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By Diana Olympia & Stephanie Kim
a pop culture podcast about reboots, remakes & revivals. because nothing's original anymore.
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'The Queen's Gambit': "Are They About To Have an Orgy Right Now?!"
News Items: Aaron Sorkin’s questionable stab at “I Love Lucy” (1:00); "Justice League" drama strikes again (5:00); what the FUCK is this “Sex and the City” reboot title?? (5:15); “The Great Gatsby” public domain goodness (10:00); Stephanie’s 'cheat': “Promising Young Woman” (12:00); “To All The Boys: Always and Forever” looks bomb (14:00); Spotlight: “The Queen’s Gambit” (15:00); all book adaptations should be miniseries (18:00); book vs tv differences (19:00); Anya Taylor Joy vs. Ana de Armas (25:00); DO feels the sexual vibes (29:00); who had a better glow-up: Dudley from “Harry Potter” or Daniel from “Love, Actually”? (32:00); “the pill as a power” (36:00); Jolene and balancing race relations (42:00); chess sets are selling like hot cakes (44:45); white girls try to “refresh” mahjong (49:00); Stephanie doesn’t like puzzles and has no survival skills (53:00); apocalypse death predictions?? how did we get here (53:00); “Chess Bitch” book jacket needs some work (57:00); Jennifer Shahade is the real life Beth Harmon (58:00) Links: Follow @rePEAKpod on Twitter: Follow @rePEAKpod on Instagram: Leave us a review:
January 20, 2021
rePEAK Podcast Trailer
So what is rePEAK, anyway? Check out this trailer to give you an idea. Then be sure to listen to full episodes, available on iTunes, Spotify, and most places where podcasts are found. Leave us a review!
January 8, 2021
'Bridgerton': It's the Butt-cheeks (and Regé-Jean Page) For Me
News Items: Nigerian youth take on Star Wars (0:29); “Evermore” track check-in (1:47); Spotlight: Netflix's new hit, the first from its deal with Shondaland, “Bridgerton” (3:10); the music (3:55); what IS a “romance” novel? (6:50); demystifying “bodice ripping” (8:51); we talk about THAT controversial scene (11:02); book v. show differences and adaptation challenges (17:22); chemistry? (34:32); feminist? (44:17); Penelope & Eloise -- and THAT reveal (49:49); grapes: the wigs! (56:55); "I told everyone the Queen did cocaine!" (57:30); the brothers aren't hot (58:25); SO not hot Stephanie wants a recast! (1:00:58); make someone gay! (1:02:13); romance sexy talk (1:04:50); Stephanie likes Regency-era now?? (1:11:35)  Links:  These Nigerian kids are creating epic sci-fi short films using their phones (CNN) -  Follow @rePEAKpod on Twitter -   Follow @rePEAKpod on Instagram -  Leave us a review -
January 6, 2021
'Wonder Woman 1984': No D*ck is Worth Losing God-like Superpowers For.
News Items: “Sex and the City” HBO Max revival rumors (1:00); Stephanie’s been binge-watching EVERYTHING: “The Flight Attendant,” “Love Life,” “Bridgerton” (5:30); Spotlight: “Wonder Woman: 1984” (8:20); the trappings of a “check box” sequel (15:00); “Wonder Woman: Pretty People Problems” (22:00); “OMG it’s the fucking ‘Aladdin’ plot” (25:30); what does it mean to be a ‘female superhero’? (29:00); who leaves PARIS for D.C.?! (34:00); “Dr. Minerva actually wished to be in ‘CATS’” (36:00); Max Lord and his Asian baby?? (40:00); give us a Themiscyra movie! (47:00); let’s be honest, Diana Prince is probably not a fun hang (50:35); brief thoughts on “Soul” and our favorite Pixar movies (56:00) Links: "The cooking rat completes his ratatouille" - Follow @rePEAKpod on Twitter - Follow @rePEAKpod on Instagram -
December 30, 2020
An Ode to the Queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Apple TV+ special (00:43); Stephanie’s first listen and live reaction to Mariah’s “Oh Santa” feat. Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson music video (2:12); Mariah shares the mic - strategy or growth? (3:43); our fave Christmas song covers...are v basic (9:22); “All I Want For Christmas is You” and Mariah’s legacy (11:54); #JusticeForGlitter (19:47); we cheat discuss "Happiest Season" and surrounding critiques (21:13); Diana tries to explain the absurd racist plot framework to Freeform's "Angry Angel" (28:24); Christmas (and other) performance tangents...including a Stephanie revelation involving HILARY RODHAM CLINTON! (30:30); "Baby It's Cold Outside": The Woke Remix (34:29) Links: - “Oh Santa” music video: - MC x Biden celebration: - “When You Believe” cover by Aneika Rivers & Micah Materre: - "My Only Wish (This Year)" by Britney Spears -
December 25, 2020
A Taylor Swift Emergency Pod: Breaking down 'evermore'
First impressions (0:57); we duke it out - evermore or folklore?? (5:06); "sister" album? double album? (7:19); we play "repeat, skip, cut" (musical version "fuck, marry, kill") for each track (12:48); evermore special? (1:04:44); what does a folklore/evermore tour look like? (1:06:14); Emily Dickinson connection? (1:10:55); News items: Disney Investor Day slate announcements (1:12:48)
December 16, 2020
'The Crown' Season 4: "This is the Stuff of Which Fairytales Are Made"
News Items: Taylor Swift’s “Folklore” studio sessions on Disney Plus — we have feelings (1:20); HBO Max’s crazy 2021 film slate strategy (14:45); Is “The New Mutants” worth a rent? (20:00); “The Grinch” musical starring Matthew Morrison: why? Just why. (24:47); “The Crown” season 4: a deep dive (27:00) Links: Matt Morrison as The Grinch...the. terror. "The Crown's Majestic Untruths" The Atlantic:
December 9, 2020
Netflixmas Spectacular!: 'The Princess Switch,' 'Dash & Lily,' 'Holidate' and more
News Items: "Wonder Woman 1984" release strategy (0:59); "Lilo & Stitch" live action rumors (4:52); “Waiting to Exhale” going to TV (7:26); Jane Austen adaptations will NEVER die *insert eyeroll here*...“Modern Austen” coming to the CW (8:15); Ratatouille the Musical on TikTok! (10:11); Vanessa Hudgens - to stan or not to stan? (12:06); Spotlights: “The Princess Switch” and “The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again” (14:16); “The Holidate”: come for Emma Roberts + poor man’s Chris Hemsworth, leave b/c of the lazy, racist screenwriting (18:08); *Seinfeld voice* WHAT’S the deal with Netflix movies based in Chicago? (30:25); Spotlight: “Dash & Lily” (32:09); Links: - “Broadway Is Closed, But Ratatouille the Musical Is Cooking on TikTok” (Vulture): - Patton Oswalt promotes "Ratatouille" Tik Tok musical: - Vanessa Hudgens Needs A New Publicist (or A publicist if she doesn’t have one):
November 25, 2020
‘Cinderella’ in the 90s: Brandy & Whitney’s iconic TV musical, plus ‘Ever After’
News Items: ‘Joe Biden: The Remix’ and other election feels (1:10); Why “Cinderella” is the most famous (and most repeated) story of all time (13:00); a Disney live-action remake detour (17:00); lead chemistry in “Ever After” v. the ‘97 musical (19:00); favorite songs from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella” (25:00); where the f*ck is the ‘97 adaptation’s soundtrack?! And Brandy’s resurgence (28:00); where we stand on musicals and their many adaptations (31:00); should every generation have their own version of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella”? (36:00); the significance of watching a Filipino prince charming (42:50); where the f*ck is the Brandy and Whitney’s “Cinderella”?! (46:00); looking back on our “Ever After” first impressions (52:00); Is “Ever After” Drew Barrymore’s apex? (56:00); Drew Barrymore’s iconic delivery of the line “I shall try” & favorite scenes (58:40) rapid-fire “Cinderella” character/actor picks (1:08:00) Links: - Obama Halloween Superman Baby: - Shondaland Oral History Cinderella 1997: - Whitney to Brandy in the studio "Why are you down there?" 😂 - Original Rodgers & Hammerstein Cinderella 1957 starring Julie Andrews:
November 11, 2020
'The Craft' (2020): How Woke is Too Woke?
Halloween bonus episode! *SPOILERS AHEAD* News Items: Peacock's "Saved by the Bell" reboot has major "Degrassi" vibes (1:10); Stephanie wants Gabriel Byrne to be her therapist, but we're here for the new "In Treatment" reboot (9:15); the significance of casting Lee Min Ho in Apple TV's upcoming "Pachinko" adaptation (12:20); spotlight: "The Craft" (1996) vs. "The Craft: Legacy" (2020) (19:00) Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @rePEAKpod Email us at
October 31, 2020
'The Haunting of Hill House' will f*ck you up (ft. Jordan Hamessley)
*Our episodes are very spoiler heavy. You’ve been warned* News Items: Legally Blonde 3 reunites Reese and Mindy - hopefully in a good way? (00:54); follow @rePEAKpod on Twitter for all the latest revival/reboot news! (7:51); "I Know What You Did Last Summer" comes to TV (7:57); hope we didn't curse Freddie Prinze Jr. + Sarah Michelle Gellar #couplegoals (8:40); One Tree Hill's Nathan Scott looking like a fiiine salt and pepper SLICE (9:17); male blondes - DO they have more fun? (12:14); The Bachelor/Housewives tangent (16:59); Spotlight on: “The Haunting of Hill House” feat. Hill House expert and self-proclaimed horror nerd, Jordan Hamessley (22:58); Jordan breaks down the opening graf of Shirley Jackson's book (28:40); the Eleanor of it all (33:00); the '99 movie twist (36:26); Theo's queer coding (39:46); Eleanor = Shirley? (43:33); DO's first take on the Netflix series (48:33); Mike Flanagan's nods to the '63 film (50:36); the controversial ending of the Netflix show   Links: - Creep on James Van Der Beek and his bohemian/DIY family lifestyle IGs: @vanderjames @vanderkimberly - HOW TALL IS JAKE GYLLENHAAL ACTUALLY??? Mystery Show "Source Code" podcast episode: - Casey Wilson's Bitch Sesh podcast: - "The Haunting" (1963) film: - "The Haunting" (1999) film: - Netflix "The Haunting of Hill House" series: Follow Jordan on Twitter: Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @rePEAKpod Email us at
October 28, 2020
'Scream' Franchise: "Can You Really Stab Someone In the Skull Like That?"
We're back for Season 2!  *Our episodes are very spoiler heavy. You’ve been warned* News Items: “The Witches” remake trailer & Stephanie’s Anne Hathaway “growth” (1:15); An “Emily in Paris” detour (2:50); Scream! & DO’s first impressions (12:50); Drew Barrymore as the OG Ned Stark (18:00); teen TV royalty cameos (20:00); “diversity” in “Scream 2” (24:00); DO’s “Scream 2” cringe-worthy scenes (26:50); TV shows within shows and a “Passions” digression (32:00); Scream 4 & scream queen Emma Roberts (36:00); Which “Scream” is the scariest? (51:00); casting sliding doors (57:00); Gale & Dewey: a relationship born out of trauma (1:05:00); violence in the media (1:09:00); meta-on-crack and our official rankings (1:12:00) Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @rePEAKpod Email us at
October 15, 2020
Mulan (2020): We're Not Mad, We're Just Disappointed
It’s our Season 1 Finale!! *Our episodes are very spoiler heavy. You’ve been warned* News Items: “Dune” trailer (1:18); “Scream” lives on (04:38); “Old-ish” spinoff (08:15); the “High Fidelity” Season 2 that could have been (09:27); “Mulan” spotlight (12:15); did we like anything about the live action remake? (19:18); spoiler: Stephanie did NOT like the phoenix (23:42); we pitch Mulan on Broadway (30:46); ok we DID like the curls (33:14); justice for Mushu (34:42); are any corporate attempts at “authenticity” authentic? (37:14); Xtina back in the House of Mouse (40:10); JUSTICE FOR LEA SALONGA (41:43); we pitch a better cameo for Ming-Na Wen (46:52); Li Shang, sexual awakening icon (49:31); like forreal, Stephanie HATED the phoenix (54:47); “Star Wars” tangent (55:26); they did Kelly Marie Tran and John Boyega dirrrrrty (57:57); will “Mulan” (2020) be the anti-“Crazy Rich Asians” case study? (1:02:32); Stephanie makes the case for CRA as the perfect rewatchable (1:03:50); turns out - we are tiger moms (1:08:25) Links: Logan Lerman (“The Perks of Being a Wallflower”) salt-and-pepper hot IG pic: Washington Post “Mulan” article: Christina Aguilera “Reflection” (2020): The Official “Timmy” Chalamet mention count: 11 Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @rePEAKpod Email us at
September 16, 2020
High Fidelity
*Our episodes are very spoiler heavy. You’ve been warned* News Items: DC FanDome trailers: “WW84,” “The Batman,” “Suicide Squad” (00:56); “High Fidelity” the film? we don’t get it! (11:30); "High Fidelity" the show? we want a Season 2! (22:57); Jake Lacy aka “The Vest” aka “Fran” is the new James Marsden (24:32); Top 5 Celebrity Couples Who, If They Broke Up, Would Convince Us That Love Is Dead (25:53); Race, Gender, & Sexual Orientation: the Remix (40:25); the Zoë/Hulu break-up (46:59); All-Time Top 5 Most Memorable TV Heartbreaks (54:19); Top 5 (Bottom 5?) Obsessive Insecure Whiny Ass White Men (1:00:48); music accessibility (1:09:15); “2 seconds” on Thomas Doherty (1:15:36); Top 5 Most Beautiful Children of Two Celebrities (1:19:49); WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL WITH LAURA?!? also, Mac is fiiiiiiiine (1:23:44) Links: - “WW84” Official Main Trailer: - “The Batman” Official Teaser: - “Suicide Squad” Official Cast Reveal Trailer: - “Snyder Cut” Official Teaser: - “Black Adam” Official Teaser: - Dax Shepard + Kristen Bell “Armchair Expert” podcast Ep 2: and Ep 43: - WB promos: and - Missy Elliott “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)” Official Music Video: - Austin Kleon “Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative” (book): - High Fidelity Official Playlist on Spotify: - Nick Hornby "High Fidelity" (book): The Official “Timmy” Chalamet mention count: 10 Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @rePEAKpod
August 26, 2020
Episodes We Love: Normal People
We're on summer break! In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this re-airing of one of our favorite early episodes. *Spoilers Ahead* We kick off our “Normal People” extravaganza with some news items: “Parent Trap” reboot (1:20); a fan’s ridiculous dream “Glee” reboot (11:00); A Taylor Swift check-in and that “Killing Eve” cover (20:00). *Our episodes are very spoiler heavy. You’ve been warned* Spotlight on: “Normal People” book vs. TV show first impressions (25:10). Let’s talk about sex (and “Normal People”)! (0:01); money — there’s something so corrupt and sexy about it (24:19); platonic vs. romantic male-female relationships (30:00); everybody is weird (44:00); dat b, helen (45:10); friendship and attraction dynamics (49:10); Sligo, Ireland’s contribution to boy band history (1:00:30) The Official “Timmy” Chalamet mention count: 4 Links: - Normal People (book): Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @rePEAKpod
August 19, 2020
The Sun is Also a Star
*Our episodes are very spoiler heavy. You’ve been warned* News Items: The NBA returns and “Black is King” is a revelation (1:00); Disney pivots upcoming “Mulan” release to PVOD (12:20); another “Dirty Dancing” remake? [insert puke emoji here] (22:40); spotlight on: “The Sun is Also a Star” (28:00); Charles Melton and Yara Shahidi might be the hottest human beings we’ve ever seen (32:00); the awkwardness of THAT karaoke scene (36:20); notable differences between the book and the movie (38:25); Nicola Yoon and David Yoon: YA power couple (47:00); cultural touch points for both main characters (57:28); we pour one out for the Korean dining experience and BCD tofu house (58:00); the history of Koreans and the Black hair care industry (1:00:00); the importance of joyous interracial love stories (1:04:00); MTA and other NYC-related grapes (1:10:10); Daniel is annoying, impractical, and needs to open his heart to destiny (1:13:00); please remake this movie into a series (1:19:45); NYC nostalgia as depicted by pop culture (1:20:00) Media References: Master of None S2 E6 "New York, I Love You" (Netflix) High Maintenance S1 E2 “Museebat” (HBO Max) Forever S1 E6 "Andre and Sarah" (Amazon Prime) The Official “Timmy” Chalamet mention count: 9 Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @rePEAKpod
August 12, 2020
Happy 25th Birthday, Clueless! (Plus, the Emmas)
*Our episodes are very spoiler heavy. You’ve been warned* News Items: Our childhood dreams come true: a "Wishbone" reboot is in the works (1:00); HBO Max picks up a Calm adaptation (5:45); Spotlight on: "Clueless" (1995) "Emma" (1996), and "Emma" (2020) (8:35); a treasure trove of "Clueless" trivia  (11:30); Iconic quotes and scenes from "Clueless" (35:45); we need to talk about the "Emmas" (45:00); period piece ballroom dancing is so hot (1:04:44); Anna Taylor-Joy, star on the rise (1:08:29); we put “Emma” in the vault and lock the door (1:15:08); daddy-daughter pairs (1:16:06); Amy Heckerling serving modern adaptation master class (1:24:07); "Emma" 1996 cast (1:33:14); WTF is that crumb game?? (1:37:56); "BLAST FROM THE PAST"! (1:40:09); Bat Chat: "Batman & Robin" (1997), RPatz, Batwoman (1:41:15); Cher/Alicia's hair perfection (1:49:45) Links: - “Lovesick” on Netflix trailer: The Official “Timmy” Chalamet mention count: 8 Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @rePEAKpod
July 29, 2020
Claudia Kishi 4eva! The Baby-Sitters Club Then and Now
*Our episodes are very spoiler heavy. You’ve been warned* News Items: The Fast and the Furious go to space (2:49); our first writers room pitch (6:04); E. Alex Jung the profile master: Michaela Coel, Thandie Newton (6:52); Jude Law as Hot Hook in Disney’s upcoming live-action Peter Pan (12:59); The Wonder Years but Black? (14:51); the legacy of Long Duk Dong and racist Mickey Rooney (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) (20:10); Spotlight on The Baby-Sitters Club (24:45); Scholastic book fairs (28:15); Diana IS Kristy (28:24); Stephanie is a Stacey/Claudia (31:49); cast chemistry and BSC movie (39:12); gross age gap gripe (44:12); Netflix revival (52:23); Sex And The City (53:36); character updates (55:20); 2020 wokeness (1:09:31); Justice for Janine (1:17:27); class/money (1:22:04); BSC as adults (1:26:22) Links: - Michaela Coel profile: - Thandie Newton profile: - Claudia Kishi Club doc short: - The Oral History of BSC movie: - Zoomers trolling Millennials about 2000s music (it WAS a joke!): The Official “Timmy” Chalamet mention count: 7 The Organic “Timmy” Chalamet mention count: 6 Writers room pitch count: 4 Email us at for our writers room availability :) Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @rePEAKpod
July 22, 2020
The Half of It
*Our episodes are very spoiler heavy. You’ve been warned* News Items: Beyonce’s “Black is King” visual album announcement (1:00); Margot Robbie and Millie Bobby Brown to lead new Pirates and Sherlock productions, respectively (4:18); confessions of female-led movies we haven’t watched but probably should have (9:04); upcoming “Nancy Wu Done It” project (11:00); Diana knows nothing about Baby-Sitters Club (15:17); Spotlight on: Netflix teen rom-com “The Half Of It” (25:29); Alice Wu is a badass (32:13); platonic love (34:52); why Squahamish? and why Netflix? (39:22); that kiss!! (43:04); Stephanie has gripes (47:23); we debate the term “gripes” (47:27); Stephanie is psychic (51:37); ABBA/A-Teens/S Club 7 (53:34); we still can’t agree on “gripes” (57:05); Diana tries Yakult for the first time live on air! (1:00:00); childhood Asian snacks (01:01:31); Ellie Chu essay pricing (1:04:38); our high schools’ claims to fame (1:06:27); Dream/Danity Kane/Fifth Harmony (1:07:33); Alice Wu’s real life Paul Munsky (1:10:30); Asian love language (1:15:20). Links: Beyoncé "Black is King" trailer: htps:// Babysitters Club Claudia remix covers: Natalie Portman, Babysitters Club stan: The Official “Timmy” Chalamet mention count: 6 Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @rePEAKpod
July 15, 2020
*Our episodes are very spoiler heavy. You’ve been warned* News Items: Ye is (allegedly) running for president this year. Yeezus help us all (1:00); "Beavis and Butt-head" and "Daria" reboots (4:00); Spotlight on: “Hamilton”! (10:23); the live show experience v. the live-show-as-a-movie experience (16:00); the show’s controversial erasure of slavery (19:00); the immigrant perspective and representation behind the curtain (24:50); swooning over Renée Elise Goldsberry, Leslie Odom Jr., Daveed Diggs, plus a “Blackish” extended universe detour (29:00); let’s be honest, Dakota Johnson is probably a fun hang (39:00); Stephanie’s high school historical crushes (40:56); Diana’s somewhat concerning news addiction (45:00); Anthony Ramos and the upcoming “In the Heights” movie adaptation (50:00); Phillipa Soo — we love you, girl (52:00); star-crossed love letters (57:00); “Hamilton” in 2016 v. 2020 (58:00); cry points and fun facts (1:03:20); male gaze and misogyny (1:07:07); Groffsauce is a spitter (1:13:19); Lin is a musical genius (1:16:21); “Hamilton Mixtape” (1:18:17); representation matters (1:20:00); got milk? (1:22:25); Peggyhive (1:23:45); Lin the matchmaker (1:24:22) Links: - The Hamilcast:  - “Why 'Hamilton' is as frustrating as it is brilliant — and impossible to pin down,” Vox: - “Correcting ‘Hamilton’,” Harvard Gazette: - Non-male gaze George Washington biography “You Never Forget Your First,” by Alexis Coe (book):  - The Hamilton Mixtape on Spotify:  - “'Hamilton's' Lin-Manuel Miranda on Finding Originality, Racial Politics (and Why Tr**p Should See His Show),” The Hollywood Reporter:  - Got Milk? Aaron Burr commercial directed by Michael Bay (1993):  - Got Hamilton? parody commercial (2015):  The Official “Timmy” Chalamet mention count: 5 Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @rePEAKpod
July 8, 2020
Representation in the Workplace & Media ft. the "Olivia Pope of Diversity," Dr. Akilah Cadet
We’re taking a break from our usual content-focused format this episode to talk about racism in corporate America and the Black Lives Matter movement. We welcome our first-ever guest, Dr. Akilah Cadet, to discuss the importance of diversity and representation in the workplace, media, and publishing. Dr. Cadet is the founder of the diversity consulting firm, Change Cadet, and has worked with a wide range of organizations including Google, Everlane, Lululemon (plus many others) to educate them on the importance of belonging. Follow Dr. Cadet on Instagram and Twitter @changecadet, subscribe and listen to the Change Cadet podcast on Spotify or iTunes, and visit her website, Links: - “I'm Still Here" by Austin Channing Brown:  - “Born a Crime" by Trevor Noah: - Follow @marcusbooks - BLACK LIVES MATTER ways to help: Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @rePEAKpod
June 30, 2020
News items: “Love, Victor” first impressions, plus representation and authenticity in casting (1:00); unfortunate Ansel Elgort allegations and possible “West Side Story” recastings (8:50); Spotify podcast acquisitions, including DC properties (10:15) *Our episodes are very spoiler heavy. You’ve been warned* Spotlight on: “Watchmen,” the 2019 HBO mini series vs. the 2009 Zack Snyder film (14:20); the history of “Watchmen” and the saga of DC vs. Alan Moore (25:00); Ta-Nehisi Coates and the inspiration for remixing the graphic novel for the HBO mini series, plus Black representation in the writers’ room (31:00); Zack Snyder and his long history of bombs (47:00) giant squids, WTF? (50:10); the miniseries and its perspective on policing in America (54:00); comic book campiness (1:07:00); so, does Regina King have super powers? (1:13:10) The Official “Timmy” Chalamet mention count: 4 (no room for Timmy in this ep) Links: - - - - - - “Watchmen" 2019 edition graphic novel: - Ta-Nehisi Coates, Between the World and Me (book) : Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @rePEAKpod
June 30, 2020
rePEAK Teaser Episode (Debut!!)
Welcome to the very first episode of rePEAK! We’re a pop culture podcast covering reboots, remakes, revivals and everything in between — because nothing on our screens is original anymore. rePEAK is hosted by Diana Olympia and Stephanie Kim, two former colleagues-turned-friends who love to nerd out about the state of the media industry, movies, TV, books, and celebrity gossip. We kick-off by expressing our love for Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande, then by answering a little questionnaire: - What’s one remake that should never have been made? - What’s one “in-the-works” remake that we wish would not happen? - Our favorite book-to-screen adaptations - Our favorite rewatchable childhood remakes - Our favorite sequels - What’s something that hasn’t been adapted or remade yet that should be? Movies, shows, books mentioned: - Dirty Dancing (1987) vs. Dirty Dancing (2017) vs. Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004) - Ghost in the Shell (1995) vs. Ghost in the Shell (2017) - Oldboy (2003) vs. Oldboy (2013) - My Sassy Girl (2001) vs. My Sassy Girl (2008) - Infernal Affairs (2002) vs. The Departed (2006) - West Side Story (1961) vs. West Side Story (2020) - Call Me By Your Name (film 2017 | book 2007) - The Devil Wears Prada (film 2006 | book 2003) - Joy Luck Club (film 1993 | book 1989) - The Godfather (film 1972 | book 1969) vs. The Godfather Part II (1974) - Casino Royale (2006) - Goodfellas (1990) vs. Wiseguys (1985) - Perks of Being a Wallflower (film 2012 | book 1999) - Hustlers (2019) - Italian Job (2003) - Sharp Objects (TV 2018 | book 2006) - Big Little Lies (TV 2017 | book 2014) - The Parent Trap (1998) - The Sound of Music (1965) - The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992) - Logan (2017) vs. X-Men: First Class (2011) vs. X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) vs. X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) vs. Dark Phoenix (2019) - Fast Five (2011) - There There by Tommy Orange (book): - Uncanny Valley by Anna Weiner (book): - Sourdough by Robin Sloan (book):  - Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan (book): - Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler (book): | TV series seasons 1 & 2 now on Starz  - Bloom by Kevin Panetta (graphic novel): Misc. Items: - A Star is Boar by @KevinTPorter: - On “podners” — Does Mike Posner fans have a stan name? @ us on Twitter! @rePEAKpod The Official “Timmy” Chalamet mention count: 1
June 30, 2020