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By Rob Ambrosetti
HVAC sales reps share their strategies, insights, opinions, and stories.
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Assessing Today’s HVACR Industry and A Glimpse Into the Future With HARDI Execs
KGG Consulting’s Training Director and REPTalk Host Rob Ambrosetti sat down with key figures at HARDI to discuss the current status of the HVACR industry and what the future holds for the trade. This episode’s featured guests are: HARDI CEO Talbot Gee and HARDI’s Director of Government Affairs Alex Ayers.   HARDI–Heating, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Distribution International–is a key industry organization focused on wholesale distribution. With self-reported data and information from members, HARDI has a unique pulse for the business and ability to assess distributors that provides a useful larger snapshot of industry happenings and trends as a whole. HARDI offers members resources, support, monthly reports and newsletters, content and advocacy efforts. Membership spans several continents, with a focus in North America, and includes manufacturers, manufacturer representative groups and distributors.    Ambrosetti, Gee and Ayers delve into the industry’s current state of affairs and pressing concerns including federal funding for school building HVAC system and IAQ upgrades, the possibility of widespread fresh air regulations and how the pandemic redefined wholesale distribution and the salesperson’s role in the field. The past year may have redefined the business world, but the HVACR industry has continued to triumph despite ongoing shifts, changes and difficulties.  Discussions in this REPtalk episode are incredibly relevant for every aspect of the trade and business today.  REPTalk episodes are also available to view on the KGG site —>  Episode Notes: 0:00 ‣ Introduction 0:55 ‣ What Is HARDI? 2:28 ‣ HARDI as an Industry Insider 4:50 ‣ Communicating Data and Insight 7:25 ‣ How 2020 Changed HARDI 8:55 ‣ How the Pandemic Impacted Distribution 12:00 ‣ HARDI's Government Affairs Coverage 13:45 ‣ Code Development 15:15 ‣ Possible Indoor Air Quality Standards 18:50 ‣ Federal Funding for School HVAC/IAQ Upgrades 23:00 ‣ How the Funding Is Allocated and the Role of the Contractor 26:05 ‣ Funding for Federal Buildings 27:20 ‣ Funding for Homeowners 29:15 ‣ Infrastructure  31:50 ‣ HARDI 2020 State of The Channel Contractor Survey 33:35 ‣ Remote Sales Impact on Distributors 35:20 ‣ Distribution in the Digital Age 38:30 ‣ Alex's What To Watch Out for Going Forward 40:00 ‣ Alex's Upcoming Bright Spots 41:00 ‣ Talbot's What To Watch Out for Going Forward 43:40 ‣ Talbot's Upcoming Bright Spots 45:40 ‣ Interested in HARDI?
June 28, 2021
The Value of HVAC Training With Perfect Technician Academy’s Dr. Thomas Moorman
Dr. Thomas Moorman is the Provost and School Director at Perfect Technician Academy outside of Fort Worth, Texas. The trade school provides a unique immersive six-week HVAC training program focused on developing the workforce. Dr. Moorman has been purposeful in attracting the right candidates, earning the trust of employer placements to provide graduates with work upon program completion and developing a rigorous trade school curriculum.  Dr. Moorman and KGG’s Training Director and RepTalk host Rob Ambrosetti discuss the benefits and possibilities of being a skilled trained tradesperson in today’s world. Particularly, an HVAC technician or contractor. Over the past year, those with HVAC and IAQ experience and expertise have been some of the most in-demand services. And that demand is only continuing to grow and expected to last beyond the pandemic. Tune in to learn what HVAC training can do for you and to learn more about the value of HVAC skills. 
April 20, 2021
Developing Relationships and Increasing Customer Lifetime Value in the HVAC Market
Business is all about relationships and value. For HVAC businesses in particular, it should make sense that furthering relationships and increasing customer lifetime value are crucial aspects of a successful company. This episode of RepTalk features KGG’s own Training Director Rob Ambrosetti in conversation with Hook Agency’s Founder and CEO Tim Brown discussing pre-calls, enhancements and follow-ups. Together they offer insightful tips, tricks and anecdotes on how to build relationships and increase customer value the right way. It all starts with the first phone call. That very first phone call or point of contact that a customer makes is when their experience with your company begins. To build the relationship early, it’s important that every employee is on the same page. And when with customers, in their home or space, make sure to be the best expert possible and offer thoughtful recommendations while taking the time to educate the homeowner about the specific issues they present. This is the first step to increase customer lifetime value. Make sure to tune in to to this episode to learn the many other tips for customer value and relationships, such as: the car wash model, adjusting the expected sales tone, training, clear communication, maintenance agreements and following up authentically. KGG Consulting’s REPTalk is an HVAC industry-focused podcast. Episodes are available to view on YouTube and the KGG site; or available to listen on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.
March 23, 2021
How to “Ditch the Pitch” and Build Better HVAC Sales Habits
Sales is a crucial part of the HVAC industry and market. Whether your work is from the perspective of a manufacturer, distributor, rep or as a contractor–sales is certainly a factor, regardless. With so many different aspects of the industry involved in the sales process, how could there ever be a one-stop-shop formula for good HVAC sales habits and practices? The answer is simply an increased focus on quality conversation and connection. This episode of RepTalk features helpful tips and insight from interview guest Steve Yastrow, in conversation with Host Rob Ambrosetti. Yastrow has years of experience as a business advisor and is the Founder and CEO of Yastrow and Company. He is also a renowned author with three published business books: “Brand Harmony,” “We: The Ideal Customer Relationship” and “Ditch the Pitch.” The latter, his most recent publication, focuses on six helpful sales habits to utilize in business. The six habits all revolve around the idea of improvised persuasion. As Yastrow explains, he suggests to quite literally ditch the pitch and instead converse with clients and potential customers rather than present to them. As most of us can relate, no one really enjoys being at the other end of a sales pitch. The best way to make the experience better, and gain from it, is to create a conversation that matters. Yastrow breaks down the six helpful HVAC sales habits into three categories. They are: Figure out what’s going on Get the conversation flowing Creating a shared story Within each category are two habits, and within each habit are a handful of helpful business practices to help implement the habit. The goal of these HVAC sales habits is to shift the sales process. Rather than the focus being on your business, products, services and offerings … to instead focus on the specific customer. This means saying less, listening and noticing more, interpreting the verbal and non-verbal information available and making honest helpful suggestions that clearly identify that client’s specific needs. As Yastrow explains in this episode, it’s your job to step into their story rather than making them enter yours/your business’ story. At first glance, these may seem like obvious actions to take. However, with further research, it becomes apparent that most HVAC companies and contractors are still focusing on themselves and their business over the customer’s values and needs. Ambrosetti and Yastrow discuss applicable and actionable examples throughout the episode. From listening to a customer talk about their child’s allergies to noticing an expensive guitar collection, honing in on these small opportunities will set you apart from your competition. After delving into each of the six HVAC sales habits, Yastrow and Ambrosetti discuss applying these practices to the remote sales and distanced customer service reality, as well as how to implement the habits for better personalized company branding. For everyone in the trade, this episode is sure to provide beneficial HVAC sales habits, tips and insight.
January 11, 2021
8 Great HVAC Marketing Habits
Marketing is an essential aspect of business. Quite literally, it is the actions a business takes to promote its products and/or services. And–it’s absolutely essential to a company’s success. This is particularly true when it comes to the HVAC industry. Potential customers have a multitude of home service companies to choose from, which is why it’s crucial that you make sure to set your business apart. Marketing is one of the easiest ways to do so. That is, so long as you commit to a marketing plan and follow through with the essential HVAC marketing habits. In this episode, RepTalk Host Rob Ambrosetti interviews Hook Agency Founder and CEO Tim Brown on the best marketing tactics an HVAC company can and should utilize. Brown, who founded Hook Agency in 2012 is experienced in website development, search engine optimization and conversion. In other words, his company specializes in the world of digital marketing. At KGG, we too push for HVAC companies to shift their focus from old-school marketing techniques to digital practices. Brown makes this process easier and outlines eight easy HVAC marketing habits to incorporate into your business. In many ways, it begins with the company website. Brown describes a majority of the HVAC company websites he sees as ‘broken.’ While this might feel counterintuitive, as the urge is to appeal to potential clients and earn trust, Brown advises against websites focusing on the company itself. What may feel like a warm and inviting company photo can be perceived as a greater focus on the company itself rather than the customer. Instead, save photos and anecdotes for the “About Us” section and social media. Instead, really prioritize what your business offers customers as well as high-rated reviews and testimonials that successfully portray your business’ accomplishments. In addition to updating the website, Brown provides direction, ideas and other HVAC marketing habits. These include focusing on leads, identifying where leads come from, spending time asking for and responding to referrals and reviews, and prioritizing customer testimonials. Brown also advocates for social media, content marketing and utilizing online business search engines such as Google My Business. Brown provides in-depth insight on each of these functions, why they’re important and how they can help your company grow. So, what exactly are the eight great HVAC marketing habits? Tune in to learn!
January 4, 2021
Creating Healthy Home Habits With Hayward Score
At KGG, we often discuss the importance of good indoor air quality, as well as the control strategies available to improve indoor air. Such solutions are focused on air purification, ventilation, air filtration, humidity control and source control. Our manufacturer partners’ industry experience, indoor air quality research and science all show the benefit of whole-home solutions. This is why the IAQ products and lines we represent are focused on enhancing air quality for the entire space. From the HVAC industry perspective, improving IAQ means addressing deficiencies and problems in existing residential and commercial spaces. However, to fully understand the future of indoor air quality, it’s necessary to also look at IAQ efforts being made from the design phase. It’s the difference between bettering homes that are struggling with the consequences of poor air quality and instead building homes better from the ground up. Ensuring builders and consumers have indoor air quality in mind in the first place can make all the difference. To understand the builder point of view, RepTalk Host Rob Ambrosetti spoke with Bill Hayward, the founder and CEO of Hayward Score and the CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer of Hayward Lumber. Hayward first became interested in indoor air quality improvements after he and his family experienced a number of physical and mental health symptoms after moving into their new home. In 2008, determined to better understand and make changes, he pursued a way to help builders and homeowners alike through a combination of building science and medical science. The result: the Hayward Score. The Hayward Score is a great resource on how to make unhealthy homes healthy and how to build healthy homes. The obvious focus? Health. One of the key takeaways of this episode is the value in focusing on HVAC and IAQ upgrades for the purpose of health and wellness. Consumer demand and attention is changing, and there is a greater focus on health in relation to indoor spaces than ever before. To have a home or space scored, users take a 50 question online quiz to “diagnose” the space’s problems and potential fixes. To date, the Hayward Score has helped score over 80,000 homes. As a result, the Hayward Score successfully gained a massive amount of home indoor air quality data while helping thousands of residents and families both learn about the importance of air quality and how to mend it. The Hayward Score is helpful to HVAC contractors and IAQ professionals because it is an independent and trusted resource that consumers seek out on their own. Your customers then come away with a vested interest in their home’s air quality, a desire to improve it and more trust in your services and recommendations as the expert. Similarly, for builders, the Hayward Score provides data, a 12-step action plan and experience to help build the most efficient homes possible. As suggested by Hayward in this episode of RepTalk, the HVAC industry truly only stands to benefit from a continued focus on indoor air quality and creating healthy homes and buildings. Tune in to learn more.
December 29, 2020
Clean Air Strategies for Better Indoor Air Quality
Why is clean air so important? Research shows that air quality has a significant impact on our health, our homes and our environment. The possible effects of poor indoor air quality are varied, and can range from damaged furniture and home structures to an increased risk for serious health diseases and concerns. The connection between health and indoor air quality has perhaps never been more important than today due to the ongoing pandemic. This episode provides an overview of indoor air quality solutions.   There are three main categories of pollutants that worsen indoor air quality. They are: germs, odors and particulates. Bacteria, pet odors, VOCs, dander … all of the invisible harmful pollutants worsening air quality without our knowledge originate from one of these categories.   How can we ensure better and healthier air? The answer is clean air strategies–which are simply the methods used to improve indoor air quality. Considering the air we breathe indoors can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air, these strategies are essential. Almost all IAQ products and solutions can be summed up by five categories. They are:   1. Source Control 2. Ventilation / Fresh Air 3. Air Filtration 4. Air Purification 5. Humidity Control    Whether you are a seasoned pro and HVAC professional, new to the industry, or simply a concerned party curious about indoor air quality–we can all benefit from learning about IAQ solutions. In this episode of RepTalk, Host Rob Ambrosetti explains the need for clean air strategies, the benefit of whole-home solutions and an overview of each of the five IAQ solution categories.   For anyone interested in learning more about indoor air quality control strategies, solutions and products beyond this episode of RepTalk, also check out for further information! For more reptalk,
November 4, 2020
Why IAQ is So Important in 2020
Industry experts discuss all aspects of indoor air quality.  It’s a multi-pronged approach for homeowners and HVAC contractors to protect their most important assets - their people.  It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, as every home and building has unique systems, the number of people occupying the space, and challenges with equipment, layout, and size. Whether it’s inviting family and friends over to your home, or welcoming back employees and customers back into your business, clean air precautions are top of mind right now. First, we cover the importance of fresh air, MERV 13 air filters, germicidal UV lights, and humidity control as it relates to pathogens. Second, our experts touch on the importance and benefits of installing a whole-home active air purification solution to clean air and surfaces, and the downsides of a single room air purifier. Lastly, we touch on just how much the HVAC industry is changing. With the onset of the pandemic and awareness of the airborne transmission of bacteria and viruses, coupled with a dire need to safely reopen, HVAC is on the frontlines of solving this problem. What’s interesting is, these solutions have existed for years. It took a pandemic to make businesses and homeowners interested in this preventative solution. If you’re an HVAC contractor right now, and you’re not offering indoor air quality solutions to your clients, you’re missing the boat. Fortunately, there are many resources you can find online for help. has many downloadable documents on COVID-19 that have interesting data points you can discuss with your clients as you inspect their HVAC system. For specific training on IAQ, look to to get you and your home services employees up to speed on the knowledge and products you need to feel comfortable talking about and selling IAQ products. You’ll get the knowledge, advice, and solutions to keep their family, friends, employees, and customers safe.
August 6, 2020
Why is IAQ important? Indoor Air Quality for HVAC Contractors and Homeowners
Ruth King from Contractor Cents Discover ideas, tactics, news, and information that matters to your HVAC contracting business and you. Indoor air quality is a subject that is on the minds of contractors, consumers, and commercial building owners. There's so much information out there. Who can you trust? What can you offer to your customers that you know is reputable and will do the job? Start with ASHRAE and the EPA as trusted resources for your own research. There's a lot of gray areas and what I would say to anybody, as you're researching strategies, and devices to help you implement those strategies, third party testing is a big deal. So just make sure whatever you're looking at for a device, whether it be an air purifier, air cleaner, whatever. Look to make sure there's it's third-party tested first and foremost, that's just a fair statement. 5 Key Factors for Indoor Air Quality - Learn more at IAQ.Works Source Control Fresh Air Ventilation Active air purification High-Efficiency air filtration Humidification So source control is something that shouldn't cost you very much money because it's what you want to try to control in your home or contractors helping homeowners.  First and foremost water issues, any water leaks in the dwelling or building right you got to address water issues because water is going to perpetuate you know, mold and anything else that you know, things thrive when they're wet, especially when they're dark and wet. So moisture control, whether it be direct water leaks, flashings, roof flashings, or whatever it might be in order to or just an old roof, address water issues.  Secondly, it would be like pest and rodent control because a lot of allergies are based around what they leave behind. And actually, in terms of humidification control, dust mites are a big part of what people are allergic to not so much the dust mite, but something really gross what they leave behind. So not only that but other pests, we're talking about rodents, whatever they're leaving behind, it's this, those are highly allergic, you know, things that we're talking about. So control over those is a big deal.  And a lot of times humidity is going to help that fixing the cracks and crevices within the dwelling or the building. So getting control over those is that what that's what we may source control. Also, people that have multiple chemical sensitivity or high sensitivity to volatile organic compounds. Those might be the marshes, glues, cleaners, household cleaners. Some people can't even have those inside the space, they might have to store those out in the garage.  Are you an HVAC contractor looking to start offering IAQ products and services? We have on-demand training available right now at or feel free to reach out to me at any time.
July 16, 2020
Talking about IAQ in 2020 and building long term relationships
Indoor air quality solutions are in high demand and that brings the need for much more support. Matt Reiners talks about what that looks like in 2020.  It's so important to build strong long-term relationships and we're always here to help.   IAQ On-demand training: Upcoming Events: Basics about IAQ and how to get started:
July 6, 2020
How HVAC Contractors Can Build and Keep Wealth with Ruth King
How HVAC Contractors Can Build and Keep Wealth with Ruth King Best selling author, consultant, and entrepreneur Ruth King joins us today to discuss how hvac contractors can build and keep wealth. We cover some generally good ideas but also what to do in today's market. Ruth is a serial entrepreneur having owned 8 businesses in the past 37+ years. One of her businesses, Business Ventures Corporation, began operations in 1981. Through Business Ventures, she coaches, trains, and helps contractors and others achieve the business growth and goals they want to achieve. KGG Events | HVAC Training Learn more about indoor air and the latest solutions -
June 26, 2020
Dr. Matt Driscoll and Rob Ambrosetti Discuss Tips to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality
This episode is actually an interview I gave to Dr. Matt Driscoll on his podcast called roc spotlight. Dr. Matt loves to explore ways to improve people's lives through healthier living. And he wanted me to talk about strategies to improve your indoor air quality. So thanks to Dr. Matt for allowing me the opportunity to share these five IAQ tips. We spend about 90% of our lives indoors somewhere. So that's why it's important, you're breathing indoor air somewhere, right? Whether it's at work home, and actually, if you include automobiles, that's probably a little higher, more like 93%. So what's happened honestly, to us as homes got newer and tighter and really efficient, we've actually cut off the inherent outdoor air exchange into our indoor space.  The EPA actually did studies on the pollutant levels indoors, and they found two to five times higher pollutants than exists outside and some really bad cases more than 100 times. So that's important because we're spending our time indoors somewhere. The only air that we can actually control that we breathe is the air in our homes.  That's the only place that we actually have control over the air that we're breathing. 
May 28, 2020
Don't let your HVAC business fail. Become the Clean Air Expert in your area.
We've noticed the busiest contractors out there are the ones that have been talking about indoor air quality. And it's really up to you, the contractor, what type of business you want to be in.  Why are IAQ Contractors thriving? - Growing homeowner demand for healthier lifestyles - Now more than ever airborne pathogens have to be addressed - Brand differentiation for contractors - Customer satisfaction!  (repeat business, better reviews, and more referrals) - Increased revenue and higher profit margins per job - Equipment protection and efficiency
April 27, 2020
Getting started in HVAC, Growing Your Business, Indoor Air Quality, and Social Distance Sales
I talked to Dan about how he got started in this business and how he was able to do so well. We also talk about the IAQ business and adapting to the current business challenges. Dan Moody, President of Target Sales, Inc has been in the HVAC business since 1984 and a manufacturer’s rep since 1995. He graduated from SUNY Farmingdale in 1987 with a degree in HVAC. Dan was born in Brooklyn, NY, and worked as an HVAC Wholesaler in Long Island. Shortly after getting married he moved to Tampa to work for Carrier and York.  They raised 2 sons that now both live with their families in Tampa. Dan likes to spend time with family, saltwater fish, drive his classic car, and try new restaurants.
April 22, 2020
How HVAC Contractors Should Talk About Financing to Their Customers - Guest Scott Ritchey
In this clip, we talk about HVAC financing for equipment and accessories. It can sometimes be an awkward conversation but it's a very important one to have with your customers. Scott Ritchey has helped 1000's of contractors around the country and I recently had an opportunity to talk with him. We covered a lot of information that we'll be publishing in multiple parts. Author and business coach Scott Ritchey is on a mission to help HVAC contractors across the country realize their maximum potential in both business success and profitability. To date Scott has worked with +395 companies and thousands of individuals enabling them to learn important financial principles that all but guarantee success in the HVAC contracting business. Scott’s Amazon #1 Best Selling book “Make More Money” 12 Pillars For HVAC Contractor Success has helped over 1,000 contractors across the country better understand their company's financial performance.
April 15, 2020
Indoor Humidity for Optimal Health. Healthy Home Hydration with Dr. Stephanie Taylor
Ideal indoor humidity is far more important than just a conversation about "comfort". Today I talk to Dr. Stephanie Taylor about relative humidity and how it affects our overall health. Stephanie Taylor, MD, M Arch, RSPH(UK), MCAB Dr. Stephanie Taylor graduated with honors from Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA in 1984, following which she practiced clinical medicine in pediatric oncology and did academic research in cellular growth mechanisms for over 20 years. During this time, she became very concerned about the new infections that many hospital patients contracted while they were being treated for unrelated issues. Determined to better understand the interaction between patient outcomes and the hospital built environment, she obtained her Master’s Degree in Architecture from Norwich University in her home state of Vermont After several years working in a healthcare facility architectural design firm, she founded Taylor Healthcare Consulting, Inc. to focus on building design and operation elements that impact patient healing. Now an internationally recognized consultant, Dr. Taylor works with architects, engineers, microbiologists and regulatory committees to design and manage hospitals and other commercial buildings to optimize patient and occupant health.
April 13, 2020
How Manufacturers Reps and Distributors Work Together
Scott Ritchey talks with me about manufacturers, reps, and distributors. What does the supply chain look like in the future and what you should know now. Every business wants to gain market share and grow. So how can you ensure your position continues to stay relevant? To date Scott has worked with +395 companies and thousands of individuals enabling them to learn important financial principles that all but guarantee success in the HVAC contracting business. Scott’s Amazon #1 Best Selling book “Make More Money” 12 Pillars For HVAC Contractor Success has helped over 1,000 contractors across the country better understand their companies financial performance.
March 25, 2020
The HVAC Distributor-Contractor Relationship is Changing
More from the fantastic conversation with Scott Ritchey.  In this clip we discuss the dynamic relationship between HVAC distributors and contractors.  Author and business coach Scott Ritchey is on a mission to help HVAC contractors across the country realize their maximum potential in both business success and profitability. 
March 23, 2020
Indoor Air Quality - State of IAQ in the HVAC Industry - March 23, 2020
We have been at the frontline of IAQ for years and the last few months have hectic. And it's been evolving almost daily. I think our first online training for IAQ had 5 contractors, the most recent had 50.  We're doing our best to keep up with every email and just thought it might be best to clarify some things.  In this episode of RepTalk we discuss the basics of IAQ and a bit on how the narrative has changed. Purification, filtration, humidity control are all very important and these things need to be considered for the entire home, not just one room. is the website we started to keep people informed on indoor air quality products and trends. Join us there, follow us here, we'll continue working very hard to provide you the most reliable and up-to-date information.
March 23, 2020
Scott Ritchey and his Best Selling book “Make More Money” 12 Pillars For HVAC Contractor Success
Scott Ritchey has helped 1000's of contractors around the country and I recently had an opportunity to talk with him. We covered a lot of information that we'll be publishing in multiple parts. Author and business coach Scott Ritchey is on a mission to help HVAC contractors across the country realize their maximum potential in both business success and profitability. To date Scott has worked with +395 companies and thousands of individuals enabling them to learn important financial principles that all but guarantee success in the HVAC contracting business. Scott’s Amazon #1 Best Selling book “Make More Money” 12 Pillars For HVAC Contractor Success has helped over a 1,000 contractors across the country better understand their companies financial performance.
March 6, 2020
Build Relationships and Bring Value Before Trying to Sell | RepTalk
Talking with Paul Wolfe about selling in the HVAC industry. He offers some great insight and shares his stories. Paul Wolfe if a Manufacturers' Rep from The Jones Company.  He works from the Huntington Beach area in SOCAL. This is a great conversation about being a Rep and what it takes to develop a strong relationship with distributors; what it means to be an extension of the manufacturer we represent and offer services that help distributor transactions go smoother. He shares some techniques and strategies for sales calls and contractor training. Learn more about Manufacturers' Sales
February 20, 2020
Contractor calls and training are KEY to our success | RepTalk
RepTalk No1 - Tony DiNicola shares story and strategy for selling and educating contractors on IAQ products. (CleanComfort | Dustfree) Working with the Territory Sales Manager to Sit Down with Contractors It started off as a training session partnering with the territory manager in my area and getting out in front of large contractors that are interested in indoor air quality products. The contractor had interest in only one particular segment of products but were open to hearing about the whole breadth of IAQ products available to them. Contractors really like partnering with and consolidating their vendors because they can get all of these great products without having it piecemeal from all these different salespeople. And Goodman, for example, offers all of these rebates, bundles, and incentives. So every one of these products counts towards those programs. What started with just one product quickly turned into, “ what else do you have?” Showing the line card, they started pointing at it, “I want to hear more about that ... I want to hear more about that.” The half hour meeting turned into 2 hours of just going through the entire IAQ product line. We walked out of there with an order for multiple segments of clean comfort and related products. -Rob Ambrosetti | KGG Consulting
December 20, 2019