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Innovation Ecosystems Unpacked

Innovation Ecosystems Unpacked

By Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship
Recently, there has been a great deal of attention surrounding the importance of building a supportive innovation ecosystem for startups and scaleups. The latter is known in to lead to better innovation capabilities and to the creation of jobs and ventures, which in turn contribute to economic growth and resilience. But what exactly are “innovation ecosystems”? And how do you make sure you address the right needs when building your local ecosystem? Find out in our podcast series, featuring a diverse group of innovation ecosystem experts and entrepreneurs and moderated by Martin Luxemburg.
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Episode 4 - Internationalisation - guests: Gernot Schwendtner & Florent Coudyser (Founders of WeGrow)

Innovation Ecosystems Unpacked

Episode 6 - The Future of Mobility: Tom Selten (Litghtyear) & Prof. dr. Tom Mom (EUR)
We’ve seen a rise in new mobility solutions, such as solar electric vehicles, in the scaleup ecosystem. Lightyear, a pioneer in the solar mobility market, founded in 2016 is one of the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands according to the Top250 Scaleups. How have they achieved such tremendous growth even without selling a single car yet? What is the secret behind their success? Find out in this episode featuring Tom Selten, Head of Business Development & Policy at Lightyear, and prof dr. Tom Mom, professor of Strategic Growth and Implementation at Rotterdam School of Management & Senior Fellow at Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship.
February 22, 2022
Episode 5 - Knowledge-Intensive Startups - guests: Chris Eveleens (AWTI) & Cinzia Silvestri (Bi/ond)
Knowledge-intensive startups are considered to be key drivers of innovation and have an enormous impact on society. However, they face a unique and complex set of challenges in their growth trajectory. But what are knowledge-intensive startups exactly and how can they scale up in such a challenging and complex landscape? In the fifth episode of our podcast series ''Innovation Ecosystems Unpacked'', find out more about the innovation ecosystem surrounding knowledge-intensive startups and scaleups during an engaging conversation between Chris Eveleens (advisor at AWTI) and Cinzia Silvestri (founder and CEO of Bi/ond), moderated by our director Martin Luxemburg.
September 14, 2021
Episode 4 - Internationalisation - guests: Gernot Schwendtner & Florent Coudyser (Founders of WeGrow)
At some point in a startup’s growth trajectory, scaling up often means going international. But how should startups leverage their innovation ecosystem to successfully expand internationally? Which international markets should they consider? Is there a difference when scaling to China, the US or within Europe? What is an optimal international growth strategy? In this episode, together with internationalisation experts and founders of weGrow, Gernot Schwendtner and Florent Coudyser, Martin Luxemburg unpacks the key factors to consider when scaling internationally.
August 24, 2021
Episode 3 - Access to Market - guests: Maarten Bosch (Mosa Meat) & Jonathan Teoh (FoodValleyNL)
Access to market is one of the determining factors driving the success of an innovation ecosystem. Without knowing the right way to acquire (potential) customers and partners, startups and scaleups cannot grow and create impact. In this episode, Martin Luxemburg engages in a critical discussion with Maarten Bosch, CEO Mosa Meat, and Jonathan Teoh, Entrepreneurship at Foodvalley NL. Together, they uncover the secrets of go-to-market strategies by focusing specifically on the AgriFood sector.
June 16, 2021
Episode 2 - Access to Capital - guests: Rinke Zonneveld (InnovationQuarter) & Gianluca Valentini (HousingAnywhere)
The 2nd episode dives into the funding landscape within innovation ecosystems for startups and scaleups.  This time Rinke Zonneveld, Executive Director of InnovationQuarter, and Gianluca Valentini, VP Marketplace Operations at HousingAnywhere | Venture Advisor at EQT Ventures | Founding Partner of Great Stuff Ventures, joins Martin Luxemburg in a fascinating discussion about the importance of access to capital within an innovation ecosystem. How should startups and scaleups navigate through the complex capital landscape, with different types of (international) investment and myriads of stakeholders each playing a different (supportive) role? We unpack these complexities in this episode and address not only the availability of capital in an innovation ecosystem, but also how accessible it really is.
May 04, 2021
Episode 1 - Innovation Ecosystems - guests: Prof.Dr. Justin Jansen (EUR) & Rogier Thewessen (YoungCapital)
In this 1st episode, we start unpacking the functioning of innovation ecosystems for startups and scaleups. Our Director Martin Luxemburg does this by engaging in an open discussion with Rogier Thewessen, co-founder of YoungCapital and Prof. Dr. Justin Jansen, Corporate Entrepreneurship Professor at RSM (EUR) and Academic Director of Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship. Do innovation ecosystems exist as such? Or are they just an expression of the organisations and the individuals operating in it? We unpack the effects of these interactions in this intro episode to find out what’s specific about them.
April 09, 2021