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Joy Break by RESET

Joy Break by RESET

By Shani Carter
Do ambition and success come at the expense of joy and wellbeing? We don't think so, and we're highlighting stories of entrepreneurs who buck those myths. We talk to them about how they manage their lives in the midst of their startup careers.


Joy Break is an opportunity to meet and learn from startup founders and joiners who, like us, are driving our world forward in meaningful ways.
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Jerren Chang, GenUnity
Jerren Chang is Co-Founder of GenUnity, a new organization that creates civic leadership programs to help people of all backgrounds build their civic muscle. He talks to us about: tackling systemic problems through collective ownership in the political process; why you can't detangle empathy from effective leadership; and how meditation plays a big role in professional meetings (you'll want to try this!). 
January 27, 2021
Jesse Link, Rella
Jesse Link is the co-founder and co-CEO of Rella, the first project management platform to modernize and centralize the wedding planning process. He tells us: why love isn't cancelled amidst the pandemic; how his definition of "work" has changed since starting a company with his twin sister; and his tips for building better breaks (often with coffee) :)
October 15, 2020
Nichole Bestman, ShipFair
Nichole Bestman is the founder of ShipFair, a mobile platform that leverages excess luggage capacity to deliver goods around the world. She tells us: what startups and Les Twins have in common; how she supports her mental health amidst the pandemic and racial unrest; why her shared Liberian-American heritage gives her optimism for the future; and, of course, how she finds joy ;)
August 31, 2020