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Research Strategies Australia Podcast

Research Strategies Australia Podcast

Interviews with the world’s leading thinkers on the future of science and research.

Released monthly.

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Science vs COVID-19: Speed and Distance with Dr Daniel Hook
In this episode we speak with Dr Daniel Hook, CEO of Digital Science, about how COVID-19 is shaping the future of science and research and how speed and distance will change the way that research happens in the future. How does the rise of pre-print publications challenge traditional scholarly publishing?  How will international research collaborations happen if there is no international travel? What does the rise of AI mean for scholarly peer review? What does the rise of China as a global science powerhouse mean for the rest of the world? How is COVID-19 accelerating all of these aspects of research? And how should public research organisations like universities respond? All of this and more in this episode of the Research Strategies Australia Podcast. ( Title music, ‘Algorithms’ by Chad Crouch)
June 15, 2020
Science, Research and the Social Compact with Professor Jonathan Grant
In this episode we speak with Professor Jonathan Grant, Vice President & Vice Principal (Service) King’s College London. Since WWII, publicly funded science and research has been heading down a path largely apart from the public that funds it - in recent times this has led to a breakdown in the social compact. Jonathan provides insights into why this has happened, how the social compact might be renewed and work underway at King’s College London to embed ‘service’ across all aspects of the university’s operations. From research evaluation to peer review, renewing the social compact must be the starting point for any research strategy. See more from this episode (Title music by Spectacular Sound Productions)
May 20, 2020