for all the hardworking women out there (i.e., you). Show Notes Leave us a message! Request your ballots! Women Winning Rita Albrecht - Senate District 5 Lindsey Port - Senate District 56 Aleta Borrud - Senate District 26 Davin Sokup Jen McEwen - Senate District 7 Jessica Hanson - MN House 56A Kaela Berg - MN House 56B Heather Keeler - MN House 4A Esther Agbaje - MN House 59B Tami Calhoun - MN House 14A Emma Greenman - MN House 63B Mindy Kimmel - MN House 16B Doria Drost - MN House 16A Sandra Feist - MN House 41B
May 18, 2020
17 - Run As You Are ft. Addie Miller
This week’s installment of our Senate Series brings you a chat with Addie Miller, a horse trainer-turned-lawyer seeking to represent Chaska, Chanhassen, Carver, Victoria, and Watertown in the Minnesota State Senate. Addie shares how politics got personal for her, how she’s staying true to herself during the campaign, and some of the good work she’s looking forward to doing in the Senate. Then, your favorite feminist hosts take a deeper dive into the state of rural mental health care in Minnesota and bring you your weekly COVID corner. Plus, obviously, your usual dose of witchy fun. Show Notes Meet the Guest - Addie Miller Addie Miller is a lifelong Carver County resident, a lawyer, a horse trainer, a Committee Administrator at the Minnesota House of Representatives and a first-time candidate running for an open seat in the Minnesota State Senate, District 47. Addie has always been a "do something about it" kind of woman, and plans to bring that attitude to the Capitol to get stuff done for the people of Minnesota. Addie was driven into public service after the 2016 election brought to light some very glaring injustices in our healthcare system that affected her mom. In addition to her passion for advocacy and justice, she really enjoys yoga, travel, paddleboarding with her dog, and all kinds of music in her little spare time. Links Addie Miller - Campaign Website MN’s free Farm & Rural Helpline: 833-600-2670, extension 1 Minnesota Rural Mental Health Specialists Ted Matthews: 320-266-2390 Monica McConkey: 218-280-7785 MN SafeTalk Program - MN Dept of Health
May 11, 2020
16 - Just What The Doctor Ordered ft. Dr. Kaisa Schmitz
Get ready for a grab-bag episode full of local political bananas: the latest in candidate filings, plenty of white male mediocrity, and a plug to convince your favorite south metro feminist to run for a newly open seat. Then, to combat the onslaught of newly minted internet experts out there spouting plague nonsense, we chat with a badass medical doctor, who busts coronavirus myths in a way only a doctor can: with data. And the tarot card of the week is surprisingly relevant. Show Notes Meet Our Guest - Dr. Kaisa Schmitz Dr. Kaisa Schmitz is a Minnesota-born and -raised Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, originally hailing from Carver County. She got her undergraduate degree from Augustana College, and studied medicine at the University of Minnesota. She completed her residency at the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Schmitz lives in Prior Lake with her husband and their four children. Links House District 51B Map - Ballotpedia Run For Office - Women Winning
May 4, 2020
15 - Not All Equal ft. Heather Allison
This week on Renegade Feminist, Grace & Bri are focused on the fundamental feminist issue that is the Equal Right Amendment, why we need it, and one women who helped delay it dramatically. President of ERA MN, Heather Allison, stops by to share what’s happening in Minnesota’s push to get an ERA on our books, and why flipping the MN Senate is critical for this to happen. Don’t worry, there’s another COVID Corner to give you some of the new highlights from plague. And, as always, your weekly witchy moment. Show Notes Meet Our Guest - Heather Allison Heather Allison is President of ERA Minnesota – an organization dedicated to passing the Equal Rights Amendment into our state and national constitutions in order to ensure equal justice in our courts for all people regardless of their sex and gender. Heather comes to us a Jill of all trades whose career spans Animal Welfare, Business Management, Attorney Recruitment & Development, and Paralegal work in several markets from Washington to New York and across the pond in the United Kingdom. She has spent her life advocating for women, seniors, youth and animals. Ms. Allison is also the Campaign Manager for Bonnie Westlin for Minnesota Senate District 34, on the board of MNxMN, a social justice collaborative and Vice President of the Groveland Park Elementary PTO. She lives in St Paul with her husband Graham and son, Benjamin. Links ERA MN - Website Julie Blaha Explains Social Distancing - Youtube MN COVID-19 Testing Sites Map
April 27, 2020
14 - Leslie Knope Would Be Proud ft. Nelsie Yang
14 - Leslie Knope Would Be Proud ft. Nelsie Yang This week, we sit down with Saint Paul City Councilwoman Nelsie Yang. Nelsie talks about serving on the City Council, lessons learned during her candidacy, and what the Council is working on. Plus, learn a bit about how Leslie Knope’s Pawnee and Nelsie Yang’s St. Paul are different (other than the whole Pawnee-is-fictional thing), what was up with those protestors outside the Governor’s mansion last week, and how you team team up with your local fire station to help in our COVID Crisis. And in a surprise twist, this week’s tarot card basically just means “facemasks.” Show Notes Meet Our Guest - St. Paul City Councilwoman, Nelsie Yang Councilmember Nelsie Yang is the youngest elected and first Hmong American woman to serve on the St. Paul City Council. She was a Minnesota NOW endorsed candidate in 2019. Prior to getting elected, she was a community organizer at TakeAction Minnesota shortly after receiving her bachelor's in social work at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Nelsie loves being around people and cares deeply about fighting for equity across race, class, gender and age. State Partnerships Article - NPR Hmong Women Disrupt - CityPages Article MN Discrimination Hotline - (1-833-454-0148) Abortion Provider Appreciation Day - CityPages MinneSEWta Week: mask designs and program information
April 20, 2020
13 - Summer Isn't Cancelled ft. LaTrisha Vetaw
On this week’s episode, Grace & Bri chat with the human ray of sunshine and current Minneapolis Parks Board Vice President, LaTrisha Vetaw. LaTrisha explains why summer isn’t cancelled and what folks can do to maintain our access to parks during the pandemic. You’ll also hear about what the Park Board does and how you can start preparing for the Parks election in 2021. There’s also another COVID Corner this week, where your favorite feminist hosts break down the implications of Wisconsin’s recent election and what you can do to make sure that doesn’t happen here in MN. And, obviously, the tarot cards share their wisdom. Show Notes Learn about TelAbortion - website link Contact Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer 95 University Avenue W. Minnesota Senate Bldg, Room 3103 St. Paul, MN 55155 651-296-5655 Contact Sen. Paul Gazelka 95 University Avenue W. Minnesota Senate Bldg, Room 3113 St. Paul, MN 55155 651-296-4875 Contact your senator! - Find Your Senator Tool Meet Our Guest - LaTrisha Vetaw LaTrisha is currently the Vice President of the Minneapolis Parks Board and has been involved in policy and advocacy work for many years. Read her amazing City Pages profile here!
April 13, 2020
12 - Good Trouble ft. Lindsey Port
Good Trouble ft. Lindsey Port In this week’s episode, Grace & Bri continue the Senate Series with the one and only Lindsey Port, who is running to flip the MN State Senate seat in District 56! She tells us all about why she got involved in politics (spoiler, she was angry), what she’s going to do when elected, and all the deets on her non-profit, Blueprint Campaigns. After the interview, Bri & Grace talk a bit about the good and bad influences of outside money on campaigns. And as a special treat, Lindsey pulls the tarot card of the week. Show Notes Meet our Guest - Lindsey Port Lindsey is a volunteer turned activist turned candidate, and has worked to bring progressive politics to suburban Minnesota. She is currently running to represent the good people of Senate District 56. She entered politics with Minnesotans United for All Families in 2012, and went on to work on the campaigns to legalize same-sex marriage in 2013, and to re-elect her state representative in 2014. When her state representative's seat opened up in 2016, Lindsey decided to run. Even in the face of over a million dollars in outside spending, she still came within 5 points of her opponent by knocking on more doors than any other candidate in the state. Since co-founding Blueprint, Lindsey has served as the Field Director for Congressman Dean Phillips’s 2018 campaign, and as Deputy Field Director for Erin Murphy’s 2018 gubernatorial race. Links! Lindsey Port for State Senate Blueprint Campaigns Mindy Kimmel for State House Davin Sokup for Senate
April 6, 2020
11 - The Great American Count ft. Dr. Susan Brower
This week’s episode is all about the Census, our once-a-decade count of every person living in the United States. From funding to political power, the Census has massive implications — so to learn more about what that means for Minnesotans, Grace interviews Dr. Susan Brower, our State Demographer. Plus, we dive into the proposed “are you a citizen?” question and why it’s so damn shady. And, as always, we’ll get a little witchy. Show Notes We Count MN - all your MN Census information Meet our Guest - Dr. Susan Brower Susan Brower is the Minnesota State Demographer and directs the MN State Demographic Center. Susan became the State Demographer in February 2012. In that capacity, she travels the state talking with Minnesotans about the new social and economic realities that are brought about by recent demographic shifts. Susan's work applies an understanding of demographic trends to changes in a range of areas including the state's economy and workforce, education, health, immigration and rural population changes. Susan earned her Ph.D. in sociology at the University of Michigan, specializing in demography and family sociology. She also holds a master's degree in public policy from Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota.
March 30, 2020
10 - A Hot, Virulent Mess
In this week’s episode, Grace & Bri chat (at an appropriate social distance) about the global pandemic we are all facing right now and some of the thoughtful steps taken by Minnesota leadership to help us all out a bit. They also chat about the feminist implications of the pandemic, because spoiler, there are implications. Finally, they remind you that it’s still an election year and chat about how some candidates are pivoting during these strange times. And, obviously, they consult the tarot cards for any semblance of guidance. Take a listen! Show Notes MN Dept. of Health Website MNsure Website How School Based Child Care Has Rolled Out in MN - MinnPost School Bus Drivers Deliver Food - MPR MN Emergency Worker Tiers The Coronavirus Is A Disaster For Women - The Atlantic Memorial Blood Centers Website
March 23, 2020
09 - Politics of Joy ft. Erin Murphy
This week, we kick off our “Fix the Dang Minnesota Senate” series with a conversation with the powerful and delightful Erin Murphy, who is running to be the next State Senator for District 64 in St. Paul. Erin shares her experiences running for office here in Minnesota (including her amazing 2018 Gubernatorial run), who she hopes gets elected to the State Senate with her this fall, and why the politics of joy is so integral to campaign work. In a week that’s felt strange and wild, this episode is your little life raft of joy amidst the chaos. Also, Erin pulls a tarot card that’s so good she wants to take it home with her. Meet our Guest - Erin Murphy Erin Murphy is running for Minnesota Senate in District 64, and this is not her first foray into politics. She served in the Minnesota House of Representatives from 2007 to 2018 and was the House Majority Leader from 2013-2014 and ran a historic gubernatorial campaign in 2018, leading the first all-female executive ticket in Minnesota history. She is the founder and Executive Director of Our Stories. Our Health. Erin is a nurse and was formerly the Executive Director of the Minnesota Nurses Association. Show Notes Erin Murphy for Senate Rita Albrecht for Senate Aric Putnam for Senate Aleta Borrud for Senate Lindsey Port for Senate Ann Johnson Stewart for Senate Sahra Odowa for Senate Addie Miller for Senate Emily Larson - Mayor of Duluth Angela Conley - Hennepin County Commissioner Irene Fernando - Hennepin County Commissioner Toni Carter - Ramsey County Commissioner Barbara Lee Family Foundation Erin Murphy’s Joyful Dance Irene Fernando’s #CommishDish: What is a County Commissioner?
March 16, 2020
08 - Super Feelings About Super Tuesday
In today’s episode, Grace & Bri talk about the results of Super Tuesday as it pertains to Minnesota, looking at the MN voter turnout and breakdowns and what it could mean for some of our most flippable districts. They also do a deep dive on the different Minnesota primary voter privacy bills moving through the House & Senate and what you can do to protect voter privacy. Finally, Grace & Bri share their personal thoughts/questions/rants about the overall results of Super Tuesday and what that could mean as we get closer to November. And, as always, the tarot card provides some witchy insights for the week.
March 9, 2020
07 - She Wins When We Elect Her ft. Jillia Pessenda
In this week’s episode, Grace sits down with Sr. Political Director of Women Winning, Jillia Pessenda, to do a little mythbusting around “electability”. Jillia shares her experience with the increasing numbers of women running for office, gives us tips on how we can engage and support their campaigns, and tells us more about the amazing services offered by Women Winning. Bri & Grace have thoughts afterwards and of course, provide your weekly witchy moment with our tarot pull.  Meet our Guest:  As the Senior Political Director at Women Winning, Jillia is passionate about building a more reflective and representative democracy. Jillia has extensive experience working as a community organizer, fundraiser, and political strategist. At Project 515 and OutFront Minnesota, Jillia advocated for the passage of marriage equality and the Minnesota Safe & Supportive Schools Act. Jillia served as the Finance Director for Ilhan Omar’s historic 2016 campaign and advisor to her Congressional Campaign in 2018. In 2017, Jillia was the first woman and openly queer person to run for the Ward 1 Minneapolis City Council seat. Although she narrowly lost, Jillia ran an unapologetic campaign rooted in racial and economic justice that helped build support for passing a $15 minimum wage ordinance in Minneapolis. About Women Winning: Women Winning’s mission is to encourage, promote, support and elect pro-choice women of all political parties to all levels of public office in Minnesota. 2020 Goals: Women Winning candidates will FLIP the Minnesota Senate to a pro-choice majority! We will increase pro-choice women's representation in the Minnesota House. And we will work to elect the first pro-choice woman PRESIDENT. Call to Action: VOTE in Minnesota's Presidential Primary for a pro-choice woman on March 3, 2020! Volunteer and/or donate to ELECT a pro-choice woman in 2020! Questions? Email us at info@  Show Notes: Women Winning - Endorsed Candidates 2020 Rita Albrecht for MN Senate Ann Johnson Stewart for MN Senate Amanda Matchett for MN House Kelsey Waits for MN House Barbara Lee Foundation - How Women Candidates Can Talk About Politics, Parenting, and Their Personal Lives NY Times - Gender Gap Closes When Everyone’s on the Ballot, Study Shows Star Tribune - MN GOP Works to Recruit Women
March 2, 2020
06 - Everything is Super (Tuesday) ft. Emily Jensen
In this Super-sized episode, we cover all things Super Tuesday: when it is, why it is, and what Minnesota’s role is this year. (Go vote, people.) We’ll also talk to Emily Jensen, Minnesota State Director for the Elizabeth Warren campaign, who tells us how campaigns prepare for Super Tuesday (spoiler alert: it’s super different than how voters prep). Plus, what’s a super delegate and when do we have to care? As always, get witchy with our weekly tarot card pull. Show Notes Superdelegates - Ballotopedia Democratic 'Superdelegates' Reduced Power - NPR Events - MN for Warren Meet our Guest - Emily Jensen Emily is the Minnesota State Director for Warren for President. Her previous work includes: Midwest regional director for the Association of State Democratic Chairs (ASDC) at the DNC from Aug. 2017.  Coordinated Campaign director for the South Carolina Democratic Party, Sept.-Nov. 2018.  Campaign manager on Draft Rick Nolan, Apr.-June 2017.  Campaign manager on Ken Martin for DFL chair, Nov. 2016-Mar. 2017.  Deputy director of candidate service for the House DFL Caucus, June-Nov. 2016.  Minnesota Caucus director on Bernie 2016, Nov. 2015-June 2016.  Aquatic assistant department head at Lifetime Fitness in Lakeville, Dec. 2014-June 2015.  Direct support staff at Opportunity Matters Inc, July-Dec. 2014.  Studied political science, international relations at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University.
February 24, 2020
05 - Caucuses Are Wonky ft. Alyse Maye Quade
In this week’s episode, Grace & Bri finally give you the sweet, sweet details about what caucuses and conventions actually are. Because we don’t have the answers, we sit down with the Minnesota DFL’s Organizing Director, Alyse Maye Quade, to ask all the important questions about wtf a caucus is, how it’s different from the Presidential Primary, what a convention is, and more. Party business can be weird as hell, but we’ve got your covered. Learn why caucuses are so important and how you, normal Minnesotan who cares, can participate. As always, we provide that witchy content you’re looking for with our weekly tarot card pull. Show Notes Party Documents - MN DFL Ready, Willing, & Electable: Women Running for Executive Office - Barbara Lee Family Foundation Learn to Caucus with MSP NOW - Eventbrite
February 17, 2020
04 - On Tuesdays, We Vote ft. Kate Redden & Katie Lauer
Super Tuesday is right around the corner, and Minnesotans across the state are getting ready to cast their first votes of 2020. So as you get ready to ballot up, you need to know how Minnesotans vote and what your rights are at the polls -- plus all the ways Minnesota is great at voting and all the ways we need to do better #RestoreTheVote. Special guests this week are Kate Redden and Katie Lauer from Minneapolis Election and Voter Services! And, as always, your weekly tarot draw. Get witchy. Show Notes Check Your Voter Registration Register to Vote What’s On My Ballot? Polling Place Finder Voters Bill of Rights What You Need to Same-day Register Resolution form Restore the Vote resolution text to be placed in the body of the Resolution form: WHEREAS the right to vote forms the core of our democracy, but Minnesota laws deny the right to vote to citizens while they are under supervised release, probation, or parole; WHEREAS over 52,000 Minnesotans are denied the right to vote because of felony convictions, even though they live in the community, work, raise families, and pay taxes like all of us; WHEREAS people of color are disproportionately affected by the current system; WHEREAS voting is a powerful way to engage and to feel invested in the community; WHEREAS research has shown that people are less likely to reoffend in states that immediately restore voting right after release from incarceration than in states where they face permanent disenfranchisement; WHEREAS making this change would also reduce confusion among voters and election officials, reducing government costs; THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Democratic Party support legislation which would allow people to vote once they have served their time and are living in the community. Meet Our Guests, Kate Redden and Katie Lauer Kate Redden Kate joined the Minneapolis Elections & Voter Services (EVS) division in 2017 and currently serves as a Supervisor Election Administrator. Her work focuses primarily on administrative functions, including candidate filing, legislative tracking/monitoring, public inquiries and front-counter service, and project management. Prior to joining EVS, she worked in the nonprofit sector where she oversaw large-scale planning initiatives ranging from international medical relief to youth homeless programs. Katie Lauer Katie just recently started her Communications & Outreach Coordinator role with the City of Minneapolis Elections & Voter Services (EVS) ahead of a busy election year. In addition to creating election-related communications for 2020, Katie is assisting with projects relating to the upcoming census – specifically facilitating ‘trusted spaces’ within different Minneapolis communities for residents to access and complete the census. Prior to her role at EVS, Katie worked as the Program Director for the Ann Bancroft Foundation and Interim Director of Summer Academic Programs at Carleton College.
February 10, 2020
03 - The Uterus Is Shrouded In Mystery ft. Erin Maye Quade
In this week’s episode, your hosts Grace Anderson & Bri Sharkey-Smith get real hot about the state of abortion care in Minnesota. Plus, Grace sits down with Erin Maye Quade (badass and Advocacy Director at Gender Justice) to talk about about how hard it actually is to access abortion care in Minnesota and how the UnRestrict Minnesota campaign is educating Minnesotans on the facts. Discover big and small steps you can take to make sure reproductive care is protected and prioritized in Minnesota, and get EMQ’s take on our weekly tarot pull. Show Notes Join us for Reproductive Freedom Lobby Day! Thank the Chief Authors of our Favorite Pro-Choice Bills! MN Representative Jamie Becker-Finn 559 State Office Building St. Paul, MN 55155 Thank Chief Author Rep. Jamie Becker-Finn for authoring FACE-Freedom to Access Clinic Entrances (H.F. 1532):  This bill makes interfering with someone entering a clinic that provides reproductive health services a gross misdemeanor, and provides providers, staff and patients the ability to seek a restraining order against people who harass them at the clinic, in public, or at home. MN State Senator Matt Klein 95 University Avenue W. Minnesota Senate Bldg, Room 2409 St. Paul, MN 55155 Thank Chief Author Sen. Matt Klein for authoring the Protect Physician’s Integrity Act (S.F. 2737): This bill repeals the 24 hour waiting period and state mandated lecture doctors are required by law to give patients before they receive abortion care. Meet Our Guest, Erin Maye Quade Erin Maye Quade is a leader and advocate for LGBTQ and women’s rights. She represented District 57A in the Minnesota House of Representatives from 2017 to 2019, and is currently the Advocacy Director for Gender Justice, a nonprofit legal and policy advocacy organization devoted to addressing the causes and consequences of gender inequality. When she ran for Lieutenant Governor in 2018, Erin also became the first LGBTQ person to be endorsed on the ticket of a major Minnesota political party. During Rep. Maye Quade’s time as a legislator, she advocated for working families, expanding access to affordable child care, ending childhood hunger, eliminating gun violence, and investing in treatment for mental health and substance abuse issues among other progressive issues. Her current work as the Advocacy Director for Gender Justice involves advancing gender justice through public education, legislative outreach, strategic partnerships and coalition-building. She is also a badass and a Lizzo superfan.
February 3, 2020
02 - Catching A Groove
To win in 2020, we’re all going to need to do more than just show up at the polls on November 3. In this episode, you’ll learn all about Minnesota’s three distinct volunteer seasons and what you can be doing between now and Election Day to save our democracy and protect Minnesota’s reputation as a blue bastion in the midwest. It’s cool; the stakes are super low, and the only thing on the line is America. (Plus, we’ll do your weekly tarot card pull -- seriously, we don’t care who saves us. Come on, witches.) Show Notes Caucus Finder Elections Calendar
February 3, 2020
01 - 2020 Is A Whole Lot
You know what 2020 is? A pretty BFD. So in this inaugural episode, our hosts Grace Anderson & Bri Sharkey-Smith walk us through the races on Minnesota’s ballot this year: from our US Senate seat to our eight Congressional seats, all 201 seats open in our state legislature and our best chances at flipping the MN State Senate. Plus, they’ll pull your weekly tarot card, so you’ll be full of GD wisdom by the end of this biz. Show Notes General Resources Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight Who Represents Me? Tool Meet the Candidates Flipping the MN State Senate Ann Stewart Lindsay Port Rita Albrecht Aric Putnam Bonnie Westlin Other Cool Candidates We Mentioned Esther Agbaje Amanda Matchett Amir Malik Athena Hollins Matt Little
February 3, 2020
Welcome to Renegade Feminist!
Welcome to Renegade Feminist! Interested in Minnesota politics? Excited, and a bit terrified about the upcoming election? Girl, same. That's why we made Renegade Feminist. We dive into Minnesota politics, bringing in local experts to answer questions about how the process of democracy works (like, wtf is a caucus?) and connecting with the female and non-binary candidates, elected officials, organizers, and activists shaping Minnesota politics - for the better. Check us out.
January 27, 2020