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Tea & Biccies With Jake

Tea & Biccies With Jake

By Jake Pryszlak
The Tea & Biccies podcast brings you closer to the latest thinking from the brightest minds, and biggest organisations. My podcast is simple, every other week I'm going to be sharing Insights with you from guests with different backgrounds, experiences and learnings. I want to give you a look into what it's like behind the scenes of some of these bright minds and organisations. To give you an insight into how organisations use data and information to make business decisions. The is Tea & Biccies with Jake. If you're lucky to be listening, then enjoy.
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How SurveyMonkey Successfully Re-Branded To Momentive | Karen Budell
Rebranding is one of those things that is easily misunderstood. We tend to think that changing a logo or website is a complete rebrand, but that’s not totally correct. In this week's episode, I sit down with Karen from Momentive, breaking down how SurveyMonkey rebranded during the pandemic and the difference between customer-centric rebranding and one that doesn't take customers into account.   It was a fascinating chat with Karen talking through how they used their own survey tools to understand what customers may or may not think about the rebrand!     We also cover the early days of Momentive, the business challenges of rebranding a HUGE company during the pandemic and all remote!   🔗  CONNECT WITH JAKE   🎥  YouTube Channel - 🐦 Twitter - 📸 Instagram - 💻 Website - 👥 Linkedin -   🎙  ABOUT THE PODCAST   Tea & Biccies with Jake is the podcast that delves into the minds of entrepreneurs, creators and other inspiring people within the market research and data industry.  In each episode I talks to guests about their philosophies, strategies and tools that have helped them along the way. There's no manual for being an Insight Director, entrepreneur within the market research sector, there isn't actually a manual for anything. But I hope from these shared experiences you'll leave each episode with practical advice you can use to help you along the way.    🎬  Subscribe to Tea & Biccies Podcast here -   🎧  Listen for free on your favourite Podcast platform - search "Tea & Biccies with Jake" on your podcast app, or click these links: Apple Podcasts - Spotify - RSS - 🙏  LEAVE A REVIEW   If you enjoyed listening to the podcast, I would love for you to leave a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts to help others discover the show :)   👋🏼  GET IN TOUCH   You can also tweet @Jake_pryszlak with any feedback, ideas or thoughts about the lessons you've learned from the episodes and I can thank you personally for tuning in 🙏
November 24, 2021
Capturing Emotional Insights | Philip Brook
In this weeks episode I sit down with Philip, co-founder and CEO of VoiceForm. Who left his day job to create a feedback tool capturing emotional insights at scale.    In the conversation with Philip, we don't only discuss our interest in pizza!  We also cover the early days of VoiceForm, covering the personal and business challenges that comes with being an entrepreneur, mindset and how we sometimes have to roll with the punches to create a market research SaaS product. We discuss: Life as an entrepreneur VoiceForm Market Research Data collection Emotional Intelligence Pizza!
November 14, 2021