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Rerouting: Navigating Parenthood

Rerouting: Navigating Parenthood

By Rerouting Podcast
A podcast for open-minded moms and dads navigating their journeys through parenthood…and finding alternative routes to imperfect parenting.
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#10- Seeking higher purpose & spiritual parenting with Sudevi and Pradyumna
This German- Austrian couple deeply questioned the modern world western upbringing. In spiritual quest, they moved to India to raise their kids in ancient Vedic Education, hoping to prepare their kids for this life and the one after. For more goodies, join us on Follow Sudevi & Pradyumna and their family on youtube - I Love Mayapur  Gurukul Mayapur - the vedic school tour by their son Why we love Mayapur.
June 11, 2021
#9 - Finding Freedom, featuring Sebastian Rumberg
Once kids came along, today's guest felt the shine of the fast-paced city life fade into annoyances of overcrowded shared spaces. Longing for more outdoor freedom and more intentional time investments, Sebastian and his family left Berlin and started a digital village, with a unique vision. For more goodies, join us on  Follow Sebastian on linkedin - The school he's built on - Building tech community in his village - And some more of his work on
June 3, 2021
#8 When Parenting Meets Culture Shock
Bonus Episode! This week, Deep and Tiffany discuss their unique paths to parenthood and the challenges that come with raising children in a foreign land. 
May 27, 2021
#07 Encouraging Mindfulness in Childhood, featuring Carolina Padilla
Ever wonder how to help your child be more mindful? Us too! So for this episode, we enlisted the expertise of Carolina Padilla, certified life coach and child yoga teacher, to help us find ways to encourage this lifelong skill in children of any age. Join us on for more goodies. Follow Carolina on
May 19, 2021
#06 - The Balancing Act with Martin Liss
This week on the show, we're joined by media guru, Martin Liss. Listen in as he shares his parenting philosophies, from "screen time" to "me time" and everywhere in between! Follow Martin Liss on or on Join for more goodies!
May 12, 2021
#05 - One seriously BIG, Happy Family with Aaron Ross
This episode highlights the incredible story of one family's desire to grow. Listen in as Aaron Ross walks us through the decision to have a large family what it's like raising 9 (that's N-I-N-E) kids while managing a multi-million dollar business! Join us on for more goodies. Show Links Follow Aaron Ross on - Aaron's book & business - The book on teenage confidence that Aaron's reading with his daughter: Other inspirational entrepreneurs with big families: Bubba Page Jonathan Siegel -
May 5, 2021
#04 - Outdoor Adventure: the Family Edition with Thiago Bahia
Adventure and exploration stop when you become a parent, right? Wrong!  At least, that's what today's guest would say. Tune in as Thiago Bahia shares how he connects with his kids in the great outdoors. Additional resources & links you'd love. Thiago's Youtube Channel & Instagram And some of our favorite Thiago Bahia videos. 1. Travel documentary video that got me hooked to Thiago's storytelling 2. Gila Wilderness Adventure with Thiago's family 3. Father - son time doing crafts, arts and adventure. 4. Other skeleton coast by Kai (Thiago's son) 5. Wild Rabbit Adventure by Kai
April 29, 2021
#03 - Legacy & Locomotives with Kelly Lynch
This week on Rerouting, what dreams are we feeding our kids and what are we leaving behind for them to discover when we're gone? We spent time with Kelly Lynch, whose father suffered a devastating stroke when Kelly was just sixteen years old. Listen in as Kelly explains the unique way he managed to connect with his disabled father long after, thanks to a journal he'd left behind for his children...and there's also trains. Lots of trains. Show links Second Death of Dan Lynch - Basements - Follow Kelly on instagram @kellylynchpin
April 22, 2021
#02 - Life By Design with Julianne Becker
On today's episode, Julianne tells the story of how her world travels led her to Berlin and how having children... led her to the countryside. Listen as this American mom and international entrepreneur share her experience creating a family-friendly, co-working space in the German countryside, all with an infant in tow. Links we referred to: Julianne Becker on Linkedin And for more alternative parenting deep dive, behind the scenes and unreleased stories, follow us on
April 15, 2021
#01 - No Stories, No Magic! with Dyane Neiman
Learn to bond with your child through the magic of storytelling. Our guest, Dyane Neiman, is NYC-bred, Berlin-based communication trainer helping professionals to create and deliver clear, vivid messages that move audiences to action. Dyane shares the how-tos of weaving stories into everyday life that pack the power of a fable and create a strong foundation for communication with your child(ren). Follow more stories on Show Links Bear Storytelling - Berlin: Dyane's Story Arc - Kate's Kart Stories books Stories based games Story Based Journaling Ritual : Rose Rose Thorn Bud
April 11, 2021