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Coffee & Gaff Tape

Coffee & Gaff Tape

A podcast with one purpose; to shine a light on the stories of those who brave the shadows of production tech.

In each episode, we’ll sit down with someone that wears mostly black, loves “new gear day” as much as you do, and definitely knows how to over-under a cable. We’ll talk tech-booth-life and real-life all while trying not to take ourselves too seriously.

Who are we? We're Resi; the world's most resilient streaming service and champion of those that often go unnoticed while producing live productions for churches, educational institutions, local governments, and more.

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The Philip Grossman Interview
In this episode of Coffee & Gaff Tape, we’re heading into uncharted territory with adventure photographer and cinematographer for HBO, Discovery, and many others, Philip Grossman! Strap in for edge-of-your-seat stories from his time documenting Chernobyl, a deep dive into how his transition to shooting exclusively on RED revolutionized his workflow, and so much more. Truly, there is no shortage of insights into the creative process, regardless of the role you play in the shadows of production! Here’s some of what we cover: 00:02:52 • Who is Philip Grossman? 00:04:50 • How did you end up in the shadows of production? 00:08:02 • What did you learn about filmmaking from your time at Chernobyl? 00:13:47 • What is the importance of crafting an authentic story? 00:18:10 • Where would you start when crafting a story in a live production setting? 00:24:00 • Storytime: “In Chernobyl at Gunpoint” and “No Water in the Desert” 00:33:55 • Let’s talk RED workflow and why you switched. 00:49:01 • What are your thoughts on the “digital cinema in live production” movement? 01:02:02 • Philip’s heart. We so enjoyed the opportunity to learn from Philip and listen along with you to his adventures! Sooooooooo, mash the button and get those AirPods in! P.S. Want to connect with Philip? Here’s the link to his website: Who's Resi? Well, we're Resi; the world's most resilient streaming service and champion of those that often go unnoticed while producing live productions for organizations around the world. Check us out at to learn more!
April 20, 2022
The David Jordan Interview
We’re back with another episode of Coffee & Gaff Tape, and our guest is David Jordan from the iconic Facebook Group, Church Sound & Media Techs! We can’t wait for you to hear how this incredible community got started, some of the challenges experienced along the way, and the impact David has witnessed over the years. His vast experience and words of wisdom will truly give everyone in production something to think about. Here’s some of what we cover: 00:02:51 • Who is David Jordan? 00:04:49 • How did you end up in the shadows of production? 00:7:23 • What was the process of expanding your production knowledge? 00:10:23 • How did Church Sound & Media Techs get started? 00:15:11 • What’s it like seeing the impact this group has experienced? 00:20:00 • What does the future of church production look like in your opinion? 00:23:45 • Based on your experience, what is really getting in the way of teams producing their best content? 00:26:05 • What can a Worship Team and Production Team do to create more unity? 00:27:59 • What do all church techs need to hear right now? 00:30:40 • How can production build trust with leadership? 00:35:09 • What are some success stories from Church Sound & Media Techs? 00:41:04 • David’s heart. Getting to sit down with the legend was such an honor and we’re super thankful for David and the time he spent with us! AirPods? Check. Coffee? Check. Play button? P.S. Want to become a part of the Church Sound & Media Techs community? Well, here’s the link: Who's Resi? Well, we're Resi; the world's most resilient streaming service and champion of those that often go unnoticed while producing live productions for organizations around the world. Check us out at to learn more!
March 22, 2022
The Nate Lopez Interview
Welcome to a brand new season of Coffee & Gaff Tape!  In our first episode of Season 2, we’re talking to freelance lighting designer Nate Lopez! One of the first things we recommend here at Resi, when someone asks us how to make their videos look more professional, is to start with lighting. This is why we’re super excited to talk with Nate about his thoughts on lighting for video, how he found his passion for making the lights go blinky-blink, and how the rest of the production community can better understand the impact of a great lighting design. Here’s some of what we cover: 00:03:47 • Who is Nate Lopez? 00:04:52 • How did you end up in the shadows of production? 00:10:46 • Do you go all out with Christmas lights on your house? 00:12:13 • What don’t other aspects of production understand about lighting? 00:16:05 • Set design and lighting. 00:18:35 • Where would you start when trying to build a lighting rig? 00:25:48 • What’s the difference between ‘showy’ lighting and enhancing an environment? 00:30:41 • What does a typical day look like for a freelance lighting designer? 00:35:32 • How has lighting changed with the influx of virtual and hybrid events? 00:41:48 • What’s one thing we can all do to improve lighting for video? 00:49:50 • Nate’s heart. What a way to kick off Season 2 of Coffee and Gaff Tape! It was such a privilege to have Nate join us in-studio and share his story with us. Alright, AirPods at the ready? P.S. If you’re looking for an LD or just want to talk shop with Nate Lopez, feel free to hit him up at and tell him Resi sent you. Who's Resi? Well, we're Resi; the world's most resilient streaming service and champion of those that often go unnoticed while producing live productions for organizations around the world. Check us out at to learn more!
February 21, 2022
The Blue Amber Interview
It’s Episode 012 and we have a special treat in store for the conclusion of Season 01 of Coffee & Gaff Tape! Our guest is freelance photographer, Blue Amber from the Elevation Church photography team! Yep, you heard that right, we’re diving deeper into the world of production than ever before and talking with someone whose passion is to highlight those working in the shadows from, well, the shadows! So, come along as we learn how photography brought Blue Amber to Elevation and what sparked her decision to turn the camera away from the stage and start highlighting the people making live productions happen. Here’s some of what we cover: 00:04:01 • Who is Blue Amber and is that your real name? 00:05:28 • How did you end up in the shadows of production? 00:07:19 • What attracted you to live event photography? 00:08:42 • How did you get connected to Elevation Church? 00:12:16 • When did highlighting people in production become a priority for you? 00:17:24 • Why would an organization want to have a photographer capture their events? 00:21:32 • What does your dad-to-day look like, whether shooting for Elevation or another event? 00:25:58 • Amber’s heart. Such a privilege to chat with Blue Amber and listen to her share her thoughts on the importance of being and feeling seen in the shadows of production! Now, where did you put those AirPods? PS: Season 02 of Coffee & Gaff Tape is coming in February!
January 18, 2022
The Todd Elliott Interview
We’re sending all the Christmas vibes to you with Episode 011 of Coffee & Gaff Tape! We’ve decked the halls of this episode with lights, ugly sweaters, and the founder of everyone's favorite tech community Todd Elliott! That’s right, Mr. FILO himself joins us to talk about his life in production, navigating the demands between church and family, and why he loves Jesus but hates Christmas. Here’s some of what we cover: 00:03:51 • How did you end up in the shadows of production? 00:08:57 • How did your time at Willow Creek shape your career? 00:19:41 • What’s behind your ability to ask for help? 00:23:19 • Where did the idea of FILO begin? 00:33:46 • What has it been like for you to witness the impact of FILO? 00:38:24 • How can we know it’s time for a change? 00:45:29 • Why do you hate Christmas? 00:50:45 • How would you encourage the production community in the thick of the Christmas season? 00:58:55 • Todd’s heart. Such an incredible time getting to hear Todd share his story and learnings. So appreciative of him and the whole team at FILO. Alright, you’ve got a choice between hot chocolate and coffee; but AirPods and hitting play has already been decided for you! PS: While you're listening you can learn more about FILO right here!
December 07, 2021
The Jesse Maitland Interview
We’re turning ten episodes old! To celebrate, we’re thrilled to welcome Jesse Maitland from Bethel Church in Redding, CA, to the podcast!   Serving as Broadcast Director and Production Coordinator at one of the most influential churches in the world comes with its fair share of learning experiences. Still, Jesse walks us through how passion, calling, and vision can serve as invaluable guardrails for whatever life in production throws our way. Here’s some of what we cover: 00:02:21 • Who is Jesse Maitland? 00:04:33 • How did you end up in the shadows of production? 00:09:54 • Tell us about KGEC TV 26. 00:14:13 • How have you been at Bethel for 21 years? 00:17:16 • What did coming on staff at Bethel look like? 00:27:29 • How were you involved with Jesus Culture? 00:32:34 • How has Bethel been able to walk the line between success and calling? 00:47:28 • What has it been like for you in seasons of transition at Bethel? 00:52:45 • What are the challenges of leading people that you’ve faced?. 01:03:40 • Jesse’s heart. Incredibly grateful for the time Jesse spent with us! Such an awesome time of learning from one of the best there is in the production world! AirPods? Yeah, we thought so.
November 16, 2021
The Caleb Loeppky Interview
Episode 009 is packed with practical insights from production staffing and coaching expert Caleb Loeppky! Oh, and he’s the Technical Director at Christ Community Church in St. Charles, IL, leads FILO Staffing, and works at Slingshot Group. Talk about wearing a LOT of hats! We’re talking about something we hear about all too often in production… burnout. How does it happen? Is the grass really greener at another organization? When do you know it’s time to look for something else? These questions and more are all fair game in this timely conversation. Here’s some of what we cover: 00:05:59 • What is behind your passion for equipping others? 00:08:30 • What brought you into the shadows of production? 00:16:36 • Customer #1b. 00:21:08 • Connect the dots between your story, FILO Staffing, and Slingshot Group. 00:25:54 • What do you know now about staffing that you wish you knew when you were looking for your first job in production? 00:30:11 • How has the importance of technology shifted the church staffing world? 00:34:51 • Burnout. 00:41:11 • What are the sneaky signs that burnout is approaching?. 00:46:37 • How do you establish healthy boundaries with leadership? 00:54:58 • Caleb’s heart. Grateful for Caleb sharing his passion for healthy work and life rhythms and we’re hoping this inspires each of us to take a quick inventory of our personal rhythms and tweak them if needed! Wait, you haven’t hit play yet? What are you waiting for? Grab those AirPods! Learn more about Resi: Learn more about Slingshot Group: Learn more about FILO: Learn more about Christ Community Church:
October 19, 2021
Bonus Episode: MxU Live Tour with Lee Fields, Jeff Sandstrom, and Jay Desai
Our first bonus episode comes to you straight the MxU Live Tour during its stop in Denver! The MxU guys let us crash their daily tour show and talk streaming, audio wizardry, and how we've partnered up to help reach more of the production community by streaming the 2-day tour stop in Chicago. AirPods ready? Then hit play! Learn more about MxU:
October 02, 2021
The Jeremy Van Valkenburg Interview
For Episode 008, we’re heading back to Transformation Church in Oklahoma to sit down with Production Director Jeremy Van Valkenburg! Honest. Open. Transparent. That’s the only way we can describe how Jeremy graciously shares his journey through the shadows of life and production. We’re talking about what it’s like to go through the real stuff life throws at us and how working in ministry means we must choose to put the everything-is-great-all-the-time mask down so we can get the help we need. Here’s some of what we cover: 00:02:10 • Another Apple Podcast review! 00:05:01 • How did you get the nickname “Pastor JerBear?” 00:06:06 • Who is Jeremy Van Valkenburg? 00:07:48 • How did you end up in the shadows of production? 00:13:20 • Was a career in production even on your radar early on? 00:15:18 • What are the challenges and rewards of leading the Production Team at Transformation Church? 00:18:17 • What was it like starting your new role as Production Director in the midst of 2020? 00:22:42 • Transformation Church, creativity, and what’s next. 00:28:45 • How much the Water Stage really cost. 00:33:41 • Walking through difficult times while working in production. 00:48:58 • A message to leaders. 00:51:19 • The Worship Leader Probs connection. 00:54:58 • Jeremy’s heart. We can’t thank ‘Pastor JerBear’ enough for coming in H.O.T. and helping us all become better versions of ourselves. You know the drill; AirPods, coffee, and hit play!
September 21, 2021
The Chad Gilchrist Interview
Episode 007 is here, and we’re heading off the beaten path into the world of film production with cinematographer Chad Gilchrist! After honing his craft in the independent film industry, Chad has been using his talents on the sets of streaming giants like Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. This means we’re getting a behind-the-scenes look at some of your favorite binge-worthy shows. More importantly, though, we're learning from his experience in cross-departmental training and how pursuing a career in the film industry requires more than just a little 'movie magic.' Here’s some of what we cover: 00:02:23 • Our first Apple Podcast review! 00:03:52 • Who is Chad Gilchrist? 00:05:27 • How did you end up in the film industry? 00:09:15 • What advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue a career in film? 00:11:43 • How did entering the Union help your career? 00:17:28 • What shows have you had the opportunity to work on? 00:22:30 • What’s the benefit of developing multiple skills or roles in a given department? 00:28:55 • What is a ‘best-boy’ on a film set? 00:30:46 • What’s the difference between working on a film/tv show and working on a commercial? 00:34:17 • What was the pandemic like for those in the film industry and how have things changed? 00:39:48 • What can the live production industry learn from the film industry? 00:42:31 • Chad’s heart. 00:45:08 • Movie magic and big cameras. Thank you to Chad for spending this time with us and sharing his story. So, grab those AirPods, get the popcorn, and hit play! Lights. Camera. Action! (Sorry, we had to…)
August 17, 2021
The Brian Tabor Interview
Odds are that, if you're in production ministry and have ever had a rough day, you'll be able to relate with our guest on Episode 006 of Coffee & Gaff Tape: Brian Tabor! Yep, we're hanging with @worshipleaderprobs and learning how this real-life worship leader found his need for a 'therapeutic outlet' transforming into an Instagram account with over 100k followers and a mission to help peers navigate the shadows of production. Here's some of what we covered: 00:03:20 • Who is Brian Tabor? 00:07:52 • How did you end up in the shadows of production? 00:13:33 • The reveal of Mr. Probs. 00:17:37 • sworn to secrecy. 00:19:07 • Do you miss being anonymous? 00:23:19 • The top 'Prayer Concerns' of the past 26 years. 00:27:36 • What's your best meme-worthy moment? 00:33:05 • Walking with peers through real-life probs. 00:37:27 • What are the current themes within the worship community? 00:40:52 • Where is the future church headed? 00:44:26 • Brian's heart. Massive thanks to Brian for joining us! It was such a joy getting to hear his story and finding out whether or not our co-host Nate Anderson actually follows the meme account. Get ready to 'lol' and hit play!
July 15, 2021
The Brady Shearer Interview
The term ‘Shadows of Production’ most often brings to mind images of hazy rooms teeming with technical wizards clad in black t-shirts honing the smallest details of the next event to ensure the best experience possible. Accurate? Now, chew on this thought for a second: If the show goes on and no one outside the organization experienced it; did it even really happen? We’ll give you a minute to put your mind back together. The Production Team’s ride-or-die needs to be the Communications Team, and it’s on this premise that we’re ecstatic to welcome communications expert Brady Shearer to Coffee & Gaff Tape. Brady has dedicated his skills to helping churches overcome what he calls, “The biggest communications shift in 500 years.” through his company Pro Church Tools. Here’s some of what we cover: 00:02:55 • Who is Brady Shearer? 00:06:30 • How did Pro Church Tools come to be? 00:11:29 • TikTok, Tesla, and the disruption of communications as we knew it. 00:15:35 • How do churches engage in ‘The Shift?” 00:19:59 • Communications meets Production. 00:23:38 • What is one thing you wish you could instantly change about church communications? 00:27:12 • PSA: It’s ok to speak your mind; just don’t be a jerk about it. 00:30:10 • How does someone effect change while not in a leadership position? 00:37:29 • What advice would you have for someone on the verge of burnout? 00:41:11 • Brady’s heart. We can’t thank Brad enough for being so generous with his time and sharing his insights with the Coffee & Gaff Tape community. We hope you learn as much as we did! You know the drill; volume up, AirPods in, and hit play!
June 18, 2021
The David Paulson Interview
Sports fans, you're in for a treat with Episode 004 of Coffee & Gaff Tape! Have you ever wondered how replay works in the NFL, or what it's like in those production trucks that roll up to MLB parks across the country, or even how long it's going to take for courtside camera ops to get replaced by robots in the NCAA basketball tournament? Well, then David Paulson might be your new best friend! David has run replay, camera, or edited content for the biggest names in sports, including ESPN, FOX SPORTS, the NFL, and many more! In short, if you've watched sporting events in any capacity, you've probably experienced his vast body of work. Here's some of what we cover: 00:02:22 • Who is David Paulson? 00:04:39 • The cancelation of 'everything.' 00:07:35 • Why sports live production? 00:08:52 • How do you tell a story through replay? 00:09:59 • What's the pressure like during a sports broadcast? 00:16:04 • What's the balance between local and national broadcast teams? 00:22:46 • The Super Bowl and an Emmy. 00:25:08 • Why replay and what kind of gear is involved? 00:32:55 • What's the difference between sports broadcasts and other live broadcasts? 00:35:07 • How has the COVID-10 pandemic affected what you do? 00:44:13 • Can you buy a house if you know how to over-under a cable? 00:48:50 • David's heart. We're so grateful for David sharing his journey with us and can't wait for you to come along with us. So, pause the game, get your headphones, and give this episode a listen!
May 07, 2021
The Warren Davis Interview
Episode 003 is here and we're talking with the Director of Broadcast Support at Life.Church, Warren Davis! With 20+ years devoted to ministry, Warren shares from his vast experience and provides an in-depth look into Life.Church's video-centric strategy, how they approach the hiring process, and what happens when AirPods decide they have other plans for their wearer. Here's some of what we cover: 00:02:46 • Is Warren Davis as cool and Chad Vegas? 00:04:11 • How did you end up in the production world? 00:10:37 • What do you love about Life.Church? 00:13:57 • What jumpstarted Life.Church's video-centric strategy? 00:17:58 • What's it like doing church at this scale? 00:21:57 • How do you maintain culture across so many campuses? 00:25:25 • What challenges did you face in 2020 while pivoting to an online-only church? 00:30:43 • What are the secret to Life.Church's hiring process? 00:39:36 • The 'Demonic AirPods' Story. 00:45:32 • What do you think the future of the Church is? 00:49:44 • Warren's heart. Thanks to Warren for being so generous with his time and helping us all become more prepared for the unexpected! Upgrade your scroll and follow him on Instagram @warrendotdavis. Grab those no-possessed AirPods and give Episode 003 a listen!
April 05, 2021
The Ryan Ellis Interview
We're back with another show aimed at the production tech community; with the goal to shine a light on those in the shadows of this often-overlooked industry. Our guest for episode two is former Video Engineer at Passion City Church in the ATL, Ryan Ellis! Currently, an advocate for the local church and Senior Solutions Engineer at Resi, Ryan shares his experiences from the many roles he's occupied on his journey. As well as one that indirectly influenced his career in an unexpected way! Here’s some of what we cover: 00:04:07 • Chipolte and the Sacramento Kings? 00:06:23 • From taking apart remotes to working in the production world. 00:08:10 • What would you tell young Ryan Ellis? 00:09:51 • Arriving on the scene of a "mega-movement at Passion. 00:16:10 • Favorite moments while at Passion. 00:18:23 • Passion's COVID pivot. 00:22:57 • From ministry to the marketplace. 00:24:47 • Combatting "tech envy" in the church. 00:28:43 • What's next for broadcasting? 00:31:00 • The Instagram Live with Zach from Elevation. 00:34:23 • Ryan's heart. Thanks to Ryan for sharing his story and spending the time with us! Upgrade your scroll and follow him on Instagram @__ryan.ellis__. AirPods charged? Then let's go!
March 09, 2021
The Chad Vegas Interview
It’s our launch episode! We’re so excited to bring a production tech podcast into existence with the sole purpose of shining a light on those in the shadows of this artistry-meets-technology world of coffee and gaff tape. In our very first episode EVER, we are honored to be joined by the one and only Chad Vegas! The former Video Director at Bethel Church in CA and now the current Video Director at Transformation Church in OK. Here’s some of what we cover: 00:09:16 • From Bethel to Transformation. 00:18:56 • Leaving something you built. 00:21:40 • Choosing a style and how to achieve it. 00:29:03 • What’s the setup like at TC? 00:39:47 • Top 3 things to give your broadcast a strong foundation. 00:47:25 • COVID challenges. 00:52:14 • The future of streaming according to Chad. 00:55:23 • Chad’s heart. A HUGE thanks to Chad for spending the time with us! Do yourself a favor and follow him on Instagram @chadvegas. Turn it up and enjoy!
February 09, 2021