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Sound Waves by Renske van Kollenburg

Sound Waves by Renske van Kollenburg

By Renske van Kollenburg
Sound Waves is an interview series starting as a podcast inviting leading artists and key figures in the creative industry and focusses on mental health. The main purpose is to actively raise awareness about & remove the stigma attached to mental health issues in the music industry and to educate and affect the listeners in a positive way. Grow and learn by receiving meaningful insights from these incredible minds. This is where we'll be getting their stories out, in an honest and open interview and most of all get to know; WHY they do what they do.
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Pioneering musician and frequency expert Paul Edge about the power of rhythm, frequencies and water and why DJ’s are the shamans of the tribes.
Hi all! For this episode of Sound Waves I invited pioneering musician and frequency expert Paul Edge. Born in the UK, living in California U.S.A. For the last 19 years, Paul has taken a strictly scientific approach to the study of frequency, compiling a huge bank of theoretical knowledge based on result replicability and anecdotal evidence. 0:00 Paul’s work and the opioid epidemic the world is facing. 8:00 Rhythm and Frequencies as medicine. 16:00 The role of the DJ. 25:00 From a heart based electronic music movement to a money making industry. 30:00 The massive spike in mental illness on the planet. What to do? 39:00 Healing frequencies. What do a didgeridoo and the Roland 303 drum machine have in common? 44:00 Water, mantras, whales and Tesla. Why low frequencies are not bad for us. 50:00  Spirituality and science in relation to mental illnesses. 56:00  Everything is regency: Two tangible easy practices to implement daily to start working with frequencies. 70:00 On what frequency should DJ / Producers produce their music? 75:00 The Frequency Tribe. Questioning the narrative.0-8 min: Paul’s work and the opioid epidemic the world is facing. Links mentioned in this episode: MIT: Code Zero: Milton Erikson institute: Dr. Emoto: BPM to Hertz converter: Follow SoundWaves on Instagram! Subscribe to our Youtube channel where you can see all the interviews on video!
May 21, 2021
Ben Pearce speaks openly about success, depression, anxiety and ending the stigma on mental health issues in and outside the music industry.
In this episode I speak with incredible kind and authentic UK DJ/producer Ben Pearce. Ben speaks openly about his breakdown after he had his big breakthrough as an artist: the challenges, depression and his recovery.  0-15: Ben's career, the point he decided to stop touring and why Ben speaks up about mental health.  15-25: Mental health at music conferences; are we doing enough? What really happens with artists after a breakthrough.  What does success do to us? Sports psychology vs music industry mental health. 25-40: Where lies the responsibility for mental health within the music industry? Support systems. Where and how do we create real change?  40-48: Therapy as a music industry professional. 49-1:07: Biggest challenges vs the good sides of the music industry. 1:07-1:16: Depression.  1:17-1:23: Social media: Keeping up an image vs being authentic -> being an enigmatic figure as an artist vs mental health?  1:24- end: Inspiring message from Ben & the role food has had on his recovery. Follow Ben here: Follow SoundWaves here: Want to watch this episode on video? Visit the SoundWaves youtube channel and Subscribe for upcoming episodes!
April 09, 2021
Flug about building up resilience in difficult times and staying true to oneself in the music industry.
For this episode I invited DJ/producer Sebastian Lopez also known under his artist name Flug. Flug is an Argentinean Techno Dj & Producer who is based in Barcelona. His unrivaled self-discipline in the studio, his humbleness in approach, his fierce passion for and overall dedication to the music, as well as having grown up living and breathing electronic music, have given him a long and welcoming insight into what it really means to be a DJ and producer in today's techno world, which in his opinion, means 'keeping it real'. In this episode we touch base during the lockdown and Sebastian shares how he has been dealing with the pandemic: how it changed his life  and how he was able to turn it into something positive. He gives an insight in how has built up resilience over the last year and really takes us with him on a journey of how his mind works when he's dealing with difficult times. In the second part we tap into what it means to be an artist in the fast paced music industry and how he needed to make important changes in order to stay true to himself. Lots of beautiful inspirational takeaways from this episode!  Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch the video episode: Find Flug here: Follow Sound Waves on Instagram:
March 02, 2021
Bianca Peters shares great insights on innovation, resiliency and sustainable development.
For this episode I invited Bianca Peters, Founding Partner of 360º of Innovation and Island Impact, Aruba. For many years she was the senior advisor to the Prime Minister of Aruba on innovation and sustainable development; she is now the senior advisor to the Government of Bonaire on these topics. I have a personal connection with Aruba, a small island in the Caribbean, where I have spent a meaningful time in my life healing from a severe burnout in '17/'18. During my very early beach walks with Bianca, she inspired me a lot with her ever positive attitude towards life. Also now, during a pandemic, she immediately took action to create possibilities for and with the people of the islands she is helping.  Bianca: "You have to include a society as a whole in orde to create sustainable change. Islands are front runners in innovation. They are small ecosystems where you can truly innovate in a rapid way." In this episode Bianca shares great insights and innovative ideas about sustainability. She has a passion for creating opportunities for islands and has vast experience in guiding high-level organizations towards more resiliency. No surprise, her mission is creating a sustainable world!  How are you supposed to work on innovation for the Government without any budget?  Listen to the episode and learn from how Bianca's brain works ;) Find Biance here: Follow Sound Waves on Instagram: Subscribe to our YouTube channel for upcoming video episodes:
February 04, 2021
Marcel Pantera shares his insights about the event and music industry during the pandemic and how to move forward.
For this episode of Sound Waves I spoke with Marcel Pantera, Amsterdam’s hottest mood director for events, serving many clients in the music and event industry worldwide with his company Treat. I touch base with him to reflect on our beloved event and music industry during the pandemic. If you don’t know Marcel then you definitely have heard about the world famous events Mysteryland and Sensation. Marcel created these concepts in his role as art director at ID&T and headed the creative team that further developed theses groundbreaking concepts. In our conversation we cover the effects of the pandemic on our event industry - now and when things are opening up again: how we are missing personal contact now as festivals are forced to take place online, how festival promoters need to stay in touch with their fans now more than ever and we speak about a research he did among festival visitors and he explains why relevance and participation should be the new focus points for event promoters. According to Marcel, artists should also really think about how they are serving their fans as this is becoming increasingly important. Which festivals will survive Covid? Marcel shares this advice for event and festivals promoters. Find Marcel here: Follow Sound Waves on Instagram: Subscribe to our YouTube channel for upcoming video episodes:
January 20, 2021
Danny Howells about going against common belief, purposeful living and how non-judgment leads to valuable dialogues.
How amazing it is to announce DANNY HOWELLS as my very first guest on Sound Waves! The UK born DJ / producer is a key player in the electronic music industry for over three decades. He’s been DJ-ing all over the world, remixed icons like Robbie Williams, Destiny’s Child and Madonna and delivered multiple amazing Essential Mixes for Pete Tong’s BBC radio 1 show. In this episode we touch on crucial topics starting with the pandemic and how the lockdowns are affecting him. He also shares his view on how being a DJ impacts the world we live in. The main part of our conversation is about his activities around animal activism and how a car breakdown led to more awareness around animal cruelty. He shares his journey of how educating himself led into becoming vegetarian, then vegan and now into dedicating his life to end animal abuse as an animal activist. You will hear how going against common belief is not always easy and how he has found his purpose in total animal liberation. In his words: “You don’t want to see reduction in racism for example. You want to see the end of it!” Danny shares how he has learned to be nonjudgmental and that having an open conversation, a dialogue, is key to any positive change. The fact that Danny will not reach his goal of total animal liberation before he dies doesn’t stop him from dedicating his life to raising awareness about this matter. This is truly inspiring to say the least and what a purposeful way of living! Find Danny here: The links we speak about in this episode: Follow and support Sound Waves:
December 28, 2020
Sound Waves - Introduction
Sound Waves is an interview series starting as a podcast inviting inspiring artists and key figures in the creative industry, The main purpose is to generate waves of knowledge, insights and positivity with their way of being, thinking and speaking; their sound. Creating waves to educate and affect the listeners in a positive way. I started this podcast inspired by my work in the electronic music industry as an interviewer, host and international DJ. I have worked with so many incredible creative minds and artists over the years and I wanted to start sharing the inspiring stories they carry within so others also get value out of it.  Additionally, as a true mental health advocate you can expect honest and vulnerable stories by artists I'm inviting and who, just like me, either want to raise awareness about mental health issues or make a change and contribute to end the stigma related to mental health issues or just simply want to show others they are also human, experiencing the challenges life brings.  Love, Renske First episode online soon! Become the movement and subscribe to my Youtube channel where you'll find the video interviews with my guests. Sound travels in waves - Use your voice to ignite change - Express your passions, your beliefs and push for the change you want to see in the world.
December 15, 2020